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Eco-Friendly Attributes
Set Up Sprint Mobile
Email Client
Playing Music
Social Networking
Quick Start Guide
QWERTY Keyboard
1.Navigation Key
My Stuff
> Web
< My Photos
2. Left Soft Key (Favorites)
Command Key
Getting to Know Your Phone
4. Talk Key
5. Microphone
6. Power/End Key
7. Clear & Back/Lock Key
8. Right Soft Key (Contacts)
9. Menu/OK Key
10. Earpiece
11. Headset Jack
12.Volume Up/Down Keys
13.microSD™ Memory Slot
14. Camera Key
15. Micro USB Charging Port
16. Camera Lens
17. Speaker
QWERTY Keyboard
1.Function Key
2. Shift Key
3. Space Key
4. Emoticon Key
5. Symbols Key
6. Text Key
7. Enter Key
8. Clear & Back Key
Eco-Friendly Attributes
Remarq’s packaging consists of a box that’s
87% post-consumer waste and a tray that’s
100% post-consumer waste. LG reduces paper
consumption by forgoing the traditional printed
manual in favor of a downloadable digital
manual. Speaking of reductions, the included
power charger is ENERGY STAR® qualified.
The handset’s outer casing is composed of
19% recycled plastics, and the phone as a whole
is 87% recyclable. Remarq features low levels
of materials commonly targeted in green
electronics guidelines: polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
and brominated flame retardants (BFR).
Per RoHS* compliance, Remarq meets strict
standards for restricted use of hazardous
substances in both the phone and the charger.
Finally, Remarq encourages environmental responsibility with
the inclusion of the Eco-Calculator. This handy tool directly
illustrates your carbon output reduction when you choose
to walk or ride a bike instead of driving. The reduction is
calculated in pounds of CO2 decreased or trees planted.
Please visit www.sprint.com/remarq to find out more about
Remarq and its eco-friendly attributes.
*Restriction of Hazardous Substances
Set Up Sprint Mobile Email Client
Remarq provides instant access to your favorite
email providers. The QWERTY keyboard lets you
compose messages in seconds, and the setup
wizard links your phone to your inbox in no time!
to access the
1. From standby mode, press
main menu and select Messaging (6) > Email (4).
2. Press the Right Soft Key to view a list of
providers. Select your provider from the list
and enter your login and password information
followed by the Right Soft Key.
3. Complete the setup wizard by pressing the
Right Soft Key.
Social Networking
Wondering what your friends are up to? Remarq
is your connection to Facebook®, MySpace™
, and
Twitter™! You can connect to even more services with
Sprint Social Zone!
to access the main
1. From standby mode, press
menu and select My Stuff (8) > Applications.
2. Select a social network application from the list.
Steps may vary depending on the social networking
application you choose. For this demonstration,
select Facebook.
3. Enter your login and password information.
4. When you’re done, highlight the Log In button
and press
Playing Music
Rock out to your favorite songs with Remarq’s music
player! The microSD memory slot supports a card* that
can hold up to 16 gigabytes of your favorite songs, so
what are you waiting for?
Play a Song
1. From standby mode and with a microSD card
containing music in your phone, press
access the main menu and select Music (3).
2. Select individual songs by Playlists (3), Artists (4),
Albums (5), or Genres (6). To listen to every song
on the microSD card, choose All Songs (2).
3. Press the Left Soft Key for Play to listen to a song.
Multitask While Playing Music
1. While playing music, press the Right Soft Key
for Options.
2. Select Send to Background (1).
*microSD card sold separately.
Optional Accessories
Bluetooth® Headset
Bluetooth® Headset with Speakerphone
and Charging Cradle
Vehicle Power Charger
Maximize your phone with these cutting-edge accessories at www.lgusa.com/remarq.
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