BM-A1-E16SHD - Bel (Digital Audio)
professional broadcast solutions
audio/video monitors
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In-Rack Monitoring
High-quality HD audio monitor with
discrete 3G/HD/SD, Dolby® E, Dolby®
Digital, Dolby® Digital Plus decoding.
Comprehensive I/O facilities, including 2 x
SDI, 4 x AES-3id pairs, 8 x analogue.
Loudness measurement to
ITU-R BS.1770-3 / EBU R128
Display, providing input status and metadata.
16 channel monitoring with ability to
monitor any channel on either speaker,
including combinations and groups.
Intuitive operation, with all controls directly
High resolution, tricolour level meters
with adjustable colour transition points &
peak-hold facility. Seven standard scales &
ballistics, user assignable.
Auto-scaling facilities are available on the
audio outputs when selecting multiple
Fully RoHS compliant and 3 year warranty.
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The Bel BM-A1-E16SHD is a no-compromise, 1U, 16-channel
audio monitor suitable for operation in broadcast control rooms
or OB vehicles where SDI is the standard video format. It is able
to de-embed 16 channels of audio from 3G/HD/SD SDI, display
the levels on front panel meters (selectable between channels
1-8 and 9-16), and to provide stereo audio monitoring of any
combination of all 16 channels.
The unit is very simple to use: all source selection and main
monitoring setup is done from individual controls on the front
panel without any necessity for menu navigation.
In addition to two auto-detecting 3G/HD/SD SDI inputs, the
monitor has eight balanced analogue inputs (D-sub) and four
AES3id pairs (also accepting SPDIF). A re-clocked loop-through
output is available for the selected SDI source providing a
convenient and cost-effective method of switching SDI feeds to
an external monitor. Channels 1-8 (of the selected source) are
also routed to four AES3id outputs and eight balanced analogue
outputs (D-sub). In addition, the stereo audio monitor mix is
available as a separate balanced feed at a pair of XLRs.
Audio levels are metered on eight 26-segment, high-resolution,
tricolour LED bargraphs. User setup options allow a choice of
four scales and ballistics (including BBC or DIN PPM, VU and
AES/EBU), and also colour transition points and peak hold.
The unit will decode Dolby® E, Dolby® Digital or Dolby® Digital
Plus bitstreams into their discrete channels. Dolby data may
be present on any pair of the incoming SDI audio channels,
or connected at any of the AES3id inputs. Metadata may be
displayed on the LCD screen.
The BM-A1-E16SHD also performs loudness measurement,
compliant with ITU-R BS1770-3/EBU R128, on the signals
selected for monitoring. Momentary loudness value is displayed
on the LCD screen in numeric form, accompanied by 3 or 10
second average values, the integrated (long-term) value or
Loudness Range (LRA).
BM-A1-E16SHD Specifications
Audio Inputs
Digital AES3-id
4 x 75 Ohm (BNC connector) - Also accepts SPDIF.
Sample Rate
48 kHz
8 x differential impededance 25 kohm. 25 way ‘D’ type connector
2 x 3G/HD/SD SMPTE 424M, 259M, 296M, 274M, 292M
1 x SDI loopthrough
Bar Graphs
26 element tricolour with adjustable colour break points
Analogue Monitor Outputs
2 x XLR3M
Max output level
+15 dB
Noise + THD
-98 dB
Analogue Channel Outputs x 8
1 x 25 way ‘D’ type connector
Max output level
+10 dB
Noise + THD
-108 dB w.r.t. clipping
Digital Channel Outputs x 8
4 x 75 ohm BNC
Digital AES-3id
Frequency response
All analogue outputs
20 Hz to 20 kHz ±1 dB
Main drive amp
Noise + THD
-80 dB w.r.t. maximum output
Speaker driver units
Peak acoustic level (@2ft)
100 dB SPL
Scales and Ballistics
Overall dynamic range: 55 dB (+5 to -50 dB)
Attack time: 10 ms Fallback: 1.5 sec per 20 dB decay
Overall dynamic range: (+12 to -12 dB from mark 7 to mark 1)
Attack time: 10 ms Fallback: 2.85 sec (from mark 7 to mark 1)
Overall dynamic range 23 dB (+3 dB to -20 dB)
Attack time: 300 ms Fallback: 300 ms
Overall dynamic range 60 dB (0 to -60 dB)
Attack time: 1 ms
Fallback: 1.5 sec per 20 dB decay
19” Rack Mount: 1U high.
Outline Dimensions: 483 mm(W) x 256 mm(D) x 44 mm(H)
Outline Dimensions: 19inch(W) x 10inch(D) x 1.7inch(H)
90 - 264 VAC 50/60 Hz Autoselect, Fuse 4A HAC
Temperature 0 °C to 30 °C. Humidity 70% max (non-condensing)
4 kg (8.8lbs)
Product specifications subject to change without prior notice. See website for warranty details.
Bel (Digital) Audio Ltd. 3 Horwood Court, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK1 1RD. United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1908 641 063 Fax: +44 (0)1908 645 985
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