La Crosse Technology RS-204U-CS User's Manual

La Crosse Technology RS-204U-CS User's Manual
Remote Control Outlet System, RS-204U-CS
Remote control
Remote outlet
Set-Up Instructions:
1) Install 2 AAA Alkaline batteries into remote control.
Press four numbers to set security code (for example
2) Plug remote outlets into AC outlet. Press the button
3) Press the button on the remote control that you wish
to use to control that outlet.
Details on Set-Up:
• When batteries are first inserted into the remote
control, the LED light will blink steadily until a code is
entered. When entering the code, pause briefly
between each button press to be sure it is entered in
as desired.
• Once the remote outlet is plugged in, the LED will
blink steadily until a button on the remote control is
• To set up additional outlets on the same remote,
follow steps 2 and three.
• To set up additional remote controls, simply install
batteries and set to the same code.
• If the remote outlet is unplugged, you will need to
follow step 2 and 3 again.
• To set a new remote control button to a remote outlet
without unplugging, press and hold the button on the
outlet for about three seconds (LED will flash). Follow
step 3 above.
To turn on/off all controlled remote outlets for that remote,
press the “master” key, ON or OFF.
To turn on/off the remote outlet without the remote control,
briefly press the button on the remote outlet. LED will be
on when remote outlet is on.
Safety Precautions:
The remote outlets are not rated for any outdoor use.
The remote outlet is designed for US-type plugs, 120V
The remote outlets must be plugged only into outlets that
are properly wired and grounded.
Do not use at the end of an extension cord
Do not expose remote outlet or remote control to water.
Allow air to circulate around remote outlet as it may warm
up when in use.
Do not use in an application where a loss or gain of power
is critical. The remote outlet may turn on or off at any time
due to uncontrollable interference.
As with all electrical devices, keep away from children.
Not for medical purposes.
It is advised that the remote outlet be removed from outlet
when not in use.
set RS-204 (one remote, two outlets)
RS-220 (remote outlets)
RS-210 (remote control with ten buttons)
Operating Voltage: 120V
Operating Frequency: 60 Hz
Maximum Current: 30 Amps
Maximum Power: 3600 Watts
Operating Temperature: 32°F to 122°F
Transmission Frequency: 433 MHz
Transmission Distance: 80 feet, optimal conditions
Remote control does not operate remote outlets.
Move closer to remote outlet
Re-program remote outlet
Replace batteries (and re-program)
La Crosse Technology provides a 1-year warranty on this
Remote Control Outlet System
For warranty work, technical support, or information contact:
Options on setting up
One remote control can control multiple remote outlets.
When setting up each remote outlet, simply use the same
remote and same number to control. For example, one
remote control, code set to “1-2-3-4”, can be set to control
ten different holiday lights by pressing key number “1”.
Multiple remote controls can control the same remote
outlet(s). Simply program additional remotes to the same
code as the first. For example four remote controls can be
placed in each corner of a large room. All of them are
coded “2-2-2-2”. Thus, pressing key number “2” will control
all outlets assigned to that code+number.
Each remote control has four numbered keys. Four
separate systems can be operated on each number. For
example key number 1 controls the holiday lights on the
tree, key number 2 controls the main floor lamp, key
number 3 controls the electric heater, and key number 4
controls the radio.
To turn on the remote outlet (and thus any device plugged
in to it), press the corresponding ON key (left side of
remote control).
To turn off the remote outlet press the corresponding OFF
key (right side of remote control).
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