LG US990 Quick start guide

LG US990 Quick start guide
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Getting to Know Your Phone
Camera Lens
Touch Screen
Back Key
3.5 mm
Headset Jack
Laser Auto
Recent Apps
Home Key
Micro USB
Charging Port
Camera Lens
Dual Flash
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The responsive touch screen on the LG G3 makes
calling quick and easy.
Make a Phone Call
1.From the home screen, tap
2. Begin dialing a number or start spelling the name
of the desired contact. Tap to expand the list of
3. Tap
to call the number you’ve dialed, or tap the
contact you wish to call and then tap
ng Port
a Lens
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Smart Keyboard
The G3 features a customizable keyboard and an
option for one-handed use.
Customize Keyboard
1.From the home screen, press and hold
tap System settings > General > Language
& input.
2. Tap
next to LG Keyboard.
3. Tap Keyboard height and layout.
4. From here, you can change the bottom row keys,
adjust the keyboard height and theme, split the
keyboard, or enable one-handed operation
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When you need to communicate quickly and
privately, use text messaging.
Send a Message
1. From the home screen, tap
2. Tap
3. Enter the recipient’s number or tap
your contact list.
to access
4. In the Enter message field, compose your
5. Tap
to attach an image, video, or other file.
6. Tap Send.
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Check and send email on the go.
Set Up Email
1. From the home screen, tap
2. Tap Microsoft Exchange* or Other.
3. Enter your email address and password, and then
tap Next.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to continue
setup. Tap Done.
* Contact your IT administrator to help set up your corporate
Microsoft® Exchange account.
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Capture every moment with the 13 MP OIS+
camera and take selfies using Gesture Shot.
Take a Photo
1. From the home screen, tap
2. If you cannot see the controls, tap .
3. Tap
> W10M > 13M.
4. Tap
to take a photo.
Use Gesture Shot
1. From the camera viewfinder, tap
2. Hold up your hand in front of the viewfinder, fingers
outstretched, then make a fist.
3. The camera will count down from three and
automatically take a picture.
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Record videos in 4k Ultra HD with the G3.
Record a Video
1. From the home screen, tap
2. Tap
> W10M > UHD.
3. Tap
to begin recording.
4. Tap
to stop recording.
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Knock Code™
Get direct access to the home screen while
keeping your phone secure.
Set Up Knock Code
1. From the home screen, press and hold
tap Lock screen settings > Select screen
lock > Knock Code > Next.
2. Enter a pattern of 3-8 taps and tap Continue.
3. Enter the pattern again and tap Confirm > Next.
4. Enter a backup PIN and tap Continue.
5. Enter the PIN again and tap OK.
Use Knock Code
•When the screen is dark, enter your Knock Code
anywhere on the screen.
•If you enter your Knock Code incorrectly 5 times,
you’ll be prompted to enter your backup PIN.
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Smart Cleaning
Delete temporary files and unused apps to free
up space on your G3.
Use Smart Cleaning
1.From the home screen, press and hold
2. Tap System settings > General > Smart cleaning.
3. Tap a category and then tap Clean.
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Browse the web with ease with the G3.
Browse the Web
1.From the home screen, tap
2. Tap the address bar to enter a search term or URL,
and then tap Go.
•To open a new tab, tap
•To add a bookmark, tap > Add to bookmarks.
•To access your bookmarks, tap .
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Dual Window
Use two apps simultaneously on a split screen.
Use Dual Window
1.From the home screen, press and hold
2. Tap or a drag an app to the top half of the screen.
3. Tap or drag a second app to the bottom half the
screen. You can now interact with both apps at
the same time.
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QSlide Function
Overlay up to two windows on the primary screen
for seamless multitasking.
Use QSlide Function
1. From any screen, swipe down on the
Notifications bar.
2.Swipe left on the Quick Settings and tap QSlide.
3.Tap a QSlide app.
4.The app will appear as a resizable, moveable
window on the screen. Drag the corner to resize
the window and drag the top bar to move it.
Use the slider to adjust the transparency of the
window. Making an app more transparent allows
you to control the items underneath it.
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Guest Mode
Create a separate unlock screen pattern for
guests with preset access and restrictions.*
Set Up Guest Mode
1. From the home screen, press and hold
tap System settings > General > Guest mode.
2. Tap Allowed app and select the apps you’d like
available while in Guest Mode.
3. Press
and tap
to turn on Guest Mode.
4. Choose a screen lock type and follow on-screen
instructions to set up a personal lock screen
pattern, backup PIN, and Guest Mode lock
screen pattern.
5. To use Guest Mode, enter the Guest Mode unlock
pattern while on the lock screen.
*Some owner/personal content and information may still be
accessible to a user in Guest Mode.
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Bluetooth ® and Wi-Fi®
Go hands-free with Bluetooth wireless technology
and easily connect to available Wi-Fi networks.
Use Bluetooth
1. From the home screen, press and hold
tap System settings > Networks > Bluetooth.
2. Tap
to turn on Bluetooth.
3. The G3 will automatically search for devices. Tap
a device to pair. See the Bluetooth device’s user
manual for more information on pairing.
Connect to Wi-Fi
1. From the home screen, press and hold
tap System settings > Networks > Wi-Fi.
to turn on Wi-Fi.
3.Tap a network name. Enter a password if required
and then tap Connect.
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Turn your G3 into a universal remote for
controlling your TV, cable set-top box, and more.
Set Up QuickRemote
1. From the home screen, tap
2. Select a room from the menu at the top left of the
screen and then tap .
3. Select a device type and a manufacturer.
4. Follow on-screen instructions to complete setup.
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8/26/14 10:57 A
Your Navigator Deluxe™
Find your way with turn-by-turn, voice-guided
directions from Your Navigator Deluxe.
Use Your Navigator Deluxe
1. From the home screen, tap
2. If prompted, tap OK to turn on GPS settings.
Follow on-screen instructions to turn on highaccuracy GPS.
3. Tap Continue. From the main navigator screen,
you can:
• Enter an address or business name to search
for a location
• Set up your home and work addresses
• Map favorite locations, recently searched
locations, nearby airports, and contact
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