UTP (CAT5) Solutions
UTP (CAT5) Solutions
BNC Male to
Terminal Block
w/ Short Cord
4 Channels of Video
to RJ-45 or Terminal
Cascadia Video Products now provides an end to end solution. Our full
range of UTP Transmission Products provide an end to end solution with
Passive & Active transmitters and receivers, as well as, Rack Card and
Multi-Channel Rackmount systems. These UTP (CAT5) transmission
systems allow for the transmission of base band video up to 1.5 miles.
Transmission Range
= up to 2000 ft.
Passive Receiver
Passive Transmitter
= up to 3250 ft.
Active Receiver
Passive Transmitter
Active Transmitter
= up to 1.5 miles
Active Receiver
Rack Mount Solutions
Our twisted pair transmission products are
designed for CCTV signal transmission
over unshielded twisted pair (UTP) wire.
These UTP transmission systems are an
alternative solution to coaxial and fiber
based systems and provide following
1U Rack Mount
Fast, easy installation, saving time and
19” 3U Rack Card Cabinet
Substantial savings on the cost of the
cable itself.
Superb quality on long range transmission.
Rack Card
Example Passive Applications
When transmitting one channel of video to one video input only one pair of
the CAT5 is used (up to 2000 feet).
When transmitting one channel of video and one stereo audio channel to one
video monitor only three (3) pairs of the CAT5 are used (up to 2000 feet).
Multiple cameras using a variety of
distances on a single CAT5 cable
Multiple cameras can be transmitted over one CAT5 Cable using
a combination of passive or active transceivers. This
application saves the cost of additional wire runs.
Speed Dome, Audio, Alarm Sensor
and Video using one CAT5 Cable
CAT5 can transmit up to four (4) different types of signals up to 1.5 miles:
Video: Pair one
Audio: Pair two
Speed Dome Control: Pair three
Alarm Signal: Pair four
Four cameras on one CAT5
CAT5 can transmit up to four cameras on one CAT5 Cable.
Surge Protection Devices
Ever been stricken by lightning? Surge Protectors protect your
investment from high voltage surges caused by lightning strikes.
Twisted Pair
Video & Data
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