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KH 228
Operating and safety
4- 6
Safety advice
Please read carefully through the following
information about safety and proper use.
Before reading, fold out the page with the
illustrations and make yourself familiar with all
the functions of the shaver.
Be careful to keep these safety advice notes
and if necessary pass them on to a third party.
Warning! People with sensitive skin or
allergies to cosmetics or similar conditions
who suffer sudden skin irritations in
reaction to shaving should first try the
shaver on a small place on an arm or leg as
a test.
To avoid injury, never use the shaver if it
has a damaged foil or cutter.
Never allow the shaver to be immersed
in water for long periods.
Never use shaving cream. It could cause
the inner cutter to stick.
Only use shaving foam or soap lather.
Clean the shaver under running water.
Do not use salty water, cleaning agents
or hot water.
Do not dismantle the shaver body as this
can lead to an ineffective watertight seal.
If the shaver does not work properly, have it
examined at an authorised service centre.
Use the shaver only for the purposes
described above.
Before using for the first time
This wet/dry lady shaver can be used with
shaving foam as a wet shaver or a dry shaver.
It is also intended for use in the shower.
Tests have shown that better results are
achieved with warm water and shaving foam.
The shaver is perfect for use in the shower.
Try using it as a wet shaver with shaving
foam for about 3 weeks and experience
the difference compared to dry shaving.
Cleaning is child's play. Just rinse the shaving
head under running water. It's that easy.
Changing the batteries
Change the batteries when required without
delay (see Figs. to ). If the cutter motion
becomes slower, it is time to change the
Never use the shaver if the batteries are weak.
1) Remove the battery compartment lid (see ).
2) After checking the correct polarity, insert
two AA batteries (see ).
3) Refit the battery compartment lid again
(see ).
Description of components
Protective cap
Housing for outer foil
Outer foil
Outer cutter/long hair trimmer
Inner cutter
Inner cutter support block
Shaving head release button
On/Off switch
Continuous operation switch
Battery compartment lid
You should remove the batteries if the shaver
is to remain unused for a long period.
Using the shaver
– Apply a generous amount of shaving foam
to your skin.
– Take off the protective cap and switch
on the shaver .
– You will obtain the best results if you move
the shaver up and down keeping the
shaving head flat against your skin so
that the foil and cutters are able to work
effectively at the same time. If necessary,
trim long hairs with the trimmer before
Press the release button to release the
shaving head and take off the housing.
Switch on the shaver and rinse the inner cutter
under running water.
Then switch off the shaver, close the housing
and dry carefully. When the shaving head is
dry, replace the protective cover .
Statement of conformity
We, Kompernaß Handelsgesellschaft mbH,
Burgstr. 21, D-44867 Bochum, Germany, hereby
declare that this product conforms with the
following EC regulations:
EC low voltage regulations,
Electromagnetic compatibility,
Applicable harmonised standards.
Type / Description: Wet and dry
lady shaver KH 228
Bochum, 31.10.2002
Hans Kompernaß
- Managing Director 7
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