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Flow Control CLEANING / REPLACEMENT Procedure
Step #1
Please remove the Brew Express from the wall by removal of 4 outside set screws, and
pull away by holding the sides of the unit. Upon removal, press a grey button on the
water line (quick-connection) to disconnect the water line.
Step #2
Place Brew Express face down on a towel to protect front face
Step #3
Loosen lower valve connection nut with 18 mm or equivalent wrench.
Step 4
Carefully pull away slightly and Rotate water line using pliers.
Caution: Gasket O-ring seal may fall into unit. Remove / watch so it does not fall off.
Caution: Do Not Bend copper line! JUST ROTATE!
Step 5
Remove flow control with 18 mm or equivalent wrench
Step 6
To Clean for low volume (Flow) Problem : Rinse under strong stream of water
to clean or and use small paper clip / wire to push through center hole to clear.
Dry with towel. (For Replacement of Flow Control, Go to #7)
Step 7
Place Cleaned or Replacement flow control back into valve.
Seal O-Ring on flow control should be upward direction only.
Tighten with wrench snug to valve.
Step 8
Re-Align copper line with flow control by rotating. Ensure small o-ring did not fall off.
Tighten nut snug to secure copper line to flow control. Do not over-tighten nut
Tighten copper line connection. Do not over tighten.
Step 9
Re-Install Brew Express into wall, “Snap” together water connection re-set clock,
remove and clean spray-head (recommended), and run two pots of water without
spray-head to clear any debris that maybe in the system. Re-install spray-head.
Cleaning or Replacement of flow control should only take about 10 minutes to perform.
Should this procedure not work, please feel free to call or email Lance Larkin, LLC for
further instructions.
Phone: 866.268.5953
Email: [email protected]
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