LG LN272 Getting Started Guide

LG LN272 Getting Started Guide
All you need to know to get going.
Special note for Sprint As You Go customers
With Sprint As You Go you can free yourself from long-term contracts
and enjoy more wireless flexibility.
Some limitations apply, depending on your service plan and device.
Data roaming may not be enabled and certain applications that are
preinstalled on your device may not be available or operational. Also, to
purchase other subscription-based third-party content from application
stores (such as Google Play™), you will need to provide them with credit
card information.
For more information, visit sprint.com/asyougo.
Thanks for choosing Sprint. This booklet introduces you to the
basics of getting started with Sprint and your LG Rumor Reflex S™.
ReadyNow – For more help in getting up and running with your
new phone, take advantage of exclusive Ready Now resources
at sprint.com/readynow. You can even schedule a one-on-one
appointment at a Sprint Store near you.
For ongoing support and resources, visit sprint.com/support.
There, you’ll find guides, tutorials, and more to help you get the
most out of your phone.
Note: Available applications and services are subject to change at any time.
Your LG Rumor Reflex S
Status Light
Power/lock Key
3.5mm Headset Jack
Home Key
Accessory Jack
This Get Started guide is designed to help you set up and use your new
LG Rumor Reflex S. It’s divided into four sections to help you find the
information you need quickly and easily.
Get Ready − page 6 − Find out what
you need to do before you use your
phone the first time, including inserting
a battery and activating Sprint service
on your phone.
Use Your Phone − page 14 − Take
advantage of your phone’s features
and Sprint services such as taking
pictures, pairing with Bluetooth devices,
and more.
Phone Basics − page 8 − Learn some
basics about your phone, such as how
to use voicemail and make calls.
Tools & Resources − page 23 − Find
useful tips for your phone and discover
resources and other helpful Sprint
information. For additional information
including the full User Guide, videos,
tutorials, and community forums, visit
Using This Guide
Using This Guide
Get Your Phone Ready
Before you start: Visit sprint.com/readynow to
learn about transferring contacts, calendars,
and more from your old phone.
Install the Battery
1.Remove the battery compartment cover on the
back of the phone.
2.Insert the battery into the battery compartment,
making sure the connectors align, and gently
press it down.
3.Position the battery cover and press down until it
snaps into place.
Charge the Battery
1.Plug the phone charger into an electrical outlet.
2.Plug the other end of the charger into the
charger/accessory jack located on the lower
right side of the phone.
Turn the Phone On
►►Press and hold
to turn your phone on.
Turn the Phone Off
•Press and hold
to turn the phone off.
Switch to Spanish Menus (optional)
and touch Main Menu >
Settings > Language (Idioma).
2.Touch Español.
Activate Your Phone
If you purchased your phone at a
Sprint Store, it is probably activated and
ready to use.
If you received your phone in the mail,
and it is a new Sprint account or a new
phone number, your phone is designed
to activate automatically when you first
turn it on. You will see a Hands Free
Activation screen at startup. When it’s
finished, tap OK to continue. To confirm
your activation, make a phone call.
If you received your phone in the mail
and it is going to be activated on an
existing number (you’re swapping
phones), go to sprint.com/activate and
follow the instructions. When you have
finished, make a phone call to confirm
your activation.
If your phone is still not activated or you do not
have access to the Internet, contact Sprint
Customer Service at 1-888-211-4727 for
visit sprint.com/readynow for more information to get your phone up and running
Get Ready
Activate Your Phone
Phone Basics: Voicemail
Set Up Your Voicemail
Retrieve Your Voicemail
All unanswered calls are automatically transferred
to your voicemail, even if your phone is in use or
turned off. You should set up your voicemail and
personal greeting as soon as your phone is
and touch and hold
2.Follow the voice prompts to create your
password and record your name and greeting.
Sprint strongly recommends setting a voicemail
password. Without a password, anyone who has
access to your phone can access your
and touch and hold
From any other phone:
1.Dial your wireless phone number.
2.When your voicemail answers, press
Phone Calls
and enter the digits of the number
you want to call.
2.Touch Talk or press
3.When you are finished, slide the switch to End Call.
Answer an Incoming Call
•Slide the switch to Answer to answer an
incoming call.
In-Call Options
Your Rumor Reflex S displays a list of available
in-call features. To select an option, touch it.
•Mute to mute the microphone.
•Speaker to route the phone’s audio through the
•Dial pad to display the dial pad.
•End Call to end the call.
•More to access the following options:
•Save to save the current call’s phone number
in your Contacts.
•Contact Details to display the detail screen of
the current caller.
•Main Menu to display the phone’s main
•3-Way Call to open a call with two other
•Contacts to display your Contacts list.
•Voice Memo to record the current call.
•Phone Info to display your phone information.
•Cancel to close the pop-up menu.
visit sprint.com/support for guides, tutorials and more
Phone Basics
Make a Phone Call
Phone Calls
Saving a Phone Number
Finding a Phone Number
and touch Contacts.
2.Scroll through the entries, or use your QWERTY
keyboard to enter the first few letters of the
contact entry.
, enter a phone number, and touch
2.Touch New Entry or Existing Entry.
3.For New Entry, select a type for the number
(such as Mobile, Home, Work, Pager, Fax,
Other), enter a name, and add other information
as needed. For Existing Entry, select the entry,
select a type, and add other information.
4.Touch Done.
3.To display an entry, touch it. To dial a number,
touch Call, or press
Entering Text
Using your touch keypad
1.From a screen where you can enter text, touch
[ABC] to change the text input mode.
2.Select one of the following options:
•Predictive Text to enter text using a predictive
text system that reduces the number of key
presses required while entering a word.
•Abc to use multi-tap entry – press once for
“a,” twice for “b”, three times for “c.”
•123 to enter numbers by pressing the
numbers on the keypad.
•Symbols to enter symbols.
•Emoticon to enter “emoticons.”
•Smileys to enter “smileys.”
visit sprint.com/support for guides, tutorials and more
Phone Basics
You can use the touch keypad, the Qwerty
keyboard, or the Rumor Reflex S’ handwriting
screen to enter text.
Entering Text
Using your Qwerty keyboard
Using the Handwriting Screen
Emoticon/Symbols Key
When entering text, besides typing the text with
the touch keypad, you also have the option to
write with your fingertip. The touchscreen
converts your movements into characters.
Back Key
Function Key
Space Key
Arrow Keys
1.On the text entry screen,
touch PEN. The handwriting
entry screen appears.
2.Write within the handwriting
entry screen. To change
letter case or shift between
letters, numbers, and
symbols, touch the icons
just above the handwriting
entry screen.
3.When you are finished,
touch Done.
View Contacts
Edit Contacts
> Contacts.
2.Touch an entry, and then touch Contact Details.
> Contacts.
2.Highlight the entry you want to edit and touch
Contact Details > Edit.
Add a New Contact
> Contacts > Add New > New
2.Touch Enter Name, enter a name for the new
entry and touch Done.
3.Touch Add Number, enter the phone number
and touch Done.
4.Touch a number type for the entry (Mobile,
Home, Work, Pager, Fax, or Other).
5.Enter additional information if desired and
touch Done.
3.Highlight the information you wish to edit.
4.Add or edit the information and touch Done.
5.Touch Done to save your changes.
Delete a Contacts Entry
> Contacts.
2.Highlight an entry or a group you want to delete.
3.Touch Contact Details > Delete.
4.Touch Delete.
visit sprint.com/support for guides, tutorials and more
Phone Basics
Using Your Phone: Messages
Send a Message
To read a message
1.Slide the keyboard out and touch Message.
> Send Message.
►►When you receive a message, your phone will
2.Select a recipient from the list or from the
following options:
•New Addr. to enter a recipient’s phone number or
email address directly. Touch Done to proceed.
•Go to Contacts to select a recipient from your
Contacts. (Qualifying Contacts entries must
contain a phone number or an email address.)
To reply to a message:
display a notification message. Touch the
notification bubble to view the message.
1.While the message is displayed, touch Reply.
2.Compose a reply and touch Send.
Be a hero. Don’t drive distracted.
3.Compose a message and touch Done.
4.Touch <Add Attachment> and select files you
would like to attach.
5.Review your message and touch Send.
Note: If Net Guard is enabled and displayed, touch
CONNECT to continue and launch the Web.
►►While connecting, you may see an animation
before the home page appears.
2.From the homepage, select Web categories,
navigate to websites, read blogs, download
content, and more.
Open the Browser Menu
You can open the browser menu anytime you
have an active data session, from any page you
are viewing.
to access options such as
Bookmarks, History, Font size, and Browser
settings (Startup page, Default zoom size, Do not show images, Icon row,
Auto-complete, Popups, Clear private data,
and Advanced).
visit sprint.com/support for guides, tutorials and more
Use Your Phone
Find sports scores, news, and weather. Shop
online. Browse the Web just the way you want to.
> Main Menu > Web. (Your data
connection starts and you see the SprintWebSM
home page.)
Download Games, Ringers, and More
You have access to a dynamic variety of downloadable content, such as games, ringers, screen
savers, and other applications. (Additional charges may apply.) Follow the basic steps below to
access and download these items.
Access the Download Menus
Download Ringers
and touch Main Menu > My Stuff.
2.Touch a download category (Games,
Ringtones, Screen Savers, Applications, or
Ringback Tones), and then touch Get New.
3.Select an item and touch Go.
and touch Main Menu >
My Stuff > Ringtones.
2.Select Get New. (The browser starts and
displays the Ringtones menu.)
3.Search through the available ringtones. When
you find one you want, touch it.
4.To make a purchase, touch Buy. (Your phone
automatically downloads the ringer.)
5.When the download is finished, select an
option to continue:
•Listen/Use/Run/View to listen to the ringer.
•Set As to assign the ringer to a call or
message type or to a specific contact.
•Shop to browse for other items to download.
Download an Item
Once you’ve selected an item you wish to
download, you will see a summary page for the
item including its title, the vendor, the download
details, and the cost. Links allow you to view the
License Info page, which outlines the price, license
type, and length of license for the download, and
the Terms of Use page, which details the Premium
Services Terms of Use and your responsibility for
payment. Follow the onscreen prompts.
Take a Picture
Record a Video
and touch Main Menu > Photos &
Videos > Camera to activate camera mode.
and touch Main Menu >
Photos & Videos > Camcorder.
Press and hold the side camera button.
2.Using the phone’s main screen as a viewfinder,
aim the camera lens at your subject.
Press the side camera button and touch
Camcorder > Video Mail or Long Video to
activate the camcorder.
2.Using your phone’s display screen as a
viewfinder, aim the lens at your subject, and
touch Record.
3.Touch Stop to stop recording.
4.Touch Record New Video, Send, or More to
explore other options.
3.Touch Capture until the shutter sounds. The
picture will automatically be saved in the selected
storage area.
•Touch Record New Picture, Send, or More for
additional options (Send, Assign, Delete, Go
to Album, Take New Picture).
visit sprint.com/support for guides, tutorials and more
Use Your Phone
Camera & Video
Camera & Video
Share Photos and Videos
6.Compose a message.
and touch Main Menu > Photos
& Videos > My Photos & Videos.
2.Touch In Phone or Memory Card.
7.Confirm the recipients, message, and pictures
or videos (You may also select additional
options by touching More. Follow the onscreen
instructions to add available options.)
3.Select your pictures or videos to send.
•Touch Multi Select to select multiple pictures.
4.Touch Send > Contact or Bluetooth.
5.Select the recipient from the list or from the
following options:
•New Addr. to enter a recipient’s wireless
phone number or email address directly.
•Go to Contacts to select a recipient from your
Contacts. (Qualifying Contacts entries must
contain a wireless phone number or an
email address.)
8.Touch Send to send the pictures or videos.
Voice Memos
Record Voice Memos
To record a voice memo or a conversation
during a phone call:
and touch Main Menu > Tools >
Voice Service > Voice Memo > Record.
2.Begin recording after the voice prompt.
3.Touch Stop to end the recording of your memo.
Record a Current Call
1.While on a call, touch More > Voice Memo to
begin recording the call.
2.Touch the voice memo timer in the upper left
corner of your screen to stop recording.
Play Your Voice Memos
and touch Main Menu > Tools >
Voice Service > Voice Memo.
2.Touch the Memo you want to play.
Erase a Voice Memo
and touch Main Menu > Tools >
Voice Service > Voice Memo.
2.Touch Delete and select Delete Multiple or
Delete All.
Send a Voice Memo
and touch Main Menu > Tools >
Voice Service > Voice Memo.
2.Highlight the Memo you want to send and
touch Send Message.
3.Choose a recipient, add text to your message if
desired, and touch Send. (See “Send a Message”,
steps 2-5 on page 14).
visit sprint.com/support for guides, tutorials and more
Use Your Phone
Use your phone’s Voice Memo feature to record
brief memos to remind you of important events,
phone numbers, or grocery list items. You can
also record a current call.
Turn Bluetooth On and Off
and touch Main Menu > Tools >
Bluetooth > On/Off.
2.Select ON to enable Bluetooth. Select OFF to
disable Bluetooth.
Pair Bluetooth Devices
and touch Main Menu > Tools >
Bluetooth > Add New.
2.Touch a device you wish to pair with.
3.Enter the passkey and touch OK.
Note: Due to different specifications and features
of other Bluetooth compatible devices, display
and operations may be different, and functions
such as transfer or exchange may not be possible
with all Bluetooth compatible devices.
Share Contacts, Files, or Pictures
Using Bluetooth
and touch Main Menu > Tools >
Bluetooth > Trusted Devices.
2.Select the device from the Trusted Devices list.
3.Touch an item and touch Done.
4.Follow the onscreen instructions to select items
to send.
5.Touch Send.
and touch Main Menu > Tools >
To add a schedule to your calendar:
and touch Main Menu > Tools >
2.Touch the day to which you want to add an
event and touch Add New.
3.Touch Time to select a time for the event. Touch
End to set the end time and then touch Done.
4.Scroll down to select the following:
•Content to enter information about the event.
•Related person to select contacts related to
the event.
•Alarm to choose from None, On time, 5 minutes,
10 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, or 2 days.
•Alarm Bell to select a ringer type.
•Volume to select a ringer volume.
•Location to enter a location.
•Set Repeat to choose from None, Daily, Mon-Fri,
Select Days, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.
5.Touch Save to save the event.
To erase a day’s events:
and touch Main Menu > Tools >
2.Touch the day for which you would like to erase
events and touch List.
3.Touch Delete > Delete Multiple, Delete Today
or Delete All.
4.Select Delete or Cancel.
visit sprint.com/support for guides, tutorials and more
Use Your Phone
To view the Calendar:
Alarm Clock
Your phone comes with a built-in alarm clock that
has multiple alarm capabilities.
and touch Main Menu > Tools >
Clock > Alarm.
2.Touch Add New.
3.Touch a time for the alarm and touch Done.
4.Select a repeating status for the alarm by
touching Repeat.
•Touch Daily, Once, Weekly, Mon - Fri, or
Sat & Sun.
5.Touch Sound/Vibration and choose from
Always Sound & Vibrate, Always Sound, or
Always Vibrate.
6.Select a ringer type for the alarm by touching
Alarm Bell. Choose from Downloaded Ringers,
Other Ringers, No Ringer, Voice Memo, or
My Audio.
7.Select a Volume level by touching Volume.
8.Touch Vibration Type and choose from Vibrate
Type1 - Vibrate Type4.
9.Select a snooze interval by touching Snooze.
•Select an interval of Snooze 5 mins, Snooze
10 Mins, Snooze 15 Mins, Snooze 20 Mins,
or Off to disallow the Snooze feature.
10. Touch Save to set the alarm.
Manage Your Account
Online: sprint.com
From Any Other Phone
•Make a payment, see your bills, enroll in
online billing.
•Check minute usage and account balance.
•See or modify the details of your Sprint
service plan.
•Get detailed instructions and download content.
•Sprint Customer Service:
Dial 1-888-211-4727
•Business Customer Service:
Dial 1-888-788-4727
From Your Sprint Phone
Talk to check minute usage and
account balance.
3 Talk to make a payment.
2 Talk to access a summary of
your Sprint service plan or get answers to
other questions.
Tools & Resources
visit sprint.com/support for guides, tutorials and more
Resources For Your Phone
•This Get Started Guide to get you up and
•Ready Now – Visit sprint.com/readynow for
additional help to get started on your new
phone. You’ll find more information on basic
setup, activation, maximizing your phone’s
performance, and personalization. Plus, you can
even schedule a personalized one-on-one
Ready Now appointment at a Sprint Store near
•Online Support – For ongoing help over the
life of your phone, visit sprint.com/support
to find videos, tutorials, troubleshooting tips,
and the complete User Guide for your
LG Rumor Reflex S.
•Community – Visit community.sprint.com to
join the discussion about all things Sprint.
Here people help each other make the most of
their wireless services with tips, forums, blogs,
and the latest news.
•On Your Phone – Press
and tap
Main Menu > Tools > Device Self Service to
access account services, phone information,
troubleshooting, and more.
What else has Sprint been doing?
At Sprint, environmental responsibility is more than
talk. We’re continuously working to reduce our
carbon footprint and decrease our use of natural
Plenty. To find out just what we’ve been up to,
use your phone to scan the QR Code® below or
visit sprint.com/green for more information.
So where is my user guide?
To scan the code, download and
install a QR Code® reader from the
Google Play Store app, launch
the reader, and aim your phone’s
camera at the image.
We took the full printed user guide out of the box
and put it, along with expanded support resources,
online for you. Less paper, more and better
information. Just visit sprint.com/support from any
computer to access your complete user guide and
the rest of our support materials.
This guide is printed with soy inks and
contains 100% post consumer paper.
visit sprint.com/support for guides, tutorials and more
We are interested in your initial
impressions of this new Sprint phone.
Within two weeks of your phone
purchase, please go to the website
http://labs.sprint.com/sprintphonesurvey to
complete a brief survey. Your feedback
will help us provide the wireless features
and services you want most.
Thank you for choosing Sprint.
The services described in this guide may require a subscription to a service plan and/or may incur additional
charges. Not all services will work on all phones. See sprint.com/coverage for more details.
Portions of this guide are reproductions of work created and shared by Google and used according to terms
described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.
Important Privacy Message. This phone is capable of determining its/your geographical location. To set controls for
access and use of your location information by others, Press
and touch Main Menu > Settings > Location.
You will then have the option to select On or Off. For some applications and services you select, a phone must be
turned on and set to allow collection of location information in order to function.
Please be advised that if you use a third party application, the application may collect your personal information
or require Sprint to disclose your customer information, including location information (when applicable), to the
application provider or some other third party. Sprint’s policies do not apply to these third party applications. Please
carefully review the application’s terms of use and/or the application provider’s policies for more information about
how the application will collect, access, use or disclose your information before using a third-party application. Terms
of use and other policies usually are available on the application provider’s website.
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