801-A S. Hwy. 78 #204
WYLIE, TX 75098
972-442-8112 FAX 972-442-8113 Email:
[email protected]
Print Form
Permit #:______________
Today’s Date: ____________
Renewal Date: ____________
Check One: New Permit ( ) Update ( ) Renewal ( )
Business/Resident Name #1_______________________________________ Home #: _______________________
E-Mail Address: _________________________________________________________________________________
Mobile: ________________________________ Work: _________________ Other: __________________________
Business/Resident Name #2: _______________________________________ Home #: _______________________
Mobile: ________________________________ Work: _________________ Other: __________________________
Billing/Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________________
Dog(s) on premises: ( ) Yes (
) No
If yes, indicate location:_______________________________________
Special Instructions/Medical Alerts: __________________________________________________________________
If business, list business name here and main contacts above:______________________________________________
Type of Alarm: ( ) Burglary
( ) Audible
( ) Silent
( ) Robbery
( ) Fire
( ) Medical
( ) Other____________________________
Indicate how the police/fire department is notified of the alarm:
( ) System monitored by the City of Wylie-Direct Alarm Monitoring
( ) Private alarm company notifies Wylie Communications
( ) Panic
( ) Other
( ) $4.16 for Burglary
( ) $4.16 for Fire/All Others
( ) $8.33 for Both
Alarm Company:
Monitoring Phone:
Emergency Contact Person(s)/Keyholder(s)—please list one contact that does not reside at the monitored address:
Emergency Contact 1: Name: ________________________________________ Cellphone #: __________________
Home #: _____________________
Work: ____________________________ Other: _______________________
Emergency Contact 2: Name: ________________________________________ Cellphone #: __________________
Home #: _____________________
Work: ____________________________ Other: _______________________
Emergency Contact 3: Name: ________________________________________ Cellphone #: __________________
Home #: _____________________
Work: ____________________________ Other: _______________________
I hereby certify that I am the owner or designated agent for the owner of the alarm site shown above and that the information contained herein is true and correct. I understand that
I will be responsible for the payment of all fees or charges levied for this alarm. I understand that I will be liable for all expenses incurred by the City of Wylie in the disabling of
this alarm, if the system emits an audible signal for longer than twenty (20) minutes. I also understand that the granting of an alarm permit under the City of Wylie Ordinances,
Section 38-32, which pertains to the issuance of alarm permits, shall not be construed as an approval or endorsement of any particular brand or type of alarm system. Granting of a
permit is intended only to authorize the installation and operation of the applicable alarm system. Alarm capability should be assessed by an alarm company capable of performing
such analysis.
Applicant Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: ___________________________
All information must be complete—incomplete applications will not be processed and returned to applicant.
SUBSCRIBER: ____________________________________________________________________________
ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________________________
PREMISES OWNED BY: ___________________________________________________________________
SYSTEM PASSWORD: _____________________________________________________________________
The above indicated word and/or number sequence is the passcode that will be used by the dispatcher to verify your
identity over the telephone when your alarm is activated. When the dispatcher contacts your premise, he/she will ask for
the passcode or password. This is the code you will give the dispatcher which should be kept private and be easy for you
and/or anyone else operating the alarm system to remember.
COMPANY TO PERFORM DIRECT CONNECTION: ____________________________________________
Residence: ________
Apartment/Condo: ___________
Business: __________
Applicant is responsible to the City of Wylie for all charges and fees in connection with Direct Alarm Monitoring services
which include, but are not limited to, the following:
Alarm connection to the City of Wylie (payable to selected security company or the City of Wylie)
Currently there is no monthly fee for Direct Alarm Service
Monthly alarm permit is required
The City of Wylie makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied; of merchant ability or fitness for a particular purpose
with respect to the subject matter hereof or services to be performed by any alarm business employed by applicant.
Applicant agrees to indemnify and hold the City of Wylie, its agents and employees, harmless from any and all claims or
damages which may arise by reason of any occurrence attributed to the dispatch, response, police action, installation,
operation, alteration, improvement or removal of the applicant’s alarm system; except for claims of damages resulting from
the willful misconduct or grossly negligent acts or omissions of the City of Wylie, its agents or employees.
The City of Wylie does not waive any defense it may have, including sovereign immunity; to any claim or damages arising
from any function connected with Direct Alarm Monitoring services performed for applicant.
WIRELESS TRANSMISSION SYSTEM AVAILABILITY. Applicant acknowledges that the City of Wylie has advised
him/her of the availability of wireless transmission of alarm information in the event of telephone interruption. Applicant
acknowledges receipt of such information and disclosure and voluntary accepts or declines such wireless transmission
system as set forth below. (Please contact our office about further information on the cost of the installation and fees.)
G:\Desk Top Move 9-28-09\Programs-Unit Folders\Alarm Unit\On Line Forms\DM Packet Word Files\2-Application for Direct Monitoring 1-13-10.doc
Applicant agrees to abide by all city codes and ordinances relating to alarm systems.
Applicant may cancel Direct Alarm Monitoring service by providing written notification to the City of Wylie Alarm
Coordinator thirty (30) days prior to discontinuing such service.
It is agreed that the City of Wylie is not an insurer. Insurance, if any, shall be obtained by the applicant and that the
payments herein before named as based solely upon the value of the services herein described and unrelated to the value of
the subscriber’s property or others located in applicant’s property; it is not the intention of the parties that the City of Wylie
assume responsibility for any loss occasioned by malfeasance or misfeasance in the performance of the services under this
contract or for any loss or damage sustained through burglary, theft, robbery, fire or other cause of any liability on the part of
the City of Wylie by virtue of this agreement or because of the relation hereby established. From the nature of the services to
be performed, it is impractical and extremely difficult to fix the actual damages, if any, which may proximately result from
the failure on the part of the City of Wylie to perform any of its obligations hereunder or the failure of the system to properly,
operate with the resulting loss to the applicant. If there shall, not withstanding the above provisions, at any time be or arise
any liability on the part of the City of Wylie by virtue of this agreement or because of the relation hereby established,
whether due to the negligence of the City of Wylie or otherwise, such liability as and shall be limited to a sum equal in
amount to the service charge hereunder for a period of six months, or two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) whichever is the
lesser, such liability as herein set forth is fixed as liquidated damages and not as a penalty and this liability shall be complete
and exclusive.
Applicant agrees to and shall indemnify and save the City of Wylie harmless, its employees and agents, for and against all
third party claims, lawsuits and losses alleged to be caused by the City of Wylie’s performance, negligent performance or
failure to perform its obligations under this agreement.
The City of Wylie does not represent or warrant that the alarm system may not be compromised or circumvented; that the
system will prevent any loss by burglary, hold-up, fire or otherwise; or that the system will in all cases provide the detection
for which it is installed or intended. Applicant acknowledges that the City of Wylie is not an insurer; that applicant assumes
all risk for loss or damage to applicant’s premises or to its contents; that the City of Wylie has made no representation or
warranties, nor has applicant relied on any representations or warranties, express or implied, including any warranty of
merchant ability or fitness for any particular use, except as set forth herein; and applicant acknowledges that he has read and
understands this agreement which sets forth the City of Wylie’s obligation and maximum liability in the event of any loss or
damage to applicant.
SUBSCRIBER SIGNATURE: ________________________________________________
DATE: _____________________
The Direct Monitoring Application should be returned to:
Alarm Unit
801-A S. Hwy. 78, #204
Wylie, TX 75098
FAX 972-442-8113
[email protected]
G:\Desk Top Move 9-28-09\Programs-Unit Folders\Alarm Unit\On Line Forms\DM Packet Word Files\2-Application for Direct Monitoring 1-13-10.doc
The companies listed below are participating with the Wylie Communications Department in performing the work necessary
to connect your alarm system directly into the police/fire central station. You may choose any listed company, but the cost for
the company to perform this service is between the homeowner and the company. Some companies will only perform work on
their former alarm systems, so those companies are noted at the end of their listing. We have also provided the company’s
minimum fees for converting your system to Direct Alarm Monitoring. Unless noted, all listed companies will provide service
to an optional backup radio system after the sale, new installation, and connection of said approved backup radio. You are free
to use any company of your choice even if they are not listed below, but they must be licensed by the State of Texas and will
have to contact the Alarm Coordinator, so direct connection procedures can be explained. If you have any questions, please
contact the Alarm Coordinator at (972) 442-8112.
Important Note: Please give us at least 24-48 hours to set up the monitoring account, beginning when the paperwork is
submitted, before calling a company to schedule an appointment. Please have the brand name and model of your current alarm
system prior to scheduling the appointment. This can normally be found on the control panel of your alarm system. You will
also need to contact the company who installed the alarm system to obtain the installer/lockout code prior to the appointment.
Liberty Sound & Security
P.O. Box 982
Wylie, TX 75098
(972) 429-9478
Contact: Tony or Autumn
Residential $100.00 minimum
Commercial $125.00 minimum
Maintenance Agreement $8.00/month
covers parts and labor.
Digital Backup Radio $330.00
Radio Service $12.00/month
Fire Safety Solutions
3320 Towerwood
Farmers Branch, TX 75234
(214) 217-3774
Contact: Todd Brewster
Residential & Commercial
$300.00 - $400.00 minimum
Maintenance Agreement
not available.
Apex Protection Services
5034 Branch Hollow Dr.
Garland, TX 75043
(972) 567-7475
Hi-Def Electronic Solutions
301 Brackebill Hill Dr.
McKinney, TX 75071
Fax: 214-592-9319
Contact: Mack McCorkle
Residential $150.00 minimum
Commercial - contact for quote.
Fees dependent on site evaluation
and devices required.
Maintenance Agreement for service
$5.00/month with a $25.00 trip fee.
Contact: Shane Turner
Residential $150.00 minimum
Commercial $200.00 minimum
Maintenance Agreement not available
4 Security & Sound, Inc.
5408 W. Arkansas lane, Suite B
Arlington, Texas 76016
Phone: 817-457-0709
Contact: Danny Eads
Residential - $100
Commercial - $200
Maintenance agreement $5 a month with $25 trip fee
Effective 2/28/05, the City of Wylie changed the way it handles incoming direct alarms.
This change will better serve the citizens and avoid escalating false alarm charges.
When an alarm is set off, 911 Communications will attempt to call the residence. If the
resident cannot be reached, the police will be dispatched to the location whether or not a
cancel is received. If after the police have been dispatched, the resident makes contact
with 911 Communications and gives the proper passcode/password, police will be
Even though every attempt will be made to contact the resident, sometimes the phone line
will be busy or will have alarm tones sounding due to transmission of alarm signals over
the phone line. In the event the dispatcher is unsuccessful at reaching the resident,
the resident must call the 911 Communications department at 972-442-8171 to
ensure emergency units are cancelled if it is a false alarm. This is important because
if police units arrive on scene, it will count as a false alarm. If the resident exceeds five
false alarms within a permit year, the resident will be billed $50.00 per false alarm after
that until the permit renewal date.
As a reminder, if the dispatcher reaches you by telephone and you feel threatened, give
an INCORRECT passcode/password to the dispatcher, so the dispatcher will dispatch
emergency units to your residence/business.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.
*911 Communications personnel have the discretionary option of dispatching police at
any time, if they feel circumstances warrant a response.
Alarm Unit
801-A S. Hwy. 78, #204
Wylie, TX 75098
FAX 972-442-8113
[email protected]
Name: (please print) _____________________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________________
After reading the information, please initial the spaces provided and sign at the bottom of the form.
I understand that the City of Wylie requires every home and business with a security
alarm system to register with the City of Wylie by completing an alarm permit application. For the
permit to remain active, I must pay the monthly permit fee, which is determined by how the alarm system is
monitored. The fees are $4.16/month for a burglary only alarm permit, $4.16/month for a fire, panic,
medical, and all other alarm permit, or $8.33/month for a permit that covers both types of alarm monitoring.
I am aware that the alarm permit allows me up to five free false burglary alarms and
three free false fire, panic, medical, and all other alarms within the registration period of one year. If I
exceed the allotted number of false alarms within the one year registration period, I will be billed $50.00 per
false alarm for all burglary alarms and $100.00 per false alarm for all fire, panic, medical, and all other
alarms. The registration period begins when the new alarm permit is issued, expires one year from that
date, and is automatically renewed until an Alarm Disable Form is submitted.
If I choose to disconnect my alarm system, it is my responsibility to inform the City of
Wylie of the disconnection by completing an Alarm Disabled Form. The Alarm Disable Form can be
obtained from the Alarm Coordinator located in the Fire Administration Office or by downloading it from
the City of Wylie website,
I understand that if I choose to utilize the City of Wylie’s Direct Alarm Monitoring program,
the City of Wylie will send a representative from the City to deliver yard signs and stickers. I have been
notified that the City’s representative is not an alarm technician licensed by the State of Texas and
cannot advise me on anything in regards to the programming or usage of my alarm system. If this type
of assistance is needed, a licensed alarm technician should be contacted.
Signature: _______________________________________________ Date:___________________________
City of Wylie
801-A S. Hwy. 78, #204
Wylie, TX 75098
[email protected]
Effective June 14, 2004, the Wylie Communications Division has implemented a new
procedure regarding direct alarms to better protect the citizens of Wylie that are directly
monitored by the City.
Under a normal situation, such as a false alarm, the 9-1-1 operator will contact you via
telephone. After you answer the phone, the dispatcher will ask if everything is okay.
After identifying your alarm call as false, the 9-1-1 operator will ask you for your
password to verify your identity. At this time, you would give the dispatcher your
CORRECT alarm passcode/password.
In the event of an emergency where you are unable to verbally inform the 9-1-1 operator
of the urgent situation, such as a robbery—when an intruder is already inside your home
or business. After the 9-1-1 operator calls to ask if everything is okay, please make sure
to give them an INCORRECT or FALSE passcode/password. The dispatcher will act as
though you gave them the correct code and immediately dispatch officers to your
If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the Alarm Coordinator at
the phone number or address provided below.
In some situations, you may need to contact City of Wylie Dispatch directly for a nonemergency situation, such as a false alarm. For all non-emergency situations, please
contact our 9-1-1 operators at 972-442-8171, and they will be glad to assist you.
Thank you for choosing City of Wylie Direct Alarm Monitoring.
Alarm Unit
801-A S. Hwy. 78, #204
Wylie, TX 75098
FAX 972-442-8113
[email protected]
In order to aid the process of converting your alarm system to the City of Wylie Direct
Monitoring, we have developed this important information sheet. If you would like a more detailed
explanation or have any questions regarding the conversion process, please contact the Alarm
Coordinator at (972) 442-8112. We thank you for the opportunity to provide you with this service.
1) Please get the “lock-out” code to the alarm control panel prior having it converted to direct
monitoring, so it can be given to the alarm technician that programs your alarm. If the control
panel is not set to the default or you cannot get the “lock-out” code from the company that
installed the alarm system, conversion costs can sometimes increase significantly.
2) Please get the model type of your alarm system prior to having it converted to direct
monitoring, so it can be given to the alarm technician that programs your alarm. You will not
find the actual word “model” anywhere on the alarm system and may have to open the control
panel to get the model number. Manufacturer manuals are also a good reference for this
information. Manuals should have been given to you at the installation date and will also
provide you with information regarding warranties, repairs, etc.
3) If you are not currently monitored, you will need to check your alarm system to verify that it
has been powered up and confirm that a green light is showing. If the system has not been
powered up before, please contact the installing company and schedule a time for them to
come out and ensure your alarm system is in good working service prior to scheduling a
conversion. Please be aware that once the alarm system is being monitored by anyone other
than the company that installed the alarm, the installer will no longer warranty the alarm
system. The alarm may have a manufacturer’s warranty, so check the manual for more
4) If you are currently being monitored, it is imperative that you speak to your monitoring
company and verify that you are not under contract. Many alarm companies have a clause in
your agreement that allows them to automatically renew contracts. If you find that this is the
case, most companies require a thirty (30) day cancellation notice and should be completed
prior to the alarm conversion.
5) If you are switching monitoring companies and have a maintenance agreement with your
current provider, please follow these money saving steps prior to giving them your
cancellation notice. If the control panel does not show a green light or does show a yellow
light, please contact your current provider, because this indicates that there are system
problems requiring repair under the maintenance agreement. Any necessary maintenance or
repairs should be completed before converting to direct monitoring. These steps will save you
money, since any company that you decide to utilize will charge you for additional work, such
as parts and labor, which could have been completed for no extra charge under your current
maintenance agreement.
The City of Wylie’s False Alarm Ordinance was instituted to assist in providing a safer environment for everyone and
requires owners of monitored security systems to register their system with the City. An alarm permit is required of all
monitored alarm systems within the City of Wylie.
Registering your system by purchasing the alarm permit does not relieve you of your responsibility to properly maintain
and use your alarm system. This permit does provide you with five, no fine false alarms, in a rolling twelve month
period for burglary and an additional five, no fine false alarms, in a rolling twelve month period of all other types (fire,
EMS, etc). Six or more false alarms, within a rolling 12-month period will result in fines.
An alarm owner can follow a few tips to prevent excessive false alarms and unnecessary emergency dispatch service:
Before activating your alarm system, make sure all protected windows and doors are locked. Wait a few
moments to ensure the alarm system is properly armed. When you leave, make sure the door is tightly closed.
If the alarm goes off accidentally, enter you security code carefully. Call your alarm company; or if you are a
Direct Alarm Monitored customer, please call the Wylie Communications Center at 972-442-8171. Give
the proper personal identification passcode/password you chose on the Direct Alarm Monitoring application. Do
not leave the premises until you have made contact with emergency services.
Drafts may cause movements of plants, curtains, signs, balloons, holiday decorations and/or other things which
may be detected by motion detectors, setting off your alarm system. Other movements that motion detectors may
pick up are pets. If you have pets, be sure to talk with your alarm installer about proper placement of
motion detectors or restrict your pets to rooms without motion detectors.
Have all loose fitting doors and windows with sensors tightened. A loose fit may break the sensor contact,
even without opening the door/window.
Make sure everyone with a key to your home or business knows how to operate the security system. This
may include: children, neighbors, relatives, house guests, temporary employees, repairmen, cleaning service,
and other maintenance people, etc. Many systems will allow you to assign separate access codes for temporary
users. For more information on this process, refer to your owner’s manual.
Have all users practice canceling an accidental alarm. During practice alarms, call your alarm company first
to advise them you are testing your alarm.
Testing your system is very important. Alarm systems should be tested once a month. Once again, first
contact your alarm company and tell them you are testing the system. This will ensure emergency units are not
dispatched to your location. It is also necessary to call your alarm company after the test is completed, so
emergency units will be dispatched if the alarm is activated after the test. It is important to test your system
if you have upgrades/repairs completed on items such as your phone line, coaxial cable, home renovations, or
addition of a new user. If your alarm system does not work properly after upgrades/repairs are completed,
you should contact your security provider.
If you have additional questions about preventing false alarms or the City of Wylie’s registration process, please feel
free to contact the Alarm Coordinator at 972-442-8112.
If you are a Direct Alarm Monitored customer and would like to test your alarm system or would like to
notify them of a false alarm, contact the City of Wylie Communications Center at 972-442-8171.
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