Land Pride All-Purpose Seeder APS Series User's Manual

Land Pride All-Purpose Seeder APS Series User's Manual
All-Purpose Seeder
The perfect tool for
any landscaper.
We know seeders, and our new All-Purpose Seeder is a great
addition to our Primary Seeder and Overseeder group!
This 3-point turf seeder, available in 4’ and 6’, is a ground
driven seeder for tractors with a horsepower range up to 45 hp.
Designed to work ideally in a prepared seedbed and
overseeding, this can be the perfect tool for any landscaper.
APS Series
Cat. 1 — 4’ 6’
• All welded seedbox construction
The All-Purpose Seeder is an ideal overseeder for several
reasons. One, it is ground driven which takes some of the burden
away compared to a powered overseeder; You don’t have a
driveline and related drivetrain components to maintain, and, two,
the front rollers are adjustable to various levels of aggressiveness.
• Watertight lid to keep seed dry
• Single lever for adjusting
front rollers
While seeding into a freshly prepared site, the front angling rollers
help cut through the top crust, kicking up a light amount of soil,
making sure the ground is soft. The seed is then dropped, and
compressed by the rear roller. Establishing this initial seed to soil
contact is essential in achieving a high rate of germination.
By adjusting the front two rollers, you can control how aggressive
you want to be in the existing turf you are overseeding. If the
existing turf is fairly sparse, go light on the angle of the rollers so
some dirt is kicked up, but the existing turf is not torn up. If the
existing turf is thick, the front two rollers can be set quite aggressive
to work through thatch and dead grass build up, allowing the seed
to drop closer to the soil.
We’ve incorporated many of
our standard seeding features
into the All-Purpose Seeder.
Seedbox – The all welded
seedbox creates strength for
the seeder. The watertight
lid helps keep the elements
out and your seed dry. The
seedbox also has a seed
splashplate to keep seed out of the hinge area of the lid. A paddle
type agitator is also included in the seedbox to keep seed from
bridging, and allowing an uninterrupted flow to the seed cups. At
one bushel per foot, the capacity is just right for landscaping size
Seed cups – We’ve been using our seed cups on seeders and
grain drills for many years. This cup is the standard of the seeding
industry, and you can easily see why when you look at the fluted
metering device and see how it grabs the same amount of seed
all of the time. This results in excellent accuracy,
and money saving efficiency.
Rollers – The heat treated steel spikes
engage the ground to keep the rollers turning,
agitate the soil, aerate existing turf, promote
seed to soil contact, and then the rear roller
compresses the soil.
Spring Loaded Rear Roller – The spring loaded rear roller ensures
that the roller will stay on the ground, even in rough conditions.
With the rear roller being connected directly to the seed cups, it is
important that it is not interrupted so to minimize seeding skips. By
being spring loaded, the possibility of skips is greatly diminished.
Lift Hooks – Lift Hooks are
conveniently located on both
sides of the seedbox to aid in
lifting the seeder on and off
the trailer.
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