May 2012
Slow food meets fast innovation technology
From hearty soups, to creamy risottos and tender lamb shanks,
finishing the day with a deliciously warming meal is one of winter’s
greatest pleasures. For both quick weeknight meals and casual
weekend cooking & entertaining, Breville’s unique, multi-function
cooking range can produce a variety of tender, wholesome meals
for any lifestyle.
The new Breville Multi ChefTM (BRC600) advanced multi-cooker
is a 3.7 litre searing slow cooker, 10 cup rice cooker, risotto maker
and steamer in one.
Versatile and easy to use, the Multi Chef effortlessly makes a
range of flavoursome meals including: an authentic risotto without
stirring, fluffy rice and slow cooked dishes.
It’s also ideal for
cooking the latest super food – quinoa.
When cooking is complete your meal will automatically be kept
warm for up to five hours (risotto for 30 minutes), maintaining
optimum temperature and texture until ready to serve.
Winner of the inaugural Tester’s CHOICE Award in the 2012
annual CHOICE Awards, the 6 litre Breville Fast Slow Cooker
(BPR200) combines super-fast pressure cooking and slow
cooking in one compact appliance.
When used as a pressure cooker, midweek meals can be ready
in as little as 30 minutes. For added assurance, the Breville Fast
Slow Cooker features a steam release button and safety locking
lid that cannot be removed while cooking under pressure.
When time is not an issue, the slow cook setting can be used to produce mouth-watering meals, infused
with rich flavours for up to eight hours.
Both cookers feature a Saute/Sear setting to help soften, brown and caramelise; perfect for creating an
intense flavour base for wholesome casseroles and winter soups.
For fast, healthy dishes, the cookers also feature a stainless steel trivet and steam basket for vegetables,
chicken and seafood.
Breville Multi ChefTM (BRC600) $129.95 rrp
Breville Fast Slow Cooker (BPR200) $199.95 rrp
Breville enquiries: 1300 139 798 or
Roberta Marcroft or Simone Esamie, Write Away Communication + Events
Phone: (02) 9978 1400; E-mail:,
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