LG AX8600 User's manual

LG AX8600 User's manual
Quick Start Guide
a vCard
Taking a Picture/
Recording a Video
Mass Storage
Getting to Know Your Phone
Volume Up/Down
Contact List
Left Soft Key
Send Key
Voicemail Key
Mode Key
Adapter Port
Video Key
Axcess Apps
Right Soft Key
Power/End Key
Touch Music Keys
* Speakerphone feature is only available while a call is in progress.
microSDTM Port
Playing Music
Flip Closed
1. Insert a microSDTM card* (gold contacts facing down) into
the slot on the right side of the phone.
2. Press any side key to unlock the external keys, then tap and
hold the
3. Use the side Volume Keys
to select a song, and tap
Key to play.
4. Tap the or the Keys to scroll through songs.
5. Tap and hold the
Key to exit the music player.
Flip Open
1. Insert a microSDTM card.
2. Press left on the Navigation Key, choose a category, then
to play.
3. Use the Volume Keys
to adjust volume when
a song is playing.
4. Press the End Key to exit the music player.
*Sold separately
Note: In order for your AX8600 to recognize music files, you must first format the microSD card
so the required folders will be created (see User Guide for steps). Then transfer MP3 or AAC files
into the LG_MEDIA > Music folder on the microSD card using an adapter or USB cable.*
Bluetooth Pairing
Enjoy hands-free entertainment and communication in the car, office,
or at home with Bluetooth accessories, like a Bluetooth stereo headset
for listening to music. Get wire-free convenience up to 30 feet away.
Set your Bluetooth accessory into pairing mode.*
, then select Settings (9).
Select Bluetooth (7), then Paired Devices (1).
Press the Left Soft Key for Search.
If Bluetooth is set to off, you will be prompted to turn power on.
Select Yes (1) and press
, then New Search (1).
6. The phone will now search for the accessory. Once found,
highlight it and press
to pair.
7. Enter the passcode (typically “0000” - 4 zeroes) and press
8. Press
to connect with the device.
*Refer to the user manual of your Bluetooth accessory to activate pairing mode
and for the passcode.
Note: Bluetooth accessories sold separately.
Sending a vCard
Sharing contact information made easy. Send a vCard (electronic
name card) to easily exchange names and phone numbers to another
vCard-supported mobile phone or device via Bluetooth technology.
1. Press up on Navigation Key, highlight a contact and press the
Right Soft Key for Options.
2. Select Send via Bluetooth (5).
3. If Bluetooth is off, select Yes (1) .
4. Select a paired device from the list and press
to send.
Taking a Picture/Recording a Video
Shooting photos on-the-fly has never been easier with the 1.3
megapixel camera. When you need to capture all the action, get it
with live video and share it all instantly with Picture/Video Messaging.
1. To activate camera mode: With the flip open, press and hold the
side Camera/Video Key
2. Press and hold
again to activate video mode.
3. Press left or right on the Navigation Key to adjust brightness.
Press up or down to zoom. Press the Right Soft Key to adjust
camera/video options.
4. Press
to take a photo or record a video. Press
stop recording.
5. Press
to save or the Left Soft Key to send.
Note: To take a self-portrait with the flip closed, press and hold
and the side volume key. Press
again to take the picture.
USB Mass Storage
Easily transfer your music (MP3 & AAC) and image (GIF, JPG,
BMP, PNG) files between an optional microSD card* and your PC!
1. Insert a microSD card (gold contacts facing down) into the
slot on the right side of the phone.
2. Power on the phone and connect it to your PC using a
USB cable*.
3. Press OK, select Settings (9), then System (6).
4. Select PC Connection (2), then USB Drive (2).
5. The PC recognizes the phone as a Removable Disk under
My Computer. Transfer your files by dragging and dropping
them onto the Removable Disk icon.
6. When finished, disconnect the USB cable from the phone.
*Sold separately.
Warning! Do not disconnect phone while file transfer is in progress.
Note: This feature only works in idle screen. The number of files you can store depends on
the size of the memory card. Make sure the microSD card has been formatted on the phone so
the required folders will be created for use with your AX8600 (see User Guide for steps).
Optional Accessories
Accessories for convenience and fashion are available at www.LGUSA.com.
Bluetooth Stereo Speakers
Bluetooth Stereo Headset
Bluetooth Headset
Extended Li-Polymer Battery
(1,400 mAh)
Portable Stereo Speakers
Vehicle Power Charger
Not available for silver AX8600
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The Bluetooth® trademark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by LG Electronics is under license.
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