Maskenball der Käfer - Rules

Maskenball der Käfer - Rules
Peter-Paul Joopen
Peter-Paul Joopen was born in 1958 and now lives in Zülpich,
Germany. He is married and has three children. He works
professionally as a software developer and in his spare time
he writes stories for children and invents games.
He first began inventing games after test-playing an unpublished game with his friends. For him, the signs of a good
game are when it appeals to a wide age group of both young
and old, makes the time fly by and gives everyone the chance
to influence the game.
Component s
• 1 game board with spinning pointer
• 8 magnetic ladybugs (4 that attract and 4 that repel)
• 7 ants
• 56 round pegs that serve as the ladybug „dots“ in 8 different colors
• (2 pegs per color as extras)
• 1 board „set table“
The ladybugs are all excited in anticipation of the great costume party! All the guests will be putting
on their most colorful costumes and the ladybugs don‘t want to be outdone. Therefore, they all paint
their dots in a different color. But since it looks even fancier if each ladybug has multiple colors, they
begin trading their colored dots with one another. However, they only want to trade with other ladybugs if they like their color, which is not always the case.
But the ladybugs had better watch out, because the ants are also on their way to the ball and want to
be the first to feast on the delicious buffet!
Game setup
Fix the spinning pointer into the game board and put it in the middle of the table.
2. Distribute the colored dots on the ladybugs. Each ladybug receives five dots of the same color.
3. Place the ladybugs on the outside spaces of the petals. Make sure that the ladybugs are on the
same colored petals and face towards the center of the flower.
Put the „set table“ next to the game board and have the ants ready.
The aim of the game is to have five different colored dots on every ladybug. Help the
ladybugs trade their dots so that they can make it to the ball before the ants do.
Take turns in a clockwise direction. The youngest player goes first. On your
turn, spin the pointer in the middle of the flower.
How to play
Does it point at a petal?
Pick up the ladybug that is on this petal and put it in front of any other ladybug so that they face one
another. (In the course of the game, if the pointer points at an empty petal, you get to choose any
ladybug and place it in front of another ladybug of your choice.)
A) The ladybug turns around?
That means it doesn‘t want to trade dots. Too
bad! Put the ladybug back on the outer edge of
its petal.
Turn the ladybugs so that they‘re facing the center of the flower again. Then it’s the next player’s
Example: The light blue ladybug flies to the yellow ladybug.
The yellow ladybug turns around. It doesn‘t want to trade.
The light blue ladybug returns to his petal.
Important: Always put the ladybug only with other ladybugs, with which it has not yet traded dots;
that means with ladybugs of a color that it doesn‘t yet have.
B) Neither of the ladybugs turns around?
They both like the color of each other‘s dots, and
you get to trade one dot of each. But you can only
trade the dots that match the color of the petal of
the ladybug you have flown to, as well as the color of
the petal you are coming from. Dots of a particular
color can only be traded if the ladybug has more
than one of these colored dots.
After trading, you get to take your ladybug and fly to
another petal and try to trade. Repeat this sequence
until either a ladybug turns away (see point A) or a
Example: The light blue ladybug flies to the purple
ladybug. Neither of the ladybugs turns around. They
each trade one of their dots.
ladybug already has five dots of a different color.
Yippee, five dots of a different color!
In this case, the ladybug makes its way to the costume
party. Put it on a free dandelion space. Then it’s the
next player’s turn.
Whenever a ladybug resting on an outer space of a petal
also has 5 different colored dots, it immediately makes
its way to the ball, as well. Put it on a free dandelion
space as well before you „continue your flight“. As soon
as a ladybug takes its place on a dandelion, its petal
remains vacant for the rest of the game.
Important: Make sure you follow all the rules when trading dots. Otherwise, you may end up with
two ladybugs at the end of the game that don‘t want to trade with each other. Then the ants will win
automatically, of course.
Did the pointer stop between two petals?
Then all ladybugs stay where they are, and an ant makes
its way to the costume party instead.
Since the way to the party is further away for the ant, it
needs two steps to get there. For the first step, put the
ant on the tree stump space. The next time the pointer
stops between petals, put the ant on a free leaf of the
green tendril.
The game is over, as soon as either all dandelion spaces, or all leaves on
End of g
the tendril have been occupied. If the ladybugs have occupied all the
dandelion spaces, they win. They finally get to go to the
costume party and sit at the deliciously decorated table.
If the ants have occupied all leaves of the
green tendril, they win and feast on all
the delicious food set on the table.
Game Design: Peter-Paul Joopen
Illustration: Anne Pätzke
Layout: Maike Schiller
Realization & Design: Claudia Geigenmüller
Engl. Translation: Birgit Irgang
© 2015 Pegasus Spiele GmbH, Am Straßbach 3,
61169 Friedberg, Germany. All rights reserved.
Reprinting and publishing of game rules, game components,
or illustrations without the license holder‘s permission is prohibited.
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