Lightolier 602MR User's Manual

Lytecaster Recessed Downlighting 602MR
Page 1 of 1 Recessed Linear Low Voltage 2 x MR16 Ceiling Opening: 5 3/8" (137mm) x 11 1/2" (292mm)
Frame-In Kit
Face Plate
7 3/8"
25 1/2"
6 3/4"
6 3/4"
11 1/4"
Complete fixture consists of Reflector Trim (2 needed), Frame-in Kit and Face Plate. Select each separately
Reflector Trim
404X series
405X series
406X series
409X series
413X series
478X series
Alzak Cones
Painted Baffles
Frame-In Kit­­
Face Plate
2 x 75W MR16
2 x 75W MR16
2 x 75W MR16
2 x 65W MR16
2 x 75W MR16
2 x 75W MR16
1. Housing / Plate: Die-formed 20 ga. steel ; Black painted finish.
Accommodates allceilings up to 2" thick. Adjustable from inside.
Concealed wiring channel.
2. Face Plate: Die-formed 20 ga. steel with 1/4" (7mm) lip all around. Inner
housing welded to face plate to accept 400 series trims. White painted finish.
3. Torsiontite Springs: For easy installation of faceplate. Insures that face
plate edges are snug to ceiling.
4. Mounting Brackets: 16 ga. steel. Use 18" (457mm) mounting bars(optional)
or with standard 3/4" (19mm), 1-1/2" (38mm) lathing channels (by others) or
1/2" (13mm) tubing (by others). Adjust horizontally and vertically.
5. Junction Box: 14 ga. steel, 5" (127mm) x 3-1/2" (89mm) x 1 1/2"
(38mm)deep box, allows inspection from below. CSA, US certified for through
branch circuit wiring with maximum of 8 (#12ga.), 90º C conductors.
6. Transformer: Magnetic 150VA, 120/277/347 volt primary, nominal 12
voltsecondary, class “B".
7. Thermal Protector: Meets CSA/UL requirements. Insulation, if used, must
be kept 3" away from luminaire sides and junction box. Do not cover top of
8. Socket: Porcelain body ; Two-pin (GX5.3 base) Pre-wired with 18 ga.
Teflon 250º leads to junction box.
1950 - 18" Mounting Bar
1951- 31" Mounting Bar
FA10251-WH - Replacement Spacer Ring
Note Magnetic transformers may produce audible sound which may be
objectionable in acoustically critical areas. The use of dimmers can further
amplify the sound levels.
US Patent Numbers: 5,045,985
Other US & Foreign Patents Pending
Job Information
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CSA, US ; Certified for damp locations.
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