LG MS910 Accessories Catalogue

LG MS910 Accessories Catalogue
Standard Battery*
Charging Adapter and USB Cable*
Extended Battery and Door
Media Charging Dock
*Included with phone.
Media Charging Dock
with Standard Battery
Displays multi-media content while charging phone
Allows for Upright and Landscape viewing of the
Data transfer for photos, music and documents
Charge phone & extra battery (standard or extended)
together *
*Charger will charge phone first then transfer charging power to
battery but both items can be in docked simultaneously).
Extended Battery with Door
• 3.7V, 3000 mAh, 2CELL, Li-Ion Battery
• Extended cavity door
Esteem Media Charging Dock with Standard Battery
Key Talking Points
*Pick up the Charging dock and show how the phone goes in and how the battery goes in the back.
•In box travel charger is 2 pieces
•1 pieces is a Travel Adaptor head
•1 piece is a USB/ Micro USB connector
*Show how these split for charging or data transfer
•Charging Time ( Zero to Full Charge)
•Phone w/ Standard Battery and handset not in use = X<2 Hours
•Phone w/ Extended Battery and handset not in use = X<4 Hours
•Phone will always charge before additional battery
•On your nightstand? When docked, device will launch into alarm clock mode.
•In the kitchen? Dock your device and play your favorite tunes while doing the dishes or use as a speakerphone while you cook.
•In the family room? Dock your device and connect via USB cable (in box with TA head) or HDMI cable (sold separately) to your large
screen TV and share movies, video clips or pictures with everyone while utilize the mirror capability of the handset directly to the
external screen. Don’t worry about streaming a movie and a dying phone, while in use the phone will continue to charge so you
don’t miss a minute of your favorite flick.
•NOTE: No HDMI output on media charging dock, charger allows the phone to be docked in a manner that allows the HDMI
port of the phone to be easily accessible.
•Use your docking station to easily transfer data files or content from your handset to you computer.
•While docked, the handset sits at an optimal viewing degree to allow the user to scroll through the various screens, view content or
use as a speakerphone for conference calls.
•On the Go
•Easily charges handsets with a standard or extended battery and allows for an extra standard or extended battery to be charged in
the rear port.
•Travelling the next day? Dock your handset and the additional battery overnight and have the extra charge you need for a long day
on the go.
LG HBS-700 Tone
The HBS-700 Bluetooth® Stereo Headset brings you the high-quality listening experience
of stereo sound with the convenience of Bluetooth wireless technology. The Magnetic
Ear Phones snap into place in the stylish, streamlined Memory Flex Neck Strap for easy
storage, and they pop out just as easily for comfortable wear. Music controls right on
the neck strap mean you can leave your phone in your purse or backpack and still play,
pause, rewind, or fast forward. And with the HBS-700’s Multi-connection capability, you
can enjoy your music collection on your computer and then switch seamlessly to a call
on your mobile phone.*
 Bluetooth version: 2.1 + EDR
 Talk Time: 10 hours
 Music Time: 10 hours
 Standby Time: 360 hours
 New and Unique Lightweight/ Flexible Design
 SMS Reading through LG’s BT Reader App
 Noise Reduction and Echo Cancellation
 Vibrating Call Alert
 Battery Status Check
 Sliding Power Switch
 Intuitive Talk and Music Controls
 Magnetic ear bud storage
 Multipoint Connection (2 Devices)
 Auto Reconnect, Last number redial, Voice dial, Call reject, Call waiting
 In Box: Power Adaptor/ Multi Size Ear Gels/ Manual/ Warranty Card
*Also available in white.
MSRP : $69.99
User Scenarios
•Runners, walkers, bicyclists, gym and outdoors enthusiasts:
Leave the phone in a pocket, purse or backpack and easily
navigate through music or answer/ make calls. Not water proof
but tested to be sweat resistant.
•Neckband will vibrate to let you know of incoming calls when
phone not in reach.
•Download LG BT Reader and have your SMS read to you
without touching your handset.
•Music savvy: Listen to music on the go without missing a call
•Multi-taskers: Work and Play - Stereo use option great for
music and entertainment or for working conference calls to
create a personal calling environment
•Gamers: Connect to your PC or Bluetooth gaming station and
stay in the game while always being connected to your handset.
Works Great with Apps such as:
Pandora, Netflix, Slacker Radio,
eBook Readers, GPS Navigation and
LG HBS-700 Tone
Key Talking Points
*Keep the device on your neck and model through the key features.
•10 Hours of Music/ Media/ Talk Time
•360 Hours of Standby Time
•On/ Off Switch so you never need to wonder if someone is hearing your conversation or if it is training your battery or…. Did I hear the off
•Ease of use
•Everything is right at your neck…
•Volume Up/ Down
•Side note, hold both down at same time and get a sound boost.
•Next Song/ Repeat
•Phone Answer or Redial
•In the Gym
•On the treadmill or lifting weights, this allows you to be unwired but always connected to your calls and your music. Tested and proven to be
sweat resistant by runners, tri-athletes and general fitness enthusiasts.
•If you are running or biking you can either amplify your training soundtrack with stereo sound by using both earbuds.
•Or, use one earbud for music or calls and leave one free to listen out for dangers around you.
•In the Car
•Can’t use stereo while driving, against the law and overall unsafe.
•But, when you are done with your commute and you want to continue your conversation, pop in the other earbud and experience a more
private, noise reduced call.
•In the Office
•Most of us live in cube land and conference rooms can be hard to come by but who wants to have a call with all the other noise and
conversations going on around them? Pop in both headsets and create your own conference room environment. Listen in to call details more
clearly and with less outside interruption.
•On the Go w/ Esteem…
•Face to Face
•Have a truly 1:1 Face to Face call with who ever is on the other line. Stereo in the conversation and lose yourself in the corner of an
airport or restaurant.
•Stuck in line at the DMV? Watch your favorite U-Tube clips and listen to the hilarious storylines with your own private theater.
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