LG LRV5900 Specification

LG LRV5900 Specification
Vacuum Cleaner
Dual Eye Mapping System
Scheduled Cleaning
Low Noise Level – 50dB
• Dual Eye Mapping System
• Scheduled Cleaning
• Low Noise Level – 50dB
• HEPA Filter
• 4 Cleaning Modes
• Smart Clean Options
• Spotless Clean:
Sweep + Vacuum + Mop
• Battery Charge Docking Station
• 2 Year Warranty
• Remote Control
Why waste time vacuuming when the smart, quiet LG Hom-Bot can do it
for you? With cameras on both the top and bottom, Hom-Bot precisely
maps your home so it always know where it is and never misses a spot.
Side brushes help clean corners and edges, and the microfiber mop
is great for hard floors. Best of all, you can schedule Hom-Bot to clean
when you want, whether you’re home or not, and it does so quietly. It even
returns to the base to recharge itself when necessary. LG Hom-Bot makes
cleaning smarter and easier than ever before.
Dual Eye Mapping System
You use two eyes when you’re cleaning, and so does Hom-Bot.
With cameras mounted on the top and bottom, Hom-Bot maps
the area around your home as it cleans, calculating optimal
cleaning paths 50 times each second to make sure it doesn’t
miss a spot. The top camera takes as many as 30 images every
second while the optical sensor on the bottom reads the surface
up to 2,000 times per second for mapping and location purposes.
The only thing you’ll see is better, more efficient cleaning.
Scheduled Cleaning
You control when you want Hom-Bot to clean,
whether you’re going to be home or not. Just set
the schedule according to the hour, day, week
and even month you want Hom-Bot to go to
work, and Voice Alert announcements will let you
know when the scheduled cleaning is complete.
Low Noise Level – 50dB
While Hom-Bot’s cleaning technology makes
people take notice, it still manages to clean quietly,
thanks to smart design like insulation that’s meant
to absorb vibrations and reduce noise.
Docking Station
Floor Type
Navigation Method
Mapping Algorithm
4 Cleaning Modes
Scheduled Cleaning
Stair Recognition
Easy-to-Empty Dust Bin
Voice Alert
Battery Type
Auto Docking and Recharging
Auto Power Saving
Approximate Running Time
Approximate Charging Time
Cleaning Path Width
(Without / With Side Brushes)
Edge Cleaning
Remote Control
Home Station
Product (WxH)
Home Station (WxH)
Carton (WxDxH)
Weight: Product / Shipping
Wild Cherry Red
Bare Floor, Tile, Carpet
Absolute Mapping
CV-SLAM* and OFS**
Auto: Zigzag and Cell by Cell
Manual: Spiral Cleaning and “As you Drive”
1 – 12 Hours
Vision, Optical Flow, Ultrasonic,
Infrared, Gyro, Accelerometer
Li-Ion Polymer
75 Minutes
180 Minutes
7 2/5" / 14 1/5"
2 Brushes
18 Watts
23 Watts
DC 16.8V
14 1/5" x 3 1/2"
8" x 4 9/10"
17 1/2" x 6 1/4" x 21"
7 lbs. / 12 lbs.
2 Years
048231 317474
*Ceiling Vision based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
**Optical Flow Sensor
Dust Bin
Dimensions and weights are approximate. Design, features and specifications
subject to change without notice.
LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc.
© 2011 LG Electronics USA, Inc. All rights reserved. “LG Life’s Good” is a
registered trademark of LG Corp. All other product and brand names are
trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
1000 Sylvan Avenue Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
Customer Service and Technical Support: (800) 243-0000
HAVU-LRV5900-SS 07/12/11
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