P3RKAC16-25 - P3 Preferred Power Products

P3RKAC16-25 - P3 Preferred Power Products
24VAC, 16 Output, 25 Amp Rack Mount Power Supply
The P3RKAC16-25 is a 16 channel AC power supply rated at 25 Amps. The unit is designed for used to provide 24VAC
power to CCTV cameras and other devices that require 24VAC power. The 1.2 RU unit has 16 PTC protected outputs
and will fit in a standard 19” rack.
16 Regulated 24VAC Outputs
Individual PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) Output Protection
Individual Current Protection
Automatic Reset Following Short Circuit Condition
Built-In “No Fuse” Break For Short Circuit Protection
Toroidal Transformer For High Efficiency & Low Temperature Operation
Standard 1.5U, 19” Rack Mount
110VAC Input
Item Summary
Model Number
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
Output Current
Output Trip Current
Output Current Protection
Short Circuit Trip
Surge Protection
Output Reset
Reset Time
Input Connectors
Output Connectors
Total Output Current
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Operating Conditions
Storage Temperature
110VAC- 50/60Hz
Regulated 12VDC @ 25 Amps
Nominal 1.66 Amp Per Channel
1 Amp
1.8 Amp
0.2 Seconds
1 Second
IEC Socket
Screw Terminals
25 Amp Max
17.2” x 2.16” x 8.26”
24 lbs
Temperature: -10℃~45℃ - -10⁰F ~113⁰F
Humidity: 30% - 80% RH
-30℃~70℃. - -22⁰F ~158⁰F
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