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Kicker VCVR10 Owner's Manual
Vented Enclosure Systems
Congratulations! You have just purchased one of the most flexible subwoofers
yet from KICKER. Your CompVR sub is designed to give you great bass performance in a wide variety of applications. These installations instructions will help you
get the most out of your new KICKER sub. Thanks for buying KICKER. Enjoy!
Installation Instructions
VCVR Series vented enclosures combine KICKER’s CompVR subwoofer with
computer designed and human-fine-tuned enclosures. They offer a level of
bass performance never before thought possible from a commercially available enclosure. The VCVR Series enclosures are covered in carpet for protection and pre-loaded with a CompVR woofer.
The location and orientation of your VC enclosure will affect the quality
and quantity of the bass. Designed for use in SUVs and sedan type vehicles,
the enclosure offers you several mounting options.
The first rule you must remember is that the vent opening in these enclosures cannot be obstructed. Around the tuning frequency of the vent a
substantial amount of bass is created. Therefore we recommend you leave
at least four inches of clear space around the vent.
If the enclosure is to be mounted all the way in the back of the vehicle, it
works best to point the woofer toward the front of the vehicle. Conversely,
if the enclosure is going to be mounted closer to the back seat, pointing the
woofer toward the rear of the vehicle will give you the best results. These
guidelines are good for when the enclosure is mounted cross-ways in the
vehicle as shown below.
Front Mounting, woofer faces the back of the car!
Rear Mounting, woofer faces the front of the car!
When it is more convenient to mount the enclosure along a side wall,
your best option is to put it on the left side of the vehicle. (Shown below)
This orientation will point the vent toward the rear of the vehicle and will
produce the most low bass output. Remember to leave at least four inches
of room between the enclosure and the back of the vehicle.
A Least
After determining the best mounting position, check carefully in the areas
where the mounting brackets will go. Make very sure that the mounting
screws will not puncture the gas tank, brake lines, wire harnesses, etc., or
interfere with any mechanical items on the underside of the chosen mounting surface. Turn the enclosure upside-down and attach the four mounting
brackets to the bottom of the enclosure using the supplied smaller screws.
Each bracket must be positioned so the rounded end protrudes approximately 3/4" from under the cabinet to allow a screw to easily pass through it
for attachment to the vehicle.(See Diagram on opposite page.)
Plug your subwoofer speaker wire into the terminals, using the red connector as positive and the black connector as negative. Hook the other end
of this wire to your subwoofer amplifier in accordance with its owner's manual.
With the enclosure right side up, securely attach it to the vehicle with the
supplied larger screws. If the supplied hardware is not applicable to your
installation, some other means of securely attaching the enclosure to the
vehicle must be used.
To avoid potential injury from forward movement of the enclosure
during abrupt stops or accidents, this enclosure must be properly
installed and securely fastened to your vehicle.
(Mounting cont.)
(In., cm)
(In., cm)
8-5/16, 21.1 11-1/4, 28.6
10-3/4, 27.3
14, 35.6
(In., cm)
(In., cm)
13-1/2, 34.3
30, 76.2
15, 38.1
30, 76.2
The use of a subsonic filter will significantly increase the power handling.
The power handling specifications listed in the chart above include the use
of a 24 db/ octave subsonic filter. A minimum of 12dB/ octave subsonic filter is recommended.
Kicker warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use
for a period of THREE (3) MONTHS from date of original purchase. When purchased from an
Authorized KICKER Dealer it is warranted for ONE (1) YEAR from date of original purchase. If the product
is labeled “B Stock” and purchased from an Authorized KICKER Dealer, it is warranted for THREE (3)
MONTHS from date of purchase, regardless of place of installation. Should service be necessary under this
warranty for any reason due to manufacturing defect or malfunction during the warranty period, Kicker
will replace or repair (at its discretion) the defective merchandise with equivalent merchandise at no
charge. Warranty replacements on “B-Stock” merchandise may have cosmetic scratches and blemishes.
Discontinued products may be replaced with more current equivalent products.
This warranty is valid only for the original purchaser and is not extended to owners of the product
subsequent to the original purchaser. Any applicable implied warranties are limited in duration to a period
of the express warranty as provided herein beginning with the date of the original purchase at retail, and
no warranties, whether express or implied, shall apply to this product thereafter. Some states do not
allow limitations on implied warranties, therefore these exclusions may not apply to you.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights; however you may have other rights that vary from state to
Defective merchandise must be returned to your local Authorized Stillwater Designs (Kicker) Dealer for
warranty. Assistance in locating an Authorized Dealer can be obtained by writing or calling Stillwater
Designs direct. You can confirm that a dealer is authorized by asking to see a current authorized dealer
window decal.
If it becomes necessary for you to return defective merchandise, call the Kicker Customer Service
Department at (405)624-8510 for a Return Authorization (RMA) number. Package all defective items in the
original container or in a package that will prevent shipping damage, and return to
Stillwater Designs, 5021 North Perkins Road, Stillwater, OK 74075
The RMA number must be clearly marked on the outside of the package. Return only defective components. Return of entire cabinets, system packs, pairs, etc. increases your return freight charges. Nondefective items received will be returned freight collect.
Include a dated proof-of-purchase stating the Customer name, Dealer name, product purchased
and date of purchase. Warranty expiration on items without proof-of-purchase will be determined from
type of sale and the manufacturing date code. Freight must be prepaid; items received freight collect will
be refused.
Failure to follow these steps may void your warranty. Any questions can be directed to the Kicker
Customer Service Department at (405)624-8510.
This warranty is valid only if the product is used for the purpose for which it was designed.
does not cover:
• Items previously repaired or modified by any
Damage due to improper installation
unauthorized repair facility
Subsequent damage to other components
• Return shipping on non-defective items
Damage caused by exposure to moisture,
• Products with tampered or missing barcode labels
excessive heat, chemical cleaners, and/or UV
• Products returned without a Return Authorization
(RMA) number
• Damage through negligence, misuse, accident
• Freight Damage
or abuse. Repeated returns for the same
• The cost of shipping product to Kicker
damage may be considered abuse.
• Service performed by anyone other than Kicker
• Any cost or expense related to the removal or
• Speaker with any foreign caulk used for gasket
reinstallation of product
• Speakers damaged due to amplifier clipping or
Kicker strives to maintain a goal of 24-hour service for all returns. Delays may be incurred
if lack of replacement inventory or parts is encountered.
Contact your International Kicker dealer or distributor concerning specific
procedures for your country’s warranty policies.
P.O. Box 459 • Stillwater, Oklahoma 74076 • U.S.A. • 405 624-8510
KICKER drivers are capable of producing sound levels that can permanently
damage your hearing! Turning up a system to a level that has audible distortion is more damaging to your ears than listening to an undistorted system at
the same volume level. The threshold of pain is always an indicator that the
sound level is too loud and may permanently damage your hearing.
Please use common sense when controlling volume!
August 2002
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