Steerable Mudmaster Camera Crawler

Steerable Mudmaster Camera Crawler
“The Standard of the Industry”
Steerable Mudmaster
Multi and Single Conductor III Wheeled Transporters
The Steerable Mudmaster is a camera transporter that’s specifically designed with the necessary weight, power,
high clearance, and all wheel drive for pipelines ranging from 24” to 200”. The unit is designed to operate with 2000’
of single-conductor cable or 1500’ of multi-conductor cable and combines high ground clearance with pneumatic
tires to provide the traction and camera stability that’s required for operation under the most adverse pipeline conditions including high flow, deep mud, sand and large amounts of debris. Optional tandem wheels are available.
The Steerable Mudmaster can turn 360 degrees within its own radius and traverse pipelines with multiple 45 and 90-degree
bends. The waterproof remote-operated camera lift can be inserted through a 19” diameter manhole with the camera in the
lowest position to preclude the operator from confined space entry. This rugged all wheel drive robot can operate all CUES
cameras, including OZ (Optical Zoom Pan and Tilt series) and Night Lite pan and tilt. The unique portable joystick controller
enables the operator to control all transporter, camera, and camera lift functions with one hand! Non steerable units with
remote or manual camera lifts are also available.
Operates with multi & single conductor systems!
Features & Benefits:
• Operates with CUES multi or single conductor systems
• Can operate on all truck-mounted and portable systems
• Operates with all CUES cameras
• Four or eight (tandem) wheels provide greater traction in all types of pipe, under all conditions
• Matched weight and power to maximize efficiency and capability
• Simple dual-wheel installation and captured hardware
• Remote-operated adjustable camera lift to position the camera for best available picture; stable
center of gravity when the camera lift is extended
• Inspects 24” through 200” lines
• Rugged, durable and sealed to eliminate water intrusion
• 255 watt light system, variable, adjustable, 3 lamps (2-lamps for single-conductor III units170 watts total)
• The unit has variable speed drive, power forward, power reverse, and freewheel capabilities
• Flight stick controller to control the transporter and camera movements with one hand;
provides operational simplicity
• Operates on 2000’ (maximum) of single conductor cable; 1500’ of multi conductor cable
• Fits through a manhole with an inside diameter of 19”
• Provide maximum traction on wet or dry surfaces through all types of sediment
• Can turn 360 degrees within its own radius and traverse curved pipe; can turn at 90 degree
elbows and tees within larger pipelines; can traverse pipelines with multiple 45 and
90-degree bends
• Utilizes all-wheel drive in conjunction with a low center of gravity to traverse and steer through
• Longer wheel base to prevent accidental roll-over
• Dual motors to ensure adequate power for longer inspections
• High-clearance for operation in debris-filled pipes
Specifications subject to change without prior notice.
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Steerable Mudmaster
Light Assembly (shown below with a SCIII single conductor unit)
Drive System
Permanent drive self-cleaning drive sprockets with
“Perfect Coat” steel chains and fiberglass chain
Flush drains for easy cleaning
(2) independent, electric, motor/transmission
Each motor/transmission assembly includes a
continuous rated 120 Volt DC electric motor rated
at 1/8 horsepower
Waterproof motor housings
2 each independent 85 watt long life light assemblies (170watts)
Waterproof black anodized aluminum housing, replaceable plug-in
bulb, defused lens and locking mount
Wired to operate independently (in parallel) to preclude total light
Camera Lift
Electronic, remote controlled, infinitely
variable camera lift
Provides a center-of-pipe view
Prevents the need for an operator to
enter the manhole to position and/or
reposition the camera height
Operated from the remote camera
carrier controller
Steerable Transporter
Fits through a manhole with an inside diameter of 19”
Can complete 360 degree turns on open ground
Retrieve the camera carrier in the free wheel mode by the video cable reel
Steer the camera carrier in both right and left directions in adverse pipe conditions
Includes one set of (8) 10.5” knobby tires with optional 12”chevron tread tires
Incorporates dual four wheel drive for max traction on wet/dry surfaces
through all types of sediment
Wheelbase of 16” W x 41.5” L when using 10.5” diameter semi-pneumatic
Includes full-proportional steering to traverse curved pipe, turn at 90 degree
elbows within larger pipeline, and turn at tees within larger pipeline
Includes variable speed drive, power forward, power reverse, and freewheel
Joystick Camera/Transporter Controller Operations
Optional Equipment
Direction Forward/ Reverse/Freewheel
Steering Straight/Right/Left
Camera Auto Center O degree return for horizontal /
vertical axis
Camera Rotate 360 degrees Rotate
Camera Pan 330 degrees Optical Pan
Camera Electric Lift Up/Down
Transporter Cruise Control
Camera functions may operate differently than stated
above depending on your specific model.
• 425 watt light system, variable, adjustable with 5 lamps (multi-conductor only)
• Remote or manual camera lift to optically center the camera up to 60” diameter pipe
• Multiple wheel sizes to fit various pipe conditions; 12” diameter Chevron tires for
maximum traction and ground clearance; optional liquid filled tires
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