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Chorus 800 V
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Chorus 800 V
Chorus 800 V
In 2006 we have moved from manufacturing loudspeakers to luxury products
For Focal, Chorus symbolizes one of
the most stimulating challenges for the
loudspeaker and refined product manufacturer that we are: to allow the greatest number of consumers to access our
technological innovations. For the first
two generations Chorus (2000) and
Chorus S (2003), the objective was to
keep high-end sound and maintain
sophisticated Focal technologies by
adapting our industrial machine to the
highest standards. While outsourcing
had become a key economic strategy
for the majority of manufacturers, we
chose on the contrary to heavily invest
in our manufacturing process in order
to achieve an exceptional sound quality
while at the same time remaining competitive. It is the only possible way in this
path of permanent innovation: development and manufacturing of loudspeakers “Made in France”, design by
cabinet-makers, mastery of quality, total
autonomy in the design and development of our products. This strategy has
been key to the success of the preceding
Chorus lines.
This third generation known as
Chorus 800 V will go even further
in this strategy. Technological innovation
does not only solely touch strategic
components of the speaker, but the actual
whole of the design. Thanks to the use of
advanced and exclusive materials, elaborate manufacturing techniques of the
cabinets, the Chorus 800 V line of today
shines with a unique, high-end esthetic.
Chorus V isn’t only a performing product line, ideal for entering the Focal
universe, but objects that will inhabit
living spaces, with an innovative esthetic, quality of manufacture and a finish
worthy of a higher segment, with a new
Natural mat finish for the year 2009.
This is indeed a new esthetic dimension,
a new era for the “Spirit of Sound”.
> T he proximity of our research and
development laboratories, our
cone manufacturing and
loudspeaker assembly workshops
ensures a unique advantage:
unlimited creativity.
> C horus 826 V, Ebony
V design
> T his fixing key can be reserved for future use in a small housing behind the
grille after installation and optimization.
We have moved to Paris
So far, the Focal approach has consisted
in introducing the maximum of technologies to offer the best performance possible starting with our entry-level products.
If Chorus 800 V continues in this logic
with novel technical solutions, the Chorus
V design benefits from new, high-end
esthetic lines usually reserved for our
upper segment products. With the
conventional line of thinking, entry-level
speakers are very limited by cost, which
produces extremely simplified designs,
and a dry, boring and mediocre appearance. Chorus V shakes up this tendency
by having a high-end look with a strong,
modern and fashionable esthetic. To
achieve this goal, we gave the design
to the Parisian design house Pineau &
Le Porcher, who had already created
the curves of Profile 900 and Electra
1000 Be. The “V” symbol being the
principle concept (shape of the cabinet,
the “neckline” of the grille…) that is
presently popular (automobile industry,
high-tech…), Chorus 800 V stands apart
with its very tight lines, totally divorced
from the usual conservatism that has
stagnated in this segment. It has true
personality, with its own shape and
expression taken directly from high-end,
with a sophisticated form and above all
exclusive materials. For the first time,
these speakers employ a covering in
acrylic, which the mirror luster gives
a depth in the black finish never seen
before on a speaker, not even with a
true piano black lacquer. To create that
which had never been attempted before,
value-add to our speakers thanks to new,
perfectly realized solutions; this is another
facet of Focal innovation.
The acrylic possesses mechanical qualities that are particularly interesting.
Its other name, organic glass, says much
of its optical properties, superior to those
of glass. This explains the exceptional
depth in the black on the cabinets of the
Chorus 800 V.
> Mat Natural side panels
horus 807 V, Natural
> Acrylic body
> Satin Ebony side panels
Affordable luxury
The construction and the finish are the
other essential elements of the design.
For Chorus 800 V, we didn’t wish to limit
ourselves to notions of esthetics and
perceived quality, therefore we introduced novel technical solutions for the
category. All the panels, in MDF, have
a minimum thickness of 20mm, and
25mm on the sides. Considerable bracing, complicated pieces cut in MDF and
integrated cable management optimize
this rigidity to create a barrier which is
particularly efficient against vibration.
Finally, exclusive construction solutions
allowed us to maintain nonparallel inner
walls on these speakers to break up
standing waves, which is a technologi-
cal refinement until now impossible on
generations of Focal speakers prior to
Chorus 800 V.
All these specific qualities work together
to eliminate parasitic interactions in
cabinet design, especially in the lower
octaves. This is where all the technical
points come together to demonstrate the
innovative power and creativity of Focal:
to clear the way with new processes and
technologies to make the impossible
come true!
ides CNC machined from
1"(25mm) MDF.
iew of a Chorus 836 V floorstander: MDF construction
up to 1"(25mm) on the sides, massive internal bracing,
integrated cable management, nonparallel inner wall
structure. Notwithstanding an exceptional level of finish
where each detail is integrated to design, all is put into
motion whereby the speaker looks and performs
exceptionally in its price range.
> C horus 806 V, Ebony
Made in Saint-Etienne
The loudspeaker drive unit, too important a part to trust to others
ur assisted build woofer production line allows us to retain the values of a traditional
hand built driver.
The Polyglass cone has been a Focal tradition for the
last 15 years. Incessantly improving, it has matured
today to a very high level of performance. The cellulose fiber cone offers renowned lightness and damping
characteristics. But our special surface treatment of
silicone micro-balls gives the cone a huge increase in
rigidity for a negligible increase in mass. The definition
and dynamic capacity of this cone, when combined
with a very powerful magnet, generate a very fine
reproduction, with an exceptionally rich midrange.
Loudspeakers remain at the heart of
Focal’s experience. From the reference
line Utopia Be to Chorus V, from the
woofer to the tweeter, all our loudspeakers are designed, developed and
manufactured on our single production
site in Saint-Etienne. This method is for
us a powerful engagement, one particularly of quality, thanks to the mastery
of all steps of manufacturing and quality control of this strategic component.
It’s also an extraordinary tool so that
each loudspeaker can be considered as
a unique element, carefully optimized
thanks to the concentration of all the
means needed for development on one
site. Each Focal loudspeaker is developed internally according to a precise
application, which gives us a creative
power without equivalent as we are not
limited whatsoever to a supplier. The
manufacturing of our loudspeakers has
been kept internal thanks to the investment on our manufacturing line PMMC,
a formidable industrial tool of which the
daily capacity can rise to 1500 loudspeakers. From design up to final production, each loudspeaker of the Chorus
800 V line is a 100% internal Focal product. This approach enhances the value
of Focal loudspeakers: inverted-dome
tweeter in aluminum-magnesium alloy,
Polyglass woofers… these technologies
will not be found elsewhere than Focal.
And so doing, we developed them
exclusively for our own use.
> T he recent manufacturing line for the 61/2“ (16.5cm)
drivers and that of the tweeters, the latter entirely
new, are a major asset to combine elevated
production capacity and the highest quality of
manufacturing. This unique technology results
in a sound without equal.
omparative distortion curves between
TNC tweeter of 2003 Chorus S and the
TNV of Chorus V: the decrease in levels
is spectacular.
Tweeter TNV
When we improve our tweeter, the distortion is divided by six
After the experience we gained in the
creation of the famous tweeter in pure
Beryllium, we invented the TNC tweeter,
the first tweeter with the aluminummagnesium alloy. This alloy proved to
have excellent damping qualities too and
resulted in the entirely new TNV of
Chorus 800 V. A new foam for surround
suspension with reinforced mechanical
properties, new configuration of the neodymium motor, entirely reconceived design,
this new tweeter benefits from all the latest
Focal research. Harmonic distortion is
divided by three at 1000Hz, by 6 at
500Hz: the smoothness of the reproduction in the midrange is transformed. Also,
we entirely ceased the use of ferro-fluid
in the tweeter, as the new motor design
improves power handling: the dynamics
of the tweeter is improved with a higherquality rendering of details.
The TNC tweeter had capitalized on
the immense experience and knowledge
acquired with the pure Beryllium tweeter
of the Grande Utopia Be concerning
the reproduction of higher frequencies:
importance of damping, elimination of
the phase piece for standing distortion,
emergence of the concept of optimization of performance at the source, which
consists of obtaining the characteristics
of ideal loudspeakers without having to
return to mechanical or electrical corrections at the crossover, a very risky and
dangerous approach.
Sweetness and dynamics in the treble,
this is another quality that is traditionally
reserved for the high-end.
> Tweeter production line.
> A luminum TNV tweeter support.
> T he Chorus 800 V floorstanders and the subwoofer rest
on a base made of pressure-formed aluminum alloy,
which also permits adjustment of the spikes. Despite its
strong looks, it actively participates in bass performance
thanks to its aerodynamic profile, extending the
bass-reflex port situated at the bottom of the speaker.
Destination: Bass!
To increase the bass, we’ve reduced the speed of sound
> C ast aluminum base of the Powerflow™ bass reflex system.
t 1W the airflow is laminar with a single 31/2“ (90mm) port (a). At 30W, the airflow becomes turbulent because the velocity is too high; the port is saturated (b) and deep bass becomes compressed.
The only solution for reducing the velocity of the air is to increase the surface of the port. If we double
the surface of the port, the velocity is halved (c). As power increases, the velocity of air in the port
remains low and the air flow laminar, without compression (d). Aesthetically, a 5“ (13cm) huge port
on the front baffle would not be acceptable. For this reason we have developed the solution of twin
Powerflow™ ports.
A well-designed speaker is… compact!
And yet it cannot encroach on our lifestyle, and must the least amount of floor
space. It must also be handsome and
impressive, all which has become reality
in the new Chorus 800 V. The speaker
must at the same time create deep and
quick bass, which poses considerable
difficulty. Controlling bass congestion
necessitates smaller woofer diameters,
which, when loaded into internal volumes which are reduced as much as
possible, creates a situation where solid
bass is improbable. The only answer
is to increase the excursion of the
cone, to compensate for the reduced
active surface of the 6 1/2“ (16.5cm)
woofers. And yet, another technical
issue arises: with less internal volume
and increased excursion, internal pressure sky-rockets within the speaker and
above all, a very high speed passage of
air through the vent. Dynamic compression in the low bass appears at modest
volumes, but with distortion that climbs
greatly and rapidly. There is only one
solution: increase the surface of the
bass reflex port to limit the speed of the
passing air. This was a simple principle
that allowed us to increase the output of
the vent by 6dB (400%). But we didn’t
stop there: the next step was to find an
> T he down-firing port is partly loaded by the ground, and
it radiates 360° around the mouth, thanks to the aerodynamic profile made of aluminum alloy. It gives a new
depth to low bass. The front-firing port gives all its impact
to bass performance. Another benefit, the placement of
the speakers is simplified, meaning less critical.
intelligent configuration of the two ports.
A front port has its advocates: the power
of the impact is at its maximum, as well
as firmness, articulation and pace.
A port placed at the bottom of the speaker and which is pointed at the ground
has the advantage of deeper bass response, but at the detriment of the speed
of impact. The relationship of the two
ports quickly came to an impasse: the
output abundance of the lower port
versus the strength of the front port.
Home Theatre
Natural, precise, rich . . . at any level
The dynamics in film and multichannel
music soundtracks push us to surpass
ourselves. All the models of the Chorus
800 V line have exceptional power handling and output, giving them a seismic
dynamic range, maintained down into
deep bass thanks to the new optimization of the ports and the cabinets. The
new subwoofer SW 800 V follows this
logic. It inherits much from the famous
SW 700 S from the last generation,
renowned for the quality of its impact
and its dynamic range. The increased
rigidity of the cabinet, the double port,
the powerful BASH® amplifier, which
exceeds 350 Watts, new, accessible settings make for many important improvements and a bass even deeper and
more powerful despite a limited cabinet
The Chorus CC 800 V center channel
speaker benefits from optimal settings in
order to marry to the other loudspeakers
in the Chorus 800 V series. Despite its
simple configuration, we managed to
achieve directionality curves to combat
the typical limitations of a center channel
speaker (an instable 3D image, “boxy”
dialogue sound, inconsistent transition
between the three front speakers).
The naturalness and precision of the
dialogue constitute a major strength for
this perfectly designed loudspeaker.
A totally new design, the surround speaker SR 800 V adopts a new elaborate
bipolar design, quite rare at this price
point. Compact, discrete, with an acrylic
finish, this model suggests a high-end
touch and an ease for integration
and installation thanks to its Polyfix™
wall-mount system.
The size of the surround environment is
a first consideration for the SR 800 V.
The dispersion, uniform over 180°, but
above all exact analysis of all resonance
which could undermine it, a “Wall Boost
Control” module is integrated into
the crossover.
> C horus CC 800 V, 826 V and SW 800 V, Natural
horus SR 800 V, black finish
with Acrylic.
Equipped with a powerful 350 Watt RMS BASH® amplifier
and a 11“ (27cm) Polyglass® woofer, the SW 800 V benefits
from a new, very accessible selection of settings to increase
its usability. The “Night” setting acts as a dynamic compressor for night listening at lower volumes. The “Boost” setting
is a veritable turbo setting for your film soundtracks. Finally,
the “Subsonic” setting permits an optimal coupling between
the sub and the listening room when acoustics are difficult
(e.g. when rooms are smaller than 15m2).
> T he center speaker CC 800 V is not limited to the
use of the aluminum/magnesium tweeter typical of
the rest of the series as well as the 61/2” (16.5cm)
Polyglass ® woofers to produce an excellent sonic
coherence. The combination of the characteristics
(response curve, directivity, handling…) was studied to make a very high-performing loudspeaker.
Home Theatre configurations
> F ront and surround speakers: 806 V (x4)
Center speaker: CC 800 V
Subwoofer: SW 800 V
> F ront speaker: 826 V (x2)
Center speaker: CC 800 V
Surround: SR 800 V (x2)
Subwoofer: SW 800 V
> Front
speaker: 807 V (x2)
Center speaker: CC 800 V
Surround: 806 V (x2)
Subwoofer: SW 800 V
> F ront speaker: 826 V (x2)
Center speaker: CC 800 V
Surround: SR 800 V (x3)
Subwoofer: SW 800 V
> F ront speaker: 816 V (x2)
Center speaker: CC 800 V
Surround: 806 V (x2)
Subwoofer: SW 800 V
> F ront speaker: 836 V (x2)
Center speaker: CC 800 V
Surround: SR 800 V (x2)
Back surround: 806 V (x2)
Subwoofer: SW 800 V
> T he Chorus V range offers models suitable for custom installation,
the IC 706 V, IC 706 VST, IW 706 V and outdoor speaker OD 706 V.
ll the Chorus 800 V loudspeakers are
supplied with a high quality, micro-fiber
cloth for easy, risk-free cleaning.
Neutral and balanced, the Chorus
806 V seduces by the richness of
its upper midrange and the speed
of its bass. An entirely refined
speaker, ideal to play in rooms
under 20 m2 without any limits.
And easily larger spaces if it is
combined with SW 800 V.
This good-looking, two-way speaker, the only equipped with a
7" (18cm) woofer, has the true
spirit of the legendary dB19:
powerful bass, a big speaker for a
guaranteed rock ‘n’ roll sound.
Chorus 816 V makes the most of
the 2 and a half-way configuration:
elevated performance in lower
octaves thanks to the combination of woofers working in unison.
Up to 30m2.
The star floor-stander of the series
combines power from its two woofers, double ports and separate
midrange. A very classy speaker,
untiring even whilst copiously
performing in rooms up to 40m2.
Three-way, 3 woofers, 5 drivers in
all… the Chorus 836 V has no fear
of (very) large spaces. High-end
in sound and shape, the power of
the bass will surprise you. 836 V is
nothing short of a grande dame,
generous, powerful but refined
and subtle as well.
The CC 800 V enjoys the developments from the Profile 900
and the Electra 1000 Be lines: a
perfectly mastered directionality,
linearity, neutrality, gentleness and
dynamics, its timbre is calibrated to
match that of all of its Chorus 800 V
Its capacity to fill surround space
with precision is spectacular. Its
behavior is optimized thanks to the
integrated “Wall Boost Control” and
with exacting directivity. Compact,
discrete, but Chorus in its spirit with
an acrylic finish.
The power of the SW 800 V climbs
to 350W RMS and the frequency
response extends to 32Hz. Overequipped and capable of generating bass with a substantial power
output of 115dB, it stands arms
and shoulders above others in
its category.
Chorus 836 V
Chorus CC 800 V
Chorus SR 800 V
Chorus SW 800 V
Chorus 806 V
Chorus 807 V
Chorus 816 V
Chorus 826 V
• Type
2-way bass-reflex bookshelf
2-way bass-reflex bookshelf
2 -way bass-reflex floorstanding
loudspeaker, Powerflow
3-way bass-reflex floorstanding
loudspeaker, Powerflow
• Type
3-way bass-reflex floorstanding
loudspeaker, Powerflow
2-way bass-reflex shielded center
2-way sealed bipolar effects
loudspeaker, Polyfix™ wall bracket
Bass-reflex active subwoofer
• Drivers
61/2" (165mm) Polyglass midbass
7" (180mm) Polyglass midbass
61/2" (165mm) Polyglass woofer
2x61/2" (165mm) Polyglass woofers
• Drivers
3x61/2" (165mm) Polyglass woofers
2x61/2" (165mm) Polyglass midbass
2x5" (130mm) Polyglass midbass
11" (270mm) Polyglass woofer
6 " (165mm) Polyglass midbass
6 " (165mm) Polyglass midrange
6 " (165mm) Polyglass midrange
1" (25mm) TNV Al/Mg inverted
dome tweeter
1" (25mm) TNV Al/Mg inverted
dome tweeter
2x1" (25mm) TNV Al/Mg inverted
dome tweeters
Natural finish
Ebony finish
Natural finish
Natural finish
Ebony finish
Ebony finish
Black Satin finish
Natural finish
1" (25mm) TNV Al/Mg inverted
dome tweeter
1" (25mm) TNV Al/Mg inverted
dome tweeter
1" (25mm) TNV Al/Mg inverted
dome tweeter
1" (25mm) TNV Al/Mg inverted
dome tweeter
• F requency response
(+/- 3dB)
55Hz- 28kHz
50Hz - 28kHz
47Hz - 28kHz
45Hz - 28kHz
• Frequency response
(+/- 3dB)
40Hz - 28kHz
57Hz - 28kHz
75Hz - 28kHz
32Hz - 160Hz
• L ow frequency point
(- 6dB)
• Low frequency point
(- 6dB)
• S ensitivity
• Sensitivity
Subwoofer features
8 ohms
8 ohms
8 ohms
8 ohms
• Nominal
8 ohms
8 ohms
8 ohms
impedance (@25°C)
3.6 ohms @ 226Hz
4.2 ohms @ 160Hz
4.3 ohms @ 146Hz
2.9 ohms @ 118Hz
• Minimum
impedance (@25°C)
3 ohms @ 110Hz
4 ohms @ 210Hz
3.7 ohms @ 210Hz
• C rossover frequency
300Hz / 3000Hz
300Hz / 3000Hz
• Crossover frequency
250Hz / 3000Hz
Adjustable LPF: 40Hz to 160Hz
Night mode
Subsonic mode (35Hz, 24dB/oct.)
Phase inverter
Boost mode (+ 3dB @ 40Hz)
Lfe, Stereo and High Level input
• Max. power handling
• Max. power handling
500W BASH® amplifier
• RMS Power
• RMS Power
350W BASH® amplifier
• Dimensions
• Net weight
18lbs (8.2kg)
22.2lb (10.1kg)
49.5lb (22.5kg)
56.8lb (25.8kg)
• Net weight
66lb (30kg)
12.3lb (5.6kg)
41.4lb (18.8 kg)
24" (60cm) optional Chorus S 800 V stand.
All of the models in the Chorus V range are available in Ebony and Natural finishes. But may not be available in some countries and/or in some retail outlets.
Due to constant technological advances, Focal-JMlab reserves its right to modify specifications and prices without notice. Images may not conform exactly to specific product - Photos L’Atelier Sylvain Madelon.
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