Quiet Phone Pro
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Quiet Phone Pro
MB-1-4: HC 4 DX element
MB-1-5: HC5 Rag chew element
MB-1-6: HC 6 NEW full range element
MB-1-iC: High performance condenser for iCOM radios
Microphone booms easily attach to the Heil Quiet Phone Pro and
can be mounted for left or right side. Heil AD-1 adapters will be
needed to interface your particular amateur radio transceiver.
All in and out of warranty items returned must be accompanied by
a completed Heil hospital form, which can be found at www.heilsound.com/amateur/heil_hospital.htm
Heil Sound, Ltd. warrants these products to the original purchaser
for a period of one year parts and 90 days labor from the date of
purchase. It does not cover accidental or intentional damage. Heil
Sound, Ltd. is not responsible for loss, damage or expenses that arise
from the use or the inability to use this product.
Heil Sound Ltd.
5800 North Illinois
Fairview Heights, IL 62208
(618) 257-3000 phone
(618) 257-3001 fax
[email protected]
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Quiet Phone Pro patent pending
Active noise canceling headset from Heil Sound, Ltd.
The Heil QUIET PHONE PRO is a result of years of research and
development at Heil Sound, Ltd. While typical headsets are designed to reproduce audio, they pay no attention to the outside
environment. In most cases, the ambient room noise is louder
than the program information that comes through the speakers
in the headphones.
Using the absolute latest active circuitry, Heil Sound has solved
this problem. The ANC (active noise canceling) technology uses
two small microphones placed deep inside each headphone
speaker and wired to a differential amplifier, which switches the
mics in or out of phase. As the microphones listen to the outside
ambient noise as well as the high quality program information,
the out-of-phase background noises are greatly reduced, particularly at frequencies below 400 Hz. So now you can enjoy your program source peacefully! Blower noise, jet engine noise, outside
car traffic, ambient room noise, or the TV in the next room will all
be reduced to levels tens of decibels below your program.
The most unique feature of this Heil Sound product is the optional
Microphone Boom Assembly. Removing the small rubber plug, located above the ON/OFF switch, exposes a sturdy brass insert that
allows attaching one of the five boom assemblies to the QUIET
PHONE PRO. You can choose any of five different types of microphone elements that match various amateur radio transmitters,
computers, podcasting and commercial radio/TV broadcasting.
Your Heil QUIET PHONE PRO has now been turned into a very high
quality professional boomset.
w w w . h e i l s o u n d . c o m
t4PGU3FQMBDFBCMF-FBUIFSFUUFDVTIJPOTXJUIBEKVTUBCMFIFBEband to ensure most comfortable listening for extended periods
of time.
Speaker type
Drive unit size
Closed Dynamic
High output 40 mm using
Neodymium magnet assembly
Input Sensitivity
104 dB/mW
Frequency Response 20 - 20,000Hz
Cord Lengths
Comes with two detachable cables. Your
choice of a 6’ Heilwire straight cable or a
3’ to 6’ extendable coil cable.
Plug Type
Gold-plated stereo mini plug (0.5m),
gold-plated L type stereo mini plug
(1.5m); 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch adapter supplied.
DC 1.5V - one AAA battery: 70 hours
nominal battery life
ANC circuit
Active Noise reduction range: 40 Hz - 1
Optional Accessories Microphone boom attachment, Bag 2
To open battery cover
depress tab at the bottom
of the right ear cup.
w w w . h e i l s o u n d . c o m
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