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Instrument requirements
a. Grand Piano: Preferred is a Steinway model D. Alternatives: Steinway C, Steingraeber & Söhne E-272, Yamaha
CFIIIS, Steinway B, Yamaha S6. The piano must be well tuned prior to the concert. Tuned to A=442 (necessary
because of the vibraphone tuning). Please provide an ajustable piano bench (please check it does not creack or make
b. Vibraphone: Yamaha YV 3710 or equal
c. Glockenspiel: Yamaha YV 1210 or equal
d. Jazz Drum Kit: Pearl or Yamaha or Gretch (18” bass drum • 12” tom • 14” tom • Snare drum • complete hardware
including 3 cymbal stands and drum chair)
e. Double Bass & Bass amplifier Gallien Krüger, 150 MBS
Note: Please see contract whether the instruments needs to be provided by promoter or artist.
Raphaël Junker • +352 621 285 044
F.H.O. system
f. F.O.H. system capable to produce 100dBA distortion free, even coverage to all parts of the venue (preferred systems
D&B, Martin Audio, L’Acoustics or similar quality).
g. Analog mixing desk 24 inputs, 6 auxes (3 pre/3 post) (Midas, Soundcraft, Yamaha, ...) (No budget consoles please!).
Console must be located at mid-house and not in a booth or under balcony. Some digital consoles are acceptable but
please kindly email in advance.
h. F.O.H. outboard rack should contain: 6 compressors (DBX, BSS, Drawmer, Focusrite...), 2 reverb or multi fx
processors (Lexicon PCM 80/90, Yamaha SPX, TC Electronic M2000/3000), 1 stereo 30 band graphic EQ (Klark
Teknik, BSS, Apex), 1 CD player.
i. A skilled sound engineer should be present.
3 floor monitors (preferred systems D&B, Martin Audio, L’Acoustics or similar quality).
Monitor circuits: 1. Piano; 2. Vibraphone; 3. Drums
In venues with a capacity of less than 250 people 3 separated circuits mixed from F.O.H. desk, each circuit corrected
by 1/3 oct. EQ located near front desk.
In venues with a capacity of more than 250 people, a monitor desk and a skilled monitor engineer should be present.
Input List
Mic Type
Stand Type
CH 1
AKG D122, Shure B52
Short Boom
CH 2
Shure SM57
Short Boom
CH 3
Neumann KM 184
Short Boom
CH 4
OH Left
Neumann KM 184
CH 5
OH Right
Neumann KM 184 or AKG C451
CH 6
Bass DI
We will bring our own DI
CH 7
Bass Mic
DPA4099b, ATM35
CH 8
Piano Left
Neumann KM 184
CH 9
Piano Right
Neumann KM 184
CH 10
Vibraphone Left
Neumann KM 184
Short Boom
CH 11
Vibraphone Right
Neumann KM 184
Short Boom
CH 12
Presentation Mic
Shure SM 58
CH 13
Laptop FX.L
CH 14
Laptop FX.R
CH 15
Reverb 1.L
CH 16
Reverb 1.R
CH 17
Reverb 2.L
CH 18
Reverb 2.L
Note: for small clubs, PA requirements can be adapted to the size of the club. In case of changes or questions please
contact Joachim Olaya: +33 6 77 54 70 64,
Raphaël Junker • +352 621 285 044
Dressing Room: Clean, dry, well lighted and heated/air conditioned dressing room with chairs, table and a fulllength mirror.
Catering: On arrival of artists to be provided in dressing room; mineral water, coffee (with sugar, milk) & some
sandwiches. Promoter will also provide dinner or give a cash buy-out.
Hotel: quiet single rooms (exact nr will be confirmed for each concert date) in minimum 4-star hotel, nearest possible
to the hall. All rooms must have private bathroom, telephone, internet connection, 24-hour room service, mini bar.
Rooms should be ready upon Artist arrival (if arriving early please arrange EARLY CHECK IN with the hotel !).
Local Transport: from and to airport or train station to hotel, & between hotel & hall.
CD’s: the promoter will provide a table in an appropriate place as well as a person to sell Artist’s cd’s after the
Complementary Tickets: Upon request, promoter will provide Artists with 8 (eight) guest tickets to be held at the
box office under the Artists names unless other prior arrangements have been made. Unused complimentary tickets
may be released one (1) hour prior to performance.
Raphaël Junker • +352 621 285 044
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