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2 Ohm Stable
The lowest impedance accepted by this amplifier is 2 ohms.
Amplifiers that are 2 ohms stable produce more power resulting in
more volume. This amp can comfortably power speakers or
subwoofers with all channel(s) being used at a load of 2 ohms.
Class D Amps
Class D is a high speed switching amplifier technology that is more
efficient, generates less heat and draws less power than traditional Class
A/B amps. We use Class D in our monoblock amplifiers to give you
massive amounts of power in a relatively small footprint for clean,
powerful, bass.
Phase Control
The phase control feature allows you to adjust the speakers phase to
ensure all audio signals are playing together rather than against each
other. When bass notes are noticeably absent, a quick and easy
adjustment to the phase control could provide the perfect remedy.
Strapping Capability
Strapping capability means that two amplifiers can be linked together to
create double the power at an impedance of 2 ohms. A benefit of
strapping is less electrical current is required than if you ran [2] individual
amps at 1 ohm and you only need 1 pair of preamp outputs and [1] RCA
cable to connect.
Subsonic Filter
A subsonic filter is designed for use on subwoofers. Since not all
subwoofers can reproduce the same low frequencies, the subsonic filter
can be set for optimum bass response in order to keep the driver playing
If the amplifier gets too hot, the thermal protection circuit turns the amp off
and allows the amp to cool down before turning it back on. If a speaker
fails causing an electrical short, the protection circuit will automatically cut
the output and remain in that state until the short is resolved. These safety
features give you peace of mind knowing the amplifier is constantly
monitoring conditions to protect itself.
Subwoofer Level Control
The ability to boost or attenuate the sub level when an amp and subwoofer
are connected to the subwoofer pre-amp output.
Switchable Input Sensitivity
Switchable Input Sensitivity gives you the freedom to connect the amp to
any standard source unit and have peace of mind it will be within range to
properly match the output of the source unit allowing you to use the
volume controls on your source unit the way it was designed.
Variable Bass Boost
Variable Bass Boost allows you to adjust the low bass within the boost
range to just the way you like it.
Variable Gain Control
Variable Gain Control lets you balance the amps output with the speakers
or subs the amp is driving. To much gain will lead to distortion and to little
will lead to clipping.
Variable Low Pass Filter
Variable low-pass filter gives you control over the frequencies that pass
through to the subwoofer.
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