Lincat OE8017 Installation, Operating And Servicing Instructions

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Lincat OE8017 Installation, Operating And Servicing Instructions | Manualzz

Installation, Operating and Servicing


Opus 800 Electric Induction Range


Please make a note of your product details for future use:

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Important Information

Warnings and Precautions

Technical Data

Checklist of Enclosures

Installation and Commissioning

Operating Instructions


Servicing, Maintenance and Component Replacement

Fault Finding

Spare Parts List

Service Information and Guarantee


Read these instructions carefully before using this product, paying particular attention to all sections that carry warning symbols, caution symbols and notices.

Ensure that these are understood at all times .













This symbol is used whenever there is a risk of personal injury.


This symbol is used whenever there is a risk of damaging your Lincat product.


This symbol is used to provide additional information, hints and tips.


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This appliance must be installed, commissioned and serviced by a qualified person in accordance with national and local regulations in force in the country of installation.

Caution Symbol: Non-ionising electromagnetic radiation (magnetic field).

Warning Symbol: Dangerous voltage (live parts at a working voltage exceeding


If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified person.

Ensure that the plug/socket is accessible at all times.

Strip plastic coating and clean the appliance before use.

During operation parts may become hot - avoid accidental contact.

Disconnect this appliance before servicing, maintenance or cleaning.

If the ceramic glass surface is cracked, immediately disconnect the appliance from the supply.

Do not stand on the unit.

The ceramic glass is very strong but do not slam pans down onto it and be careful not to scrape pans along the surface.


Height (mm)

Width (mm)

Depth (mm)

Weight (kg)

Hob zones

Hob surface

Electrical supply 3N~+E

Total power rating (A)

Hob zone power (kW)

Oven power (kW)

Total power (kW)





400V 3ph 50Hz or 60 Hz

35A per phase




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Warranty card

Instructions manual


This appliance must be earthed.

An equipotential bonding terminal is provided to allow cross bonding with other equipment.

If replacing the plug connect the terminals as follows:

Green and Yellow wire Earth E

Blue wire Neutral N

Brown wire Live L1

Black wire Live L2

Grey wire Live L3

Means of isolation with at least 3mm contact separation in all poles must be incorporated into the fixed wiring of this appliance.

The fixed wiring insulation must be protected by insulated sleeving having a temperature rating of at least 60 o


Supply cords shall be oil resistant, sheathed flexible cable not lighter than ordinary polychloroprene or equivalent elastomer sheathed cord (code 60245 IEC 57)

If the supply cable is replaced, the live and neutral conductors must pass through the ferrite ring for EMC compliance. Do not pass the earth wire through the ferrite ring.

Install this appliance on a level surface ensuring all vents are unobstructed. Any partitions, walls or furniture must be of non-combustible material. Minimum distances, A 100mm, B 1000mm – see Fig 1.

Do not block or restrict the inlet filters on the appliance base. Restricted airflow will result in reduced performance.

Keep means of electrical isolation accessible at all times.

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Fig 1


General Information

Only qualified or trained personnel should use this appliance.

The green neon illuminated indicates power to the appliance.


When the induction hob is initially switched on, there will be a momentary flashing of the green indicators. Rotate the control knob to the required power level setting.

After use, switch the hob zone off by means of the control. Do not rely on the pan detectors.

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Fans may continue to operate after controls are switched to zero. This is normal.

Do not place aluminium foil or plastic vessels on hot ceramic surfaces. Do not use the surfaces for storage.

Metallic objects should not be placed within the cooking zones as they will get hot.

Take care when operating the appliance as rings, watches or similar objects could get hot in close proximity to the hob surfaces.

Only use pans of the size and type recommended in the pan selection notes.

Users with heart pacemakers should consult with their doctor or the manufacturer of the pacemaker.

Induction cooking and pan selection

Induction cooking produces heat directly in the base of the pan. The system comprises a ceramic glass hob with an induction coil beneath it. The coil generates an alternating magnetic field. When a pan with a magnetic base is placed on the cooking zone, eddy currents are produced in the base of the pan leading to the production of heat. The pan heats extremely quickly.

The quality of the cookware is essential to the efficiency of induction cooking. The base of the pan needs to be flat with good heat distribution.

Suitable pans are made from cast iron, enamelled steel and stainless steel with a magnetic base. Unsuitable pans are glass, earthenware, aluminium, copper and non-magnetic stainless steel.

Operation of the pan detection system is dependent on the size of the pan and its material. Power from the induction coil to the pan will vary and is dependent on size and pan material.

It is normal for induction generators to make buzzing, whistling and clicking noises, especially on lower power settings.

Locate the pan concentrically over the ceramic glass target ring. If the inner ring of the ceramic glass is visible around the pan, the pan is too small.

Recommended pan base diameter

– minimum of 120mm.

Nominal coil diameter – 270mm.

Power level settings

Constantly variable power level settings are available via the rotary control knob,

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Error codes

There are numerous error codes identifying issues within the induction system.

These are primarily of use when reporting a fault to

Lincat’s Service Department; however some errors can be cleared by turning the control to the ‘Off’ position, unplugging the appliance and then switching back on again.

An illuminated red LED indicates an error.

The generator error codes are displayed in a series of flashes of the green LED.

There is a long flash followed by a series of shorter flashes.

The number of these short flashes is the error number.

A reduction in performance during cooking may be attributed to a blocked or restricted air filter, a confined location with insufficient airflow or a failed cooling fan.

Pan detection function

Each zone has pan detection which prevents the coil from turning on without a pan being present. The coil also turns off when a pan is removed.


 Check the green ‘power on’ neon on the fascia panel is illuminated.

Set the control knob to the desired temperature in degrees Celsius. The orange light will illuminate indicating that power is being supplied to the elements.

The orange light will go out when the oven has achieved the set temperature.

Periodically the orange light will illuminate to indicate that the oven temperature has fallen and the elements are turned on to top up the temperature.


To shut down the appliance rotate all control knobs clockwise to the OFF position.

After operation, some parts of the appliance will remain hot for a period of time; care should be taken to avoid risk of burns.


Care must be taken to avoid injury when opening the oven door when the oven is in use, as hot air will rapidly escape.

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Your product has a manufacturer’s warranty. This requires you maintain and care for your product and follow maintenance instructions. If you fail to maintain your unit or damage components, Lincat may charge you for a warranty repair. Please check the website for terms and conditions.

Isolate from the power supply and allow to cool.

Do not use a water jet or steam cleaner, and do not immerse this appliance.

Clean all panels with warm water and mild detergent do not use abrasive or chlorine based cleaners. Do not wet electrical components. Dry with a soft cloth.

Clean the ceramic glass regularly, avoiding abrasive sponges or scouring agents and harsh chemicals like oven sprays. Remove dirt and food with a scraper or

Vileda Ceran cleaning sponge.

If plastic, aluminium foil or sugary food has dropped onto hot ceramic glass, scrape off immediately. If these substances melt they can damage the surface.

Check the air filters regularly – they are washable if contaminated. Ensure they are fully dry before refitting.

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Replacing an air filter

Removing and cleaning the air filter will ensure an adequate supply of cool air and restore performance. Disconnect from the power supply and allow the appliance to cool. The filters are located on the base of the unit.

Open the right hand door, the filter is located at the bottom and slides out. Remove the filter and clean – the filter may be put in a dishwasher. Replace the clean filter and re-fit.

Do not operate the appliance without a filter being fitted, otherwise dirt and grease could be drawn into the electronics, impairing safe operation.

All other servicing, maintenance and component replacement on this appliance should be carried out by one of our recommended service engineers.


Please refer to the Service Help Desk number on the final page of this manual.








Part Number Description

Filter pad (2 per unit)

Hob control knob

Oven control knob

Front lockable swivel castor

Rear swivel castor

Oven door seal

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For help with the installation, maintenance and use of your Lincat equipment, please contact our service department:


01522 875520

For non-UK customers, please contact your local Lincat dealer

All service work, other than routine cleaning should be carried out by one of our authorised service agents. We cannot accept responsibility for work carried out by other persons.

To ensure your service enquiry is handled as efficiently as possible, please tell us:

Brief details of the problem

Product code

Type number

Serial number

All available on serial plate

Lincat reserve the right to carry out any work under warranty, given reasonable access to the appliance, during normal working hours, Monday to Friday, 08:30 to



This unit carries a comprehensive UK mainland 2 year warranty. The guarantee is in addition to, and does not diminish your statutory or legal rights.

The guarantee does not cover:

 Accidental damage, misuse or use not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

Consumable items (such as filters, glass, bulbs, slot toaster elements and door seals.)

Damage due to incorrect installation, modification, unauthorised service work or damage due to scale, food debris build-up, etc.

The manufacturer disclaims any liability for incidental, or consequential damages.

Attendance is based on reasonable access to the appliance to allow the authorised technician to carry out the warranty work.

Service calls to equipment under warranty will be carried out in accordance with the conditions of sale. Unless otherwise specified, a maximum of 15 minutes of administrative time, not spent directly carrying out servicing work, is provided for within the warranty. Any requirement for staff attending the call to spend greater time than 15 minutes due to administrative requirements, such as on health and safety risk assessments, will be chargeable at the prevailing rate.

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