LG VX Venus Verizon Wireless, VX8800, VX8800 Verizon Wireless Quick start guide

LG VX Venus Verizon Wireless, VX8800, VX8800 Verizon Wireless Quick start guide
Quick Start Guide
Using the
Touch Screen
Taking a Picture/
Recording a Video
MCDD0014601 (1.0) H
Getting to Know Your Phone
Headset Jack
Volume Up/Down
OK Key
All Calls
Voice Command/
Memo Key
Clear &
Back Key
Send Key
End Key
Voicemail Key
USB/Charging Port
Vibrate Mode Key
microSD™ Port
(supports up to 8GB)
Music/Unlock Key
Touch Screen
Camera/Video Key
(Adaptive Menu Interface)
Using the Touch Screen
Touch Protection
The touch screen is automatically locked when the slide is closed or
after the phone is inactive for the time period you set for display
backlight (default is 7 seconds).
Unlocking the Touch Screen
• Slide Closed (3 ways):
- Press the
Key (located on the right
side of the phone).
- Tap the
icon (when you receive an incoming
call, missed call, voicemail, or text message).
- Slide open the phone.
• Slide Open: Press any key.
Using the Touch Screen
• Use the tip of your finger to touch the center
of a touch key.
• It’s not necessary to press hard. A light tap will do.
Touch Screen Settings
• Tap Menu, select Settings & Tools (6), then
Touch Keypad (8) to turn the touch screen’s
sound and vibration on or off.
Getting Music
Walkin’, talkin’, rockin’. Transform your wireless phone
into a portable music player, then expand your
collection with the Verizon Wireless music catalog.
Choose from over 2 million songs!
V CAST Music
1. Press the
2. Tap Shop to access V CAST Music.
3. Select a song from one of the categories and tap
OK to purchase it.
4. Tap OK to confirm purchase.
5. Tap OK again to download the song. Downloaded
songs are stored in My Music.
Note: Refer to the User Guide or Quick Reference Guide
for instructions on how to sync music from PC to phone.
Playing Music
Don't miss a beat with a built-in music player. You
can store tons of music on an optional microSD card*
and even listen to them in stereo sound through a
Bluetooth headset!
1. Press the
2. Scroll to desired song and tap Play.
3. Use the
Keys to adjust volume
when a song is playing.
4. Tap Options, then select:
- Exit Player (2) to exit the music player.
- Sound Effect (5) to try different sound effects.
- Music Only (6) to turn off radio frequency
except for Bluetooth. Music Only Mode should
be used in places where RF is prohibited, such as
aboard airplanes and in hospitals.
*Sold separately.
Bluetooth® Pairing
Enjoy hands-free entertainment and communication
in the office or at home with Bluetooth accessories,
like a Bluetooth stereo headset for listening to music.
Get wire-free convenience up to 30 feet away.
1. Set your Bluetooth accessory into pairing mode*.
2. Tap Menu, select Settings & Tools (6).
3. Select Bluetooth Menu (3), then Add New
Device (1).
4. If Bluetooth is set to off, you will be prompted to
turn it on. Select Yes and tap OK.
5. Tap OK, and the phone will now search for the
accessory. Once found, highlight it and tap Pair*.
6. Tap OK to connect with the device.
*Refer to the user manual of your Bluetooth accessory to
activate pairing mode and for the passcode if asked
(typically “0000” - 4 zeroes). If the accessory supports
the headset/hands-free profile, your phone will automatically
pair for you without having to input the passcode.
Note: Bluetooth accessories sold separately.
Taking a Picture/Recording a Video
Shooting photos on-the-fly has never been easier with the 2.0 megapixel
camera. When you need to capture all the action, get it with live video
and share it all instantly with Picture/Video Messaging.
1. To activate camera mode: Press the
To activate video mode: Press and hold the
for 2 seconds.
2. Rotate phone counter-clock wise.
3. Use the
Keys to zoom (camera mode)
or adjust brightness (video mode). Tap Options to
adjust other camera/video options.
4. Tap Take or Record to take a photo or record a video.
5. You can save, send or erase the photo/video.
Optional Accessories
Accessories for convenience and fashion are available at www.VerizonWireless.com.
Bluetooth Headset
Bluetooth Stereo Headset
Bluetooth Stereo Speakers
Portable Stereo Speakers
Extended Li-Ion Battery
Swivel Holster with Kickstand
(1,500 mAh)
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The Bluetooth® trademark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by LG Electronics is under license.
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