Student Guide To Accommodation 2016/2017

Student Guide To Accommodation 2016/2017
Student Guide to
Tel: 01902 321 268
We hope you find this guide useful, if there is anything else
you would like to know please don’t hesitate to contact us
in the Accommodation Office.
Your Licence Agreement
Accommodation fees
Essential guidance
Moving in
University of Wolverhampton Accommodation Services
are a member of the Universities UK (UUK) Code of
9 Social Aspects
10 Student Support
11 Student Conduct & Wellbeing
12 FixIT!
13 IT & Communications
14 Facilities
15 Fire Safety
16 Electrical Safety
17 Keeping things clean - kitchen
18 Keeping things clean - your room
19 Transport
20 Moving Out
21 Damage Charges
22 Useful contacts
to all students
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6 7
8 3
Accommodation Services would like to take a minute to say
hello and tell you a little bit about what we do.
The main departments responsible for the accommodation are
Accommodation Services and Campus Operations.
Accommodation Services manage the student accommodation
at all campuses across the University. We will assist you if you
have any problems in the accommodation or are experiencing
difficulties with the people you live with. We will also help you if
you want to change rooms or have any invoice queries.
Campus Operations deal with the day-to-day activities of the
whole campus. They are responsible for your security, cleaning
and minor maintenance issues.
If you do experience any concerns, do not suffer in silence.
Talk to someone!
Accommodation Services Office
You can contact Accommodation Services if you have any
queries about:
• Any allocation enquiries
• Room change requests
• Invoice queries
• Service complaints
• Neighbour problems
Opening hours
Campus receptions offer general information and advice in
relation to accommodation.
City Campus - Lomas Street
Monday-Friday, 9.00am-5.00pm. Tel: 01902 321 268
Telford Campus - surgery timetable published by email and
social media at the start of each academic year
Accommodation Services: 01902 321 268
Walsall Campus - Accommodation Serives Office RWBb 20
Surgery timetable published by email and social media at start
of each academic year. Tel: 01902 518 961
Security (all sites) 01902 32 2106
Security operate a central service and can be contacted on
01902 322 106 or via the Uniguard
You can contact Security about:
• Any aspect of Halls security
• Emergency repairs
• Accidents and illness
• Lost keys
• Lost property
• Excessive noise complaint
• Incident handling
• Fire response.
What is the
Licence Agreement?
To reside within University accommodation, you must have
completed and signed the Licence Agreement and paid a prepayment of £300.
Cancellation rights
Please note: this is a legally binding agreement and you will be
required to remain in the accommodation until the end of the
contractual period.
The Consumer Contracts Regulations (June 2014)
Right To Cancel
The Consumer Contracts Regulations (June 2014) provide
that the University Accommodation Licence Agreement is not
an agreement to which the “cooling off” cancellation period
applies. Our cancellation terms are set out below.
The Agreement also outlines the regulations you need to
observe during your stay in accommodation. If you have
mislaid your copy, you can access it through the website: or your e:Vision account. If
you have any queries regarding the Agreement, please contact
Accommodation Services.
Cancellation of Accommodation after Acceptance
Students who have paid the £300 prepayment should
note that if you accept the offer, but later wish to cancel
the Accommodation prior to moving in, you should tell us
as early as possible as this gives us a better opportunity
to find an alternative resident for the Accommodation.
The Licence Agreement will be accompanied by an offer letter
that details the dates you are licensed to hold a room. If you
arrive before 6am on the first date specified on this letter,
you may be charged an extra night’s stay. Please contact
Accommodation Services if you need to move in before the
date specified.
If we are successful in finding another resident for your
Accommodation before the start of your booking, you
should refer to What happens to your prepayment
regarding any application fee you may be due to be refunded
If we do not find another resident for your
Accommodation until after the start of your booking,
you will be charged for the number of days that the
Accommodation is unoccupied and you should refer
to What happens to your prepayment regarding
any application fee you may be due to be refunded
If we fail to find another resident for your Accommodation,
you could be held liable for the full amount of the contract
The ‘Licensee’ is a student enrolled on a programme of study
at the University.
The ‘Licensee Occupancy’ within the Licence Agreement,
refers to the following;
The University reserves the right to transfer a student’s
occupation to another room or campus for a reason determined
by Accommodation Services and with written notice. Where
the University exercises this right, the student does not have a
right to terminate the Agreement.
The University has the right to terminate the Agreement if
deemed necessary. The Director and Assistant Director of
Hospitality and Accommodation Services have the authority
to suspend a student from the accommodation whilst either
University disciplinary procedure or criminal proceedings
are being conducted. The student will still be liable for any
accommodation fees during this period of time.
Welcome to University
Rent is all-inclusive. Your fee includes: basic charge rent,
electricity, heating and water, internet provision, basic contents
insurance and limited car parking.
For prices on couple’s accommodation, please contact
Accommodation Services.
Termination of Licence Agreement
Full Year
Available to nursing students only: Nursing students will receive
an invoice with four instalment dates, for more information
please contact the Finance Office.
Single Semester
Prices for 2016-2017
Full Academic Year, 28th September 2014 – 13th June 2015.
A Single Semester Licence is only available for students
studying at the University for one semester.
Semester 1 (September 2016 – January 2017)
Semester 2 (January 2017 – June 2017)
Three instalment option
• Instalment 1 - 18th October 2016
• Instalment 2 - 10th January 2017
• Instalment 3 - 25th April 2017
Should you have difficulty paying your accommodation
fees, you should contact either the Students’ Union, Student
Services or Accommodation Services.
Rent per week
Essential guidance
Semester Licence
37 Week Licence
(October – May)
52 Week Licence
(June – May)
If you decide that you no longer wish to live in the
accommodation after you have received your keys, you are
required to submit a request in writing to Accommodation
Services accompanied by any evidence to support your desire
to leave. As you have signed the Licence Agreement, you are
legally bound to its terms and conditions and are required to
pay fees until the dates specified on the offer letter. If you are
taking a leave of absence or withdrawing from the University, it
will be your responsibility to provide Accommodation Services
with a copy of the appropriate form, in order to be released
from the Licence Agreement. If you are released from your
Licence Agreement, your pre-payment will be used to pay
any outstanding debts you may have, and you may incur an
administration charge.
Room changes
Any student can request to change rooms throughout
the academic year, but moves cannot be guaranteed by
Accommodation Services.
If you would like to move rooms, you must request a change by
raising a call on e:vision.
You will be placed on the waiting list and contacted when a
room becomes available.
There is a fee of £25 to cover cleaning and administration
There will be NO room changes during the first two weeks of
the academic year.
Students must NOT swap rooms or move to another room
without permission from Accommodation Services.
Code of Practice
The University has signed up to the UUK Standing
Conference of Principles Code of Practice. This outlines the
University’s compliance with all statutory requirements under
the housing, building, planning, disability, discrimination,
equal opportunities, data protection and other relevant
legislation. The Code operates in conjunction with the
University’s regulations, policies and procedures, if you
would like a copy of the Code of Practice please contact
tel: 020 7419 4111, or visit Universities UK’s website:
Emergency plans
The University has procedures in place to respond to
emergency situations whether they relate to fire, incidents or
accidents. These are written procedures for trained personnel
to follow and are located within the Standard Operating
Instructions and are available upon request.
Risk Registers
Risk Registers are completed at each campus as your health
and safety is paramount to the University; these are available
at each campus upon request.
We actively use CCTV to help protect our University community.
You are made aware of where CCTV is in operation by the
means of clear notices at the entrances of University buildings.
All security personnel will wear a head cam whilst on patrol.
Basic contents insurance is included in your accommodation
fees. Please check that all of your possessions are adequately
covered by this policy.
Also note that in general, cover is only provided for losses
occurring from your bedroom – if you lose something out in
town, it would not be covered.
Additional insurance is available for items that are not covered
by the basic insurance. Further information is available within
the insurance leaflets at your reception or you can log onto the
Endsleigh website:
Electoral registration
Occupants are expected to make their own arrangements to
register for voting purposes. An electoral role form can be
collected from your campus’s main reception – don’t lose your
right to vote!
Accommodation fees
for 2016/2017
You will sign for keys the day you move in to accommodation.
Keys are the sole responsibility of the occupant. It is strictly
forbidden to obtain any copies of the room keys except through
Campus Operation/ Accommodation Services Staff. Do not
under any circumstances give your keys to anyone else. This
is a breach of your Licence Agreement and will be dealt with
via the disciplinary procedure.
If you leave the accommodation over the Christmas or Easter
break, you can leave your keys with us for safe keeping. This
will also omit you from any communal charges your corridor
receives. Our 24 hour security staff will be available to receive
or return your keys outside the normal office hours.
When you vacate your room you must sign the key register
and hand in your keys to the Campus Reception. This will stop
an extra charge on your accommodation account.
What’s Included in your bedroom and kitchen
Bedrooms include a bed, mattress, desk, chair, wardrobe,
curtains/blinds and bin. Ensuites have their own bathroom.
Your kitchen will have a cooker, microwave, kettle, fridge,
freezer, your own cupboard and work surfaces to prepare your
Room Inventory Form
Upon arrival you will be given a Room Inventory Form. This
form is very important so please take a few minutes to go
through each point, inspect the condition of your room and
note any problems.
If you have any maintenance issues in your bedroom (ie. light
is flickering, any damage) these should be reported by you via
the FixIT! Maintenance Reporting system and not logged on
your Room Inventory Form. This form is for record only and
any maintenance requests noted here may not be acted on.
This form must be completed within 48 hours of collecting
your keys. If you have not stated something on your form that
you later claim was not your fault, you may be charged for
the damage/loss. You will not be able to add to your Room
Inventory Form once you have submitted it to Campus
Reception. It is important that you inspect the room closely
to ensure you are not held responsible for damage that is not
your fault.
It is important that you log any damage on your Room
Inventory form, so that you are not charged for any existing
damage during our end of year audits
Personal safety
The University of Wolverhampton safeguarding app Uniguard
is available free to all students residing in UNiversity
You must think about your own personal safety when in and
around campus.
Here are some tips:
• When out in the dark, walk with someone else.
• Do not take short cuts: stick to well-lit areas.
• Share a taxi with friends.
For further details on your personal security please refer to the
Campus Security webpages
Safety of your belongings:
• Register your belongings on Uniguard
• Do not leave expensive equipment out on display.
• Close your curtains at night (especially if you live on the
ground floor).
• Do not keep large amounts of cash in your room.
• Do not let anyone into accommodation that you do not
know. If you see someone in your corridor or block that you
do not recognise, contact Security and they will investigate.
• Ensure kitchen windows are shut at night.
Your accommodation is provided with layers of security
protection. Each building entrance has a swipe card operated
lock and a unique lock on your bedroom door ensuring you
are the sole person able to access your bedroom. Access to
kitchen areas are controlled by means of either a lock on the
kitchen door or a unique lock fitted to the corridor entrance.
No one will be permitted access to your room without your
written permission other than University staff on authorised
business or in an emergency. Please ensure that you have
secured your bedroom window when you leave your room.
Caretaker and Security staff are on duty 24 hours, 7-daysa-week. They carry out regular patrols around the campus
sites, however; if you spot anything suspicious please report
it straight away. Security staff can be recognised by their
distinctive uniform and are encouraged to wear their ID
Lost Property:
If you find any lost property, this should be handed in to a
member of staff at your Campus Reception. If you have lost an
item please report this via the Uniguard App
Lost Keys:
If your keys are lost or stolen please report this to your
Campus Reception. If you misplace your keys out of office
hours (between 5pm and 9am) or at weekends, you will be
given access to your room by a member of Security staff.
Replacement keys will not be issued to residents outside
normal office hours. Please note, you will be charged for
replacement keys if the originals are not found and returned to
reception within 10 days. If you continue to lose or forget your
keys, you may be charged an administration fee.
Moving in day
Noise is not just loud music – it can be shouting, running up
and down corridors, banging doors, etc. However, some noise
in student accommodation is natural. It is part of student life.
You must be willing to accept that noise will happen and to
tolerate it when necessary.
Your Licence Agreement states that you must be considerate
of your neighbours and not cause unnecessary disturbance or
annoyance to others.
You should reduce the level of noise after 11pm then STOP at
12 midnight.
If you experience a noise problem, please contact Campus
Security using the Uniguard App at the time the noise is being
made. If the problem continues, you are required to log a call
via e;Vision.
Students may be permitted to hold a party provided that prior
authority is granted as follows:
Complete the Request Form and send it to Campus Operations,
giving at least 48 hours’ notice. These forms are available from
all campus receptions. You must have written permission with
you during the party in case you are asked to show it.
Parties that receive permission must adhere to noise
regulations and may be allowed to continue until 12.00am if
regulations are abided by and no complaints are received.
The named organiser will be responsible for any damage or
vandalism caused during the event. This includes any noise
complaints, guest damage, fire alarm activations or any other
breach of Licence Agreement.
Do not advertise your party on any social networking sites.
Advertising a party on social networking sites might be the
easiest way to get your friends to know the details but if you
are not careful, you could attract thousands of unwanted
guests – and the Police. Should this be detected, the student
responsible will face disciplinary action.
Ensure that the area is left clean and tidy after the event.
Students are allowed an overnight guest in the accommodation
as long as they comply with the terms of the Licence
Agreement, and the guest stays no longer than two nights.
It will not be acceptable to stay overnight on a regular basis.
You must sign your guest in at reception as soon as they arrive.
Please take note that you will be responsible for your guest’s
behaviour. If they cause damage or nuisance, you will be held
responsible. The University has the right to prohibit guests at
any time if necessary.
Students with a disability
Disability covers a range of conditions including hearing
and visual impairments, mental health difficulties, mobility
impairments, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and ‘unseen’
disabilities such as epilepsy.
If you feel you would benefit from adapted accommodation
to help you live independently in your university halls, please
get in touch with Accommodation Services and the Student
Enabling Centre who can offer advice and get your room ready
for your arrival.
We offer a number of purpose built rooms including:
Rooms suitable for wheelchair users with level access
bathrooms and lowered kitchen facilities.
Adjacent accommodation can also be made available for
Several halls have push entry systems to increase ease
of access.
Rooms adapted for other mobility issues.
Rooms set up for students with hearing impairments.
Dog Pens for sensory impairment dogs.
Adaptations can be made to your room to suit your individual
needs, so we encourage you to come and have a look around
the accommodation to make sure everything is in order before
you arrive. You will be asked to complete a medical form to
ensure the appropriate support is put into place prior to your
Unfortunately Disabled Student Allowance is not currently
available for students from overseas.
Additional support upon your arrival
Once you have arrived in the accommodation, the University
have numerous support mechanisms in place to assist
any students. The Student Enabling Centre should be the
main contact and will assist with any queries you may have.
There are also additional services provided by the University
Counselling Services and the Mental Health and Wellbeing
Coordinator that will be able to assist with signposting to the
relevant support agencies or University staff to enable students
to receive the appropriate support whilst studying
Students support
whilst residing within
Social aspects living
in accommodation
How do I inform someone if I have a problem or
need an answer to a query?
This is really quick and easy, log onto e:Vision and log a call
on the help desk, this will then be passed onto the relevant
member of staff that will get back to you with an answer. The
procedure to outline how Accommodation Services, Deal with
Student Queries will provide you with further information.
Student Conduct and Wellbeing Procedure
This procedure will outline how Accommodation Services and
Campus Operations will investigate all behavioural, conduct,
welfare or pastoral concerns that impact upon the student
experience of living in University accommodation. The Campus
Operations team will manage the security aspect ensuring the
residences are a safe, secure and welcoming environment.
There are 3 stages within this process and the severity of the
misdemeanour will determine at which stage the incident is
dealt with. It should be noted that all incidents at stages two
and three, will be disseminated to the Conduct and Appeals
Unit who may invoke the University Disciplinary Procedures
separate or in addition to the Accommodation Student Conduct
and Wellbeing Procedure. For further information about what
is involved within each of these stages please refer to the
Student Conduct and Wellbeing Procedure.
Dealing with Substance Misuse
If you notice any maintenance or repair issues in your room,
you are required to report this via the FixIT! maintenance
reporting system, which os available online. Your request
will be processed Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. Once a job
has been reported you will receive an email to confirm what
action is being taken.
Some repair jobs can be completed instantly while others
may take a few days or weeks to complete. It is important
that you do not report the same repair more than once
it will not be completed any quicker and you will waste
administration time. For further assistance please contact
either your campus reception or the Network Advisor.
What is substance misuse?
Completing a maintenance report provides members of staff
permission to gain access into your bedroom to resolve the
issue in your absence. Outside of these hours emergency
jobs should be reported directly to your local caretaking
Upon a maintenance issue being reported via FixIT!, you
will receive an email confirming that your issue has been
reported and the times scales for this to be rectified. A
caretaker will come and check the issue to ascertain if they
can undertake the repair without this being escalated to the
maintenance department.
The aim of this procedure is to provide a healthy and safe
working and living environment for staff and students. Where
the need for assistance for a student has been identified
additional support can be provided through the University,
either through the Counselling Services, support from the
Mental Health and Wellbeing Coordinator or through the
University Safeguarding Group
Substance misuse is the harmful use of substances (like
drugs and alcohol) for non-medical purposes. The term
“substance misuse” often refers to illegal drugs. However,
legal substances can also be misused, such as alcohol,
prescription medications, legal highs, caffeine, nicotine and
volatile substances (e.g. petrol, glue, paint)
The Substance Misuse procedure will outline in detail how
Accommodation Services and Campus operations investigate
any issues that are reported on site.
Sexual Violence and Inappropriate Sexual
The University wants students to enjoy their time here. It has a
responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of its students
and aims to provide a safe environment in compliance
with this requirement. This includes offering support and
signposting student to the most appropriate specialist service
following incidences of sexual violence or inappropriate sexual
behaviour that are reported to the University.
The Sexual Violence and Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour
procedure will detail the University’s expectations on how
to address allegations of sexual violence and inappropriate
sexual behaviour involving students living in University
accommodation across all campus sites. It will summarise how
this will be achieved, ensuring all measures are undertaken
to demonstrate that Accommodation Services and Campus
Operations have acted reasonably to protect the health, safety
and wellbeing of its students.
To use the online reporting system, you will need to register
for an account:
• Visit:
• Click on ‘Register’
• Follow the instructions
• Complete the following fields on the Add Requester details
Please note software is only compatible with Internet
Explorer and Windows 6 and above)
Priority Response Time Completion Time
1 Hour
2 Days
3 Days
10 Days
5 Days
30 Days
90 Days
90 Days
The University wants students to enjoy their time here and
enhance their student experience. Ensuring that our students
reside within a safe and enriching environment. There are
procedures in situ that will assist students to raise queries or
report areas of concern to Accommodation Services.
Student Conduct &
on campus
The University provides networks for you to connect your own
computer or other mobile devices to the internet. The bedrooms
at City, Walsall and Telford campuses have both wired ethernet
outlets and wireless available within the kitchens. Wireless
coverage and speed will vary. These networks are available
to use free of charge to students and are supported on a best
effort basis. Please note that home broadband routers do not
work on either the wired or wireless networks.
Hardware/software requirements
Your computer can run Windows, Mac or Linux. Games
consoles and mobile phones can also be connected. If you
have a Windows computer, it is essential that your copy of
Windows is genuine, and that it is kept up-to-date with Microsoft
security patches, in order to comply with the security system
that protects the University network. You will need anti-virus
software with a valid subscription in order to receive updates.
You will also need a firewall installed.
The University investigates copyright violations involving the
distribution of software and films using Bit Torrent and other
peer to peer products. The downloading of media of this kind
is illegal and a serious breach of copyright laws, in addition
to being a violation of the terms and conditions of use. Such
activity is easy to monitor and trace and we warn those
students engaged in it that the University will suspend IT
access and pursue and infringements through the University
disciplinary process.
Still need help?
You will receive a detailed guide in order to assist you in
connecting to the network when you move into accommodation.
For more information call: 01902 321 268 or visit: www.wlv.
TV through your computer
The University provides a television service for students living
within its accommodation available via the wired internet
connection on PC or MAC. This service provides a number
of Freeview channels. However, occupants will require a TV
licence to use this service legally.
For more information and guidance, please visit: and click on the ‘Getting
connected: in accommodation’ link.
TV licences
If you decide to bring a television to University, you will be
required to obtain a TV licence. There will be information about
TV licences available when you arrive. TV Licensing make
regular visits to accommodation and fine any students that do
not have a valid licence. The fine is upwards of £2,000, so get
your TV licence as soon as possible.
Post is delivered to each of the following places at your halls.
• At City Campus they are located at the entrance of each
accommodation block.
• At Walsall Campus they are located in WA Building.
• At Telford Campus they are located in Main Reception in SA
Registered letters and packages will only be given to the addressee
on production of their University ID card and can be collected from
designated points.
Collection times
• City Campus, MX Building: Mon–Fri, 9am – 5:00pm.
Parcels and packages only.
• Walsall Campus, Walsall Reception: Mon-Fri, 9am-6:30pm.
Weekends, 10am- 4:00pm. All post items.
• Telford Campus, Telford Reception: Mon-Fri, 10am-3.30pm.
Parcels and packages only.
These details are subject to change.
Laundry facilities are available on each campus at the cost of £1
wash and £1 dry.. The University does not supply washing powder/
liquid. You can use any laundry facility at the campus you live on.
Laundries have washers, dryers and hand washing facilities (not
at Walsall Student Village), and are usually open 24 hours. Please
see specific sites for more information. Times may vary throughout
the year.
It is not advisable to dry wet washing in your room. This can lead to
condensation build-up that may lead to mould growing around the
window or on outside walls. Please use the dryers provided in the
IT and
The University aims to promote the health and wellbeing
of its students, staff and visitors by providing a smoke free
environment. Therefore, all accommodation is no smoking and
anyone found smoking will be issued with – a first warning and
a £50 fine; 2nd offence- £80 and a final warning. Thereafter,
the student will be charged £80 each time they are caught
or there is evidence of smoking within the room. All of the
student’s details will be passed to the Conduct and Appeals
Unit. The student may then be issued with a Notice to Quit
as per the Incident Reporting Procedure. When the occupant
leaves the room will be deep cleaned and a charge of £250 will
be riased. Please note: E-cigarettes are not permitted within
the Accommodation.
Fire safety
Details of fire regulations are posted throughout the
accommodation. All doors within University accommodation
are fire doors and are there to protect you in the event of a
fire. Do not wedge open fire doors – it is a disciplinary offence.
Malicious activations
Tampering with or vandalism to these fire safety devices
will result in disciplinary action and financial penalties, you
may be reported to the Police. First Offence £250.00 and a
Final Warning and Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC).
If the occupant breaches the terms of the ABC they will
recieve a £300.00 fine and a suspension or a notice to quite
accommodation may be served.
Malicious Break Glass Activations
If an occupant maliciously activates the fire alarm via the
“Break Glass” point without due cause a fine of £30 and a first
warning will be issued to the student. If this is repeated again
a fine of £70 and a final warning will be imposed. Thereafter,
the student will be charged £70 each time they are caught or
there is evidence that they are responsible for the malicious
activation. Please note, the student(s) may be asked to leave
the accommodation through a Notice to Quit or suspension.
Failure to evacuate
If an occupant does not evacuate the building upon hearing
a fire alarm without due course, they will be issued with a
£30 fine and a first warning, if this happens a second time
the student will be issued with a £50 fine and a final warning,
thereafter the student will be charged £50.00 each time they
fail to evacuate and may then be issued with a Notice to Quit.
Covering or tampering with smoke detectors
If an occupant covers the smoke detector heads in either their
bedroom or communal area, or otherwise interferes with the fire
detection or fire safety equipment, the student will be issued
with a fine of £80 a final warning and an ABC, if this happens
a second time the student will receive a final warning and a
£150 fine, thereafter the student will be referred to Conducts &
Appeals, charged £150, Notice to Quit or suspension.
Banned items
Students wishing to bring additional electrical cooking
items (i.e. rice cookers, juicers, smoothie makers, sandwich
toasters) should ensure that those items conform to current
EU standards. Items that do not conform to these standards
will be confiscated. These items must only be used in kitchen
If you decide to bring any electrical equipment into
accommodation, it is advised that it is PAT tested for safety.
You can arrange this by contacting Accommodation Services.
There will be a small cost for this service.
If items are deemed a risk to health, safety, welfare, or not
conducive to communal living, they will be confiscated without
notice and this will be construed as an automatic breach of the
Licence Agreement. Any student(s) found using banned items
may be subject to disciplinary action. This may include loud
stereo systems, speakers, television equipment and musical
instruments. This list is not exhaustive and items may be
added to at the management’s discretion.
Items banned in accommodation include:
• Cooking appliances in bedrooms (kettles, toasters etc.)
• Candles, joss sticks and oil burners
• Smoking equipment (such as bongs, sheesha, ashtrays
• Electric, oil and halogen heaters/fans
• Mini fridges/freezers
• Ceremonial knives
• Deep-fat fryers and chip pans in bedrooms or kitchens
• E-Cigarettes
Students are not permitted to have posters in the corridors or
on the front of bedroom doors. This is a fire risk and any items
will be removed by members of staff where necessary.
Please remember that all electrical items can be dangerous,
especially when they are not looked after or used correctly.
• Do not attempt to plug in any appliance that uses a
European plug without using an adaptor.
• Please do not overload plug sockets with extension leads.
• If you are not using it - unplug it!
• Overloading plugs and using too many extension leads is
deemed a hazard and you will be asked to remove them.
• If you do have extension leads, please ensure they are
high quality leads.
Plugs Information
British electricity works on 230 volts and most sockets take 13
amp fused plugs, with three square pins. If you will be bringing
your own electrical equipment with you, make sure it can be used
safely on this voltage and find out whether you need a UK adapter
Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
The University do no PAT test equipment students bring
onto campus, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure the
appliance is in a safe working condition
Environmentally friendly accommodation
All students are encouraged to turn off appliances that are not
being used or once you have finished using them. Do not leave
items on stand-by or leave lights on when you go out.
Hot water
The hot water is on 24-hours-a-day, every day. Please be
careful as it can be very hot. You can adjust the temperature in
your rooms by turning the valve on the side of the radiator. The
central heating pipes that run through most bedrooms are also
very hot. Be careful when you are near them. The University
complies with all Electricity and Gas Safety regulations and
obtains the necessary certification on an annual basis.
Room heating operates from October until the spring. The set
times of the heating are:
6.00am-9.30am, 12.30pm-1.30pm and 3.30pm-11.00pm
Saturday and Sunday:
6.00am-11.00am, 12.30pm-1.30pm and 3.30pm-11.00pm
A 2 pin plug A British 3 pin plug
The University aims to provide a minimum temperature of
19°C and maximum of 21°C. Please remember the external
temperature will also affect the timing of the heating. If you
feel your room is below this temperature, contact the Campus
Operations team. They will arrange for a member of staff to
check the temperature of your room; if it is below 19°C this will
be reported and rectified within the University set time scales.
Fire safety whilst living
in accommodation
Communal cleaning
As an occupant living in University accommodation, you are
communally responsible for cleaning the kitchen. Cleaning
Services will assist where possible, but it is ultimately the
residents’ joint responsibility to maintain hygiene standards
within the kitchen, corridor and communal bathrooms.
Kitchen inspections
Communal and kitchen areas are checked on a weekly basis.
If a dirty kitchen is found, occupants will be given 24 hours’
notice to improve the cleanliness of the communal area. Any
occupants will have the opportunity to appeal against this
decision but appeals must be made in writing to the Campus
Operation Manager/Co-ordinator before 3.30pm on the day
of inspection. If the kitchen remains dirty after the 24 hour
period, the University will arrange to have it cleaned and each
occupant will be charged £15 to cover costs.
If you are having problems organising your fellow housemates
or you are at risk of failing your kitchen inspection, contact
Accommodation Services.
Oven and microwave
After every use, occupants must:
• Clean the top of cooker, including the rings and underneath
the rings
• Keep the grill area and grill pan grease-free, wash after
every use
• Clean the inside of the oven, including the shelves, and
wipe down the front oven door
• Wipe down the microwave surfaces, inside and outside,
including the plates.
Fridge and freezer
Occupants must weekly:
• Wipe down all surfaces
• Remove and dispose of mouldy/over ripe food.
Worktops, sink and floor
Occupants must weekly:
• Ensure that all work surfaces and cupboard doors are
wiped down and free of marks
• Keep kitchen sinks, draining boards and work surfaces
free of washing-up
• Brush and mop floor.
Refuse and recycling
Occupants must daily:
• Remove all rubbish from the kitchen to the external bins or
chutes provided
• Remove all recycling to the appropriately marked external
Keeping things clean
in your bedroom
Your bedroom
Condensation and damp
• Mid-term inspections.
• Maintenance inspections.
• Routine maintenance or repairs.
Main causes of condensation:
• No air circulation around the room.
• Not using extractor fans when showering or cooking.
• Drying wet clothes in an enclosed space with little or no
During your time within University accommodation, your
bedroom is your responsibility. Members of staff have access
to your bedroom: but only for the following reasons, with at
least 24 hours’ notice given where possible.
Accommodation Services will give you reasonable notice of
7 days when access is required to your room for planned/
programmed repairs and/or inspections.
Should you report a maintenance problem within your bedroom
through the FixIT! reporting system this gives members of
staff permission to access your bedroom without providing 24
hours’ notice or you being present.
In an emergency, staff may need immediate access to your
bedroom. In these instances, 24 hours’ notice cannot be given.
This also refers to checks in the event of a fire alarm activation,
flooding and electrical failure.
Bedroom and en-suite
As an occupant, you will be responsible for cleaning your
bedroom and en-suite (if applicable). The cleaners will not do
this for you. Hoovers are available and each kitchen has a mop
and bucket. Please note: The use of blu tack on the walls is not
permitted as it causes stainsand you may be charged; please
use the noticeboards provdied
Communal bathrooms
Randall Lines: ensure that you put your rubbish bags down the
rubbish chute provided and that you do not leave them on the
floor within the chute room, also ensure that you only use the
bin bags provided. If the chute does become blocked, report
the issue on FixIT! or inform a member of staff.
Occupants must ensure that the communal bathrooms are
in an acceptable condition at all times. Excessive mess or
uncleanliness will be reported to Campus Operations and may
not be cleaned by the staff.
In each compound there are recycling facilities for glass and
mixed recycling. You can dispose of a combination of mixed
waste which includes cans, plastic, cardboard and paper.
Cleaning staff work on all sites, 8am-3pm. They visit all areas
sporadically to ensure that they are clean and hygienic and
perform tasks in kitchens, communal bathrooms and corridors.
Cleaning services
Condensation can often be seen as water droplets on
windows or water pooling on window sills. If left unattended,
condensation will cause damp and mould.
It is very important to ensure bedroom windows are open on
a regular basis to air out the room. If you notice water on the
window, window sill or walls, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the
surfaces. If the condensation is left, it may develop into black
marks. If you notice these, clean the wall with soap and water
to remove the marks and keep the area dry afterwards.
The extractor fan in your en-suite bathroom (where applicable)
will start automatically when you turn on the light in the
bathroom. It should then stay on for approx. 2 minutes after the
light has been turned off in order to properly ventilate the area
after use. Any excessive mould growth may be charged as
cleaning after your departure. Please report any mould issues
via FixIT! immediately.
Keeping things clean
in the kitchen
Moving out
Car parking
What happens when I move out?
Limited free car parking is available at each campus
accommodation. To be able to use these facilities contact your
campus reception regarding access permissions. You will only
be allowed to park in designated bays.
Parking on yellow lines, grass or curbs is prohibited and
Campus Operations will revoke your access and you may face
disciplinary action.
We do not guarantee spaces and having access permission
does not mean that a space has been reserved for you.
Please remember that the roads around the campuses may be
subject to local by-laws. The local authority or the police can –
and do – ticket cars parked on double yellow lines.
The University does not accept any responsibility for loss or
damage to vehicles and it is your responsibility to ensure your
car is fully insured. All cars parked on University property must
be fully taxed and in a roadworthy condition.
Cycle storage
Cycle storage is available on all campuses by request.
Please note that you are not allowed to keep your bicycle
within University accommodation. If you are found with a bike
inside the building you will be asked to remove it. If it is left
unattended, Campus Operations may remove it.
The basic insurance supplied by the University does not
include bicycles. Please obtain additional insurance if you
wish to have a bike at University. Insurance information can be
found at all reception points
University shuttle bus
A fleet of free University shuttle buses operate between the
campuses during term-time and weekdays only.
Operational constraints mean that the University cannot
guarantee the provision of the transport services or to convoy
all students wishing to use any particular service.
ID cards must be shown to use this service.
Timetables are available from:
When you leave University accommodation, you must:
• Remove all personal belongings
• Leave accommodation in the same condition as you found
it when you moved in (you may be charged for additional
• Lock the bedroom door – someone else from your corridor
or block may enter and you would be liable for any
• hand in your keys at reception and sign the key register
(your confirmation that you’ve returned your keys)
• Redirect your post.
Your room will be inspected shortly after you leave and
damages not previously noted on your Room Inventory
Form will be charged and deducted from your deposit. If any
purchased bed linen is left in your bedroom upon departure it
will be donated to a homeless shelter.
Transport around
Left items
Items left in rooms after the occupant has vacated will be
disposed of. Should very valuable items be left e.g. computer
equipment, televisions etc., a letter will be sent to the student’s
last known address advising them to make arrangements for
collection. If there has been no response within two weeks a
further letter will be sent. Failure to respond to this letter will
result in the property being disposed of after 10 days.
Economy & Standar Bedroom deep clean
En-suite Bedroom (bathroom & bedroom)
Redecoration (per room) - not dents
£300 + VAT
Redecoration (per wall) - no dents
£60 + VAT
Carpet – replacement (per room)
£400 + VAT
Ceiling tile replacement (each)
£45 inc VAT
Damage to furniture
£82 inc VAT
Replacement bed frame
Replacement mattress
Replacement bedside draws. Left side only
Light/vanity shade(s)/ missing/broken socket
£35 + VAT
Replacement vanity light (If complete new unit required)
£127.82 inc VAT
Damage to fire/heat/smoke detector
Damage to/replacement of smoke detector cage
Replacement fire blanket
Replacement fire extinguisher
Replacement bedroom door (Including fitting and redecoration)
£320 + VAT
Replacement corridor door (Including fitting and redecoration) - unglazed
£350 + VAT
Replacement corridor door (Including fitting and redecoration) - glazed
£450 + VAT
Replacement bathroom door (Including fitting and redecoration)
£280 + VAT
Replacement door signs
Window double glazed
Window single glazed
Window restrictors
Replacement kitchen work surface - standard (including replacement and fitting)
Replacement kitchen work surface -sink work top (including replacement and fitting)
Replacement faux leather settee
Replacement cube stool (in kitchen)
Replacement bar stool
Replacement TV in communal area
Replacement remote control
Missing vacuum cleaner
Sanitary ware damage
Lock change (keys not handed in)
£47.72 inc VAT
Replacement key (£10 per key/each)
£40 inc VAT
Replacement swipe card
Lost laundry card
Post box key
You will be charged for any damage,
loss or additional cleaning that you or
the other students on your corridor are
responsible for causing.
You must inform us immediately if
you suspect another occupant or
visitor of causing damage or removing
University property. All communal areas
are inspected several times a year
and should any damage or vandalism
be detected, this will be noted and
occupants contacted. Students will be
contacted as soon as possible to make
them aware of any communal area
A request for information will be made
and students requested to contact
Accommodation Services by a certain
time with any details that may lead
to the identification of the individual
responsible. Should this not be
achieved, all occupants will be charged
for the repair and no further appeals will
be taken.
Please note: due to the different
standards of finish in the different
accommodation, charges listed are
indicative only and subject to current
rates of VAT.
• You will receive notice if you are
being charged for anything.
• All prices correct on date of printing.
• These prices are for a single repair
and do not cover any call out
• All charges will be kept to a minimum
Useful contacts
Careers and Employment Student Enabling Centre
T. 01902 321 074
T. 01902 324 000
Students’ Union Advice and
Support Centre
T. 01902 322 905
T. 01902 322 038
Counselling Services
T. 01902 322 572
University Finance Department
T. 01902 321 256
Endsleigh Insurance
T. 0800 028 3571
University Switchboard
T. 01902 321 000
The Gateway for Student West Midlands Police
Finance Support
T. 0845 113 5000
The Workplace
IT Services
T. 01902 321 414
T. 01902 322 000
Print Services Unit
T. 01902 321 990
Medical information
The Limes Medical Centre,
It is your responsibility to register 5 Birmingham Rd, Walsall
with a Doctor and Dentist while T. 08443 878090 /
01922 612048
you are at University.
The NHS 111 has replaced
NHS Direct – telephone:
111 (24 hours) or at
Local hospitals
New Cross Hospital
WV11 1UK
Walsall Manor Hospital
Moat Road
Russells Hall Hospital
Princess Royal Hospital
Apley Castle
Dugas and Partners,
111 Birmingham Rd, Walsall
T. 01922 624320
Dr Whiting & Partners
Shifnal and Priorslee Surgery
Gatcombe Way
T. 01952 460 414
Drs M M L & U Passi
Leicester Street Medical Centre
T. 0845 072 4619
Sexual Health Centre
Hatherton Centre
Hatherton Street
T. 01922 775 040
Local dental practices:
A J Acquayne
183 Newhampton Road East
T. 01902 42 1704
Local doctors’ surgeries:
Drs Crossley/Watson/McCarthy
Argo Dental Practice
40 Thornley Street
The Glenn Cottage
T. 01902 688 500
T. 01952 200 710
Lichfield Street Surgery
G V Baker
19 Lichfield Street
7 Park Road West
T. 01922 620 532
T. 01902 426 640
Broadway Medical Centre
J Worsley
213 Broadway
150a Caldmore Road
T. 01922 622 064
T. 01922 623 144
Damage charges
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