CenterLine 220 Extended Warranty
Wa rr a nt y
Centerline® 220
Extended Warranty
Your CenterLine 220 guidance system carries a standard one-year factory warranty.
You can extend and enhance this warranty by two (2) years for a total of three (3) years
of protection for $219.01. Take this sheet and your retail sales receipt to your
CenterLine 220 retailer or guidance dealer to purchase the extended warranty.
Warranty Comparisons
Standard Warranty
Extended Warranty Program
1 year from date of product purchase 3 year total warranty coverage
Included in product purchase cost
Warranty claims will follow normal distribution channels and return
Covers all products in the guidance kit
Covers manufacturing or material defects. Does NOT cover misuse or
Does NOT transfer with product ownership
$219.01 Must be purchased at
time of product purchase
To Purchase An Extended Warranty
1. Complete the following information:
• Kit Part #_________________________________________________________
• Console Part # / Serial #____________________________________________
• Owner’s Name____________________________________________________
• Address_________________________________________________________
• Phone___________________________________________________________
2. Include a copy of the retail sales receipt.
3. Return this form to your guidance dealer.
4. Have your guidance dealer fax the form and receipt to (630) 665-5651.
Product Warranty
TeeJet Technologies warrants to the original purchaser
that the product purchased shall be free of defects in material
or workmanship. If the product proves to be defective within the
warranty period the purchaser must return, freight prepaid, said
product to TeeJet Technologies within thirty (30) days after such
defect is discovered. Upon inspection and examination by TeeJet
Technologies and at its option, the product shall be repaired or
replaced with a new or comparable product. No product will be
considered defective if it substantially fulfills the performance
specifications. Purchaser shall be responsible for all required
maintenance service in accordance with procedures outlined in
TeeJet Technologies’ product operator’s manual or service bulletins.
All product(s) replaced or repaired under warranty shall carry the
remainder of the warranty left on the original purchase. All out of
warranty product(s) serviced for fee or goodwill will have ninety
(90) days of warranty. The ninety (90) days shall begin on the date
serviced by TeeJet Technologies.
Warranty Limitations and Exclusions
TeeJet Technologies will have no warranty obligation hereunder
if the product is subjected to abuse, misuse, acts of God, faulty
installation, or improper maintenance as outlined in TeeJet
Technologies’ product operator’s manual or service bulletins.
Consumable items (items such as light bulbs, batteries, etc., and
expendable items (items that wear out during normal use) such as
injection pump tubes, flow meter bearings, etc., are not covered by
warranty. For products that come in direct contact with chemical, the
specific recommendations contained in TeeJet Technologies product
bulletins must be adhered to, or this warranty is void. Any repairs
or alterations, other than those provided by TeeJet Technologies
and/or its authorized representatives, will void the warranty. TeeJet
Technologies neither assumes nor authorizes anyone to assume for
it any other obligation or liability in connection with said product.
Disclaimer of Unstated Warranty
The warranty printed above is the only warranty applicable to this
purchase. TeeJet Technologies’ warranty cannot be modified by any
person or entity, including without limitation, any distributor or retailer
of TeeJet Technologies. All other warranties, express or implied,
including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability
and fitness for a particular purpose, are disclaimed.
Limitation of Liability
It is understood and agreed that TeeJet Technologies, whether in
contract, in tort, under any warranty, in negligence or otherwise, shall
not exceed the return of the amount of the purchase price paid by
purchaser and under no circumstances shall TeeJet Technologies be
liable for special, indirect, or consequential damages. In particular,
TeeJet Technologies shall not be liable for damage to crops as the
result of misuse or negligence in the application of chemicals or
operation of TeeJet Technologies products. The price stated for the
equipment is a consideration in limiting TeeJet Technologies’ liability.
No action, regardless of form, arising out of the transactions under
this agreement may be brought by purchaser more than one year
after the cause of action has occurred.
War r an t y
Repair and Return Policy
Cleaning Requirements
Products returned to TeeJet Technologies must
be thoroughly cleaned and free of all chemical
contamination. Items not properly cleaned will be
returned to the owner at their expense.
Requesting an RMA #
1. Contact TeeJet Technologies and provide details
and symptoms of the problem.
2. Once an RMA number has been issued, return the
item pre-paid to TeeJet Technologies.
3. Write the RMA number on the outside of the box
before returning the item.
4. Include a brief written description regarding the
reason for return.
Out of Warranty Repairs
1. All merchandise being returned to TeeJet
Technologies for out of warranty repair must be
2. An RMA number will be issued by TeeJet
Technologies. This number must accompany
the merchandise.
3. An authorized Purchase Order number or Credit
Card number will be required to process the
4. At the discretion of TeeJet Technologies, the
merchandise will be repaired or replaced
and returned to the customer. Repair and
freight charges will be assessed and are the
responsibility of the customer.
Warranty Repairs
1. All merchandise being returned to TeeJet
Technologies for warranty repair must be preapproved.
2. An RMA number will be issued by TeeJet
Technologies. This number must accompany
the merchandise.
3. Proof of in-service date may be required.
4. At the discretion of TeeJet Technologies, the
merchandise will be repaired or replaced at NO
CHARGE and returned to the customer, freight
5. Warranty repaired items carry the remainder of the
original warranty period.
TeeJet Technologies
1801 Business Park Drive
Springfield, Illinois 62703 USA
98-01172-ENUS R7 English-US
© TeeJet Technologies 2013
Diagnostic and No Defect Check
Out Fees
1. TeeJet Technologies will make every reasonable
attempt to verify RMA claims. If TeeJet
Technologies is unable to confirm the operation
of the equipment, staff will attempt to collect
additional information from the dealer/
distributor/end user (upon authorization).
However, if no additional information is provided
within ten (10) business days, the product will
be returned to the customer with applicable fees
2. Items returned for repair that are determined to have
NO DEFECT will be assessed a standard no
defect Diagnostic Fee. This fee applies to out
of warranty items only.
3. A Diagnostic Fee will also be applied to items that
are determined “Not Repairable”. These items
will be returned or scrapped at the customer’s
Same Day Repair Service
Customers requesting same day repair service
on “out of warranty” items will be assessed an
additional $67.00 expedite fee. NOTE: Same
Day Service may not be available on all products.
Contact TeeJet Technologies before returning the
On Site Repair Service
TeeJet Technologies offers a limited “on site” repair
service option. This service option is used for nontypical service issues or problems. Contact TeeJet
Technologies for additional information, fees, and
Special Items
Items not identified on the product repair lists will be
repaired using the standard hourly repair rate, plus
Repair charges are invoiced as net
charges with standard payment terms.
Prices and specifications are subject to
change without prior notification.
Merchandise Returns
1. Requests to return merchandise for credit must be
submitted and approved by a Customer Service
Representative before an RMA number will be
2. Aminimum 20% restocking fee will be applied to the
returned merchandise.
3. Items being returned must be current product and
purchased within the last 12 months.
4. Returned items must be in like new condition or the
items may be returned to the customer at their
expense, or the items may be assessed with
additional return fees.
Remanufactured Units for Sale
From time to time, TeeJet Technologies will
make available for sale a limited number of
remanufactured consoles and parts. These items will
carry a 90-day warranty from the day of purchase.
Contact TeeJet Technologies or your local TeeJet
sales office.
All items returned to TeeJet Technologies must be
pre-approved and require a Returned Merchandise
Authorization (RMA) number.
Loaner Consoles
Dealers for TeeJet Technologies are responsible
for stocking service replacement consoles for end
users. In the event a dealer is temporarily out of
service inventory, TeeJet Technologies has a limited
inventory of remanufactured consoles to be used
as loaner replacements. These consoles can be
used while the end user console is being repaired.
This service is available for most consoles at a fee
of $96.00 each. Contact TeeJet Technologies for
specific product availability.
Unauthorized Modifications and
Unauthorized modifications of any products
manufactured or distributed by TeeJet Technologies
will automatically void the factory warranty. Standard
out of warranty charges will apply to return the
products to “like new” condition.
Repaired Items Warranty Period
Items Returned for repair to TeeJet Technologies
will carry a 90-day warranty period from the date of
Product serviced by TeeJet Technologies must be
claimed within 45 days of completion of services.
If a customer fails to provide the information
necessary to complete an RMA transaction
(purchase order, payment, etc.) ownership of
unclaimed product will become the property of
TeeJet Technologies after 45 days.
Ship to:
TeeJet Technologies
Repair Department
RMA # __________
1801 Business Park Drive
Springfield, Illinois 62703 USA
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