Geeks N Gear – BUMPit Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Instructions

Geeks N Gear – BUMPit Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Instructions
Geeks N Gear – BUMPit Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Instructions
Before using the machine, please follow the safety instructions below
1. Read and learn about all safety guidelines
2. Observe all the warnings and guidelines on the product
3. Take the dismountable 5B lithium battery out when it is not running
4. Please use the charging equipment included with a voltage output of 5V/500mA·IA
5. Do not expose the product to rain, humidity or liquid
6. Keep the product away from high heat sources and avoid leaving in direct heat or sunlight for
prolonged periods of time
Wireless Bluetooth Connection
The wireless capability will allow you to connect with any Bluetooth enabled device
 The speaker will allow you to listen to audio output from the connected device including music,
audio books and telephone calls in hands-free mode
 You can optionally connect a device using the included 3.5mm auxiliary cable for devices that are
not Bluetooth capable
 Remove the device from the charger when it is fully charged to prolong battery life
 The lithium battery will ensure long battery life when charged
 A small blue light on the back of the device will be lit when the device is on and charged
Operating Buttons
 The device uses a hidden button design to make the overall look sleeker and more pleasing
 The control buttons are located on the bottom of the speaker and look like little rubber feet but
when pressed actually operate the device
 On the top of the speaker you will see symbols which tell you what the button on the bottom
portion of that side of the speaker will control
 Each of the four sides of the speaker has a different button on the bottom and each controls a
different function of the speaker
Button Functions:
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