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Say Goodbye
to Dropped Calls
and Slow Data Rates...
Wilson Electronics
Signal Boosters
The Problem: Dropped Calls
Everyone who uses a cell phone or data card knows how
aggravating it is to drop a call or not be able to connect.
Fortunately, Wilson Electronics has the solution! Our
industry-leading cell phone signal boosters and antennas
enable you to connect and maintain calls by improving
your cellular signal at home, at work or on the go. Wilson
Electronics keeps you connected!
Reasons for Dropped Calls and Slow Data Rates
1. Location of the Nearest Cell Tower
Distance plays the biggest role in limiting
cellular communications, especially in rural areas. The farther you are from a cell
tower, the weaker your signal will be.
2. Natural and Man-Made Obstructions
Hills, trees, valleys and buildings all interfere with the quality of the cellular signal
between your phone or data card and
the cell tower. Stucco and concrete walls
used in homes, offices and other buildings
block cellular signals, making it difficult to
receive a strong cellular signal. You may be
relatively close to a cell tower but unable to
connect because of obstructions.
For stranded motorists and emergency services personnel, the inability to
make a cell phone call can mean the difference between life and death.
For people who rely on their cell phone or data card for business, it can affect the outcome of important business decisions or relationships.
Stay connected
in buildings
Man-Made Obstruction
(Metal/Concrete Structure)
Toll Free 800.501.3153
The Solution: Wilson Electronics Products To
Boost Your Cellular Signal
Wilson Electronics cell phone boosters eliminate the frustration of dropped calls, limited range and
slow data rates by amplifying incoming and outgoing cellular signals in both mobile and building
situations. With a reputation as the finest in the business, our bidirectional boosters and antennas
are expertly engineered to detect and amplify weak incoming signals your cellular device would
miss, and simultaneously broadcast a much stronger signal back to the cell tower.
Product testing proves that Wilson boosters lead the industry with:
• The highest receiver sensitivity: Captures weak or distant cellular signals
• The highest power output: Reaches distant cell towers
• Microprocessor-controlled circuitry: Patented technology that
protects cell towers
Wilson’s wide range of plug-and-play packages and individual
products for custom installations offer great value and ensure
reliable cellular communication at work, at home and on the go.
The Sleek™
Stay connected
in trouble spots
Stay connected
in trouble spots
Man-Made Obstructions
(Metal/Concrete Structures)
Toll Free 800.501.3153
Stay connected at
greater distances
with a Wilson
Natural Obstruction
Weak Signal Due to Distance
Stay Connected On The Go
Mobile Solutions
Whether you’re traveling on land or at sea, Wilson Electronics keeps you connected!
Wilson Electronics manufactures powerful mobile wireless and direct-connect cell
phone signal boosters for all carrier frequencies (Cellular, PCS, and Nextel/iDEN), as well
as high-gain antennas with magnet, mirror, glass, and permanent mounts. In a wireless
installation, which requires no physical connection between the cell phone and signal
booster, the exterior antenna collects weak cellular signals and sends them to the
booster. The booster, powered through the power adapter, amplifies those
signals and rebroadcasts them to cell phones and data cards in the
vehicle through the interior antenna. The process is
then reversed and the amplified signals
from the cell phone or data card
are transmitted back to the cell
Typical Wireless Installation
1. Exterior antenna
2. MobilePro™ Signal Booster
3. Power Adapter
Mobile Wireless™ 801212
SIGNALBOOST™ MobilePro 801241
SIGNALBOOST™ Mobile™ 811214
The perfect choice for the user looking
to improve cellular signals for a single cell
phone or data card. Includes SignalBoost™ amplifier, exterior Magnet Mount
antenna and interior Cradle Plus antenna.
The MobilePro can be easily moved
from vehicle to building making it great
for cars, hotels, airports and offices.
Includes the MobilePro booster, exterior
12” Magnet Mount Antenna and multiple
mounting options and power supply
Wilson Electronics most popular mobile
signal booster combines with the exterior
Magnet Mount antenna and interior Cradle Plus antenna for a high performance
multi-user option.
Toll Free 800.501.3153
Stay Connected Indoors
Building Solutions
Wilson Electronics offers a full line of high-performance building signal boosters and
antennas to give you a strong, reliable cell phone signal indoors.
Wilson Electronics manufactures building signal boosters and antennas to improve cell
phone performance in a single room, an entire home, a large warehouse, or a
multi-story office building. A typical wireless building system includes an
exterior antenna that detects weak
cellular signals and sends them to
the booster. Powered through a
standard wall outlet, the booster
amplifies those signals and sends them
antenna, which communicates
the stronger signal to cell phones and data
cards indoors. When a cell phone or data card
transmits, the process is reversed.
DB Pro™ 841262
SOHO 841245
Features an exterior high gain omni directional antenna (eliminates antenna pointing), the interior panel antenna, and the
booster. Includes everything needed for
simple installation.
Toll Free 800.501.3153
The DB Pro was designed for simple
installation using standard TV cable often
pre-wired in homes and an external omni
directional antenna. Also includes the
interior panel antenna and high gain DB
Pro booster.
In-Building Single Band Wireless Kits
841165 / 841365
Both of these powerful signal booster
plug-and-play kits include an exterior Yagi
antenna and an Interior panel antenna.
Wilson Electronics is the world leader in cell phone signal booster technology.
Our products are available in both plug-and-play packages that install in
minutes or as individual components.
Our Free U.S.-based technical support is easily reached and well trained to
help with any installation or usage questions.
Independent comparison tests and equipment performance data filed with
the FCC confirm that our products outperform the competition.
Every product is assembled & individually tested in Wilson’s headquarters in
St. George, Utah.
We are dedicated to designing & manufacturing the best-performing
cellular boosters & antennas on the market.
With more than a dozen in-house engineers on staff, Wilson’s product
design capabilities are unmatched.
Wilson Electronics has been an industry
leader since 1967.
Say Goodbye to
Dropped Calls
Toll Free 800.501.3153
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