Belshaw Brothers | True Bake 32G | Registration Iijk,

H. M O R R E L L ,
Sole Matter of
Registration Iijk,
The most permanent Ink manufactured
: .
As supplied to the
English, Indian, and
and Prinolpal Legal & Mercantile Offioes.
' .
all parts of the World, and is
Blue-Blaok W r i t i n g ,
Copying, Coloured, &
Ink Powders.
Bank of England, Overland, and other Sealing Wax, Paroel and
Bottling Wax.
Quills and Quill Pens,
Lead Pencils, Pounoe,
Liquid Gum and Glue.
86 Hatton Garden, London, England
( l a i c of 1 4 0 F L K E T S T 1 I E E T . )
8 28
8 38
Patent Label and Copying Press Dampers, Castle and
Safety Travelling Inkstands.
l a s stood tlie test of over 100 years in
Canadian Governments, the Registrars,
* f RY'S MALTED COCOA K4 8 &m%&'m M ^ © ^ i s B t
To be had of all Grocers, Chemists, and Storekeepers.
" A delicious combination. An ordinary cup contains more of the active properties
" I highly approve of FRY'S MALTED COCOA, and have ordered it largely in my
practice for delicate children and convalescents."—SAMUEL MAUGIIAN, Esq., M.R.C.S.
" A combination of PURE COCOA with MALT EXTBA'CT—digestive, nutritive, and
PALATABLE."—British Medical Journal.
"An admirable and pleasant combination of FRY'S PURE COCOA with
ALLEN. & HANBURY'S MALT EXTRACT. The preparation is convenient and handy
for use, not requiring any boiling; is highly nutritive, refreshing, and very agreeable in
flavor."—Medical Gazette.
Agent-General In England
Alphabetical Directory .,
•• 810
Archltocts'-Inatltuto ..
Assignees — Official and Trado
(Trado Seetion)
Associated) and dorks of Arraigns 822
Associations—Trades Section .. 701)
Audit Department
Averago Staters
Barracks and Ordnance Department
Barristers Admission Board . . 825
Biluola Industrial School for
Board of Health
Building Societies
Central Tollco Office
.. 820
Church mid School Lands Ollk-o 821
City of Sydney Improvement
City Streets Directory ..
.. 124
Civil Departments
.. 810
Civil Engineers'Institute
.. 772
Claims to Grants of Lands
.. 823
Clerk of tho Peace
.. 823
Clerks of Petty Sessions- Suburban
. . 734
Coal Fiolds, .Sic, Department . . 820
Colonial Architect
Colonial Distilleries, &c
Colonial Secretary
Colonial Store Department
.. 818
Commissioners for Affidavits .. 737
Commissioners lor other Courts
for taking Affidavits In N.S.W. 826
Companies—Miscellaneous .. 738-740
.. 744
Copyrights Registrar
.. 822
Crown Prosecutor
Crown Solicitor's Department .. 825
Coroner's Court
Darllughurst Gaol
DocdsBronch--Heglstr»r-Gciiernl 818
Departments (Government), See
respective nKines
Diamond Drill Urnneh ..
. . 820
Distilleries and S:ignr Henneries
Dis'rlct Courts and Quarter
District Courts—Registrars nnd
Divorce nnd Matrimonial Causes
Duties Schodulc
Educational, See Schools ..
.. 702
English nnd Continental Manufacturers
English Malls
Equity—Mastor In
European Manufacturers..
. . 811
Finance nnd Trade—Treasurer
and Secretary
Eire Brigades
Firms Connected with Telephono
Firms with Fixed Pay Days . . 8S3
Forest Conservancy
. . 820
General Post Offloo
Geological Survey
Government Printing Office . . 818
Harbours and Hivers Navigation 821
Harbour Maxtor
Health Board
Hospitnls nnd Dispensaries
. . 763
Immigration Oillco
. . 810
Imperial Government Establishment
Improvement Board (City of
Index to Advertisers
Index to Streets
Index to Trades
Insolvency Court
Inspector-Ocnoral l'olico
. . 826
Institute of Architects . .
Institute of Civil Engineers . . 772
Institute of Surveyors . .
. . 772
Insurance Companies . .
. . 738
Justice—Minister of
Lands—Claims to Grants of . . 823
Lands—Occupation of . .
. . 820
Lands—Scoretary for
. . 811)
Lands Title
Law Booksellers
Law Institute
Legislative Assembly . .
. . 816
Legislative Council
. . 814
Lunncy Department
.. 823
Lunntio Asylums
. . 826
Marine Board
Master in Equity
Matrimonial CausesCourt
. . 823
Medical Instituto
Metropolitan Transit Commissioners
Military and Naval
. . 829
Mines—Secretary for
. . 820
Minister of Justice
. . 822
Minister of Public Instruction.. 822
Money Order Dopartinent
. . 821
Money Order Office
. . 844
Moore Park
Nautical Training ship Vernon.. 817
Naval nnd Military
Navigation Department — Harbours and Hivers . .
Notaries Publlo
Occupation of Lsliils
. . 820
Officers of Legislative Council
and Assembly
Ordnance nnd Barrack Department
Parks, Sic. Hue Theatres and
Places of Amusoraent
. . 801
Parliamentary Draftsman
. , 822
P e a c e - C l e r k of tho
Pormnneut Artillery
Petty Sessions (Suburban) Clerks
Places of A m u s e m e n t
. . 805
Police Courts
Police Inspector-General..
. . 826
Postal and Telegraphic . .
. . 838
Printing Offloo
Prisons Department
Publlo Instruction
Publlo W o r k s - B o a r d for O p e n i n g
Publlo Works Branch—Scoretary 821
Quarter Sessions . .
Hallway Branch
Registrar of Copyrights . .
. . 822
Registrars District C o u r t . .
. . 825
Hivers Navigation
Hoails Branch
R u n s - B o a r d for Opening T e n ders
Savings Banks
Savings Dunks Department
. . 821
Sohodnlo of Duties
Secretary of Finance nnd T r a d e 818
Secretary for Lands
. . 810
Boerotnry for Mines
Socrotnry P u b l l o Works . .
. . 821
Sowcrngo Branch
Shaftosbury Reformatory
. . 817
Sheriff's Department
Shipping Master
Small Dubts Court
. . 705
Solicitors Admission Board
. . 826
S t u n p Duties Office
Stamp Duties
Stipendiary M a g i s t r a t e s . .
. . 826
Stock and Brands Branch
. . 820
Streets Directory
Suburban Directory
Supreme Court
Surgeons a n d Physicians
. . 801
Surveyors' I n s t i t u t o
. . 802
Table of Contents
Tariff of N. S. W
Technical I n s t i t u t o
Telegraph D e p a r t m e n t . .
. . 820
Telephone System
Tradoiiind Flnauco - T r e a s u r e r
nnd Scoretary
Trades Directory . .
Tramways Branch
. . 821
Transit Commissioners . .
. . 817
Treasurer n n d Secretary for
Finnnco nnd Trade . .
. . 818
Vnoolne Institution
Vernon Training Ship . .
. . 817
Vice-Admiralty d i n t
. . 82J
VolunUcr Information . .
Water l'olico Court
Alfred tlreel continued—
Waterhouso, Thomas
Terrace street
Rett hotel—Cable, William
Dargln, Sydney, solicitor; also Fhlllip
st, Sydney
Dickson, Henry W, auctioneer and
ostato agent
Walker, Mrs., Lanelelgh cottage
Battorbee, George
l'aul, Mrs. John, The Cottago
Buttler, Mrs.
Horsnell, Miss, dressmaker
North Shore Congregational churoh
—Ilobinson, ltov. W. 0., pastor
Manning, James, Brisbane house
Blue street
St. Leonards Woilcynn church—
Oarruthors, ltov. J. E., mlnistor
Orant, Mrs., boarding establishment,
Bell, Mrs., boarding establishment,
Thompson, Jolin, upholsterer
King, Hugh J.
Hawkins, Samuel
Beaney, Spencer
Sohmitt, August, cabinet-maker
Grant, Robert, timber merchant,
Kills, Ezeklel
Johnson, Archibald, bootmaker
Roberts, Honry, hairdresser
Kcogan, William, bootmaker
Trimble, Mrs., Waratah
Bobluson, N. J., Colao
Crawford, John, boarding establishment
Tomplo, James T., houso decorator
Leo, Honry, grcangrocer
ltobert, P. E., grocer
Caiilflold, Patrick, draper
Griffiths, Wilfred S., draper
Campbell, Alfred C, bookseller
Booro, Mrs. Sarah
Skinner, ltobert W.
Ashworth, Edward
Jones, Samuel, englncor
Field, Thomas, accountant
Rodick. J., watchmaker
Jones, Thomns, carpenter
Harrington, Timothy, tinsmith
Mount street
Claoken, P. W.
Ocrtcl, Carl, watchmnkcr
Wilson, F. A. A., bank manager
A r t h u r s t r e e t — E a s t sido
Lavenuer street to Bury street
Badwoll, Alfred
Wicks, Charles
Musgrovo. Mrs.
Scoles, William, gasfittcr
Edson, Mrs.
Medcraf t, Joseph, tailor
Pricstman. Edward, timber morohant
Taylor, Snuuiel, brush manufacturer
Baar, Boss
Wilson, Malcolm, painter
Wilkon, Charles, store
Beers, II.
Comley, William
Clifford, Mrs., Miildstono cottage
Moon, George, butcher
Pearcc, William G., gardener
Gorman. Daniel, plasterer
Borkshiro, William
Butler, John C.
B r a y street
Off Alfred street
Byrne, Mrs.
Darton, Lowis
Nixon, A. W., warehouseman
Ormiston, C. S., Glonormiston
Wyles, Captain L., Mulberry cottago
Harvey, Charles
W e s t side
Clatworthy, John, builder find contractor
Junction street
Senior, Thomas, sawyer, Maud cottago
Eaton Brother's sawmills
Johnson, John, printer
Brisbane street
Tipping, William, printer
Willoughby street to ilcDougal street
Clarko, Thomas, builder
Williams, Francis, compositor
2 Selines, Joremlah, mastcr-mnrlnor
Jones, Mrs.
1 Bailey, John
Youngor, Lawrenoo D.
Dcssnlx, Peter, coachbulldcr
Mount street
Lysaght, Martin, baker
Hanson, llobcrt W.
Builil, William
McCourt, James
Broughton street
Dawson, John
Willoughby street to Fitzroy street
Hunt, John
Hafer, Christian, jeweller, Alpine
Sibthorpe, Hobort H., lithographer
Oxen, Marcus. Cliff villa
Underwood, It. 8., plumber, Hautville Sawyers, Alfred
Jackson, William, master-mariner
Stoltcnhoff, P. ]•:., Mascotto
Robinson, Charles E.
Aubin street
Gardner, Frederick
Off Jlenboyd road
Kelly, Thomas, waterman
O'Brien, James, mariner
Marsdcn, Thomas
Ncwsham, S. A.
Adams, William
Viola cottages—
Hayes, Patrick, brickmakor
2 Howell, David
Brown, Jamos, merchant
3 Ulnrksou,—
Vernon, Wnlker, architect, Clytha
4 Howell, Honry, wharfinger
St. John's church (0. E.)
Hayes street
Saddlngtou, llo.iort, merchant, NorthB u r t o n stroot
Alfred Street south to Carrabella street
McNamnrn, James, bricklayer
Fuller/ton, David, jeweller
Fitzsimmous, Mrs.
Mllson lane
Fisher, Hermann
Gray, William
Benboyd road
Bush, Mrs,
Neutral bay to northern boundary of
Lawrence, John G.
Conoaunon, printer
Stennlng, Edwin J., general storo
Stcnnlng, Edwin J., builder and conBrown, .Mrs., grocer
Forster terrace—
Mcintosh, William H.
0 Coleman, Mrs.
Ennovcr, llobcrt 0 , confectioner
fi Ileniy, J. C.
Inglls, James, lithographer
4 Grant, Charles, bookkeeper
Halliday, Henry, joiner
3 Miller, J. It., ferryboat-master
Stennlng, William A., plastorcr
2 Perry, William II., merchant
Anderson, William, ironmonger
Barsby, Charles H.
Gorvie, Alexander, gardener
Cochrane, John
Campbell street—North side
Tamo, Albert, plasterer
Alfred Street south to Carrabella street
Vassalla, Emanuel
Elisabeth terrace—
Uhr, William A.
Ferris, James
Manning, Mrs., dressmaker
Miller, —
Campbell, John, commission ngont
Toovey. Mrs.
Hepburn, John, Bothwell
KingBley, Mis.
Phillip street
Watts, Honry T.
Brown, Mrs., Iluka villas
Smidmoro, Joseph, solicitor, Iluka
Bligh street
Carrabella street to llroughton street
Jeffery street
Walker, Mrs.
Milson, Alfred, Fernhill
Illco, Arthur, cnrriago-proprietor
Lovo, James 11., tea merchant,
Sutherland, John
Tucker, William, Clifton
B l u e street
Junction street to Walker street
Bumsey. J. H., plumber
S o u t h sido
Stead, S., painter, paperhangor ond
Campbell street continuedAlbert terrace—
0 Wooton, Frank, warehouseman
fi Trevor, Charles
4 Butt, James
3 Marhany, D. 0.
2 Maimers, J. II.
1 Hawkesford, Frank, brassflnlshor
North terrace—
1 Mann, John, surveyor
3 Lcekos, Mrs.
3 Russell, Henry D.
4 Morris, G. E„ wool broker
6 Morrissey, J. P.
6 Cooper, George, Insuranco ngont
7 Pcarco, Mrs.
8 Howard, Capt. Froderiok, R.N.
0 Leo, Mrs., Luclsvillo ladies'
10 Gordon, Charles E.
Wilson, David, merchant, Nnlgar
Slduor, John, secretary
Ross, Rev. J. M.
Talbot, Paul, Klsiemere
Hayton, Miss E., Norwood
Thurlow, Mrs., Edgecllffo
Haynes, J. W., Deepdeno
Londlleld, —, surgeon, Tho dingles
Clark'!, J. 1C, squatter, Deuiah
Adams, Philip F., Survoyor General,
Taylor, James, Kirribllli
Cadell, Thomas, Wotonga
Carrabella s t r e e t
Wllhugliby street to Campbell street
Tozer, Edward, The hormitago
Foxhall, Edward, Hosytho
Doddcmeade, F. J,, accountant,
Mollurney, Nicholas, Bnrnlcigh
Patterson, J. A., Tararola
Harper, John, Wyrccpi
Pigeon, Thomns
Fatrlck, Robert, accountant
Hcnlry, Mrs., Ellerslio
Goddard, William C, manager insurance company, MItford
Sawcrs, W., bank manager
Mills, George, bricklayer
Fyfo, John
Ellis, Thomas
Detached villas—
Wilson, Alfred, Corccna
Jones, Trovor, Tremayno
Milson, James, Elnmaug
Want, Sydney A., solicitor, Carrabella
Pitt, G. M., stock and station agent,
Carey, J. R., contractor, Sunnysldo
Bowen, G. M. 0., Koston
Tuckor, William, Cllftou
Galbney, Mrs.
Olapham rise
Jeffrey street lo Highgate terrace
Roboy, Mrs., Hillside
Booth, James
Hill, Mary
Catholic churcli
Roboy, Walter, merchant, Merrymbeula
Robertson, Captain W., merchant,
Clark, Agnes, Linton
Leslie, Catherine
MoLeod, Mrs. W. B , Dysnrt
Drury lane
Hurton street to Fittroy street
Ivy collages—
7 lloddlnctt, John, engineer
0 Nugent, Joseph, plasterer
6 Martin, Walter
4 Thomson, Charles
3 O'ltnra, James, printer
2 Stanton, W., blacksmith
1 Muhr, Lnwrcnoe, upholsterer
Nealc, Nathaniel, Melb inrne cottago
Goard, Samuel, bricklayer
Goard, Charles, bricklayor
F a l o o n e r street
Whaling road to Fenton street
Wilson, Gcoriro, carpenter
Blythe, Ucnjuntil, tinsmith
Bell, Walter, sailmaker
Lipscouibe, Richard, builder
Cannis, George, sailmakcr
Richards, Thomas, master-mariner
Osborne, —
Kennedy, William, cabinet-maker
McGngan, Malcolm
Crane, Thomas, C'orpach cottage
Liuderman, Captain G. S., secretary
Marine lioard
Berccry, Patrick
F a l o o n e r lano
Off Whaling road
Senior, David
Smith, Samuel
Clarke, James, stouomaion
Mnsscy, Georgo
F o l t o n stroot
Falconer street to William street
Sheriff. Mrs.
Vitch, Robert, upholsterer
Blake, Peter
Richards. Mrs.
Aiktnau, J.
limy street
Mihvaiu, Robert, plumber
Barnctt, William J., merchant
McMurray, John II., master-mariner
F i s h stroet
Glen street to Aide/ton's lime wharf
Aldcrtou, George, lime merchant
Gardiner, —V*
Aldorton, Henry, limeburucr
Alderton's lime wharf
F l t z r o y lane
Off Utile Fitiroy street
Buoklughum, Vincent, stonemason
Fitzroy street—North side
Alf red street south to Carrabella street
Dind, William, sen., Diud cottago
Sharp, Edward, J.P., Suva
.Houghton, Captain E.S., late R.N.
Drury lane
Muston, C. J., timber merchant
Clarke, Mrs., boarding cstnb.
Sumuicrbell, Tbos., manager North
Shore Ferry Company
Jiroughton street
Pott, Colin
Bligli, H. II., alderman
Williams, Prosperous 0., solicitor
Trenarlel terrace—
1 Croswell, T. E., solioltor
2 Day, Mrs.
3 Foin, Otto, wool buyer
4 Williams, Pltzjamcs II.
Lindfleld terrace—
1 Austin, George E., merchant
2 Fairfax, Mrs. W.
South side
Hulbort, Henry W„ billiard-tablemaker
Brown, Edward
Little Fitzroy street
Cherry, John
Knlahr, William
Marshall, Carolluo
Gardener, John it,, greongrocer
Columbia terrace—
6 Bridge, Samuel
4 O'Notl, Mrs.
3 Lmlbrooko, —, surgical bandagemaker
2 Miller, William, commission agent
Cherry, William
Hughes, John
J'ffrey street
Louchein, Andrew, wool pressor,
Giblin, Mrs. Jane, Cnprera
Thompson, Mrs., Chcstervillo
Dawson, D. S„ wool broker, Braoside
Glen s t r e e t
Pnlmtr street to Alfred Street south
Sykes, Frederick
Mitchell. II. K., Strathbogio
Boulton, Charles
Buckingham, Henry
Hulbert, Edgar
Eckhnm, Francis
Leo, Alfred, Minerl
Moore, Thomas
Fhishman, John, draper, Warrena
Olivor, Lowis, East Lynne
Ayros, Mrs.
Grantham street
Off Willoughby street
Roboy. Charles A., merchant
Pitt, C. B., solicitor, Trevellyn
Bradley, Haughton B., solioltor,
Kerr, John
Lourie, John
Warner, Mrs.
High Btreet—North side
Alfred street to High street wharf
Gllllllnn, Robert, mcrclmut
Dean, Henry, solicitor
Warman, Henry J., compositor
Simpson, Thomns, Wnlthnmstow
Water street
Hipwood, Joseph, Iduna
Pearson, Joseph, draper
Grisbrook, Francis
Moore, Charles C, Amblcsido
Younger, Robert
Younger, Henry, boatbulldor
South sido
Lockwood, M, 11.
Brindley, Robert 0.
Bell, T. B.
High street continued—
Wood, Reuben, commercial broker,
Clark, li. M., auctioneer, Moorelands
Young, Benjamin, carpenter aud
Jamloson, John, land agent
Seymour, Jamce, salesman
Moore, Frederick, warehouseman
Thomson, James
Holdsworth, Arthur
McMahon, Mrs.
Loo, John, fcrryliortt-mnstcr
Clarke, Harold
Harding, James
Young, Thomas O.
Whitfield, John
Abercrombic, Hugh, polico sergeant
King, Walter
Arnold, Montague, Olciibiirn
Water meet
Cocks, James, Qulslsan
Walters, Mrs., Rocklce
Bedford, Rupert, Kcnilworth
Lord, Mrs. Edward
Hlghgate terraoe
Hichmonti terrace to Cuirabella street
Younger, M.t professor of music, Corona
Hodgers. John W., Inspector schools,
Rankcn, George
Jeffrey streot
Fittroy street to Campbell street
Presbyterian chapel
Golding, Eugcno, engineer, Fachsla
Tasker, Miss
Douglas, Clcorgo, 1'cmbroko
McMahon, Mrs., private boardingestablishment, Athol houso
Johnston, David, accountant
Andorson.lMrs., private boardingcstablishmont, Umballa
Michel, Carl
Robinson, Herbert B. C.
Noako, John, Ardross
J\>ir street
Ablet, Ocorge, draper
Want, Mrs., private boardlng-cstablishment
Eulog, Schwortsi
Junction street
Boyce, William, vanproprictor
Lincoln street
Off McDougall street
Jopling, l i . E., bookkeeper
Austral terrace—
Gorman, William
Hogstlcsh, Stuart
Day, William II.
Kcgg, Crellin J.
Brindlcy, Henry, accountant
Dickson, Henry W., house and
estate agent
Young, J.
Badham, Charles W,
Bjcdstcd, Edward
Little Arthur street—East
Junction street to Berry street
Lore, Robert
Wilkinson, Enooh
Golding, Mrs.
Jacknmn, William
Lavender, —
Johnston, Archibald, Bhocmakcr
Bulliphant, Ralph
Mclntyre, Joseph
Bowdcn, John, carpenter and joiner
Wilson, James, cabproprlctor
Wells, James
Rosslttor, John C, carpenter
Robinson, James, carpenter
Thompson, James E., grocer
Buyers, W. II., Aniiandalo
Baton, James, builder and contractor
Sharp, William, collector North Shoro
Arnold, R. A., Cooya
Lovick, W. J., carpenter
West side
West, John
Whnlley, John, plumber
Robinson, James
Pearce, William
Pcarco, 0. J.
Fearce, A. G., plasterer
Kendall, Joseph
Doyle, Emanuel
Tubman, II,, Inspector of nuisances
Young, Edward
Canning, John, stonemason
Butler, George
Chambers, Cliarles
Brooks, W. 1I„ engineer
Prosser, Thomas
Owen, Arthur
Mount street
Campbell, John
Middlccoat, \V. F., draftsman, Highbury
Little Fitzroy street
Fittroy street to Campbell street
Skilbcck, II J.
Skccn, John
Simpson, James
Blnckie, Jnmcs
Iluggett, Mrs,
Buckingham, Vincent
Blake, Samuel
Thompson, —
Little Walker street
MoLaron s t r e e t
Alfred street to northern bounday of
Amphlctt, E. A., Imperial paymaster
Uoydoll, C. B., Aloe cottage
Perry, John, barrister, Hcnbtiry villa
Milson's lano
Willoitghby street to Burton street
Miller, William
Storer, Benjamin, builder
Cox, Arthur
Hardaker, Lewis
Brooks, William
Hay, James A., bookkeeper
Collins, Miss, lailias' school, Mount
Young, James
Bradbury, David, carpenter
M o u n t s t r o e t — N o r t h Bide
Green, W.
Kelly, I. 0. II.
Lindley. W. 1'., engineer
Elliott, W., carpenter
Patterson, W., painter
Ridley, G., painter
Medina, II.
Ruoklnghnm, 0., stonemason
Bennett, A., carpenter
Mortimer, Mrs.
Walker, —, stonemason
South side
Gibbons, Thomas
Bode, Mrs.
Trnssell, Thomas
Tillotlson, Samuel
Austins, —
Bioron, Walter
Sracat, John G., boatbuilder and shipwright
Now street
Alfred Street south to Jeffery street
Deacon, Thomas, grocer
Mcrrimnn, Edward, butcher
Schey, Mrs.
Butler, John
Butler, Leonard
Little Pttzroy street
Place, Thomas
Leaington terrace—
1 Walsh, Miss
2 Chisholmo, John
3 Clarke, Daniel, storekeeper
MoBurney lano
4 McCall, Mary J.
fi Murray, James, agent for
Off Robey lane
Marshall, Sons and Co.'s
Gale, Ramond, carpenter
0 Bell, John, surveyor
7 Peate, Joseph, boot importer
MoDougal s t r e e t
8 Hobson, .Margaret, prlvato
Alfred street to Water street
boarding establishment
Elsie terrace—
0 Thompson, Mrs.
1 Aiken, Edward, land and cstnto
10 Hendry, Mrs.
11 Jeffers, Mrs.
2 Wells, Ocorge
12 Morrisset, Mrs.
Tiaud, Augusta H.
Hoylo, John C, artist, Lewiugton
3 Drummonil, Mrs.
Chapman, W. U., electric engineer
Albion, James, builder
Junction street to Berry street
Clove, Frederick
Kellcy, John
Allney, William
Towushead, Thomas
Ford, J. W., plasterer
Mount street
Goddard, Honry
Middleton, Mrs., private boarding
Cooper, William, carpenter
Palmer street
Off Alfred HI reel south
Oldfleld, J. W,, upholsteror
MoAlpinu, Malison. Lota
Rollestoii, Christopher, .N'ortholiit
Richmond terrace to Careening Cove
Chisholtn, Arthur, Uudleiirii
Jones, II. A., collector, Dllnkbonnio
Tbirkell, Charles, Government
storekeeper, Gcltwood
John, William
Stenburg, Mortimer
Bailiff, Mrs. Mary
Jackson, Alfred, Allmrtus cottage
Levlok, Percy, J„ broker
For icest side, see Victoria
Undercliff terraoe
Off Terrace street
Edwards, John, Waterside cottage
McCobe, Arthur, vnupropriotor
Grieve, James, commercial traveller
Baker, John
Walker street
Lavtiuler Bay ferry to Berry street
baths—Cavill, Professor,
Rlohmond t e r r a o e
Lavender bay steps
I'eel street to Claphnm rise
Hecrfield terrace—
Ghost, llobort, nmster-nmriner, Otlra
Jyken, Thomas
Sayers, Edmund, Broombco
Winter, Clement
Dunsmuro, Christian A., Kaloola
Atchison, J. T., surveyor
Steel, Rev. Dr. Robert, Nojrabool
Moore, Mrs.
Garvan, James P.
Mouutoastle, Benj imiu
Pictet, Roso
Anderson, Robert, warehouseman,
Sargent, W. II., merchant, Edith
Cousins, Harriet, ladies' school
Blue street
Turner, James, Ilosoville
Wesleyan church
Lee, Edward
Junction street
Baxter, John
Moore, Jamos B., general Ironmonger
Morlfleld, Sarah, Wyoming
Ellis, Alfred L., saddler
Selby, Sarah, Dovonla
Watorhousi!, Joseph, grocer
Zahel, Christmas P., general draper
S h e l l oove a n d N e u t r a l b a y
Barton, David II., tailor and wollen
Bonnett, William, coinmlssioncr for
roads, Honda
Blgnold, S., ilraper
Oliver, Alexander, bnrrlster, Shcllcote Mncleod, Angus, chemist
Lovick, Percy J., broker
Brasnctt, Walter E., draper and outMann. John F.
Johnston, James M., assistant manager Walter. E.. fancy store
O.S.N. Co., Cleo villa
Kelly, George, bootmaker
Moriarty, Edward 0 . chief engineer
Shadier, A. «., baker
harbours and riven, The Monastery Flower, W. L , grocer and wlno
Snow, John
Bomiott, W. 0.
Flower, Mrs., draper and milliner
Wiles, Lowln
William II., upholsterer and
Swanson, Peter
furnlturo dealer
Moore, George
painters and paperGordon, Alfred, tinsmith
Mount street
E. S. and A. 0. Bank—Bloke, P. D.,
Terraoe streot
Off Alfred Street south
Mortimer, Mrs., boarding establishment
Oldfleld, Arthur
Andersen A., Iraotmakcr
Gibson, Peter
Mrs„ boarding establishHlckey, Mrs., Undoroliff
Newton, Henry E.
Mountford, J. \V„ carpenter and
McCabo. Arthur
Lane, Mrs., Bnieuek
MoKay, Hector, Carrls house
Korr, George
Simpson, Robert, tailor
Dove, Honry
Clarke, Charles, cooper
Younger, nenry, boatbuilder
Henderson, William B., Hughondon
Mallard, Thomas
Elder, James
Powell, Mrs. George, West Wycombo
Allen, Mrs., Da lino cottage
Thrupp's r o a d
Carrutncrs, Rev. J. E., Wesleyan
William street to Thrupp's point
Rorke, Charles, surgeon, La vista
Hodges, Mrs., goneral store
Higgins, J. J., Burvoyor
North, Frederick, tloket-wrltcr
"Walter s t r o o t
Argles, Alfred, builder and contractor
Leader, John P.
Bryco, Mrs. Jano
Taylor, Liout. F. P., R.N., Eolipso
Waters. William
Bcn.ll, Henry 0.
Aubin, William J., telegraphist, La
Pual, William H , Altona
Water street
McBougal street to (Jasworks
High strert
Loxton, J. F., surveyor, Newton
McArthur, Miss, ladles' school
North Shore Gas Co.'s works—
Morland, T. 0., manager ; Firth,
Alfred, secretary
Cowan, James
Rue, Thomas
1'ltzpatriok, Thomas
W e s t e r n Wharf road
Alfred Street snath to Waterman's
Phelps, James
Muckford Mrs., hiundicis
Matthews, Mrs., laundress
Haddon, George
Hedge, —
Dow, Frederick
Halstead, Charles
McConnac, John
W h a l i n g road
Fell, Mrs., Bickloy
Ciinuont, David, Strathearno villa
Weruham, William, drapor
Wernham, Ridib J , draper
Falkner street
Robinson, Rev. \V. I!., Congregational
minister, Loehluvar
Joubert, —
Wilkins, David
Weir. James, agent P. and 0. S. N.
Co., Clnrovillo
Morgan, James
W i l l i a m streot
Alfred street to Benboyd road
Thomas, Louis, artist
Davidson, William, organ buildor
Larnaoli, Albert, commission ngont
Sinclair, Sutherland, secretary,
Fell, —
Batchelor, Benjamin
Varrcll, Thomas
Kavanagh, T. W.
Wilds, William, Oak cottago
Thomson, .Mrs. M., bochlcvon
Gordon, Alfred, plumber
Willoughby stroet
Alfred Street south to North Shore
Roving Club boat shed
Ryan, D. W., architect
Smith, James W.
Broughton street
Shell, Mrs., private boarding establishment, Fern lodge
Milson, John, Winslow
Mllsuu, John J.
Mllnett, Harvey, Nouagh
Tiley, William, Wla Wia
Peterson, J. T.
Hogg, Arthur, lime merchant
Johnson, Edward, ssphaltcr
Macquccn, Alexander
North Shoro llowiug Club boat shodi
Cook's River road -East side
(In throe wards, viz.,'Brompton, St. Poters and Cook's river.)
Bouudcd on tho north by Waterloo road ; on tho south by Cook's river; on tho east by Shea's creek ; on tho west by
Unwin's Bridge road ; on tho north-west by May street.
Incorporatcd-January, 1871.
No. of Iiatcpayers-778.
Area-747 acres.
jjiles of strcets-11.
No. of houses-G67.
Annual value-£21,5ia.
Council chambers—Cook's lliver road.
Council moots every nlternato Monday.
Offlco hours—Mondays and Wednesdays, 6 to 7.30 p.m.
Council clerk—Lceder, T.
Inspector of Nuisances—Kinsey, Aaron.
Overseer of Works—Bamctt, W. II.
Albert street
Cool's /liver rowi to Paddock
Wa Idlugton, Edward
fpllstcart. William
HaRiio, William
fltnokey, Salem
Mitchell, —
McPhee, Cochrane
Walker, —
Alfred street
Cook'I lliver road to Paddock
Connelly, John
Trcevc, John
Peek, Thomas
Owens, John
KcFarlane, Robert
Boward, John
Speoohloy, Mrs.
Boader, Adam
Rolfo, James
Ogdon, Bobcrt
Holmes, Goorge
nilycr, James
Hardy, Thomas
Ward, Alson
Williams, Gerald
Milsom, William
Girdler, William
Smallcy, Thomas
Hoppitt, Kbenojer
Walker, William
Pritchard, Henry
Turnbull, Robert
Bull, William
Beokay, Gibson
Talbot, William H.
Howarth, James
Worrill, Thomas
Campbell s t r e e t - N o r t h side
Boundary to Untctn's Bridge road
Ansey, A., storekeeper
Baker, W. S.
Tracey, Mrs.
South side
Tarkor, Charles
Clarke, Thomas
Millard, Henry
Turner, Harry
Lena, Joseph
Harris, Houry
Belmore street
Bradshaw, Charles
Cook's Hicer road to Unuiris Bridge Gallic*, Joseph
Morgan, Wattein
Goodman, W. T.
Slmson, Alexander
Adams, John
Bran, Houry
Glccson, Thomas, butcher
Aran. Thomas
Smith, George
Bishop street
Hodges, Samuel
Cook's lliver road to Paddock
Cannon, Samuel
Powell, Burton
Cook's River road
Wilkle, Mrs.
Appleby, Thomas
Harper, Henry
Holly, William
Townsond, James
Church street
Nettlcton William
Winter, Mrs.
Davey, William E.
Day, Charles
Chappel, Charles
Smith, Charles
Brown street
St. Peters street
Campbell street to Paddock
Smith, Whitbroad
H&nghton, Charles
O'Sullivan, Mrs.
Smith, Mrs. Jo'eph,
Davis William
Smith, James
Bullon Christopher
Watson, William
Tuck, Albert
Campbell, James
Florence street
Tipping, Alfred
Tipping, Mark, grocer
Campbell stroet, Tempo
Cook's lliver road to Sicamp
Simons, Mrs.
Moore, A. and G.
Itattenbury, William
Bardon, Charles
Donnelly, Michael
Swectman, George
Waters, Maria
Ohuroh street
Campbell street, St. Peters to
Rogan, Michael
Gosling, Thomas
Ford, Mrs.
Heap, Thomas
Green, William
Lee, Mrs.
Broom, Samuel
Spittlohouse, William
Parkinson, Starkio
Stott, ltobert
Albreolit, Albert
Marx, James
Donnelly, John
Walker, Mrs.
Ohuroh s t r e e t
Afay street to Lackey street
McLcod, Nell
Martin, John
Charlton, Edward
Martin, John T.
Onley, John
Gorman, Michael
Gorman, Prodorlck
Irwin, Michael
Westwood, Samuel
Jones, Charles
Tapper, John
Wostwood, John
Lawlcr, Dennis
Brennan, Peter
McKnight, William
Gunthorpo, George
Neal, Robort
Smith, William
Tamsctt, Thomas
Ogdon, Peter
Bullcn, John
Loudon,John A.
Hayes, David
King street, A'eietoini, to Dam
Pearson, John, contractor
Squires, .lames
Bank nf Australasia—Llppman, W. 0.
H., manager
Lawler, John
Gcntlo, Jnsiah
Cadnvin, John
Harbor, A.
Harbor, Ellas
Linton, Tliomm
Harbor, Alfred
Carrie, Ooorge, fraltaror
Stubhins. Samuel B.
Harris, Charles
Swinbourne, James, bootmaker
Bradshaw, John, draper
Swinbourne, James, bootmaker
Mowburn. William
Conway, John
Hnlvcrsou and Wright, grocers
Edwards, Henry
Royal Foresters' hall
Lambeth, John
Booth, Mrs.
Brown, William
Porolval, Thomas, postofllco
Barrett, William, coaohbuildor
Brian, E., blacksmith
Spackmiin Brothors. plastcrcre
Willing*. II. J., butcher
Campbell street
Sparkman, Richard, ironmonger
Boll, Alfred
Albert street
Barden, .Mrs.
Bowen, James, chemist
Jones, Uh tries S„ oil and colour man
Clark, Thomas, bootmaker
Holly, Michael
Municipal Council chambers—
Westwood, Joseph, caretaker
Victoria street
Haydon, S. and W.
Wlsomau, Jonathan, fruiterer
Pamplllonla, Vincent, hairdresser
Bishop street
Lloyd, John, fruitorcr
Coicper street
Wallmlla, Edward
Boyd, Tho nas
liickrtty street
Calder, Thomas
Aitken, Mrs.
Vaughan, William, commercial
Berne, Mrs.
Finkstouc, Charles, baker, and
Sutherland st, St. Peters
Godfrey, A., solicitor
Mack, Charles
Laycook, Thomas
Hamilton. William L
Talbot, George
Halgh, Willinm
VauBc, Dr., private lunatics asylum,
Bay view houso
Smith street
Flood, John, 'busproprletor
<Jarvan, Dennis
Campbell street
Street, George, bootmakor
Dean, George, grocer and draper
Keep, Thomas, fruiterer
•Gannon, James
Armstrong, William M., farrier
Fanning street
Islip, A. P., coachiiulMor
Wilklns, Mrs. Eliza, storekeeper
Police station—Pannell, Joseph,
constable, in charge
Wenticorth street
Wortley, Isaac
Snntann, Michnel
West, James, 'buspropriotor
Maguiro, Dennis, 'busproprletor
Hart sued
Flood, William, 'busproprletor
.Slade, Henry, grocer
Osborn, Mrs., lnuslc-tenchcr
Bardon, Spencer, produco merchant,
anil proprietor Cottage of Content
Cairncross, David
West fide
fleering, George G„ baker
Steel, Mrs. II., draper
Howard, Jesse, phrenologist
Loveday, Mark
Osborn, Henry
Leedor, Thomas, coiivcyancor
Hayes, Thomas
Schuman, Frodrrick, wheelwright
Hirst, Frederick, stationer
Farloiah, Edward, leather morchant
Logan, James, grocer
Burrell, Mrs. M. A., draper
i'alrbnrn, It. M., butcher
Dunn, John, master-marl nor
McCauley, Charles
MoCaulcy, Clmrlrs, juu.
Campbell street
Wolne, J„ hairdresser
St. Peters hotel—Hancock, William
Ailnes, John, fruiterer
GoddanL John W., storekeeper
Moseley, William, storekeeper
Komp, James
Gray, Allen, fruitorcr
Public school—Guille, it. W., headmaster
Victoria street
Whitehorse hotel -Tait, Mrs.
Bradshaw, John, butcher
McKcnzic, William, carpenter
St. Peters church nud parsonage
Uzzoll, Rev. W. F. B. (C.E.), parponnge
Silver street
Willings, C, carpenter
Edith street
Vauglian, John, produce dealer
Hunt, Joseph, music-teacher
Montgomery, William, storekeeper
Howarth, Abraham
Butchers' Arms hotel—Smith, James
Hary street
Osborne, Samuel J.
Miller, 0. Q.
Reilly, Riohard
Railway road
Eagle, Mrs. 1. T., storekeeper
Samuel street
Pottio, John, vctorlnary surgeon
Williams, William, carpenter
Walton, Thomas, wool broker
Marsden, Ohnrlcs, carpenter
James, Thomas, produce merchant
Union street
Clanscy, Mrs. E.
Walton, James, wool broker
lloohford, Joseph
Drlso, Orlando
Sweetman, Henry
Walmsley, William, baker
Barden, J. T., butcher
Calvert, William
Sargent, J., produce merchant
Pulteney hotel— Cook, Mrs.
MoKeon, Humphrey, timber merobant
Baker, David 0.
Meares. Alfred
Walnwright, —
Foster, William, saddler
Whitby, W. 0„ butcher
Fullagcr, Richard
Cnicin street
Kylnml, James, storekeeper
Dwyer, Miss Mary
Long, Goorgo
Cane, Michael
nail, Mrs., storekeeper
Rainbow hotel—Downey, Edward
Bruunbeck, Peter, stonemason
Ryan, W., blacksmith
Cowper s t r e e t
Ci'tk's River road to Paddock
Bradley, James
Burton, John
King, —, Barwon park
Crown s t r e e t
Cook's River road to Campbell street
Cook, John
Conway, James
llawllnson, Abraham
Smith, Sydney
Walker, Joseph
Caverley, Arthur
Dadd, Charles
Curran, James
Walker, Goorgo
Hiirmcr, James
Marr, William
Ashtou, Samuel
Uarbcr, Richard
Humphrey, Henry
Edwards, William
Gillroy, Edward
Huddlestonc, Greenwood
Barrett, William
Martin, Thomas
Shoppard, Georgo
Edith stroet
Cook's River road to Unuiris Bridge
Ohccscman, William
Dege, Henry
Adams, Henry
Toyer, James
Smith, William
Donoghuc, John
Fanning street
Cook's River road to Swamp
Brennan, John
Brown, Patrick
Rattenbnry, James
Keep, Richard
Islip, A. F.
Floronoo street
Campbell street to Paddock
Turner, George
Lahcy, William
Florence street continued—
Jenkins, Bryan
Doo, llonry
McM ihon, Patrick
Pennington, Charlos F.
Reave*, Thomas
Gurdiner, John
Foreman street
Cook's River road to Umein'i Bridge
James. Thomas II,
Biorloy, J. K.
Macguire, Owen, 'bu«pruprlotor
Frederick stroot
Coot's River road to Unwtn'i Bridge
Iliuitor, Oeorgo
Evans, Paul
Doiin, Robert
Olancoy, T. G.
Olark, Thomas, grooor
Blngliiim, John'
Bo^e, Mrs.
Collins, Thomas
Hamilton, James
Harri', Thomas
Ouirns, James
Jackson, Alfred
Aylin. John
Buttcrwirth, Joshua
Scott. John
Harris, llohcrt
Crowi-haw, Edward
Wangli, George
Goorgo s t r e e t
Cook's Hirer road to Umein'i /Iridge
Hntnilton, Angus
Lovicn, A.
ltlattumn, John
Williums, Benjamin
Grovo s t r e e t
Coot's River road to Umein'i Bridge
Shawclhood, Henry
Bonn, Thomas
Fletcher, Ilenben II.
McFnrliinil. Patrick
England, Alfred
Harper, Walter
Collins, William, brick manufacturer
Scott, W. W.
Redmond, John It.
Hanlmare, .Mrs. Maiy
Randall, Sydney E.
Marshall, John, bricklayer
Hart street
Coot'i River road to Stcamp
Pont, Gcorgo
Hcnrotta, MIchuol
Hutchinson street
Church street to Campbell street
Loudon, Mrs.
Garrett, Mrs.
Tindale, Robort
Williams, Thomas
Wolvorton, Peter
Wedge, George
Westbrook, Joseph, bootmaker
Prowlcs, Mrs. Hannah
Foggan, Rev. J., Primitive Mothodlst
Allen. John
Honey, William
Chappcll, Henry, jun.
Chappcll, Henry, sen.
Tandy, Philip
.Murray, Owen
Robinson, Frederick
Laws, Edward
Millard, Kmauuol
Hutchinson, William
Hawkins, Oeorgo
Newton, John
Schweikort, George
Teesdale, Thomas
Laclunund. Auguste
Camiibell, Henry
Russell, John
Johns, Thomas
Laokey street
Church street to Hutchinson street
Baker, James
Wright, Junius
Pcggiu, Samuel
Loudon, David
Mailer. Joseph
May, Richard
Collins, Thomas
Brown, Murtln/dalrymnu
Stanton, John, dairyman
Ramsden, Daniel
Hughes, John
Murphy, llonry
Cochran, John A.
O'Sullivun, Dennis
Murphy, Andrew
Lynch, .Michael
Regan, James
Lawler, John
Bradshnw, James
Russell, Frank
Jaques William
Nelson, Joshua
WUlingham, Mrs.
Llndmeyer, Frederick
Horswell, Charles
Curtis, William
Curie, Philip H.
Caughau, John
Lymorstono street
Cook's River road to Uawtn'i Bridge
Hardle, Thomas, plumber
Blarney, Louis It., builder
Austen, Richard
Dailies, Frederick, painter
Mary s t r e e t
Cook's River road to Umoin't Bridge
Mlddlcton, John
Eastman, Henry
Obappelow, Richard
Humphreys Brothers, butchers
Rousewell, George
Barker, E. H., surveyor
McFarland, James
Albeit, Henry
Wills, Mrs. M. A.
Wills, Alfred
Hutohinson, Alexander
Green, Thomas A.
Osborne, Suuincl J.
Hill, Edward
Stewart, Kenneth
Strancy, Paul
Munsou, Arthur
Johnson, Miss Annto
Wilson, David P.
Wilson, Mrs. Annie, dalry-kooper
Hydo, Arthur
O'Orady, Mrs.
Fitzpatrick, H.
Whitney, John
Dives, Mrs.
May street
Coot's River road to Unwtn'i Jlridge
London, Mis.
Burling, Charles, grocer
Hoppltt, William
Watson, Thomas
Luff, Mrs.
Lynch, .Michael
Homey, Peter
GliL'gs, Charles
Griges, James
Woods, .MarkMulligan, tlrs.
Birt, Kbcnezor, draper
Rose, Thomas W.
Tyc, Frederick
Goutle, Charles
llisbey, James It., harness makor
Isinny, James E.
Bnidsbaw, Oeorgo
Wilks, William
Cummins, A.
Gordon, Lewis
Kirk, David
Flett, George
Willard, A.
Town and Country Mel—Stephenson,
James, William G., grocer
McCann, Alfred, bulldor
Willard, Robert, brick manufacturer
P a r k road
Cook's River road to Unwin's Bridge
Burrows, Thomas J.
Burrows, Arthur
James, William
McNeil, John
Tucker, John G.
Suitor, Mrs.
Withers, Goorgo
Footer, Oeorgo
Barkoc, Philip
Kilgour, John
Abrook, Joint
Blake, Robert
Sullivan, Mr«.
Smith, John
R a i l w a y road
Cook's River road to Umein'i Bridgt
Johnson, Edward
Comptou, Stephen A.
Boots, A.
Itccco, Thomas
Weeks, George B.
Cross, Thomas V.
Shlpway, John
Bagloo and Oottrell, painters
Scott, William
Latham, Gcorgo
Thiskctt, James
FalHck, James, builder
Robert street
Creek, John
Edith street to Paddock
White, Thomas
Scott, William
Bush, Mrs.
Hill, Micbael
Furdle, Lovy
Klmberloy, John
Smith street
Coot's River road to Swamp
Johnson, Herbert
Cane, Christopher
Sutherland street
St. Peters street
Campbell street to Paddock
Keep, T. II., fruiterer
Cook, Mrs. M. A.
Whitby, Walter
Holmes, Harry
Titterson, James, woodturner
Bendall, Alfred E.
Grasslands, Mrs, J.
Jeffrey, George
Banton, William
Glllott, Samuel
Harris, W. D.
Samuel street.
Cook's River road to Umein'i Bridge
Watson, William, painter
Holdor, Edward
Benson, Swauson
Smith, Thomas
Robinson, Michael
Silver street
Cook's River road to Unuin's Bridgt
Gaymer, William
Barnctt, Francis, sen.
Barber, William
Smith, W. K.
Edwards, James
Ponfold, William
Jones, Thomas
Harris, Owen J.
Harris, George
Edwards, Mrs.
Gibbs, Miss M.
Tiratns, Thomas
Walters, Frederick
Hibbort, Thomas
Goodwin, James
Hcbden, Perclval
Barnctt, Francis, jun.
Garrett, William
Colson, James, greengrocer
Duxbury, Robert
Stubbln, Samuel
Garfield, H.
Cook's River road to Unwtn'i Bridgt
Vogel, Ferdinand
Eagle, Raymond
O'Sullivun, James
McCann, John
Smith, Henry
Hill, John
Hill, Samuel
Klug, Charles
Carmody, Daniel
Pinkstouo, Charles, baker
Terry street
Cook's River road to Umoin't Bridge
ZImmcndoff, L.
James, Henry, Btonemason
May, Charles
Wilkinson, Thomas, baker
Coleman, John J,
McKoo, Samuel J., baker
Boyle, Eugene, cariiontor
Spear, Richard, contractor
Gordon, James
Hamilton, William
Holbeach, Thomas
Greathead, Edward
Clarke, Richard, carpenter
Fremlett, Henry, plasterer
Heovos, Robert, decorator
Keep, William
Drake, John
U n i o n Btroet
Cook's River road to Unwtn'i Bridge
Caton, Henry
Gannon, Frederick
Ruddor, Laidley
U n w l n ' s Bridge r o a d
Troeoy, Mrs.
Haydcn, Josiah
Loftus, James
Tompson, Alfred F.
Smith, John, dairyman
Manger, William
Colyer, Henry
Ivory, George
Silver street
Chambers, Hugh, builder
Jobbius, Henry
Edith street
Mary street
Brain, James
Humphries, William, butcher
JoneB, Thomas
Smith, Frederick
Backer, Cornelius
Venables, Thomas, prodnco merohant
Sanders, George and Sons, builders
Uebol, Christian
For west side of Unwin's Bridge rtud
see Marrictville
Unwln street
Coot's River road to Unwin's Bridgt
Roman Catholio school—Sliannon,
Miss, hcadtcacher
Newton, Thomas
Victoria street
Church street to Paddock
Harrison, Aubrey
Penfold, Charles
Cannon, Henry
Woodham, William
Johnston, John
Waterloo road
Coot's River road to Campbell street
Farr, Georgo
Walker, Thomas
Woodloy, Harry
Cadman, Martiu L.
Jackson, Gcorgo
Hawkins, Gcorgo
Peers, Isaac
Walker, William
Flynn, John
Sainty, Robert
Wentworth street
Cook, Charles, 'busproprietor
Batten, James
Harris, Henry
Post, Mrs.
Medley, —
Hilton, Frank
May, William P., builder
Yolvorton street
Blattman, Miss
Quoin, James
Midgley, Richard, oarriage-butlder
Boundaries—Commcnolng at tho head of Lavender buy ; thence by tlio cast side of Walker Htreet to the contro of Mount
street northerly; tlienco by tho contro of Mount street to Edward street westerly; across Edwnril street by the
prolongation of the line westerly to Mrs. Montcn's boundary feuco; tlienco by that fence and the prolongation of
that lino to a oreofc; anl by that crock southerly to Horry's bay; and by that bay and tho waters of Port Jackson
on all other sides to tho point of commencement.
Area estimated at 180 aorcs.
No. of housos—841.
No. of Ratepayers—ill.
Council chambers—Blue's Point road. Counoll meetings first Monday in each month.
Offico hours—From 7 till 0 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Counoil clerk—Willington, Walter G.
Inspector of Nuisances and Bailiff—Tubman, Henry.
Overseer—O'Brien, James.
Alma street
Off Flagstaff cine itreel
Balloy, James, importor
Younger, Mrs. Obarlcs
Forsyth, James, tanner, Sofala
Lukoy, Charles XT., commercial traveller, Mountsbay
Anderson, John T., printer, Bayswator
Anderson, Charles, tinsmith
Fishor, Ifcnry, builder
Carter, Edward
Slack, Christopher
Ann street
Off Mount street
Novitiate of St. Joseph—Mary, Sister,
Bank lane
Off Bank street
Owen, Charles, butcher
Bank street
Union street to north boundary
Gallagher, James
Ling, Joseph
Laurence, Ansbclm
Dixon, Qcorgc, decorator
Walto, Frank B., Clifton
Whalloy, William, Surry
Matthews, William 11.
Bashan, Elijah, produce merchant
Blue, Ernest, lighterman
Munro, Charles
Gaff, William, stonemason
Gardyne, David, storekeeper
Duncan, Joseph, stonomason, Airdrio
Garner, Alfred
Meyers, Georgo F., tailor
Gunning, Michael
Evans, Ernest
Carroll, John, upholsterer
Jackson, Thomas M.
Hepburn, John, stonemason
Edwards, Mrs. Eliza
Munro, Mrs. William
Munro, John
Chapman, James
Ford, Allen, clerk
Scholtz, Valentino
Bashan, John, farmer
Dunn, Samuol, stonemason
Webber, Robert B.
Thorn, Ucorgo II., stonemoson
Thorn, Mrs, grocer
Bay street
Little /Hue street to Blue's bay
Joseph, Mary
Wellington, Walter
Nolan, Mrs.
Sullivan, John, shipwright
Bout building establishment—Sullivan Brothers, proprietors
Bayview street
East Crescent street to George street
Haslarn, Ceollla M., Ivauhove
Sundon, Charles T., stationer,
Dietrich, Edwin M.. wholesale jeweller
Fort Jackson Steam Navigation Co.'s
coal depot
Bennett, llobert W., merchant
Adams, Hachaol E., Whamcliff
Blue's Point road
Blue's Mnt road to Miller street
MaoKonoss, Georgo, printer
Walsh, William P.
Denton, Stephen
Batnett, Goorgo, boatbnlldor
East Crescent street
' Parker street
Munro, Donald, builder
Bell, John
Hopkins, John, artist
Hazoldcn, John
Clayton, John, cngincor
Henderson, Catherine
Hcdon, Georgo
MoNab, Mrs. Agnes, fancy repository
Adamson, Georgo
Gray, Isaao
Hogan, Joseph, greengrocer
James, Louisa
Mohrmann, Henry
Florton, Joseph
Shadier, A., confootioncr
Binder, Richard, jowellor, Preston
Matthews, John, joiner
Lavender street
Council ohambors—Wellington,
W. G.. council clerk
Fordyco, John, plumber
Lamb, John, shoemaker
Pierson, Daniel, dairyman
Bralnwood, John, clothier
George street
Galley, Joseph, plumber
Vltzschmann, Ilenry, tailor
Bralnwood, John 0., clerk
Moss, Mrs. R„ fruiterer
Blue street
Fox, David, house decorator
Jeffries, —
Fizell, William, grocer
Worsloy, Horbert, drnpor
McKiunon, Ilov. Roger
St. Peter's Presbyterian churoh—
McKinuon, Rev. Rogor, minister
William street
Union street
Gosper, James, baker
Old Commodore hotel—Carter, Joseph
Potts, John, shoemaker
Royal hotel—Watorhouse, William
Maokancss, Amelia M., butcher
Susannah street
Willington and Son. grocers
Penny, J. and Co., drapers
Mitchell street
Thomson, James, accountant
Buokman, Edwin
Harding, John, sen.
Harding, John, Parcel Delivory Cooperative Company
Johns, Frnnols, tobacconist
Buckingham, Henry, shoemaker
Hilton, James, engineers' smith
Butler, Harriet, ureongroccr
Cleary, Mrs. A., laundress
7hyt street
Cook. Thomas J., builder
Soholotlold, Mrs. Susannah
Carr street
Reynolds, Henry, shipwright
Hlgloy, John, shoemaker
Harding, John, jun.
Moore, David
Board, Humphroy J.
French street
North Shore hotel—Evlstou, Miohnel
Evans, Henry, carpenter
Batho, Amollu, laundress
Bourno, Henry
Gainford, William R.
Liobmann, Henry, commercial
Blue's Point road continued—
Riley. Charles G.
Megaw, John G„ Innisfall
Weil Crescent street
Powell, James
Webb, William, lighterman
Fonroso, George, gasflttcr
Clayton, Thomas, muster-mariner
Wnrron, John
Warren, Mrs., fruiterer
Galley, William, plumber
Flijtree Cotiagehitel—Sieran», Archibald P.
Curtis, Thomas S., designer
Boll, Moses
Ivos, Isano E., J.P.
Corporation wharf—
Watorhouse, Joseph, o lal merchant
Blunt, George, contractor
Watorhouse, William, coal morohant
Blue street
William street to Walker street
MoDonald, Donald
Wolls, S.
Atohison, Isabella, Marley
Greenwood, Mimrnd
Si. Leonards Public school—Greenwood, Mlmrod
Ward, Robert D., physician, Romaka
Selwond, Mrs, Ellen, dressmaker
Roman Catholic school—Casey, Aloysiu3 M., mistress
Carr Btreat
Blue's Point road to Nottingham street
Talmer, Ellon
Marehall, Georgo M.
Hilton, James engineer
Wilkinson, John A., wino merchant
Roaoh, William H„ printer
Wildo, Samuel
Ohuter street
Union stmt to Susannah street
Chrlstio, Jacob, baker
Far.icr, William II.
Johnson, Charles
Bray, James, merchant
Roddn, George
Pizzetti, Paul, draftsman
Arthur, James, master-mariner
Robb, Andrew, surveyor
Crews, Samuel, stonemason
Leo, Henry \V., clerk
Cliff street
Commodore street
Off Little Blue street
Lord, Michael, shipwright, Atkinson
Mil lor, David, diver
Dumbarton street
Susannah street to Little Blue street
Bcott, George, shipwright
Mocdonald-Matthows, James,
Young, William
Greenwood, George, cngincor
Nelson, —
Btovcus, Henry
Nllson, Sarah
Ford, Walter M., shipbuilding
Stirling, Wllllnm, diver
Robertson, Robert, engineer
East Oresoent s t r e e t
Blue's Point mud to /Hue's point
MoMnlion. Michael, laud ami
commission agent
North Shore I'orry Company
Brown, William, builder
Mioole. Charles, merchant, Jura
Montefloro, II. II. merchant
Thomson. Aloxunder, merchant,
Heather bra •
llopo, Charles, wool merchant
Abrahams, John S., chemist, Tho
Davles, John, draper
Halstcad, .Tames, steamboat proprietor
MacDonncil, Samuel, accountant,
Halo, Thomas H.
Brooks. George T.. Elizabeth house
Davey, John 3., surveyor and
Jenkins, John, commission agent
Underwood, James J.
McKenzlc. Catherine, Llttlebourno
Metcalfe, Algernon J.
Dodd, Joseph, boatbullder
Bronshaw, Alfred
Jacobs, John, stonemason
Ilroughton, Richard, stonemason
Todd, James, engineer
QnlnlHii. .Miles
Pemberton, James, plumber
Ford, —
Fronoh street
nine's Point road to /Hue's bay
Atchison, Francis G„ bookseller
Reynolds, George
Rogers, John, engineer
Nitzschmann, Henry, tailor
Todwt, Bernard
Guy, LowU
Goorgo s t r e e t
Blue's Point read
Loivlngor, Carl, photograhor
Edward street
Off Mount street
Wnrdel!, W. W., architect
Redgrave, Thomas
Russell, William, produce merchant
Hill street
Miller slnet to Walker strett
St. Leonard's courthouse—Murphy,
Stephen, O.P.S.
Smith, Mrs. Sarah, fruitcror
Moroy, Richard, butcher
Hoadford, Francis, painter
Tlemey, John J., shipwright
Monks, Thomas
Fitzgerald, Patrick
Richards, William
Hallyday, John
Adamson, James
Bindou, Joslali
Ellzaboth street
Off Mount street
Sorensen, Martha
Uyau. Mrs. Winifred
Fay, Alfred
Wilkes, John, warehouseman
Young, .Mrs.
Hayes, William, butcher
Rancc, Richard
Isabella plaoe
Off William street
Gauntlott, J osoph
Medena, —
Stroohan, Maria
Forsyth, Thomas, morohant
Mundy, William J. J., photographer
Webster, William
Turner, Thomas R,
Euroka lane
Uninn street to Northern boundary
Dixon, Alfred, pattern-maker
Johnstone, 0. A.
Carr, Henry, boatbnlldor
lloyco, Reginald
Barber, John, sawyer
Butler, —
Adamson, Thomas
Chapman, James, shipwright
Johnson. William
Grant, William, stonemason
Doyle, Michael, printer
Carroll, William, cabinet-maker
Chapman, James, sen.
Schmidt, Henry L.
Ripp, John C.
Smith, William
Eaton, —
8porrett, Mory
Lavender street
Blue's Point road to Walker street
Yarnold. Rev. Alfred, M.A., minister
of Christ church
Charlton, Mathow, J.P.
Stokes, a. H., master-marinor
Tanner, Ernest, tutor
Cattell, J. C, merchant
Cliff, John W„ merchant, Ncepsond
Carkc, John
Daroy. John
Fox, Graham M., Wniwera
Lighthouse street
Off William street
Trickett, William
Cooper, Basil
Codd, Thomas
Monk, William, brloklayor
Euroka street
Union street to Northern boundary
Hodge, George, boatbuilder
MoNamara, Bartholomew
Nash, Georgo
Scott, William It., master-mariner
Lodger, —
Adamson. —
Andslcy, Joseph, carpenter
Lord street
Edward street to Bank street
Benson, —
Turner, Edward
Glover, —
Lukin, Groslcy
Saville, Herbert, surveyor
Lord ttreet continued—
Brouilcy, Edward
Clark, James, carpenter
Napier, John, Wostview
Middle s t r e e t
Off JCatt Creicenl ttreet
Grimloy, 1'otor, storekeeper
Iloper, Robert
Langford, Mrs. Mary
Hopkins, Livingston
Davis, James, master-mariner
Ilemlerson, William
Marshall, William, Vcr.inn
Matthews, Jano
Miller street
Dlue't Point road to Mount ttreet
Bumsey, John II., plumber
Gihb, David, carpenter
Bencnor, Adolplins, whitesmith
Bt, Leonard's high school—Baker,
—, master
Mitchell, .Mrs. Eliza, dressmaker
Wing, Josoph W., warehouseman
Bnilth, G. II.. hatter
Guise, William J„ chemist
Lanier, George, fruiterer
Black, William J„ grocer
Woodruff, Hubert F., land agent
Gosper, James, confectioner
Underwood, Samuel R., galvanized
Winton, Mrs. A., dr.iper
Hill ttreet
Miller, Molvln, goldsmith
Hume, Elizabeth
Dutch, Mrs. Mary, bo irding establishment
Lawrence, James
Mitohell street
Dlue't Point road to Blue't bay
Tnybr, Samuel
Turner, Thomas
Elliott, Robert, blacksmith
Connor, William, boatbuildor
Bummers, Albert, tailor
Warren, John B., shipwright
Bae, John W.. earpentcr
Adamson, Thomas
Walsh, William
Rowlandson, A. H.
BomcrB, Louis
Mackinson, James teacher of muBlo
Coopes, Walter
Robinson, llobert
Robertson, William, baker
Grant, William H., maBter-marincr
Adamson, Robert
Olphert, Robert
Mount street
Walter ttreet to Edward ttreet
Brady, jRsper, hairdresser
Holmes, Saniuid H., baker
Uorsncll, John, boot and shoo warshouse
Thompson, Mrs. Margaret
Btutohbury, Edward
Larklns, John, tailor
Hnin, Alfred
Thompson. John, butcher
Burnett, Mrs. M., grocer
Oddfellows' hall
Roseman, Kate, greengrocer
Richardson aud Hall, provision merchants
Veal, Stephen II., boot and shoo warehouse
Coulter, Margaret, milliner and dressmaker
Undorwood, Samuel R., plumber
Waterhouso. George, cabpropriotor
Bank of New South Wales—
Jnmes, V. Or., manager
Miller ttreet
Royal Prlncet hotel—Harding, Joseph
Bock, Arthur, butcher
White, William, plasterer
Vimm, Robert, boarding establishment
Monlauban terrace—
Kenny, John, Rev. Dean
Clarke, Charles D., Mirgcon
Kirhy, Miss Emily, preparatory
Taylor, Tutrick T„ nccountant
Brown, George E., solicitor
Clyde, Mary K.
Darley, Cecil W.. civil engineer
Kemp, Hiohard H. 1'., timber merchant, Ciirrnnibam
Neil, James, Ilunnyctta
Howard, William H., undertaker,
Li ml urn
Nottingham street
Dlue't bay
Sainty, William
Goddard, William, boatbuildcr
Reid, Morlnud, Dennis, boatbuildcr
Gaudy, George, m .ster-marinor
Short street
Off Lord street
Britton, William, shipwright
Susannah street
Dlue't Point road to Dlue't bay
Hilton, Joseph, engineers' smith
Granter, Jnmes, survoj'or
Tnyt, Mrs. Anno
Jones, J. II., architect and purveyor
Robortson, William, carpenter
King, Ernest, muster-mariner
Edwards, Elizabeth
Day, Henry
Bishop, William S., printer
Stevens, Thomai, engineer
Squire, Arthur, clerk
Partridge, Thomns P., tinsmith
Adamson, Robert
Bczer, Henry, grocer
Smith, Frederick, cstato wren*
Blakman, Frederick, plumber
McFarlance, Gcorgo
Chutcr, Mrs., laundress
Dumbarton ttreet
Kennedy, George, cabinet-maker
Hnrwood, Joseph W,
Slacgregor, John, sergennt-major,
Torpedo corps
Kclynack, Frederick, compositor
Thomat ttreet
O'Brien, James, overseer of works,
borough of Victoria
Johnston, Joseph, clerk
Bourne, Cimrlea, upholsterer
Jolly, James
Abbott, James, contractor
Barker, William
Bridge, Almar
Willcox, John It, clerk
Dunn, William
Monro, Hector
Moodin, Rohort
Barrett, Sydney, master-mariner
Tayt street
Dlue't p.itnt road to Dlue't bay
Bnllavant, Charles
Larkin, Patrick, tailor
Wilson, Thomas
Maes, Charles, shipwright
Young, Lewis
Hall, (icorgo, bakor
Harden, Kmma
Toohoy, Coriullus
Reynolds, Joseph
Crowthor, Thomas
Sykes, Charles
Thomas street
Union ttreet to Susannah ttreet
Andrews, Joseph
Chapman, John
Brown, Alice
Hall, Hosnnnnh
Josephs, Frank E,
Hose, Ralph F. D.
McDinraiid, John
Henderson. Jnmes, stationer
Hughes, William
Brnsett, lVrcy, draper
Crawford. Hogarth
Union street
Dlue't P dnt road to Dlue't bay
Homes, Thomai
James, Henry
Doyle, William J,, tailor
Dihbs, Thomas B., solicitor
Dawes, Edward G., solicitor, Hope
Love, Joseph, acoountaut, Hope villa
Blue, Samuel, lighterman
Phillip terrace—
1 Blue, John, lighterman
2 Scott, William It., engineer
3 Whitclocke, Nolson. artist
4 Pnrrott, T. &., surveyor
6 Layton, Sarah
Hogg, Hugh, builder
Blue, James J.,stonemason
Rlghy, Thomas
Jarvls, William, morchant
Woolcott, Charles Henry, Town Olork
City of Sydney
Salter, William
Waito, Gforgo, engraver
Hllliard, Robert, eng'necr
Newton, Arthur, upholsterer
Monro, Walter J., customhouse
Bartlett, John, merchant
Smith, —
Spires, Walter
Monro, James, master-mariner
Herring, Leslie, broker
Rose, Charles G„ compositor
McLeod, William J., broker
Chambers, Claude, architect
Chambors, Mrs., young ladles' school
Dlbbs, Thomas A., manager Commercial Banking Co., Sydnoy, Graythwaito
Chlsliolm, Edward, merchant
Union ttreet cont'ntu*—
Murdon, George
Formby, Miles R„ merchant,
Mia casa
Christ Church school (C.E.)
Powell, James
Brophy, Mrs. Margaret
Gordon, William S.
Connors, Michael, bootmaker
Donno, John P., carpenter
Upper Bayview street
George ttreet to Eatl Cretcent ttreet
Grainger, Horace
Green, William, commercial traveller
Torranco, Mrs. Mary, young ladles'
Uther, Frederick W., morchant,
Finigan, Joseph J , Glasnevln
Porloor, Edward, tcaoher of Frenoh
Lock wood, Thomas, manngcr Queen
Insurance oflleo
Booty, John J., bank manager,
Heaven, John, printer
Maddocks, Alfred, clerk, Richmond
Irwin, Andrew, merchant, Milton
Fielding, Mrs, Phajbo, boarding establishment, Dartford
Dryborough, David, accountant,
Wators, Robert, civil engineer,
Walker stroet
Lavender buy to Mount ttreet
Christ church (C.E.)-Yarnold, Rev.
Alfred, incumbent
Sawors, William, squatter, Wangan
Punoh, FrnnK, hutel-keopci'
Peel, Frederick, warehouseman
Popplestono, William, jowellor
Phelps, James, engineer
Parsonage, Griffiths, ironmonger
Thomns, Charles, plasterer
Tamsott nnd Cornow, grocers
Wnterhouso, J., wood nnd coal merchant
Hlnks, John, painter and paperhauger
Miller, James C. confectioner
Gorman, John, plasterer
Langdon, William J., builder nnd
Coonan, John
Felton and Co.. ironmongers
Donaldson, Mrs., fruiterer
Eaton, John W.. North Shoro joinery
works and sawmills
Sayer, Georgo
Clayton, Henry, engineer
Harrio, Horrie
Baruott, Benjamin, jun.
Cordwell, William, butcher
Weljb Btroot
Off Susannah street
ndyos, James
Hayes, Rebecca
Leek, Charles
Parker, Thomas, L., overseer of works,
borough of St. Leonards
Philpotts, Thomas If., painter
Alley, Benjamin, mastor-marinor
Ray, William
Jorgenson, Anton, engineer
William street
Dlue't Point road to Mount ttreet
Graham, Andrew, storekeeper
Crowley, Jeremiah, Public schoolmaster
Karay, James, coachbutlder
Karuy, John, coaohbuildor
Black, William, olork
Porter, Sarah J.
Christian, William
Fulton, —
Larnneh, Alfred
Birch, Robert, surveyor
Barber, Charles
Barber, Waltor J.
Burke, John
Elliss, Mary
Wilkle, Mrs., accouchousc
Whitehead, William
Hudson, John T., accountant
Monday, Joseph, painter
Fyson, Joseph G.
Day, Ashcr
Forncyhough, James
Murphy, Stephen, clerk
Mcllshiiucr, Edwin, warchouicman
W e s t Oresoont s t r e e t
McFlicrson, David, engineer
Off Dlue't Point road
Coghill, Donald M. R.
Webb, William, nccountant
Loo, Frank, cariienter
Barnett, Benjamin, sen., boatbuildcr
Smith, George If., hatter
Avmstrong, Caroline
Fitzpatrick, Houry, land aj.ent
Dowllng, Edwnrd, secretary Board of Davis, William, clork
Medcalf, Charles C, broker
Technical Education, Warung
Tumor, Tlios,, architect and surveyor
Chester, William
W e s t Oresoont l a n o
Off West Crescent ttreet
Henley, 1 lenry
Strange, John, cooper
Hanson, Andrew
Boun'doci on the north by Boundary and Phillip streets; on tho south by Gardeners road nnd lino dividing it from
municipality of Botany ; on tho east by Dowling street; and en tho west by Botany rond
Area—780 acres.
No. of Ratcpapers—1710.
No. of houses—1032.
Miles of streets—28.
Annual Taluo-£82,001.
Council chambers—Elizabeth and Kclliok streets.
Couucil meets every alternate Friday, 7.30 p.m. '
Oflleo hours—0 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Saturdays, 9 a.m, to 1 p,m.
Library—Monday, Wednesday and Fridny, 7 to 9 p.m.; Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 10 to 12 0.111.
Council clerk—Harris, Charles
Inspector of Nuisances and Librarian—Madden, Michael J.
Foreman of Works—Kndicott, Edwin.
Amelia stroet
OffLachlan ttreet
Pond, Alfred, engineer
Thomas, William, carpenter
4 Smith, John
0 Stapletou, Robert, builder
8 Styman, Frederick
12 Hewlett, William
14 Stapletou, Robert, bricklayer
10 Towner, Jnnc, grocer
Boaumont stroet
Phillip ttreet to Wellington street
1 Black, Charles, bootmaker
3 McCabe, Maria
6 Wilson, Walter
7 Mud go, Josoph, blacksmith
I) Lecd, James, boiler-maker
13 White, Francis
16 Vaney, John G.
17 Mylcs, Charles W., baker
27 Kemp, George, butcher
110 Coates, llobert, hay and corn
121 Holborrow, Johanna
Buckland meet
123 Cauliflower hotel—llolfo, George
126 Williams, L. P.. chemist
127 Fltzroy, John, hairdresser
120 Miller, Peter, pawnbroker
131 Church, Joseph, confectioner
133 Mayo, John, butcher
Botany road
136 Pugslcy, Charles
Regent ttreel to Gardeners lane
137 Pugslcy, John
1 Clifton hotel—O'Brien, Henry
John street
3 Taynter, John H., bootmakor
100 Ward, Frederick J., cnbpropriotor
5 McDouald, James, grocer
171 Connor, Thomas
7 Paterson, W. II.. bokor
178 Manning, Rev. J. N„ B.A.
D Smith, Charles D„ bootflnlsher
Allpass, J. W., Inspector of Publio
11 Newman, Charles, confectioner
13 Hoinlsch, Charles, saddlo and
St. Silas' church (C.E.)
Temporary l'nbllo school—Olouthharness maker
ing, Jonathan, hoadmastor
Frost, John
McEeoy street
Duke hotel—Tiomey, Nicli. H.
Smlth, James, carpontor
James, grooor
Evans, Ann
170 Fairfield, John, butcher
Swndling, James, farrier
William, stonemason
Compton, James, stonemason
185 McConnell, James
18 Tozor, Mrs. Margaret
187 William!., Edward
17 Smith, Menard, general dealer
10 Gibson, Mrs. S. A., draper
101 Dyer, J nines
21 nowo, James P., boot salesman
106 Anderson, Alfred
23 Wciiman, Charles, clicker
Briggs, George, stonemason
26 Pearson, Samuel W., pastrycook
107 Leonard, Patrick, cabproprlotor
27 Decly, John, bootmaker
20 Leber. John, dealer
Brodrigg, William
81 Swcony, Frederick, upholsterer
Potter, Henry
01133 Coleman, Thomas 0.
33-36-37-30 Nunn, John, draper
Wring, Emanuel, bootmaker
43 Slowgrovo, William, tobacconist
Black, Edward, coachpainter
46 Flynn, Timothy
James street
47 Sportsman's arnu—Wallaco, Ellen
Morrison, John, woolsorter
Jtaglan ilreet
Ah Foo, Btorekcepor
49 Pogson, Bryan, grocor
Fazaklcy. Ilichard
61 Beeby, Mrs. E. A., draper and
Starr, William
Campbell, William
66 Barkl, James, bootflni9h«r
Tollbar—Davis, A. J., lesseo
67 White, George, carpenter
203 Spinks, Tllclinrd
60 Chapman, Lawrence L„ grocer
206 Spinks, John
01 Potts, llobert, bootmakor
207 McDcrmott, J<>hn
08 Sonthcy, Charles
200 llossbrldg»: Thomas
66 Stokes, Edmund
Gcddos Brothers; Waterloo and
Klppon, William, greengrocer
Buckland mills, wool scourers
87 McCartney, Arthur, fishmonger
and fellmongors
00 Sawyer, Joseph, cablnot-makcr
211 Peck, Isnac, sugar manufacturer
71 Bray, William II.. carpontor
Waterloo Tram terminus
73 Carrad, William J„ bookbinder
Waterloo Public school—
70 Hlnchcliffo, Mrs. James, stationer
Clouting, J. II., headnnd nows agent
master; McKcilly, Miss
77 Post and telegraph office—Farqu£., headmistress
liarson, 11. J., postmaster
70 Trltton, Alfred T , wood and coal 236 Young, Ocorge. engineer
William, grocer
260 Chambers, William, fellmonger
81 Taylor, John B., oil nnd colour
207 Stevens, William
200 Normau, Henry
83 McColc, Peter, watchmaker
Empson road
H6 Clarke, William
301 Halficay House hotel—Clear,
87 Piirkor, Wllllim
80 Symons, William, ironmonger
303 Wells, William
01 Powell, William A., hairdresser
Paul, John, jiottor
03 Hudson, Isack. confectioner's shop
Tosh, William, engineer
06 Amtot, William, bootmaker
Morris. James
07 Cowperthwaito, Frederick, dealer
Goodlct and Smith's pottery and
00 Cain, llobert, wood dealer
brick works
101 Pun Loo, grocer
Hamilton, E.
Congregational churoh—Adams,
Chaplin, Charlea
Rev. E., minister
Luby, John
113 Haythorpe, Thomas, greengrocer
Connelly, John
116 Mulder, Susannnb, baker
Finlcy, Gcorgo
117 Jeffries, John, butcher
Beaumont street continued—
31 Hudson, John W., Blator
83 Wood, William IT., bricklayer
86 Keogh, Michael
87 Reynolds. Henry
3D Scott, Robert, carpenter
8fli Malcolm, I'eter, engineer
41 Pottor, William
England and Stanton, dairykeepers
Pawley, Frank, dairyman
Cooper, Alfred, dairyman
Carroll, James, market gardener
Hayes, Patrick, market gardener
Riley, John, market gardener
Keating, John, market gardener
Clune, Peter, market gardener
Thornton nnd Gearing, boiling down
Gorman, John
O'Kcefc, William, market gardener
Walsh, Elliot nnd llenuio, fellmongors—Gcddcs, Thomas, mannger
Gibbons, John
Tester, Isaac, boiling down establishment
Moloney, John, schoolmaster, Publio
Gardtners lane
Botany street continued—
100 Australian inn—Donnolnn, Nora
Buckland street
108 nyncm, Richard, butcher
110 Byrne, John
112 Tregent, John, currlor
114 Colo, William H , teacher
114} Waterloo Congregational chapol
110 Boyliss, Ellas
118 norsofleld, John
120 Anger, John, plasterer
122 Coxhcad, Joseph, bootmakor
124 Morrison, Edward
120 Goldfinch, Richard
128 Mahon, Philip
130 Cobley, E., dealer
134 Ashton, Henry, blacksmith
130 Wiseman, James
138 Baker, James, grocer
John street
161-160 Watts, William, follmonger
168 McGrath, Louisa
100 Mapston, William, woolwashcr
102 Gcrnco, Henry, tailor
104 Oowell, William 11., plasterer
100 Taylor, Ebonezor
108 Bnrrell, Arthur, bricklayer
170 Pcrolvel, Thomas
172 Wilkinson, Edward H., tinsmith
174 Johnson, William J., tinsmith
170 Molloy, William, compositor
Off 170—
Rush worth, Francis, plasterer
Cave, Thomas
Bulmau, Jnmc3
Bray, William
Proud, Alfred, diver
Wring, Emonuel, bootmaker
Longman, Thomas
178 King, Thomas
180 Carpenter, Rlohard
182 Biggs, Frcdcrlok, turner
184 Gray, Gcorgo
Botany street—East side
lledfem street to McEtoy street
2 Clarke, James
4 Nicholson, George
0 Mcl'arnlan.Murrow
8 Smith, Walter, stonemason
10 Hart, Thomas, butcher
12 Atkins, Thomas, bnker
Itobey, J.
Wildman, John, bricklayer
14 Cochnin, I'rnncls, greengrocer
Forestevs' hull
18 Smith, Mrs. Catherine
20 SpcD'je, AI"v»'Jder, carpenter
22 H»iii, James
2< Sinter, Jas. A., oil and colour man
C<I Irons, Mrs. Sophia
28 Ezzry, Henry
30 llyun, John, printer
32 Black, Charles
114 Colquohtme, Aloxander
30 Smith, Henry
38 Smith, Mathew, J.P.
40 Tcsdale, ltlchnrd W., joiner
42 Coffin, Philip L., vnnproprietor
44 Donaldson, Alexander
40 Wells, Walter.!., tinsmith
48 Lester, Joseph
60 Miller, John
62 Jones, Albert, carpenter
Raglan street
64 Wiggins, Henry
60 Potts, Willlnm. fencer
68 Power, Edward, blacksmith
00 Poncho, Mrs.
02 Horsey, Samuel, cabproprlctor
04 Woodward, John, dairyman
00 Stevenson, Amos
08 Flcgg, Edwin F., bnker
72 Hundley, Ernest, engraver
74 Bobarg, Randolph, bulldor
70 Sharp, Mary
80 Clark, James
82 Crokcr, Thomas
84 Horry, James, painter
88 Hampshire, James
00 Brookcr, George
02 Francis, John
114 Goldln. Thomas
00 Stend, Henry
08 Farmer, William, cabproprlctor
100 Bnyldon, John P.
102 Swales, Thomas, currier
104 Mntchct, William
West side
1 Sweeney, Margaret
6 Pope, Mrs.
7 Hart, William
0 Morris, John, greengrocer
11 Currlo, Ann
13 Dickie, Charles
0/13Blain, Susan, tailorcss
Lipsoombe, Joseph, bootmaker
Sponce, Alexander It., carpenter
16 Condon, D., boot-flnlsher
17 Ritehie. David
10 Green, William II., carpenter
21 Mansfield, John, carjicntor
23 Hardess, Henry V., carpenter
25 Doudcll, William
27 Ryan, Charles
20 Tollis Bros., boot manufacturers
81 Dryhurst, Eliza
83 Tollis, Reuben, boot manufacturer
37 Bretnall and Poulton, builders
30 Hoyle, Joseph, wood doaler
41 Lirko, Frederick, warehouseman
43 Prendcrgnst, Thomas
46 Fluck, Charles, bootclickor
47 '.she, Thomns, tailor
40 ennett, Michael, tinsmith
61 Edwards, William, greengrocer
61J Coops, William T., grocer
Raglan street
63 Lowis, Joseph, wheelwright
65 Qulgg, James
Crittenden, Samuel
Glceson, Thomas
Austin, F. W., brioklnyor
Dooloy, Edward
Deo, William
Ycend, Charles, plastoror
Knight, Joseph
Nowbery, Gcorgo, drayproprlotor
Wigglctou, Frederick, bootmaker
Neal, George T.
Hughes, James, nsphalter
Parker, George, plasterer
VonoB, Androw
Fnrrcll, Catherine
Cnrrnthurs, Francis, bootflnlsher
Wntsforil, Joseph
Collins, George, tinsmith
Lane, William J., bootmakor
Gibson, Thomas, warehousemen
Murray, Samuel B„ stonemason
Vcnos, Anclrow
Potter, Samuel
Bunton, Gcorgo, shipwright and
109 Riley, William S., carpenter
111 Gslaua, Henry, bootmakor
117 Gardiner, William
110 Batty, Thomas, painter
123 Cltiigau, William
125 Mulder, William, baker
127 Noble, George, tailor
137 Trittuii, Alfred J., wood dealer
180 Smith, Henry E., tinsmith
Buckland street
141 Strauss, Abraham, dealer
143 Pugslcy, William, cabproprlctor
151 Murray, Thomns
163 Bryson, Joseph, currier
155 Stephens, Thomns, blacksmith
105 Sedgwick, John, tanner
167 Davies, James
100 Crellen. Benjamin, carpenter
171 Woss, William, painter
176 Pender, Jnmes
John street
187 O'Brien, Patrick, corndealer
Boundary street
George street to Elizabeth street
Chatwin, Samuel, engineer
ltobbins, Walter, wheelwright
Murray, Daniel, master-mariner
Douglas street
Lamont, William
Holder, Peter W., dairyman
Chandler, William A.
Morrison, Robort, bootflnlsher
Lord, Henry, ncconntant
Haining, David, snddlcr
Allen, John
Anderson, Mrs. Mary
Walsh, Daniel, dairyman
Starr, Stephen
Burt street
Wnlsh, Edward
Martin, Henry
Stone, Edward, painter
Nnylor, Jnmcs, joiner
Hooper, Henry
Boyd, Charles
Bowker, Jnmes, tobacconist
Scnnlnn. Thomas
Lane, Walker, corporation
Black, Alexander, contractor
Robertson, Robert, bootflnlsher
Bolton, George, builder
Parsons, John, plumber
Miller, John
Boler, W., dairyman
Navin, John, dairyman
Peat, Barnet, cabproprlotor
Necdham, Robert
Vaughan, William
Cosgrovo, John
Bourke street
Southern boundary of Redfem to
Botany road
Farmer, John, dairyman
Brown, Henry, cabproprietor
Cobb and Co., Orient brewery
Redman, Henry W.
Luscombe, W.
Goond, Charles
Rossitor, Ambrose, nurseryman
Toohey, William, dairyman
Silencer, Mrs.
Fleming, James, dairymnn
Aldorson and Sons, tanners, curi Icr
follmoiiiicrs, Middlcrs
Forsytho and Co., roporaakers
Hinds, W.
Smith Brothers, soap manufacturers
Glenn, Jnmcs, carpenter
Lnmond, Thomas
Mcl'hcrson, James, ropomakor
Parker, Timothy
Bruce street
Off Murray street
Neighbour, W„ plasterer
Foy, John, bricklayer
Parrett, A. J., painter
Goold, Mrs.
Dunklcy, W. W.
Buokland s t r e e t - N o r t h side
Botany road to lilt street
1 Hansan, Christian, dealer
8 Wright, Frederick, bricklayi r
5 Newell, Gcorgo E., painter
7 McMnnus, Joseph, plasterer
0 Fcrhcnbach, Frederick, butcher
11 Chapman, Henry W., joiner
13 Barrett, James
15 Wcnman, Arthur, plasterer
17 Malouo, Patrick
10 Evans, William, mayor
21 Burchmore, William, draper
23 Rowin, Thomas
26 Duffy, William, grocer
Mary street
27 Lewis, Thomas, draper
George street
20 Thompson, John C, grocor
31 Holler, Peter
33 Winters, Frances
Cooper street
36 McMahon, Mary A., grocer
37 Byrno, Jnmes, builder
30 Reid, Willlnm
41 Adams, John R., cabproprietor
45 Moggridge, William
South side
2-4 Rose of Denmark hotel—
Hansmnnn, Mrs., Philomind
0 Allen, John, denier
8 Endlcott, Gcorgo, stonemason
12 Thornton, John
14 Avis, Thomas
Buckland tlreel continued—
16 Furac, Qeorgc, master-mariner itreet
84 Stevens, James
Duke of Wellington hotel—Elford,
George itreet
86 O'Malley, A., draper
Cooper itreet
88 Quinn, Thomas W., grocer
44 OolilflDcli, Thomas B., butcher
46 Dartnell, Joseph, bootmaker
48 Roy, Jacob
Botany itreet
48J Harris, Stophon, joiner
£0 Roaoh, William, hairdresser
62 Abbott, John
64 Wblto, Charles J,, brassfluisher
60 Lyons, James, enuincor
68 Byatt, John, carpenter
60 France, Thomas 0., carpenter
03 Oooke, John
Bart street
Boundary itreet to Raglan itreet
l.Horo, William, master-mariner
3 Ilarpor, Francis
6 Androw, John
7 Slough, Frederick J.
0 Berry, James, sailmakcr
Clarendon street
Jleaumont itreet to itorehead itreet
1 Callaghan, John
3 Soulby, Emma E.
Hanover itreet
6 Bilton, Itichard
Cooper s t r o o t
Bullanaming itreet to John itreet
1 Albrow, James, carpenter
8 Pittroy hotel—Itogers, Thomas
7 Chlttend, William
0 McCarthy, Michael
11 Mitchell, Frances
15 Smith, William
16 Gray, Robert, grocer
Pike, Frederick, bollor-maker
Qainsoy, Elizabeth
Mason, George, butcher
Stoncam, John, sawsharponor
Brown, Robert, painter
Short, John, builder
Raglan itreet
43 Cowford, A.
47 McCottcr, Nelson
63 Martin, James, baker
66 McMastcrs, Gcorgo
67 lliland, Charles
69 Duffy, Mark
71 DIncyan, William
77 Warner, Wihiam
Broom, William, bootmaker
Fitzgerald, Cathcrlno
87 Conway, Mrs.
81) Armstrong, William
Dl Chandlor, Robert
Walker, J. H., butcher
Buckland itreet
06 Hartuctt, William, bootmakor
97 Emery, James
90 Sldpwart, Edwin
101 Smith, William
103 Etching, O. J., joiner
106 Boycc, D. J. C.
100 Royllng, Mary
113 Dully, Thomas
116 Greeleos, William, mastormariner
121 O'Farrell, Patrlok, dealor
123 Walters, Frodorlok, sawyer
126 Watson, Thomas
127 Wilson, W., master-mariner
120 Homey, William, drapor
1J1 Heap, Sydney, bootmaker
133 Briant, William
Douglas street
Boundary itreet to lane
Breose, Henry, carpenter
Randcll, Mrs,
Saxby, James, Utter
Ludsenhorff, Frodorlok, draper
Channon, James, sallmaker
Elizabeth street—East side
Phillip itreet to Bourke itreet
Fullln, Timothy
Spriugall, Josoph
Welsh, Wlliam, joiner
Wilson, James A., warehouseman
Spargo, James
Halhorly, William, builder
Taylor, John 11., paiutor
Richardson, Thomas H., builder
?oneroy, Frederick, joiner
Boon, Frederick
Kaln, William, compositor
Macquiro, James, paintor
Mnrju, Daniel, pniutor
Vinson, Mrs. Jc°slo, mldwlfo
30 Drury, F. G.. jeweller
82 Thompson, Thomas, vanpropriotor
36 Deacon, Charles, greengrocer
38 Robins, Joseph, bootmaker
40 Marsh, Robort
42 Wallor, William, tanner
44 Clcnson, Frcdorick
48 Thompson, Arthur, commission
69 Tornlng, Margaret
62 Wcstacott, B*muol
64 Pago, Charles
66 Christlson, Henry, engineer
68 Hoby, James, printer
60 Kennody, Frank M., chemist
62 Tornlng, Andrew, house decorator
64 Donisou, John, grocer
66 Molyncaux, John H., draper
68 Jones, Edward, cabproprictor
70 Banks, Annio
72 Mills, W, O., plumber
74 Carlln, Frcderiok
70 Wright, W. James
78 Falrclough, Drummond
80 Richardson, Tliomns, coppersmith
82 Tuff, Thomas J., butcher
84 Horley, Charles, broom-maker
86 Clark, John G., jeweller
88 Mace, Robert, brlckburncr
00 Murphy, J„ vanpropriotor
02 Barry, John, bookbinder
04 Hudson, Benjamin
06 Paine, John, laudscapo photographer
08 Board, Alfred J., saddler
100 Rosebray, Albertus A.
102 George hotel—Cottar, William
Kelltck itreet
Waterloo Municipal chambers—
Harris, Charles, council clerk
Welleiley terrace—
1 Lced, James, boiler-maker
2 Main, James, olty missionary
8 Chambors, Frederlok
4 Bolz, William, engineer
6 Bishop, William, planofortc-tuner
7 Collier, Thomas, carpenter
8 Haslam. James, tailor
0 Testor, Charles, tallow-boilor
11 Bennett, Edwin, harness-maker
12 Rogers, W. H., bootcllokcr
18 Gross, Max
14 Snoll, Henry, tanner
16 Keating, Mrs. Louisa
17 Wade, Robert, bollor-maker
18 Breedon, Thomas
West Bide
9 Baker, Gcorgo, painter
11 Woolven, G. W., plumberand gasfitter
16 noarc, Sydney, jolnor
17 Whiting, Rlohard
10 Wakening, John A.
21 Bennett, John T., ropemaker
23 Watson, David, ourrlor
Barton, John
27 Smith, S. F„ soapmaker
81 Seddon, William, grocer
Raglan street
33 Mount Jjiiehlan hotel—Grconwood,
36 Clark, John G., jowellor
37 Paoker, Thomas
89 Endicott, Edwin, foreman of
Schlmel itreet
66 Manson, Mrs. Mary, grocer
67 Atkin, John
69 Law, Thomas
63 Sladc, Emanuel
66 Tallant, George, engineer
73 Frco, John, 'busproprietor
76 Arnold, James, cordial manufacturer
77 Ryan, Michael, grocer
79 Ellwood, Ann, dressmakor
81 Cole, William, tailor
83 Huntley, Charles U.
Wellington itreet
George street—East side
Rcdfern to McEvoy itreet
Barnes, Thomas
Moon, Annio
McGregor, Mrs. D.
Moon, Lucy
Stokes, Mrs., midwife
12 Austin, 0., carpenter
14 Badman, Francis, plastorcr
16 Badman, Minnie, coaohtrimmer
18 Griffiths, Thomas H. M.
20 Murphy, Stephen
22 Auclerk, Joseph
24 Donovan, Amelia
26 Ward, Frederick
28 Fallctt, James
30 Logan, William, boiler-maker
82 Connor, James, bootmaker
34 Spcnce, Mary
38 Silver, Joseph
Raglan itreet
44 Keshan, Daniel
48 Robson, William G.
60 Cavlll, John
62 Richardson, Charles, blacksmith
George itreet continued—
64 Kennelly, Patrick
66 Dlokson, James
68 Vose, John
62 Foley, William, boiler-maker
64 O'Brion, William, blacksmith
66 Pople, George, oarponter
68 Russell, John
70 Hourlgan, Jeremiah, cabproprietor
76 Redwood, William, blacksmith
78 Pople, Charles
80 Sparks, William
82 Kelly. Peter
84 Neville, Richard, plasterer
86 Hooper, Elizabeth
88 Grant, William
90 Quail, Clarendon, jolnor
02 Fowles, George, grocer
04 Crispin, Richard, engineer
08 Haylook, George
Huckland itreet
100 Duke of Wellington hotel—Elford,
102 Raymond, Elizabeth
104 Adamson, Alexander, stonemason
106 Spraguo, Michael
108 Wilson, William
110 Penrose, James
112 Topham, Mrs.
114 Cronny.J.
116 Ilogan, James, maslor-mariner
118 Yates, George, engineer
120 Collins, Thomas, cooper
122 Watson, John, bootmaker
126 Huggan, Robert, carpenter
180 Carpenter, Thomas, carpenter
132 Hill, John, painter
134 Crack, John, baker
136 Teehan, Daniel
138 Hill, John, painter
140 Davies, Mary A.
142 Green, Henry, saddler
John itreet
144 Russell, Josoph K., jolnor
146 Bnllcn, James, cabproprlotor
160 Smith, Charles, butcher
162 Gotloy, Fred
160 Hessell, James, carpenter
168 Griffith, O. U., carpenter
162 Lowis, John, sugar-boiler
164 Mead, Charlotte
100 Boshca, Elizabeth
108 Riloy, William
170 Copper, Mathew
172 Boll, William
174 Fiold, Henry
176 Preston, Robert, sallmakor
178 Dunning, Isabella
180 Fazakerley, James, woolsorter
West side
1 Dames, Richard, bricklayer
3 Martin, Henry, plumber
10 Elgar, Edward, carpenter
Free, John, 'bus stables
llourke itreet
S Eagor, George
7 Ellis, Samuel, plumber
0 Slater, James A., storekeeper
11 Shea, George W.
13 Stoneham, Harry
16 Rogers, Louisa
17 Smith, Frederlok, butcher
10 Crone, Christopher
21 Lover, Henry, painter
23 Seronton, Jane
26 Chamberlain, Frederick, painter
27 Carter, Daniel, bootmaker
29 May, Thomas, bootmaker
36 Bcatty, Alexander
87 Bab'y, Genrgo, ongineer
37i Jones, John, carpentor
30 Qulnsly, Gcorgo, dealer
Raglan itreet
41 Mlddlesborough hotel—Soutor,
43 Wood, William, frenohpollsher
46 Sprang, Rlchord W., bootmaker
47 Bunting, Robert
49 Forrest, Henry, ongineer
61 Thompson, Henry, cabinetmaker
Rose, John, bootclickor
63 Bunting, George II., butcher
66 Dunning, William, coaohbuildor
87 Neville, Richard, plasterer
60 Samuol, Henry, carpenter
61 Hogan, Martin
03 Catley, —, butcher
06 Stewart, J., storekeeper
67 Singleton, Michael
09 Jones, Charles J.
71 Totter, Edward, stonomoson
73 Harris, Dennis
76 Cocking, Henry, carpenter
77 O'Keefe, Mary, grocer
79 Klause, James
81 Andrews, II. Henry, stonemason
83 McDonald, Alfred, plasterer
85 Vorm, Emicl L., blacksmith
Buckland itreet
01 Kclley, Jeremiah
05 Davison, Joseph, cabproprietor
97 Nelson, Hugh, carpentor
09 Blrkln, Gcorgo
101 Corner. Henry
103 Brown, Josoph, follraonger
106 Halo. William, leathor-dressor'
107 Taylor, William
109 Monk, Jauic«
111 Douglas. Richard, grocer
113 Ireland, Mary E.
116 Timbrell, Frederick
110 Sullivan, Elizabeth
121 Bonecke, Christian, greongrocor
123 Cheerful Home hotel—Braun,
John itreet
131 Rowo, Arthur P., draper
133 Anderson, William
135 Crudun, William, telegraph
139 Stoki a, Thomas, 'busproprietor
141 Lemon, George, carpenter
143 Brown, Emlllo
143J Doze, Robert, carpenter
145 Stevens, Juseph, dealer
147 Graham, Aichlbald
140 Doze. Robert, carpentor
140J Clcnson, James, carpentor
Off 149J Harrison, Thomas
151 Matterson, Joseph, printer
163 Smith, James, dealer
166 Appleton, Robert, dealor
Green street
Raglan itreet to Buckland Itreet
7 Scott, Thomas, bootclickor
9 Hnrdman, JI rs.
11 McConvillc, Alexander
16 Smith, John, cabproprietor
17 Richardson, Thomas, cabproprietor
Wadsworth, Alfred
Smith, Patrick
Walker, Goorga W,
Clingan, William, stonemason
Brennan, Thomas, dealer
Dalllson, Edward
31 Holyor, Joseph, ironmonger
Hanover street—East side
Phillip itreet to Wellington itreet
2 Tarlcton, Houry J., grocer
•I Libbison, John, shipcarpentor
6 Johnson, Alfred, jeweller
8 Hinder, George, carpenter
10 Bteol, Louis
12 Dale, William
14 Taylor, Agabus
16 Daley, Michael, stonemason
18 Daley, Charles, stonemason
20 Fuller, George, ooachbuilder
22 Addison, John, stonomoson
24 Dunn, Robert, plumber
20 Cook, Henry, painter
28 Notley, Charles, confectioner
80 l'ago, Arthur, coachbuildor
32 Solwyn, Aloxander S., confectioner
34 Crow, William, bootmaker
36 Kearns, Edward
88 Bcr*ian, John
40 Norton, Edward
42 Taylor, Thomas
44 Heron, Mary
46 Uorgau, William
48 Daniol, William J.
60 Kay, William D., bricklayer
52 Cowley, Josephine
64 Stevens, John
66 Stewart, William
68 Humphries, James, nurseryman
60 Trudgcun, Thomas F., cooper
02 Fulleu, T.
64 Marshall, Hcury, builder
66 Keegan, Georgo
68 Palmer, George
70 Levett, noury, grocer
W e s t sido
3 Pago, Henry P., plumber
6 Townsend, John W., fitter
7 McMlles, William
0 Dolye, Mrs. A.
11 Giles, Arthur L., carpenter
13 Hudson, L.
21 Mason, David
28 Cole, William B.,bulldor
29 Payne, Arthur
31 Earl, William C, painter
83 Balfour, Jennet
36 Kaln, Joseph
37 Newcomb, William, bootmaker
39 Hardle. David E.
41 Clark, Frank
43 Worthingtou, William J., bootmaker
45 Fox, Charles, saddler
47 Solomon, David
40 Deacon, Charles J., greengrocer
61 Gregory, Robert, butcher
65 Grlflln, Timothy
67 Jones, William, plumber
69 Lister. Ellen
61 Taylor, William, dairyman
63 Dcoly, Mrs. S.
65 Saundcrson, John, bootmaker
67 Mair, John, carpenter
69 Uodgkinson, William L.
71 Howe, William J., bootmaker
John street—North side Botany road to lilt itreet
2 Fitzgerald, John D.
4 Kulin, 0. J„ stonemason
0 IladoliCf, William, teacher of
Cooper itreet
8 Noonan, Patrick
Oeorge itreet
10 Kelly, Michael, bootmaker
12 Osman, John
14 Hardy, David, painter
16 Young, Robert
18 Gillespie, John J., bootmaker
20 Hill, Bamucl J., conchtrlmmer
S2 Logan, John
24 Denning, William, blacksmith
20 lloolahan, Pntrick
28 Williamson, Jacob
80 Davis, Philip
32 Hope, Thomas
34 Flarthy, Thomas, bootmaker
80 Bradford, James
38 Shlcl, James
40 Carter, N. Thomas
42 Wells, Thomas
44 Marsdcu, Ocorgo
46 Shaw, Edward
48 Symou9, John II., bootmaker
60 Carlan, Vornon, plumbor
62 Littlobury, Francis, bookbinder
£4 Robinson, William
66 Dyea, George
68 Bailey, Georgo H., saddler
S o u t h Bide
9 Stokes, Thomas, 'bus stables
11 QriBIths.John
Qeorge itreet
13 Lomas, George, tailor
IB Wallace, John
17 Oookburn, Elizabeth
10 Dart, Isabella
Kolliok street—North side
Pillttreet to itoreliead street
1 Brown, Robert
10 Macnamaro, Patrick, vanproprietor
Elizabeth Street
Atkinson, Alfred, dealer
65 Connors, John
87 Cameron, John R., currier
Off 87 Evans, Edward
60 White, Weekcs, baker
01 Ellory, Valentine
63 Horper, Francis
06 Dohorty, John F.
07 Kerr, Duncan, bookbinder
71 Orchard, George J.
73 Mullin, William
76 Makwcll, Patrick, blacksmith
77 Orchard. Georgo, bricklayer
81 Evans, lire O.
83 Higgs, Paul, collar-maker
86 Poynan, Josoph
South side
Mount Carmcl R.O. school—
Ellery, Valentine, headmaster
Collins, Rev.' Josoph
Kensington street
Kelltck itreet to McEvoy itreet
1 Mrinnora, John E.
3 Cox, James T., tinsmith
6 O'Donnell, Charles, baker
7 King, James
0 Marsh, John
16 Tuke, Samuel, joiner
17 Brown, David
10 Wilson, Henry
21 Hare, Joseph R.
23 Taylor, Samuol T.
25 Stark, James, plumber
27 Parker, Thomas, ropemaker
20 Skinner, George, painter
31 White, John, cabinet-maker
Laohlan street
Bourke itreet to Bowling itreet
West, Thomas R.
67 Johnson, John, nurseryman
00 Huckett, Catherine, butcher
Amelia itreet
Hood, Samuel, medical practltionor
Thornton, James T,
116 Kcnyolds, Georgo, palntor
117 Win.lborg, Charles
110 Knight, William
Sing Hop. market gardener
MoEvoy street—North side
/Many road to Elizabeth rireet
2 Allen, William, general dealer
4 Brennan, Bernard
0 Downey, David, cordial-maker
8 Hulnie, William
10 Prothoroo, Thomas, cabproprietor
12 Cllmpson, Joseph, bootmaker
14 Lavender, James, bootmaker
10 Phillips, John
20 Taylor, William
22 Glashcon, William
24 Ilemond, Henry
George itreet
30 Phillips, John
32 Arnold, William
HO Adlington, Herbert, carpenter
38 Hill, James, painter
42 Parnham, Georgo
South side
CripjM, Frederick
Cole, Henry J., blacksmith
Buckley, Patriok, fellmonger
Hnnley, Edward, saddler
Baxter, Mrs. E.
Simpson, John W.
Best, Thomas
10Grcgory, Thomas
Holder, Georgo H.
Morgan, John
Hale, Thomas, fellmonger
Jcnman, Thomas J.
16 Lnpton, Alexander, tanner
17 Musgrovo, Thomas
10 McConnoll, William, tanner
21 Egcrt, Charles
Johnstone, James, woolwashcr
Mead itreet
MoEvoy Street east
Kensington itreet to Elizabeth itreet
1 Dickens, Charles, bootmaker
Cumtnon, Joseph, plumber
3 Lysaght, William
7 Bourke, Frederick J.
0 Connor, Jomc3, bricklayer
11 Nixoh, James •
68,000 POLICIES IN FORCE, ASSURING £21.000,000.
Mar? street—East side
Boundary street to Auckland itreet
2 Taylor, Reuben, stationer
4 Hoare, James, tinsmith
0 Uyer, Louis
8 Vose, Robert, stonemason
10 Bole, John
12 Nettleship, Henry, fellmonger
14 Pearson, John, engineer
16 Carkery, John, brassmoulder
18 Brown, William, sawyer
20 Walsh, Lawrence, cabproprietor
22 Bcman, Janet
20 Pickering, M., bootmaker
28 Burrows, Josoph
30 Glass, James
32 Hunt, Georgo D., coachbuilder
West side
Townsend, Alfred
Bragg, Philip
Usher, Margaret
O'Brien, Michael
Ball, Samuel G.
Vackeley, William
Mead street
John itreet to McEcoy Itreet
1 Burt, Robert
2 Williams, Richard
3 Jensscn, Edward
4 Cummins, Patrick, stonemason
6 Hoaney, Hugh
0 Hurley, Joseph
11 Huckstupp, Richard
13 Dadley, Ocorgo R.
15 Bryant, Arthur, plasterer
17 Kecr, Dixon
19 Lew-is, Saruh
21 McClurc, Emma
23 Colo, Henry, roller-maker
26 Home, Robert J.
Morehead street—East side
Phillip street to Kellick meet
Beckworth, William
Watson, John
Murrcll, Edwin J.
Watson, Henry, bricklayer
Davis, Simeon, whitesmith
Rohan, Thomas, cabproprietor
W e s t Bide
Knowlos, William A.
Pearson, Thomas, bricklayer
Hayes, Patrick, bricklayer
Hart, Frank, plumber
Hart, Augustus F., cngincor
Bourko, Joseph, wlno merchant
Hill, William, carpenter
Grcasby and Hartley, bookcasemakers
17 Cornish, Thomas '"
10 Coatcs, Charles J.
21 Mulholland, Ellen J.
23 Warner, William
26 McCoy, Thomas, bootmaker
27 Gunn, John C, tuilor
20 Doolan, William, contractor
31 Kewcombc, William
33 Lauder, Hugh, bootmaker
35 Hart, Frank G., plumber
37 Howarth, James, saddler
30 Macuamara, Edward, warehouseman
41 Flanncry, James, droyproprictor
ilorehead itreet continued—
43 Bolton, William
46 Pender, John
40 Llewellyn, Ernest n ,
61 Roswcll, Thomas W.
63 Flzzell, Samuel
65 Systriin, Martin, builder
67 Squires, James
60 Nicholson, Donald
01 Roberts, Georgo W., brlcklayor
03 Cowley, I. J.
65 Stead, R. J.
07 Stock, Mrs. Jane
60 Wormang, William, engineer
71 Eckford, Frederick SI.
Wellington street
73 Jarvis, John
75 Bourke, Henry, hay and corn
77 Dcavinie, Michael
Murray street
Doiclimj street
Bailey, John
King, William
King, Charles P.
Wright, Edmond.horso dealer
Buoklcy, John, dealer
Conley, John, carpeuter
Tansley, George, frcnchpollsher
Flynn, Thomas
Harry, Thomas J., watchmaker
Connelly, John, joiner
Carruthers, William
Phillip street
Elizabeth street to ilorehead itreet
1 Holland, Henry
3 MoKenzIo, William II., tailor
5 Weight, Frank, builder
7 nolrford. Isaac, law clerk
0 Walsh, George, blacksmith
11 Bowcn, —
13 Halstcad, Emlllo
16 McColl, John
llanocer street
17 Russell, John, builder
10 Hillman, William H., carpenter
21 I tucker, Samuel, collar-maker
23 Georgeson, A., draper
26 Thomson, John, portmanteaumakor
27 Pyo, Frederick
20 Garthon, John, cabproprietor
31 Bern, John, blacksmith
33 Robinson, Qeorge, engineer
36 Lamb, William
37 Geary, John, storekeeper
30 Allison, Caroline
41 Mullins, Michnol, tailor
43 Qrostenor hotel -King, Alfred
Fitt street—East side
Boundary to Kellick street
2-4 Dumolo, John T., chemist
0 Smith, Joseph, carpenter
8 Dollar, James
10 Stuart, John, carpenter
12 Peterson, William, bootmaker
14 Horder, Albert, builder
18 Gibbons, Martin
20 Greenwood, Georgo H.
22 Smith, John
24 Kirkland, George K.
20 Raymond, Frank, carpenter
30 Wearue, James
Raglan street
Tollls, Thomas, boot manufacturer
llenney, John F.
nicking, Henry J., boot salesman
Bishop, John
Wiles, Elizabeth
Cains, Charles
Freeman, 8. M.
Flshor, Harry, accountant
McNeil, Malcolm, blacksmith
Parry, Joseph, llourmills.
Wellington steeet
68 Grcgson, Henry, grocer
70 Ballard, Thomas A., painter
72 Walker, George, draper
74 Lee, John
76 Prescott, John, japanncr
7UJ Smart, Ralph, litter
80 Browning, Henry
82 York, Francis, painter
81 Jolliffe, Elizabeth, tailorcss
80 Fitzgerald, Thomas
88 Brown, John, bootflnlsher
Henderson, 'William, grocer
Logan, Mary J., teacher of music
Thompson, Joseph, stonemason
Madden, Michael J., luspector of
116 Glynn, Michael, bootmaker
117 McAnally, John
Raglan street—North side
Elizabeth itreet to Botany road
1 Kelly, Philip
3 Wenman, Edward, carpenter
7 Barnott, Charles, cabinet-maker
Surrey itreet
0 Wilson, James, warehouseman
II White, Oeorge
15 Wearing, Edward, pattern-maker
17 Mo.lcalf, Joseph, furniture dealer
Harris, Joslah, furniture dealer
19 Emanuel, Charles, builder
21 Bowyer, Samuel, carpenter
23 Dunk, Henry
25 Hilliard, Thomas G.
West side
Surrey itreet
1 Marshall, John, engineor
27 Coombcr, James, plasterer
3 Kerr, Mary
7 Wilkinson, John
31 Eastwood, Thomas, brashmaker
0 Mancer, Arthur, vanproprfetor
33 Read, Edmund, engineer
11 Foster, James, joiner
37 Haucox, Isaac
Rocho, John, greengrocer
30 Derlncy, Mrs. Annie
13 Fuscdale, Thomas L.
41 Pilkington, Alfred, stonemason
43 Suggate, Charles R,
Richards, Louise
46 Robins, Alfred, stonemason
Jarlaud, John, baker
47 Pratt, Mlohool
Owlcr, Margaret
40 White, George, bootmaker
Creig, William, joiner
51 Wilson, William
17 Catley, Ernest T., butohor
Ronan, Michael
23 Travis, Ebazlna, ironmonger
Burt itreet
O'Noill, Kate, grocer
67 Nelson, John, builder
25 Catley, E. T., butcher
60 Marr, James C, boot manufac27 Poplo, Edward W., joiner
31 Kay, Peter, carpenter
01 Mctcalf, Robert Y.
33 Hawkc, Harriet, lauudress
03 Beckett, Georgo
37 Cottage of Content hotel—Gunn, T. 05 Selby, Christopher, carriage
llaglan street
41 Fearson, Walter W., grocer
07 Marr, J. C, boot manufacturer
43 Brciuiai), Timothy
09 Camper, John W., auctioneer
45 Klppen, James
71 Lumsdcn, Robert
47 Channilor, William, vanproprlotor
1'iti itreet
49 Widgery, John
73 Ralph, Riohard, butcher
61 llowels, Joseph
76 nobbB, Mrs. M.
63 Hall, Henry, ironmouldcr
77 Harris, Henry, vanproprietur
67 McQuillan, Robert
70 Arthur, Robert, wood dealer
6» Green, William, buskot-maker
81 Smith, Georgn
01 Steers, William, painter
83 English, William, bootflnlsher
03 Brightman, Walter, bricklayer
85 King, John, bricklayer
05 Fogarty, James, cabproprietor
87 Knight, Joseph, bootmaker
07 Smith, John, cabproprietor
80 Peacock, Mrs. Kate R.
00 Kemey, William
01 Williams, Charles, blacksmith
73 Brocklesey, Henry, grocer
Mary itreet
76 Bercsford, Michael
00 Freeman, Alfred
77 May, Mathow
101 Pickering, Mathow, bootmaker
70 Travers, Elizabeth
Oeorge itreet
81 Sheperd, S,
109 Prince of Wales hotel—Stcinheuer,
83 Drew, A., plasterer
Charles G. J. H.
86 Kirkdalo, William
III Nettleship, Sarah A.
87 Myers, Caroline J.
113 Kermis, Patrick, bootmaker
89 Boatty, Daniel, transit officer
115 Crawley, Frederick
01 Wilson, Jnmes
117 Pralss, William
VIgenser.Theodore.cabinot-maker 110 Matthews, Elizabeth
93 Lee, John 11.
121 Cottnm, John
Buckland itreet
123 Smith, Robert H., grocer
06 Galloway, James, carpentor
Botany street
97 Prior, Mary A.
127 Stinks, John
99 Feather, John
120 Brown, William
131 McGuirc, Bernard, bootmaker
101 McMah, Robert, carpenter
133 Shave, John T., butcher
103 Lake, John, hatter
Raglan itrttt continued—
South side
3 Wlnton, George
4 Sharp, Albert
0 Bryan, Edward
8 Wigg, Charles
10 Parkinson, Riohnrd.vanproprletor
12 Whltcbouse, John, oarpenter
14 Kane, George A., carpenter
18 Wood, Thomas, painter
18 Montgomery, John, joiner
20 Jobson, John
22 Sponoer, Charles, grocer
24 Osborno, Thomas It., englneor
26 Williams, James, stonemason
28 Carter, Obadinh, stationer
80 Young, Anno
32 Lupton, John
34 Twomey, J. H., llthographlo
36 Thurlovr, John, carpenter
88 McLcod, Mrs. John
40 Whately, George, dealer
42 Bell, Sydney
44 Young, William, cnginocr
46 Young, llenry P.
48 Richards, Frederick, plasterer
60 Harper, William, bricklayer
52 Fulton, Andrew
64 Parker, William
66 Buahanan, C. Robert
Wesleyan Methodist church—
Georgo, Rev. W. n . ; Jamos,
Iter. E. C.
Stoinall, Francis, builder
68 Baker, Cornfield, ongravor
60 Russell, Mrs. C. It.
62 Carpenter, Thomas, compositor
64 Wheatloy, Samuel, fllccutter and
66 Cunningham, John, greengrocer
Green street
68 Smith, John
70 Ahorn, John
72 MBUor, O. W., painter
74 Phillip, Francis T.
76 Davis, Thomas
78 Bradford, G. AV., painter
80 Osborne, William
82 Dove, Adam, bricklayer
84 Boss, Francis G., brioklayor
86 Brcnnnn, Patrick
88 Stephens, James, boiler-maker
00 Hill, Henry, bootmaker
92 O'Sullivan, Ann
Mary street
94 Hocking, Frnncls, grocer
96 Evening Star hotel—Balrd, Mrs.
George street
98 Ellis, E
100 Lowo.Edward H., brlckloyor
102 Gill, James
104 Love, Georgo
106 Hoove, Benjamin F., grocer
Cooper street
108 Beehive hotel—Connolly, John
110 BlUingham, James, grocer
114 Newton, Sydney
116 James, William, bootfinlsher
118 Macoustro, Henry
120 Smith, James H., painter
122 Reynolds, Ann
124 Williams, Joseph, builder
Botany street
128 Hall, George
Primitive Methodist church—
Waters, Rev. O.
Montgomery, John
Bristow, Mrs. L.
Lees, Martha
Manoer, Frederick
Reeves street—North side
Pitt street to West street
1 Strugnoll, Henry
3 Dunn, Stephen
6 Soymour, Albort
7 Kane, George, carpontor
9 Edwards, —
11 Edwards, John, butcher
13 Splccr, James, printer
16 Szarka, John, painter
South side
3 Spenco, William
4 Madden, Dennis
Madden, John
Madden, Patrick, farmer
6 Harroskey, Jamos
8 Simpson, Joseph W., brloklayer
10 Beavor, James
12 Purchase, ildwln
Sohimel street—North side
Off Elisabeth street
1 Murphy, Jeremiah
3 Cregan, John
6 Mangan, John
7 Henry, Charles
8 White, Richard
11 Nichols, Charles, bootflnisbor
13 Whiteworth, John
16 Pnyno, Christopher
17 ilinton, Thomas
19 Feather. William, cooper
21 Terry, William, carpenter
26 Denoliy, John
27 Peterson, Peter
35 Clissold, Georgo, bootmaker
37 Claughcssy, William
89 Nowcombe, Charles
41 Bennington, Charles, builder
43 Bovis, Charles, carpenter
63 Andrews, Edward
65 Austin, Emanuel
57 Ilobson, Thomas, hatter
69 Owen, Harry
61 Westacott. William, plasterer
South side
2 Cannody, James, bootmaker
4 Sams, John
8 Black, Robert, plumber
12 Chambers, James D.
22 Barnes, James
24 Hale, Frank, baker
26 Ellis, Thomas
28 Dovcnney, Thomas, plasterer
30 Young, E., turner
82 Mangan, Dnniol
34 MoKcnna, Willlnm
86 Silburn, Henry, joinor
38 Ledden, P.
40 McComblll, William
42 Flatters, Joseph
44 Brown, John, bootmaker
46 Watson, James
48 O'Counell, Martin
60 Mnngin, James
62 Stevenson,, John, boiler-makor
64 Dowdlng/Thoraas
66 Bradley, Patriok
Smith street—North side
George street to West street
Manloy, Mary
Manloy, Bernard, tailor
MoOluno, James
O'Brien, John
Morris, John
Fingleton, James, baker
S o u t h Bide
1 Fallon, Bernard
3 Samwoys, George, onginoor
6 Wilson, Elizabeth
7 Farmer, Isaac
9 Hullock, W. H., journolist
11 Meincke, Louis, onrpentcr
13 Neil, John
15 Ryan, William
17 Parrott, William, oarpenter
19 Roberts, James
21 Oarlisio, Louisa
Wellington street continual—
67 Armitago, William B., bootmakor
69 Kittson, Miss Maty, grocor
78 Whceldon, Edwin R.
76 Snowden, William
77 Shcehan, John
79 Orano, Thomas, contractor
81 Harney, James, draftsman
Parry's mills
S o u t h side
Hlldor, H., carpenter
Warren, Sarah
Wll>on, James
Camoron, Even
Smith, II., ropemakcr
Buckley, Joseph, baker
Clarke, Margaret
Dowling, Michael, ropemakcr
Lindsay, Murray
West, Benjamin. J., carpentor
Sutton, Joseph, lnnd agont
Farrar, William
Franklin, Mary
Brisbane, Thomas
Evans, Richard, bootmakor
Pearce, James
McKollar, John
Smith, James, engineer
Coleman, W, C„ salesman
Curtis, Isaac
Elisabeth street
nines, William E.
Mitchell, James
Hillier, Charles
Cross, Alfred, warehouseman
Sparks, William, casomaker
Appleton.S. II., accountant
Gibson, Jnmos, painter
Grant, James, engineer
Ncwbold, Charles A., carpenter
Avis, John O., bookbinder
Howard, Georgo
Clark. Paul
Gough, Robert
Avis, Alfred J., bookbinder
Dickey, Mary
Thomas, Frederick, carpenter
Lcnehan, llenry
Buctland streetto Reeves street
Anderson, Georgo
Glover, William
Kemp. William
Morgan, George It.
Marks, llenry J,
Ryan, Patrick
West street
Surrey street
Raglan street to Lane
1 MoAlley, Henry, carpenter
2 Rutt, Alfred W., bootmaker
3 Broom, William, bootmaker
4 Lewis, James
Prioo, Samuol, plasterer
6 Hunt, Honry, carpontor
Taylor street
Off Hurray street
Staplotou, O. W., brloklayer
Barrett, Thomas
Rigby, Samuol, stonemason
Wlldsmtth, Robert
Vesey street
Off Bourke street
1 Blundell, Alfred, plumbor
3 Brow, Samuel
Wellington street—North side
Morehead street to Pitt street
1 Hawkins, David
3 Smith, Elizabeth
6 Hnnd, Henry J„ jeweller
7 Ogdeu, Alexander, carpontor
9 Craggs, Richard J., gnsfltter
11 Dnnalton, Georgo, gasQtter
13 Pittard, Louis, engineer
15 Rydor, Samuel, grocer
17 Staphnn, Adam, lithograph
19 Peterson, M., ropemakcr
21 Gibb, John, ropemakcr
23 Jenkins, Charles
25 Conacher, James
Hanover street
29 Wilson, Georgo
31 Stodart, Mrs.
33 Rose, David
35 Plant, Henry
39 Parkcs, Frodorick, grocor
Beaumont street
George ho'el—Carter, William
Elisabeth street
46 Annon, Daniel, eabinot-makcr
63 Souimol, James, carpenter and
Schimel, Francis, coaclipninter
59 Brown, Daniel
61 Walter, Benjamin, joiner
06 Bargarey, Denis
Cliff s t r e e t
Near the Gap, South head
:Smtth, Jamos
Emerson, Samuel
Gonsaloe, John
Sullivan, John
Oovo s t r e e t
Short street to Victoria street
rarroll, Thomas
Melton, Frederick
MoGregor, Thomas
Riley, J.
Taylor, —
Bennott, Thomas
Atton, Henry, butcher
Do Frazer, Henry
Silvo, Mathew, grocer
Watson, O. W.
Barrett, Thomas
Sibley—assistant health officer
Do Fraga, —
Lambert, Mrs.
PaolQo street
Off Core street
Firth, William, pilot
Uarmer, William, steamboat
Johnson, James, engineer
Newton, Georgo
Newton, William
MoLeay, Baron M.
Short street
South Head road to Beach
Rome, John
South Head road—East side
Hornby lighthouse to Woollahra
Hornby lighthouse
May, William, Hghtkeeper
• Lee, William, assistant llghtkeepor
Johnson, Henry, assistant lightkcopcr
Artillery barracks and fortifications
McKcnzie, Captain Douglas
Walsh, Sergeant
Griffiths, Sergoant-Major
Gladstone street
Kendall, Rob. rt
South Head road towards Beach
Gap hotel—Smith, N.
Police station—White, John, constable Solomon, M.
In ohargo
Vannion, James
Keel, Edward, son.
Smith, James
Oreo, Joseph, pilot
Gill, William, blacksmith
Keel, James, surveyor
Morton, George
Maunsell, Richard
Marion, Frank
Marine parade
Monnghan, James
Bladen, Alfred, J.P.
From steamers pier southward
King, Georgo
Robertson, Sir John, K.O.M.G.,
Robinson, Alfred
M.L.O., Clovely
hotel—James, William J.
'Cork, Robert, pilot
Alexander, pilot
Xawrence, Lewis, Albury wine stores
St. Peter's church (O.E.)—Woodd,
Rov. Georgo N.
Koliok, Mrs.
Aircy, Lieutenant-Colonel, Occanvlew
Dodson, Mrs,, baker
King, Mrs., reformatory for girls
Russcl, Michael
Dykes, John
Bennett, Alfred, Clnirvaux, proprietoi
Bennett, Frank, Fcrnlcigh
Gibson, George
Collins, Peter
Blackbourn, Robert
Conray, John
Vaucluse road
Black, Morrlco A., Villa n'Esto
Quarry, Mrs. H., Tivoll
8palding, W. W., lieutonant-colonol
Jacobs, George
Chandler, Charles, Cooper lodge
Brcnnan, James
Toogood street
Greenwich Pier hotel—Strange,
"West s i d e
Humphrcs, John, pilot
Frances, Joseph
Edwards, Edward
Publio sohool—Rlloy, George D.,
St. Francis church (R.C.)—Dunn
Rev. Father
Graham, James, signal-master,
Francis, Joseph, telegraphist
Silva, Emanuol, engineer
Siddons, Joseph R., principal lighthouse keeper
South /lead road continued—
Macquario llghthouso
Patterson, James, engineer
Hall, Hlchanl, assistant llghthouso
Thomas, —, assistant lighthouse
Manning, John, stonemason
Redhurn, William, stonemason
Rose bay
Jacobs, James
Bronou, James
Hay, Sir John, K.O.M.G., M.L.O.,
Hose Bay lodge
Jacobs, Qcorgo
Rowlands, Joseph
Olark, Augustus
White, Hon. John, M.L.C., Granbrook
Parcel I, Henry
Blaokham, Robert, sen.
Ryan, Philip
Sing Leo
Moo Loe
Bucksuo, John
Cooper, William, Woollahra
Want, Froderlok, Buokhurst
Joscphson, W., jnn.
Weaver, 11.
Hunt, norbury J„ Oranbrook
Vaucluse bay
Thorpe, Gilbert
Palmer, Henry
St. Stork's church O.K. —Mort, Itov, W»
Wood, William
Colllngrldge, Rev. P. F., R.O. presbytery
See alio Woollahra
West side
Toogood street
Martin, Lady, Grnycllff
Shark Point buttery
Rose bail
Moore, Hon. Henry, M.L.O., Carrara
Hunt, Edward M., Tho Uormitago
Snored Heart R. 0. convont, Claromont—Fobromo, Rov. Mother V.,.
Kennedy, Joseph
Arthur, James
Edwards, John
Mantfant, Augustus
Macdouald. John
Jobson, Ocorge
Bray, John
Fisher, Mrs.
Vaualuse road—East Bide
Victoria street
Gllliott, Henry
Warton, W.
Vauclitse Bail to New South Head road
Hill, James R., Vauelnso
Wontworth's grave
Bounded on the north by Lighthouse, South hood ; on tho cast by Paciflo ocean j on tho south by Boundary streot; nndi
on tho west by Mllllilll road and reserve
No. of Ratepayers—1300.
Area—1008 acres.
Miles of streets—30.
No. of houses—880.
Annual value—£00,001 10s. 3d.
Offlco hours—Tuesdays and Saturdays, from 10 sun. to 4 p.m.
Council clerk—Orr, R. T.
Albert street
Virgil itreel to Si. Thomts ilreet
Bowman, Henry
Arthur, J. P.
Albion streot—East side
OffLelchhardt ttreel
ltanhoe terrace—
1 Williams, William
3 Kyle, Thomas D.
IS Chambers. William
8 Clark, Henry
8 Mace, Henry
Phillip, Miss, St. Catherines
Nelson road
Porter, James
"West s i d e
Wills, Albert C, greengrocer
Cable, James, sou.
McQuiro, Henry
Macdonald, Mary
Cable, James, jun., plasterer
Cable, George, stonemason
Manly, William
Bingham, William
Bands, Mrs., Marmlon
Anglosoa streot—North side
Bondl road to Mitchell meet
Marou, James, gardener
S o u t h side
Langfonl, Charles
Ritchie, John
Davlcs. Joseph
Burtt, Alfred P., mlning-onginoer
Arden street
Off Nelton road
Maopborsou, John, Chesterfield
Ross, David, Ivy cottage
Randell, George W„ Shopley hou:e
Ashley street
Off Blrrcll ttreel
Frost, Henry, Wntcrbcooh cottago
Barclay street
Off Letehhardl street
Seldol, John
Duggan, Jami s, bricklayer
Harrison, George
Reid, W. F.
Collins, Michael
Bay street—East side
Off St. Thomas street
Brady, Anthony, farmer
Milno, Charles Eastview
W e s t side
Carroll, Mrs. M.
Ben Eden street
Off Bondl road
Miles. Joseph, Avoca cottago
Fullerton, Martha
Berry, James
Gray, Mrs. A.
Foran, Thomas
I Copeman, John, cooper,Wotterson villa.
Unwin, George, Fentonvlllo
Bennett street
Blrrcll street to Bondl road
Dickson, Joseph
Marshall, James
Blschoff, William
Macgulre, James
Scott, Ebenezer, pyrotechnist
Dickson, S., timber merchant
Dickson, S., jun., timber merchant
Alexander, Georgo
Blrrell street—North Bide
Water reserve to Ocean
Blrham, —
Cook, Isaao
Blrrell stieet continued—
Lauton terrace—
1 Arundel. William A.
3 Gruham, William
3 Orlnson, John
4 Soholey, Georgo
5 MoDerra, Dennis
6 Gascolgne, William
7 Wounocott, Joseph
McKentte stieet
Rantlwickview terrace—
6 Tailor, —
6 Edwards, Richard
4 Richards, Mrs.
8 Stoneham, Ephralm
3 Robertson. William II.
1 Williams, James, buildor
Brisbane street
Roach, Mrs.
Corbett, Augustus, Woniora
Mears, Charles, Petono
McNlven, Colin, stonemason
Loirper street
Hansard, Reginald
Farls, Mrs., Farisvllle
Green, James, painter
Ilotunii street
St. Mary's ohurch (O.K.;—Kcown, Rev
KIrby, John
Londragan, John, dairyman
Tamarama street
Duffy, Charles
Bondl road (late Waverley
street)—East side
S o u t h Bide
Oliver. Richard, doalcr
Fitzgerald, Michael, warehouseman
Fitzgerald street
Teofoy, Dennis, dairyman
Homburgher, Henry, accountant
Adams, Alexander
Rush, Charles K, draper
Bottrle street
Watklns, Richard, builder
Pearco, Simeon II.,1 bootmaker
Reid, John
Sinigar, 0., slater
Pearcc, James, grocer
Blenheim street
Couper street
Watcrhouso, C. J., merchant
Viokcry, Ebenezer, jun.
Vlokcry, Joseph
Vlokory, Ebenezer, Edlna
Victory street
Payno, Christopher, Glenbumie
Bettlngton, Mrs. M.T., Glenroy
Baker, Mrs. W., Mandovlllo
Blenheim street—East side
Blrrell street to llegarty's buildings
Barker, Georgo
Qulnn, Wilson, draypropriotor
Forguson, Allen
W e s t side
Pearcc, Henry
Stoneham, Abraham A.
Short, Mrs. S.
MoElhonny, Mrs. J.
Douglas, John, blacksmith
Lovatt, Joseph
Toefey, William
Harris, Henry, St, Anu's cottago
Old South Head road to Bondl
Johnson, Hugh
Anglejiea street
Ball, W. T., Oxford cottago
Maddocks, Aubroy E„ Wyandott
Bates, James
Bleakley, Georgo, carpenter
Bleakloy, Mrs. B.
Green, Abraham F., butcher
Hlloy, nenry, postofflce and storekeeper
Ocean street
Stacey, Thomas, grocer
Stacey. Josoph
Gulliok, W. Il„ Edlngton
Huklns, Jnmes
Wellington street
Henderson, William, Rookloy
Mercwothor, E. O, CastloOeld
Young, Robert
Fleming, William, dairyman
Davies, Georgo
Davios, Mrs., fruiterer
Benhnm street
Cltffhouse hotel—Boyor, John
Sir Thomas Mitchell road
West side
Dole, Mrs. M„ Cambrian
Porter street
Dolo, Thomas, Ironmonger
Barnes, John, stationer
Henwood, J. W.. storekeeper
Sutton, Roland T.
Allen, William J., Hoap and candle
manufacturer, Hollywood
Nowinan, J. Hubert, photographer,
Congregational church—Moll,
Rev. T. E. O.
Bourke street—East side
Wlnspoar, Rev, J. W.
Vardy, William L.
Burgess, Russoll, Shcnley
Botany ttreel
Furso, Christopher, St. Omcr
Council stieet
Walker, Mrs., Dolta
Council ohambcr'
l^t ill street
On Lee, market gardener
Bennett street
Bethel, Walter E.. Cotswold
Jenkins, James T , cabinet-maker
JonklnB, Mrs., grocer
Dorsch, Henry
Brewer, Edward 0., Grcgnnhurst
Grcgan, Mrs., Greganhurst
Jnokson, F. W., Shirley villa
Hedgeland. G. 0., surveyor, Vilotto
Davenport, Joseph, Avoca villa
Greaves, W. A. B., Braylesford
McKenzlo, R. B., surveyor, Gaorlooh
Proudfoot, Georgo, Seaforlh
MoKcnzlo, F. A., dairyman, Boouaro
D nham street
Seuvtfu hotel—Brown, Michael Q.
alen street
Hogg, S.
Squiro, Byron, piano Importor, Stanley
St. Tltomas street
Blakoy, John, fruiterer
Botany streot—East side
Blrrell street to Bondt road
Raglin, John, builder
Heinz, John. Adelaide villa
Martin, John, solicitor, Mount
Lane to reserce
Bourno, Rev. W. E.
Vlokery, James J. P.. Oakvillo
Wovorloy college—Moss, Rev. James
Carroll, Owen, Elstcrberg
Lane to Paul street
Moolcod, William, artist, Glonelg
Jones, Llewellyn, Bodlondeb
Long, George, Clarita
King, Mrs. A , Junnita
Hasmott, John M.. merchant
Board, Arthur S., draftsman
Lakoman, Thomas, Annum
Sbankland, R., Clyde
Sands, Robert, St. Elmo
West side
Blrrell street o llmjerty's buildings
Nichols, Caleb, painter
Porter, Frederick
Wblto, J. T.
Lincoln, Joseph, dairyman
Jessep, Thomas
Santwyk, Jacob
Dolo, Joseph, ironmonger
Buckman, Edward
Duggan, Mrs.
Robins, William, plasterer
Robins, Georgo, plasterer
Fielding, John, Ilnrdwljko cottage
Baglin, Llewellyn
West side
Palmyra terrace—
1 Christians, Robert
2 Fitzgerald, William
3 Tylor, William C.
Coney, James
Brae street—North side
Off Lugar street
Lyons, Georgo. bootmaker, Lugar
Miller, A. R.
Coleman, A. M.
Bluudcu, Mrs., Argylo cottago
S o u t h sido
Parsons, G. H,, Katoula
Evnns, James, Elsomia
Brisbane street—East side
Coieper street to Blrrell street
Storland, Edward A., Wlckham house
Solomon, Lionel. Oxford
Peters, Henry, Cambridge
Blrrell street
West side
Mayler, Henry J., Lubenham cottago
Singleton, William T., Orient
Bronte road
Off Oardyne street
Ebsworth, E. L., Bronto houso
Carle, Harry
West, Georgo F., Wyo cottage
Bronte street
Off Dickson street
Molntyrc, John
Dal by, Henry, bootmaker
Barron, John
Franklin, John
Rutherford, J, D., bookbinder
Turpln, William II.
Richardson, J. P., Compton cottage
Barovitch, Antonio
Hepburn, William
Dalton, William, grocer
Rickard, Mrs. M. A.
Ebley street
Bussoll, Frank, Grandvlew
Parker, Mrs. E.
Lilyeth terraee—
Shine, Patrick, drayproprietor
1 T«yt, Albert A., architect
Hotherington, John
3-4 Sisters of St. Clair school
5 Ircdalc, Thomas J., warehouseWest side
Morris, William, farrier
6 MoViokcr, John
Busby parade
Bird, Margaret
Taylor's lane
Off St. T/wmai ilreet
Ebley street
Fawl, James
Phillips, W. H.
West side
Bruce, William
Bradley, George F.
English, Scottish and Australian
Forglo, Alexander
Donnolloy, John, Tingewlok
Chnrtcrcd Bank—Randall, Georgo Hinwood, W. C. Nimagee
W., manager
Campbell street
Brlgnell, J., Llengirb
Spring street
Off Victoria ilreet
Steel, T. R., Beaufort
Kelly, Andrew L„ produco merchant Moeney, Patrick
Stapleton, John
•Coatos, Miss
Ebley street
Dlokson street
Cortwrlght, Mrs.
llrisbaiie street
Off liirrell street
Oarlton street
Marks, J., Falmcrston
Ferris, T. W., accountant
Off Nelson road
Bruce, George, stonemason
Biggs, William, music-teacher
Ebley street—North side
Hepworth, Benjamin, stonomason
Wildman, Miss, Luchlnn house school
Venison street to llondi road
Byrne, Mrs., Carlton cottage
Wilkinson, Robert and Son, timber,
Ebley terrace—
1 Wilton, Charles, jun.
Chesterfield parade—North
Stephens. Henry
2 Dray, Mark
llirrell street
McCabo, William
Off Arden Uriel
Waverley hotel—Wblffln, William Dohson,
Ilobert S.
Groat, Malcolm, clerk
Brcen, Edward
Jomcs, Neva
Qulnn, Michael
Smeo, Frederick A., draper
South side
Anderson, C. T. accountant
Richardson, Frank, plasterer
Kendall, Robert, draftsman
Tlllldge, Honry, accountant, Oroyland
Police station—Stove, Robert, oonNewland street
Btablo in charge
Charoh street
Crowther, Wlllimn
Waverley Publio school—Harrison,
Vlckery street to Cowper street
David W., headmaster
Biggs, Henry, Kensnl cottago
Bullongh, G. A., photographer
Robins, John
Hickoy, Michael
Hancock, Robert
Oats, James
Taylor's lane
Husband, Joseph
niokey, Lawrence, dairyman
Oddfellows' hall
Short, William A.
Spring, William
Jewell, Charles, warehouseman,
Joyce, William, confectioner
Judkins, George, tailor
Smith, Georgo ^ - v
Hughes, Richard J., Zetland
Jewell, Richard, builder, Olcndorgal
Taylor's lane
Cotcper street
Manning, James
Burton, Georgo ,\
Farrant, James
Newton, Mrs., teacher
Moll, Henry
Nanoarrow, John
Publio school—girls' department
Robins, Edward, plhstorer\
Gregory, David W,
Allsop, John, cooper.^^ J
Thompson, A. 0.
Counoll street
nooper and Rickard, grocers
Walker, Mrs., Lynetto
Off Bondt road
Denning, Alfred, builder
Whalbcrg, Peter, builder
Richardson, J. T., artist
Donning, Alfred, jun., builder
Morgan, Mrs. M.
Denning, William, carpenter
South side
Bennett, Miss C, grocer
Kcnyon, James, bricklayer
Cowper street—East side
Old Smlh Head road lo Victoria street
Gurlewis street
Christmann, Henry B.
Tea Gardens hotel— Bennett, Edward
Off Old South Head road
Melville, Joseph, farrier
Green Richard
1 Griffin, William
AlHn, John, carpenter
Quy, Charles
2 Cook, E. W.
Allln, Mrs., draper
Sophia .street
Smith, Ellis
Squibb, F. G., grocer
Keenon, Harry
Alma terrace—
Dulling, John, cabproprlctor
Pope, John, engineer
Hope, John, builder
Donham street
Norman, Arthur
Macdonald, J. R.
Of llondi road
Charles, stonemason
Jordan, Mrs. H.
Mclvillo, Mrs., Falrllghtglcn
Netcland street
Qrey street
Mclvillo, Fredcriok
Young, John, ironmoulder
Roscb&cb, Mrs. M., Stanley
Chndderton, Harry A., plumber
Melville, Richard
Kewton, Walter, builder, Stanley
Lewis, James E.
Cook, Rlcbard, Truro cottage
McKentie street
Bt. Heaps, Christopher
Brisbane street
Old South Head road to Huff street
Thomson, J. K.
Cotcper street
Thomson, Miss, dressmaker
Spring street
Cooper, Mrs.
Porter street
Hynes, Patrick
Watkins, George, Tennyson
Doma terrace—
Vickery, Ebenezcr, Bdlna
Hourigan, Mrs. John
1 Carroll, Edward
James, John
Armstrong, Edward, Avoca
Chmxh street
Allen, Alfred, Fern cottago
E d m
Edmund street—East side
Victoria street to John street
Eglington, Anthony
O'Noill, John
O'Neill, Miohacl
O'Neill, Edward
O'Neill, Luke
Lloyd, Frederick
Harrison, William, butoher
Pull, F. W.
Purtell. Mrs.
Kennedy, Keam
Scallon, Michael
Hammill. James
Fulton, Hobort
Harris, William H.
West side
MoNamara, Michael, oabproprietor
Rigby, Thomas, builder
Hannnm, Alexander
Byers, Thomas
Bentley, William, carpenter
Hinds, Mrs.
Ward, Thomas
Harris, Mrs. E.
Richards, Mrs. S.
Hogan, Peter
Ward, Patrick
Evans street
Oardyne street to Nelson road
Ryon, James
Johnston, W. T., TIvoll tea gardens
Fitzgerald street
Off liirrell street
Sullivan, Eugene, Konmnre cottago
Donoho, Thomas
Fitzgerald, Thomas
Fletcher street
Off Denham street
Lachaumc, Jules
Fuller, Thomas, St. Leonards
Jones, Mrs., Pembroke villa
Henucss, George, Pembroke villa
Glen street
Bondi road to Denham street
Hennees, Robert, builder
Government road
Off Old South Head road
Nurse, Albert
Grey street—North side
Off Cowper street
Boyco, William, Caroline cottage
Brown, John, Inspector of works
Scales, Mrs.
Clough, Miss
Butt, Samuel, carpenter
South side
Uorenson, Mrs.
Ryall, Josopli W.
Opcode, D,iniel
Duxbury, Thomas
Hagerty's buildings
Off Bourke street
Fawns, 0.
Brandon, Richard J.
Symouds, Thomas
Shepherd, William
Chapman, —
Hogerty, Michael
Honrlotta street
Lelchhardl street to llirrell street
Armstrong, William H., merchant
Perry, J. P., accountant
Henry stroet—East side
Off Victoria street
Heffcrcn, James
Keys, Edward, Lord of the Lako
Davison, Frederick G,
James, Walter
McGregor, John
Usher, Alfred
West side
Moulcs, G. B.
Flood street
Spounccr, William
Bondt road to Old South Head road Stopucns, William, printer
Bhawo, Mrs.
Atkinson, William, ongineor
Dickson, J,
Edwards, Charles, painter
James, William, Grosmont
Young, James, plasterer
Stacey, Joslah, stonemason
Bogie, Mrs., Glenvillo
Houston, William, draftsman, Walroa Hoskins, Francis, stonemason
Wilson, John, stonemason
Mitchell, A.
Lean, James, draftsman
Schofleld, Mrs., Bondi houso
Francis street
High street—East side
Bondi road to Old South Head road
Off Lelchhardl street
Oorbcn, Andrew, builder, Beaview
Auburn terrace—
1 Graves, J nines
Stone, Mrs. 0.
2 Brooks, —
Fleming, William, drayman
3 Ltddinrd, W. W., surveyor
Blanchard, Robert
4 Greaves. Frederick, draper
G Lodge, Mrs.
Gardyno street
Webb, Edmund
Power, William, builder
Off Nelson's /lay road
Ryan, John
West side
Trecey, R. B., Tavluni
Broad, Ernest, Woodsldo
Grist, John
Brown, Alfred, bricklayer
Georgiana stroet
Byrnes, James, compositor
Thompson, Alexander F., painter
Off O'Brien street
McQuadc, John, blacksmith
Wright, John D.
Lapthorne, Henry, painter
Frost, William
McPhorson, Ocorge, carpenter
Hibbcrd, William, drayproprietor
Morris, James, compositor
Tynor, Joseph, draper
Lucas, George, clerk
Holdsworth atroet
Off Bronte road
Crombo, Alexander, Balaclava cottage
Huff street
ilillhill road lo Venison street
Davidson, James
Voyco, Samuel, draper
Davidson, William
Klddell, Robert, tailor
Galbralth, Andrew
Geary, Alfred, clerk
Isabella stroet—East side
Off Dlrrell street
Stevens, Mrs.
Willis, George, Naomi cottago
Daly, John
West side
Walsh, John
Knuckey, Mrs.
Shaw, Georgo, blacksmith
Blake, Joseph, carpenter
Torpcy, Michael
Jones, John
Evans, William, stonemason
Garnett, Tom, bricklayer
Cook, Hugh C, stonemason
Larnter, Miuhacl
John street
Off Vlckery street
Edwards, William, butcher
Edmund street
Cosgrovo, John
Cokor, William
Kont street
Off Nelson road
Firth, Rov. Frank
Lawaon stroet—East side
Off Ebley street
Beckinsley, Joslah
Browett, Edward
White, Thomas
Stephenson, Mrs.
Austly, —
Stuart, Thomas
West side
Hulliim, Joseph
Bradley, James
Greon, William, carpentor
McLauchlcn, Daniel
Cummins, John, builder
Mansfield, —
Leiohhardt stroet (lato Ooogee
Bay road)—East side
Wood, Mrs., grocer
Farmer, Howard, bootmaker
Lewis, S. W., hairdresser
Gowcnlock, Thomas, ironmonger
Home, George, grocer
Burslll, Thomas
Leichhardt street continued—
Harrison, William, butohor
Coylo, Miss, draper
Cannon, Manus
Collins, Dr., consultingrooms
Franklin, H. and Sons, grocngroccrs
Knovltt, Fred., architect, Ruthvillo
Sheldon, Mrs. U. S., Maltou
Woolley, Andrew, bootmaker
Janson, Frederick, tobacconist
Itobinson, Mrs.
Coojicr, David J„ Avenol
Brewer, Francis C,
Victery street
Seidell, Henry
Short, Robert, builder
Braddon, William, builder
Scott, William
Byrnes, Thomas
High street
Huenerbcln, August, Hennanslolgh
Kody, John W,, printer
Prosptct street
Simpson, W. II., J.P., saddlor
Oorbett, John
Nelson's Bay rond
Wcsleyan church
Kent street
Wilts street
Williamson, Ilonry D., Hithorgrccn
Levy, L.
West side
llobin Hood hotel—Uannlgnn, Mary
Rnward, Samuel
Holland, Thomas, carpenter
Hornby, John, draper
Amy, Francis, grocer
Albion ttnet
Louise terrace—
1 Sutherland, D. G.
2 MaWhlnnie, Samuel
8 Mallett, Frederick
4 Korris, Richard
Oeeanview terrace—
1 Storey, David
2 Ewing, —
3 Wilson, Henry
4 Clarko, William
Fnllford, James, Garfield
Ross, George, Roma
Fullford, Sydney, solicitor
Board, Samuel, Lilian cottage
Wills street
Liverpool street
Off Old South Head road
Biggors, Frederick
Itobinson, James, carpenter
Iilandaff s t r e e t
Off Botany street
Ralfo, Henry, Gladsmulr
Lugar street
Off Nelson road
Curtis, L. A q Allowrle
Macdonald, John, builder
Moon. William J,, Ironmonger
Harding, Charles, architect, Cyfartha
Guest, Frank, builder
Faboy, Michael, dairyman
Roberts, Henry 0.. financier
Garde, H.T., Gladys
MoKonzle street—East side
Ebley street to Burrell street
Schneider, Adolphus
Collis, Edwin J., carpenter
Latcson terrace—
1 Hogbon, Richard
2 Hngglns, William
3 Page, Patrlok
4 Saunders, George
6 Brown, William
G Duggan, Frank H.
West side
Hammond, Alfred, Dcllsle
Forbes, —
Victoria terrace—
1 Davis, J. P., timber merchant
2 Brooks, Alfred P.
Cliarlosworth. Charles
4 Humbloy, William
6 Dugdalc, —
0 Williams, William
Maoplierson street
Off Ebley street
Mullany, James J.
Matilda street
Off Old South Head road
Burkott, George, Derwent homo
Jobnston, Gcorgo
Scott, James, storekeeper
Stubbs, Charles
Blaok, J. W., storekeeper
Millhill r o a d - E a s t side
Dawson, William P.
Healcy, Daniel
Kelsey, James, carpenter
Carter, William, carpenter
Westbrooko, 0.
Donovan, Daniel
W e s t side
Barchfiold, Peter, Wynberg
Pearson, Davidson
Lattor, P. Richard
Latter, George J.
Soarle, George, plumber
Dagnell, Mrs. B.
Pascoo, William
Somcrville, William, Ironmonger
Van Houton, John
Ryan, Mrs.
Amy, John, son.
Russell, Poter, Daisybank
Walton, Walter, Palmyra
Murrlverle road
Off Old South Head road
Wagnor, Adolph, plasterer
Collins, Charles H.
Cummins, John W„ poultry farmer,
Ranche cottage
Clarke, E. L,, dairyman
Nelson's Bay road
Off Leichhardt street
Gosling, J. R., Cheverclls
Steel, Samuel, Glenilarrah
Taunton, Captain, Springfield
Dare, Honry, Lugarbrao
Wiley, William, land agent, Montroso
Williams, William n .
Walker, T. B., accountant
Wiley, Jonathan, Hellenslelgh
Rutherford, J. D., bookbinder, Duudas
Case, Richard If.
Nelson road—North side
Leichhardt street to St. Thomas street
Lugar street
Hammond, Thomas
Evans, Mrs. M. A., Bloak houso
Gulnnery, W„ warehouseman
Harry, James, storekeeper
Frasor, Alexander
Virgil street
Mills, George
Tyas, Wilson
Gray, William, storekeeper
Wood, George, vanproprlotor
Parkhill, Robert, monumental mason
St. Thomas street
S o u t h Bide
Scott, Arthur
Carleton street
Newland street—East side
Off Old South Head road
Oliver, William J., Boxlcy cottage
Bush, Herbert A.
Ebley street
Hoo[>or, Mrs.
Bothel, Mrs.
Bardslcy, James
Loo, Danlol, hairworker
Bayctew terrace—
3 Long, John
2 Smith, Frederick
1 McNamce, Jamas, builder
W e s t side
Turner, Mrs. S„ Bracsldo
Ohrlstio, J. S., Halloween
Evnns, George, accountant
Cansdcll, T. E., Kent house
O'Connor, Daniel, draper
New Waverley street
Old South Head road to Bond! road
Butoher, Robert, M.L.A., Mylora
Stone, Albert, house agent, Stonclelgh
Wacerley crescent
Spencer, E, S. V., architect, Homer
Hough, Mrs., Eynm house
Stevenson, Henry, Lincolnshire
Boyd, Albort, Corinna
Ben Eden street
O'Brien s t r e e t
Off Old South Head road,
Marwooil, Godwin, cabinet-maker
Smith, Thomas, brassfinishor
O o e a n s t r e e t — N o r t h sldo
Bond! road to Old South Head road
Groy, William
Lidbury, Edward
Hell, Rev. T. E. 0., Llsmoro villa
Holland, John E., draftsman, Bruuswiok cottage
Barrett, Miss, Bond! cottage
Mastcrmau, T.
Payer, Mathew
Recs, Enoch. Neath
Paul street
Ocean street continued—
S o u t h side
Coo|ior, James
Deas, James
Sheehan, John, dutryman
Off Old Smth Head road
Brownlow, Mrs., Gowrio
Bondl road
Mofflt, Mrs., Moynoo
Burrows, Ilonry, Bon Eden
Hopponworth, Alfred
Old South Head road
Mill Hill road to Lighthouse
Denison street
Little, Isaiah, bootmaker
Fitzgerald, John
Jacobs, Harry, Clalrvillo
Riordan, Timothy, contractor
Quhin, John, tailor, Tonby '
Price, David, builder, Manorbeor
Wholan, Mrs., Trafalgar
Eglcton, Jonn
Cogglns, Thomas, Whlttlngtou
Netrlund strct
Douglas, John, blacksmith
Wostaway, Edward D., fruiterer
Gould. Aloxnndcr, butcher
Stanollffo, John, storekeeper
Wood and Alexander (W. G. Wood,
H, J. Alcxandor), poulterers
Craddook, W. H. II., tobacconist
Hodgson, Henry W., blind manufacturer
Davis, Miss, milliner
Simpson, Thomas, draper
Warron, James, grcengrocor
Cook, E. W., juu., baker
Barrett, Gcorgo, storekeeper
Wills, James P., bootmaker
Graham, Joseph, painter
Caddy, James, draper
Iloyal Surry hotel—Underwood, F.
E. S. and A. Chartore J Bank—Randoll,
Gcorgo W.
Morgan, Robert M., jeweller
Mulr, Robert S.
Gregory, William, grocer
Coicjier street
Aptcd and Rogers, gasfittors
Watson, James, Isle Ornsiy
Hart, James, J.P., llavonswood
Waddlngton, Harrison, Importer
Surbiton villa
Fngh,' Edward, Rlohmonil villa
Watklns, Robert G., Wimbledon villa
McQuade, William, Eastcourt
Hall, Thomas, Waverley house
New Waverley street
Johnson, James, fellmongcr, Glcnlsla
Martin, William M., architect,
Kahlo, Charles, Colonna
Moulton, W., Mcntone
Slato, George, dentist, Vontnor
Crego, Willlnm, draper, Cyfartha
I'nul street
Castle, Captain L. T., Bon Accord
Castle, J. D.
Flood street
Williams, John. J.P., Anglosea villa
Terry, James, Mamhcad
Ocean street
Dunrloh, —, butcher
Hall street
Biggs, Alfred, dairyman, Bond! villa
Regan, James, Rose Bay view
Wiley street
Ponklvll street—North side
Bond! road to Old South Head road
Mackenzie, Arthur, Loma Loma
Harrlnsmith, Henry
Powell, Charles, Mona
Bates, Joseph
Winuott, Neville, printer, Marian
Channon, Jamos, baking-powder
Levey, Henry, Avoncl
Barton, Richard
S o u t h sldo
Bevorloy, Honry, Laburnum
Lawson, Christian
Boon, Thomas S., cabinet-tinker
Porter street—North side
0(f Botany street
Summcrficld, H. L„ tailor
S o u t h sldo
Farrelly, James, dairyman
Johnston, L., painter
Frospeot street
Off L'lfhhardl street
Armstrong, Janv-s, brloklayor
Butler. Mrs. J„ Nannnvlllo
Brighton terrace—
1 Vlokory, Joseph
2 Asho, Mrs., ladies' school
B.080 s t r e e t
Off Eeans street
Quong Tnrt, Huntlngtowor
S t . T h o m a s Btroot
Off Nelson road
Robinson, James
Wood, Basil
Ross and Bowman, monumeutal
Rosoby, J., monumental majon
Chesterfield parade
Rutherford, Robert
Sullivan, Mrs. A., confectioner
Arnold, F., sculptor
Salisbury street—North side
Vickery street to Henrietta street
Wiley street
Ash, Mrs.
Eaton, Mrs. A.
Salmond, Dr. D.
S o u t h side
Hewlett, Alfrod, produco merchant,
Bransby, C. S.
Sir Thomas Mltoholl r o a d East side
Off Bondi road
Kirk, Robert
O'Brien, Francis
West side
Ensby, Mrs.
Moore, Frank
Spring street—North side
Denison street to Coicper street
Cooper, Henry S.
Pickup, James
Neicland street
Lougton, Mrs,
Connell, Mr*.
Whlto, Thomas
Johnston, William
Dunn, William
Warren, Sydney
South side
Kolly, Richard, storekeeper
Palmer, W. jr., bolllianger
Hnrtlea, William, drayproprlctor
Rouse, Mrs.
Joils, Thomas, carpenter
Davis, John, clerk
Hnlgh, William, Barnsley cottapo
Darling terrace—
0 Fount'In, William, engineer
5 Gibbons, W.
4 McNalr, John 13.
2 MoLcod, William, plaiterer
1 Lucock, Thomas, carpenter
Benson, Joseph
Mnnton, A, I1., draftsman
Tlmbs, William, warehouseman
Gould, Mrs.
Bailey, Edward
Victoria terrace—
1 Carter. Captain
2 Coulsou, William
3 ICowctt. Samuel G.
4 Jones, John
Newland street
Taylor's lane
Church strert to Victoria street
St. Clair It. C. school
Bearo, William F.
Cotttos, Albert J., builder
Coic/ier street
Kennedy, Timothy
Viokory street—East side
Power street, llandicict, to Birrcll street
Robinson, II. M., draftsman, Sunnysldo
Carroll. James, Fairlcigh
Lamb, Thomas, Glenroy
Edmunds, John W., Government
Clarke, Mrs.
Jay, James, dairyman
Short, Gcorgo E.
Household and Lovctt, builders
Fltzpatrlck, Mrs.
Stevenson, Henry
Harding, Henry
Edwards, William, butcher
Franklin, Henry
Doylo, Thomas
Hann, Mrs.
Lelchliardl stret
Henncssy, Mlchnol, greengrocer
Eden, Mlssc, dressmakers
Saddler, J. S.
Laffarty, Morgan
Cumpbell, Mrs.
Arnhciui, Fred., Wavorloy cottage
rickery itreet continued—
Reidy, WlUlnni, shlpchandlor
Salisbury street
Barlow, Mrs,, Airmount
Graliamo, Hon. William, M.L.O.,
Leverrlor, A., morchant
Birrtll street
Watson, Thomas, contraotor
West side
John street
Forrost, David, timber merchant
March, Edward J., printer
Dighton, Thomas, Wangara
Edwards, John
Kolly, Mrs.
Stephens, Mount, stonemason
Power. Ellen, grocor
Braokonreg, Georgo
Itnlph, Mrs.
Pascoo, John
Donnollon, Jamos
Evans, William, painter
Oreightou, William, bootmakor
Manning, Harry, photographer
Cannon, John, grocer
Smyth, Owen, grocer and baker
Moore, Thomas, grocer
Old Robin Hood Ao/rt-Bird, John
Gosbell, George, ham and beef shop
Charing Cross hotel—Miller, 0.
Victoria street
Carey, John
Jones, Hugh
Madden, Daniel
Corrigan, B. M, shlpchandlcr
St. Charles ehuroh (It.O.)
Lusty, Charles
Faul, Thomas, carpenter
Dunn, Luke, cabpropriotor
Bennett, Patrick
Church street
Hoaro, Frederick
Viotoria street—North side
Henry street to Henrietta street
Husband, William, drayproprietor
Barber, John, joiner
Matheson, Robert, joiner
Green, Abraham F„ butcher
Coieper street
Victoria terract—
1 Brogan, Francis
2 Coles, Mrs. T.
8 Lovott, Henry J.
i Gaythornc, James
Wiley street
South side
Russell, Patrick
Hartc, M. S.
Edmund street
FIro station
Donohoo, Marlin, blacksmith
Victery stre>t
teichhardt street
Porter, Robert
Logue, Mrs.
Joyce, llev. Father
Kavanagh, Hey. Father
Hanrahan, Ilov. Father
Tanner, John, Cineraria
Clifton terrace—
1 Ambroso, Edwiird, builder
2 Eldcrton, Harry, accountant
3 Tate, David, plasterer
Stark, Mrs. E.
Stnrk, W. It.
Wagg, Georgo. contractor
Prospect street
Skinner, Jacob, plumber
Virgil street
Off Nelson road
Wilson, Georiro L., Binswood
Adams, John
Waverley orescent—North
Old South Head road to Paul street
New Waverley street
Green, Joseph, Clarevillo
Colls, William II, warehouseman,
Searson, Miohacl, nuisance Inspector
Murray, T. J„ Klrkconuoll
Vorrell, Georgo
South side
Sowing, Proston R., Plnetroe cottago
Campbell, John, Crescent villa
Illnton, Samuel
Xeu Warerley street
Swan, D. It.
Woolfl, Mrs.
•Wellington streot—North side
Bond! road to Old South Head road
Tlerman, niohard
Campbell, Malcolm
South side
Campbell, Frederick
Public school
Wiley street
Victoria street to Salisbury street
Stockini, Lewis, stonemason
Proetor, John
Sinlrl, C. \V., Glenyarrah
Hall, Charles A.
Harrison, Arthur
Hudd, Georgo H.
Wills street
OffLelchhardt street
Wills, Mrs. E.
Wills, A. C, bootmaker
Howitt, Georgo
Bounded on the north by Port Jackson ; on the cart by Old South Head road; on the west by Port Jackson : on the
south by Point Piper road from Old South Head road to Now South Head road and Rushcutter's bay.
No. of houses—1276.
Conncll clerk—Vivian, Charles A.
Overseer of roads—James, George.
Inspector of Nuisances—Mooro, Joseph.
Albert street—North side
Ocean street to Edgecllffe road
St. Joseph's church, (It.O.)—Dunno,
Kov. Patrick L.
Watt, Hon. John B., M.L.O., Eynesbury
Cooper, William, Woollahra house
Josephson, Joshua G., St. Kllliana
Fairfax, James R., Glnnagallah
llellvteu) hill (Loictr)
Lamb, Walter, Knmbalo
Jennings, Sir Patrick, M.L.A.,
K.C.M.G., Colebrook
Thompson, Joseph, Traleo
Stannarcl, William, boatproprlotor
Soholes, Faithful, dairyman
Glassbrook, Thomas, greougrocor
Stack, Aline
Anslow, Anne
Owen, Charles
Gibson, Katherinc, St. Katherines
Logan, Frederick, Kiith
Boisscr, Ernest
Levy, Julius, agent
Williams, John, jun,
Rowling, Allen
South side
Darley, Fredorick M., barrister, Q.O.,
M.L.O., Quambi
Bowden street—North side
Wrcnoh, Edward, Caradon
Off Wallace street
Sisters of Charity school, Monto
Darling Point road—East side
Itatcliff, Joiin H, Pino oottago
Olivette convent
Hradstook, Henry, Globo oottago
Macintosh, Hon, John, M.L.C.,
Pratt, George, missionary
Macleod, A., Flora cottago
Horwitji, Henry, Importer
Macintosh, James, Cintra
Stone, William J., carpoutor
Lee, Montaguo M.
William, Braesldo
Farquahnr, JohnW., Varcoo
Ersklnc, James E., R.N., Carthona
South Bide
Gibson, John
John, Prudhoo
Smith, Patrick
Mitchell, James S., Etham
Cohen, Henry F.
Alton streot—East side
Mort, Henry, Mount Adclaldo
Omnibus terrace—
IKnWon lane to Queen street
Simpson, George, barrister
1 Brown, Georgo
Butcher, Thomas W.
Butler, Thomas, journalist, Kyalla
l'eaker lane
Mort, William, Grocnoaks cottago
3 Martin, Georgo
Staokpool, Patrick, produce merchant
Edmund M„ Russian consul,
4 Purnell, Arthur
Sloan, —
St. Mark's cottage
5 Johnson. William
Robinson, Michael, Ouida oottago
Marian, Grcouoaks
6 Fitzgerald, James
Burdott, Dr., Morton cottage
Mort, Edward, Octagon
Abel, Martin, Lochlol cottago
St, Mark's church (C.E.)—Kcmmis,
8 Brown, Joseph
HarriBon, Honry J., painter
Rev. Thomas, incumbent
MoCauliflo, Daniel
Macauley, Emma, schoolmistress, Ths
Branch road
Judge, William 11.
Elizabeth place
Boxshaw, James, bookkeeper
Watson, James, merchant, Glanworth
Morgan, John, Penarth
Julian E., barrister,
Merlvalo, Goorgo M.,/Llandaff
West side
Orr, Frederick W.. Bridgetown
Smith, William
Harris, Herbert, barrister, Hillcnd
Yates, John, Auburn cottago
West sldo
Willis, James, Atherlield
Burrows, Honry
Smart, Frederick, Mona
Zollncr, Annlo M., Etham cottago
Palmor, Joseph, vanproprletor
Mair, Georgo
Steed, Georgo
Plunket, William, Woolerang
Rush, Waltham, draper, Mnryvillo
Mills, John Y., auctioneer, Goomcra
Butler's road
Inncs, His Honor Sir Georgo,
l'eaker lane
Darling point to Jlushcutter's bay
Annandale street—East side
Tooth, Robert J., Swifts
McLaughlau, John, solicitor, Clalnei
Off Darling I'olnt road
Bradford, Charles B„ Rushall oottago House, Charles W.
Donison road—North side
Stonborg, Mortimer
Continuation of Fourth street
Thompson, John G, Braesldo
West side
Rompaey, Alfred, Belgium
Want, Harriot. Deerbrook
consul, Glencoo
Bontloy, —, Como
Morrell street
Cross street—North side
80 Holdsworth, James, stonemason
Darling point to Aeio South Head road34
Bay street, Double bay
itaiine parade to Netc South Head Coy, Charles Ah
32 Moore, Joseph, nuisanco Inspector
Mortimer, Georgo, Veronica
30 Saul, David, stonemason, York
Royal Oak hotel—Mortimer, WilliamGreen, Honry H., carpenter, Ivy cothouse
Atkins, R., fuel merchant
26 Miller, Anno
Bradridgo, Edward, sawyer
Williams, Henry, Ivy cottago
Johanna, KtlJaro
Newell, Miss
Passegcr, Louis, grazier, Mclroso
Day street
Cooper, Francis, Tho cottago
22 Brown, Thomas, greengrocer
Houghton, John, Woodford cottago
William street
20 Follett, William, warehouseman
Harrison, Thomas, Richmond cottago Bcazley, Alfred, wool merchant, Eden 18 Richards, William
Trlckctt, Elizabeth, Medina
Hlldorbrand, Christian, master16 Williams, Hniumh
Gray, Hester, Heath
mariner, Grantham
14 Eraser, Albert, clork
Westrup, Honry, grocer
Harris, Samuel
Cross street
Hellmrlch, John, Esthorville
South side
Boyco, Elizabeth, Wcnda cottago
Farraher, Frauds, Elsio
Smyth, Samuel H., Woodlands
Glassbrook, Harry, Valotta
Russell, G. Norton, Pclham hall
Beaoh street
Flnlayson, David, Glen Rhoda
South side
Miller, William, master-mariner
Hurley, Jamos P., dairyman
Brown and Cunningham, fuel merBelMeto hill. Double bay
Fcaghan, John
White, Hon. James, M.L.C., CranHentgc, Fredorick, cablnot-makor
street—East side
Oatcs, Joseph, contractor
Joaass, John H.
Queen street to Point Piper road
BromOold, Samuol, Halsaimcl
Hunt, James II., Cranbnry cottago
Pcircc, Edward D., vanproprletor
0 Honncssy, Edward, carpenter
Donkin, John B., Dalkeith
Denlson street continued—
Crouoh, William, Clareuco cottage
11 Wongort, Martin, baker
Watorson, Thomas
Mulr, George, buker
Quirk, John
Blooralleld, Thos., Wclden cottago Wallls, Joseph II., builder
10 Brian, Henry, grocer, AddorFleming, James
Thompson, Samuel, Evcleigh
Riley, James
Pike, James, Eulo
21 Hopkins, Mary A.
Nelld, John, com. agent, Greycalrn
23 Cummings, Michael, stonemason
Ashtou, Julian, Elsmoro
25 Bloomficld, Clement
Smith, Clement 0„ Alrdale
27 Coote, David
Cowllsbnw, Thomas, morchant,
20 Jarvis, Stephen
81 Prett, Edward
Held, Alexander, compositor, Ealing
S3 Scousa, Francis
Howard, George A., Osborn
Day, William, Ealing
Whitehead, William, Osborn
Heron, Henry, solicitor, Elthain
Andicws, Philip
Shard, Charles, bank manager,
Ould, Hugh II., solicitor, AmbleCampden
Gilchrist, Drutnmoud, Burckhardt
Shcrwin, John, agent, Chatworth
Smith, John MoQ., jeweller,
Allwood, Rev. Canon Itobort, BockGiuevra cottago
Holliman, John W.
Armstrong, Elizabeth, Oaklands
71 Bamford, Georgo
Lamb, Charles, auctioneer, Kil73 Brlgnell, Joseph
76 Richardson, Charles, plasterer
Johnston, Whittiiigdalo, S.M., Roslyndale
West side
Maophcrson, Edward A., J.P.,
75 Gnrricfc, Catherine, Eden cottago
74 Mlldwater, Frederick, carpenter
Manning, His Honor Sir William,
68 Howfion, Henry, -watchmaker
Brookway, George, carpenter
Thompson, John draper, Banksla
, 60 Quigley, Bridget
Lamb, Edward W., Alroy
168 Griffiths, Sarah
Lamer, William, chemist, Glcnora
64 Davies, Henry S.
Gillcs, Alfred W., Hincmoa
52 Gatlaud, Jarrett, bricklayor
Sawcrs, John, bank Inspector, Hazel80 Cnmmlngs, Andrew, builder,
Clare villa
McConnack, Kate, Shirley
Polley, James, tanner, Teuton
Machardy, Malcolm C, bank manager,
40 Vernon, Mrs.
Robinson, James S., merchant, Fair/44 Crisp, Mary
42 ItobliiBon, Henry
Hart, Estha, Falrbank
Ilugh, Fcrubank
Shaw, Anthony, tailor
Marsh, Milburu, S. M.,Morton
12 Thompson, Thomas, artist
Manning, Hubert, barrister, Lowell
6 Bulgin, John, blacksmith, John
S o u t h side
4 Ledger, Angclo, carpenter,
Shamrock edttage
Cracknell, Edward, superintendent of
2 Barton, Mury J„ Hose cottago
Capo, Alfred J., solicitor, Karoola
Dwyor lane
AlOert street
Laidley, William, Hillside
Trickttt street
Hubert, Mcrloola
Williams, Isaac
Vollonoweth, Thos., mining manager,
Eastbourne road
Fourth itreet
Off Branch road
Queen itreet
Frosscr, Evan, Charlecote
Eliza' s t r e e t — E a s t s i d e
Edgooliffe r o a d — N o r t h side
Queen itreet to John itreet
Henoss, Robert, brioklayer, Bendolbo
New South Head road to Old South
John L., bootmaker
Head road
Westbrooko, Alfred, plumber
Urquhart, Alexander, quarry-owner
Parson, William J., grocer
Gleeson, Hampton C, brewer
Tricketl itreet
Burrows, Henry, browor
Adelaide Browery—Burrows and Gleeton, proprietors; offices, Castlo- Phillips, Edward E., warehouseman
Hodges, Nicholas
reagh street
Barrett, James, bricklayer
Tindale, John
Fancourt, Thomas M.
Connol, Hugh, lronmoulder
Russet, Alfred D.
"West side
Fletcher, George, Ironfoundor
Fancourt, Thomas, Fortttudo houso
Bean, Charles H.
Humbley, Joseph H.
Fleimning, Janette
Muddle, William, Urblno
Morton, Frances Clarke, William, jeweller, Hillviiw
Fourth street—North side
22 Deardon, -20 Mann, George L.
18 Hooper, Haudfurd
10 Jemlcsun, Henry
14 Bradshaw, Samuel, painter
12 Ryan, Edward
Public school—Humphreys, John
10 Bower, Charles, Edlna
8 Quiuxn, James, fisheries inspector
0 Scarfc, Henry C missionary
4 Perry, Eliza
Shaw, George, plumber
Poeock, Joseph, painter
Raves, John, Ironmonger,
Mittouhill cottago
S o u t h side
Stephens, Elizabeth
Simmons, Walter
Kelmlmter lane
Gleeson, Thomas
Williams, Goorge, vanproprletor
Cleary, Cornelius, cabpropriotor
Kennedy, Martin, vanproprletor
Bonrkc, Richard
Clifford, W. T., cabpropriotor
McKcc, Anne
McGulncss, Margaret
Lawler, Joseph, drayproprletor
Sykes, William
Redden, William, painter
Parsons, Robert
Pcclgranl, Edward A.
Mlldwater, Rose
Pickering, George, carpenter
Wilson, Walter
McKcntia, Putrlck
Brcnnau, James
Nelson itreet
Ooomera oresaent
Varranabee road
Arnhelm, Edward H., Silvorsteln
Cox, Frances, Greta
Grafton s t r e e t
Nelson itreet to Orosvenor itreet
Cook, George, buildor
Foot, Henry
Harding, George, carpenter
Lano, John W., carpenter
Carter, Walter, carpenter
Buckland, Thomas, woodturner
Charlcsworth, John, painter
Aptcrd, Benjamin, plumber
Cook, Isaac, builder
1 Carney, James F., blacksmith
2 Swincy, William, blacksmith
3 Johnson, Thomas
4 King, Charles, painter
5 Rogers, Joseph
Bryce, Charles
Henderson, William, carpenter
Wilson. Lewis, carpenter
Smith, Samuel, bricklayer
Smith, Samuel, jun., bricklayer
Brooks, Alfred
Bugshaw, William
Geoch, Alfred D. M., master-mariner
Anderson, James, tanner
Rowe, James, stonemason
Grieves, Thomas, baker
Lindsay, Robert
Williams, Annie E.
Ora/toii itreet continued—
Cannon, Michael, plasterer
Pottit, Edward, bricklayer
Orosvenor street—East side
Old South Head mid to Mgecliffe road
Wesleyan church
Harrison, David, schoolteacher, Ontario cottage
(Ira/ton street
W e s t side
Clcgg, William, engineer
May, Frederick
(Ira/ton street
Grove street
Cardow, John U., surveyor, Pondlvo
Ash, Rev. G. North, M.A., Kadina
Bishop, Geo., ironmonger, Limchills
Campbell, Alfred, upho'stcrer, Smirnoff
Drinkwater, Alfred
Meikle, Anne
Lercson, John, news agent
Jaokson, William, carpenter, Skeno
Naglo, Thomas, stonemason
Sheppard, Edward, butcher
Flemming, James A,, upholsterer
Cook. George
Gilchrist, Henry
Ford, J nines, painter
Austin, Edward W., tutor
Reynolds, Cathoriue
O'Down, William
Mlldwater, James J., carpenter
Oassidy, John, cabpropriotor
Garthon, James W., cabproprietor
TIcrney, John, cabproprietor
Boyco, Alexander, stonemason
Uaston, Benjamin, painter
O'Dowd, John
S o u t h side
Frickcr, Jano
Grico, Benjamin, draper
Dyson, Charles, commission agent
Henrietta street
Neit South Head road to Cooper street Nell, Harry, engineer
Thompson, Wllllnm H.
Ward, Edward Grant, Registrar
Sheridan, Honry, iusurauco inspector
General, Crinum
Do Chutcuhourg, Claudinc
Forbes, His Honor Judgo David,
Lowther, Edward
Johnson, Charles E., olerk
Cooper street
Scabrook, James, carpenter
Woolcott, William P., property agent Gardner, Archibald
Macloud, Alexander
H o l t Btreet
Randall, Charles
Double bay
Green, Frank
Kondler, Charles, Tresllylan
Montcfioro, Julius, draper
Powell, John
James street
Nicholson, Albert, solicitor
Old South Head road to Elizabeth
Radollffe, Henry, Pino cottage
Carr, Honry, vanproprletor, Vino
Nixon, Richard, coachsmith
Robinson, John
Newton, Joseph, engineer
Edwards, Edward, carpenter
Moncur itreet
Lawrence, Joseph, bricklayer
Moran, Sarah
Pattorson, Joseph G.
Kirk, John, plumber
Nicholls, James
Vaughan, Burt
Hannsel, Gustavo H.
Craddock, John
J o h n street—North side
Bryant, William, nccountant
Eliza street to Ocean street
Jnild, Thomas M,
Emery, William
Johnson, Henry
Monahan, John
Lonthall, Richard, printer
Jaggct, Anno
Mcars, Honry. clerk
Grounds, Henry
Richardson, Humphrey
Batty, Elizabeth
Brnccglrdle, John, vanproprletor
Emery, Simeon
Stockbrldgc, James, dairyman
Sands, George H.
Bltzaw, William O.
Manning road
Clark, Joseph, carpenter
Scholcs, Richard, dairyman
Carriok, John, com. traveller
Secng Yat
White, Sarah
Flemming, John, builder
Marine parade, Double b a y
Evcnnott, Elizabeth F.
Fisher, Otto, artist
Richardson, Samuel, stonemason,
Ecanc, John, bootmaker
Unrbourview cottage
Godfrey, John
Richardson, Peter, Reserve cottago
Wilson. John
Riley, Thomas, blacksmith
Monour street—East side
Everson, Edward, drayproprlotor
Edmonds, Catherine
Rowland, John, vanproprletor
Oatley, Robert, surveyor
Seal, Anno
Dicyer's lane
Reed, Herbert
Tradesman's amis—Halstcnbcrg,
'tyohn itreet
Borhauer lane
Hadwell, Alfred
Cabill, Patrick, ironmonger
McCrackoy, Alexander
Boston, Edgar, draper
Gardyno, Margaret
Page, John, merchant
Hall, William J.
Rainsford, Charles D.
HU1. Georgo
J'luenU hotel—Stewart, Robert
/'eater lane
Nelson, Robert
Hill, George
Queen street
Rush, John, property ngent
Dorhauer, Henry, timber merchant
Scabrook, Joslab, painter
Knight, William J.
Steinhach, Maria, midwifa
Cook, Thomns
Lintern, Elizabeth
Burns, Edward, architect
Carter. Woodvillo II.
Oatly, Edwin
Casswoll, William G.
Rousoll, W.
Bryce, William, engineer
Radford, Joseph, bootmaker
Palmer, Francis
West, Amelia
Tracey, Nowbold L.
Venn, Samuel, carpenter
Park, Mary A. n .
Price, Thomas J.
Congregational schoolroom
Pollard, William C , Woollahra lodge
Baynton, Thomas, surccon
Kirohncr, William, Lucyvillo
Fletcher, John F., Looline cottage
Morrell street
Jackson, Mary A.
Stone, William S., carpenter
W e s t side
Tatton, William, butcher
Bancroft, Samuel, printer
Godfrey, Honry, baker
O'Toolo, John, storekeeper
Gondolph, Poter, Nil desperandnm
Humphries, Richard
Trlvott, Francis
1'airland, William
Ottway, Louis
Miller, George, grocer
John street
Summer, John F., cabproprietor
Tregenza, John
Fire Enuine station
Paton, Emma, Rcdeavelle
Clarke's Family hotel—Blackett, Al x.
Humbert, Henry, hairdresser
Brookes, William
Thclft, George, bootmaker
O'Connor, James, monumental mason
Ashtou, William
Erennctt, Walter W., saddler
Queen street
Stanley, Augustine, importer
Uornc, James, vanproprletor
Rush street
Yates, David, Woodlandbank
Whayman, Richard, carpenter
Thomas, Arthur Y., Halcomby
O'Brien, Joseph
Crlchton. James, clerk
Taylor, Sydney, timber merchant
Clark, Elizabeth
LAST QUINQUENNIUM, £8 15s. pep oent.,
Moncur tlreel continued—
Dole, Henry J., clicker
Bergcst, Otto J.
Congregational church
Morrell street—North Bide
Moncur street to Dawson itreit
Lynch, Eliza
Cummins, Georgo
Spleer street
Cook, Alexander, grocer
Engehnm, Robert
Kenwood, Thomas
Ryan, Patrick
South side
Haulers, Clans, carpenter
Murphy, Luke
N e l s o n street—East side
Edgecliff road In old South Head road
Gordon, Alexander, barrister,
Clarko, George O'JI., S.M.. Sherborne
Poolman, Frederick, malinger Sugar
Company. Asker Tohn F„ Midhurst
Sturch, Joseph, olerk
Ireland, Charles K.
Clilsholm, Sydnoy, broker, Winthrop
Maillor, John, Carrara
Brooks, Joseph, surveyor, Hopobank
West side
Keeblo, George, builder, Lovat
Ohndwiok, Benjamin, accountant
CampbtlMUe terrace—
1 Cnghlan, John
2 Guilfoylo, Clmrlotto
3 Humphries, John P., sohoolmastor
4 Frescott, Caroline!
* O'Neill, Martha
0 Foloy, Ellen
7 Cohen, Joseph, brokor
8 Dawson, Mary J.
Quern street
Gonly, Edward D., merchant
Fclvy, Hugh, contractor
Brigdalo, William, builder
Hallos, Mnry
Clarke, William J., banker
New South Head road—North
Ocean street to Rushcutter's bridge
Konx, Edward, munloipal suryoyor,
Marks, Hon. John, Glcnrock
Darling Point road
ilond terrace—
4 Ohlfsen-Baggc, Christina H.
3 Hirst, Alfred, architect
2 Edwards, Minnio
1 Lawrence, William, grocer
Buchanan, John, builder
Old White Conduit hotel—O'Brino,
Ruthculter's bridge
Story, William H., hide merchant
Jlayvcaler villas—
1 Walker, William S., barrister
2 Mason, William, contractor
Bay street
Wright, George, bricklayer, Pclham
Sheraton, Edward, plasterer
Blgdcn, Thomas, carpenter, Kent
Vlzer, Gustftvos, painter, Haileybury
Harria, Samuel, Herts cottago
Beard, Ephralm, Green cottago
Hossltcr, Jemima
Kelly, Thomas H„ Olenyarragh
Kilgour, William, Itedleaf
Joseph, Francis 13., Falrwator
Weaver, Frederick G, Elalno
S o u t h sides
Roberts, John, optioian, Undcrcllffo
Ferguson, Frnncls, nurseryman,
Sum Cue
Oatley street
Cooper, Charles, Dilbhur
Wellington street
Ooean Btroot
Old South Head road to Point Piper
Bcrgin, Lawrence, Orville
Bond, Frederick M., Lota
Griinths, Amelia, Anglosca villa
Ycomans, Hlcliaril,solicitor, Tudor
Fesq, William, Norwood villa
Manning, Charlotte, Cymalla
Buchanan, Jnmes, Trovlyn
Hill, Augustus, Rancllflo
Copeman, Arthur, ohlmneyswoep
Jones, Mary 1)., musln-tenchor
Gale, Joseph, stonemason
Bremncr, George, grocor
Pott, Thomas, bootmnkor
Philpotts, Thomns
Taylor, Donald, lapidary
Lancaster, Daniel W., frultcror
Clark, Frederick, plumber
Stack-pool, Patrick and Mathow,
produco merchants
Prater lane
Congregational church
Quten street
Bonney, Charles. Thornley
Holdsworth, Philip, Caylus
Sanden, Horr von, tonchor of muslo
Kloot, Jean, merchant, Essondon
John street
Norton, nou. James, M.L.C.. solioitor,
Kerr, James
Johnson, James W.. solicitor, Brookly
Hunt, Elizabeth, ocoouohetiso, Cuvcrsbnm cottago
Gillespie, William, Iloso villa
Bradford, Walter, Moreton cottago
Anslow, Willlnm, Uralla
Ireland, Jos., boatproprlctor, Lilydalc
Public school
MoPlieo, Alexander, schoolmaster
Cross street
Hewett, Georgo A., honso and land
agent, Lillian
South street
Knox, George, barrister, Hundlbar
Coveney. Charles, wool brokor, AthelBtono
Holt street
McLean, Harold, comptroller goncral
of prisons, Kucllcrporo
A'ev South Uead road
Monkton, William -
Bozen, Frcderiok, Cintra
Cains, Jane, Nnnsrawnle
Blair William, Atdgowan
Stodanrt, Frederick, Stowol
Goodwill, Charles, ironmonger,
Chuto, Henry, surveyor, Ionn
Kilmlnster, George, builder, Leuctra
Peck, William, Leamington
Queen street
Griffiths, Thomas, roail superintendent
Sewell, Cornelius, oabproprietor
Post nnd Telegraph offlco—Dargan,
Shaw, Alexander, plumber
Purcoll, John, grocer
Malley, Edward
Rcily, Lawrenco
Carmichaol, William H., fruiterer
Perry, David
Kelly, Thomas
Pearson, James, storekeeper
Fourth street
Brewster, Walter, ouginoor, Halstead
nillman, Rosinn, Kolso houso
Webster, Anna, Henllys
Bayley. A.
Nott, Thomas, surgeon, Chlswiek
Wellington street
Stephen, Cecil, barrister
Gibson, Leonard, solicitor
Longhlan, George 0.
Cansdell, His Honor Judge Charles S.
Gcrbcr, Charles, Milton
Trrlairney street
All Saints' church (0. E.)
Caird, Georgo S., morchant, Livingstone
Barr, Morris, merchant, Hnrll
Smith, Ernest, solicitor, Koistono
White, Henry, Calingra
Campbell, Hon. Alexander, SI.L.C,
Lancaster villas—
1 Hartland, James, land agent
2 Newman, Henry J., ncoountant
3 McKinzie, Alexis G.
4 Curtis, Robert, homcopathist
5 Charles, Samuel, master-mariner
6 Foley, Burtley, commission agent
7 Prescott, Honry
8 Mlckless, Walter It.
Albert street
Weston, Willlnm J., Orielton
Chadwick, Hobort, merchant, Edgecllffe houso
Dodwell, RoL'cr, EdgccUffo cottago
Edgicliffe road
Double Day hotel—Davis, Joseph J. 8.
Old S o u t h H e a d r o a d
South l\tciflc hotel—Mayo, Marie
Dartlelt terrace—
1 Short, George, bookbinder
2 Richardson, Sarah
Melrose terrace—
1 RoblnBon, Elcnnor
2 Mngney. Thomas, clerk
3 Dnvies, Willlnm, jtin., postal
Queen street
Alexander, Charles
Swniri, Thomas
O'Doll, John, clerk
Craig, Henry, ncconntnnt
Old South Head road continued—
Dumm, Charles A., builder
MoMellan, —. plumber
Macdonnld, Robert, plumber
Walker. Robert, Moorldll
Baker, William T., Lougslght
Olayworth, Charles, surgeon
James street
Homing, Ernest
Everett, Alfred
Brown, William, carpenter
Sparanll, Willlnm
Cooper, Emily, Clifford houso
Goddard, John, draper, Catchall
Clulow, John, master-mariner
Latter, Louis A.
Prince of Wales hotel—Deerlng, Oily
.Cliauncoy, Anna
Leves, Thomas, slgmvritcr
Bate, Charles, property agout
John street
Howarth, Mrs,
Goodwin, Nathaniel, plctureframomaker
Morley, James
Quaifo, Eliza, f.cnhnm cottago
Balcombo, Lydla, Napoleon cottago
Boltsario, Edwnrd H., accountant
Smyth, Charles, draper
Cains, William C, builder
Board, Matilda
G minder. John
Forsyth, Chefllns F.
Bradly, Frcderiok H., warehouseman
Cambridge hotel—Titay, Thomas
Wallis street
Wilson, Henry
Myring, ThoinnB, clerk
Brown. James It., Fairviow
Kirby, Thomas, master-mariner
Hamper, Charles
Brown, Patrick, painter
Bovls, Charles, bootmaker, Abbotsford
Moncur street
Moore, Ralph, grocer
Roberts, Arthur, Elsmoro
Dawson, Louisa II.. Mantawarrow
Fraser, Amy, Nlmltybollo
Gooeh, William E., compositor,
Dotcman's terrace—
Kentish, Edwin, accountant
Kerrigan, Thomas
Eraser, Donali
Chnpmnn, Thomas G„ mastermariner
Ma. r, Gordon, ironmonger, Gordon
Ocean street
Bigucoo, Alice
Wallis st'reet
Duff. Willlnm II., Lnngloy
McLorlo, Thomas P., clork
Brcnnun, Thomas P.
Dingle, Georgo
Policy, Honry
Oompton, James T.
Xelton street
MoMordie, Davlil, I remount cottage
Mnepberson, Marian
Bushellc, Frederick E., slgnwritor,
Morley placo
Viokers, .1 nines, murchaut
Hall, Frcderiok, draper, Ravensworth
Vernfn street
Clark, Joseph, sawyer
Hunter, Magniw, joiner
Clark, Henry, jeweller
Cansdell, Robert, tobacconist
Humbly, Joseph
Thrower, Francis T,, bootmaker
Reader, John
Sorensen, Mrs., nurse
Wilson, Edwin, stationer
Clark, Willlnm, greengrocer
Vascovloh, Mathow, fishmonger
Usher, Jnmes J., produce merohant
Hayes, Hiehnrd, saddler
Eastwood, Henry, greengrocer
Hughes, Alfred S„ broker
Stone, Walter, vunproprietor
Ploot, George, umbrella-makor
Pigott, Jacob, greengrocer
Wiley, George, stationer
Spring, Thomas W., carpenter
Dnnrlch, Edward A., butcher
Thomns, William, manager Wavorloy
Thomas, Edward, grocor, ironmonger
Bucktrout, William 11., draper
Dawson, Robert C, draper, boot
Morton, Benjamin, chemist
(frosvenor street
MoMnhon, Eliza
Fountain, Henry
Wcslcynn ohnpcl
Humincrston, George, cnbpropriotor
Miller, John, tailor
Franklin, Henry, juu., painter
Ashley, John
Colo, William, plumber
Deitsbury terrace—
Picnnd, Francis
Rldler. John
Salmond, Duncan, engineer
Dyeon, —, survoyor
Chal/ord terrace—
Bolton, John
Crichton, David
Lucas, Daniel
Brown, Alfred
Maddocks, James D.
Collyer, John M. C, Eastwell
Woolfe, S.
Osborne lane
See alto Padding/on and Waverley
Joseph, Morris, bootmaker
Ida terrace—
Strouach, Gordon
Mitchell, Archibald
Mostyn, Harry
Holmrich, Alexander, clerk, Cooma
Young, William G., Westbourne
Browu, Thomas, Selby house
Bcnsnusen, Samuel, mining agent,
Ilordern, John L., draper, Runny• medo
Bowles, Samuel, planmounter
Mcl'hcrson, Hunter, merchant
Smith, George H. R.
Cbantrill, William, nccountnnt
Johnston, Robert, Bath cottage
Beuttie, John, painter, Lester cottage
Baldwin, Robert J., Vino cottage
Ellis, John W., Francis cottago
Wilson, Finnols, Trnleo
Mitchell, David, Fnrlclgh
Gilbert, Samuel, Morella
Vert, Philip, groci r. Victoria houso
Jackson, John, m.-mariner, Holaigunt
Nostrum, August, Luceala houso
Gray, Frederick, grocer
Ryan, Mathow, Cainbion house
Hush street
Borton, John, ironmonger, Clurcmont
longvieie terrace—
Evaus, Amelia
Reed, Alexandor, stationer
Edwnrds, Elizabeth
Gregory, Isabella
Iliva, Augurtus, plano-tunor
Britannia terrace—,
Thomas, Rev. E. F.
Bryant, Rev. Samuel (Cong.)
Christie, Charles, survoyor
Ellen, Marlon E.
Lupton, Mary A., Eireno
Marrnck, Melville, Elrene
Evans, Henry
Hourlgan, Ilonomh, Roscmouut house
Mathews. William S., Kingswood
Point Pijier terrace—
Ferguson, John A.
Tandy, Francis
Martin, Thomas W., clerk
Wnllls. Cliarles L.
Williams, George A., Nowstead
Congregational church—Bryant, Rov.
Samuel, pastor
M'.nciir street
Gcdye, Charles, Treval
Cusack, George, hatter
Hiilcer street
Swindon terrace—
Lane, Thomas, builder
Lax, Joseph
Hockey, Alfred II., clerk
Willcook, Joseph
Clark, Edwnrd, fawycr
Trelaicney street
Jamos, George, borough overseer
Ocean street
See also Paddlngton
F o l h a m s t r e e t - E a s t sldo
Off Cross street
Lees, Robert, Gulnevcro cottago
Coulson, Walter, watchmaker
Richardson, Ellen
Carr, John
W e s t side
Graham, Joslah, Alberta
Packham, Elizabeth
Piokering lano
Montague street to Ocean street
Hoffer, Dennis
Nyo, Edwnrd
Turner, Alfred
Rowo, Thomns
Pickorlng, Georgo, carpontor
Point Piper road
Carroll, John, builder
Pormcwan, Richard T., draper
Carr, Thomns J.
Cambericfll terrace—
Longstaff, June A.
Ellis, Augusta G.
Queen street—North sldo
Old South Head road to Edgecllffe road
Hezlett, William, Mclroso
QnniO'o. F. If., surgeon, Hughcnden
22 Hickman, Thomas S„ clerk
2G Lnlng, Emily E., greengrocer
Hnrtmnnn, Carl, tcaohcr of muslo
and singing
OR £1 15s. per cent, per annum ON SUM ASSURED.
Queen street continued—
168 Thompson, Herbert S„ aroliitoot
Oddfellows' ball
170 Aron, Maurice, importer
Eastern Suburbs Mutual Boncftt
172 Darlcs, James It, Sunbridgo
Building mid Investment Co.
174 Ycomans, Allen, squatter
82 Blols, Edmond, greengrocer
176 Dow, Martha
84 Denton, Eldridge W., butcher
178 Chatticld, Samuel, surveyor,
30 Oakea, James it., boot importer
88 Etbcriugton, Tliomns, bricklayer
Prince Alfred terrace—
1 Houghton, Johu, carpenter
South side
3 Molntyre, James, butcher
1 Enemark, —, fuel merchant
3 Richards, Henry, coiichpalnter
fi Leonard, Thomas, bootmaker
4 Fuljauccs, Elizabeth
7 Leonard, John, fuel merchant
8 Kelly, Edwin
0 1'orran, Elizabeth 11,
0 Poaker, Joseph
11 liuttroy, Nathun G., master7 Ellis, Charles, upholsterer
62 Caves, Thomas, painter
18 Sheehan, James, clerk
64 Garrett, John
16 Norman, William, carpenter
66 Bryant, E. J. C.
17 Nichol, David, vanproprletor
68 Dorhaucr, Christian, builder
II) Spalding, Samuel
62-04 Hall, Thomas A., butcher
21 Ellis, -Mrs. Mary A.
Hall street
23 Stuvous, Charles, plumber
08-08 Powys, Robert, upholstorer
26 Hunter, Joseph
70 Pascoe, Frederick S., grocer
27 Matthews, James, plasterer
72 JofTcrics, William H., eoufectloner
29 Williams, Mary A., dressmaker
and Ironmonger
31 Dawson, William, watchmakor,
74 Tisilnle, James II., toy merchant
Ethel cottage
76 llillier, Fro Inriok, greengrocer
33 Witts, Thomas, baker
78 Anderson, William 13., pluinbor
36 Wnollahra hotel—Cordiugloy,
80 Pepper, Frederick
82 Flook, Esther
37 Ticmey, Elizabeth
84 Jaokson, Elizaboth
38 Billington, Joseph
80 Carter, Alfred, chemist
41 Gordon, Emily M.
88 Houghton, Robert, greengrocer
43 Corfield, William, bootmaker
80 Clarke, Annie, draper
45 Fleming, Alexander, bricklayer
0> Burnet, Samuel Y., stationer
Eliza street
84 Kingston. Edmund J., tobacconist
51 Sands, David, tobacconist
00 Frosscr, Harriot
01 Stanley, William
08 Gorrel, Francis, grocer, com. agent
03 Fry, William D., carpontor
Moncur lane
66 Plckford, Frank, dressmaker
100 Strugncll, John, greengrocer
Baldwin, Sarah, dressmaker
102 Ackland's hotel—Aokland, Houry
60 Coleman, William, bootmaker
Moncur itreet
71 Plasto, Thomas, draper
104 Daulcl, Edward fl., grocer
78 Light, Thomas
106 Kunst, William, furnlturo brokor
76 Casey, John
108 Oarduer, Francis, jeweller
70 Bell, August n „ merchant
110 Thomson, William S., grocer
81 Comcllon, Edward, linguist,
112 Banks, Henry It., boot morchaut
Spicer ttreet
83 Stokes, Alfred, M.L.A.
114 Thomas and Macdonald, painters
87 Morton, William, bricklayer
110 Arnold. Eugono, chemist
80 Crabb, Henry, tinsmith
118 Churchlilll, James, butcher
03 McGuiunoss, John, butcher
130 Harvey, Robort, bootmaker
Moncur street
122 Saunders, Thomas, grccngrocor
Rush, Martha, draper
124 Bale, Mary, draper
07 Young, Thomis G., stationer
126 Newell, Walter T„ auctioneer
00 Grew, Henry C, painter
120J Walker, Jano, grocer
Dorhauor, Henry, builder
128 Cape, Anno, drapel1
Dorhauer lane
130 Farrnn, Vincent, stonemason
101 Hamilton, George, engineer
Dentson street
103 Muun, George
132 Toogood, William A., Athos
105 Orr, Isabel, Olydo cottage
107 Brown, Peter D„ surveyor
134 Thornton, Henry, contractor
100 Tuthall, James, clerk
140 Hcuthway, William .
HI Collins, P. J„ surgeon, Shlrwell
Alton itreet
English, Scottish, and Australian
144 Sky, William J.
Chartered Bank—Broughton,
Ludwlg, August, photographer
Charles H., manager
Congregational church and school 113 Pickering, Margaret
Ocean street
115 Cootc, Thomas
ISO Nesbltt, Elizabeth, oil and colour 117 Cooper, —
110 Watson, John, merchant, Ellora
182 Bursell, Timothy, butcher
121 Ferguson, William J., solicitor,
154 Nye. Edword, Filgoto cottage
160 Compton, Franc!', carpenter
123 Mowle, Stewart M.
160 Tiddoman, Frederick
126 Cecil, Louise E. G., Wosthall
162 Thompson, Anne M.
127 Edginton, Henry, merchant,
104 Hurt, Elijah
106 Vidal, James O.
Ocean street
Kilmimter street
131 Stupart, II. Douglas, teacher, Oeta
Gillejpic, Robert, Uaston Irico
136 Bayley, George W., architect
137 Cary, Sydney, inorchant, Marathon
139 Abel, Ellas, merchant, Arbela
141 Dean, Robert, Captain R;N.,
Lannon, Johu, Cratona
Evans, Mllue E., Latona
Campbell, Alfred B., Smirnoff,
The grove
Campbell, Henry, Smirnoff, The
Jackson, Robert,wine and spirit
Skinner, Maria
Cohen, Louis, auctioneer, Eavolla
Xelion street
Spioer Btreet—East side
Ranoliffo lane
Off Deniton street
Willaby, Charles, tinsmith
Butler, James
Mort, Thomas
Bush streot—North sido
Point Piper road to Moncur street
Bryant, Edwlu, commission agent,
Fisher, Henry, builder
Pern terrace Loose, George, carpenter
McPherson, Alexander, carpenter
Hyues, John
lliilannia itreet
South side
Williams, Henry, Warotah
Brlckwood, John
Bclllon, Jabcz, carpenter
Alpha terrace—
Myson, George, upholsterer
Houghton, James, blacksmith
Stewart. Emily
Henderson, Frederick
Curiam!, Mary
Cnrnow, Frederick, Kembla
Morrissey, John, Gladiola cottage
King, Kate, WoodTlllc cottage
Ada terrace—
1 Stanborough, Joseph
2 Crouthers, George, fitter
3 Saunders, Richard, clerk
4 Ilynu, Michael
6 Ring, August, clerk
7 Fletcher, Henry, draper
8 Mnher, Patriok
Lynch, David, dairyman
S o u t h street, Double bay
Boctronmn, Augustus, jeweller
Duff-Walker, Robort, Airdrio
Francis, Charles, Lcsdon
Latrclle, Alice
Green, Molbournc, accountant
Sledge, Charles G., Kanimbla
Wise, Bombard R., Yertoii
Brndrldgc, Edward
Warner, Robert, fuel merchant,
Gloucester cottage
Spicer lane to Queen street
Robertson, Thomas
Bulgin, John, blacksmith
Conroy, Michael
Wonhain, Elizabeth
Hamilton, Frederick D,, Wcstend
Redfern, Thomas, tailor
Mild water, Alfred, carpenter
Elliott, Aloxandor
Bryco, William, engineer, Roso
Gregory, Arthur
Kenny, Patriok J,
Aloxandcr, James, carpenter
Smodlcy, —
Todd, John
Mackenzie, William
Fletcher, William
Morrell street
Frceburn, James
Jones, Arthur
Larter, Joseph, Vino cottago
Long, Matliew, neullugwax-maker
O'Nealo, Cornelius
Biordan, Johanna
West side
Gaynor, Sarah, storekeopor
Edwards, Alfred
Symo, Walter
Goodler, William H.
Smith, James, Ness cottago
Oawood, Thomas, stonemason
Bulgin, William, blaoksmlth
Singleton, Edward J.
Glecson. Martin
Fairweathcr, Thomas, painter
Thornton streec—North side
Yarranabee road to Darling Point road
Bennett, Christopher. Longwood
McMaster, Duncan, grazier, Kelra
Hordcrn, Samuel, Retford ball
South side
Bowker, Robd., B„ M.D., stirg., Avoca
Trelawney streot—North side
Point Piper road to Edgecltffe road
Kent, Martha. Elysiau
Edgecltffe road
Montefoiro, Eliezer L., Oak lodgo
S o u t h side
Frazer, Mrs., Quiraniug
Oatley street
Queen street
Tara lane
Blunsutn, Edw., com. agent, Ferndalo
Point llper road
Triokett street—North side
Eliza street to Moncur itreet
Kelso terrace—
Collins, John
Fenn, David
Wilmott, Grcvillo
Elton, James
Frawloy, Jercmiab
May, John
Swamden, Hans, carpenter
Bunker, Benjamin
Ash, Robort
Kirkloy, Thomas
Scallcy, Julia
South side
Pitt, Henry J.
Anderson, O. T„ upholsterer
Sands, J. M. and D„ upholsterers
Coffee, Ellen, Grace cottago
Brook, James
Brunnlck, John
Hancock, William, stonemason
Humbert, Henry, hairdresser
Johnson, John C, cabinet-maker
Walton, George H,, tailor
Crow, Robert, painter
Dinger's lane
Vernon street—Bast side
Stubley, Isaao
Walker, John, blaoksmlth
Elliott, Thomas, carpenter
Woolley, Abbot J., carpontor
West side
Faust, Henry, litter
Evans, James
Swiney, John, blacksmith
Wenban, William, plasterer
Lewis, James E.
Fallo, John
McUivuey, Thomas
Wallis street—North side
Old South Head road to Edgecltffe road
Price, Francis, Foxlcy
Stratbdel, Jessie, l'airholm
Samuel, Philip E., Clifton lodge
Blake, Francis,wine merchant, Morton
UcCntcheon, Johu W.,.ossayer mint,
Thorleys cottages—
2 Bourko, John, coachbuildcr
1 Lcvcs, Edmoud, warehouseman
Roberts, Franols
ifnncur street
Griffin, Patrick
Uyncs, .lames, Oakhampton house
Power, Hary, Nowport house
Macfariano, Frauds
Fairclough, Joseph, carpenter, Lyon
Thompson, John, cabproprietor
Dyson, William, fruiterer
Goldberg, Abraham, commission agent
Wills, George, carpenter
Wills, William, bootmaker
Bolton, Charles, glass manufacturer
Creed, J. JL, surgeon
Ocean street
Soutar, Alexander J.
Solomon, Henry, printer, Heathfleld
Dowling, His Honor Judge James,
Xelion street
South side
Gocrgs, Carl, muslo-teaohcr, Rlvicro
Aronson, Frederick, Sydeuham
Ocean street
Earl, Mnry A.
Welden lane
Stowart, Anne
Wellington street
Ocean street to Edgecltffe road
Austin, Henry, wool broker, Headlngly
Cobcroft, Enoch, forest ranger,
Sutherland, Rev. James P., Elstow
Hall, Francis, Stonely
Reading, Richard G.
William street—North side
Morgan, John, Wiston
Heckeren, Van, surgeon
Trickott, Hou. W. J., M.L.A., Hulverstono
King, Philip G., M.L.O., Banksia
Oatley, Frederiok A.
Jleach street
South side
Clara terrace, off William itreet
Pearco, Henry
Moloney, James
Chamberlain, Charles
Adams, Henry
Chamberlain, William
Power, Michael
Chamberlain, William
Byrno, Thomas
Simpson, Robert P., Cndoxton
Stafford, Mary G., Lowlands
Ferguson, Herbert, nursoryman
Williams, William S., Carlton
Millar, Samuel R.
Rollinsou, Gcorgo, contractor
Watson, George
Ahern, James, Pine cottage
Ulckey, Margaret, Countess cottago
Mcrewethcr, Walton L., barrister,
Dutton, James
Grelg, James, bank managor
Sphan, Catboriue
Climpson, Gcorgo
Howctt, Sydney, clerk
Vino, Margaret
Fitzpatriok, —
Rowland, Thomas, storekeeper
Lord, Emma, Chalfont
Shaw, Charles, wine and spirit
merchant, Eton cottago
Bronohley, Gcorgo
Darling point
Yarranabeo road
Darling Point road to Darling Point
road tceit side
Mulchlna, Michael, Itatford lodge
Jackson, Frederick
Love, Henry C, Sldcup
Black, Reginald, Travelcyn
Newton, William, Ryton
Newton. Christopher, Chollorton
Taylor, William H.
Pepper, William
Rawer, Otto, insurance ngout, Hiltcoto
Hudson, Henry, Glonhurst
Burton, Richard
For continution tee boroughs of
Paddington and Waver/ey
281 George St., opposite Hunter St., Sydney,
And at Moray St., South
PLATE, SHEET, Mill-rolled, & Ornamental Window GLASS of every olass.
F^.I'EiDRHZ^.iq'enN'a-S—Patterns sent free everywhere.
Genuine White Lead, Oils, Colours, Varnishes, Brushwaro.
Painters' and Artists' Materials of every description.
Pioture-frame and Room Moulding.
-vxcroux-a. -v-A-RNrsir
281 G B O E G E
S T . , S"5T3D3STE!Tr.
White Lead, all hest brands; Mixed Paints and Dry Colors, Wall-papers,
Best English manufacturers.
Brushware—Crowden and Garrod's and Kent's makes only.
English and Amerioan Varnishes, for Painters, Coaohbuilders, and others.
Window Glass—Plate, Sheet, Ornamental, &o.
Largest stook of Plaster Centre Flowers and Mantelpieoes in Sydney.
Prices and Patterns free on application.
C. FRAENKEL, Managing Director.
In thit portion of the Director•y the following abbreviations are used.
P. Dk
H. Hill
Botany, West
.. Campordown
Ilnntcr's Hill
N. Wby.
Pmatta. ,
Prspt. and Slier.
St. L
St. I.., E.
St. P
Smr. Hill
p. r
Abbott, G., parcel delivery, 11 Margaret
AAUOK, A., tobacconist, 160 King st
Aaron, Charles,carrlago proprietor, CI
Abbott, G., fruiterer, 6 Hose lano
George, 1 Margaret st
Aoron, Louis, 1O'Connoll st
Aaron, Thomas 0., contractor, 87 Globo Abbott, George, 130 Gipps st
Abbott, Gertrude, 520 Bourke st
st, Glebo
Abbott, H., bootmaker, Church st,
Aarons, B„ 1Q Howard Bt
Aarons, David, 110 Botany st
Aarons, Joseph, commercial trarellor, Abbott, Henry, Lucy cottage, Glebo
st, Pnmtta.
402 Bourke st
A A R O N S , L., A A R O N S ' E X - Abbott, Henry, bootmaker, 130 Morehead st, Ilfii,
C H A N G E H O T E L , 1 Grcshaui
Abbott, Mrs. II., Gipps st, Pdtn.
Abbott, James, Murray st
Aarons, Mark, 217 Mncquarie st
Abbott, James, contractor, Susannah
Aarons, Saul, 450 Cleveland st
street, Vic.
Abbey, W.,bootwnrobouse, 33GGcorgo
Abbott, J., carpenter, 353 Dowllng st
John, furrier, 173 Campbell st
Abbey. Wm., boot manufacturer, RoseAbbott, John. 52 Buokland st, Wtloo.
bank, Victoria rd. Mar.
Abbott and Allen, solicitors, G-7-8 Abbott, John, Powell st, Hbsh.
Abbott, Joseph, Buckland St., Alxa.
Wontworth court, Elizabeth st
Abbott, Joseph, wool broker, EIHnsAbbott Brothers, potters, Victoria
vlllo, Croydon rd, Ash.
avenuo, N. Why.
Hon. Joseph Palmer, secretary
Abbott and Dodds, solicitors, 48
for mines, Lano Covo rd, St.L.
Castlcrcagh st
Hicliard, 11 Mmuaret st
• Abbott, —, Sydney st, N. Wyb.
Abbott, Robert, carpenter, 228 Kontst
Abbott, —, Elswlck st, Lcdt.
Abbott, llob-.-rt, Hunter st, Pmatta.
Abbott, Charles, NIoHolson st, Bal.
Abbott, Miss E., dressmaker, Church Abbott, Robert sen., potter, Orchard
st, Pmatta
rd, N. Wby.
Abbott, Edwin, 13 Bligh st
Abbott, Robert P., Stcyno rd, Man.
Abbott, Frederick, plasterer, Gardan
Abbott, Samuel, blacksmith, 21 Den*
st, Alxa.
ham st
Abbott, George, Bent st, Pctm.
North Willoughby
Prospoot and Sherwood
Rami wick
lied fern
St. Leonards
St. Leonards, East
St. Peters
Summer Hill
Watson's Bay
private residence
Abbott, Thomas K., P.M., Lano Covo
rd, St. L.
Abbott, Walter, i Brumby st
Abbott, William, stonemason, Groso
st, Pmatta.
Abbott, William, Concord rd, Cond.
Abbott. William, potter, Orohnrd rd,
N. Wby.
Abbott, William, bootmaker, Pennant
st, Pmatta.
Abbott, William A., dop. Reg. Gen.,
Louisa st, Bal.
Abbott, William II., 16 Gordon st
Abby, John, drayproprictor, Brandon
terrace, Darlington rd, Dar.
a'Beckctt, .Marsham E., solicitor,
3 Wontworth court,p.r., Holden
st, Ash.
A/Beckett, Mrs., Thlralng villa,
Arthur st, Ashfleld
Abel, Alfred, Redmond st, Lcdt. '
Abel, C, dairyman, Hunter st, Pmatta.
Abel, Charlci B., pastrycook, 300 King
st, Ntwn.
Abel, I)., plumber, Palaco st, Petm.
Abel, E., Arbela, 139 Queen st, Whra,
Abel, Martin, Lochlcl cottage, Alton
st, Whra.
Abel, Philip, dairyman, Carlton
crescent, Ash.
Abell and Ncdhnm, grocers, 100
Wulkcrst, Rfn.
Abcnetliic, James, Littlo st, Bnl.
Abororombie, Hugh, police sergeant, Academy of Music—Scholer, F., proAdams, James, grocer, 442 Kent st
High st, St. L.,E.
prietor, 111 Castlcreagh st
Adams, John, Belmore st, St. P.
Aberdeen clipper liuo (Wliito Star),
Accrlll, John, engineer, Menton st. Bal, Adams, John, bonrdinghouse, 202
Montcfloro, Joseph and Co.,
Elizabeth st
agents, 4 O'Connoll st
LIMITED—Gordon's buildings, Adams, John, Norton st, Ash.
Aborgatl, John, Abercromblo st, Rfn.
19 Macquarlo place—Moon, E. W., Adams, John, market gardener, Tor.
Abernethy, Jnnies, 29 Iiettington 8t
gardens, Terraoe rd. Mar,
Abernethy, Jnnies, Sutton st, Bal.
Accglaw, Nicholas boarding ctablish- Adams, John, painter, Wcntworth st,
Abcrtoro, Wm., Westbourno st, Fetm.
ment, 63 Claranco lnno
Abigail, P., leather merchant, 689-591 Achilles, Mrs. J„ Hargrove st, Tdtn.
Adams, Jolm.vanpropriotor, FarraGeorge st
Ackcrell, Mary, 2 Railway place
matta rd, Bur.
Abigail, Francis, M.L.A., Johnston st, Ackcnnann, Adam, butcher, Liverpool
Adams, John, Virgil st, Wav.
rd, Bur.
Adams, John, dairyman, Albion st,
Abigail, J., grooor, 44-40 Denlson st,
Ackhurst, H., carpenter, 43 Rosehill st,
Adams, J. P., 130 Misscndcn rd, Camp.
Abigail, ;jnuies, grocer, 35 Itogent st, Ackland, Henry, Actland'i hotel, 102
John L., bank manager, Louisa
Queen Bt, Whra.
st, Bal.
Abigail, J., 5 Botanyview torraco,
Adams, John It., oahproprictor, 41
Wilson st, Kfn.
Ackman, S., Crnven villa, 8 Macleay st
Auckland st, Wtloo.
Abigail, W., Erskinville rd, McDtn.
Acland,' Robert, plasterer, 36 Lcunoxst, Adams, Joseph, fuel merchant. LongAble, J., enrpenter, 3 Susan st, Ntwn.
down Bt, Ntwn.
Ablot, G., draper, Jeffrey st, St. L., E.
Adams, Joseph, whipmakor,' Phillip
Acott, George brick mn>'ufacturer,
Abloch, Mrs., 1 Stream lane
st, A lxn.
Brixton rd, Hkwd.
Aborigines enrnp, Kngarah Bay,
Acton,Edwd., 21 Cathcrino^t., Glebo Adnms, M., boarding establishment,
Kogarah, Hot,
Darlington rd, Dor.
•Acton, John, 58 Washington st
Aborigines camp, La Perouso, Dot.
Adnms, Mrs. M., Brodle st, Pdtn,
Acton, Thomas, 153 Gipps st
Aborigines Protectomto office, 114
Mary A., I l l Bnrcom st
Acton, William, bricklayer, 40 Littlo
Phillip st
Adams, Michael J., 37 West st
Norton st
Abraham, Mark and Co., merchants,
Adams, Mrs., dyer, 307-309 King st,
Ada, Joseph, drapor, Wharf rd, Bal.
382 George st
Adair, Alexander, stonemnson, GladesAbraham, —, 12 Lower Campbell st
Adams, Mrs., Dick st, Bnl,
vlllo rd, Hyde
Abraham, Henry C, 287 Kourko st
Adams, Mrs., 20 Wellington st
Abraham, Hymn, confectioner, 101-100 Adair, Hugh, 6 Gloucester st
Adams, Patrick, 32 Athlono plnco
Adair, Thomas, Gladosvillo rd, Rydo
Oxford st
Adams, Philip P., surveyor gcnoral,
Abraham, Isaac, tailor, 07 Brisbane st I Adam, Charles, shoemaker, 49 Lennox st, Ntwn.
Thonnlda, Cnmpboll st, St. L.
Abraham. I., dealer, 47 Georgo st W.
Adam, Robert, slater, Wcstst, Petni.
Adams, Raclmel R., Wharnoliffe, BayA B R A H A M , JOHN S., chemist,
view st, Vic.
434 George st; p.r., The terraces, Adam, W„ painter. Hallway st, Gran.
Adam, W., Little UniUrwood st, Pdtn. Adams, Rnbort, Middle st, Rwk.
E. Crescent st, Vie,
Adams, —, 432 Kent street
Adams, Robert, Edward st, Rfn.
Abraham, Joseph, general dealer,
Adnms, Alexander, 358 Bourko st
Adams, Robert, Wharf rd, Bal.
19-21 Hegont st, Kfn.
Robert II., 99 Rcdfern st, Rfn.
Abraham, Joseph, Alpha house, 477
Adams, A., farmer, Lnno Cove rd, Rydo Adams, Samuel, 95 Morehcsd rt, Kfn.
Bowling st
grocer, Fnrramntta rd.Lcdt.
Abraham, P., dealer, 629 Harris st
Adams, Thomns, 360 Bourko st
Abrahams, M. C. and Co., fancy goods Arinms.'Danlol, 286 Oxford st, lMtn.
Adams, Edgar, tailor, Queen st, Ash.
Adams, Thomns, 7 Ivy st, Rfn.
warehouse, 28-71 lloyal arcade
Adams, Edward, Arthur st, Pdtn.
Adnms, Thomns, Jnrrctt st, Lcdt.
ABRAHAMS, MARK and 00., Adams,
Thomas, Mcrton st, Potm.
genoral mcrchnnts, 382 George st
Plttst, Rfn.
Adams, Thomas. 61 Forbes st
Abrahams, —, Botany rd, Bot.
storekeeper, Gladcsvillo rd,
Abrahams, Alfred, Stun ley st
Abrahams, Charles, 121Fovenux st
Adams, T., 61 Australia st, Ntwn.
Abrahams, Henry, 57 AlRcquarie st S.
Adams, Francis, assistant mnimgor Adnms, T. 11., painter, 38 Broughton
Abrahams, I., 23 Womerah avenuo
Joint Stock Bank, Lnno Covo rd,
st, Glebo
Abrahams, Isaac, 58 Botany st
Adams, Thomas M., East st, Mar.
Abrahams, J., 85 Phillip st
Thomas M., conveyancer,
Abrahams, J., dealer, 166 Gonlburn st
Rydc .
60 Westmoreland st, Glebe
Abrahams, L„ tailor. 48 Wexford st
Adams, W., tentmakcr, 222 Claranco
Abrahams, Mark, hairdresser, 142
Albert Bt, Pmatta.
Gonlburn st
Adams, Capt. W„ Liverpool rd, Ash.
Abrahams, Michael, denier, 138 Regent Adams, George, Tuttnmll'i hotel,
William. Franklin cottage,
st, Kfn.
Enmore rd, Mnr.
Abrahams, Mlcbarl 0., fancy depot, 16 Adams, Georgo, manufacturers' ngent,
Adams, William, woolscourcr, Marian
Koyal nrendo
H. M., grocer, 01 Macquarlo
cottage, Wigram st, Pmatta,
Abrahams, P. 8., fancy goods depot, 9 Adams,
Ad una, W., greengrocer, 16 Dnuks st
and 44 Royal arcade
Adams, IIorry, bootfinlsher, 40 Cowpor Adams, William, Recent st, Pdtn.
Abrahams, Rnchacl,44Macquaric stS.
st, Glebo
Adams, William, Valley st, Bal.
Abrahams, Robort, 290 Victoria st
Adams, Henry, William st, Whra.
Adams, William, Aubin Bt, St. L., E.
Abrahams, Thomas, bricklayer, 17
Adams, Henry, Tusknr, Corcomrc
Adams, William J., Adnmsford, The
Hart Bt, Rfn.
terrace, Surry st
Boulevard, Petm.
Abrcn, Antonio, 404 Kent st
Adams, Henry, Edith st, St. P.
Adnms, Willlnm H., drnyproprlotor,
Abrook, John, Park rd, St. P.
Adams, Henry, Enrnshaw rd, H. Hill
Middlo st, Rwk.
Absalom, John, tinsmith, 66 Gibbons Adnms, J., fuel merchant, 8 Misscndcn Adams, William, 64 Druitt st
st, Rfa.
rd, Ntwn.
Adams, William, Btonemnson, 6 BarAbsolom, Jolin, tinsmith, 172 Regent Adams, J., Mortloko st, Cond.
tlett's buildings, Oxford st
Adnms, J., bootmaker, Ada st, Prnatto. Adnms, William A., Etholvtlle, 9 St.
st, Rfn.
Adams, J. S., The Lcn, Liverpool rd,
John's rd, Glebo
Absalom, Mrs. Julia, dressmaker, 565
Adams, W. K., saddler, 72 Harbour st
Harris st
Adams, James, dealer, Cary st, Lcdt
Adamson, —, Euroka st, Vic.
Adamson, Alexander, 13 Orwell st
Adamson, Alexamlor, stonemason, 104
George st, Wtloo.
Adamson, G., Blue's Point rd, VIo.
Adamson, George, enrpenter, Windsor
st, Pdtn.
Adamson, James, Hill st, Vlo.
Adamson, John, Florence terrace,
Edward st, Mar.
Adamson, Robert, Mitchell st, Via.
Adamson, Robert, Susannah st, Vlo.
Adamson, Thomns, Mitchell st, Vic.
Adamson. Thomas. Euroka lane, Vlo.
Adamson, Tlioinn* T.. builder, 2 Flora
terrace, Don st, Ntwn.
Adamson, William, Merlin st, St. L.
Adamson, William, 4 Victoria terrnoo,
Liverpool st
Adcock, Samuel, cabproprietor, Miller
st, St.L.
Addlngton, Charles, TOKH mid Country
hotel, Church st, Pmatta.
Addis, Jos., bricklayer, Smith st, Ash,
Addis, M R M„ storekeeper, Laokey st,
Addis, Wm., bricklayer, Smith st, Ash.
Addison, Charles A., market gardener,
Chnpcl st, Can.
Addison, G. W. F., Hillnrd, 119
Pyrmont Bridge rd, Glebo
Addison, John, stonemason, 22 nanover Bt, Wtloo.
Addison, Joseph. 25 Derwont st, Globe
Addison, Mrs., 34 lledford st, Ntwn
Addison, Robt-rt W., Miller «t, St. L,
Addison, T., carpenter, Bridgcwator
st, Dal.
Addison, William, brassfinlsher,
Blrohgrnve rd. Dal.
Addock.F.W., snddl-r, Mullens st,Bal.
Addy, Francis, 69 Cleveland st, Rfn,
Addy, William, engineer, 40 Shepherd
st, Dar.
FIRE I N S U R A N C E OO.Wllshlrc, A. T., resident seoretary,
77 Pitt st
Adelaide wharf, Moore's rd—Mason
Bros., Ld., lessees, 14 Spring st
Adculiam, Miss. Long liny rd. Rwk.
Adovlllo, Mary, 61 High Holbom st
Adgcr, James H., dermatologist, 131
Elizabeth Bt
Adio, William, baker, Sydney rd, Gran.
Adkins, Annie, dressmaker, 183
Cumberland st
Adlam, A., draper, 50 Queen st, Whra,
Adlam, Henry, bootmaker, 171-173
Clarence st
Adlam, Henry W., bootmaker, 66
Clarence st
Adlard, It, White Mean hotel, 60 Roso
Adlard, Win., 12 St. John's rd, Glebo
Adlor, Cloment, 292 Victoria st
Adler. F., fruiterer, Illnwnrra rd, Mar.
Adllngton, II., 36 McEvoy st, Wtloo.
Adnani. Mllborcth, 35 Pyrmont Bridgo
rd. Camp.
Adnes, John, fruiterer, Cook's River
rd, St. P.
Adraln, Jamos, agent, Wnrrandak,
Ivnnhoe St. Mar.
Adraln, J., Middlo Harbour rd, Man.
Adraln, Mrs., Jvaiihoe hotel, Corso,
Adrian, Charles, 191 Victoria st
Adrian, Charles V., 280 Victoria st
Adrian, Richard, 79 Botany st
Afghanistan Gold Jewellery Co.—
Payne, W. J., manager, 9
Sydney arcado
Afghanistan Gold Co.—Bulst, Albert,
manager, 12 Royal arcade
Agar, Mrs., 639 King st, Ntwn.
Agempamber, F., tailor, 26 Palmer st
Ager, David, insurance ugent, 179
Pitt st, Rfn,
Agor and Co. (D. Ager, C. Wheeler),
hotel brokers, 728 Georgo st
Ager, David, Insurance agent, 179
Pitt st, Rfn.
Ager, Thomas, 4 Guy st, Rfn.
Aggs, William 8., butcher, 197 Globe
rd, Glebo
Agnow, Ellon, 3 St. Peter st
Agnew, E. P., commission agent,
Evcrton cot., Wanlcllst., Petm.
Agnow, F. H., saddler, Cooper st., Bal,
Agnew, G., 53 Myrtlo st
Agnow, Geo., wine and spirit morcbant,
119 Plttst
Agnow, J. butcher, Hornsey st, Bal.
Agnew, John, 31 Brougham st, Glebo
Agnew, Mathcw, 18 Egan st, Ntwn.
Agnow, Mrs., Park st, Bal.
Agnew, Mrs., John st, Kkwd,
Agnew, 11., butcher, 150 Woolloomooloo st
Agnew, Rebecca, 02 Brougham st,
Agnew, Robt., stonemnson, Harris st
Agnow, William, 312 Georgo st
Agricultural grounds, Moore purk
Ah Clieong, 36 Littlo Essex st
Ah Chin, market gardener, High st,
N. Why.
Ah Chong, 48 Goulburn st
Ah Chong, interpreter, 16-18 Cambridge st
AhClioug, T., market gardener, River
st, Can.
Ah Chong, 20 Cambridge st
Ah Chow, Rohcrtson st
AhChny. 12 Harrington place
Ah Coy, furniture manufacturer, 381
Pitt st
Abeam, E.. butcher, 29 Ntthsdnle st
Ah mini, Edward, 91 Gloucester Bt
Ahenrn, Willlnm, 46 Banks st
Ahem, Cornelius, carpenter & joiner,
67 Elizabeth st, Rfn.
Ahern, E., butcher, 26 NItlisdalo st
Ahem, J., ltijleman'i hotel,16 Fltzroy
Ahem, Jns., brickmnkcr, Elizabeth st,
N. Why.
Ahem, J., Pino cottngo, Wm. st, Whra.
Ahem, J., draper, Jarrett st, Lcdt.
Ahem, John, 70 Raglan st, Wtloo.
All Foo, storekeeper, off 197 Botnny rd,
Ah Fou, J., carpenter, 88 Lt. Essex st
Ah Geo, market gnrdener, Gardeners
lane, Bot.
Ah Gon, J., mkt. gardener, Wyndham
st, Alxn.
Ah Hlo Choy, market gnrdener,
Bourko rd, Alxa.
Ah Hou, 10 Harrington plnco
Ah Kee, storekeeper, Botany rd, Alxa.
Ah Kern, market gardener, Alpha st,
N. Why.
Ah Kern, market gardener, High st,
N. Wby.
Ah Key, Botany rd, Alxn.
Ah Kin, market gardener, nigh St.
N. Wby.
Ah King, market gardener. High st,
N. Wby.
Ah Knm, 18 Harrington plnoo
Ah Lin, 11 Queen st
Ah Long, storckpr,, Botnny rd, Alxa.
Ah Loon, market gardener, West
Botany st, Rot.
All MIn, denier, Ilotany rd, Alxn.
Ah Moong, 11 Harrington plaoo
Ah Moy, 9 Harrington plnco
Ah Peine, Qtiiuk's buildings, Wexford
Ah row, market gardener, High st, N .
Ah Sam, market gardener, Rainbow
st, Bot.
Ah Say, market gardener, Orangegrove, Marrickville rd, Mar.
Ah See, market gnrdener, Botany rd
Ah Sin, market gardener, Bourko rd,
Ah Sin, gardener, William st, N. Wby.
Ah Sing, storekeeper. Lane Covo rd,
St. h.
All Slug, market gardener, Bourko rd,
Ah Slug, markot gardener, Veteran
swamp, Bot.
Ah Ti, 14 Harrington plaoo
Ah Tick, Littlo Essex st
Ah Tong. furniture-maker, Pitt place,
off Pitt st
All Toy, f urnituro manufacturer, 370
Pitt Bt
Ah Toy, cabinet-maker, 192 George st
Ah Tyo, market gardener, River st,
Ah Woo, markot gardenor, Wardellrd,
Ah You, cablnct-mnkor, 411 P i t t s t
Ah Young, market gardener, Uuwln's
Bridgo rd, Mar.
Ah Yow, carpenter, Pitt P i t t
Aiken, Edward, land and estate agent,
1 Elsleter.,McD9Ugallst,St.L.,E.
Aiken, Georgo, 24 Bay st
Aiken, Honry W., 226 Riley st W.
Aiken, Patrick, 2 Judge st
Aiken, Thomas, 122 Cleveland st
Aiken, William, coppersmith, Bruce
st, lint.
Aiken, William W„ Windsor st, Pdtn.
Aikmnn, Harry, plumber, Caledonia
st, Pdtn.
Aikmnn, J„ Felton st, St. L., E.
Ailanthus college—Glllnm, Mrs. Annie,
principal, 168 William st
Aimics, Edward, Driver's rd, Bnr.
Alnley, J., butcher, 100 Coojicr st,
Aiusworth, W. G. and Co., agricultural
implement depot, 161 York st
Ainsworth, A. W., tailor, 29 Harrington st
Ainswor'h', C, locksmith, 2 Edwnrd st
Ainsworth, Mrs,, dressmaker, Toogood
st, McDtn.
Ainsworth, R. J., agricultural implonicnt branch depot, 231 Sussex Bt
anil Market st
Ainsworth, Walter,engineer, 71 AlderBon st, Rfn.
Ainsworth, \Vm.,onglucor, 2Snmuclst
Ainsworth, William H., 140 Burton s t
Air, Jas. 0., printer, Botany r<l, Alxa. Albrccht, Gcorgo, grocer, 12 Bourke st Alexander, A, E. and Sons, importers,
Air, William, printer, 23 Irving at
Albrow, Jamea, carpenter, 1 Cooper st,
868 Pitt st
Aird, George, 86 Angel 8t, Ntwn.
ALEXANDER, R. F. J. and 00.,
Aird, J. B., clerk, 38 Donhnm at. Glebe Albury, P., carpenter, Belmoro st, Bal.
Chaugoalloy, Pittst
Aird, Mrs., 7H Australia at, Ntwn.
Albury, John \V„ Ice st, Pdtn.
Alexander, A,, Greenhills st, Ash.
Aird, William, Joubcrt st, II. Hill
Albury, Mrs., Lumly st. Gran.
Alexander, Abraham E., 156 Forbes st
Alrey, Lient.-Colonel, Ooennvlew
Albury, Robert, 64 Washington st
Alexander, Alex., Darling st, Bal.
South llcnil rd. W. Bay
Albury. William, builder, 9 Foveaux st Alexander, Alfred, Reynolds st, Bal.
Alrey, W. T. Itoyal hotel, Oliuroh st
Albyn, Jno., cabinet-maker, 46 Princes Alexander, Andrew, builder, Ewell st,
Alrtli, William, Venetian bllnilmaker, Albyn, Thomas, cabinet-maker, 46
Alexander, Charles, Old South Head
45 Duke st
Princes st
rd, Whra.
Aistrope, G„ master-mariner, 15-1
Alchin, Elizabeth, Leisure Hour hotel,
Alexander, D„ baker, Ohaldor st, Mar.
John st
Lane Covo r.l, St. L.
Alexander, Francis, halrdrossor,
Aitken Duncan, slater, 418 Bonrko st, Alchin, Francis. SO Devonshire st
Hcnwick st, Lcdt.
Aitken, E.. hatter, Annandalcat, Ntwn. ALOOOK B R O T H E R S , London Alexander, Frederick, saddler, 326
A I T K B N , E. A N D 0 0 . , draftsmen
and Nottingham warehousemen,
Pitt st and Little Albion st
and laud agents (under New Act),
186 Pittst
Alexander, G„chiropodist, 113 Pittst
287 George st
Aleock, Jas., hide merchant, Simmons
and 626 Crown st
Aitken, Enooh, contractor, 1 Trade st,
st, Ntwn.
Alexander, G. M., agent, 40 Hunter st
Aleock, John, Marlon st, Lcdt.
Alexander, George, Bennett st, Wav.
Aitken, George, Lynch cottiges, 157 Aleock, Thomas, 59 .Stanley Bt
Alexander, G., senior-constable, Hur.
Regent st, Camp.
Aleock, T. M„ jewollcr, 673 Gcorgo Bt
Alexander, Mrs. I.. 18 Margaret st
Aitken, James, slater, Young st, Lcdt. Aldonboven, W., plctureframe-maker, Alexander, J., halrdrossor, 62 AbcrAitken, John, 168 Princo* st
74 Hunter st
orotnblc st
Aitken, John, slater, Hopewell st, Alder, Alfred, Neville st, Mar.
Alexander, J. S., commission agent.
Alder, Jnno, grocer,'Botany rd, Bot.
31 Hunter st
Aitken, John, stonemason, Hargrnvo Alder, William, 105 Dixon st
Alexander, Jacob, 26 Brisbane Bt
et, Pdtn.
Alderdico. James, ironmonger, Renny Alexander, Jacob, Wardell rd, Mar.
Aitken, John, stonemason, Underwood
st, Pdtn.
Alexander, James, shipwright, Pyrst, Pdtn.
Aldordice, James, 333 Crown st
mont Brldgo rd
Aitken, John A., solicitor, 104 King st Alderman, E., 470 Cleveland st, Rfn.
Alexander, James, carpenter, Splocr
Aitken, J. A.,solicitor, Arthurst,Ash. Alderson, J., carpenter, .Mullens st,
st, Whra.
Aitken, Sirs., storekeeper, Parramatta
Alexander, J., carpenter, 110 Fig st
rd, Petm.
Alderslev, Alfred, College st, Bal.
Alexander, John, fishmonger, 368
Aitken, Mrs., Fcrnbunk, Arthur st, Ash A L D E R S O N AND S O N S (Thos.
Elizabeth st
Aitken, Mrs, 7 Trade st, Ntwn.
Alderson, Lancelot Alderson), Alexander, John, Little Underwood
Aitken, .Mrs., Cook's River rd, St P.
tanners, curriers, leather manust, Pdtn.
Aitkon, Mrs. Isabella, 3 Septimus terfacturers ami importers, 101 York Alexander, Joseph, baker, 408 Jones Bt
race, Septiuius st, McDtn.
st nnd Bourke st. (Sco advt. in- Alexander, J. W., stevedoro, 161 ClarAitken. Mrs. It., grocer, Elizabeth st,
side front cover)
ence st
Alderson. Charles, bootmaker, Raglan Aloxander. Mis< M. A„ drapor, 124
Aitken, Morehoad, grocer, Windsor st,
st, Alxa.
st, Pdtn.
Alderson, Frederick, Brickfields, Alexander, M..gen. dealer, 464 Bonrko
Aitkon, T., 33 Marwood st
Alderson, J., carrier, Victoria rd, Mar.
Aitken, Thos., ironmonger, 291 Pittst Alderson, John D., clerk, Cameron st, Alexander,
Miss, 64 AVI lllam st, Rfn.
Aitkon, Win., 20 Littlo Urisbano st
Miss, ladles' school, 220
Aitkenhcad, Ellen, S7 Evcleighst, Hfn. Alderson, Lancelot, 20 Roscbank st
st S.
Altkenhead, Robert, eo])i>ersmith, Covo Alderson, Roland, Wells st, Ntwn.
Alexander, Mrs., 14 nnrt's bldgs.,
st, Bal.
Alderson, Thomas, Princes st, Ntwn.
Gloucester st
Aitkin, Emily, 68 Foster st
Alderson, Thomas, 304 Victoria st
Alexander, Robert, Brown's bldgs,,
Aitkon, Thomas, Lawsou st, Bal.
Alderson, W. II., 350 Uourko st
Macquario st
Aitkin, Thos., 38 Lower Campbell st
Alderton, Daniel, headmaster, P.
Alexander, Samuel, storekeeper, Ivy Bt,
Akehurst, Wm., 44 Washington st
school, Unwlu'i Bridge road, Mar.
A K H U R S T , "WALTER A N D Alderton, Daniel, storekeeper, Parra- Alexander, Wm„ Trafalgar st, Ntwn.
0 0 . (Walter Frederick Akhurst),
mnttrird, liur.
Alexander, William, 22 Owen st
engravers, litbogrnphcrs, general Alderton, George, lime merchant, Pel- Alexander,
Wm., 11 Lr. Campbell Ft
printers and bookbinders; ofHcoi
ton fit St. 1. E.
Win., auctioneer, 604
and works. 3U7 and 309 Kent st Alderton, Gcorgo. ltollly st, Et. L.
and 10 York Bt
Alderton, Henry, lime burner, Pelton Aloxander, William, 94 Botany Bt
Akins, J. T., 11 Burton st
st, St. L., E.
Aloxander, Wm. II., jolnor, 413 Harris
Alaway, Thomas, 479 Riley st W.
Alderton, John, llmo morohant, Walstreet
Albach, John, 41 Barcom st
ker st, St. I*
and McRae, timber merohants,
Albert Ground Co.. LImltod—Levy, Aldls, Mrs., private boarding estnb., 6
Murray Bt
M. S., secretory, 01 Custlercagh st
Richmond terrace, Domain
C., ilrnper, 187 Elizabeth Bt,
Albert hall, Parramatta rd, Pctm.
Aldous, George, glazier, 1 Evelcigh st,
Albert, Charles, boardinghouse, 266
Alford, John. The Doll, Nicholls Bay
Elizabeth st
Aldous, J., engineer, 82 Walker st,
rd,N. Why.
Albcrtbsen, Rasmus S„ market
Algar, P., carpenter, Laura st, Ntwn,
gar tenor. Stanmore rd, Mar.
Aldous, James IT., Margaret Bt, Rdfn. Alger, —, 131 Mitchell st, Glcbo
Albory and Co. (M. Albory. W. Beard) Aldous, John, 171 Elizabeth st
Alger, John, lessee, Alger's (Walker's)
carpet warehousemen, 365 George Aldred, Annie, 15 Stanley st
wharf, No. 3 bond and freo Btores,
Aldrich, F. C, acting assistant inLower Fort st
Albcry, Mark, 181 Albion st
spector of fisheries, La Perouse, Alglo, J., storekeeper, 1 Wynyard lane
Albion, George, 12 Edgeley st
Algic, It., vanproprietor, 213 Ellzabotb
Albou, James, builder. Now et, St, L., E. Aldildge. George, Botany rd, Alxa.
st, Hfn.
Albone, David W„ 6 Handle st
Aldrldge. James, plasterer, Reynolds
Alglc, William, Church st, Pmatta.
Albrccht, Albert, Church st, St. P.
st, Bal.
Alholt, Henry, Mary st, St. P.
AH, Alfred, 94 Young st. Rfn.
Alison, Joseph, vanproprietor, 66 Bullanaming st, Hfn.
Allam, William, 93 Campbell st, Ntwn.
Allan anil Co., merchants, 19 Macquario
A L L A N A L E X A N D E R M.,
builder, Canterbury Old rd, Ash.
Allan, A lfrcd E., Croydon avenue, Ash.
Allan, Andrew, general agent and
auctioneer, 143 King st
Allan, Henry, Twin rd, llydo
Allan, Henry, blacksmith, 03 Fig st
Allan, James, 10 Weutworth st
Allan, Mrs., Chaplin st
Allan, William, agent, Uenconsflold
terrace, Bcaconsfleld estate, Al.xa.
Allard, Horace, accountant, Inglewood, Central rd, Ash.
Allardice, George, 4 Caruher lane
Allardice, Nicol K., engineer, Bayvillc st, Bal.
Allars, Charles, shtrtcutter, Underwood st, Pdtn.
Allboou, A„ bootmaker, Corso, Man.
Allbutt, William, Wells st, Rfn.
Allcock, Thomas, Springfield, Darling
Point rd, Whra.
Allcorn, Mrs.. 166 Bowling st.
AUd, Mrs., boarding establishment,
134 Botany st
Alldln, Samuel W., William st, St. L.
Allen and Allen (Sir Gcorgo Wlgram,
Arthur M., Reginald Chat.), solicitors, 161 Phillip st aud 122
Elizabeth Bt
Allen and Noller, builders, Brickfield
st, Pmatta.
Allen and Walker, timber merchants,
City steam joinery works, Druitt
Allen, William and Brothers, soap
manufacturers, 170-172 Custlercagh st
Allen, —. 209 Victoria st
Allen, —, solicitor, Walker st, St. L.
Allen, Albert, storekeeper and postollice, Liverpool rd, Hush.
Allen, Alexander. 08 Chownc st
Allen, Alexander, 81 Prii.ces st
Allen, Alfred, Ironmonger, Paddington st, Pdtn.
Allen, A., Pom cottage, Ebley st, Wav.
Allen, Alfred, 37 Coruwallls st, Hfrr.
Allen, And., auctioneer, 37 Brougham
st, Glebo
Allen, A., baker, Liverpool rd, Ilbsh.
Allen, Asher, greengrocer, Mitchell
rd, Alxa.
Allen, Ben., carpenter, 68 Arthur st
Allen, Charles, Victoria st, Pdtn.
Allen, Charlos, 218 Riley st W.
Allen, Charles II,. Alico st, Ntwn.
Allen, Christopher C , boiler-maker,
109 Palmer st
Allen. E.. Riley st
Allen, E., ironmonger. Darling st, Bal.
Allen, E., dairyman. Hnrgravo lano,
Allen, E., dairyman, Hargrove st,
Allen. Emma, 212 Cleveland st
Allen, F., 141 Dcnlson st, Cump.
Allen, F. G„ builder, Ethel cottage,
Pennant st, Pmatta.
Allen, G. II., upholsterer, Bcattio st,
Allen, George, Church st, Pmatta.
Allen, Thos., bricklayer, Marlborough
Allen, G., stevedore, 132 Glebe st,
rd, N. Wby.
Allen, George, storckceiwr, Railway Allen, Thomas, grocer, Thomley st,
stores, Railway torraco, Bur.
Allen, Thomas, ongineer, 14 Tcmora
Allen, Sir Gcorgo \V., Toxtoth park,
terrace, Pyrmont Bridge rd
Toxtcth Park estate, Glebe
Allen, Thomas, 13 Crown lane
Allen, Harriet C, Elswick st, Lcdt.
Allen, Walter, 31 Hutchinson st
Allen, Hector, King st, Ash.
Allen, Henry, shipwright, Cooper aud Allen, Walter, 9 Bayvlew cottage,
King st N„ Ntwn.
Louisa sis, Bal.
Allen, W. T., Uolden Age hotel, 17 Oeo.
Allen, II., butcher, Foncnrt st, Bal.
Allen, Henry, Falcon at, St. L.
Allen, H. E. A., 29 Upper William st S. Allen, Wm., carpenter. Boundary st,
Allen, Henry J., plasterer. Crimea st,
Allen, Win., coach trimmer, 4 Jcsmoud
Allen, Hugh, builder, Endly st, Mar.
Allen, J., dyer, 226 Costlereagh st, Allen, Wm., engine-fitter, CiomwcllBt,
and Crystal st, Petm.
Allen, J. J., commission agent, Tat- Allen, Wm., general dealer, 8 MoEvoy
tcreall's chambers, Hunter st
Allen, Wm., grcongrocor, Gipps Bt,
Allen, J., shipwright, Union at, Bal.
Allen, James, Botany rd, Alxa.
Allen, J. A., plumber, Raglan st, Alxa. Allen, Win., greengrocer, 70 Alderson
st. Hfn.
Allen, James, carpenter, 16 Ferndalo
Allen, William, Henderson rd, Alex.
st, Ntwn.
Allen. William, 13 Little West st
Allen, James, Gordon st, Pdtn.
Allen, William, 7 Redforn st, Rfn.
Allen, Jeannetto, fruiterer, Lime st
Allen, William, fill Stephen st, Camp.
Allen, John, Hutchison st, St. P.
Allen, Wm. B., Toxteth lodge, Toxteth
Allen, John, 45 Bouudary st, Wtloo.
Parkestnte, Glebo
Allen, John, compositor, 6 Forsyth st,
Alleu, Wm. G., bricklayer, Blado st,
W. Bay
Alleu, John, 3 Albion st, Pdtn.
Allen, Wm. J., soap and candlo manuAllen, John, 1 Ebenezi r place, Glcbo
facturer, Hollywood, Botany st,
Allen, John, 14 Bourke at
Allen, John, Shnesbrook, Palaco st,
Aller, John W., 18 Harrineton place
Allen, J., dcalor, 6 Buckland st, Wtloo. A L L E R D I N G A N D S O N ,
watchmakers and jewellers, 26
Allen, John, 4 Campbell place
Hunter st
Allen, John, wood and coal dealer,
Allerdlng, Henry R., jeweller, Alt st,
431 Cleveland st, Rfn.
Allen, John, 13 Gordon at
Allen, John E., paper-ruler, Carlisle Allcrton, Mrs. A., Cecil st, Ash.
Allerton, John, plumber, 29 Lower
st, Lcdt.
Cninpbcll st
Allen. John E.,Public school teacher,
Allerton, Mrs.. Broughton st
223 Cleveland st, Rfn.
Allen, J., dalrymau, Mitchell rd, Alxa. Allerton, W. F., 103 Stanley st
Allerton, William, ironmonger, 20
Allen, Joseph, brickmakcr, ltosohlll
Shepherd st, Dar.
st, Pmatta.
Allcrton, William, Mid Roc* ho.el,
Allen, Joseph, Devino st, McDtn.
Mansfield st
Allen, Joseph P., George st, Bur,
Allen, Mark, cabiuet-makcr, 21 Exotor Allerton, William, jun., Ironmonger,
695 George st
Allen, Mark, shipwright, Edward Bt, Allerton, William, Cecil st, Ash.
Allestcr, J., confectioner, 56 Oxford at
Alloy, Ben., lnostcr-uinrincr, Webb st
Allen, Mrs., Hymn st, Bal.
Alleyn, W., butcher, 08 St. John's ru
Alleu, Mrs., Cox's rd, llydo
Alleyno, Douglas, Holtcrmann st
Allen, Mrs., Muxwclla, Marian st,
Alliance British and Foreign Life and
Fire Insurance Co., 2 Brldgo st—
Allen, Mrs., 40 Cornwallls at, Rfn.
King, George and Co., agents
Allen. Mrs.,oir 67 Fitzroy st
Alllbiind, It. Joseph, chemist, 3-6
Allen, Mrs., North st, Hal.
Botany st, Hfn.
Allen, Mrs., midwife, Ucattio st, Bal.
Allin, John, carpenter, Cowpcr st
Allen, Mrs., Daphne cottage, Wnlker
Allin, Mrs., draper, Cowper st *
st, St. L., E.
Allingham, C , Airlco, Cavendish st,
Allen, Mrs. S., 77 Elizaboth st
Allen, P., boatbuildcr, Morrison's rd,
Allingham, M., fruiterer, Dirt llourko st
Allingham, Win., builder, 20 GottenAllen, V. 11., Palmcrstou villa, Albert
bam st, Glebe
st, Bur.
Allison, Corollno,39 Phillip st, Wtloo.
Allen, P., farmer, Princess st, Rydo
Allison, Ephrnim. Collins st, Bal.
Allen, Robert, engineer, 333 Harris st
A L L I S O N , J . W., pharmaceutical
Allen, Simon, 13 Harbour st
chemist, 75 William st
Allen, T., hairdresser, 68 Costlereagh
Allison, James, builder, 43 Derwcnt st.
J.,drapcr, Parramatta rd, Lcdt.
Allen, 1 homos, Edith st, Lcdt.
Allen, Thos., Allenvlllo, Rlvervlow st, Allison, James, 60 Hordcrn «*, Ntwn.
Allison, Mrs. Kcziah, Viola cottago,17
Mouut Vernon st, Glebe
Allen, T., grocer, 361 King st, Ntwn.
Allison, L., pointer, SO Cornwallis st Ally, Munser, 4 Hart's lane
Ally, Osman, 6 Steel st
Allison, Peter, Norton Bt, Ash.
Almanac, Mrs., Kurly st, Pmatta.
Allison, Thomas J., Archir'a terrace, Almlof, Andrew, cabinet-maker, 86
Bishop st, Bar.
King st, Ntwn.
Allison, Walter, gloss ombossor, 67 Almond, Mrs., Elmwood, Moonblo st,
Campbell st, Cntnp.
Allison, Wllllnm, fuel merchant,
Alpen, Herr Hugo, music-teacher, 10
Lewlsliam st, Petm.
Derwent st, Glebe
Alluian, Mrs., Bcgg st, Pdtn.
Alphen, Mrs. K., private school,
Allmcn, A. W., bricklayer, 19, BotanyCharlotte st, Ash.
viow terraoo, Wilson st, Hfn.
Alphen, Thos., surveyor, Alt st, Ash.
Allmcy, Mrs, C, Denison st, St. L.
Alplionzo, Denis, carpenter, Myrtlo st,
Allinow, Win, Wlgrnm ril, Glebe
St. L.
Allucr, —, fruitoror, 132 Princes st
Alpln, —, 13 Bollcvuo st
Allucy, Miehl., tailor, 117 Campbell st Alson, Andrew, Graham st, Bal.
Allncy, Win., Little Walker st, St. L.
Alsop, Geo., 2 Ruby tor., llcilly st, St.L.
Allnnilil, Riohnrd, machine agent, 00 Alsoj). J. K., contr., Redmond st, Lcdt.
Castlcreagh st, Itfu.
Alstend, Isaac, 00 Windmill st
Allpass, J. W, inspector of public Alston, A., builder, Begg st, Pdtn.
schools, 173 Botany rd, Wtloo.
Alston, Miss J. W„ Sandriugham, Bot.
Allport, B., Westorn rd, Pninttu.
Alston, Robert, 41 Clarcnco lane
Allport, Mrs., Wlgram st,I J matta.
Alston, Thos., 208 Oxford st, Pdtn.
Allprcss, Hugh £., conchbuilder, 383 Alstab, Mrs., Mnrla st, Ntwn.
Pitt st
Alt, Catherine, 12 Dowllng st, Pdtn.
Allprcss James, Bhcrln's ofllcer, 0 Pitt Altnss, Frederick, Dcnison ril, Pctm.
st, Itfu.
Althnlght, Thomas, Ivy st, Dar.
Allprcss, Philip, Wellcsley st, Pmtta.
Althousannd Gcigcr (J. A. Althousey
All Saints cemetery (C.E.)—Boon, W.,
1'. Gclgor), signwritors, 126 Livercaretaker, Fannell st, Pmtta.
pool st
All Saints church (C.E.)—Batter, Rov. Althouse, J„ gralncr, 330 Bourke st
C, Stanmoro rd, Petm.
Alvarez, John, printer, 67 King st S.,
All Saints church (O.E.)—Bloomflcld,
Rev. J. O. Incumbent, Pennant st, Alver, !•'. D., 176 Regent st, Rfn.
Alvers, G. E., confectioner, 37 LiverAll Saints church (C.E)—Ocean st,
pool st
Alverva, Mrs., Pnddington st, Pdtn.
Mrs., Vincent lane, Bal.
All Saints schools (C.E.)—Brighton st,
Amalgamated Soc. of Wheelwrights
and Blacksmiths, 70G George st
All Souls church, Marion st. Lcdt.
Amoral, Antoncy, dairyman, Middle
Alison, Albert, 4 lluntst, Ntwn.
Allsop, George, Ann st, Hkwd.
Harbour rd, Mnn,
Allsop, John, cooper, Cowper st, Wav. Amnzzoll, Louis, Mary st, H. Hill
Allsop, J, trainer, Botany st. Rwk.
Ambler, James E., Three Croirm hotel,
Allsopp, J., carpenter, Moodie st, Bal.
12 Charlotte place
A L L T A N D CO. (Thomas II. Allt, Ambler, Tato, engine-fitter, George st,
William U. Tulloh), wiuo and
spirit merchants, Charlotte place. Ambrose, Blakcncy, Comet hotel,
Truman's celcbratdl Burton ale,
47 Albion st
Robertson's Scotch whisky, • Ambrose, David, 18 Cook st
and*". Mcukow's prize brandies, Ambioso, Edward, builder, 1 Clifton
bulk and case Bass's ale, bottled
terraoo, Victoria st, Wav.
by Messrs. Stone and Son. Ambrose, F. W., 89 Woolloomooloo st
Hcnckes's sohnnpps, qts. anil pts. Ambrose, Margaret, 140 Devonshire st
Due de Montcbcllo chnmpaguo, Ambrosoli, Ambrose, stonemason,
all sizes. Drew's lager bier, in
Church st, H. Hill
crystal bottles. Burko's light Ambrosoli, John, stonomason, norbersparkling pale ale.
ton avenue, H. Hill
Allt, Robert, Nicholson st, Bal.
Ainoo, John, stonemason, Ellzaboth
Allum, Krauk, builder, Louravllle,
Thompson st, Mar.
Aiuerican Novelty Co.—Little, A. 13.,
Allum, George, Railway st, Helm.
manager, 203 Pitt st
Allum, John, accountant, Drayton,
American Sowing Machine Co.—
Charlotte st, Ash.
Sutton, J., manager, 6(17 Gcorgo st
Allum, 11., 12 Woinerah avenue
American Watch Co., Waltham, Mass.
Allum, Reuben, 20 Burns st
—Manson, Donald, manager,
Allum, II., fruiterer. Botany rd, Bot.
Waltham buildings, Bond st
Allway, Henry, blacksmith, Garden st, Ames, Ben., joiner, 66 William st, Rfn.
Amcss, John 1). and Sous, lightermen
Allwood, Duncan M., teacher of
and stcamtug ownors, 03 Sussex st
dancing, 24 Burton st
Amcss, John, quarry-owner, George st,
AllwooiL.lohn, fruiterer, 81 CastleN. Wby.
rcagh st
Amcss, Jno., fuel merchant, Murray st
Allwood, John, Mintcr st. Can.
Amcss, John I)., 02 Union st
Allwooil, Ilov. Canon II., Rocklands,
Ameas, John J., 73 Fig st
E Igccllrfa r I, Whra.
Amcss, Sam S., 166 Crown rd
Allwood. Francis C, 3 Koombanah
Ainiot, William, bootmaker, 06
terrace, Liberty st
Botany rd, Wtloo.
Amner, William, Emily st, Mar.
Amot, Charles, King rd, F. Dk.
Amphlett, K A., Imperial paymaster,
MoLuren st, St. L.
Amor, Shadrlck, Thomas st, F. Dk.
Amor, William, dealer, 68 Riley st
A M O S , A. A N D B . , railway contractors, 203 George 8t
Amos Bros, ami Broad, MoArthur
River property, S.A., 203 George st
Amos, A., station-holder. 263 George st
Amos, Mrs. Alice, Homohush rd, llbsb.
Amos, George, Botany Bay Hotel,
Botany rd, Bot.
Amos, Henry, 300 Kent st
Amos, J. It., Klnneil, Elizabeth Bay rd
Amos, Jno., ropouiakcr, 64 Sliepp.'nl st
Amsinch, Eugone, 70 Pitt st, Rfn.
Amy, F., grooor, Lolohhardt st, Wav.
Amy, John son., Millhill rd, Wav.
Anabel, John, market gardener, Gardeners road, Alxa.
Anabel, Thomas, market gardener,
Bourke rd, Alxa.
Anders, J., 10 Australia st, Ntwn.
Andersen, Charles, 128 Gloucester s
Andersen, Christian, 70 Wostst
A N D E R S E N , H A N S , hairdresser,
105 Pitt st
A N D E R S O N A N D OO. (Georgo
Anderson), seed mcrclinnt, 210218 Pitt st
Anderson anil Foster (Jos. Anderson,
Jcthro Foster), produce merchants, 240-248 Sussex st
Andersou. —, 230-238 Claronco st
Anderson, —, Concord rd, Cond.
Anderson, —, 0 South st
Anderson, A., bootmaker, Walker st,
St. L., E.
Anderson, A., 330 Jones st
Anderson, A. II., fruiterer, 48 Ersklno
Anderson, A. W. H., O. engineer,
Murium, Ferdinand st, H. Hill
Anderson, Albert, upholsterer, Beattio
st, Bal.
Anderson, Albert, 80 Cumberland st
Anderson, Albeit, 74 Lower Fort st
Anderson, Alexander, ironmonger.
Goodsir st, Bal.
Anderson, Alf., 103 Botany rd, Wtloo.
Anderson, Andrew, pcrambulatorniakor, 20 Grovo st, Glebe
Anderson, Andrew, Ship hotel, 04 Sussex st
Anderson, Andrew, Hnrwood lane
Anderson, Andrew, 424 Kent st
Anderson, Arthur, Akarana, 172 Globe
rd, Globe
Anderson, C, tailor, 30 Oxford st
Anderson. C, Hornsey st, Bal.
A N D E R S O N , O. A., commission
agent nnd merchant, 86 Clarenco
Anderson, C. T., accountant, Kbley at,
Anderson, C. T., upholsterer, Triokott
st, Whra.
Andorson, C. T., upholsterer, Windsor
st, Pdtn.
Anderson. Carl W., 27 Way's terrace
Anderson. Charles, coachbuildor, 24
Goulburn st
Anderson, Charles, Taylor st, Lcdt.
Anderson, Charles, 3 Clnrcnco lane
Anderson, Charles, master-mariner,
4 Edward st
Anderson, Charles, 369 Crown st
Anderson, Charles, c lachbuildcr,
40 Westmorland st, ulebo
Anderson, Charles, Wortley st, Bal.
Anderson, Chnrlt-8, dairyman, Flat
Rock rd, N. Wby.
Anderson, Charles, Conch and llonei
hotel, 167 Cumberland st
Anderson, 0., tinsmith, Alma st, Vlo.
Anderson, Charles, Southerns, Constitution rd, Petm.
Andorson. Charles G., draftsman,
Rountror st, Bal.
Anderson, Christian F., fruiterer, 131
Glolw rd, Glebe
A N D E R S O N , D., agent for Georgo
Dlbloy and Son, iron, metal and
hardware agents and manufacturers, London, Birmingham nnd
Melbourne', Standsure brickworks,
Marrlckville, N. S. W. ; Public
Works Contractors' Association;
Alexander Chaplin and Co., of
Glasgow nnd Lonlon; Francis
Morton nnd Co., Limited, of Liverpool and London; John Whitehen I ami Co., of Preston, England ;
10 Bond st
Anderson, David, cnbinet-ranker, 280
Kent st
Anderson, D.,49 Cornwallls st, Rfn.
Anderson, Duncan, brick manufacturer, Stnndsuro brickyards,
Sydenham rd. Mar.
Anderson, Duncan, contractors' agent,
Evolyn, r'niser st, Mar.
Anderson, Edward, carpenter, 30
clarence lane
Anderson, Edward, Brougham st
Audorson, Edwin, Admiralty clerk,
138 Gorge st
Anderson, Edwin, Bent st, St. L.
Anderson, Eliza, 38 Palmer st
Andorson, K., 78 Marlborough st
Anilor*on, Frauds, 8 Bay st, Glebe
Anderson, Frederick, commercial
traveller, 148 Devonshire st
Anderson, Frederick, nurseryman,
Amcliffe st, Bot.
Anderson, Frederick, Fitzroy st, Mar.
Anderson, G., land agent, 00 Elizabeth
Anderson, Y., Francis st, Rwk.
Andorson, G., boiler-maker, Bay st, Bal.
Anderson, George, 1 West Bt, Wtlo i.
Andersou, Geo., 78 Cooper st, Wtloo.
Anderson, George, 74 Forbes st
Andorson, George, Clifton st, St. L.
Andorson, Geo., Mnrkct st, N. Wby.
Anderson, Gustavo, wine shop, 103
George st
Audorson, II., carpenter, William st,
St. L.
Anderson, Henry, brioklayir, 162
Albion st
Andorson, H., blacksmith, 0 Young st
Anderson, Hcniy, carpentor, 24
Goodlct st
Anderson, Henry, 137J Gloucester st
Andorson, Henry, 0 Young st
Andorson, Henry C, 233 Kent st
Anderson, Henry C. L., Abcrfeldie,
Mooi\j)ie st, Ash.
Andersou, J., blacksmith, 12 Kensington st
Anderson, Isaac, tailor, 61 Edward st
Audcrson, J. G., accountant, Wharf
rd, Bal.
Anderson, James, 88 Union st
Anderson, James, blacksmith, Pyrmont Bridgo rd
Anderson, Janios, Alfrod st, St. L.
Anderson, James, tanner, Grafton st,
Anderson, James, market gardenor,
Great Northern rd, F. Dk.
Anderson, James, Auburn
Andorson, James, Royal mint, Macquarie st
Anderson, Jamos, council clerk and
clerk of works, Mowbray rd, N.
Audcrson, James, watchmaker, 62
Bullanaming s', Rfn.
Anderson, James, provision dealer, 07
Georgo st W.
Anderson, James, lnsuranco agent, 317
Georgo st
Anderson, James, 16 Smith st
Anderson, J„ blacksmith, 22 Darghnn
st, Glebe
Anderson, .Ins. A., 67 Edward st, Rfn.
Anderson, James 11., tanner, Aird st,
Anderson, Jnno, 160 Australia st,
Anderson, John, 30 Evoleigh st, Rfn.
Anderson, John, plumber, Laweon st,
Andorson, Mrs,, 30 Francis Bt
Anderson, Mrs., 41 Glpps st
Andorson, Mrs., Homobush croccnt,
Anderson, Mrs. private boardinghnuso,
Umballo, Joffroy st, St. L., H.
Anderson, Mrs., confeotloncr, Liverpool rd,Ash.
Andonon, Mrs., Little Comber st, Pdtn.
Ander on, Mrs., 20 Little Mount st
Andor* )n, Mrs., 74 Mitchell st, Cllebo
Anders. >n, Mr-., 2 Prospect st, Ntwn.
An 'crsm, Mrs., Victoria
Anderson, Noel. 10 Frederick st, Camp.
Anderson, Peter, carpenter, Lower
Cnmpbell st
Andorson. Peter, mastcr-mnriner,
Bradford st, Bal,
Anderson, P., out litter, 153 Gcorgo st
Anderson, Petor, v.inproprletor, 80
Brougham st
Anderson, R., grocer. 13 Belmoro st
Andorson, Richard, 89 Harbour st
A N D E R S O N , R O B E R T , perambulator-maker, 43 Pnrramatin rd,
Anderson, Robert, inspector of police,
Kent st
Anderson, R., snllmnker, Comber st
Andorson, Robert, warehouseman,
Wnlk.r st, St. L., E.
Anderson, Robert, Botany rd. But.
Andorson, Itobt., 19 Junction st.Glcbo
Andorson, Robt.. 78 Hordorn Bt, Ntwn.
Andersou, T., blacksmith, Culdcr rd,
Anderson, Thomas, grocer, 71 Regent
at, Rfn.
Anderson, Tlumms, stonemason, 18
Greek st, Globe
Anderson, Thomas 27 Hart st
Anderson, Thomas, 127 Riloyst
Audcrson, W. F., grocer, 314 Elizabeth
Anderson, W.S., Pamville, 00 Pyrmont
Bridge rd, Gleba
Anderson, Willi mi, 1 Raper st
Anderson, Wllllnm, 174 Sussex st
Anderson, William, Trouton st, Bal.
Anderson, W., cai pouter, 7 Uther st
Anderson, William, Ironmonger,
Benboyd rd, St. L., E.
Anderson, William, bootmaker, 11
Bullxnnming st, Rfn.
Anderson, William, 412 Jones st
Andorson, William, Cnllau st, Bui.
Anderson, Wllllnm, Ilcucnt st, l'.ltn.
Anderson, William, dai-y, Serpentine
id, N. Wby.
Anderson, William, carpentor, 351
Harris st
Anderson, W.. 133 Gcoru'o st, Wtloo.
Anderson, William, watchmaker, 08
Campbell st
Anderson, William, baker, Pat ramntta
st, Lcdt.
Anderson, W., 71 Cleveland st, Rfn.
Anderson, Captain William A, mastermariner, Noiton st, Lcdt.
Andorson, Win. B., plumber, 78 Queen
st, Whra.
Anderson, Win. G., Pdtn. st, Pdtn.
Anderson. Win. J., carpenter, Ahcrcromblo st, Rfn.
Anderton. Jns., tinsmith, 34 William
st, Rfn.
Andicott, Eli, builder, Ornie cottago,
Allison st, Rwk.
Anderson, John, 20 Bettington st
Anderson, John, 222 Cumberland st
Anderson, John, 66 Clarence liiuo
Andersou, John, 18 Francis st
Audcrson, J., bootmaker, 013 Gcorgo st
Anderson, John, lionmouldcr, Short st,
An eison, John, Georgo st, McDtn.
Anderson, John, Artlctt st, Pdtn.
Andorson, J., 100 Australia st, Camp.
Anderson, John, engineer, 30 Athlono
Anderson. John, fuel merchant, 133
Elizabeth Bt
Anderson, John, 04 Walker st, Rfn.
Anderson. John, fuel merchant, 349
Eliznbcth st
Anderson, John, 0 Unwln st
Anderson, John, 172 Cumberland st
Audcrson, John, Crystal Bt, Bal.
Anderson, J., stonemason, Henderson
ril, Alxa.
Anderson, John A., stonemason, 81
Brougham st, Glclio
Anderson, John T., printer, Bayswater,
Alma Bt. Vic.
Anderson, J„ agent, Ada st, Bur.
Andarson, Joseph, Little Edward st
Anderson, Mrs. M., grooor, Phillip st,
Anderson, Mrs. M,, Victoria tcirnco,
Georgo st, McDtn.
Anderson, Mnrla, Myrtlo villa, Grose
st, Pmatta.
Andorson, Martha, 20 Waterloo st
Anderson, Martin, 70 Riley st
Anderson, Mary, fruiterer, 10 Oxford
Andorson, Mary, 0 Aldcrson st, Rfn.
Audcrson, Mary, 443 Bourke st
Andorson, Mary, 133 Cumberland st
Anderson, Mrs. Mary, 47 Boundary st,
Anderson, Mary A., off 70 Walker st,
Anderson, M., 70 Young st, Rfn.
Anderson, Mrs., 1 Clevelnnd place
Androoli, Angnsto, billlaul-tablo proprietor, 410 George st
AndrcoU, Augustus, 21 Nithsdnlo et
Andrew, George and Son, drapers, 01
Hck'ont Bt, Jtf 11.
Andrew, Mrs. A., lOOMorohcndst, Rfn.
Andrew, Join., 6 Hurt st, Wtloo,
Amlrew, Joseph, 16 Short st
Andrew, Sitmuel, Frog castle, Norton
st, Lcdt.
Androw, Thos,, engineer, Westbourno
st, Putin.
Andrew, William, drapcr,807 Goorgo st
Andrew, Wui., dmper, 10 High Holb .rn st
Androw, William F,. 200 Victoria st
Andrews Brothers, drapers, Darling st,
Andrews, Thomas and Sons, monumental masons, 3D Australia st,
Andrews, Thomns and Sons, monumental masons, UnilwayBt, ltkwd.
Andrews, —, Rocky Point rd, Bot.
Andrews, —, 16 Short st
Andrews, Andrew, blacksmith, 63
George et W.
Andrews, A., bollor-maker, Palmer st
Andrews, Onirics, cabproprietor, Herbcrt lane
Andrews, Charles, weolwasher,
Botany rd
Andrews, —, tnniior, Herlicrt eottago,
Cook rd. Mur.
Andn WH, Charles, 71 Allen st
Andrews, David, lialrdnsscr and
tobacconist, 72 Oxford st
Andrews, Kbcnezcr, blacksmith,
Horusey Bt, lint.
Andrews. Edward 63 Schlmel st,
Wtloo. •
Andrews, lidnlu, storekeeper, Hailway st
Andrews, G., engineer, 0 Mount st
Andrews, Giorgo, clerk, Prospect st,
Andrews, Gcorgo, jitn., builder, 104
George st
Andrews, Georuc, 200 Guulburn st
Andrews. George W., frnlterar,
Market st
Andrews, II., sawyer, Adolplms st, Bal.
Andrews, Henry, Btonoinason,
Walker's terrace, Albert st,
Andrews, II. Hy., stonemason, 81
George st, Wtloo.
Andrews, J„ Gcorgo st, Can,
Andrews, J. H„ monumental mason,
83 Churoh ht, Ntwn.
Andrews, James, 26 Burlington st
Andrews, John.nrtists'matcrialdepot,
270 PI t st
Andrews, J., carpenter, Cobarst,Fetm.
, Andrews, John, 13 Davy st
Andrews, John, 48 Holt st
Andrews, Joseph 6 Australia st, Ntwn.
Andrews, Joseph. Thomns st. Vie.
Andrews. Joseph J., Park rd. Can.
Andrews, Mrs. M., 61 Little Norton Bt
Andrews, Jt., Wyiiilham grove. Alxa.
Andrews, Mary, 61 Little Norton st
Andrews, Mrs., Camih n st, Ntwn.
Andrews, Mrs., 20 Poser st
Andrews, Peter, Bay st, Bot.
Andrews, Philip, Denison st, Whra.
Andrews, It., 24 llcnton st, Ultimo
Andrews, ltlchard, Glenmore rd, Pdtn.
Andrews, Robert A„ curled hair manufacturer, Boundary st, Hwk.
Andrews, Tliom is, 26 Burns st
Andrews, Thos. E., painter, 02 Kippax
Andrews, Thomas J„ monumental
mason, 00 Denison st, Ntwn,
AndrewB, Mrs. W., 40 Mary Bt
Amlrews. W., blacksmith, 40 Liverpool
Andrews, William, cabproprietor, 8
Adelaide st
Andrews, Win., greengrocer, Stanley
st, Bur.
Andrews, William Falrlelgh eottago,
Driver's rd, Bur.
Andrews, William O., plumber, 840
Crown st
Ancy, John 11., carpenter. Ada st, Bur.
Anoy, William, Want st, Bur.
Angel, William, Burwood rd, Bnr.
Angela, L. de, Cameron st, Pdtu.
Antjelinetti, Francis A., Clifton, 07
Westmorland st, Glebe
Angelini, John, modeller, Harris st
Angolo, O., Victoria st, Petm.
Aueelo, K., builder, Railway parade,
Angclo, Jo?., painter, Foucart st, Bal.
Angclo, Louis, 283 Kent st
Angclo. Michael, blacksmith, Norton
st, II. Hill
Anger, John, plasterer, 120 Botany Bt,
Anglo, Edmund, Fouoart st, Bal.
Angles, G., 7 Cnterhnm tor., Nixon st
Auglln, Thomas, produco merchant,
128 Woollooiuuoloo st
A N D L A N D CO., L I M I T E D
—Clarke, William, manager, 101103 Pitt st
F L O O R I N G OO.-Scarlo, R.
Staining, manager, 120 King at
Angnln, Mary, 131 Goulburn st
Angulous, Augustus. 40 Hunt st
Angus and Son, coach factory, 00-101
Castlcrcugli st
Angus and Sou, coachbnlldcrs, Sloan
st, Ntwn.
Angus, —, engineer, 24 Mill st, Pyrinont
Angus, D. II., bookseller, 110J Mnrket
Angus, Donald, wheelwright, Watson
Bt, Pdtn.
Angus, Donald, carpenter, 44 Botany
st, lifn.
Angus, Thomas, 30 Bennett st
Angus, William, engineer, 04 Crown st
Angus, William, Twickenham, Malton
ciesceut, Petm,
Angus, William T., Lcightou houso,
Cambridge st, Petm.
Animals Protection Society, 6 Spring
Annamlalo, John, cabproprietor, 211
Walker st, Rfn.
Anncnr, William, stonemason, 27
Brougham tt, Globe
Anncslcy, David, warebousuman, Kclvlubnnk, Herbort st, Mar.
Anneu, John, 145 Mitchell st, Glcbo
Annin, James, master-mariner, 220
Harris Bt
Aiming, Mrs. Ann, 0 Blackburn st
Aiming, Mrs. L., Uolcombo, Church
st, Bur.
Annls, Charles, 10 Atherden st
Anuison, Andrew, dairyman, Sydenham rd, Mar.
Anuon, Daniel, cabinot-maker, 46 Wellington st, Wtloo.
Anscombe, James, Woodsido dairy,
West st, Petm.
Anscll, Thomas, Gcorgo st, McDtn.
Anscn, Olo T„ 0 Hart Bt
Anslow, Anno, Cross st, Whra.
Anslow, J., Booth Bt, Bal.
Anslow, J., carpenter, 40 Brisbane st
Anslow, Jtrs. S„ 100 William-Henry
Anslow, W. W., Uralla, Ooean at,
Auslowc, Thomas, Joseph st, ltkwd.
Anson, Frederick, fruiterer, 26 Parramatta rd, Globe
Anson, Walter II., Charlotto at, Ash.
Austcy, John, 20 Australia st, Ntwn.
Anstey, Richard, carpenter, 66 Denison
st, Ntwn,
Austis.1, Thomas, plasterer, Mohan 8",
Prsp. and Sher.
Anstiss, Thomns, Mcehan Bt, Grnn.
Anstiss, William, plasterer, Mehan at,
Prsp. and Sher.
Anthony, William butcher, George st,
Anthony, Martha, grocer, 74 Wells Bt,
Antler, Andrew, carpenter, 10 Edsborg
terrace, Pymont Bridgo rd
Autricy, William, carpenter, Wyudham
st, Alxn.
Antouie, Peter, 20 Day's tor., Sussex st
Antone, Frank, marker gardener,
James st, Bot.
Antone, Joseph, 30 Bourko st
Antone, Alexander, 73 Ann st
Antony, W., blacksmith, 23 Margaret st
Autrobus, Edtnond A., clerk, Parramatta rd, Glebo
Aiiwiran, Autonln, 6 Darlington rd,
Anzelnrk, A., fruiterer, Penunnt Hills
rd, Pmatta.
Alpln, Brown and Co. (Chas. A.
Cooper, r. prescntativo), merchants, 0-8 Loftus st
Apollo Candle works, Pyrmont Bridgo
rd (Metcalf, —, ngcut)
App, Thomas, 8 Centre st, ltfn.
Apperly, Henry, sculptor, 31 Arnndel
terrace, Glebu
Appleby, Ben., 20 Elizabeth st, Wtloo.
Appleby, Mark, Brompton house,
Perry st, Mar.
Appleby, Thomas, Campbell st, St. P.
Applford, It. A., palutor, 183 Harris
Appleton, A. S., Windsor et, Pdtn.
Appleton, Edwnrd, 366 Kent at
Applotou, Henry M., Grosvcuor
ore.ecnt, Ash.
Appleton, James, plumber, 4 Centre
st, ltfn.
Apploton, J., 00 Wellington st. Ntwn.
Appleton, J., tanner, Bot'tuy rd, Bot.
Appleton. Peter, tuilor, 19 Bourkc st,
Appleton, Robert, dealer, 166 Gcorgo
Bt, Wtloo.
Appleton, S. II., accountant, 74 Wellington st, Wtloo.
Appleyard, Wm., carpenter, Stewart
st, Pdtn.
Apps. William, tanner, Wyudham st,
Aptod and Rogors (Benjamin Aptcd,
Joseph Rogers), gasfttters, Old
South Head rd, Wav.
Aptod. John, White Lion hole}, 100
Riley Bt W.
Aptod, B., plumber, Grafton Bt, Whra.
Ardltto, Angolo, Terminua hotel,
Liverpool rd, Ash.
Arans, Annie, 60 Caroline st, Rfn.
Arapldez, Gcortre, oystor saloon, Parramatta rd, Lcdt,
Arohbold, Edward, Donhnm st, Can.
Arohhold, Oernld, Evansst, Bal.
Arohdale, Wm., 165 Maonnnrlo st S.
Archdall, Rev. Mervyn, Poarson at,
Archdeacon, Archer T., Whttchorso
st, Ntwn.
Archdeacon, Lawrence, Moodiest,Bal.
Archer, Adam, cabproprietor, 77
Bourko st, Rfn.
Archer, Charles, Crowsnest, Butler's
rd, Whra.
Archer, Charles, 12 Chrlstio st, Glebe
Aroher, Charles, Elger st, Glebo
Archer, Eliza, Glenmore rd, Pdtn.
Arches, E., fruiterer, Campbell st, S.
Aroher, Elizabeth, Wyndham st, Alxa.
Aroher, U., greengrocer, 44 Oxford st,
Archer, Henry, Spring st, Bur.
Archer, A, Fnrley house, Perry st, Mar.
Archer, J., 3 Paternoster row,
Arohor, R., 20 Nicholson st, Mar.
Archer, T„ painter, 77 Regent st,
Aroher, T., Glenmore rd, Pdtn.
Aroher, W., tobacconist, Belmoro Bt,
Arohor, W'., Duke of Edinburgh hotel,
13 Harris st, Bur.
Arohor, W., Railway terraco, Bur.
Arohor, W., contractor, 00 Iloroford
st, Glebo
Archer, William, Burwood rd, Bur.
Archibald, J. nnd R., woollen manufacturer*, (Hopkins T. Rico,
BKOtit),09 Yorkst
Archibald, Alexander,Goodo'srd, Bot.
Arohlbald, Jas., 260 Horoford st, Glebo
Archibald, Robert, warehouseman,
Thirlmore, Georgo st, Bur.
Architect for pub. schools, 42 Youngst
Arous, n., oirpontor, Hudson's lane,
Toothill st, Petm.
Arcus, Sinclair, clerk, 18 Essex st
Ardlll, G. E., bookseller and stationer,
277 Pitt st
Ardlll, G. E., Discharged Prisoners'
mis'ion, 250 Forbes st
Ardlll, Georgo P., carpenter, Wontworth st, Pmatta.
Ardlll, J., grocer, Georgo st, Pmatta.
Ardlll, Wm., Wontworth st. Pmatta.
Ardlnn, Mrs. ST., Myall oottage, Mncquarlo st, Pmatta.
Ardold, Frederlok. confectioner, 00
Morehend Bt, Rfn.
Arenas, Martin, 24 Thomas st
Argall, James B., builder, Bot. rd.Bot.
Argon, Thomas, 23 Taylor st
Argent, 0., cabinet-maker, Short st,
Argent. John E., 4 Nortliam torrnoe,
Simmons st, Ntwn.
Argent, Stophon, 6 Henrietta st
Artdll, Fredorlok, John st, Rkwd.
Arglmbnu, Captain N.G., Johnston st,
Arglos, Alfred, builder and contractor,
Thrupps rd. St. L., E.
Argue. Robert, Holdan st, Ash.
Aria, Mrs. E., 102 Woolloomooloo st
Ariel nnd Co. (K. 15. .Uylos). importers,
101 Pitt st
Ariel, Myles K., commission agent,
84 Darling st. Glebo
A R I E L L A N D CO. (Wm. H.
Arioll, Johu O'SullIvan, John
• Davles), commission ngonts,
343-345 Kent st
Arioll. W. II.. biscuit manufacturer,
Watorvlow st, Bal.
Arkoll, Mrs. 8., Paul st, Bal.
Arkoy, George, 3 James st
Arklus, Mrs., boarding establishment,
120 William st
Arkins, Mrs., Indies school, 274 Victoria st
Arkinstall, Georgo, oarpontcr, Burron
st, McDtn.
Arlington, Christopher, carpenter,
Norton st, Ash.
Armcgor, William, bricklayer, 00
Campbell st, Ntwn.
Armor, George, carpenter and joiner,
Nelson St. Lcdt.
Armitago and Harris (Wm. Armitago,
Wm. Armitnge, John Harris),
builders, Hopowell st, Pdtn.
Armitago, Arthur, 2 Turner's passago,
Wnttlo st
Armitago, A. J., plumber, 42 Harrington st
Armitago. George, fitter, Clifton homo,
387 Pitt st
Armitago, John, 42 Harrington st
Armitnge, J., oarponter, 42 Harrington st
Armitago, William, buildor, Gowor
st, Ash.
Armitago, William B., bootmaker, 07
Wellington st, Wtloo.
Armiatcad, Robert, stonemason,
Sutherland st, Pdtn.
Armont, Jacob, 30 Charles st
Armour, J. B., 06 Allen st
Armstead, William J., painter, Campbell Bt, Bal.
AruiBtcIn, A., hairdresser, 112 John st
Armstrong John and Son, mat monufaoturors, 114 Riley st
Armstrong, A., land agent, 20 Bridge
Armstrong, A'ex. B., Whistler st, Man.
Armstrong, A., land agent, Torolbn,
Walkorst, St. L.
Armstrong, A. P., Whistlor st, Man.
Armstrong, Cnrolluo, West Crescent
' st, Via
Armstrong, O. R., Cameron st, Pdtn,
Armstrong, Edwnrd, draper, 04 Pyrmont Bridgo rd, Camp.
Armstrong. K., 13 Rodforn st, Rfn.
Armstrong, E., Avocn, Ebley st, Wav.
Armstrong, Edwin, tailor, 40 Bullanamlng st, Rfn.
Armstrong, Elizabeth, Oaklanda, Edgecllffo rd, Whra.
Armstrong, Francis, carpenter, Union
st, Pdtn
Armstrong, George, engineer, 32 Cumberland st
Armstrong, Georgo, 04 Bay st
Armstrong, 11. J., restaurant, 107 Geo.
at W.
Armstrong, Henry, Darling st, Bil.
Armstrong. Henry, 6 Agnos cottages,
Davles st
Armstrong, J„ barrlstor, 0 Wontworth
court, Elizabeth st
Armstrong, James, Essex st, Mar.
Armstrong, James, brioklnyor, Prospect st, Wav,
A.mstrong, James, Oswell st, Rwk.
Armstrong, Mrs. J>me, 12 Duncan st
Armstrong, John, builder, 4 Maoquarlo st S.
Armstrong, John, ironmonger, Alfred
st, St. L.
Armstrong, Johu, 331 Botany rd,
Armstrong, John, 10 Smith st
Armstrong, I... 163 Phillip at
Armstrong, Mrs., fruiterer, 100 Costlo-,
reagh st
Armstrong, Mrs., privato boarding
estub., 180 Maaipiurlc st
Armstrong, Mrs.. Caledonia st, Pdtn,
Armstrong, R., chemist, 30 Crown st
Armstrong, Robert, contractor, 35
Claro terraco, Rose st
Armstrong, Robert, draper, 41 Cleveland st, Dar.
Armstrong, Robert, draper, 32 Walker
st, Rodfem
Armstrong, Robert, master-marlnor
Hargravo st, Pdtn.
Armstrong, Robort, 300 Bourko Bt
Armstrong, Robort, Toothill st, Petm.
Armstrong, Robert, Gordon st, Pdtn.
Armstrong, R. B., chemist, 100 Pitt st
Armstrong, Robert M., com. agont,
Tullock st, Ash.
Armstrong. Thomas, builder, Brushgrove, Simmons st, Ntwn.
Armstrong, Thomas, 421 Bourko st
Armstrong, Thomas, 107 Old Fnrramatta rd, Glebo
Armstrong, Thomas, Smith st.Bnl.
Armstrong, W.. 61 Cowper st, Glebo
Armstrong, W. A„ bootmakor, 4 St.
John st, Ntwn.
Armstrong, W., 48 Yurong st, Rfn.
Armstrong, Walter, surveyor, Parazn,
Do Mllhnu rd, II. Hill
Armstrong, Wm., 80 Coopor st, Wtloo.
Armstrong, William, John st, McDtn.
Armstrong, William G., Thornbank,
Point Plpcrrd, Pdtn.
Armstrong, William H., merchant,
Henrietta st, Wnv.
Armstrong, William, farrlor, Cook's
River rd, St. P.
Armstrong, William R. drnpor, 00
St. Mnry st, Camp.
Armytngo, Mrs., 538 Bourke st
Armytngc, Mrs.,Lugehay, Fisher Bt,
Armand, John, 142 Palmer st
Arndcll, A. J., Rothley, Cavendish tt,
Amdell, W. W., 123 Riley st
Arudt, Augustus, contractor, Gladesvillo rd, Rydo
Arndt, Charles, engineer, 30 Botany
Arnett, Marcus, 8 Harmcr at
Arney, Mrs., Underwood st, Pdtn.
Arnhelm, Edward II., Silberstoln,
Gnomcra orescent, Whra.
Arnlielm. Frederick, Wnverlcy cottage,
Vlokery st, Wiiv.
Arnold's drapery store, III ley plaoe
Arno d, Mrs. A. M., 103 Bourke st
Arnold, Alfred, cutler, Arthur st, Mar.
Arnold, Alfred, engineer, 3 llichard
st, Ntwn.
Arnold, Claud O., 28 Smith st, Camp.
Arnold, Edmund, 135 Dowling st
Arnold. Edward, draper, 115 Oxford Bt
Arnold, Eugene, chemist, 116 Queen
st, W::ra.
Arnold F., moniinicntal mnson,
77 Ilegeiit st, lAul at Wavorley
Arnold, F., sculptor, St Thomas st
Arnold, Frederick, 415 Elizabeth st
and 122 Morehoad st, Ufn.
Arnold, G., Pearl st, Ntwn.
Arnold, Ocorgo, importer of tobacco
and cigars, 3 Bridge st
Arnold, George, Albert st, Gran.
Arnold, George, Windsor st, Pdtn. .
Arnold, II., tinsmith, 310 Elizabeth st
Arnold, James, cordial-makor, 76
Elizabeth Bt, Wtloo.
Arnold, John, blacksmith, 8 Darling
st, Pdtu.
Arnold, John, cabinet-maker, Collego
st. Ntwn.
Arnold, John A., hairdresser, Parramatta rd, Lodt.
Arnold, Joseph, vanpropriotor, Chapel
st, Mar.
Arnold, Mrs., medical botanist, Rocky
Point rd, Bot.
Arnold, Mrs., 7 Howard st
Arnold, M., Glcnburn, High st,
St. L., E.
Arnold, It. A., Cooya, McDonald st,
Arnold, It., plumber, 16 Wells st, Ufn.
Arnold, It., 15 Waterloo place
Arnold, S., butcher, 31 Marshall at
Arnold, Sydney, hatter, 81) Wellington
ft. Ntwn.
Arnold, Thomas, 170 George st, Rfn.
Arnold, Walter, stonemason, Man.
Arnold, WnIter 33 Abercrombie st
Arnold, William, upholsterer, 138
William Bt
Arnold, William, off East st, Rkwd.
Arnold, Wi)liam,32 McEvoy st, Wtloo.
Arnold. Wm. E., painter, Regent st,
Arnot, James, Church st, Pdtn.
Arnott. D., baker, Mansfield st, Bal.
Arnott, David, Mooro st, Lcdt.
Arnott, John B., builder, 115 Palmer st
Arnott, Mary, 6 Kidman's terrace
Arnott, T., engineer, Elliott st, Bal.
Aron, Maurice, importer, 170 Queen
st, Whra.
Aronson, Frederick, jeweller, Wnllls
st, Whra.
Arrans, Anne, 6 George st, Rfn.
Arrlghl, L., glassblowcr,
st, Pdtn.
Arrowstnith, Herbert, 76 West «t
Arseott, .Mrs. Mary A., grocer, Vlotoria
rd, Mar.
Arseott, Robert M„ Chapel st, Mar.
Art gallery of N.8.W., Outer domain
Art Society of N.S.W.—Sayer, J. W.,
hon. sec., 66-78, Royal arcade
Arter, Joseph, Outram st
Arthur and Co., Limiteil, warehousemen, 434 George st
Arthur, Alfred W„ George st, McDtn.
Arthur, Frederick, fuel merchant,
Alfred st, St. L.
Arthur, George, clerk, Alexander
st, 11. Hill
Arthur, J. P., Albert st, Wnv.
Arthur, Jas., master-mariner, Chutor
st, Vic.
Arthur, James, Toogood Bt, W. Bay
Arthur, John, Cumberland s
Arthur, John, Phillip st, Alxa.
Arthur, John P., accountant, Windsor
st, Pdtn.
Arthur, Robert, wood dealer, 70
Raglan st, Wtloo,
Arthur. Rohert, master-mariner, 61
Rose st, Dar.
Arthur, Robert, master-mariner, Darlington rd, Dar.
Arthur, Robert, horsecllppcr, 3 Enmoro rd, Ntwn.
Arthur, Wm., boiler-maker, Jaquci st,
Arthur, William, 8 Goodlet st
Artillery barracks and fortifications,
South Head rd, W. Bay
Artis, James E., Albion st
Artlett, Charles, Windsor Caitle hotel,
Windsor rd, Pdtn.
Artlett, Charles, jun., accountant, Gordon st, Pdtu.
Artlett, V. W., actingdlstrict registrar,
86 Derwent st, Glebo
Artlett, Francis A., furniture warehouseman, Church st, Wigram st,
and Western rd, Pmatta.
Artlett, Fred. W., upholsterer, 11 Glebo
rd, Glebo
Artlett, Frederick W., upholstorer, 13
Wigram rd, Glebe
Arundalc, John, Fennell st, Pmatta.
Arundnlo, Samuel, Villicrs st, Pmatta.
Arundalc, Wm. A., 1 Lawson terrace,
Birrell it, Way.
Arundel, Isabella, dressmaker, 65
Botany st
Arundcll, George, 2 Womcrah avenue
Arundell, Thos., 65 Brougham st, Glebe
Aschcrberg, Mrs,, Harris Bt, Bal.
Ash, Fred., oil and colour merchant,
417 Pitt st
Ash, Frederick J., Birchgrove rd, Bal.
Ash, Rev. G. North, Grove st, Whra.
Ash, H. H„ carpenter, 327 Harris st
Ash, John, carriage repairor, 6 Brown
st, Camp.
Ash, Mary, 3 Samuel st
Ash, Mrs, Salisbury st, Wav.
Ash, Robt., painter, Triokettst, Whra.
Ash, T„ grocer, Buckland st, Alxa.
Ash, Thomas E., schoolmaster, Oak
terraco. 60 Thomas st, Camp.
Ashby, E, W., Dote inn, 26 Erskino it
Ashby, John, boiler-maker, Adolpbus
lane, Bal.
Ashby, Alfred M., butcher, Church st,
Ashby, Margaret, 204 Macquaric st S.
Ashby, W., butchtr, Cnurchst, Pmatta.
Anhby, William, Pmatta,
Ashdown, A. J., Wentworth Park ter.,
Jones st
Ashdown, Albert J., hairdresser, 127
Bathurst st
ABhdown, Albert J , 32 Cumberland st
Ashdown, A. G., 63'Rosehill st, Rfn.
Ashdown, A., solicitor, 162 Pitt st, Rfn.
Ashdown, Arohibald, solicitor, 102
Castlcrcagh st
Ashdown, Harry, Ida st, Ash.
Ashdown, Henry, 57 Greek st, Glebe
Ashdown. J., Norton court, Andreas
st, Fctin.
Ashdown, Joseph, engineer, Mohan st,
Vrsp. mid Shcr.
ABhdown, Mrs. M., 62 Pitt st,Rfn.
Ashe, .Mrs., ladies school, 2 Brighton
tcrrnce, Prospect st, Wav,
Ashe, Mrs.. Ilosehlll it, Pmatta.
Ashe, T.. tailor, 47 Ilotany st, Wtloo.
Achely, J , Old South Head rd, Whra.
Ashcubcrg, J,, Lough lin st, Bal.
Asher, —, Young st, Lodt.
Asher, B., 44 Smith st
Asher, Frank, saddler. Calder rd, Rfn.
Asher, II., 337 Elizabeth st
Asher, At., Onslow avenue, Eliz. Bay rd
Asher, 1'., dealer, la Baptist st, Rfn.
Asher, R. B., Onslow avenue, Elizabeth Bay rd
Asher, Robert, /farbourview hotel,
26 Gcargost
Asher, Samuel, 68 Fitzroy it
Asher, Rev. Samuel W, Bolgrave ter.,
Harris st
Asher, S., chnircanor, 76 Fovc-iux st
Ashfiold Post and telegraph office,
Hercules st
Ashfield Recreation grounds, Frederick st—Wobster, U.C, secretary,
111 Pitt at
Ashfield rublio school, Liverpool rd—
Kevin, Charles, headmaBter,
Owen, Miss, mistress
Ashfield Publio school, Junction rd—
Stnddy, Atbort H., resident headmaster
Asbford collego, 1 Darllnghurst rd—
Gaily, Miss
Ashford, J. F., grocer, Ross st, Glebe
Ashford, Thomas, 17 Barker's lano
Ashley, George, carpenter, Smith st,
Ashley, Margaret, Fennell it, Pmatta.
Ashley, Robert, clork, 20 S t John's rd,
Ashley, W., butcher, Villicrs et,
Ashley, William, butohrr, Church st,
Ashlin, Ebcnezcr, painter. 6 Dagmar
terrace, Vlcroria st, McDtn.
Ashmead, Ann, dressmaker, Trafalgar
Bt, Lcdt.
Ashton, Edward, engineer, 208 King
st, Ntwn.
Ashton, Edward, painter, Macdonald
st, McDtn.
Ashton, George, Bolgrave st, Man,
Ashton, Henry, blacksmith, 131
Botany st, Wtloo.
Ashton, Henry A., blacksmith,
Wyndham st, Alxa.
ABhton. Herbert, 4 Albert st, Woolloomooloo
Ashton, Isano, 44 Jenkins st
Ashton, John, Hanover st, Bal.
Ashton, Joh», Evans Bt, Bah
Ashton, Joseph and Co., grocers, 330
King st. Ntwn.
Ashton, J., bricklayer, Addison rd
Ashton, Julian It., Elsmorc, Edgocliffo rd, Whra.
Ashton, Miss, grocer, Windsor st, Putu.
Ashton, Samuel. Crown st, St. P.
Ashton, W., 27 Bitllanainlng st, Rfn.
Ashton,, 24 Davics st
Asht m, William, John st, Can.
Ashton. William. Monour st, Whra.
A S H WELL, F R E D E R I C K , physician and surgeon, 70 Glebe rd,
Ashwln and Falconer (Fred. Ashwin,
and John Falconer), artists iu
stained glass, 314 Plttst
Ashworth, Arthur, engine-fitter, 13
Coruwallls st, Rfn.
Ashworth, Edwd., Alfred st, St. L., E.
Ashworth, John, painter, 22 ComwaUlsst, Ufn.
Ashworth, llichard, Stanton hotel,
3U-32 Levey st
Ashworth, Samuel, bootmaker, 24
George st, Camp.
A S K E W , J. W. A N D CO., wholesale and family grocers, 200
George st W.
Askew, William, builder, 3 Margaret
ft, Ntwn.
Askew, W„ fruiterer, 423 Crown Bt
Askcy, W. H., greengrocer, 63 Regent
st, Rfn.
Asklmin, Charles, 75 Stanley st
Askham, William, woolclasser, Garden
st, Alxa.
Askildsen. Askilil, Cook st Bal.
Askim. William, c ibinet-maker, Manly
cottage, Carshalton st, Ash.
A.S.N. Colfeo palace—Phillips, Christopher T., proprietor, 71 King st
Asphalt Oo.'s works, Greenwich rd,
N. Wby.
Asplnall, Albert, builder, 13 Esthor st
Aspinail. Albert W., buildor, Camden
Bt, Ntwn.
Aspinail, John, foreman brickmakcr,
Orchard rd, N. Wby.
Asplnall. J. G., hairdresser, Church st,
Asplnall, John J., fumlturo dcalor,223
Kingst, Ntwn.
AFpinall, Thomas, Duckarma st. Ash.
Asplaud, John C, Foucart st, Bal.
Asprey, W. B. and Co. (W. B. Asprey),
produce and Hour merchants, 1618 Campbell st
Asprey, W. B. aud Co., produco dealers
Canterbury rd, Mar.
Asprey, Joseph, 61 Yurong st
Asprey, Stephen, 10 Chandler's cottages, Newtown rd
Asprey, Stephen, 194 Campbell Bt
Asprey, William. Kinfauns, Now Canterbury rd, Petm.
Asquith, Robert, Palmer st, Bal.
Assar, Sydney, carpcutcr, 233 Devonshire st
Assenhcim, J„ commission agent, 80
Goulburn st
Assenhcim, Joseph. 5 Dick st
Associated Lithgow Collieries—
Wnrde, J., gen. inanngcr, 488
Georgo st
Association Crlckot ground, Moore pk.
Association for the Promotion of Morality, Church Society's house, Phillip st—Crane, W., P.M., hon. seo.
Asthmas, Walter, Holmdalo st, Mar.
Astley, Ilobert, solicitor, 350 George st
Astmor, Frederick, carpenter. Coburg,
Northcoto st, Can.
Aston, Wm., grocer, 108 Cleveland st
Asylums (See Trade and Professional
Awtolos, Mrs., dressmaker, 33 Newman st, Ntwn.
Atchison, David ami Co., steam joinery
works, Moore's rd
(James T. Atchison, A.T.Sohlelcher),civil engineers and licensed
surveyors, Eldon chambers, 02
Pitt st
Atchison, Archibald C , surveyor, 141143 Pitt st
Atchison, David, joiner, 43 Princes st
Atchison, Francis G., bootscller,
Freucli st, Vic.
Atchison, Isabella, Marly, Blue st,
Atchisou, J. T., surveyor, Walker st,
Atfielil, Francis, printer, 10 Lodge st,
Athemmim club—Myers, F., secretary, 68-70 Hunter st
Atherdeii, Frank, 21 Church st
Atherdtn, Thomas, contractor, George
st, Pmatta.
Athertou, Eiien, surgeon, 130 Maoquarie st
Athrall, Henry, flower-maker, 12
Hugo st, Rfn.
Atkin, Albert A., Yule st, Petm.
Atkin, George, builder, 40 Fitzroy st
Atkin, John, stonemason, Mordialloo
st, Mar.
Atkin, John, 67 Elizabeth st, Wtloo
Atkin, Thomas E., carpenter, Vlncont
lane, Bal.
Atkin, William, 70 Georgo Bt, Rfn.
Atkin*, —, Addison rd, Mar.
Atkins, —, Parnimattn rd, Cond.
Atkins, Douglas M., carpenter, Gardeners rd, Uot.
Atkins, Edward, nurseryman, Flagstaff
rd, Rydo
Atkins, F., bricklayer, Ross st, Pmatta,
Atkins, James, off 31 Chelsea st, Rfn.
Atkins, James, Ice st
Atkins, John, 0 Albion st, Pdtn.
Atkins, Joseph, 113 George st, Rfn.
Atkins. It., fuel merchant, Bray st,
Atkins, Robert, 73 College st, Camp.
Atkins, T., baker. 12 Botany st, Wtloo.
Atkins,Thomas,draypropriotor, Grove
st, Pmatta.
Atkins, Thomas, Lcinstcr st, Pdtn.
Atkins, William, Isabella st, Pmatta.
Atkins, William, 00 Crown rd
Atkins, William, Liverpool rd, Ash.
Atkins, William. Station st, Bur.
Atkins, William T„ builder, 480 Cleveland st, Rfn.
Atkinson, Alban, cabinet-maker, Dean
st, Dar.
Atkinson, Alfred, dealer, Kellick st,
Atkinson, D„ 314 Upper Brougham st
Atkinson, Edward, 25 Belmorc st
Atkinson, Rev. Edward G., 2 Olivette
terrace, Glcnmorc rd, Pdtn.
Atkinson, E., slater, 457 Liverpool st
Atkinson, Eliza, 44 Adelaide st
Atkinson, Elizabeth, Union st, McDtn.
Atkinson, Frederick, photographer,
225 Palmer st
Atkinson, G.. butcher, 146 George st
Atkinson, Geo., butcher, 170 Princes st
Atkinson, liny., bricklayer, 0 Uther st
Atkinson, Henry, draper, 16 Albert st,
Atkinson, James, storekeeper, Mullens
st, Bal.
Atkinson, John, carpenter, Harrold st,
Atkinson, J., compositor, 6 Arthur st
Atkinson, J., engineer, 36 Princes i t
Atkinson, Mrs., Elizabeth st, Ash.
Atkinson, Mrs., Reiby st, Ntwn.
Atkinson, Mrs., Toogood Bt, McDtn.
Atkinson. P., rcelstrnr, Glebo st, Pdtn.
Atkinson, H. Hope (Eqult. Life of U.S.).
Hunter and O'Connell sts j p.r., 67
Darllnghurst rd
Atkinson, It., 18 St. John's rd, Glebe
Atkinson, S., printer, Windsor st,Pdtn.
Atkinson, Thomas, 61 Banks st
Atkinson, Thomas, Krrrcnhappuoh,
Olenmore rd, Pdtn.
Atkinson, W„ onglneor, liny. st,\Tav.
Atkinson. Wm.,7 Albermarle st, Ntwn.
ATLAS FOUNDRY E N G I N E E R I N G CO., L I M I T E D Edgiuton, John, manager, Hay st,
and nt II. Hill.
Attcrton, Frederick and Co., signwriters, 315 l'itt st
Attcrton, Frederick, cabproprietor,
Cameron st, Pdtn.
Attcrton, Frederick, grocer. Botany
rd, Alxa.
Attcrton, Frcdorick, grocer, 34 Grose
st, Camp.
Attcrton, Frederick, elgnwritor, 13
Wat kin st, Ntwn.
Attewcll, J„ 7 Clare terrace, Rose st
Attneavo, Christopher, carpenter, 70
Hurdern Bt, Ntwn.
Atton, H., butcher, Cove st, W. Bay
Attree, Henry, gasfltter, 143 Devonshire st
Attreed, Thomas, fuel merchant, Simmons st, Ntwn.
Attreed, Thomas, grocer, Camden Bt,
Attwoll,' Alexnnder, sub-Inspector in
charge No. 4 Polico station, 127
George st
Attwcll, Alexnnder, sub-inspector of
police, 25 Princes Bt
Attwcll, James, Somerset cottage,
George st. Bur.
Attwoll, William F., 44 Bowman st
Atwatcr, Mrs., midwife, 3 Church st.
Atwcll, J., carpenter, George Bt, Mar.
Atwill, William It., grocer, Livingstone st, Mar,
Attwodd, William M., tea broker, 253
Georgo st
Attwood, Mrs., nillcrcstville, Malton
crescent, Petm.
Attwood, Thomas, blacksmith, 82
Crown rd
Attwood, William M.. Wentworth
villas, The Boulevard, Petm.
Aubcrch, William, 138 Brougham st
Aubin, William J., telegraphist, La
ltoque, Thrupp's rd, St. L., E.
Aubrey, Charles A., painter, Jamos st,
Aubnrn school (C.E.,) Auburn
Aubusson, —, 237 Goulburn st
Aubutson, Chnrles, jun., Young Australian hotel, 317 Riley st W.
Aubnsson, M. A., hairdresser, 342
Austin G., 80 Howard st
Australian Barbed Wire Co., Limited
Elizabeth 8b
Austin, Goorge, 309 Bourko st
—Shonstono, W., soorotary, 360
Auckland Timber Co., 100 George st
Austin, IT., bootmaker, Alice st, Ntwn.
Georgo st, nud Market xt, Ntwn.
If.', Bawmllls, l'yrmont Bridge
Austin, II., Amyvillo, Station st,
rd. Globe
offlco, Fuller, E. 0., proprietor,
Auolork, Joseph. 22 George st, Wtloo. Austin, Henry, furnituro dealer, 268385-387 George st
Audot, Aloxnndor, draftsman, 04
200 King st, Ntwn.
Austin, Henry, wool broker, 70 Pitt st
CIETY— Gavan, J. P , manager,
Audett, Jneob, 61 Mary st
Austin, Henry, wool brokor, Headlngly
40 Castlorengh st
Audit department—Itcnnie,Edward
Wellington st, Whra.
Australian club—Woodhouso, M. D.,i
A., Auditor Geuorol, 30 CastleAustin, J„ pastrycook, GO Oxford st
secretary, Bent st
rengh st
Austin, James, grocer, 60 Kent st
Australian Diamond Rock Drill Co.,
Audsloy Brothers, grocers, Burwood
Austin, James, Devonshire house,
Limited—Wilson, W. E., secretary,
rd, Bur.
Dutruck st, Rwk.
33 Jamison st
Audsley, Joseph, carpenter, Euroka
Austin, James, 1 Samuol st
Australian Eleotrio Light, Power and
et, Vlo.
Austin, James, 11 Washington st
Storago Co.—Woston,W.J.,agent,
Audsley, II., Underwood st, Pdtn.
Austin, Jolin, engineer, 80 Stanley st
6 Spring at
Audsloy, T., drapor, Burwood rd, Bur. Austin, John, No. 5 Horbort tcrraco, Australian Gaslight Co.'s officesAudsley, William, Rosoneath, Goorgo
Burfltt st, Lcdt.
Johnston, W., sec, 103 Kontst
st, Bur.
Austin, John, 24 Cleveland st
Australian Gaslight Co., brunch
Audsloy, ffm, son., Underwood st,
Austin, John, Emma terrace, 26
office—Selby, Arthur, resident
Stephen st, Camp.
gas Inspector, Elizabeth st, Ash.
Auerbach, William, woollen nud soft
Austin, Joseph, Fall-fowl st, Mar.
Australian Gaslight works—Allen
goods morohnnt, OS York st
Austin, Mary A.. 24 Burns Bt
A'exander, foreman of works,
Augardo, Mrs. Jane, Albort st, Mar.
Austin, Mrs., 9 Bowman st
Jenkins st
Augbtlo. E. S., chemist, Abercromblo Austin, Mrs., 1 Stanley st
Austin, S., dairyman. Gerrard st, Alxa.
S U R A N C E OO.-Fox, H. T.,
Augustus, A., 0 Little Gloucester st
Austin, Samuel, 17 Charlotte lano
manager, 07 Pitt st
Aulbnry, Wm. and Son, palutors, 48
Austin, Snrnh, 89 Stanley st
Marshall st
Austin, Thomas, Slado st, X. Wby.
' Anld, Rev. John (I res.), Biuton ool—Hay, T. D.. seo., 425 Georgo st
lcgc, Charlotte st, Ash.
Austin, Thomas R,, carrier, Ilfracombe A U S T R A L I A N J O C K E Y
Auld, Robert, Bnlmain rd, Lcdt.
homo, Whitohorso st, Ntwn.
OLUB-Ulibborn, T. S., seoretary,
Auld, William, 21 Cook st
Austin. William, bricklayer, 10 John
103 King st
Auroussunnt, II.J., Goodonough, Corso,
st, Globe
F., gonoral maAurousseau, F, IT., wholosalo confecst, Pdtn.
nager, 307 and 373 George s t ;
tioner, 42-41 Kensington st
Austin, W., joinor, 23 Wilson st, Ntwn.
730 Goorge Bt J
Aurousseau, HI))]>ol.. 12 Ulster terrace, Austin, William, May cottage, New Bt,
Botany Bt, Rcdfem; Burwood rd,
Station st, Ntwn.
Burwood; Church st, Parramatta;
Austen, G. Edm„ merchant, 1 Llnds- Austin, Wm. A., 110 Cowper st, Olobo
Globe rd, Globe ; and Liverpool rd,
fleld torrace, Fitzroy st, St. L., E.
Ashfield. (Seo advt.)
Austin, William J., currier, 3 Agnes
Austen, Ilcbccca J., 152 Crown st
Australian Koroscno Co, Llmitod—
Austen, Richard, Lymorstono st, St P.
S'lddlngtou, R. V., secretary, 6
Austen, T., cedar merchant, 443-445
Gresham st
Australasia. China, Japan and Straits
Pitt st
Steamship Co., 01 Pitt st (Seo Australian Koroseno Oil and Mineral
Austic, Edward, Mullens st, Bal.
Co., Limited, Matthow Bt
Auntie. Mrs., 8 Surry st
Austin Bros. (William J. and Thomas Australasian Investment Co., Limited A U SUTNRI O
N INSURANCE O O . —Phillips.
R. Austin), carriers, 31 Market st
Moon, E. W., manager, 10 MaoAustralasian Iron and Stool Co.—
Austin, —, 5 Little Queen st
Austin, C, carpenter, 12 Georgo st,
Elizabeth st
A N D A G E N C Y CO., LIMIAustralasian Mortgage and Agency
Austin, Cabcl J., Ada st, lIcDnt.
T E D , wool brokors—CunningCo., Limited—O'Coiinoll st
Austin, Cabel, carpenter, Parramatta
ham, II., manager, 2 O'Conucll st.
rd, Pmatta.
(See advt.)
G L A S S I N S U R A N C E CO.,
Austin.Oharlos, photographer, Dubuqo,
Illawnrrn rd, Mar.
LIMITED—Roboy, Charles A.,
L A N D F I N A N C E CO., L I Austin, Charles, tcaohcr of music,
manuger. 2 Bond st
MITED—Cottco, W. A., manager,
452 Crown st
Austral islan Powder and Explosives
2 Spring st, (See advt.)
Austin, Charles, Banks meadow,
Manufacturing Co., Limited—
Australian museum—Ramsay, E. P.,
Botany rd, Hot.
Armstrong, A. I)., sec., 00 Pitt st
curator; Sutherland, Sinclair,
Austin, Chnrlcs, 05 Chowno st
secretary, Collogo st
Austin, Charles, 231 Sussex st
Hunter st
Austin, Clias. R„ nows agent, 05 Pitt st A U S T R A L A S I A N S T E A M
INSURANCE S O O I E T Y Austin, Charles R., Pittwatcr rd, Man.
Chnrch, Walter, managor, cornor
Austin, David, blacksmith, 13 Grose
W. J., managing director; TrouPitt nnd King sl-s
st, Glcbo
ton, F. II., general managor; A U S T R A L I A N M U T U A L I N Austin, David, pawnbroker, 103 Regent
Phillips, Frederick, secretary;
I N G CO., L I M I T E D - S w y n y ,
Spicer, H. J., traffic manager,
Austin, Edward W., John st, Whra.
Henry G., mnuugor, 300 Pitt st
Circular quay; branch office, 30
Austin, Elizabeth, 137 Re J fern st.Rfn.
York st
Austin, E., 56 Schlnicl st, Wtloo.
A.S.N. Co.'s works—Davidson, Georgo, A U S T R A L I A N M U T U A L P R O Austin, F., C2 Liroruool st
superintendent, John st
V I D E N T SOCIETY—Balaton, ,
Austin, F. W., bricklayer, 03 Botany Australian Agricultural Co.—Moore,
Alex. J., s e c ; Black, M. A.,
st. Wtloo.
Henry, agent, Moore's rd
actuary, 87 Pittst; Branch offices,
Austin, Georgo, sawyer, Hay st
Australian Alllanco Assurance Co.—
Sydney arcade, nnd nt ParraAustin, G., cooper, 60 Wells st, Rfn.
6 Gresham st .
matta. (Seo advts. and head-lines
throughout PmKCTQUV.)
AGENCY AND TELEG R A M CO., 101 King street—
Manders, Alberts.; and Percy P.,
p.r., 120 Biircom st
Australian Secular Association. 3rd
floor, City ohamhors, 243a Pitt st
Australian Slate Co., Limited—Denkln,
H. M„ legal manager, 130 Pitt st
Bridge st
Australian Tobacco pipe dopot—
M las. M. and Co. Huntorst
nnd Sohler, proprietors, f 58 Georgo
F U N D ( M U T U A L ) LIFE
LIMITED-Murnln, Georgo F.,
resident socretary, 203 Georgo st
Australian wool store*, 21 Windmill st
Australian Lloyd's Steam Navigation
Co.—Te Kloot, Jean, 06 Pitt st
Austro-Hungnrlnn consulate—-Haego,
H., 05 Pitt st
Avern, F. M„ Medhurst, Rlverviow st,
A V E R Y , W . A N D T., scalomakors,
102 Castlereagh st, and Birmingham. London nn I Melbourne
Avery, A. W., nhomlst, 476 Bourko st
Avory, James, 31 Cambridgo st
Avery, John, 14 Little Essex st
Avory, W.. carpenter, Silver st, Mar.
Avory, William, Missenden rd, Camp.
Aviary, Thomas, 327 Wattle st
Avis, Alfred J., bookbinder, 00 Wellington at, Wtloo.
Avis. John O, bookbinder, 82 WcllliiBton st, Wtloo.
Avis. Thomas, 11 Buckland st, Wtloo
Axloy, Ernest, 10 nart st, Rdfn.
Axom. Alfred, Kensington rd, Ash.
Ayillfo, Thomas, blacksmith, 67 Rose
st, Dar.
Ayllu. John, Frederick at, St. P.
Ayllng, Arthur, draftsman, 4 St.
Helen's tor., Simmons et, Ntwn.
Ayllng, C, carpenter, Turingast, Ash.
Ayllng, John W., North st., Lodt.
Aylward ami Wild, solicitors, Boresford chambers, 62 Cnstlercajxh st
Aylward, H. T. 11., solicitor, Rhodnnthc, Abbotsford rd, Hbsh.
Aylward, James, cabinet-maker, Abercromblo st, Rfn,
Aylward, W, carpenter, 33 Edward in
Ayusley nud Darner, saddlers, Sydney
rd, Prspt. and Shor.
Ayusley, Thomas, Median st, Prspt.
and Slier.
Aynsloy. William. Western rd, Prspt.
and Slier.
Ayros, Georgo, 32 Llttlo Norton st
Ayres, Geo., painter, 32 Llttlo Norton st
Ayres, Henry, clerk, 63 Aruudol torraco, Glcbo
Ayros, J., sinter, Croydon avenue, Can.
Ayres, John T„ Elizabeth cottago.Croj don avenue, Ash.
Ayres, Mrs., fancy depot, 140 Goorgo st
Ayres, Mrs., Glen st, St. L., E.
Ayres, R., umbroiln-niaker, 72 Elizabeth st
Ayres. ftichnrd, chemist, Enmoro rd,
Ayros, Thomas, 40 Oxford at, Pdtn.
Ayscougli, Wm., contractor, Goorgo's
River rd., Cani
Ayton, Emma, 34 Belvoir st
Ayton, T. H.. painter, 151 Liverpool at
Ayton, William, artists' materials, 401
George at
Azzopardl, G., 171 Maenuarlost
Azzopardl, Joseph, onglneer, Gladesvlllord, II. Hill
Badman, Minnlo, ennehtrimmer,
1(1 Georgo st, Wtloo.
Badminton, Geo., Kangaroo at, Man.
Badminton, Edward, timber lnerchnnt.
Whistler st. Man.
Bngg, Tubal-Unln, Waterworks, Bot.
Baggc, Charles, builder, Adclaldo
cottnge, Silver st, Mnr.
Baggott, .Mrs. S. A., 20 Muiiu st
Baggs, S.. 04 Drottzham st
Baglee and Cottrell, painters, Railway
rd. St. V.
Baglin, J, builder, Botany at, Wav.
llaglln, Llewellyn. Bourko at, Wav.
Bagnall, Udward. 15 Chlppen st
Bagnnll, Joshua, Bay st, Bot.
Uagnall, William, Uotanvrd.Bnt.
Bagnnll, William, Waterworks, Bot.
Bagncll, William. Hquare and Compnis
hotel, Corso, Man.
Bagnt, Geo., carpenter, 04 Athlono pi
Bagot, George S., 22 Bennett st
Bagot, J. C, furnituro denier, Abercroniblc st, lifn.
Bagot, John, Ualmnln cottage, Burlington rd, llbsh.
Bagot, llnbert, Station st, Pmatta.
Bagot, Thomas, 310 Victoria st
Bagot, W„ printer, 00 Walker st, Rfn.
Bagshaw, William, Grafton st, Whra.
Bagus, ficorge. Closo st, Can.
Riigust. John, Clmrlcs st, Can.
Balm, F„ carotnker, 124 Elizabeth st
Baigby, James, gla?sblower, Mauey Bt,
Baikic,,!., shipwright, Jnqucs st, Bal.
Balklo, Scnlor-scrgiint of police, 03
Hunter at
Bailey, K. and Son, (Edwin Bailey
Alf. Bailey), general and saddlera'
ironmongers, 116 Clarenco st
Bailey, J. and Co., general importers,
Corn Exehango chambers, 728
Gtorgo st
Bailey, T. II. and Co., artificial florists,
Mooro st
B A I L E Y A N D L O U D E N , boot,
shoo and slipper manufacturers,
472-474-470 Crown st
Bailey, Mrs. A., Coburno, Regent at,
Bailey, A. C„ Ludwardyno, Rnilwny
terrace, Bur.
Bailey, Alfred, saddlera' Ironmonger,
Wcmyss st, Mar.
Bailey, C, stonemason, Terrace rd, Mar
Bailey, Charles, engineer, Kent cottage, Contral rd, Ash.
Bailey, Charles W„ 0 Corben st
Bailey, C. A., draper, 80 Phelps st
Bailey, David, contractor, 47 Cowper
st, Glebe
Bailey, David, noltermaun st, St. L.
Bailey. Edward, 0 Lyndhurst st, Glebo
Bailey, Edward, Spring st, Wav.
Bailey, Edward A., 332 Liverpool st
Bailey, Edwin, Stonololgh, Broughton
rd, Hbsh.
Bailey, George, baker. Dale at
Bai ley, G., carpenter, 04 Georgo st, Rfn.
Builey, George, farmer, North rd, Rydo
Bailey, George, 100 Cleveland st
Bailey, George 1L, grocor, Gardeners
rd, Bot.
Bailey, George, II., saddler, 58 John sb
Bailey, Harry, 40 Levey Bt
BAATiMAX, PRTBR, master-marinor,
Belgravo terrace, Harris st
Boar, M. anil Co., gonoral merchants,
30 Pitt st
Baa-, Ross, Arthur at, St. L , E.
Baas.*, J, C. II., Trabaitha house, Roslyn st
Banss, J. P. II., accountant, 267 Georgo
Baharfald, Barnot, furniture warehouse, 214 Pittst
Babillnski, Joseph, bnardiiu' establishment, 181 Elizabeth st
Bac, I1;., hairdresser. Darling st, Bal.
Bacchus, Henry, llinuliiml Heart hotel,
17-10 Athlono place
Bach,—.West st,F. Dk.
Baohell, J, W., land agent, Church st,
Baohlor, It. W„ Woolwich rd, H. Hill
Back, Alfred, Queen's placo
Back, Edward II., James st.Ntwn.
Back, J., bootmaker, 6 Llttlo GIpps st
Backhouse and Spencer, architects and
surveyors, Boresford chambers, 62
Costleragh st
Backhouse B., Sovenonk«, Princes rd
Backhouse, Mrs. Ellen, 3 Phillip st
Backhouse, J. II., saddler, Withcombo
st, Bal.
Backhouse, John, 2 Albert st, Woolloomooloo
Backhouse His Honor Judgo, Molita
house, Ithaca rd
Backhouse, Thomas, compositor, Mansfield st, Bal.
BackncU, Jnmca, 72 Hugo st, Rfn.
Bachwell. F„ engineer, 1 Jesmond st
Bncley, William, Morton st, Bal.
Bacon. B. J. nnd Co., gasfltters,
Fountain st, Man.
Bacon, William. Argyll", Tho
Boulevard. Petm.
Bndcock, Arthur, 103 Pitt st, Rfn.
Bndcock, \V„ 60 Broughtou st, Globe
Baddaui, Henry, 100 Glcbo st, Glcbo
Baddock, Kate, 130 Dowling st
Bade, Theodore, palntor, 1 Arundel
torrnco, G lebo
Bndenhiun, Richard, Ouk terrace,
03 Thomas st, Camp,
Badger, Henry, warehouseman, 3
Hudson st, Kin.
Badgor, J., dairyman, Til ha st, Rkwd.
Badgery. Harriet, pilvato boarding
establishment, 30 Jamison st
Badgery, Henry S., JI.P.,Talwang,
Hcnson st, Ash.
Bndhnm, Charles, Lincoln st, St. L.
Badham, Mrs.. The Nost, Mobsman's
bay. St. L.
Bailor, Joseph, Merlin st, St. L.
Bail man. Francis, plasterer, 14 Goorgo
Bt, Wtloo.
Badman, Frederick, printer,
Elizabeth st, Ash.
Bailey, Henry, butcher, James st,
Bnile\, Henry, butcher, 1 Vino st,
Bailey, Henry, Union st, Putin.
Bui Icy, James, importer, Aim* st, Vio,
Bailey, John, stonemason, Norton st
Bailey, John, b;lok manufacturer,
liallway ril. Prspt. mid Slier,
Ball.y, John, 1 Brisbane st.St. L., E.
Bailey, Joliu, 11 Jlurruy st, Wtloo.
Bailey, John, 2 Stirling st. Rfn.
Bniley, M. J., plumber, 08 Regent st
Bailey, Mrs., 725 Bourkost
Bailer, Mrs., Loftus st, Mar.
Bniley, Rev. 1'. II. S., C.H. minister.
Potsdam, Madolinost, II. Hill
Bailey, Richard, bootmaker, Erskincville rd, McDtn.
Bailey, Itluliurd II., bootllnlsher, oft 18
B mrke st, llfn.
Bniley, S., bootmakei, 5 .Marshall st
Bailey. Samuel, Promenade, Man.
Bailey, Samuel, Sydenham rd, Mar.
Bailey, T., linker. 86 Lnusdowncst
Bailey, Thomas, butcher, Gilbert
ottaue, Hellovuest, Pmuttn.
Bailey, T„ stonemason,Fossst, II. Hill
Bniley, Thomas, 17 Burnett st, llfn.
Bailey, Thorn is, 37 Grose st,. Glebe
Bniley, Thomas, 23 Little West st
Bailey, \V., surveyor, 313 George st
Bailey, William, snrvoyor, l'cndowcr,
Cambridge at, Petm.
Bailey, Win., frenchiiolisher. 12 Vino
st. llfn.
BallilT, Mrs. Mary, Thrupps rd.St. L. E.
Baillie, J. W. E., teacher, Taylor st,
Balllic, Mrs., 19 Yorkst
Balllle, Walter, Trafalgar st, Lcdt.
Bally and I'lnyfair, butchers, 187
Oxford st
Bully, John, 269 Liverpool st
Bain, Andrew, dilrymnn, Henderson
rd, Alxa.
Bain, Duneun, Rosscr st, Bal.
Bain, George, coachbuilder, 3Croker's
terrico. Union st, McDtn.
Bain, George, storekeeper, 490 Kentst
Bain, .r.,' utcher. 118 Bathurst st
Bain, Jane, 12 Belmoro st
Bain, John, plumber, 78 Ann st
Bain, John, plumber, 603 Kent st
Bain, Ivcnuth, Wonicrnh nvenuo
B A I N , L E W I S P., stock and share
broker. E.vchnnge buildings, Pitt
Bain, It., coichpainter, Bathurst st
Bain. Robert P., surveyor, 13 Derwont
s:. Glebe
Bain, Wallace, Burwood rd, Bur.
Bain, William, blacksmith, Annnndale
st, Lcdt
Bnlnbridgc, dipt. G., Palaco st, Petm.
Bninbrlrlge, Owen, Greenwich rd, N.
Bnine. —. Swnnson st, McDtn.
Balncs, F. W., Paddlngton st, Pdtn.
Balnc, George, auctioneer, Jarrttt
st. Lcdt.
B A I N B S , G E O R G E P . , auctioneer, house, ln-,d and estatengent, Parramntia rd, Petm.
Balncs. John, Edgewnrc rd, Ntwn.
Bairns, Joseph It., plumber, 68 Bay st,
Balncs, Miss, preparatory school for
boys, 127 Phillip st
Baird, Alfred, 6 Chapel In.
Uaird, Edward, Sorrell st, Puiatts.
llalrl, 1L, 103 Abercromblo st, llfn.
Baird, Henry, 121 Glebo *t. Glebe
Ilatrd, J. II., saddler, Crescent st, BaL
Uaird, John, 1 Albert st, llfn.
ll.ilnl, John, 033 Harris st
Baird, John, butcher, 8 Thomson st
Daird, Jo'iu 0., Yule st, Petm.
Baird, .Mrs., tinning Utar h-itel, 00
llnglau st, Wtloo.
Baird, Mrs. Mary. 390 Crown st
Bnird, Samuel, 13 Campbell st. Globe
Baird, Win.. Sir Mtiuvice O'Oonnelt
hotel, 12 Itilcy st
Baird, William, 339 llourke st
Baird, Win., grcougrocer, 131 Pitt st,
Baker and Farrnnd (O. S. Baker, P.
Farran 1), stock and stalon
agents, 139 I'ittst
Baker, —, solicitor, 1 Balnbrldgo ter.,
Stnnmnrc nl, Petm,
Baker, —, 17 Smith st
Baker, Aaron, builder, 87 Old Parramatta rd, Glebe
Baker, Alfred, O'Conncll it, Pmatta.
Baker, Alfred E., Ivanhocst, Mar.
Baker, Amos A., plasterer, Old Pnrramattft rd, Glebe
Baker, Ann, 43 Pitt st. Ilfu.
Baker, Mm. Anna M., Chaldcrst, Mar.
Baker, Arthur, Wilson st, Lcdt.
Baker, Benjamin, confectioner, 2
Union st
Baker, Benjamin, 241 Devonshire st
Baker, Caiulleld, engraver, 68 llnglan
st, Wtloo.
Baker, C, stonemason, Albert st, Bal.
Baker, Charles, commercial traveller,
207 Bourkost
Buker, Charles, Ironmonger, 137 Glebo
rd, Gl-be
Baker, Charles, wharfinger, Dalton's
wharf, l'ottlnger st
Baker. Charles, clerk, Sutherland st,
Baker, Charles, Pcrouse st, Rwk.
Baker, Charles, Trongatest, Gran.
Baker, 1). W., grocer, Merlon st, Bal.
linker, David 0„ Cook's River rd, St. P.
Baker, E., bo>tuinker, 22 Evelelghst,
Baker, Edward, confeotioner, 396
Crown st
Bnkor, E., tailor. Sorrell st, Pmtta.
Baker, Eiward, Lord's rd, Bot.
Baker, Edward, Hose st, Bal.
Baker, Edwin, grocer, 60 Gloucester st
Bnker, Edwin, Highgate st, Pdtn.
Baker, Elizabeth, Ferris st, Lcdt.
Bnkor, Elizabeth, 28 Ilcgcut st
Baker, P., drnypropriotor, 111 Cleveland st, llfn.
Baker, Francis, 6 Moon st, Rfn.
Baker, Frederick, blacksmith, Albert
lodge, Bishop st, Mar.
Baker, Fredorick, carpenter, 26 Marian
st, llfn.
Baker, Frederick, organ builder, Junction st, Glebe
Baker, Frederick, vanproprletor, 69
Wells st, llfn.
Baker, George, engineer, Dumbarton
st, Vic.
Baker, George, painter, 9 Elizabeth st,
Baker, George, gardener, L. O. river,
Ferry rd, If. Hill
Bnker, George, plumber, Fleet st, Ash.
Bnker, George, blacksmith, 9 Goold st
Baker, George, 180 Albion st
Baker, George, Buckland st, Alxa.
Baker, George, 18 Cornwall Is st, Rfn.
Baker, George, Sarah st, Bur.
Baker, George, 54 Young st, llfn.
Baker, G. It., carpenter, 31" Palmer st
Baker, Harriet, music-teacher, 301
Victoria st
Baker, Henry F., dealer, 100 Mitchell
st, Gleho
Baker, If. I'., tailor, 392 Cnstlereagh at
Baker, J., grocer, Darling st, Bal.
Baker, J., Elim place, Newtown rd
Bnker, J. M., signwtr,. Raglan st, Alxa.
Baker, Jeremiah, market gardener, off
Mitchell rd, Alxa.
Bnker, J., grocer. 138 Wtloo.
linker, J„ plasterer, IVnison st, Bal.
Baker, James, Lackey st, St. P.
Baker, Jan., builder. Smith st, Pmnttn.
Biker, .Ins., engineer, 03 Wells st, llfn.
Bnker, John, toachir. 2 Urldge terrnco,
Frederick st, Ash.
Bnker, John, Homebush ores,, Hbsh.
Bnkor, John, 73 Mnrchend st, Ilfu.
Bnker, John, Prospect st, Pdtn.
Bnker, John, Renvlck st, Lcdt.
Baker, John,engineer. 6 Shaftesbury
gardens, Glebo
Baker, J., gunsmith, Ulster st, Pdtn.
Baker, John, Undercliffe terrnco, St. L.
Baker. Josp., slgnwriter, 22 Bedford st,
Baker, Josp., carpenter, Tnrk avenue,
Baker. Joseph, boiling down estnb.,
Wolll st, Bot.
Baker, Mnry, 70 II rough am st, Glebs
Baker, Mnry A., 1H0 Elizabeth st
Baker, Micuncl, 200 Mn.quarto stS.
Baker, Mrs., Athelstanc, Andreas st,
Baker, Mrs., Dntchct st, Bnl.
Bnker, Mrs., l'oucnrt st, Bal.
Bak' r, Mrs., 28 Lincoln terrace
Baker, Mrs., Mnnsflcld st, Bnl.
Baker, Mrs., Phillip st, I'mattn.
Baker, Mrs., 7 Roxburgh plnco
Baker, Mrs., tallorcss, 33 Clare terrace,
Rose st
Baker, Mrs., 73 St. John's rd, Glebo
Bnker, Rob-rt, G7 Abercromblo st. Rfn.
Baker, lto<>crt, George st, McDtn.
Baker, S., fuel merchant, 618 Bourkc st
Bnker, Stephen, fuel merchant, 18
Pearl st
Bnker, Stephen, stonemason, Carlisle
st, Lcdt.
Baker, Mrs. T., 277 Bourko st
Baker, Thomas, Bay st, Bot.
Baker.Thos., draper, Fitzroy at, Ntwn.
Baker, Thomas, builder, postoQlce,
Great Northern rd, F. Dk.
Baker, Thomas, draper, 560 George st
Baker, Thomas F., 28 Surrey st
Baker, Tnos. J,, builder, 123 Oxford st,
Baker, Thomas L., property agent,
Unwin's Bridge rd. Mar.
Baker, W. F., Forbes hotel, 32 York st
Baker, W. S., Campbell st, St. P.
Baker, Win., bootmaker, 27 Tcrroy st
58,000 POLICIES IN FORCE, ASSURING £21,000,000.
Baker, William, Abattoirs rd, Bal.
Baker, William, Albert st, Mar.
Baker. William, Botany rd, Alxa.
Baker, William, .11 Dnrghun st, Glebe
Baker, William, 26 Egnn st, Ntwn.
Baker, William, Garden st, Alxa.
Baker, William, Punchbowl rd, Can.
Baker, William, off 44 Wells st, llfn.
Baker, Win. If., saddler, 7 Vino st, Rfn.
Bnker, Wm. J., locksmith, 18 l'rlncei
Bnker, William J., Woodville rd, Grnn.
Bnker, William J., clerk, Mary st
Baker, William It., coachbuilder,
20 Wells st, Rfn.
Baker, William T„ Longslght, Old
South Hand id, Whin.
Bnk well Brothers, builders, Bligh st,
Bakcwell, William, builder, Bll^h Bt,
Balblrnlc, Arthur, 221 Bourko st
Balblrnio, Mrs. E., dressmaker,
221 Bourkest
Bnlcomhe, Edwin, painter, Brndford
st. Bnl.
Balkwell, Thos., confectioner, Gipps
st, Bal.
Ball, Alex., Burren st, McDtn.
Ball, Alfred, bootmaker, 86 Edward
st, Rfn.
Ball, Francis, 2 Little Queen Bt
Ball, Fro i.. com. traveller, 71 Edward
st, Rfn.
Ball. Gcorgo, Chapel st, Mar.
Ball, George, 00 O'Connor st
Ball, Henry, Lord st, Ntwn.
Ball, liny., G., carpenter, 23 Centre st,
Ball, J. T., Roscbmk, Stntlon Bt,
Bnll, James, ticket printer, 2 Ann terrace, Good Hope st. Pdtn.
Ball, June, 20 Goodlct st
Bnll, Jerry, 16 French st
Bnll, Mrs.. 138 Riley st
Ball, Samuel O.. 9 Mnry st, Wtloo.
Bnll, Sydney II., ticket printer, Hoidie st, Pdtn.
Ball, Thomas, Albert st, Mnr.
Bnll, W. T., Oxford cot., Bond! rd,
Balmnin Public school, Birchgrovo rd
Balmain Public school—Wnllaco, P.,
headmnster, Nicholson st
Balmain Public school, Darling st
Balmain Public school, girls' depmt.
Kennedy, Miss, head teacher,
Darvall st
Balmain Public school. Vincent lano
Balmain ltowingclub sheds, White st,
Balmnin Steam Ferry Co., Limited—
Eisklnc st
Belmnin Temperance ball, Montnguo
Balmnin Town hall—Macintosh, If. B,,
council clerk, Darling st
Balmain Volunteer flro brigado station, No. 1, Booth st, Bnl.
Bnlmnin ami Meiizlcs, surveyors,
Roylc's chambers, Bond st
Bnlmnin. John, Beaulu, Burlington
rd, Hbsh.
Buhner, James, builder, Rcnwlck st,
Bnlmcr, Mrs. June, llotanyciew hotel,
.. 561 K1ni»«t. Nt.wn.
' $OHX> M M * * * ' .
jji.iuii.ii.siii, ij»ula,"Uii«i 1.11111.u,
. L I « . , U I I . I I ( . nu, u'.iu|>.
Baldwin, H., stonemason, 1 Qowrie Bt,
Baldwin, John, George st, McDtn.
Baldwin, Josoph B., 20 Westmorland
st, Glebo
Baldwin. Robert J„ Vino cottage,
Point Piper rd, Whrn.
Baldwin, It., Nurrl, Winnie st. Bur.
Baldwin, Sarah, dressmaker, 07 Queen
st, Whrn.
Baldwin, Thomns. George st, Lcdt,
Bale. Henry, 109 Bowman st
Bale, Isaac, carpcnt.r. Rofc st, Lcdt.
Bale. John, 12 Mill st
Bale. Mnry, draper, 124 Queen st,
Bnle, William. 12 Hanover st.iWtloo.
Bales. William. Botnny rd„ Bot.
Bnley, Alfred, West st, F. Dk.
Bnlcy, George, engineer, 37 George st,
Balcy, John, Alfred st. S. L.
Bnlfnur, James, 27 O'Conncll st
Balfour, Jennet, 33 Hnnoverst, Wtloo.
Balfour, William S., 3 Bligh st
Balimm, Mrs. H., Upper Brougham st
Bnlkin. John, vanproprletor, 94 Dowliug Bt
,< i n -
douree, Illnwarrnrd, Mnr.
Bnllle, William. 220 Crown rd
Ballln, Jncob II., condiment-maker,
Adclnide Bt
Bnlllntine, Mrs., Mansfield st, Bal.
Bnllistier, Capt. Rlohard, Grcenhills
st, Ash.
Bath, George C, warehouseman, 147
Pyrmont Bridge rd, Globe
Balls, II., bruistlnishcr, 37 Cooper st
Balls, Henry. Phillip st, Pmatta.
B A L L S , R O B E R T , tailor and
clothier, 218 Castlcrcagh st, Into
York st
Balmuin Bald Rock Steam Ferry Co.
—Watson, J. and C, proprietors,
Erskinc st
Balmuin Bowling club, Darling st, Bal.
Balmnln cemetery—Patten, C.William
secretary, 302 Pitt st
Balmain Corporation baths—Ferguson, James, lessee, Glassop st
Balmnin gnsworks, Mansfield st
Bnlmnin General cemetery—Finch,
Jns., sexton, Derbyshire rd, Lcdt,
W. C. editor. Darling et, Bal.
Balmain Public school, Ariolphus st
j mm nun i,"' it uiit.ul, ' |,l i liver, "IUT" ' *
Dcnison st, Camp.
Bnmpton, Thomns. grocer, 100
Missenden rd, Camp.
Banan, Mis,, Underwood st, Pdtn.
Banbury, G., grazier, Francis st,Rkwd.
Banbury, John, lloso st, Bal.
Banbury, W. W„ accountant, Falcon
st, St. L.
Bancroft, E. K., tobacconist, 70J
Oxford st
Bancroft, Mrs. n.W„ stationer, 3 Wells
st. Rfn.
Bancroft. J., hairdresser, 397 Crown st
Bancroft, J. If. printer, 1 Wells st. Rfn.
Bancroft, S., printer, Voncur st,Whra.
Band, B., fruiterer, Chuiohst, Pmatta.
Band of Hope hall—Mathows, William,
secretary, 01 Collego st, Camp.
Bandy, Lewis, Cary st, Lcdt.
B^nes, Ernest E., ougincer, Oswcll st,
Bams, Thomns, 214 Walker it, Rfn.
Banfleld, Frederick, printer, Littlo
Underwood st, Pdtn.
Bauflcld, Joseph, shipwright, Pyrmont
Bridge rd
Banford, Alfred, salesman, Carlisle
st, Lcdt
Bailev, Henry, butcher, James st,
Dailies, Miss, preparatory scliuol for
boys, 127 riiillip st
Bollux, lli.'iiry, butcher, 1 Vino st,
Daird, Alfred, ft Chapel In
iiaird, Edward, Sorrell st, I'matta.
Bailey, Henry, Union st, IVtin.
Hair I, If., Id3 Abcrerombie st, llfn.
Bailey, .laiui's, injiortcr, Abu i st, Vic. llainl, Henry, 121 Glebe st. Glebe
Bnllcy, John, stonemason, Xurt.Hn st
llaird. J. II., saddler, Crescent st, Bal.
Bailey, .Icilm, Iriok niniiiifiicturer,
llaird, .lohn, 1 Albert st, itfn.
lhiilw.iv fil. Prspt. and Sher.
llaird, John, ii33 Harris st
Bailey. J.iliii. 1 Itrislmiu: st, .St. L., E.
llaird, Join, butcher, 8 Thomson fit
liniluy, .Inlm, 11 Murray st, Wtloo.
llaird, .loin (J., Yule st, 1'etin.
Bailey, .Inlm,'.' Stirling it. Hfn.
llaird, Mrs., Frenimj •Slur h >M, 110
Bailey, M. .1., plumber, OS Kegout st
Kaplan st, Wtloo.
Bailey, Mrs., 725 Moiirkost
llaird, .Mrs. Mary. 3110 Crown st
Bailey, Mrs., [.otitis st, Mar.
llaird, S.unuel, 13 Campbell st, Globe
BaiUv, Iti'V. 1'. U.S., C.H. minister.
llaird, Win.. Sir Mmtrke o'Connrll
Potsdam, Madelinost. II. Hill
hotel, 12 itilcvst
Boiler, ltichard, bootmaker, JCrsklnellaird, William, :i:l!i llourke st
v l l e n l , MoDtn.
ll.tird, Win., greengrocer, 131 l'itt st,
Bailey, llicharri IT., Imotlinislier, ofT 18
It mrko st. Itfn.
liakeriind I'arrand (0. S. linker, l'\
Bniley, S., bontmukci, 5 Marshall st
I'arraul), stock ami stitlou
Bailey. Samuel, Promenade, Matt.
agents, Kill l'itt st
Bailey, Samuel.
—, solicitor, 1 Holnhridgc ter.,
Bailey, 'I1., h;tker. 56 Lausdownost
St.llllllore i d , i'etlll,
Bailey. Thomas, butcher, Gilbert
Baker, —, 17 Smith st
o ittagc, lii'llovuo st, I'niattii.
Maker, Aaron, builder, 87 Did I'arraBailey, 'I'., stonemason,Fossst, II. Hill
matia rd, Glebe
BuMev,, 17 llumett st, llfn.
Baker, Alfred, O'Conuell st, I'matta.
Bailev, Tliimi is, 37 Grose st. tllehe
linker, Alfred E., Ivauhoest, Mar.
Bailey, Thomas, 23 Little West st
Ilakcr, AniosA., jilastercr, Old I'arrnBailey, \\'„ surveyor, 1113 George st
matta rd, Glebe
Bailey, William, snrvoyor, l'eudowcr, linker, Ann, -13 l'itt st. llfn.
-Mrs. Anna M., Chnldcrst, Mar.
Cambridge st, I'etm.
Bailev, Win., fivnohpolislier. l'_' Vine Baker, Arthur, Wilson st, l.edt.
U' njaniin, confectioner, 2
st. Itfn.
Union st
BaililV, .Mrs. Mary, Thrupps rd.St. L. K.
Baillie, ,1. W. E., teacher, Taylor st,
Itaker, Uenjaiiiln, 241 Devonshire st
Baker, Canitield, engraver, 6H Italian
Baillie, Mrs., 10 York st
st, Wtloo.
Baillie, Walter, Trafalgar st, Lcdt.
Ilakcr, 0., stonemason, Albert st, Bal.
Baiiv ami I'layfair, butchers, 187
itaker, Charles, commercial traveller,
Oxford st
2G7 llourke st
Bnily, John, 259 Liverpool st
linker, Charles, ironmonger, 137 Glebo
Bain, Andrew, d lirymau, Henderson
id, G i b e
rd. Alxa.
Baker, Charles, wlnrflnger, Daltou's
Bain, DIIIII'IIII, Kosscr st, Bui.
wharf. Pottiiiger st
Ilain. George, coaclibuilder, SCroker's linker. Charles, clerk, Sutherland st,
tern™. Union st, MeDtn.
Bain, George, storekeeper, VJi) K c u t s t linker, Charles, 1'erouse st, Kwk.
Bain. •!., • utelier. 118 llatliursb st
Ilakcr, Charles, Trougarest, Grnn.
Bain. .lam', 12 llelinore st
Maker, I). W., grocer, Morton st, Hal.
Balu, .lohn, plRinlier, 78 Ann st
linker, David (>., Cook's liiver rd, St. P.
Bain, .lohn. pliiiulier, 50:S Kent st
Baker, E., bootniuker, 22 Eveiclgh st,
Bain, ICeniith, Wonierah avenue
B A I N , L E W I S P . , stock and share linker,
Edward, confi'ctioner, 395
"••.'broker. Exchonge building, 1'itt
Maker, E., tailor. Sorrell st, I'mtta.
Bain. It., coichpaintcr, ISothurst st
linker, Elward, Lord's rd. Hot.
Bain. Itohert P., surveyor, 13 Derwont linker, Edward, Hose st, Hal.
s .(Hebe
linker, Edwin, grocer, 60 Gloucester st
Bain, Wallace, Ilurwood rd, Bur.
Baker, Edwin, Highgate st, I'dtn.
Bain, William, blacksmith, Annauilale Baker, Elizabeth, Ferris st, l.edt.
st, Lcilt
Bakor, Elizabeth, 28 Itogcnt st
Baiuhridgc, Capt. G., Palace st, Petni. Ilakcr, I'., druyproprietor, HI CleTCBaiuhridgc, Owen, Greenwich rd, N.
land st, llfn.
linker, Francis, 5 Moon st, Itfn.
Baine. •--. Swonsui st, McDtn.
Baker, Frederick, blacksmith, Albert
Baines, 1'. W„ Paddlngton st, lMtn.
lodge, llishop st, Mar.
Baines, George, auctioneer, Jarrett
Frederick, carpenter, 26 Marian
st. Lcdt.
st, llfn.
B A I N E S , G E O R G E P . , aucBaker, Frederick, organ builder, Junctioneer, house, la .d and estate
tion st, Glebe
agent, Parramatia rd, Petm.
Bakor, Frederick, Tnnproprietor, 59
Bailies. John, Edgewnre rd, Xtwn.
Wells st, llfn.
Buines, Joseph It., plumber, 68 Bay st, Bakor, George, engineer, Dumbarton
st, Vic.
Baker, George, painter, 11 Elizabeth st,
linker, George, gard-mor, L. C. river,
Ferry rd, II. Hill
Baker, George, plumber, Fleet st, Ash.
linker, George, blacksmith, 0 Goold st
Ilakcr, George, lsu Albion st
Ilakcr, George, Muckland st. Alxa.
Baker, George, 18 Cnrnwallis st, Itfn.
linker, George, Sarah st, Bur.
Baker, George, 51 Young st. itfn.
Maker, G. It., carpenter, 310 Palmer st
Uakrr. Harriet, music-teacher, 301
Victoria st
Maker, Henry 1\, dealer, 100 Mitchell
s t , Glclie
Maker, H. I'., tailor, 3!I2 Oastlcreagh «t
Ilakcr, J., grocer, Darling st, Mai.
Maker, J., Klini place, Xowtown rd
Baker, J. M„ siguwtr.. fiaglan st, Alxa.
Baker. Jeremiah, market gardener, off
Mitchell rd, Alxa.
Hoker, .1., grocer, 138 Hot. st. Wtloo,
linker,.!., jilastercr, D'Hison st, Bal.
Baker, James, Lackey st. St. P.
Baker, .las., builder. Smith st, Pmatta.
Hiker, .las., engineer. 03 Wells st, Itfn.
Baker, John, tench, r, 2 Uridge terrace,
Frederick st. Ash.
Baker, John, Homebusli cres., Hbsh.
Maker, John, 73 Morehead st, Itfn.
Baker, John, Prospect st, I'dtn.
Maker, John, Kcnwick st, Lcdt.
Maker, John,engineer, 5 Shaftesbury
gardens. Glebe
Baker, J.. guns:nith, Ulster st, Pdtu.
Baker, John, Undcreliiro terrace, St.L.
Ilakcr, Josp., signwriter, 22 Bedford st,
linker, Josp., carpenter, Park avenue,
linker. Joseph, boiling down estab.,
Wolll st. Mot.
Baker, Mary, 7o Brougham st, Glebs
Maker, Mary A., ISO Elizabeth st
Maker, Michael, 2uil Ma:<piario s t S .
linker, Mrs., Atlielstane, Andreas st,
Baker. Mrs., Hatchet st, Bnl.
Baker, Mrs., Tom-art st, Bal.
Bak' r, Mrs., 2s LiiiC'iln terrace
Baker, M rs„ Mauslield st. Bal.
Baker, Mrs., Phillip st, Piuattn.
Baker. Mrs., 7 Moxburgh place
Baker, Mrs., tailoress, 33 Clare terrace,
Host! st
Unkcr, Mrs., 73 St. Johu'i rd, Glebo
Baker, Hob rt, 07 Abercroinblest. Itfn.
Baker, HoWrt. George st, McDtn.
Baker, S.. fuel merchant, 518 Honrkost
Baker, Stephen, fuel merchant, 18
Pearl st
Baker, Stephen, stonemason, Carlisle
st, Lcdt.
Baker, Mrs. T., 277 II mrke st
Baker, Thomas, Hay st. Hot.
linker,Thos., draper, Fitzroy st.Ntwn.
Baker, Tlioums. builder, postoflice,
Groat Northern id, F. Dk.
linker, Thomas, draper, 650 George st
Hnker, Thomas F., 28 Surrey st
Baker, Thos. J., builder, 122 Oxford st,
Bakor, Thomas L„ property agent,
Unwin's Drilled rd, Mar.
Baker, W. F.. Forks hotel, 32 York ft
Baker, W. S., Campbell st, St. P.
Baker, Win., bootmaker, 27 Terroy st
68,000 POLICIES IN FORCE, ASSURING £21,000,000.
Baker, William, Abat toil's rd, Hal.
Baker, William, Albert st, Mar.
Baker. William, llotanv rd, Alxa.
Baker, William, 31 D.trghnii id. Glebe
Bnker, William, 25 Egan st. Xtwn.
Baker, William, Garden st, Alxa.
Baker, William, Punchbowl rd, Can.
Baker, William, off 41 Wells st, llfn.
Baker, Win. 1L, saddler, 7 Vincst, Itfn.
Baker, Win. J., locksmith, 18 P i i i i c i
Baker, William ,L, Woodvillu rd. Gran,
Bnker, William J., clerk, Mary st
Baker, William It., coaclibuilder,
Dalkwcll, Thos., confectioner, Gipps
st, Bal.
Hull, Alex., Iliirren st, McDtn.
Mull, Alfred, bootmaker, 86 Edward
st. Itfn.
Mall, Francis, 2 Little Queen st
Mall, Fro .. com. traveller, 71 Edwnrd I
st, Itfn.
Hall. George, ('Impel st, Mar.
Mall, George, Oil O'Connor st
Mall, lleiirv. Lord ft, Xtwn.
Hall, liny.; G„ carpenter, 23Centre st,
Hall. J. T., Itosebink, Station st,
Hall, James, ticket printer. 2 Ann terrace, Good Hope st. Pdtn.
Bulmaiu Public school. Birchgrovo rd
Balniain Public school—Wallace, P.,
20 Wells st, Hfn.
Baker, William T., Longsight, Old
South Head id, Whrii.
Bak well Brothers, builders, Bligh st,
Bakcwell, William, builder, llligh st,
Balbimie, Arthur, 221 llourke st
Balhirnic, Mrs. 15., dressmaker,
221 llourke st
Balcoinbe, Edwin, painter, Bradford
st. Mai.
Mall, J a n e , 20 Goo diet >t
Mall, Jerrv, 16 French st
Mali, Mrs.'. I:;s Kilev st
Ball, Samuel (;.. u Mary st, Wtloo.
Mall, Svduev II., ticket printer, Holdlcst, i'dtn.
Hall, Thonias, Albert st, Mar.
Mall. W. T., Oxford cot., Bond! rd,
h e a d m a s t e r , Nicholson s t
Haimaiii Public school, Darling st
Hnlinain Public school, girls' depmt.
Kennedv, Miss, head teacher,
Halinain Public school. Vincent lane
llalmniii Mowingcluli sheds, White st,
Balniain Steam Ferry Co., Limited—
Kiskine i t
Helmain Temperance hall, Montague
Ilalmaiu Town hall—Macintosh, IL II.,
council clerk, Darling st
Balmnin Volunteer lire brigade station, No. 1, Booth st, Hal.
Hatuiaiti ami Mon/.ies, surveyors,
Hoyle's chambers, Bond st
Malmnin. John, Meaula, Hurlington
id, llbsh.
Maimer, James, builder, Itenwick st,
Maimer, Mrs. Jane, Itotttuyrific hitrl,
651 Klni' si Vhi'ii
Baldwin, II., stonemuson, 1 Gowric st,
Baldwin, John, George st, McDtn.
Baldwin. Joseph 11., 20 Westmorland
st, Glebo
Baldwin. Itobcrt J.. Vine cottage,
Point Piper rd, Whra.
Baldwin, II., Xttrri, Winnie st. Bur,
Baldwin, Sarah, dressmaker, 07 Queen
st, Whra.
Baldwin, Tliomas. George st, Lcdt.
Bale. Henry, 10U Bowman st
Bale, Isaac, carpent. r, llofe st, Lcdt.
Bale. John, 12 Mill st
Bale. Mary, draper, 121 Queen st,
Bale, William. 12 Hanover >t,i Wtloo.
Bales. William. Botnnv rd.. Hot.
Baley, Alfred, West, st, F. Dk.
Bnlev, George, engineer, 37 George st,
Baley, John, Alfred st. S. L.
Balfour, James, 27 O'Connoll st
Balfour, Jennet, 33 Hanover st, Wtloo.
Balfour. William S.. 3 Bligh st
Balneal, Mrs. IL, Up|ier Brougham st
Bnlkin. John, vimproprietor, 111 Howling st
dource. lllawarrard, Mar.
Bailie, William. 22H Crown rd
Balliu, Jacob IL, eondiincnt-makcr,
Adelaide st
Hallintine, Mrs., Mauslield st, Hal.
Ballisticr, Capt. lliehard, Greciiliills
st, Ash.
Math, George ('., warehouseman, M7
Pyrmont Mridge rd, Glebe
Balls,*IL, brasslinisher, 37 (,'oopcr st
Halls, Henrv. Phillip st. Pmatta.
B A L L S , R O B E R T , tailor nnd
clothier, 218 Castlcreagh st, late
York st
Balniain Bald Hock Steam Ferry Co.
—Watson, J. and (_'., proprietors,
Erskine st
Baluiiiin Howling club, Darling st, Bal.
Bttlmaiii cemetery—Patten,C.William
secretary, 302 l'itt st
Hnlmaiii Corporation
baths—Ferguson, James, lessee, Glassop st
Ilalmaiu gasworks, Mauslield st
Halinain General cemetery—Finch,
Jus., sexton. Derbyshire rd, Lcdt.
BALM A IN OllsKllVKK—Macdougall,
W. C . editor. Darling st, Hal.
Baltrmiii Public school, Adolplms st
Deiiison st, Camp.
Hampton, Thomas, grocer, 100
Minendcn rd, Camp.
Bunaii, Mis., Underwood st, Pdtn.
Banbury,G., grazier, I'lancisst,Ilkwd.
Banbury, John, Hose st, Bal.
Bauburv, W. W.. accountant, Falcon
st, St. L.
Bancroft, K. K., tobacconist, 70J
Oxford st
Bancroft. Mrs. II.W., stationer, 3 Wells
st. Itfn.
Bancroft. J., hairdresser, 3f!7 Crown st
Bancroft, J. II. printer, I WellsKt. Hfn.
Bancroft, S., ]»rinter, '• oucur st.Whra.
Hand, II., fruiterer, Chinch st, Pmatta.
Hand of llopclinll—Mathews. William,
secretary, 01 Collego st, Camp.
Bandy, Lewis, Gary st, Lcdt.
BMICS, Ernest E., engineer, Oswell st,
Bams, Thomas, 214 Walker «t, llfn.
lluutield, Frederick, printer, Little
Underwood st. Pdtn.
Bantielil, Joseph, shipwright, Pyrmont
Bridge rd
Man ford, Alfred, salesman, Carlisle
st, Lcdt.
Bailey, Henry, butcher, James st,
Buinos, Miss, preparatory school for
boys, 127 Phillip st
Bailee, Henry, butcher, 1 Vino st,
Baird, Alfred, 6 Chapel In,
Bulrd, Edward, Sorrel 1 st, Pinatta.
Bailey, Henry, Union st, Fetm.
Baird, II., 103 Abercromblu st, Rfn.
Builey, James, Importer, Alma st, Vlo. Baird, Henry, 121 Glebe st. Glebe
Bailey, John, stonemason, Norton st
Baird, J. B., sadillcr, Oresceut st, Bah
Bailey, John, Ivialc manufacturer,
Bainl, John, 1 Albert st, Rfn.
Hallway nl. Frspt. anil Slier.
Bulrd, John, 633 Harris st
Bailey, John, 1 Brlsbano st,St. L., E.
Bainl, John, butcher, 8 Thomson st
Bailey, Johu, 11 Hurray st, Wtloo.
Bainl, Join 0., Yule st, Petm.
Bailey, John, i Stirlinjj st. Rfn.
Bainl, Mrs., Keening Star hitel, 90
Boiley, M. J., plumber, 08 ncgont st
Raglan st, Wtloo.
Boiley, Mrs., 725 Bourkost
Baird, Mrs. Mary. 390 Crown st
Bailey, Mm,, Loftns st, Mar.
Bainl, Samuel, 13 Campbell st, Globe
Bailey, Rev. P. II. S„ O.K. minister,
Baird, Win..Mr Mmukt O'Conntll
Potsdam, Mudcllno st, IT. Hill
hotel, 12 Itllcy st
Bailey, Richard, bootmaker, ErsklnoBainl, William, 3.1!) Bourkc st
villo nl, McDtn.
Baird, Win., greongroccr, 134 Pitt st,
Bailey, Ilichard II., bootflnisher, oft 18
B mrkc st, Itfn.
Baker and Farrand (O. S. Baker, F.
Bailey, S., bootmakci, 5 Marshall st
KarranJ), stock and station
Bailey. Samuel, Promenade, Man.
agouts, 131) Pitt st
Bailey, Samuel, Sydenham nl, Mar.
Bakor, —, solicitor, 1 Bainhridgc tor,
Bailey, T., baker. 85 Lausdowno st
Stiiumoru nl, Petm,
Bailey, Thomas, butcher, Gilbert
Baker,—, 17 Smith st
c->ttaut '
. '
" "•
Bailev, T., -,
Bailey, Tin
"i, , •
Bailey, Th(
Bailey, Tin
Bailey, W.,
-"•.>-"-> „ '
Bsllej-, Wi; •* - •
',~, .
Bailoy, Wi
st, Itfn '
BaililT, Mrs
Baillie, J. '
. ' Pmatu ' ' ' -* -.
Balllle, Mn "• - ' ' ,
Baillie, WII "
- . . " . .
Bally and
'. „'
- s', Oxford'
, '
Bally, Join'
• \ \
'. • Bain, And • ' '
rd, Al> . '• '•
Bain, Ouni',. . •' . •
Bain. (Soon .,•
terr tec
Bain, (TCOIV-I .,..„„..",.,,..,.',• . . . .*„...„.,
Bain. J„ • ntcher, 118 Bathurst st
Baker, Charles, Trongate st, Gran.
Bain, June, 12 Bclmorc st
Baker, D. \V., grocer, Merton st, Bal.
Balu, John, plumber, 78 Ann st
Baker, David O., Cuok's Illvi-r nl, St. P.
Bain, John, plumber, 603 Kent st
Baker, E., bootmaker, 22 Eveleigh st,
Bain, Kcntith, Womerah avenue
B A I N , L E W I S P., stock nnd sharo Baker, Edward, confeotioner, 396
"•-'broker. Exchange buildings, Pitt
Crown st
" >troct
Baker, E., tailor. Sorrell st, Pmtta.
Bain, It., coachpuliitcr, Bathurst st
Baker, Eiwanl, Lnrd's rd, Bot.
Bain. Itobert P., surveyor, 13 Derwont Baker, Edward, Hose st, Bal.
s:, Glebe
Baker, Edwin, grocer, 60 Gloucester st
Bain, Wallace, Burwood rd, Bur.
Baker, Edwin, Highgatc st, Pdtn.
Bain, William, blacksmith, Annandalo Baker, Elizabeth, Ferris st, Lcdt.
st, Lcdt
Bakor, Elizabeth, 28 Regent st
Bainbridgc, Capt. G., Falaco st, Petm. Baker, P., drnyproprlctor, 111 CleveBainhridgc, Owen. Greenwich rd, N.
land st, llfn.
Baker, Francis, 5 Moon st, Rfn.
Balnc, —, Swanson st, McDtn.
Frederick, blacksmith, Albert
Balncs, F. W., Paddington st, Pdtn.
lodgo, Bishop st, Mar.
Balno-", George, auctioneer, Jarrett
corpenter, 26 Marian
st. Lcdt.
st, Bfn.
B A I N E S , G E O R G E P., a u c
Baker, Frederick, organ buildor, Junctionecr. house, land and cst&to
tion st, Glebe
agent, Parramatia rd, Petm.
Baker, Frederick, vanproprietor, 69
Bolnos, John, Edgowaro rd, Ntwn.
Wells st, Itfn.
Baines, Joseph n., plumber, 68 Bay st, Baker, George, engineer, Dumbarton
st, Vic.
Baker, George, painter, 9 Elizabeth gt,
Baker, George gardener, L. O. river,
Ferry rd, II. Hill
Baker, George, plumber, Fleet st, Ash.
Baker, Ocorge, blacksmith, 0 Goold st
Baker, George, 180 Albion st
Baker, George, Buckland st, Alxa.
Baker, George, 18 Cornwallls st, Itfn.
Baker, George, Sarah st, Bur.
Baker, Ocorge, 64 Young st, Rfn.
Baker, G. It., carpenter, 310 Palmer st
Baker, Harriet, music-teacher, 304
Victoria st
Bakor, Henry F., dealer, 100 Mitchell
st, Glebo
Baker, H. !•'., tailor, 392 Castlereagh st
Bakor, J., grocer, Darling st, Dal.
Baker, J., Ulim place, Xowtown rd
Baker, J. M., signwtr.. Raglan st, Alxa.
Baker, Jeremiah, market gardener, off
Mitchell rd, Alxa.
Baker, J., grocer, 138 Wtloo.
Baker, J„ plasterer, Denison st, Bal.
Baker, James, Lackey st, St. P.
Baker, Jan., builder. Smith st, Pmatta.
Bak. r, Mrs., 2S Lincoln terrace
Bakor, Mrs., Mansfield st. Bal.
Baker, Mrs., Phillip st, Pmatta.
Bakor, Mrs., 7 Roxburgh place
Baker, Mrs., tailorcss, 33 Clare terrace,
Itosn st
Baker, Mrs., 73 St. John's rd, Glebo
Baker, Bob Tt, 67 Ahercromblo st, llfn.
Baker, lloi'crt, Georgo st, McDtn.
Baker, S., fuel merchant, 618 Bourko st
Baker, Stephen, fuel mcrolmnt, 18
Pearl st
Bakor, 8tcphen, stonemason, Oorllsle
st, Lcdt.
Baker, Mrs. T., 277 Bourko st
Bakor, Thomas, Bay st. Bot.
Baker, Thos., draper, Fltzroy st.Ntwn.
Baker, Thomas, builder, postofllce,
Groat Northern rd, P. Dk.
Baker, Thomas, draper, 6S0 George st
Baker, Thomas F., 28 Surroy st
Baker, Tnos. J., builder, 122 Oxford st,
Bakor, Thomas L.. proporty agent,
Unwln's Bridge rd. Mar.
Baker, W. F., Forbes hotel, S2 York ft
Baker, W. &, Campbell st, St. P.
Baker, Win., bootmaker, 27 Torroy Bt
58,000 POLICIES IN FORCE, ASSURING £21,000,000.
Baker, William, Abattoirs rd, Bal.
Baker, William, Albert Bt, Mar.
Baker, William, Botany rd, Alxa.
Baker, William, 81 Durgbiui st, Glebo
Baker, William, 26 Egan st, Ntwn.
Baker, William, Garden st, Alxa,
Baker, William, Punchbowl rd, Can.
Baker, William, off 44 Wells Bt, llfn.
Baker, Wm. II., saddler, 7 Vino st, llfn.
Baker, Wm. J., locksmith, 18 Princes
Baker, William J., Woodvillo rd, Gran.
Baker, William J., clerk, Mary st
Baker, William 11., coachbullder,
20 Wells st, Bfn.
Baker, William T., Longslght, Old
South nead nl, Whra.
Bak well Brother*, builders, Bligta st,
Bakcwell, William, builder, Bli.rh st,
Balbirnie, Arthur, 521 Bourko st
Balblrnio, Mrs. E., dressmaker,
221 Bourke st
Balcombe, Edwin, painter, Bradford
Bt, Bal.
Balcombe, Lydia, Napoleon cottage,
Old South Head rd, Whra.
Balcombe, William, Kogarab, Bot.
Baldio, J. W., 2 Yaralla st, Ntwn.
Baldick, Oeorge J., Enmoro rd, Ntwn.
Baldick, James, coaohbuildcr, 170
King st N., Ntwn.
Baldick, Stephen, timber merchant,
218 King st N., and 6 Ertkincville rd Ntwn.
Baldnck, Annie, 137 Forbes st
Baldck, D., carpenter, John st, Ash.
Baldook, E., 168 Forbes st
Baldook, Frederick, Florence cottage,
Eltham st, Petm.
Baldock, Mrs.. 164 Clarence st
Baldnck, Samuel J„ tinsmith, Pyrmont Bridge rd
Baldry, Abel, Victoria av, N. Why.
Baldry, George, carpenter, Victoria
av, N. Wby.
Baldly, William, 102 Goulburn st
Baldwin. Alfred, stonemason, 149
Australia st, Camp.
Baldwin, H., Btonemoson, 1 Gowrio st,
Baldwin, John, George st, McDtn.
Baldwin, Joseph B., 20 Westmorland
st, Glebe
Baldwin. Robert J„ Vino cottage,
Point Piper rd, Whra.
Baldwin, II., Nurrl, Winnie st, Bur.
Baldwin, Sarah, dressmaker, 67 Queen
st, Whra.
Baldwin, Thomas. George st, Lcdt.
Bale. Henry, 109 Bowman st
Bale, Isuao, carpenter, Rofc st, Lcdt.
Balo. John, 12 Mill st
Bale. Mary, draper, 124 Queen 6t,
Bale, William, 12 Hanover st.iWtloo.
Bales, William. Botany rd., Bot.
Baley, Alfred, West st, F. Dk.
Balcy, George, engineer, 37 George Bt,
Balcy, John, Alfred st, S. L.
Balfiiur, James, 27 O'Connoll st
Balfour, Jennet, 33 Hanover st, Wtloo.
Balfour, William S„ 3 Blighst
Bnlhiim, Mrs. H., Uppor Brougham st
Balkin, John, vanproprietor, 94 Dowliugst
Balkwell, Thos., confectioner, Glpps
st, Bal.
Ball, Alex., Burren st, McDtn.
Ball, Alfred, bootmaker, 86 Edward
st, Itfn.
Ball, Francis, 2 Littlo Queen st
Ball, Frc i., com. truvoller, 71 Edward
st, llfn.
Ball, Gcorno, Chapel st, Mar.
Ball, George, 09 O'Connor st
Ball, llenrv, Lord st, Ntwn.
Ball, liny., G., carpenter, 23Centre st,
Ball, J. T., llosebiuk, Station st,
Ball, James, ticket printer, 2 Ann torracc, Good Hope st. Pdtn.
Ball, Jane, 20 Goodlet st
Ball, Jerry, 16 French st
Ball, Mr*.. 138 Itllcy st
Ball, Samuel G.. 9 Mary st, Wtloo.
Ball, Sydney II., ticket printer, HoJdle st, Pdtn.
Ball, Thomas, Albert st, Mar.
Ball, W. T., Oxford cot„l)ondl rd,
Ball, William. Clinpcl st, Mar.
Ball, William, 313 Riley st, W.
Ball, William. Toogriod St. McDtn.
Ballam. II. C, storekeeper, Burwood
rd, Bur.
Ballrtiitlnc, Andrew, watchmaker, 136
Princes st
Ballaiitino, John, painter, Jorrett st,
Ballard, Edward, farmer, Bluebell
villa, Stanley st, Bur.
Ballard, John, watchmaker, 112 Elizabeth st
Ballard. Joseph, butcher, Palmorst,
Ballard, Thomas A., painter, 70 Pitt
st, Wtloo.
Ballard. Timothy, butcher, 62 Greek
st. Glebo
Ballcntync, James, plumber, Punchbowl id. Can.
Ballhnuseii. Charles W. L., GuyscllH,
Church st, Ash.
Ballhansen, Louis, draftsman, Wcndouree. Illawarrard, Mar.
Bollle, William. 229 Crown rd
Ballln, Jacob II., condiment-maker,
Adelaide st
Ballintine, Mrs., Mansfield st, Bal.
Ballistior, Capt. Riohard, Greenhllls
st, Ash.
Bath, George C , warehouseman, 147
Pyrmont Bridge rd, Glebe
Balls, H., brassllnishcr, 37 Cooper st
Balls, Henry. Phillip st, Pmatta.
B A L L S , R O B E R T , tailor and
clothier, 218 Castlcrcagh st, late
York st
Balmain Bald Rock Steam Ferry Co.
—Watson, J. and C, proprietors,
Ersklno st
Balmain Bowling club, Darling st, Bal.
Balmain cemetery—Patten, O.William
secretary, 302 Pitt st
Balmain Corporation baths—Ferguson, James, lessoo, Glassop st
Balmain gasworks, Mansfield st
Balmain General cemetery—Flach,
Jos., ecxton.Dorbyshlrcrd.Lcdt.
BALM A IS OnsurtVEii—Macdougall,
W. C. editor, Darling st, Bal.
Balmain Public school, Adolphus Bt
Balmain Publlo school, Birchgrovo rd
Balmain Public school—Wallace, P.,
headmaster, Nicholson st
Balmain Public school, Darling st
Balmain Publlo school, girls' dopmt.
Kennedy, Miss, head teacher,
Darvall st
Balmain Publlo school. Vincent lano
Balmain llowingclub Bhcds, White st,
Balmain Steam Kerry Co., Limited—
Ersklno st
Belniain Temperance hall, Montaguo
Balmain Town hall—Macintosh, II. B.,
council clerk, Darling st
Balmain Volunteer lire brlgado station, No. 1, Booth st, Dal.
Balmain and Mcuzios, surveyors,
Roylo's chambers, Bond st
Balmain. John, Beaula, Burlington
rd, Hbsh.
Balmer, James, builder, Ronwick st,
Balmer, Mrs. Jano, Bolanytiea hotel,
661 Kiugst, Ntwn.
Balmer, Mrs., 9 Chandler's cottage,
Newtown rd
Balsam, Mrs., Miller st, St. L.
Balscr, Conrad, 10 Ryder st,
Balson, J. II., tailor, 42 Goulburn st
Baltic, James, blacksmith, 20 Albemarle Bt, Ntwn.
Baltic wharf—Short, W., lessee, 19
Wharf st
Baly, Edward, Wardell rd, Mar.
Baly, H. Percy, lona, Cavendish st,
Baly, Sydney B., merchant, 30 Point
Bt, Pyrmont
Bamford, Charles, fancy goods dealer,
29 Pitt st. Rfn.
Bamford, G., 71 Denison st, Whrn.
Bamford, James B., Calvert st, Mar.
Bamford, Jane, 08 Bullanamiiig st,
Bamford, John W., 132 Devonshire st,
Bambcr, II., Barkor st, Rwk.
Bamborough, M., Botany rd, Alxa.
Bamlield, William, printer, 104
Denison st, Camp.
Bampton, Thomas, grocer, 190
Missendeii nl, Camp.
Banal!, Mrs., Underwood st, Pdtn.
Banbury, G., grazier, Francis st, llkwd.
Banbury, John, Rose st, Bal.
Banbnrv, W. W., accountant, Falcon
st, St. L.
Bancroft, E. K„ tobacconist, 70J
Oxford st
Bancroft. Mrs. H.W., stationer, 3 Wells
st. Rfn.
Bancroft, J., hairdresser, 397 Crown st
Bancroft, J. II. printer, 1 Wells st. Rfn.
Bancroft, S., printer, Voticur st,Whra.
Band, B., fruiterer, Church st, Pmatta.
Band of Hope hall—Mathews, William,
secretary, 61 Collego st, Camp.
Bandy, Lewis, Cary st, Lcdt.
Banes, Ernest E., engineer, Oswell st,
Bam s, Thomas, 214 Wnlkcr it, Rfn.
Banficld, Frederick, printer, Little
Underwood st. Pdtn.
Banficld, Joseph, shipwright, Pyrmont
Bridge rd
Banford, Alfred, salesman, Carlislo
st, Lcdt.
Bangui, F., ensemnkor, Allen st, Lcdt. Bannln, Miss, costumier, 722 Georgo st Barclay, Patrick, farmer, Canterbury
B A N K OF A U S T R A L A S I A Bannister, Elizabeth, 17 Irving st
rd, Can.
Hughes, Edward, rannugor, 259 Bannister, Jnmcs, painter, Ludgatost, Barclay,
Robert, Wharf rd, Cond.
ami 557 George st; Cook's Rlvor
Bnrclay, William, patent mcdiclno
rd, St. P.j 144 Pitt st J Pnrramattn Bannister, Poroy, 682 King st, Ntwn.
43Goulburn st
ril, Lcdt; Stnnmoro nl, Pctm j 65 Bannistor, II. D., Gmntbnmvillc,
Barcray, Mrs., Denlfon st, St. L.
Sussex s t ; King st, Ntwn,; KoGrantham st
garah, Dot.; and at Hurstville. Bannister, R. 1)., Undorwood st, Pdtn. Bardcn nnd Co., financial agents,
00 Hunter st
(Sen advertisements)
Bannister, T., 27Clnre teiTaco, Roso st Bardcn, Alfred, Arneliffo st, Bot.
S O U T H Bannister, William, auctioneer, 37
C, Campbell st, Teinpe, ."t. P.
WALES—Smith, Shepherd, gen.
Cleveland st, Rfn.
manager, 345-347. 481, and 828 Banoven, A., hoarding establishment, Barden, Charles, produco merohant.
Enmorc rd nnd Marian st, Ntwn.
Qcorgo s t ; Cliuroh st, Pmatta.;
412 Pitt st
Barden, E., 213 Macqunrie st
Darling st, Bal.; Mount st, Vic- Banson, Mrs., Camden st, Ntwn.
Edward, lllyhbury Burn hotel,
toria, and 111 William st. (Sco Bnntin, Mary, II Talfourd st, Globo
Forest rd, Bot.
Bantom. William, St. Peters st, St. P.
bookbinder, Short
B A N K OF N E W Z E A L A N D - Baptist coinetcry, Lano Covo rd, Rydo
st, Globo
Holt, 13. B., mnnagcr, 6U Pitt st; Baptist ohapol—Allen, Dnuiol, pastor,
rd, Bot.
hranoli office, 538 Georgo it. (Sco
Cast'orcagh st
advertisements ; see also opposlto Baptist chapel—Hicks, James, pastor, Burden, J. T., butcher, Cook's River
rd, St. P.
Gladesvlllo rd, Rydo
Barden, James, 40 Day tt
Bank, William, baker, 18 O'Connoll st, Baptist chajiel, Hill st, Lcdt.
Joseph Q., Illnwarrnst, Bit.
Baj)tist church—Clare, Itov. William,
Barden, Mrs., Cook's River rd, St. P.
Bankburst, Thomas, 14 Ohlsholm st
Spoucer, produco merchant,
Banks, Annie, 70 Elizabeth st, Wtloo.
Cottage of Content hotel, Cook's
Banks, 0. J., builder, Ormond st, Ash. Baptist church, Bourko st
rd, St. P.
Bnptlst church—Fcnwick, Rov.D.,
Banks, E., grooer, Darling st, Bal.
Bardon, J. nnd Sou, bootmakers, 215
Chnrch st, Ntwn,
Banks, Edmund A., painter, 104 Glebe
Oxford st
Baptist church, Harris st
rd, Globo
Bardon, T„ bootmaker, Jano st, Rwk.
Banks, Edward, school teacher, 73 Pitt Baptist churcli—Glnssop, Rov, J. J.,
D S L E Y , J. A N D CO., wholeMullens st, Bal.
st. Rfn.
sale grocers, 03 Bathurst st
Banks, F. A., painter, 20 Mount Vornon Baptist, John, hairdresser, 60 Itegont
Isuuc, grocer, Constitution
st, Rfn.
st, Glcba
rd, Petm.
Baptist, John T., 4 Baptist st, Rfn.
Banks, George, Horbort st, Ash.
Dardsloy, James, Nowlnnd st, Wav.
Banks, Georgo C„ confectioner, 181 Bnraery, Dennis, baker, 100 Cumber- Bardsley,
John, Gowrnn house, Traland st
King st, Ntwn.
falgar terraeo, Petm.
Banks, Georgo W., 26 Hart st
Joseph, 27 Waterloo pi
Barber, Charles, 243 Livorjrool st
Banks, Henry, 6S Mary st
Burdslcy, Mrs., Donnelly st, Bal.
Banks, Henry II., contractor, 00 Pitt Barber, Charles, William st, Vic.
Barber. Edward, 3 Alfred ter., Edward Bardsley, Robert, 2 MunnI st, Ntwu.
st, Kfn.
Bardsley, Samuel, 53 Forbes st
st, St. L.
Banks, Henry I!;. boot merchant, 112
Bnrdwell, Wm. H., Rrocer, 41 Mary st
Barber, Edwin, hatter, Wiso st, Bal.
Queen st, Whrn.
Joseph If., commercial
Barber, Ephrnlm. grocer, 110 Riloy st Barcsden,
Banks, Isnao, Someriet hoM. 107 Pitt
traveller, Lyndhurst st, Glebo
linrber, Kn d., Wcntworth St. Pmatta Barcsford,
st, ltfn.
James, Stcphon st, Bal.
Barber. Goo., bootmaker. 68 Mary st
Banks, Isaac, Albert st, McDtn.
Barff, Arthur C, View st, Lcdt.
Barber. Georgo, commission agent, 28 BnrfT,
Banks, J. M., marine surveyor, 10
II. E., Eversloy, 0 Toxtcth rd,
McEluono pi
Bridgo st
Banks, J, M., marine surveyor, Clifton Barber, J. S., painter, Church st, Bur. Barff,Globo
Samuel, Elvira, Dovoushlro st,
Barber, James, 01 COIIOKO st, Camp.
st. Bal.
Barber, John, sawyer, Euroka la, Vic.
Banks, Captain James, Itonaldshays,
Barford, Thomas, Botany rd, Alxa.
Barber, John, 40 O'Connor st.
Frazer rd, Pctm.
Barbor, John,joiner, Vlctorlnst. Wav. Bargarey, Dennis, 65 Wellington st,
Banks, John, butcher, Isabella st,
Barber, Silas, LIvorjKiol rd, Hbsh,
Bargcnt, Eliza, 33 Gibbons st, Rfn.
Banks, John C, 122 Mitchell st, Globo Barber, Thomas, surveyor, George st,
Peter A., boarding
Banks, Joseph, King's Clear rd, Alxa. |
establishment, 60 Argylo st
Banks, Mary, 11 Little Elizabeth i t
Barber. Walter J.. William st, Vio.
Baring, Hny., financial agent, 110
Banks, II. H„ 100 Stanley st
Barber, W., decorator, 410 Victoria st
Elizabeth st
Banks, Mellaril J., bonttmlldcr, New
Barber, William, Silver st, St. P.
F„ tobacconist, Globe st, Uydo
South Head rd, 1'dtn.
Barber, William, Railway st, Prspt.
Bark, John, Buy st, Bot.
Banks, Robert A., bricklayer, 18
and Slier.
carpenter, Rvdo rd. H. Hill
Campbell st
Barbour, A., painter. Laura st, Ntwn. Bark, William, Toogood st, McDtn.
Banks, Robert H., 100 Stauloy st
Barbour, Robert, M.P.. Abbotsford,
chemist, 384 Oxford st,
Banks, Tlios. G. E., surveyor, Wallaco
Viotoria Bt, Ash.
st, Bal.
Barbnur, Wm., 02 Lyndhurst st, Globo Barkas, W. J., surgeon, 800 Oxford st,
Banks, W„ Woniorn, Bot.
Barbury, Luke, blaoksmith, 4 ShaftsPdtn.
Banks, Win. D., 1 Dorwent st, Glebe
bury gardens, Globo
Borke, James, bootfiuisher, 55 Botany
Banks, Wm. J., draftsman, Victoria st, Barby, HJIiznbcth, tobacconist, 00
rd, Wtloo.
Hunter st
Barker and James (E. O. Barker, BenBanna, Joseph, 0 Ann st
Rarkham, Honry, Phillip st, Alxa.
James, juu.), wholosalo
Banner, Francis, farmer, Old CanterBarchfleld. Potor, Wynberg, MillhiU
grocers, 30 Markot st, and 176
bury rd, Petm.
rd. Wav.
Banner, Mrs. J.. 415 Sussex st
Barclay, Honry, 040 Crown st
Barker, —, 87 Darllnghurst rd
Banner, William, 110 Pitt st, Rfn.
Barclay. James, farmer, Canterbury
Barker, —. Mitcholl st, Vio.
Banncrman, Chas., Windsor st. Pdtn.
rd, Can.
Barker, Aloxandor, 6 Day st
Bannorman, H„ 7 Princo of Wnlos
Barclay, John, cmrinccr, 106 Harris st Barker, Charles, brassmoulder, 14
terraco, off Murray st
Barclay, John, Parramatta rd, Rkwtl.
Norman st
Bannerman, Mrs. N.. 74 Dowllng st
Barclay. Mrs., fuel merchant, 83
Barker, C, Meryla, Anthony st, Ash.
Banncrman, W, 36 Elizabeth st, Rfn.
Church st, Ntwn.
Barkor, Charles, Thornlcy st, Lcdt.
Barker, Charles F., Covo st, Bal.
Barker, Mrs. K., Georgo st, Pmatta.
Barker, E. C, Claravlllo, Liberty st,
Barkor, E. G., flour merchant, 141
York st
Barker, E. G„ Llanlllo, Trafalgar
terrace, Petm.
Barkor, E. H., surveyor, Mary st,
St. P.
Barkor, F.,Chlltorn, H.rrowrd, Petm.
Barker, F. E., grocer, 63 Liverpool st
Barker, F. L., stock and station ngont,
80 Pitt st, and at Terry chambore,
12-14 Loftus st
Barker, F., news agent, 85 Sussex st
Barker, Frank, Flout st, Pmatta
Barker, Frederick, auctioneer, Sophiaville, Morris st, Ash.
Barker, KrcuVriok, cabinet-maker,
Amy st, McDtn.
Barkor, G. A., tobacconist, 11 Erskino
Barker, G. H., oarpeuter, Madellno st,
H. Hill
Barkor, Georgo, Blonholm st, Wav.
Barker, G„ 13 Little Buckingham st
Barker, George, Mary st, J I. Hill
Barker, George, 07 Walker st, Rfn.
Barkor, Georgo II., Oboron st, Rwk.
Barkor, George W., Esplanade, Man.
Barker, Henrietta, 137 Devonshire st
Barkor, Henry, architect, Ilawthorno
villa, Loudon st, Ntwn,
Barker, Henry, coufectioner, 432
Elizabeth st
Barker, James, bricklayer, Carlisle st,
Barker, Jns„ clerk, 2 Water st, Globo
Barker, James, Mary st, H. Hill
Barker, John, contractor, 33 Hutchinson st
Bnrkcr, John, 100 George ft, Camp.
Barker, John S., Green's road, Pdtn..
Barker, Jos. U., Sutherland st, Pdtn.
Barker, Mrs., 10 Day st
Baikcr, Richard, Welwyn cottage,
Station st, Petm.
Barker, Robert E., haberdasher,
ProspectrJ, Ash.
Barker, Robert P., greengrocer, Avoca
st, Rwk
Barker, Sam., surveyor, 48 Bowman st
Barker, Samuel, 10 B ltic st, Ntwn.
Barker, Thomas, stoiicm isou, Albert
st, Pmatta
Barker,!'., tailor, Sorrol st, Pmatta.
Barker, Thomas, Arthur st, Pdtn,
Barkor, Thomas A„ cabinet-maker,
Bclmoro ter., 20 George st, Camp,
Barker, Mrs. W., Mauduvlllo, Birrell
st, Wav.
Barker, W.M., Lome villa, Rushcuttcr's
Bay rd
Barker, Walter, butoher, 78 Forsyth
st, Glebo
Barker, William. 63 Crown st
Barker, William, 17 Day st
Barkor, W., Gladesville rd, II. Hill
Barker, William, 31 King st N., Ntwn.
Barker, William, Lyon st, Rwk.
Barker, William, 103 Wonlloomooloo st
Barkor. William J„ dialler st, Mar.
Barker, William O., Susannah st, Vio.
Bark), John, bootflnisher, Wyndham
et. Alxa.
Barkley, John, 84 Palmer st
Barklcy, William, grocer anil butcher,
Union st, McDtn.
Barkoc, Philip, Park rd, St. P.
Barland, Mrs., 102 Fig st
Barlee, Fred., Arthursleigh, Frazer
rd, Petm.
Barlex, Henry, builder, 2 Erskiuovillo
terrace, Erskiuovillo rd, McDtn.
Barling, James, Albert st, Hbsh.
Barll, Mrs.. 7 Upper William st N.
Barlow, John and Co., (lilissa Barlowf
Patrlek Kelly), wholesale grocers,
760 Georg.1 st
Barlow, —, 07 Campbell st
Barlow, Arthur, 147 Liveriwol st
Barlow, C, stonemason, Francis st,
Barlow, George, carpenter, 30 Bay st
Barlow, George, commission agent,
Elswlck st, Petm.
Barlow, George, stovomaker, 72 Globo
rd, Glebo
Burlow, George, Norton st, Lcdt.
Barlow, John, Croydon av, Ashficld
Barlow, Mrs., Church st, Itydo
Barlow, Mrs., Airuiount, Vickery st,
Burlow, Richard, timekeeper Sugar
Co,, Mansfield st, Bal.
Barlow, Robert J., 08 Groso st, Camp,
Barlow, Thomas, 10 Best st
Barlow, William, John st, McDtn.
Durluw, William F., hairdresser, 42
Globo rd, Olebo
viucgnr, sauce nnd cordial importers, 410 Harris st
Barnard. Mrs., Gleullndcn, Carlton '
crescent, Ash.
Barnard, T„ lot) Fitzroy st
Barnard, Waller, Milton houso, Parramatti rd, F. Dk.
Barnard, Win., grocer, 255 Harris st
Baruby, Alfred, 12 Craig end st
Barncastle, Mrs. Standish, 180 Globo
rd, Glebo
B A R N E S , J A M E S A N D CO.,
meat preserving works, Abattoirs
rd, Bal.
Barnos, —, sallmakcr; St. Andrew 6t,
Barnes, A., grocer, Churcli st, Pmatta,
Baruoi, Albeit. 78 Eveleigh st, Rfn.
Dames, Charles. Murray st
Barnos, Edward, eordiul manufacturer, Fletcher st. Mar.
Barnes, E.. joiner, Gooilslr st, Bal.
Barnes, E.. engineer. Lion st, Ash.
Barnes, Elizabeth, Churcli fit, Pmattn,
Barnos, P., clerk, Windsor st, Pdtn.
Barnes, Fred., Underwood st, Pdtu.
Barnes, G. A. B. D„ 0 Swan st
Barnes, George, Tjrowcn cottage,
The Boulovai d Petm.
BarncB. Geo. W„ 163 Wnlker st, ltfn.
Barnos, Harry, bricklayer, 25
Lyndhurst st, Glebe
Barnes, Henry, articulator of skulls,
251 Riley st W.
Barnes, II., Inkermann st. Pmatta
Barnes, Henry. 11 Litlo West st
Barnes, Honry, 40 Wells st, Rfn.
Barnes, .1., butcher, Sydney rd, Grun.
Barnes, James, meat preserver,
Abattoirs rd, Bal.
Barnes, J., plumber, Norfolk st, Ntwn.
Barnes, James, poulterer, 167 King st
N., Ntwu.
Barnes, James, 20 Francis st, Glebo
Barnes, James, 22 Schimel st, Wtloo.
Barnes, James, 430 Victoria st
Barnos, John, draper and grocer,
Foster st, Lcdt.
Barnes, J„ stationer, Botany st, Wav.
Barnes, J„ tailor, 54 Morchead st, Rfn.
Barnes, John, 33 Banks st
Barnes, John G., Duckarma st, Ash.
Barnes, Joseph, Western rd, Pmatta.
Barnes,. Mnry.Marlborough rd, N.Wby.
Barnes, Mary A^S.East st, Rfn.
Bailies, Mrs., 83 Goodlot st
Barnes, Patrick, Miles st
Barnes, Potor, Redmyro rd, Bur.
Barnes, RIchnrd, John st, Lcdt.
Barnes, It, carpenter, 121 Campbell st
Barnes, Thomas, stonemason, Archer
st, N. Wby.
Barnes, Thomas, sen., stonemason,
305 Riley st W.
Barnes, Thomas, jun., stonemason,
303 Riley st W.
Barnes, Thomas, 2 Georgo st, Wtloo.
Barnes, Thomas J., 105 Goulburn st
Barnes, W., 0 Pino st
Barnos, William, stonemason, Marlborough rd, N. Wby.
Barnes, W.,3 Sinitheis In
Barnes, William, LIndavcllo, Westbourne st, Petm.
BarneBton, Cnpt. J,, Princess st, Ash.
Baruet, Annie. 6 Ebonczor pi, Globo
Burnett, W. nnd II., storekeepers nnd
bootmakers, Robei t st, Pctm.
Barnatt, A., dealer, 335 Cnstlercagh st
Barnett, A., dealer, 613-610 Harris st
Burnett, Benjamin, 6 Pcnzanco tcrrnce,
Begg st. Pdtn.
Barnett, Benjamin, sen., boatbuildcr,
West Crescent st, Vie.
Barnett, Benjnmin, juu., West
Crescent st, Vic,
Barnett, Charles, engineer, Mansfield
st, Bal.
Barnett, Charles, cabinet-maker, 7
Raglan st, Wtloo,
Barnett, Ch irlos, 13 Sclwyn st
Barnett, Charles B., clerk, Catherlno
st, Lcdt.
Barnett, C. B., 117Cowper st, Globo
Barnett, diaries II., Ruby cottage,
Robert st, Pctm.
Barmtt, David, Colonial Loan Company. 118 Markot st
Barnett, Edward, 202 Palmer st
Barnett, Elizahcth. 07 Wells Bt, Rfn.
Barnett, Eliznbeth, Til lesloy, 35 Derwent st, Gloho
Barnett, Emma, 245 Palmer st
Barnett, Francis, son, Silver st, St. P.
Barnett, Francis, jun., Silver st, St. P.
Barnett, Georgo. 7 Bennfortst
Barnett, Georgo, boatbuildor, Blue's
Point rd, Vic.
Barnett, Honry. tobacconist, 68 Pyrmont Bridgo rd
Barnm t, James, Colonial Architect,
Ross st, Glebo
Barnott, John, Bleak house, 37 Arundel terrace, Glebe
Barnott, John, Hubert Bt, Can,
Barnett, L., merchant, 382 Georgo st
Barnett, Leopold, 05 Maclcuy st
Barnott, Mark, grocer, 31 Mary st
Barnett, Mark, wine and spirit merchant, 338 Sussex st
Burnett, Mrs. Rosebank, Robert st,
Bamctt, Mn. M., grocer, Mount st,
Harnett, Mr?., i>rivnto boarding establishment, 20 Wynynrd sipiaro
Baruett, R. 0., grocer, 81 GHelja rd,
Barnott, Robert, Botany rd, Alxa.
Baruett, S„ restaurant, 240 Pitt et
Baruett, Harnh, dressmaker, 89 Mocquarie st S.
Barnett, .Stephen. Close Bt, Can.
Barnett, T., Galloway st, l'matta.
Barnett, Thomas, Middle st, Rwk.
Barnett, T. J., Western rd, Pmutta.
Barnett, Thomas J., Santa Rosa, Wigrnm st, l'matta.
Barnett, W. J., manufacturers' agent,
321 George st
Barnett, William, -19 Regent »t, Ntwn.
Barnett, William J., merchant, Felton
st, St. L., E.
Barnett, William J., bootmaker, Mackenzie st, Lcdt.
Barney, George, chief inspector distilleries, Toongarah, Bay rd, St.L.
Barullehl, Mrs, l'almer st, Bal.
Baniham, J. S„ Manbeston, 9 Grose
st, Glebe
Bamicr, Iter. Joseph, 35 Arundel torrace, Glebe
Barnler, Robert, Smith st, Bal.
Barnsdale, Robert, 6 Cleveland placo
Barnsley, Jane, bootmaker, Enterprise
terrace, Henderson rd, Alxa.
Barnwell, Thomas, 45 Banks st
Baron, J., 13!) l'udiliugton ln.Pdtn.
Barovitch, Antnnie, Denison st, Wav.
Barr, Alex., plumber, Bolmoro st, Bur,
Barr, Alex., plumber, 8 Rutlnnd st
Barr, Alex., tobacconist, 578 Harris st
Barr, Alexander M., plumber, Canterbury Old rd, Asli.
Barr, David, Canterbury Old rd, Ash.
Burr, George, earthenware dealer, 031
George s t ; 388-121, Sussex s t ;
Potteries, Camp.
Barr, Hugh, carpenter, 178 George st,
Barr, James, carpenter, 124 Redfcrn
st, Ilfn.
Barr, Jame-, Waveiley hotel, Darling
st, Bal.
Barr, John, engineer, Dnuiol st, Lcdt.
Barr, John, Kensington rd, Ash.
Barr, John, 19 Paternoster row
Barr, Morris, Merchant ball, Ocean st,
Barr, Roger, 14 Victoria pi
Barr, Samuel, 5 Walton's In
Barr, Thomas, 159 Devonshire st
Barraclough, Frederick, bricklayer, 20
Darlington rd, Bar.
Barraclough, John, Queen st, Pdtn.
Barracloui/h, W. H.,Coopcrville, Bloxsomo rd (or Ranges), St. L.
Barraclough, William, engineer,
Stephen st, Bal.
Barraclough, William II., Cooperville,
Military rd, St.L.
Bnrraclouth, Thomas, Clara st, McDtn.
Barratt, Miss Hannah, hoarding estahlishment, 12 Clarence st
Barratt, Jnmes, Wallace st, Ash,
Barratt, John, storekeeper, Addison
rd, Mar.
Barratt, John, 150 Cleveland st
Barratt, John, 8 Mary In
Barrington, Wm., Windsor st, Pdtn.
Barratt, William, Nelson st, Bal.
Barrayne, J., Flat Hook, rd, N. Why.
(J. G. Barron, W. G. Moxbam),
Ban ell, Charles S., produce merchant,
American importers and importers
Darling st. Bal.
of carriages, 27 York st
Barrell, Jnno, 2 Ferry In
Bamm, D., carpenter, Nelson st, Lcdt.
Barrell, Mrs., dressmaker, Parramatta Barron, James, Windsor villa, Mnrsdcn
rd, Petm.
st, l'matta.
Barrell, Robert, wood and coal mer- Barron, J., sailmaker, College st, Bal.
chant, Parramatta rd, Lcdt.
Barron, John, sailmaker, 171 Kent st
Barrell, Robert, sen., Prospect cottage, Barron, John, Bronto st, Wav.
Mackenzie st, Lcdt.
Barron, Joseph, ninstcr-marlncr, 25
Barren, George, carpenter, 30 Hugo
Lower Fort st
st, Rfn.
Barron, Mrs., 4 Providence pi, off
Barret, Geo,, engineer, 230 Harris st
Riley pi
Barrett and Co. (ISdwurd Ifoghen, II. Barron, Thomas, dairyman, Junction
Barrett, and—liners), cordial manst, Globe
ufacture) s, 55 Buekiughi.m st
Bnrrnii, G. 11., 2 St Aubyn's terrace,
Barrett, Edward, Mncdonald st, Mdtn.
Reilly st, St. L.
Barrett, George, coppersmith, Mon- Barron, Isnao L., surveyor, Monda,
taguo st, Bal.
Yule st, Mar.
Barrett, Geo., storekeeper, Old South Barrow, H, builder, 23 Vino st, Rfn.
Head rd, Wav.
Barrow, W„ dealtr, 78 Botany st, Rfn.
Barrett, II., grocer, Cove st, Bal.
Barry, Albert, butcher, 110 Forbes st
Barrett, H. F., warehouseman,
Rohilla Barry, Alex., 75 Brougham st
cottage, Belmoro s r , Bur.
Barry, Alex., stonemason, Stewart st,
Barrett, Henry, carpenter, 48 Bay st,
Barry. Right Rev. Alfred, D.D.,
Barrett, James, bricklayer, Eliza st,
Blshopscourr, Bishop's av, Rwk.
Barry, David, Selwyn st, Pdtn.
Barrett, James, slater, 14 Kensington st Barry, K., bootmaker, 481 Harris Bt
Barrett, Jas„ 13 Huckland st, Wtloo.
Bairy, Edward, Eminast, Lcdt.
Barrett, John, butcher, 2 Unwln st
Barry, O. J„ Renssdalo, 78 Pyrmont
Barrett, John, fruiterer, 152 King st
Bridge rd, Globe
Barrett, John T., Alt st, Ash.
Barry, George, 83 Georgo st, Rfn.'
Barrett, Josiah, Rickety st, Dot.
Barry, Htmry C, engine-litter, 31
Barrett, Lewis, sawyer-, 21 Norton st
Bennett st
Barrett, Michael, Moodie st, St. L.
Barry, Henry It., bootmaker, 78
Barrett, Miss, Bond! cottago, Ocean st,
Oxford st
Barry, Honora. 314 Llvoriwol st
Barrett, Mrs., 4 Railway terrace. 2
Barry, James, 405 Crown st
Hay st
Barry, John, bookbinder, 02 Elizabeth
Barrett, Mrs., Victoria st, Pdtn.
st, Wtloo.
Barrett, Mrs., Regent st, Pdtn.
Barry, J„ butcher, Allison st, Kwk.
Barrett, Mrs., 2 Ada villas tor., McDtn. Barry, J., butcher, Avoca st, Rwk.
Barrett, Patrick, 16 Elizabeth st,Cainp. Barry, John II., builder, Wcllcsley st,
Barrett, P., 0 Ilowena pi, Brougham st
Barrett, Richard, 4 off 312 Sussex st
Barr.<, Miss M., storekeeper, 24 AlbeBarrett, 8., master-mariner, Susannah
marle st, .Ntwn.
st, Vic.
Barry, M.. plasterer, Elswiok st, Lcdt.
Barrett, T., contractor, Golden Grovo Barry, Robecoa, 203 Liverpool st
terrace, Darlington rd, Dar.
Barry, Robert, police sergeant, 207
Barrett, Thomas, 68 Cowper st
Cleveland st, Rfn.
Barrett, Thomas, Cove st, W. Day
Barry, Thomas li,, boot manufacturer,
Bnrrott, Thomas, Taylor st, Wtloo.
312 Elizabeth st
Barrett, T. W., grocer. Enterprise ter- Barry, Win., stonemason, Windsor st,
race, Henderson rd, Alxa.
Barrett, William, coachbnilder, Cook's Barry, Wm., Merriton st, Rydo
lliver rd, St. P.
Barsby.C. H., 1 Forsterterraco.Burton
Barrett, William, 16 Athlouc placo
st, St. L., E.
Barrett, William, Crown st, St. P.
Barslcy, J, II., baker, Arthur st, Ash.
Bartett, William, 193 Palmer st
Barter, Ann. 118 Wnlkcr st, Ilfn.
Banctt, Win., White-horse st, Ntwn.
Barter, Ben., grocer. 70 Marshall st
Barrett, William If., blacksmith, 279
Barter, Samuel, Elswick st, Lcdt.
Kent st
Baiter, Wm., comp., Weston st, Petm.
Barrie, Go rge, 90 Forbes st
Barteis, Chas. E., 05 ForKs st, Ntwn.
Barrie. James, 13 Fitzroy st
Baithel, Emil, importer, Windsor st,
Barrie, Mrs., 81 Botany st
Barrier, Mrs., Alton, Cambridge- st,
Barthgate, James, Melton st, Bal.
Bartholomew, C. J., Labour in In in
Barrlngton, Charles, C.E., Inglcwood,
hotel, 223 Sussex st
John st. Mar.
Bartholomew, Stu., 20 Munni st, Ntwn.
Barrington, Charles A., iionfoundcr, Bartholomew, Thos., greengrocer,
65 King st N., Ntwn.
12 Caroline st, lUu.
Barrington, Fred, 28 Princes st
Battle, Thos., 10 College st, Camp.
Barrlugh un, Henry, greengrocer,
Bartlctt, Wm. and Son, needle manuSydney road, Prspt. and Shor.
facturers, 60 Clarence st
Barrington, John, Leicester st, Pdtn.
Bnrtlctt, Alfred, Brickfields, Alxa.
Bartlctt, Alf., blacksmith, Dickst, Bal. Barton, William, bootmaker, Iloss at,
Bartlett, Chs., painter, 204 Palmer st
Barton, William, jeweller, Cromwell
Bartlctt, Charles, Brighton av, Can.
st, Ash.
Bartlctt, Chas.. 95 Campbell st
Bartrop. II., builder, Evans st, Bal.
Bartlctt, Geo. R., painter, 81 Walkor
Barty, William, 3 Prospect terraco,
st, Rfn.
Prospect st, McDtn.
Bartlett, H. R., grocer, 27 Koot st
Bartlett, Harry, Now S. lid. rd, Pdtn. Barwell, Mrs., Glebo st, Rydo
Barwell, Mrs,, Thomas st
Bartlctt, Honry, Queen st, Ntwn.
Barwlck and Vine, Pittwater rd,
Bartlctt, Henry, Riley st
Bartlctt, Horatio, butcher, 44 CampBasau, Mrs. H., 145 Phillip at
bell st, and 341 Elizabeth st
It., confectioner, 771 George st
Bartlett, John, builder, Condor place,
Basham Bros, (Arthur and Elijah),
produce merchants, 142 Georgo st
Bartlett, James, Prospect rd, A»h.
Basham, Arthur, produce merchant,
Bartlett, James, 307 Riley st W.
Sydney st, N. Why.
Bartlett, J., engineer, 82 Harbour st
Bartlctt, John, farmer, Canterbury rd, Basham, Elijah, produce merchant,
Bank st, VIo.
Bashau, John, farmer, Bank st, Vic.
Bartlett, J., merchant, Union st, VIo.
Bashford, J. A., 176 Crown rd
Bartlett, John, Holtcrmann st, St. L.
Bushford, J. \V., i Nixon st
Bartlett, Mrs., Mount st, St. L.
Bartlett, Solomon, 89 Kedfern st, Rfn. Baskorrille, Henry, saddler, 161Eltzaboth st, Rfn.
Bartlett, William, nurseryman, Webb's
Baskervillc, J, It., Elswick st, Lcdt.
avenue. Ash.
Boskcrville, William, Icoton st, Bur.
Bartley, John, Canterbury rd, Can.
Baskett, Henry, Parramatta rd, Rkwd.
Bartloy, Margaret, 71 King st N.
Baslcr, John M., compositor, 81 ElizaBartolomcotti, D., costumier, 285
beth et, Rfn.
Elizabeth st
Bass, John. 110 Buckingham st
Barton, Ann, greengrocer, 12 Market
Bass, T„ tailor, 227 Macuuario st S.
Bass, W., Dulwlch cottage, Dulwlch
Barton, Catherine, 34 Athlonc placo
st, l'otm.
Barton, Clifford II., Williams lane,
Bassan, A. W. 15., accountant. ErsklncPdtn.
ville rd, McDtn.
Barton, David H., tailor and woollen
Bassett, Daniel, Auburn
draper, Walker st, St. L., K.
Barton, Edmund, M.A., barilstor, 107 Bassett, G.,2 Paradise place, Holt st
Bassett, Reuben. 63 Edward st
Elizabeth st
Bassett, It., 89 Biilluuaming st, Rfn.
Barton, G. E., solicitor, Dunham
Bassett, Samuel, l'itt st, Rfn.
chambers, Phillip st
Bassetti, John B„ Nol/'erlno hotel,
Barton, II., butcher, Robert st, Bal.
Elizabeth st, Pdtn.
Barton, Honry, butcher, 20 Christlo st,
Bastahle, Mrs., Elizabeth st, ABII.
Barton, II., brickmaker, Hill st, Lcdt. Bastard. Edwin, horseshocr, 7
Bronghton st, Glebe
Baiton, Henry, surveyor, Parramatta
Bastard, John, blacksmith, Abattoirs
rd, Rydo
rd, Bnl.
Barton, Henry, sen., Albert st, McDtn.
Bastard, Richard A., Jarrett st, Lcdt.
Barton, Henry, jun, 4 Weymouth
W„ farrier, 193 Georgo st W.
terrace, Albert st, McDtn.
Barton, H. F., barrister, 81) Elizabeth Bostlan, Henry, engineer, 03 Pyrmont
Bridge rd
Bastlau. llcnry, 159 Bouike st
Barton, H. F., 157 Cleveland st, Ilfn.
Bastlan, Prisoilla, 11 Ebcnczcr placo,
Barton, J , hairdresser, 509 Georgo st
Barton, James. 409 Bourko st
Barton, John, stonemason, Nelson st, Bastian, S„ plumber, 224 Palmer st
Bostlblc, Jauo, 9 Chambers st
Bastock, Walter, bakor, Essex st, Mar.
Barton, John, 30 Buckingham st
Baston, B„ painter, John st, Whra.
Barton, J., Elizabeth st, Wtloo.
Barton, J., financial agent, 300 Pitt st Boston, W„ furrier, 107 Devonshire st
Barton, Julius, Windsor rd, Pdtn.
I N S U R A N C E OO.-Goddanl,
Barton, Mary J., Rose cottage, 2
William C. and Co., ngents, ExDcnison st, Whra.
change buildings, Pitt st
Barton, Matilda, 28 Morchead st,
Batchehler. G., 297 Cleveland st, Ilfn.
Batchclor, B., William st, St. L., E.
Barton, Mrs., Giadcsville rd, Rrdo
Barton, It., engineer, Loughlin st, Bal. Batchelor, Edwin J., Sclwyn st, Pdtn.
Bntchelor,' Elizaboth, 242 Palmer st
Barton, ltiohanl, Pcnktlvil st, Wav.
Batchelor, Frank, Albert st, l'matta.
Barton, Robert B., Tillock st, Ash.
Batchclor, Samuel, frcuchpolishcr,
Barton, Russell, M.L.A., Russelloigh,
228 Palmer st
Lyons rd, F. Dk.
Batcheri, David II., stouccarver, Julia
Barton, Samuel, 87 Pyrmont Bridgo
st, Ash.
rd, Globo
Bate, Charles mid Co., house and land
Barton, Thomas J., cnuineer, Traagents, 191 Pittst
falgar st, Lcdt.
B A T E A N D MtJSTON, timbor
Barton, Wm., clicker, 13 Pawley st S.
merchants, 191 Pittst
Barton, W. n., financial agent, 300
Bate, Charles, property agent, Old
Pitt Bt
South Head rd, Whra.
Barton, W. H„ 20 Bellevue st
Bate, 0.. grooer, 182-184 Palmer st
Bate, T., bootpresser, 32 Waterloo st
Batemnn, Chnrlcs, carpenter, 20 Norton st. Glebe
Bateman, Charles A., plasterer, 143
Mitchell st, Glebo
Bateman, John, May st
B A T E M A N , J O H N E., painter
and paperhanger. 287 Pitt st, and
Liverpool rd, Ash. (See advt.)
Bateman, S., carpenter, 24 Munnl it,
Bateman, William W., carpontcr, 62
Athlonc place
Bates, A., printer, 73 Elizaboth st, Ilfn.
Bates, Ann, 18 Wilton st
Bates. Anna, Hunter st, Pimtta.
Batos. Charles F., cocoa manufacturer
470 Harris st
Bates, O. II., painter, Young st, Bur.
Bates, Harriet, 21 Grosost, Camp.
Bates, Henry, painter, 23 Cornwallls
Bt, Rfn.
Bates, Honry II. 37 Talfourd st, Glebe
Bates, James, lUlinain rd, Lcdt,
Bates, Jnmes, Bondi rd, Wav,
Bates, James II., McKcnzie st, Bal.
Bates, J., fariier, 63 Francis st, Glebo
Bates, John W., Balmain rd, Lcdt.
Bates, Joseph, dealer, 79 Brisbane st
Bates, Jo«eph, Day st. Lcdt.
Bates, Joseph, Poiikivil st, Wav.
Bates, Mrs., 3 Stewart's In, Sussex st
Bates, Morris, Church st, l'matta
Bates, Robert, 412 King st, Ntwn.
Bates, S„ engineer. Bcattio st, Bal.
Bates, Thomas, blacksmith, 11 Greek
st, Glebo
Bates, Thos.. farrier, 191 George st W
Bates, Thomas, ironmonger, Palmer
st, Bnl.
Bates, T., shipwright, Thames st, Bal.
Bates, Thomas, 13 Barker's In
Bates, Thomas, 4 Slicppard st
Bates. W., farrier, 40 Francis st, G lebo
Bates, W, 10 Cllvc ten, Slicppard st
Batos, William If., engineer, Toogood
st, McDtn.
Batcson, Wlliam, Renny st, Pdtn
Bateup, Esau, 21 Buckingham st
Bateup, John. 58 Buckingham st
Bateup, Thomas, 51, Roschill st, Rfn.
Batey, J., carpenter, Edith st, Lcdt.
Batger, Thomas. 00 O'Connor st
Bath, Charles and Co., wine and spirit
merchants, 2 Bridgo st
Bath, Charles, 215 William st
Bath, William, coachsmlth, 40 Ann st
Bath, William, 10 Newman st, Ntwn.
Bathgate, Alex.. Livingstone st, Mar.
Batho. Amelia, Blue's Point rd, Vic.
Batho, '1'.. painter, 51 Kvelelghst, Rfn.
Bathurst, E. W., Cameron st, Pdtn.
Dathurst, John, 55 Turner st, Rfn.
Batiste, William, Rydo rd, II. Hill
Batman, J., tobacconist. 430 Kent st
printers, 193 Clarence st
Batson, Smith st,
land and estate agents ami auctioneer, 88 Pitt st. (See advt.)
Batt, Edward C, J.P., Crewood,
Concord rd, Cond.
Batt, S iiuu 1, carpenter, Grey st, War.
Ba' tcrbee, George, Alfred st, St. L.. E.
Batten, James. Wentworth st, St. P.
Batten, John, Stewart st, Pdtn.
Batten, Mrs. SI., Church st, Pmntta.
Batten, William, Fernst, Rwk.
Battcrshall, James, 0 Lr. Campbell st
Battcrshnw, Tlioinns, tanner, 80 Llttlo
Goodlct st.
Battorshill, ]{., greengrocer, 173
Elizabeth st, Rfn.
Bottershill, Sarah Ann, midwife, 60
Gipps st
Battin, Henry, private boarding
establishment, 173 Kent st
Batting, John, fruiterer, 33,34. 38 anil
3(1 Eastern avenue. Markets
Batting, J., fruiterer, 130 Pitt st, ltfn,
Battlshall. Thomas, leather-dresser,
80 Oootllet st
Battle, Charles, Prospect st, Pdtn.
Battle, Josephine, 15 Selwyn st
Batts, Edwin, tailor, 0 Gordon st
Batty and Bishop (Thomas Hatty,
William Bishop), fuel merchants,
Queen st, ABII.
Batty anil Sheehy, shipbuilding yards,
Challls st, anil nt Grantham st
Batty, Davil, blacksmith, 60 Wellington st, Ntwn.
Batty, Elizabtch. John st, Whrn.
Batty, John, fuel merchant, Bitty st,
Batty, John, fuel merchant, Reynolds
st, Hal.
Batty, Robert, 00 Rosehill ft, ltfn.
Batty, Thom'is, car|ieuter, L'80 Livcr])oo! st
Batty, Tlioinns. painter, 110 Botany
st, Wtloo.
Baudot, John, 186 Gloucester st
Baugh, Emma, 6 Lyndhurst st, Glebe
Baulch, lttchard C, 4 Malton crescent,
B A U M A N N , GEORGE, confectioner, caterer ami pastrycook,
107 Pitt st (See advt.)
Baumimn, Mrs., boarding establishment 107 William st
Baumberg, Abraham II., watchmaker
and jeweller, lu Sydney arcade
Bavister, Thomas, bricklayer, 43 University st. Camp.
Bawden, David, fuel merchant, Stylos
et, Lcdt.
Bawden, J„ carpenter, Darling st, Bal.
Bawden, Mrs., boarding establishment. Elizabeth st, Ash.
Bawer, Ott , insurnnco agent, Hillcote, Yarrumibce id, Whra.
Bawu, James, 21 Charlotte In
Bawn, J.mus. 18S Crown st
Baxter, Alexander, storekeeper, Morris 8'., Ash,
Baxter, Ann, 24 Marshall st
Baxter, J., carpenter, Withycombo st,
BaxUr, James, Phillip st, Alxa.
Baxter, James, Victoria st, IMtn.
Baxter. James H., diaper, 114 St.
John's rd, Globe
Baxter, John, 541 Kent st
Baxter, John, 24 Little Norton Bt
Baxter, John, Richmond ter.. St. L., E.
Baxter, J., dairyman, Hurt st, Bal.
Baxter, M,, pa.-trvcook, 210 Elizabeth
st, llfu.
Baxter, Miss, private school, Shirley,
Olcnmore rd, IMtn.
Baxter, .Miss, Argylo college, 100-108
Albion st
Baxter, .Mrs., 0 Victoria st
Baxter, Mrs., 0 McEvoy st, Wtloo.
Baxter, William, mastcr-mnrlner,
James st, Hal.
Baxter, William, 22 Steam Mill 8t
Baxter, W. II., surveyor, Hawerby,
Fnirfowl st, Mar.
Baxter, Henry, 44 Bennett st
Baylleld. Mathew, grocer, 402 Oxford
st, IMtn.
Bayfield, William, blacksmith, 7
Shaftesbury gardens, Globe
Bayldon, J. P., 100 Botnny st, Wtloo.
Bayldon. W. E„ Lcamanvillc. Hallway
st, l'etm.
Bayle, William, Meredith rd, Hbsh.
Uayloy, A., Ocean st, Whr.i.
Bayley, Charles, stonemaiou, Pnrramatta rd, I'. Dk.
Bayley, Edward. 41 Kent st
Bayley, Frederick, Smith st, Mar.
Bayley, George, Thornlcy St., Lcdt.
Bayley. George W., architect, Irlco, 135
Queen st, Whra.
Bayley, Henry, carpenter, Garden st,
Bayley, James, printer, 65 Regent st,
Bayley, Jnmcs, storekeeper, Trelallo,
Point Piper rd, Pdtn.
Bayley, J., tailor, Itnnntrco st, Bal.
Bayley, Miss, muslo-tcacher, 240
Crown Bt
Bayley, William II. II., houso nud land
agent, 240 Crown st
Bayless, J„ 70 Forsyth st. Glebe
Baylls, Edward E., Mount Pleasant
avenuo, Bur.
Baylis, Edwd.jO., Jloyal hotel, 13 King
st N.,Ntwn.
Baylis, Ernest, 2 Steel st
Baylis, Samuel, Napoleon cottago,
Elizabeth st. Pdtn.
Baylis, Wm., painter, .Mary st, Pdtn.
Bayllss, Andrew, 331 Cleveland Bt
B A Y L I S S , O H A R L E S , photographer, 348 George st
Bayllss, Charles, photographer,
Wemyss 6t, Mar.
Bayllss, Elia«, 110 Botany st, Wtloo.
Baylies, G., carpenter, 2 Short st, Bin.
Bayliss, John, Olive st, Pdtn.
Bayllss, John C, 60 Denlmin Bt, Glebe
Uayllss, Joseph E., 4 Chapman lano
Bayllss, Louis. Paddington st, Pdtn;
Bayliss, W„ diver, 1 Hamilton st
Bayllss, Wm. M„ 5 Brougham st, Glebe
Bayly, James, Seaview st, Mar.
Bayly, Mrs., Folkestone, Upper Tupper
st, Mar.
Baymnn, Mrs. Mnrgarct, Ferndale
villa. Enmoro rd, Mar.
Bayne, Emily, Penshurst Bt, N. Why
Baynes, Mrs., Mary st, Pdtn.
Baynluun. Walter H„ Mullens st, Bal.
Baynluv", William, baker, Liverpool
rd, Ash.
Buynton, Thomas, surgeon, Moncur Bt
Bayilst, Mrs.Harriot, Burton st.Cond.
Bayston, Caroline, 0 Little Queen st
Bazly, Henry, painter, 26 Hast st
Beach, Henry, butcher, 346 Sussex st
Beach, Henry, Vincent st, Bal.
Beach, John, 04 Greek st, Glebe
Beach, John, James it, Ntwn.
Beach, John S., Woodvillo rd, Gran,
Beacon, .1., bootmaker, 20 Botany Bt
Beaconsfleld Estate Co., Limited—
Levy, SI. S., secretary, 01 Castlereagh st
Beadoll, Edward,bookkeeper,25 Junction st, Glebe
Bcadcs, Mrs. .7., Union st, Pdtn.
Bcahan, Andrew. 67 Little Belmore st
Bealrd, Mrs. A. 1'., 234 Forbes st
Beal, C. W„ solicitor, Victoria chambers. Phillip st
B E ALE A N D CO. (Octavius O.), importers of sewing machines, 371a
377» Pitt st.and branches throughout the City anil suburbs
Bcale, Charles W., solicitor, 22 Park rd
Benle, Daniel, tailor, Moodio st, St. L.
Bcalc, I''., sewing machine importer. 2
Herbert's terrace, Boyce st, Glebo
Bcalc, Goo., printer, College st, Ntwn.
Bealc, George, Short st, Alxa.
lleale, Henry, 35 lllley st
Bealc, Juntos II., builder, 101 Regent st,
Bcale, John, 2 St. John's rd, Glebo
Bcale, Wm., master-mariner, Edward
st, Hal.
Bcale, Wm., saddler, Boss st, Puiatta.
Bealc, Win. H„ Underwood at, Pdtn.
Bealcs. C. W., stationer, 131 Itegcnt st
Beall, Hsnry C, Walter st, St. L., E.
Beals, —, Darling st, Bal.
Deals. Elizabeth, 55 Brisbane st
Bcaman, Geo., produce merchant, Parsons st, Bal.
Bcamei, F„ grocer, Western st, Pmntta.
Bennies, W., council clerk, Piper st,
Beamish, Francis, farmer, Woodbine,
Benconslicld, Can.
Bean, C. II., clerk, Edgecliffo rd, Whrn.
Bean, George T., 10 Dcuham st, Glebo
Bean, Sirs., niley st
Bean, William, Etonville,ll Slaii'Mcld
st, Glebo
Beancy, Jaino», 180 Forbes st
Bcancy, Silencer. Alfred st, St. L., E.
Beanlan, Charles, 8 Chlppcn st
Bennland, Squire, Kiugsclcnr rd. Alxa.
BeaniHirk. Henry, tinsmith, 8 Hobia
Hood lano
Bear, William D., superintendent firo
brigades, N.S.W., 211 Elizabeth st
Beard, Albert W„ Stiller st, St. L.
Bcnrd, Clement, 8 Vincgrove, off
Shepherd's lane, Dar.
Beard, Daniel, Bouquet do Flora
cottage. 06 Gleb • id, Glebe
Heard, David, cabinet-maker, 28
Centre st, II fn.
Beard, Edward, compositor, Chaplin st
Beard, Edwin, Slargarct st, Pdtu.
Beard, Ephraim, Green cottage, New
Soutli Head rd, Whra.
Beard, George, cordial manufacturer,
420-431 Sussex st
Beard, George, 411 Brougham st
Beard, George, Constitution rd, Petm.
Beard, Henry, bootmaker, Chapman
st, Ash.
Beard, Henry, 23 Centre st, Bfn.
Beard, Joseph, storekeeper,
Constitution rd, l'etm.
Beard. Josoph, Baliunlu rd, Lcdt.
Beard, L., ildrymun, Mullens st, Bal.
Beard, Philip, tinsmith. 12 Exeter pi
Bcnrd, S., Lililan cottage, Lelchhardt
st, Wnv.
Beaumont, Eb., 203, Womcrah avenue
Beaumont, George W., carpenter,
37 Wells St. Rfn.
Beaumont, Houry, sawyer, Cameron et,
Beaumont, James, carpenter, 02 Rosehill st, Rfn.
Beaumont, Jamos, painter, Woodoourt,
Wnrdoll rd, Mar.
Beaumont, John, shipwright, Beattie
st, Bal.
Beaumont, John, 240 Forbes si
Beaumont, Josh., builder, Chisholm In
Beaumont, Joshua, builder, Olcnview
st. Pdtn.
Beaumont. Miss, dressmaker, Victoria
st, llwk.
clothing manufacturers, 120 Pitt Beaumont, Reginald II., fruiterer
340 Cleveland st, Rfn.
Beaumont, Sml., carpenter, Alexander
Bcatle, Mrs., Orpingtou st, Ash
st, Pdtn.
Beating, Wm., Windsor rd, Petm
Beaumont, S., shipwright, 38 Eicnt st
Beatman, James, Jaqucs st, Bal.
Win., Arthursleigh, AdelBeaton, J as., fruiterer, 74 Stanley i t
aide st, Bur.
Beattie, —, Rofc st, Lcdt.
Beaumont, Wm., Presteign, Bonlovard,
Seattle, —, surgeon, West st, St. L.
Beattie. Alex., butcher, Beattie st, Bal.
Seattle, A., stonemason, 27 Dnrghan Beaumont, William, 13 SIoore'B rd
Wm, E., Herbert st, Pdtn.
Bt, Glebo
Boattlc, II., engineer, Llvctt'B In, Bal. Beauregard, John I)., 2 Park villas,
Mcrton st, Petm.
Beattie, Hny., shipbuilder, Wntorview
Beavau, Frank, 1J5 Union st
Alfred, editor of SYDNEY
Beattie, Isaac, 381 Elizabeth it
MAIb, 177 Cloreland at, Rfn.
Beattie, James, pastrycook, FarraBeaver,
A., dressmaker, Amy
mnttn rd, Ash.
villa, Boundary st, Bur.
Beattie, James, 80 Alma Bt, Dar.
Beaver, Annie, dressmaker, 68 CastleBoattic, James, Herbert st, Pdtn.
reagh st
Seattle, James, West st, St. L.
Seattle. John, painter, Lester cottage, Beaver, O., accountant, Sarah 8t, Bur.
Beaver, Jamos, 10 Reeves st, Wtloo.
Point Piper rd, Whra.
Beaver, John,.' 8 Castlercagb. st.
Beattie, John, stonemason, 06 AberBeaver, Samuel, Oak terrace, 63
orombie st, Bfn.
Thomas st, Camp.
Beattie, John, Quarry st
Thomas, Amy villa, Boundary
Beattie, John G., engineer, Collins Bt,
Bt, Bur.
R„ Milton st, Ash
Beattie, John J., Lord st, Ntwn,
Beattie, Sirs., dressmaker, 00 Wynyard lioavers, Thomas, Qardeneri Arms
hotel, Kogarnh, Bot.
Beattie, Mrs., 170 Dowling st
Beavis. 3', fruiterer, 33-36 Western
Beattie, H. II., agent, 35 Bathurst Bt
av, Markets
Beattie, llobert C. Leicester st, Pdtn. Beavis, Robert J., draper, 187 CleveSeattle, W„ Oardtneri armt, 160
land st, ltfn.
York st
Beazley, Brown and Co., J., hide
Benttle, W., baker, 330-333 Sussex st
merchants, 0 Wcntworth court
Beattie, W., bootmaker, York st, Bal.
Elizabeth st
Seattle, W., shipwright, Glpps st, Bal. Beazley, Alfred, wool merchant,
Bcatton. Frederick, 6 Irving st
Eden, Cross st, Whra
Bcatty, —. Parramatta rd, Itydo
Beazley, Alfred, commission merBcatty, Alex.. 35 George st. Wtloo.
chant, 0-8 Loftus st
Beatty, Daniel, transit offlcer, 80 Pitt Beazloy, Jamos, 13 Brown st, Camp.
st, Wtloo.
Bebarfald, Burnet, 141 Elizabeth st
Beatty, Miss, privato boarding estab- Bebb, J., ironmonger, 314 Elizabeth st
lishment, 20 York st
Bcbb, Joel, bricklayer, 1 Dean's cotBeatty, T. J., 26 Alderson st, Bfn.
tages, Kirk In
Beauchnmp, Annie, 60 Yurong st
Bcbb, George, bricklayr, Crown rd
Bcauchamp. George, Beauchamp
Bebb, J., bricklayer, 330 Cleveland st
villas, Fletcher st, Mar.
Beck, A., painter, Walter st, Pdtn.
Beauchop, Geo., blacksmith, Waterloo
Beck, J. L., turnery works, Miller st
st, Bal.
Beaujcannt, Ivan, Woolwch rd, H. Hill Beck, Sirs., Phillip St. Pmattn.
Beck, Mrs., Wigram st, Pmatta
Bcaumnn, Robert, Gipps Bt, Pdtn.
Beck, William, 08 Darllnghurst rd
Beaumin, August, 81 Gloucester st
Becker, Frank, Queen st, F. Dk.
Beaumont, James and Sons, house
Beoker. F., builder, 207 Riley stW.
decorators & contors., 56 Mkt. et
Backer. Joseph, stonemason, 20 O'ConBeaumont, Alfred, Oxford st, Bal.
nell st, Ntwn.
Beaumont, Arth., blacksmith, Bcattio
Julius 11 , hairdresser, Now
st. Bal.
Cook's River rd, Potm.
Beaumont, Arth. W., blaoksmth, Lime
Becker, Sirs. SI., 78 Gloucester at
Beard, Wm., pattcrn-mn', 31 Adast
Beard, W. H„ Ahley, Adelaide et. Bur.
Beardmore, William, 'busproprletor,
Balmain rd, Lcdt.
Beards, It., clerk, 20 Hutchinson Bt
Beardsly, Amos, Graham's oottagos,
Arthur st, Slar.
Beardemore, Wm., carpenter, Livingstone st, Mar.
Scare, Henry, Hcgciit st, Pdtu.
Bcare, John C., greengrocer, 102
William st
Beare, Wm. P., Taylor's In. Wav.
Bearpark, Wm. II., York villas, Liverpool rd, Ash.
Beasley, John, sawyer, 11 Bunnst
Becker, Paul, stonemason, 245 Church
st. Camp.
Becker, Paul, carpenter, 203 Macquarie
Beckett, —, Tilba st, Rkwd.
Beckett, Elizabeth, 76 College Bt,
Beckett, .Mrs. E., 01 Groso Bt, Camp.
Bcokott, Genrgo, 63 Raglan st, Wtloo.
Beokett, George J., surveyor, Oneida,
Croydon rd, Ash.
Beckett, Captain George S., Nowranlo
st, Ash.
Beckett, Harry, engineer, Murray st
Beokett, James, builder, Canterbury,
Cavendish st, Petm.
Beokett, Ottomar, builder, Canterbury
rd, Mar.
Beckett, R., dairyman, 22 Duke st
Beckford, Wm., 8 Slorchead st, Wtloo,
Beckhaus, Jacob, carpenter, Riverrhyme cottage, Stanley st, Bur.
Beckhaus, Jacob, furniture dealer,
Railway terrace, Bur.
Beckhaus, John, Williams st, Rdm.
Bccklnghnm, Henry, grocer, 1 Waterloo pi
Beckingham, William, 30 Owen st
Bcoklnsalc, John, carpenter, Cameron
Bt, Pdtn.
Bcckinsloy, Josiah, Lawson st, Wav.
Bookman, Charles, 10 Bettington st
Beckmann, Paul, engineer, Botany rd,
Bcckwith, Alfred, carpenter, 4 Smithers In
Bcdden, Charles, Pyrmont bridge rd
Boddlc, J., cabproprietor, Belgravo st,
Bedel, Augustus, 6 Hart's buildings,
Gloucester st
Bedford and Son, puintcrs, 26 Dcnlsou
8t, Ntwn.
Bedford, Alfred P.. Fairllght villa,
Westbouruo st, Petm.
Bedford, Benjamin, Bnrren st.MoDtn.
Bedford, David, Ollvcbank, Enmoro
rd, Ntwn.
Bedford, George, plnstoror, Botany
rd, Alxa.
Bedford, J., carpenter, Eden Ft, St. L.
Bedford, John, master-mariner, Bradford Bt, Bal.
Bedford, John, painter, 12 Baltic st
Bedford, Joseph, pastrycook, Carllslo
Et, Lcdt.
Bedford, Miss, Wybalena rd, H. Hill
Bedford, Mrs., 46 Lennox st, Ntwn.
Bedford, Mrs., Burren st,McDtn.
Bedford, Robert, Caledonian hotel, 1710 King st
Bedford, Kuinrt, Konilworth, High
st, St. L., E.
Bedford, W., butcher, 37 Athlone pi
Bcdtou, Samuel, Elizabeth terrace,
Phillip st, Alxa.
Bcdwell, Alfred, Arthur st, St. L„ E.
Bedwell, Alfred H„ coachsnilth, 28
Cleveland at, Dar,
Bedwell, C. R., auctioneer, 4 Herbert's
terrace, Boycc st, Globe
Bedwell, II. E. coachbuilder, Nowington, John st, Slar. and nt Ntmi.
Bcdwell, W. Jhnimunce hotel, 16
Jamicson st, Ntwn.
Beeby, Mrs. E. A. draper and milliner,
61 Botany rd, Wtloo
Beech, Annie, grocer, 33 Chelsea st,
Bonn, Emanuel, tailor, 64 Hunter Bt
Bo'.l, nenry, 64 Chowno st
Behrcns, John, 10 Bates In, Sussex st
Bell, Henry, Sutherland st, Pdtn.
Beech, William II.. 00 Dnko st
Bcig, Ovid, tobacconist, Sadler
Henry C, timber merchant, 403
Beechcy, Henry, bootmaker, Middle st,
crescent, Pctni,
Kent st
B E I L A N D GB.OHN, manufac- Bell, J., engraver, 00 Marlborough st
Beccliv, James, fruiterer, Liverpool
turers' agents and importers, 317 Boll, James, tailor, 117 Georgo st W.
rd, Asli.
Georgo Ft
Bell, J., printer, 13 Grook st, Glebo
Bcccroft, St., 62 Crown rd
Bcil, A., Importer, Wynyard lane
Bell, J,, master-mariner, 09 John st
Deed, II., woodworker, 162 Duke Bt
Bell, A. II.,imc*rchant, 70 Queen st
Boll, James, 7u Crown st
Becdcll, F., baker. 125 Albion st
Boilby, E. S. and Co., general merBell, James, Earnsliaw rd, H. Hill
Dueling, Gideon, Brown st, St. F.
chants, 01 Pittst
James, 31 Wattle st
Boehag, Isaiic, markot gardener,
Seller, .P. II, engineer, 12 Hunt st
Bell, James, 8 Yurong st
Bay st, Bot.
Bcitch, E„ Mohan st, Prspt. and Slier. Boll, John, Blue's Point rd, Vic.
Boehag, .lames, market gardener,
Boltch, John S., Woodvillo rd, Prspt. Bell, John, 28 Botany st
Bay st, Bot.
and Slier,
Beehag, .Tamed, sen., market gardenor, Beith, J , bollor-miikor, Curtis rd, Bal. Boll, John, Croien hotel, 168-160
Elizabeth st
Marsh st, Hot,
Bcitsoh, Mary, 3 Stephen st, Camp.
Boll, John, dairyman, Ernest st, St. L.
Bechag, llobert, poultry farmer, Bay
Belcher, Frederick, 4 Judge st
Bell, John, frenchpolleher, 214 Maost, Bot.
Belcher, Margaret, Ironmonger,
quarlo st S.
Beehng, William, Short st, Do-.
10 Georgo st, Camp.
J , carpenter, 6MunnIst, Ntwn.
Bechivo Tailoring Co.—Ooulston,
Belflcld, Christine, 462 Elizabeth st
Bell. John, surveyor, 0 Llewellyn
Michael, 402 Georgo st
Botrioid, Peter, tailor, 105 Liverpool st
Now st, St. L , E.
Decks, Allan, 20 Best st
Bolford, C. L., 24 Palmer st
Bell, John, 18 Park rd
Beoinan, J,, blacksmith, Carlisle st,
Bolglan Iron yard, Ostcrmyer, Dowez Boll, John, Spring st, F. Dk.
and Co.—Viinn John, manager,
Bell, John,stonemason, Emily terrace,
Boencke, John, storekeeper, Green32G-H28 Sussex st
31 Stephen st, Camp.
wich rd, N. Why.
Belgravo, —, surgeon, Bumham lodge, Bell. J , clerk, 4 Little Belmoro st
Beer, Agnes, Marlborough st, Lcdt.
Hill st, Lcdt.
L„ iroumoitldcr, Day st,
Beer, Elizabeth, Strathnavor, Illawarrn Belgrnvo, Dr. llobert, Victoria cottage,
Bell, Miss, dressmaker, 16 Cloveland
rd, Mar.
Hallway st, Petm.
Beer, Henry, product) merchant, IliaBclgrave, T. B , surgeon, 120 Markot Bell, Mrs., boardlnghouso, Alfred st,
warm rd, Mar.
St. L„ E.
Beer, James C, engineer, 7 Darghan
Bell Brothers (William anil John), Bell, Mrs., Kanlmblo, Arthur st, Bwk.
st, Glebe
painters, Darlington rd, Dar.
Mrs, Bourke st, Rwk.
Beer, John, Wyndham st, Alxn.
Bell, J. and Co., engravers, 406 Georgo Bell, Mrs., 1 Junction In
Beer, William, fuel merchant, 100-108
Mrs, 33J Dandlo st
Walker st, Rfn.
Pell, W, jun, anil Co, domestic pro- Bell, Mi9,Itumscy st, Bal.
Beoro, John C, H.M. customs, 44
vldors, Canterbury rd, Mar.
Smith st, Bal.
Buckuell st, Ntwn.
Bell and Son, blacksmiths. Lime st
Bell, Mrs, Mnrston house, 100 PyrBeers, John, enrpeuter, Mehan st,
Bell and Stead, painters, 08 Elizabeth
mont Brldgo rd, Glebo
Prspt. and Blior.
Bell, .Mrs, Ulster st, Pdtn.
Beers, 11, Arthur st, St. L., K.
Bell, —, 20 Middlo st
Mrs, Tilnoy, The Boulevard,
Dees, Mrs. Mary A., 635 Harris st
Boll, A. D„ West st, St. L.
Beeson, Hv., plumber, Trafalgar Bt, Boll, Alex,, harbotir-inastcr, Booth Bt,
Blue's Point rd, Vic.
Boll, \V„ dairyman, West st, St. L.
Beeton, George, cooper, Cunningham
Boll, Alexander, engineer, Rountroo Bell, Patrick, 31 Ferry rd, Glebo
st, St. L.
st. Bal.
Bell, Iliohard, 6 Brown's pi, off 170
Beeton, John, Comber st, Pdtn.
Bell, Alexander, Thorno st, Pdtn.
Beeton, Philip, carpenter, 34 Sussex st Boll, Alfred. Cook's Itivcr rd, St. P.
Robert, news agent, 21 Banks st
Uefrayne, Gcor. o, 8 Frost terrace,
Bell, Andrew, blncksmith, 180 Dcnlson Boll, Robert, 40 Gloucester st
Pyrmoiit Bridge rd
st, Camp.
Boll, Robert, engineer, Louisa st, Bal.
Beg, ltcv. Dr. Wazlr, 130 Forbes st
Bell, Anna, lien wick st. Lcdt.
Boll, Robert, 73 Thomson st
Began, Henry, 10 Louis st. Rfn.
Bell, B , Kenttih hotel, 03 Parramatta Bell, Robert, brlckmaker, Waltham st,
B E G B I E , A L F R E D O, booksollcr,
rd, Glebe
N. Why.
stationer, accountbooh-makcr and Boll, C. A, Gordon st, Pdtn.
Bell, Robert, 20 Waterloo pi
general engraver, 363 Georgo st; Boll, Caroline, 60 Myrtle st
Bell, Robert, 0 Way's terrace
p. r., 103 Albion st
Bell. C, cigar-manufacturer, Botany Boll, Samuel, l.ittl" Waterloo st
Begg ami Son, Qlenmoie tannery,
rd, Alxa,
Bell, Samuel, Paddington st, Pdtn.
Gleiimorc rd, Pdtn.
Bell, C , com. agent, Castlcrtngh st, Boll, Sarah, grocer, 438 Elizabeth 8t
Begg and Sou (JohnE. Bcgg), leather
Sydney, 42 Ilnglan st, Wtloo.
merchants, Change alley, 8 Pitt st Bell, C, onginoor, 105 Walker st, Rfn.
Boll, T. J„ Paddington st„ Pdtn.
Begg and Son, leather merchants, 0
Bell, Dalway, distilleries Inspootor, Boll, Tlios, currier, 12 Cholsea st, Rfn.
Underwood st
Hnrrington st, Mar.
Boll, Thou, storekeeper. 26 Athlonopl
Begg and Greig, engineers, BottingBell, David, Brodlo st, Pdtn.
Bell, Thomas, 188 Crown rd
toti st
Bell, David, Croydon avonue, Can.
Thos. B, resident sco. Colonial
Bcgg, A..engincer.61Mill stPyrraont Bell, Edwin G„ painter. 14 Wilton st
Mutual Fire Insuranco Co., High
BegL-, G, tanner, Hargrove st, Pdtu.
Boll, Mrs. Eliza. Marrickvillo rd, Mar.
St., St. I., E.
Begg, James 1 Honson st, Ultimo
Bell, Ellis, engineer, Mansfield st, Bal. Boll, Thotnas W„ 42 O'Connor st
Bcgg. John E , incrohant, Glcnmoro
Bell, George, bootmaker, 00 Welling- Bell, W„ bootmaker, Chaplin Bt
rd. Pdtn.
ton st, Ntwn.
Boll, Walter, contractor, 2 Ada st
Begg. John T., Underwood st, Pdtn.
Bell, Georgo, corpouter, Short st, Bal. Bell, 'Waltor, sallmaker, Falconer st,
Begg, M., tatiner, Hopewell st, Pdtn.
Boll, George, Union st, MoDtn
St. L , E.
Bergin, L., Orvllle, Ocean st, Whra.
Boll, George A, fmitorer, 140 CumBoll, Wm„ Fairmount, Albert st, Mar.
Boglcy, Jane, 88 Barcom st
berland st
William, Auburn
Begley, John. 14 Hordern st, Ntwn.
Bell, I I , Jones st
Bell, Wm, tinsmith, 40 Campbell st,
liegley, Kolicit, builder, 86 KIppax st Boll, Harry, 72 Mncquarlo st S.
Behau, John, painter, 8 Junction lane Bell, Holen, 6 Toxtcth rd, Glebo
Bell, W., bootmaker, Parkviow terrace,
llehnn, John, 463 Liverpool st
| Bell. Henry, engineer, Itcuss st, Bal.
73 C'olloge st, Camp.
Bell, William, engraver, 12 Wontworth
oourt, Elizabeth st
Bell, William, 172 George st, Wtloo.
Bell, William, Kensington rd, Ash.
Bell, William, blacksmith, Littlo
Stephen st, Bal.
Bell, William, Poteisham rd, Mar.
Boll, William, 6 St. John st, Ntwn.
Bell, Win, engraver, Smith st, Ash.
Bellamy, George, Fleet st, Pmatta.
Bellamy, Kato, 240 Bomko at
Bellamy, M, bla -ksmlth, Weston st,
Bellamy, Martha, Factory st, Pmatti.
BellbrUlge, J , printer. Darling st,
Bollcmey, R. T , chemist, 170 King st
N , Ntwn.
Bollemey, It. T., chemist, Browu st,
Bellorum, Fred, cngineoi, 10 Hunt st
Belles, WI11IB.II, 30 Burlington st
Bellett. H. D , master-mariner, Alfrod
st, St. L, E.
Bollfttt. Wm, bntchor, 50 Campbell st,
Bclllcr,E,jolnor, 137 Woolloomooloost
Bellinger, P , cirpentcr, 1 Mechuniost,
BeUlnghani, A , engineer, 30 Douglas
st, Rfn.
BeUlnghani, G., frultorer, 480 Elizabeth st
Belllngham, Mrs, Rountrce st, Bal.
BeUlnghani, Mrs, St. Edmonds, Condor st. Bur.
Bollion, J- carpenter, Rush st. Whra.
Bellls, E., boller-nuikcr, 23 Middlo st
Bellla, Julia, sempstress, Botany rd,
Bellls, Mrs, Gardeners rd, Bot.
Bollisario, C, surgeon, 180 Liverpool st
Belllsurlo, Edward 11, accountant, Old
South Head rd, Wlir.i.
BcllUario, J , surgeon, 180 Liverpool
BoUman, Alfred, contractor, French's
rd, N. Why.
Belman, Alf., Lane Covo rd, N. Wby.
Bellman, William, carpenter, Bowman
st, Prspt. and slier.
Belmoro markets, Castlcreagh st
Belmorc park, iJelmore rd
Belmoro Park cemetery, Cnstiercagli
Bolmorc jiostolTlca — Millnor, Mrs,
postmistress, Canterbury rd, Can.
Belshaw, Joseph, coppersmith, 24
Mount st
Bolz, John W., cirpentor, 51 William
st, Ilfn.
Broman, Janet, 22 Mary st, Wtloo.
Belli) w, C. A , dentist, 30 College st
Bench, —, dealer, 0 Little Macleay st
Bencher, Adolphus, whitesmith, Miller st, Vic.
Bondall, Alfred E , St. Peters st, St. P.
Bendall, John, carpenter, Toddiugton
lane, Prspt. and Slier.
Bendlx, Solomon, chaiimaker, 00
Goulburn st
Hindoo, Henri, 101 Denison st. Ntwn
Benechc, Christian, greengrocer, 121
George st, Wtloo.
Bcnevolont society — Joscphson, I. J.,
secretary, Pitt st
Btmflclil, J , baker, 136 Regent st,Rfn.
Benfleld, William, bootmaker, 122
Devonshire st
Bennett, Edward, Eblann, 87 Elizabeth
Dongar, James, 118 Mltohell st, Globe
Bay rd
Benger, Euphomla, grocer, 82 Globe
Edward, barrister, 101,
st, Glebo
Elizabeth st
Benham, Joseph, 37 Vino st, Rfn
Benjamin, Alfrod,cigar manufacturer, Bennett, Edward, baker. 103 Gipps st
Dennett, Edward, Oberon Bt, ilwk.
387 Sussex st
Benjamin, B , blacksmith, Smith st, Bennett, Edwin, harness-maker, 11
Wellcsley tor., Elizabeth st, Wtloo.
Benjamin, Danlol, broker, 103 Eliza- Bennott, Elizabeth, 7Chrisile st,Glebe
Bennett, Enoch, stonemason, William
beth st, Rfn.
Bt, Pdtn.
Benjamin, David, dealer, 183 MacBonnett, Ethelred, Albert Bt, Pmatta.
qtmrle Bt S.
Benjamin, II., pawnbroker, 34 King st Bennett, Francis, Lelcestor st, Pdtn.
Benjamin, II., pawnbroker, 60 Market Bennett, Frank, Fernloigh, South
Heal rd, W. Bay
Bennett, Frank, Stewart st, Pdtn.
Benjamin, Henry, 20 Francis st
Fred, Canterbury rd, Can.
Benjamin, Isaiah, grocer, 40 Union st
Bennett, Fred, cutler, 11 PolU-im st
G, cutler, 1 Sydney i.rcade
Benjamin, Lowls, 277 Ellzalicth st
Bennett, Prod. G, cutlor ami general
Bonja nin, Mary Ann, 116 Globo rd,
Importer. 0'J King st
Benjamin, Maurice, 7 Darllnghurst rd Bonnott, Fred. .1 „ tailor, 74 Barcom st
Bennett, Fredetick P., greengrocer,
Benjamin, Saml, builder, Glamvorth,
14 Hanunm st
Rosedalo st, Petm.
Bonnott, G„ fruiterer, 0 Wis crn
Benley, Fred. J„ printer, 33 Mount st
aviiiue, Markets
Dcnn, Mrs, Vllllers st, Pmatta.
Bennett, G, engineer, Win. st, Bal.
Bonn, Thomas, 8 Arthur st, llfn,
Bonnett, O., ironmonger, 70 Quarry st
Bennell, J , gioccr, Rcnny st, Pdtn.
Bennett, George, niiister-marlner, 73
Bunnell, John, bricklayer, Garner's
Harris st
avenue, Mar.
Bennett, Geo, surgeon, 107 William st
Bennell, Thomas, Gipps st, Pdtn.
Bennett, Geo., Sunny corner, Driver's
Bounctt, 8. and Co. (Frank Bcames),
rd, Bur.
groceiB, wine and spirit merBennett, George, 46 Hutchinson st
chants, 470 Georgo Bt
Bennett, Georgo, 01 Klppax st
Bennett, Little nnd Co., produco auc- Bennett, Georgo. Walter st, Pdtn.
tioneers, 50-64 Day strand 00
Bennett. G. J , George st. Can.
Sussex st
Bennett, Geo. M, comml-slon ngent,
Dennett and Spccchlcy, engineers, 537
Napier st, Pdtn.
Kent st, anil 70 Sussex st
Bonnett, Henry, Belmorc st, Rydo
Benuett, —, 07 I enlsou st, Ntwn.
Bennett, Henry, 78 Rosohill st, llfn.
Bennett, —, 5 McKcc st
Bennett, Henry C, coachbuilder,
Bennett, A, carpenter, Mount st, St.
31 Australia st, Ntwn.
L , E.
Bonnott, Hosca, Underwood st, Pdtn.
Bennett, A. J , paintor, 35 Gibbons st, Bennett L.bootmkcr. Gippsst. Pdtn.
Bennett, J , DtirUny hotel, 23 Mill st
Bennett, AlcxnndorG., warehouseman, Bennett, Jus, builder, \\ est st, Petm.
St. Helens. Grosvcnor st, Bur..
Bennett, James, oouchbullder, AusBennett, A, builder, Beattio st, Bal.
tiallast, Camp.
Bennett, Alfred, proprietor EVEN'INQ Bennett, J , cooper, 171 Devonshire st
NEWf, Clairvaux, South Head rd, Bennett, Jainos, coachbuilder, G. orga
W. B.y
st Camp.
Bennett, Arthur, warehouseman,
Bonnett, Jos, Ironmonger, 141 Glebo
Llewellyn st, Bal.
rd, Glebe
Bennett, B. J , dairyman, Macdonald
Bcnnott, James, 44 Chelsea st, llfn.
st, McDtn.
Bennett, .lames, 54 Greek st, Glebo
Bennett, C. J , produco storo, Georgo
Bcnnott, James, Lang st. Ash.
st, Can.
Dennett, ,T„ .McLaughlin 111, Pdtn.
Bennett, Caroline. 5 Adelaide pi
Bcnnott, James, 7 Pawley st S.
Bennett, Charles, Belmorc st, Rydo
Bennett, James, 2 Sackvillo st
Bonnett, Charles, Daniel st, Lcdt.
Bennett, John, off Campbell pi
Bennett, Charles, brlckmaker, Loftua
Bennett. John, tailor, Gii Campbell st
st, Lcdt.
Bennett, John, 511 ower Campbell st
Bennett, Charles, carpenter, Maddook Bennett, John, 01 Caroline st, Rfn.
st, Petm.
Bennett, John, Cove St. Bal.
Bonnett, O, bootmaker. 171 Palmer st Dennett, John, 102Evclolgh st, llfn.
Bennett, Charles, engineer, 14 Steel st Bennett, John, farmor, Flag Staff rd,
Bennett, Charles W, bicycle and
Bennett, John, 141 Gonlbnrn st
tricycle importer, 08 King st
Bennett, John, collector, Hargi avo at,
Bennett, Christopher, 85 Kent st
Bennett, Christopher, Longwood,
Beunett, John. Military rd, St. L.
Thornton et, Whra.
Bennett, John, 82 Riley st
Bcnnott, David, Lavinia terrace,
Bennett. John, grocer, 103 Riley at
Sydney st, McDtn.
Bennett, J. T , 21 Elizabeth st, Wtloo.
Bennett, David W„ 235 I'orbes st
Bennett, John W., Prospect Bt. Pdtn.
Bennett, Dennis, off 3 Goodiet st
Bennett, Joseph, commission agent,
Bennett, Kdwuril. Tea Qardcnt hotel,
Fisher st, Petm.
Cooper st, Wav.
Bennett, J., grocer, Hampton Bt, Can.
Bennett, Joecph,Annuudale Bt, Lcdt.
ltennett, Joseph, 74 Rnsehlll «t. Kfn.
Bennett, Kate, Herlvrt 8t. N. Wby.
Bennett, Maurice, Tote I Hall hotel,
Darling st. Bal.
Bennett, Michael, tinsmith, 40 Botany
ft, Wtloo
Bennett, Mis*, grocer, Cowper st, War.
Bennett. Mrs., grocer, Alexandra st,
][. Hill
Bennett, Mrs., 112 Iicdfern at, nfn.
Bennett, re., milliner, 13 Sydney
Bennett, N., 149 Dcnison it, Camp.
Bennett. Patrick, Viokery st, Wnv.
Bennett, II., contractor. Hur.
Bennett, Richard, 00 Crown rd
Bennett, Richard, 169 Crown st
Bennett, Kohert W., merchant, Bayview at, Vic.
Bennett, S., carjrenter, Corso, Man.
Bennett, Samuel, Croydon rd, Ash.
Bennett, Thomas engineer, 3 St.
Helen's tcr., Simmon* st, Ntwn.
Bennett, Thomas, publican, Wandsworth. Alfred st, St. L., K.
Bennett, Thomas. Olaigow urmi,
344 George st
Bennett, Thomas, Unicorn hotel,
108 Oxford st, Pdtn.
Bennett, Thomas, Covo st, W. Bay
Bennett.Thomas, 11 Hapcrst
Bennett, W. C, Shell cove and
Neutral bay, St. L., E.
Bennett, Walter, coachpalnter, 125
George st, llfn.
Benn-tt, Walter, 12 Little Goodlot Bt
Bennett, Walter, coaohpalnter, 28
Edward st, Hfn.
Bennett, William, 3 Broughton st
Uc-inctt, William, Croydon rd. Ash.
Bennett, William, Flora st, McDtn.
Bennett, William, Fraser st, Mar.
Bennett. William, 20 Hart st
Bennett, William, Commissioner for
Roads, Hnuila. Shell cove and
Neutral bay, St L„ E.
Bennett, William. Wilson st, Rfn.
Bennett, William F„ dentist, Bttrwood
rd. Bunvood.
Bennett, Wildani Jr., fruiterer,
Darling «t, Bal.
Bennett's Assemblyrooms, Seattle at,
Bennett, W. If., Victoria rd, Mar.
Bennie, James, 63 Cambridge st
Bcnnigcr, Leonard, carpenter, 74
Hordorn st, Ntwn.
Bennington, John, 02 Cleveland st
Bdnnington, W. W., painter, Stroudo
villa, The Boulevard, Pctra.
Bennis, John, 11 Corfu Bt
Bcnnis, Mrs., 4 Smith Bt
Bennis, Mrs. 84 Nnplcr st, Pdtn.
Bennis, Thomas, clerk, HOMWCII st,
Bcnnison, John, sculptor and marble
aiason, 3 Jcsmond st
Bennon, William, com. traveller, 121
Bourke st
Bens, John, Primrose cottage, Excelsior at, Cond.
Benson Bros. (Sydney nnd Hobert),
drapers, Church st, Hyde.
Benson, —, Hill st, Lcdt.
Benson, —, Lord »t, Vic.
Benson, Ellen, 19 Carlton st
Benson, Fanny, Stephen st, Camp.
Benson, Henry, 282 Kent st
Benson, Henry G„ 78 Mary st
Benson, J., grocer, Mansfield Bt, Bal.
Benson, James, 39 Alma st
Benson, Jane, 20D Palmer st
Benson, J., fanner, off Terry's rd, Hyde
Benson, John, 2 Carahor lane
Benson, Joseph, 12 North st
Benson, Joseph Spring st, \Tav.
Benson, Michael, 299 Liverpool >t
Benson, Mis*, 134 Princes st
Benson, Mrs., Ada st, Bur.
Benson, Mrs., 02 Westmorland st,
Benson, Paul, farmer, Lane Covo rd,
Benson, It., tailor, Church st, Pmatta.
Benson, Smith B., 30 Shepherd st, Dar.
Benson, Swauson, Samuel at, St. P.
Benson, Sydney, Cromwell cottage,
BurnB st, l'ctm.
Benson, W. It., 241 Glebe rd, Glebo
Benson, Walker, 02 Bourke st
Benson, William, 150 Cleveland st
Benson, William, surgeon, The Hermitage, New South Head rd, Pdtni
Bcnsiisan, Samuel, mining agent,
Dalston. Point Piper rd, Whra.
Bensusan, Samuel L., mining agent,
44 Castlcrcairh st
Bent, Mrs. Ann, Simmons st, Ntwn.
Bent, C, tobsccouist, 386 George st
(See advt.)
Bent, C, Trentham, Holt st, Petm.
Bent, C, engineer, Henwick st, Lcdt.
Bent. S., schoolmaster, Kalgst, Ntwn.
Bcntlck, W„ 04 Abcrorombio st, Bfn.
Boutin, Oco., plumber, 167 Phillip at
Bentley, —, Como, Annnndale s»,
Bentley, Christopher, 1 Penzance tcr
race, Begg st, Pdtn.
Bentley, Cornelius, Neville st, Mar.
Bentley, George, brick manufacturer,
Coventry rd, Hbsh.
Bentley, George, market gardener,
Parkstown, Can.
Bentler, Henry, 65 Myrtle st
Bentley. James. uphoMcrer, Cascade
st, Pdtn.
Bentley, James, Victoria rd, Mar.
Bentley, John, 2 DHIC st
Bentley, John, 400 Hiley st
Bentley, Mrs., draper, 100 William at
Bentley, Mra., 86 William st E.
Bentley, Mrs., drcssmakor, 105 Bourke
Bentley, William, carpenter, Edmund
st, Wav.
Bentley, William, 20Nel«on Bt, Ntwn.
Bentley, William, William fit, Lcdt.
Benjamin, Louis, pawnbroker 147
Batlmrst at
Benton, J., off 83 St. John's rd, Glebo.
Benton, Mrs., 83 St. John's rd, Glebe
Benton, W., storekeeper, Rocky Point
rd, Bot.
Bentwitch, Henry, Orson houie, Staunrore rd, Petm.
Benyan, Benjamin, saddler, Mullens
st, Bal.
Bcrand, If., ensemaker, 007 Bourke st
Bcrardi, N., tailor, Nevillo st, Mar.
Bernrdo nnd Salottl (P. Bernrlo, P.
Snlotti), butclnrs, 60 Goulhum st
Berc. John D., general smith, Mitchell
•t, Glebe
Berecry, Bryan, baker, Parramatta
rd, Aah.
Berecry, Patrick, stonemason, Falconer st, St. L., E.
(A. Bereus), wholesale jewellers
and general merchants, 71 Yorkst
Borcsford, Alfred, engineer, Henderson rd, Alxa.
Borcsford, Duncan, waggon-buildor,
Mehan st. Prspt. and Slier.
Beresford, George, carpenter, Aird st,
Beresford, John, coachbuildor, 3 Itoselilll st, Hfn.
Beresford, Michael, 76 Pitt st, Wtloo.
Berg, Carl, carriage-lifter, 88 Bullanaming st, Bfn.
Berg, Joseph, Hcdmyro rd, Bur.
Berg, William H., 231 Crown rd
Btrgan, James and Sou (James, jun.
and sen., and John), tweed manufacturers, South st, Gran.
Bergan, James, jun., Lumlyst, Gran.
Bergan, Joint, 38 Hanover st, Wtloo.
Morgan, Joseph, 2 Evelcigh st, Hfn.
Berg.n,, plasterer, Hosehill
st, Pmatta.
Bergan. Win., 40 Hanover st, Wtloo.
Bergelin, Wilhelm, Berlin house, Point
Piper rd, Pdtn.
Borgert, Mary A., Wlgram st, Pmatta.
Bcrger, A., Hocky Point rd, Bot.
Bcrgcst, Otto J., Moncur st, Whrn.
Bcrgltoefer, John L., news agent, 349
Pitt st
Bcrghnfer, Henry, grocer, Canterbury
rd, Mar.
Bcrgin, Mrs. E„ Station at, Ntwn.
Bcrgin, Francis, C. IS., Regent st, Ash.
Bergln, James, jun., Sydney rd, Gran.
Bcrgin, John, plumber, 210 Palmer st
Bcrgin, Margaret, Britannia hotel, .v25
Cleveland st, Hfn.
Bcrgin, Mrs., grocer, 209 King st,
Bcrgin, Hichnrd, Sydney rd, Qrnn.
Bergitr, Wilhelm, Darling st, Bal.
Bergman, John, dealer, 6 Richmond st
Bcrgmann, Bernharil, 3 Groth's buildings, Miller's rd
Bergough, Thomas, tinsmith, 22
Norton st, Glebo
Borkonshaw, Mrs., Hountrco st, Bal.
Berkley, William, 100 Bourke st
Berkshire, Wm. Arthur st, St. L., E.
Berlina, Morris, 40 Abercrombie st
Berlina. M., fancy dealer, 06 George
Bermiugham, Edward, wood and coal
depot, G3-83 Dixon st
Bermingham, Mary A., 65 Campbell Bt
Birmingham, Mrs., boardinghousc,
172 Elizabeth st
Bern, J. and Son (John and John,
jun.), ovennmkers, 123 Liverpool at
Bern, John, blacksmith, 31 Phillip
Bt, Wtloo.
Bern, John, ironworker, Elsicville,
Morris st, Ash.
Bcrnnsconi Brothers, plctureframemakers, Paddlng^m st, Pdtn.
Bcrnasconi, John, picturcframcmaker, 347 Pitt st
Bcrnlierg, David, Comber Bt, Pdtn.
Bcrncastle, J., 153 Dcnison st, Camp.
Berndt, Frederick and Co., importers
27 Jamison st
Borne, Mrs., Cook's River rd, St. P.
Bernell, Henry, coachpalnter, 7 Foster
Bemcr, George, 608 King it, Ntwn.
Bemoy, A., 42 Darlinghurst rd
Bernhardt, Marcus, tailor, 175 Macquarie at
Bcrnie, W. J., grocer, 128 Pitt st, Bfn
Bernstein, David, pawnbroker, 169
Sussex st
Borrlck, Jamos, 60 Evoltlgh st, Rfn.
Berrie, Jnmes, Chlsholm lano
Berric, John, 1 Lavinia cottages,
Station st, Petm.
Borriman, Andrew J.. 47 Burton st
Berry, —, tobacconist, Darling st, Bnl.
Berry, —, Auburn
Berry, Charles, Thorno st, Pdtn.
Berry, Charles A., carpenter, Thomas
Bt, Bal.
Berry, David, 274 Gcorgo st
Bcrrv, E., builder, 120 Pitt Bt, Bin.
Berry. II. J., cl«rk, 174 Devonshire at
Berry, Jas„ markot gardener, Terrace
rd, Mar.
Berry, Jamas, painter, 84 Botany st
Berry, J., sailmaker, 0 Burt st, Wtloo.
Borry, James, Ben Eden st, Wav.
Berry, J., tanner, Bonrko rd, Alex.
Berry, John, 99 Cowper »t, Glebe
Berry, John, Wyndham st, Alxa.
Berry, John S., Botany rd, Bot.
Borry, John S„ bone and tallow works,
Mowbray rd, N, Wby.
Berry, Josoph, 3 Margaret In
Bony, Michael, Garden st, Alxa.
Berry, Robert, 68 Nicholson st
Berry, S. F., blacksmith, Klngsclcar
rd, Alxa.
Borry, Thomas, Burnsldo, Cavendish
st, Petm.
Berry, William, Clare hie hotel, 141
Woolloomooloo st
Berry, William R., greengrocer, 242
Harris st
Bcrryman, A., Kingsclear rd, Alxa.
Bcrtham, Ben., dealer, 16 Hunter st
Berthold, II., engraver, 300 Georgo st
Bcrthold, H„ jeweller, Batty st, Bal.
Berthold, H., engraver. 10 King at
Bcrthollcy, Charles, Middle st, Mar.
Bartholot, R.., 48 Francis st
Bertoft, Elizabeth, 351 Cleveland at,
Bertolicinl, Joseph, butcher, 01 George
Bertoumieux, Mrs., boardinghousekecper, 111 Albion at
Bortmm and Co., 16 Hunter «t
Bertram, —, Queen's place
Bertram, Benjamin, draper, 416 King
st, Ntwn.
Bertram, Mrs., Clanwilliam st, N. Wby.
Bortran, Thomas, civil engineer, Tudor terraco, Church st, Bal.
Berwick, A., farrier, 7 Marian st. Rfn.
Berwick, J., bricklayer, 4 Wntcrloost
Berwick, Thomas, farmer, Lower
Baukstown, Rkwd,
Berwick, Thos., farrier, 729 Harris st
Berwick, William H., coachbuilder,
Turner st, Rfn.
Bcryue, James, fuel merchant, Lano
Covo road, St. L.
Beveridgo, A.G., grocer, 31 Erskinost
Besmann, Louis, builder, Adelaide
Boveridge, John, merchant, 171 Pitt
cottage, Victoria rd, Mar.
st, Rfn.
Besnanl, —, Finsbury house, Shaw st,
Boveridge, Robert O., auctioneer,
Sutnertou, Sebastopol st, Mar.
Besomo, P., phrenologist^ 123 ElizaBeverley, —, Wigram st, Pmatta.
beth st
II., timber merchant, Druitt
Bcsorao, P., phrenologist, 74 Cooper st
Bessex. Daniel, builder, 0 Eastst, Rfn.
Beverley, Henry, Laburnam, Fouklvil
Bassington, David, 3 Wilton placo
st, Wav.
Best, A. J.. 0 Rutland st
Beverley, Josoph T., Myrtle villa,
Best, Alfred, farmer. North rd.Rydo
Boulevard (the), Petm.
Heat, Alfred, 18 Wells st, Rfn.
Beverley, William O., auctioneer,
Best, Charles F., bricklayer, HolboHillside, O'Connell Bt, Pmatta
row st, Ash.
Bevill, W., Royston college, Craigend,
Beat, D., Waterworks, Bot.
Darlinghurst. (Seo advt.)
Beat, Dynes, Bay st, Bot.
Best, Edwin, Carlton torrncc, Balmain Bevin, Alfred, painter, 12 Taylor st
Mary, painter, 391-303 Bourke
rd, Lcdt.
Best, G., carpenter, Kogarah, Bot.
Best.G. W., shipwright, Elliott st, Bnl. Bevin, Mrs., nopewell st, Pdtn.
Bovrio, Mrs., Frederick st, Ash.
Best, T., builder, 183 Brougham st
Bezer, II., grocer, Susannah st, Vic.
Best, Gorvnsc, builder, 30 Forbes st
Bibb, John, Gleenshce, Devonshire Bt,
Beit, Henry, tailor, 6 Milk st
Best, James, olerk, Clydo st, Can.
Best, JamcB, farmer, Terry's rd, Rydo Bibb, Mrs., 82 Mill s-, Pyrmont
Sydney, bootmaker, Parramatta
Best, John P., Frederick Bay rd, F. Dk.
rd, Petm.
Best, Joseph H., 20 Roas st, Glebo
Bibby, Isaao, Underwood st, Pdtn.
Best, Miss, Best st, N. Wby.
Blbby, Joseph W., Sydenham, CamBest, S., merchant, Church at, Rydo
bridge st, Petm.
Best, Thomas, 13 McEvoy st, Wtloo.
Bicklcy, Mrs., off 2 Hutchinson st
Best, W„ bricklayer, Grove st, Petm.
Bickley, William, painter, 123 Cowper
Best, William, sawyer, 27 Brisbane at
Boat, W., stonemason, 41 Roso st, Dar.
st, Glebe
Best, W., 3 Blair Athol, Little Brighton Blcknell, Thomas, 66 Wellington Bt
B 1 D D E L L B R O T H E R S , manust, Petm.
facturing confectioners (works.
Best, William, 100 Albion st
Factory st), 605-607 George Bt, and
Bestie, —, surgeon, 47 Phillip st
at Lackey st. (Seo advt. opposite
Boston, E., school teacher, George st,
John II, 07 Alma st, Dar.
Beston, John, 41 Pino st
Blddcll, Miss, school, 21 Pitt st, Rfn.
Boston, Patrick, Suian st, Lcdt.
Mary A., confectioner, 34 Pitt
Botcher, Ernst, botanical colleotor,
Bt, Rfn.
Botanio gardens
Bctelman, Mrs., confectioner, Station Biddoll, Mnry J., 61 Rogont st
Biddlc, John, doalor, 135 Georgo at W.
st, Ntwn.
Biddlo, Mrs., 30 Bedford st, Ntwn.
Bethel and Co., printors, 16 King st
Bethel, G. II., homeopathlst, 88 Bot. st Biddlc, Sarah, Cleveland st, Dar.
Biddies. William, warehouseman,
Bethel, Isaac, printer, 607 Bourke Bt
Minnie villa, Bartlett st, Ash.
Bethel, Mrs., Newlnnd Bt, Wav.
Bethel, W. E., Cotswold, Bond! rd, Wav. Biden, Ernest II., Wotonga, Buddington st, Pdtn.
Bethell, Henry, 6 George st, Rfn.
Biden, Frederick W.. draftsman, Eclla
Bothcll, J., stonemason, 15 Moon st,
Georgo Bt, Mar.
Bielcr, J. G., farmor, North rd, Rydo
Bethlehem convent—O'Brien, Rev.
Biorley, J. 11., Foreman Bt, St. P.
Mother Veronica, suporiorcss,
Bigger, Jits., glass dealer, 118 Regent
Bland st, Ash.
st, Rfn.
Bethunc, Wm., council clerk, Avoce,
Riggers, Frederick, Cameron st, Pdtn.
st, Rwk.
Frederick, Japnneso curio.
Betteridge, Gcorgo, clerk, Wyndham
depot. 125 Castlcreagh st
st, Alxa.
Blggtrs, Frederick, Liverpool st, Wav.
Bottington, Mrs. M. T., Glonroy,
Biggini, Joseph, 32 Centre st, Rfn.
Birrsll at, Wav.
Bottington, Mrs., St. Aubins, Dcnison Biggies, —, Parkview terraco, 86
College st, Camp.
at, Petm.
Bettnoy, D., potter, 12 8hepherd Bt,Dar. Biggs, —, 7 McKeo st
Betts, E.. carponter, Mansfield st, Bal. Biggs, Alfred, dairyman, Bond! villa,
Old South Head rd, Wnv.
Betts, Edward, cngineor, 17 Collins st
Betts, Harriot, Kew cottage, 256 Blgns, Charles, 22 Louis st, Rfn.
Biggs, Fred., turner, 182 Botany Bt,
Glebe rd, Glebo
Betts, John, Trongato Bt, Gran.
Betts, Robert, Cheviot, Homcbush Biggs, Harry, Klnsal cottago, Ebley
st, Wav.
rd, Rdm.
Biggs, J., greengrocer, Hugo at, Rfn.
Betts, S„ florist, Iron Covo rd, F. Dk.
Biggs, John, 4 Terry's pi, off Bny at
Betts, William, Flood st, Lcdt.
Bcukers, J. J., stationer, Church Bt, Biggs. John, Camdonhurst, Kent st,
Biggs, Robert, 18 Balfour st
Bevan, Georgo, 20 Cambridge Bt
Biggs, Stephen, James st, St. L.
Bovan, George, 10 narrlngtonpl
Biggs, W., muslo-teachor, Cooper st,
Blgnnll John, frenchpolislior, 16 St.
John's nl, Globe
builders nml steam jolliers, 132
George st, Cnrap.
Blgncll, Alf., joiner, Pyrmont Brldgo
nl, L'amp.
Blguell, Frank, lithographer, Don st,
Blguell, Frank, copperplato nnd lithographio printer, '-'1 Jamison st
Blgncll, Id'iiry, ncooiintmit, 02 Pyrmont llrldge nl, Camp.
Blgnnll, Hchd, storekeeper, Bishop st,
Blgneoo, Allc6, Old South Head rd,
Blgnold.S, draiier, Walkerst, St.L, K.
Bilbrough, H. B , Klleray, Church st,
Blllcnvoll, W , stntionor, Lottiovillo,
Bnyview rd, F. Dk.
Billet, Jaboz, frultorcr, Bailey st,
Billott, W , butcher, Church st,
Blllett, Louis, engineer, Highst.Bot.
Billing, G , printer, rainier st, Bal.
Bllllngham. James, grocer, 110 Raglan
st. Wtloo
BIllingliurs.H., joiner, 6-6 Green's rd,
Billlngton, J , fanner, Buffalo nl.Rydo
Blllington, J., nurseryman, Gladesville
Wharf rd, Hyde
Blllington, Joseph, 39 Queen st, Whra.
Billlngton, Mrs., dressuiakor, Qlebo st,
Blllington, R , Earnshaw rd, H. Hill
Billlngton, T„ Holdsworth, Pdtn.
Bill.'!, Charlotte, dressmaker, 163
Liverpool st
Bills, If., bird dealer, 10 George st W.
Bills, Henry, bird dealer, 12 Main
avenue, Markets
Billvard, S. F., solicitor, Borosford
chambers, £2 Castlcreagh s t ; p.r.,
Georgo st, 1'mntta.
Blllyard, Sydney, solicitor, Beaumanor,
Cavendish st, Petm.
Billyurd, W. W., solicitor, 34 Castlercugh s t ; p.r., Woodlands, Ernest
et, St. L.
Bimdy, Thomas, Quay In
Blndale, William. 109 Bourke at
Binder, II., Cantor Bt, Bur.
Binder, Mary A., 24 Berwick In
Binder, Mrs., ornamental halrworker,
135 Castlcreagh et
Binder, Richard, jeweller, 038 Georgo
s t ; p.r., Preston, Blue's Point
rd, Vic.
Binder. Walter, printer, Tork st, Bal.
Billion, A., plumber, 7 Albert st, Rfn.
Blndon, Joslnh, Hill st, Vic.
Binilon, Massy, Victoria chambers,
Phillip st
Binfleld, John, baker, 34 Queen at
Bing, August, clerk, 5 Ada terrace,
Bush st, Whra.
Biugilon. Robert, Goodsir st, Bal.
Bingham, A., Abattoirs, Glebo Island.
Binghnm.Mrs. Cathorlno, 78 Fig st
Bingham, Edward, carriage-builder,
Carlton crescent, Ash.
Bingham, G. M., Victoria st, Bur.
Bingham, John, Frederick st, St. P.
Bingham, John, MMdlo st. Mar.
Bingham, Mies, draper,Morris st,Ash.
Bingham, Mrs. 470 Cleveland st, llfn.
Bingham, William, Albion Bt, Wav.
Blngle and Co. (J. It. Hingle), shipping
and commission merchants, 1)5
Pitt st
Single, John, accountant, 30 Mnry st.
Blnglo, John It., Tara, 28 Toxtoth rd.
Binglc. Sainl., 3 Riilway ter., Hav st
Binks, T„ denier, 60 High Holborn st
Binney, Mia* Ellen. 187 William st
Blnney, F. W., Elsecar, Boundary st,
Blnney, F. W., secretary Wallsend
Coal Co., Auburn st, Prspt, and
Binnlo, R. and Son (Richard and 11,
jun.; saddlers' Ironmongers, 270
George st
Binnie, Margaret, 16 Pearl st
Binnlo, R., stores, Deano st
Binnie, It., 13 Phillip st
Binning. Thomas B.. professor of
music, 21 Wigrani rd, Glebo
BInnington, Charles, builder, 41
Sohimel st, Wtloo.
Binnis, Mark, Trongato st. Gran.
Blnns, Mrs., Hudson's cottages, Gran,
Blnney, Thomas C, Registrar of
Mines, 17 Mansfield st, Glebe
Binskin, Henry, 76 Dcnison st, Ntwn.
Binsted, William II., Glonthorno,
boulevard (The), Petm.
Binsted. W. If., surveyor. 00 Pitt st
Bllton, Rlahard, 30 Burnett st, llfn.
Bilton, R., 6 Clarendon st, Wtloo.
Birch, Edward J., storekeeper, 13
Nowtown rd, Bar.
Birch, Henry W.. eleotroplator and
glider, 604 Georgo st
Birch, Joseph, grocer, 40 Rose st, Dar.
Birch, Mrs., In Bowman st
Biroh, Mrs., Millor Bt, St. L.
Birch, II., carpenter, 00 Bathurst st
Birch, Richard, master-mariner, 172
Dowllng st
Birch, Robert, surveyor, 126 Pitt st
Biroh, R., surveyor, William Bt, Vic.
Birch, T„ Aston villa, Grove st, Petm.
Blrchal, Robinson and Co., Manilla
line of steamers—Eldred and Co.,
agouti, 68 Margaret st
Blrchcll, Chos., 4 Ruby terrace, Reilly
st, St. L.
Bird, Charles, carpenter, 7 Dagmar
terraco, Viotoria st, JtcDtn.
Bird, Emily, 07 Cowpor st, Globo
Bird, F.. Mooloolah, Now Canterbury
rd, Petm.
Bird, G. It.. 66 Bullanaming st, Rfn.
Bird, G. W., Tho Aviary, Stanmoro rd.
Bird, George, carpenter, Denlson st
Bird, H. C, wlno and spirit merchant,
4 Ada Villas terrace, MoDtn,
Bird, II. S. and Co., wine and spirit
merchants, 1 Mncquario pi
Bird, Henry, Francis st, Rkwd.
Bird, Henry, John st, Ash.
Bird, Jamoi, carpenter, 21 Bullanaming st, Rfn.
Bird, James, grocer, High Holborn st
Bird, John, 342 Bourke st
Bird, John, 2 Broughton st, Glebe
Bird, John, Old llobln Hood lutet,
Vlckery st, Wav.
Bird, John, 4 Victoria pi
Bird. J. II., Little Underwood st, Pdtn.
Bird. Joseph, Catherine st, Lcdt.
Bird, Margaret, Denlson st, Wav.
Bird, Mary A.. 163 Morehoad st, Rfn.
Bird, Mrs.. 38 Day st
Bird, Mrs. S. K., Margrave st, Pdtn.
Bird, Samuel, 62 Ttfylor st
Bird, William, 170 Cumberland st
Bird, WlHiarn II., Windsor ft, Pdtn.
Birons. Mrs., 6 Washington st
Rirham, —, [lirrell st, Wav.
Hlrk. Harry, Church st, Pmatta.
Blrkbv. Ilcnj.Tiiln, 3 St. Aubyn'B terraco, Uollly si, St. L.
Birkenhead, Alfred, dnpor, Church
s , Pmatta.
Birkonhoad. Mrs. 11., 676 Bourko st
Birkenshaw, William, vanproprietor,
101 Globe rd. Glebe
Birker, —, Glebo st. Pdtn.
Blrkott, —, Evelyn house, Stanmoro
rd, Petm.
Birkett, J„ boiler-maker, Clayton st,
Birkett, J, A., son., Onrncr's av, Mar.
Birkett, John, Marrickvillo rd, Alar.
Birkhcrt, Richard, 60 Pino st
Birkin, Georgo, 00 George st. Wtloo.
Birkmyre, William N„ Clifton, Glenmoro rd. Pdtn.
Birkmyre, Hy. A., contractor, Liverpool st
Birkree. William, 86 Harvey st
Birks, Thomas, builder, 334 Upper
Brougham st
Blrks. Thomas, 324 Victoria st
Birmingham club—Keyts, W. K.,
secretary, 201 Pitt st
Birmingham, F. W., civil engineer and
surveyor, Church st, Pmatta.
Blrminghn n, Thomas, baker, Llttlo
Napier st, Pdtn.
Birmingham, Win, 00 Walker st, Rfn,
Birrcll, Alexander, draper, 6 Harbourview terrace, Coscado st, Pdtn.
Birrcll, Alexander, 7 Alpha terrace,
Parklmm st
Birt, J., bricklayer, 64 Hugo st, Rfn.
Birt, John, 08 Surry st
Birt, E , draiier, May st. St. P.
Birtlos, George, butcher, Now South
Head rd, Pdtn.
Blschoff, Joseph, photographer, Albert
st, Petm.
Blsohoff, William, Bennott st, Wav.
Bishop and Smith (Edward Bishop and
Frederick Smith). London coffee
tavern,604 George st
Bishop, —, Cameron st, Bah
Bishop, —, 108 Chippen Bt
Bishop, A., coffecrooms, 303 Kent st
Bishop, Albert G., com. traveller,
Neville st, Mar.
Bishop, Mrs. Ann, grocer, 116 Harbour st
Bishop, A„ bootmaker, 366 King st
Bishop, A. E., tobacconist, 466 King st
B I S H O P , D . T , boarding establish,
ineiit, Old Government house,
Farramatta park, Pmatta.
Bishop, Edward, cabproprictor, 600
Jones st
Bishop, Edwin, cabproprietor, 20
Campbell st, Ntwn.
Bishop, Georgo, carpenter, 0 Ross st,
Bishop, George, ironmonger, Liuichills, Grove st, Whra.
Bishop, George, survoyor, St. Mark's
st, Rwk.
Bishop, George, surveyor, 130 Pitt Bt
Bishop, George, 0 Hallway pi
Bish ip, J,Aiuuirn
Bishop, J., ohoraist, Darling st, Bal.
Bishop, J. W., b lotniaker, 0 Exetor pi
Bishop, J„ carpenter, Thomas st, Ash.
Blslmp, John, 42 Pitt st, Wtloo.
Bishop, J., asphalter, 1 Adelaide st
Bishop, Moses, Cirpunter, Botany rd,
Bishop, Samuel, 66 Holt st
Bishop, Saul, Glassop st, Bal,
Bishop, Stephen, master-mariner,
Millions st. Bal.
Bishop, Thomas E„ property agent,
Uurwood rd, Bur.
Bishop, W„ carpenter, Chapel st, Can.
Bishop,William, pianoforte-tuner, 0
Wollesley terraco, Elizabeth Bt,
Bishop, William, farinor, Lane Cove
nl, Hyde.
Bishop, William, Chapel st, Can.
BHiop, William, 2 Union st
Bishop, William G., painter, 61 Gottenham st, Glebe
Bishop, W. G., 134 Mitchell st, Globe
Bishop, William S., printer, Susannah
st. Vic.
Blshopp, William, 48 Cleveland st
Bishton, D., 1 Symon's buildings,
Campbell st
Bishton, William, mouldor, 01 Brougham st, Glebe
Bislkcr, James, frenchpolisher, 31
Klppax st
Bismiro. Alfred T., upliolsterer, 200
Hereford st, Glebo
Blss, Miss M., j:i0 Oxford st, Pdtn.
Bi-sillier. James, engineer, Grosvenor
st, Bur.
Blssall, J., painter, 318 Up.
Bisselt, James, Punch st, Bal.
Blssett, J. O., post ami telegraph clerk,
Hallway station, llkwd.
Bitten, J o s p , 34 Woodburn st, Rfn.
Bivcr, Joseph, Norton st, Lcdt.
Blauk & Galway, sailmakcrs, Wharf Bt
Black Jack Mundio Co.—Hale, T. H ,
manager, 42 Sydney uremic
Black, Helen and Elizabeth—ladles
Belli., Perth hso, Geo. st, Pmatta.
Black, —, 60 O'Connor st
Black, A. B., fuel merchant, Pier st
Black, Adam, 16 Napoleon st
Black, Alex, contractor, 71 Boundary
st, Wtloo.
Black, Alexander, 6 off 312 Sussex st
Black, Andrew, harness-maker, Farramatta rd, Petm.
Black, C. S., sailmahcr, Rountrce st,
Black, Charles, bootmaker, 1 Beaumont st, Wtloo.
Black, Cbas, 32 Botany st, Wtloo.
Black, Edward, coachpainter, off 107
Botany rd, Wtloo.
Black, George, 46 Campbell st, Ntwn.
Black, Georgo, 60 Stanley st
Black, H. O., Preston cottage, Brighton
st, Petm.
Blaok, J. W., storekeeper, Maltlaud st
Black, James, 222 Bourke st
Black, J.,storekeeper, McKcuziest.Bal.
Black, James, Stewart St. Pdtn.
Black, John, carpenter, E Iwinst, Ash.
Black, J., builder, Golden Grove st,
Black, J„ oyster saloon, 83 Regent st,
Black, John. 211 Sarah Ann st
Black, Mrs,, boarding es'ablishment,
111 Clarence st
Black, Mrs., Macquarie st, Pmatta.
Black, Mrs, Vloletbank, Railway st,
Blaok, Morrice A„ Villa a Este.South
Head rd, W. Bay
Black, Petor, Ileus*, st, Bal.
Black, Reginald, M.L.A, Travoleyn,
Ynrranaboe rd, Whra
Black, it., plumber, 8 Schlmcl st,
Black. T , produco merchant, 62 Harbour s t ; ]>. r., Queen st, Ash.
Blaok, T , blacksmith, 114 Regent st,
Black, William, clerk, William st, Vic.
Black, Wm., paintor, Beattio st, Bal.
Black, William, 48 Newtown rd
Blackadil»r, James, engineer. 71 Fig st
chemists and dru .'gists, Hunter st,
Blackall, Mrs. C , 12 Napoleon st
Blackall, liny, brickmaker, Collins st,
Blackbourn, 11., South Head rd, W. Bay
Blackburn and Co, wholesale saddlers
and ead-llers' ironmongers, 126
York st
Blackburn, Mrs. A , 0 Nilson st, Ntwn.
Blackburn, Klzth, 252 Devonshire st
Blackburn, G, Red Lion st, Bal.
Blackburn, Houry, plasterer, Hawkon
st, Ntwn.
Blackburn, Henry, plasterer, Laura st,
Blackburn, John. 4 Blaekburn st
Blackburn, M, Mansfield st, Olebo
Blackburn, William, 3 Chambers st
Blackburn, William, 107 Crown st
Blnckbuin, W , Point Piper rd, Pdtn.
Blackburnc, J., Gardeners lane, Bot.
Blacker, John, bricklayer, Old
Canterbury rd, Petm.
Blackor, Mrs, 303 Castlcreagh st
Blackor, W„ undertaker, 0 Johnson In
B L A O K E T B R O T H E R S (Cyril
nnd Arthur), architects, 2nd floor
Commercial chambers, Bond st
Blacket, A , Glenbrook, Queen st, Ash.
Blackct, Cyril, Casula, Liverpool
Blncket, Mrs, 43 Wellington st,Ntwn.
Blacket, Owen C , Victoria sq, Ash.
Blackett and Co, civil engineers, 70
Clarence st
Blaokctt and Co, ironfounders,
.Sugarhouse rd, Can.
Blaokctt, Alcxaudor, Clarke's Family
hotel, Moncur st, Whra.
Blackett, Alfred, carpenter, 125 Globo
Bt, Globe
Blackford, David, tailor, 14 Misseuden
rd, Ntwn.
Blackham, A , Red Lion st, Bal.
Blackham, James, Church st, Ash.
Blackham, Robert, sen. South Head
rd, W. Bay
Blackie, Klizahoth. 140 George st, Rfn.
Blaokie, J , Little Pitzroy st, St. L , E.
Blackie, P , engineer, 80 Albion st
Blackie, William, gilder, 90 Gipps st
Blackhr, Bridget, Foitrrrilh hotel, 116
Macquarie st S.
Blackmail, Charles, architect, Johnston st, Lcdt.
Blackmail, James, Stanmoro terrace,
F"theringham st, Mar.
BluoUman. J , 338 Upper Brougham at
Blackiuan, John, bricklayer, Wyndhain st, Alxa.
Blackmail, Mrs, Itetreit cottage, 86
Wilson st, Ntwn.
Blackman, It. H , 62 Fitzroy st
Blackmail, William Fawcett st, Bal.
(C. 11. 14. Blackmaun, Vainoy
Parkes), architects, 376 Georgo at
Blackmoro, Charles A , fancy goods
shop, ISnmoro rd, Ntwn.
Blackmnrc, E , Winona, P*ddington
st, Pdtn.
Blackmore, Edward, tutor, 20 Wentworth court, Elizabeth st .
Blackui'ire, G , draper, 1110 Harris st
Blackmore, Henry, 12 Hart st
Blackmore, J , printer, Graham st, Bal.
Blackmore, John, 11 Marshall st
Blackmore, Mrs. M„ privato boarding
establishment, 223 Elizabeth Bt
Blackmoro, Mrs, Belmont, Boulevard
(The), Petm.
Blackmore, Mrs, 344 Victoria st
Blackmore, Samuel F , solicitor, 66
Sydney arcado ; p. r. Wetherill Bt,
Blackmoro, William, 66 Gloucester Bt
Blackshaw, Charles, 36 Wattle st
Blackston Brothers, Importers and
jewellers, 181 Bourke st
Blackstimc, John, 160 I'itt st, Rfn.
Blackstonc, Josp, 03 Denlson st, Ntwn.
Blackley, Mrs. A , Fennell st, Pmatta.
Blaokwcll, Harry, tobacconist, Farramatta rd, Petm.
Blaokwell, John, 10 Ultimo st
Black well, Mrs, Haiinam st, Bot.
Blackwcll, Mrs, Wellington st, Bal.
Blnckwoll, Jlrs, market gardener,
Wolli st, Bot.
Blackwcll, Stephen J , grocer, 18 High
Holborn st
Blackwood, Fanny, boarding establishmeut, 363 Cleveland Bt, llfn.
Blnckwood, James, engineer, 160
Harris Bt
Blackwood, L , engineors' ironmonger,
46 Sussoxst
Blackwood. O. W , Nowraniest, Ash.
Bladen, E , wharfinger, Moorc'B rd
Bladen, H, butcher, 70 Turner st, Rfn.
Bladon, W. G , chemist, Church Bt,
Bladwell, Joseph, builder, 26 Gottcnham at, Glebo
Blain, Daulol, Marsdon st, Pmatta.
Blain, John, Oatloyrd, Pdtn.
Blain, Susan, tailorcss, oil 13 Botany
st, Wtloo.
Blain, Thomas A , clerk, Bond lane,
Sussex st
Blaine, Anthony, 40 Rogent st
LAST QUINQUENNIUM, £8 16s. per cent.,
B L A I R , C A M E R O N A N D CO. Blakoncy, Patk., butcher, Carlisle st,
Blaxland,Chas., J.P., Cleaves, Dclango
(Archibald Blair, Ewcn Cameron),
flour merchants, 347 Kent at
Blakeney, Patrick, Excolslor st, Lcdt. Blaxland, Goorgo G., accountant,
Blair, A., Runi»ey st, B»l.
Biakcr, S., plasterer, 46 Wellington st,
Lanthas, Emu st, Bur.
Blair, Alex. T., builder, Livingstone st,
Blaxland, J. G., Lands department,
Blake well, J., Dixon st, Pmatta.
Doonbah, Drummoync st, H. Hill
Blair, Archio, honrding establishment, Blakoy, James, boot factory, 00-02
Blax and, Mrs., Church st. Rydo
8 Georgo st
Bullanaming st, Rfn.
Blay, II. B., englncor, Dcnison rd,
Blair, Archibald, W., miller, Poarson Blakey, J., fruiterer, Boudi rd, Wav.
st, Bal.
Blakey, John, 35 Roso st, Dar.
Blay, II., engineer, Yulo st, Potm.
Blair, D., miller, 29 Cloveland st, Rfn. Blakey, Robert, Paddington st, Pdtn.
Blaydcn, Miss, 205 Victoria st
Blair, Ellen, 204 Crown 8t
Blakney, Stephen, plasterer, 46 WelBlaydes, R., draper, 68 Stanloy st
Dlalr, F., lirUtol armi, 81 Sussex st
lington st, Ntwn.
Blaydon, W., 106 Missonden rd, Camp.
Blair, James, builder, 331 Bourke st
Blarney, John, blacksmith, Toogood it, Bleach, W. H., piano-tuner. Regent st,
Blair, James E., Blair's hotel, 249
Kent st
Blarney, Louis R., builder, Lymerstono BIcakloy, G., carpenter, Bondi rd, Wav.
Blair, Mrs. Mary, G48 Ilarris st
St., St. P.
Blcaklcy, Mrs., Bondl rd, Wav.
Blair, Mrs., 1U3 Botany st
Blarney, Thomas, bootmaker, Emma Bloncowo, B. R„ Glen Nairno, CamBlair, P., saddler, 274 Castloreagh ut
terrace, Smith st, Mar.
bridge st, Ntwn.
Blair, Robert, 18 Gordon st
Blamlrc, Alox., Dunstaffno st, Can.
Blestowo, Mrs., drossmaker, Darling
Blair, Itobort, Ilarwood at
Biamlro, A., Bcoconsfleld st, Can.
Bt, Bal.
Blair, S.. builder, Mnrrlckvillo rd, Mar. Blamiro, J., house and land agent,
Bllgh, —, Fitzroy st, Mar.
Blair, Thomas, Sutherland st, Pdtn.
Palace st, Petal. (Sco nilvt.)
Bllgh, H. H.. Alderman, Fitzroy st,
Blair, W., grocer, Arthur st, Pdtn.
Blamirc, John, brick manufacturer,
St. L„ E.
Blair, William, Glebe st, Pdtn.
Bcacnnsficld st, Can.
Bllgh, Mrs., John st, Ash.
Blair, William, Ardgowan, Ocean st, Blamlre, Richard, Criiian st, Can,
Bligli, it. R., auctioneer, 124 Pitt st
Blamiro, Richard, Dunstaffno st, Can. Bllgh, W. II., Londgdown, Kissing
Blake, Francis A. and Co., wino and Blamlres, T., butcher, 106 Quarry st
Point rd, Pmatta.
spirit merchants, 30 O'Conncll st
Blanco, Jas., blindmaker, 9 Broughton Blight, Wnlters, carpenter, Auckland
Blako, Charlos. 2 Pino st
st, Glebo
st, Alxa.
Blake, Edwd., 'buspropriotor, Woniora, Blanco, .Tames, Murray st
Blimni, Karl, fruit and wino shop,
Blanch, Arthur, lln Princes st
87 Kent st
Blake, Francis, Trine merchant, Morton, Blanch, Honry M., 37 Wellington st, Bilnkhorn, John, 62 O'Conner st
Wnllisst, Whra.
Bllnkhorn, John, ironturner, WyndBlako, George, commission agent, 27 Blanchard, Andrew, englncor, IS
ham st, Alxa,
Bourku st, llfii.
Macquarie st S.
Bliss, William and Son.woollon manuBlako, Harry, Margaret st, Pctm.
Blanchard, Charles, tailor, Excolsior
facturers, 50 Clarence st
Blako, Johanna, 4 Bowman st
st. Lcdt
Bliss, George, butchor, Beattio st, Bal.
Blake, John, bricklayer, Sydney st, Blanchard, nenry, finisher, Renwick
BIIBS, Georgo T., 307 Bourko st
st, Lcdt.
Blix, Captain C. G. F„ Rosendnhl,
Blake, John, 105 Harbour st
Blanchard, Julian T., superintendent
Mossman's bay, St. L.
Blako, John, -I5B Oxford st, Pdtn.
ordnance offices 138 Georgo s t ; Blizard, William, Raglan st, Alxa.
B L A K E , J O H N H . , architect and
p.r., Oxford st, Pdtn.
B L I Z Z A R D , A L F R E D H . , houso
building surveyor, 63 Royal
Blanchard, Mark, tailor, 162 Misicnden
and laud agent, 67 Sydney nrcado
rd, Camp.
Blizzard, J., brick manufacturer, DavlB
Blako, John H., architect, 152 Devon- Blanchard, Robert, Francis st, Wav.
•st and Tobbut st, Lcdt.
shire st
Blanchard, William, 91 Devonshire st
Blockhuys. Jean and Co. (E. J. BlockBlake. Joseph, carpenter, Iiabclln Blanchitrd. John, grocer, 103 Cowpor
huys, P. Mednoto), wool brokers
st, Wav.
st, Glebe
and general agents, 80 Sussex st
Blake, Joseph J., bootmaker, Garden Bland, —, 009 Bourke st
Blols, Edmond, greengrocer, 32 Queen
st, Alxa.
Bland, A., grocer. Darling st, Bal.
st, Whra.
Blake, Louise, 168 George st, Rfn.
Bland,Francis, printer, Wcstst.Petm. Bloon, Charles, glassworker, Rainbow
Blako, M. O. a . Alladalo, Old Cantor- Bland, Grace, dealer, 837 George st
st, Bot.
bury rd, Petal.
Bland, H., engineer, Smith st, Ash.
Blom, Margaret, Walter st, Lcdt.
Blake, Mrs., Church st, n . Hill
Bland, John, fuel merchant, Factory st Bloomficld and Dickson (A. G. BloomBlake, Mrs., grocer, 42 Day st
Bland, John, carpenter, 1 Ormond
Ucld, D. P. Dickson), land agents,
Blake, Mrs., Mansfield st, Bal.
terrace, 98 Mlssendon rd, Camp.
139 Pitt st
Blake, Mrs.. Western rd, Pmatta.
Bland, J., tanner, 132 Young st. Rfn.
Blomtleld, A. G., Dagworth, 112 ElizaBlake, Peter, Felton st, St. L., E.
Bland. Mathcw, fuel merchant, 166
beth Bay rd
Blake, Richard, carpenter, Marsdcn
Eveloigh st, Rfn.
Blomtleld, Mathcw, Woolicich l'itr
st, Pmatta.
Bland, Mnthew, Crystal st.l'ctm.
hotel, dale st, H. Hill
Blake, Robert, Pnrk rd, St. P.
Bland, Thomas, 1 Susan st, Ntwn.
Blomgron, J. nnd Sons, watchmakers,
Bloke, Sam., Littlo Fitzroy st,St.L.,E. Bland, Thomas G., watchmaker,
219 Elizabeth st
Blake, Thomas, tinsmith,2 Clydo st
Llewellyn st, Bal.
Bloom, Thomas, 64 Bowman st
Blake, William, bricklayer, 100 Regent Blanc, John, 102 Quarry st
Bloomer, Mrs.S., Gordon st, Pdtn.
st, Camp.
Blancy, Georgo, cabpropriotor, 34 Bloomficld, C. W., accountant, ErskiueBlake, William, sen., contractor and
Sarah Ann st
villo rd, McDtn.
quarry-owner, Woniora, Bot.
Blancy. Mrs. M., Paddington st, Pdtn. ,.Bloomficld, Charles, master-drover,
Blake, Win., 'busproprietor, Woaiora, Blanks, George, 3G Terminus st
Hammersmith rd, Hbsb.
Blnnksby, Ilcv. James, 16 Junction st, Bloomlleld, C, 26 Denison st, Whra.
Blako. William, Roseby st, Lcdt.
Bloomfiuld, Frederick, vnnpropiictor,
Blakcley, Thomas M, 21 Goold st
Mackenzie st, Lcdt.
Blanse, John, 146 Woolloomooloo st
Blakelcy, William, fuel merchant, 28
Bloomficld, Fred, St. John's st, Pctm.
Blashkl, Joel, 38 Wexford st
ItoaB st, Glebe
Pyrmont bridge rd
Blncltford, Win., 128 Regent st, Camp. Bloomlleld. J.,
M., 108 Mltchcllst, Glebo
Blakeman, Fred., plumber, Susannah
Blattraan, Miss, Yolvcrton st, St. P.
lime merchant
st.VicBlattman, John, George st, St. P.
and Importer of building mateDlakemore, J., 119 Donlson st. Camp.
rials, 15 Regentst
Blau, A., jeweller,-9 Hunter st
Bloomflold, Mrs. H., 406 Oxford st,
Bloomficld. Samuel, Chapel st, Mar.
Bloomlleld, Thomas, Woldon cottage,
Dcnison st, Win a.
Bloomflold, William, Caldcr st, Mar.
Blount, Mrs., 174 Elizabeth st
Blow and McllMar (Thomas Blow,
Thomas Mclllday), produce
agonts, 199-206 Sussex st
Blow, Alfred, nomo Croft, Windsor
rd, Petm.
Blow, Joseph, warehouseman, Bent st,
Bloxidgc, John, tinsmith, 28 Essox st
Bloxsomc, Oswald, sen., Tbo Ranges,
Mossman's bay, St. L.
Bloxsomo, Oswald, 05 Pitt st
Blue Broi., lightermen, 7 Lottus t t
Bluo, Emily, I Little Upton st
Blue, Ernest, lighterman. Bank st, V i c
Bluo, J . J., stonemiisou, Union st, Vio.
Bluo, John, lighterman, 1 Philip
terrace, Union st, Vio.
Bluo, S., lighterman, Union st, Vie.
Bluett, J., engineer, 437-439 Kent st
Bluhdorn, Catherine, 12 Francis st
Blum, Henry, 12 Wcntworth st
Biume, Mary A., 22 John st, Camp.
Blumcuthal, N., 1.1 College st, Camp.
Blumsom, Thomas cabinet-maker,
Aboicromblo st, Rfn.
Blundel, James. CSCninpnoll It, Ntwn.
Blundcll, Alfred, plumbor, 1 Vesey st,
Blnndoll, Alfred, plumber, Wyndham
st, Alxa.
Blundcll, George, contractor, Roso st,
Blundull, Henry, 80 College st, Camp.
Blundcll, Thomas, Albert st, Mar.
Blundell, Thomas, 709 Bourk» st
Blundell, William II., enrponter,
Phillip st, Pmatta.
Blund-n, Mrs., Argyle cottage, Braost
Blundlo, William, 2 Gladstono st
Blunsum, Edward and Co., house and
estate agents, Ctiango alley, 4 P i t t
Blunsum, Edward, commission agent,
Fcrndale, Trclawney st, Whra.
Blunt, Edward, 48 Bay st
Blunt, V. C, builder, Garner'snv, Mar.
Blunt, Fred., builder, Emily st, Mar.
Blunt, Georgo. contractor, Corporation
wharf, Blue's Point rd, Vic.
Blunt, G. L., builder. Calvert st, Mnr.
Blunt. Georgo, brick manufacturer,
Lane Cove rd, N. Why.
Blush, Mrs., 3 Alexander pi
Blyth, Andrew, Camoron St., Pdtn.
Blyth, Arthur, schoolmaster, 28
Regent st, Ntwn.
Blyth, D., clerk. 06 Darling st, Globo
Blyth, William T., stonemason, 07
Cowpor st, Globe
Ely the, A., carpenter, Francis st, Lcdt.
Blythc, Benjamin, tinsmith, Falconer
st, St. L„ E.
Boaden, Captain Richard, Flores,
Edwin st, Ash.
Boag, W., bak«r, 81 Evclclgh st, Rfn.
Boakc, Barcroft C, 488 George s t ;
p.r., French's rd, N. Wby.
Board of Hamburg Underwriters—
ltabone, Fecz and Co., agents,
42 Pitt st
Board of Health—Sugar, Edmund,
secretary, 127 Macquarie at
Board of Technical Education, 129
Phillip st
Board, —, Church st, Pmatta.
Board, —, Wigram at, Pmatta.
Board, Alfrad J., saddler, 98 Elizabeth
st, Wtloo.
Board, Arthur S.. draftsman, Botany
st, Wav.
Board, Edwin, Artlett st, Pdtn.
Board. George R„ fancy goods shop,
803 King st, Ntwn.
Board, Gregory, 42 Brlsbano st
Board, H., J., Bluo's Point rd, Vio.
Board, Matilda, Old South Head rd
Board, T. A., accountant, 4 Bligli st
Boardman, Mrs., Agenoria cottage,
Railway st, Rdm.
Boardman, Thomas, engineer, Sarah
st, Ntwn.
Boarcr, George, carpenter, Ohio cottage, Silver st, Mar.
Beoslcy, George, 7 Wcntworth In
Boag, II., onginoer, Avoca st, Rwk.
Bohardt, John, draftsman, 8 Bllgh st
Bobarg, Randolph, builder, 74 Botany
st, Wtloo.
Bock, Arthur, butcher, Mount st, Vio.
Bock, Ferdinand, casemakcr, 12 Campbell st, Globo
Bookman, C. M., ongincer, Bannister
Bode, Catherine M., tobacconist, 210
Goorgr st
Bode, Mrs., Mount st, St. L., E.
Bodily, S., upholateror, 643 Harris st
Bodon, Charles, 77 Polot st, Pyrmont
Bodcn, J., engineer, Carlton Bt, Rwk.
Bodon, William, Glenmore rd, Pdtn.
Bodlo, Mathcw, 0 Littlo Elizabeth st
Bodison. O., carpenter, Edith st, Lcdt.
Bodln, Louis, hnlrdrciscr, 122 Darghan
st, Globo
Bodman, Henry, 19 Frederick st
Boekcmann, A., watchmaker. 300
George st
Bocsen, T„ 61 Upper William st S.
Bocsser, Mrs., 3 Hastings terrace,
Nixon st
Boetman, A., jeweller, South st, Whra.
Bogan, Bernard, 80 Campbell st,Ntwn.
Bogan, James, mastcr-mnrlner, 116
Georgo st. Wtloo.
Bogen, —, clerk. Rocky Point rd, Bot.
Boges, Henry, painter, Phillip st. Bal,
Boggls, Edward, draper, Harrington
at., Mar.
Boggls, Edward, 13 Francia st
Bogie, Mrs., Glenvillo, Flood st, Wav.
Bogie, William II., avorago stater, 19
Uridgo s t ; p. r., Nelson st, Lcdt.
Bogin, James, Garden fit, Alxa.
Bogle. A., hairdresser, Darling st, Bal.
Bogle, John, muiic-tcacher, 3 Alma
at, D»r.
Boguc, Geo., shipwright, 6 Brougham
st, Glebe
Bogus, Joseph, blacksmith, Botany
rd, Bot.
Bogus, Thomas, Lano Cove rd, Ryde
Bolian, .Mrs. Earah, Tradesmun'sarmt,
409 Oxford st, Pdtn.
Bohlscn, Henry, tullor, 70 Druitt st
Bohrsmann, M. C, 114 Botany st
Bolsser, Erneft, Cross st, Whra
Bolvln, Madame C, milliner and
dressmaker, 52 Margnrct st
Boiz, William, ongincor, 4 Wollosley
terrace, Elizabe'h st, Wtloo.
Boland, Mrs. Ellen, Warrenview hotel,
Stanmore rd, Mar.
Boland, J., Old Prospect rd, Prapt.
anil Shcr.
Boland, John, Champion of Freedom
hotel. 91 Bourke st
Boland, Patrick, 10 Sarah Ann st
Boldon, Robert F., bookbinder,
Excelsior st, Lclt.
Bolden, William, carpenter, Elawiok
st, Lcdt.
Bole, John, 10 Mary st, Wtloo.
Boler, W., dairyman, 81 Boundary st,
Bolerg, E., plumber, 7 Ccntro st, Rfn.
Boles, James, draftsman, Now
Canterbury rd, Petersham
Bolger, S. F., Tramway Intel, 68-70
Wexford st
Bolger, Simon F., Elswlck st, Lodt.
Bolger, Theophilus H., Wharreston
bouse, 406 Castlcreagh st
Bolger, Tlios. M., produoo merchant,
9 Parramatta rd, Glebo
Bolin, G., carpenter, 283 Elizabeth s t
Bolin; George, plumbor, 16J Littlo
Macquarie st
Bolson, George, tailor, 389 Oxford Bt,
(Jnmes II. Bolster, J. E. Justelius), architects, 86 Pitt st
Bolster, James, Osborno house, Railway st, Potm.
Bolt, George, 26 Regent st
Bolt, Samuel, stonemason, 18 Bedford!
st, Ntwn.
Bolt, Mrs. Sarah, 63 John st
Bolton, B., Pacific hotel, Stephen st,
Bolton, Charles, stonemason, Georgo
st, McDtn.
Bolton, Charles, Bungay a*, Lcdt.
Bolton, Charles, glass-maufacturer,
Wnllis st, Whra.
Bolton, Edward, 11 Roschlll at, Rfn.
Bolton, George, builder, 76 Boundary
st, Wtloo.
Bolton, George, carpenter nnd builder,
Douglas st, Rfn.
Bolton, G., 22 Hamsnn st, Ultimo
Bolton, George, 6 Ada st
Bolton, Henry, Chaplin st
Bolton, J. H., 4 Boundary st
Bolton, John, Cbalford terraco, Old
South Head rd, Whra.
Bolton, John, pattern-maker, 19 Maoquaric st S.
Bolton, Win, 97 Campbell st, Ntwn.
Bolton, William, 36 Irving st, Wtloo.
Bolton, W., 43 Morehcad st, Wtloo.
Bolus, E., suddlcr, Darling st, Bal.
Bolus, George, saddler, Union st, Bal.
Boni, Bartlo, stonemason, 68 Queen
st, Glebe
Bonamy, George, station-master,
Hercules st, Ash.
Bonamy, T. F., Darlington st, Dnr.
Bonry, Geo. R., 68 Pyrmont Bridge
rd, Glebo
... „
Bond, A., fanner, Canterbury rd, Can.
Bond, Albert, architect, 131 Pitt st
Bond, Mrs. Amelia, 8 Argyle st
Bond, C. 13., com. agent, 14 Park rd
Bond, C. B„ commission merchant, 96
Sussex st
OR £1 15s. per cent, pep annum ON SUM ASSURED.
Bon I, Charles, tailor, 2S7 Georgo st
Boon, David, Wharf rd, Cond.
Booth, S., Young st, Prspt. and Shor.
Boml, F. II., Lota, Ooonn st, Wlira.
Boon, Ficd., 20 Elizabeth st, Wtloo.
Booth, Samuel J., engineer, 41 Ferry
Bond, Honry, Bnndvillo, Elizalxsth
Boon, Mr'.. Princes fct, Bal.
rd, Glebo
Day rd
Boon, Richard, boiling down ostab- ^ Booth. Thomas, commission agent, 18
Boml, Henry, 111 Fitzroy st
lishmcnt, Church st. Bot.
* v Bout st, Pdtn.
Bon'l, Jnnies, 31 Burlington ft
Boon, Thomas, batcher, Weston st, Bal. Bubth, Thomas. 33 Glebe st, Globo
Bond, James, llomrbush id, Hbsh.
Boon. Thomas, butcher, Wlthycombo
Booth, Thomas, 2 Little Smith st
Bond J., farmer, Canterbury rd, (.'an.
st, Bal.
Booth, Thos. G„ Good Hope st, Pdtn.
Bond. John, couchbulldor, 27 Forndalo Boon, T„ Gallaway st, Pmatta
Booth, Win., bootmaker, 108 lUley st
Bt. Ntwn.
Boon. S. cabinet-maker, Penkivil st,
Booth, William, Blackwall Point rd,
Bond, Nicholas, Carter st, Bal.
F. Dk.
Boml, Itobt., cooper, 100 Devonshire st Boon, W„ biitchor, Weston st, Bal.
Booth, William, 124 Palmer st
Bond, Itolwrt, Thome st. Pdtli.
Boon, V., pattern-maker, 42 Douglas st, Booth, William, 1 St. IVtersst
Bond, Thos. W., tailor, 70 Dowliug st,
Booth, William If., cabinet-maker, 06
B O O R E A N D LONG, (D. Boore,
Eugeno i>t
Bond, William, Ca/ildin Coot hotel,
G. uong), printers and account- Bootha and Co., grocers, Henderson
33 Kent st
book-makers. 36-37 Market st
id, Alxa.
Boml. William, plasterer, Llttlo
Booro, B., printer, Rao st, ltwk.
Boots, Charles and Co., livery stables
Edward st, Bal.
Boore, Ato. S., Alfred st, St. L., E.
King nt, Ntwn.
Bond, Win.. Ashton, Fi-ihor st, Fetm.
Boore, Mrs. Sarah, Darling st, Bal.
Boots, A., Hallway rd, St. P.
Bono, Andrew J. S.. 226 Crown rd
Boormau, Alfred, pdutcr, 3 Cascade Boots. Charles, Imllderaud undertaker,
Bono, Harry, Paddimfton In, Piltn.
terrace. Cascade st, Piltn.
12 Mordant st and King st,
Bono, John. 40 Broughton st, Globo
BOOTH A N D 0 0 . (JOHN), timNtwn.
Bone Mr*., 33 Dorwent st, Glebe
ber merchants and sawmills, 3 Boots. James, May st, Ntwn.
Bono, Robert, printer, Dulwlch grove,
Wharf st; head olllce, Bal. (.Seo Boots, John, greengrocer, 6S0 King
Wardell rd, Mar.
st. Ntwn.
Bono, Robert, printer and publisher, Booth. Abraham, Atholo cottago, _,
Boots. Wm., 27 Elizabeth st, Camp.
Hoylu's chambers, Bond st
Maria st, Mar.
Booty. E. W., Ualmorol cottogo,
Bom s, Henry, Ml Crown st
Booth, 0 ithcrliio, laundress, S3 LiverGeorgo Bt, Bur.
Bones, Mrs., 241 Bourke st
pool st
Booty, Georglna, 45 Stanloy st
Bono.!. William H., 49 George st, Hfn. Booth, Catherine GO Washington st
Booty, John J., bank manager, PlnbsBonflcl I, F„ ilraper, Hargravo st, Pdtn. Booth, Charles, turner, Palmer st, Bal.
borough, Upper Bayrlow st, Vic.
Bonger, Gilbert, seedsman, Church st, Booth, Charles, bloan nt, Ntwn.
Booty, P. H„ Botho's buildings, CamI'matt i.
Booth, D„ weaver, William st, Ash.
den Bt, Ntwn.
Bonn iinnn. Mrs. S irah, 0 Short st
Booth, Ellen, 41 Sarah Ann st
Borchardt, W. nnd Co., watchmakers
Bonnard. Henry, 473 Dowllng st
Booth, G., Stephen st, Hal.
mid jewellers, 728 Georgo st
Bouucfln A., Falcon st, St. L.
Booth, Georg.-, Old Prospect rd,
Borclmrdt, Nathan, watchmaker, 160
Bonner, —, carpenter, Macilounld st,
I'rspt. and Slier.
Glebo rd. Glebe
Booth. Henry, Garden st, Alxa,
Bordcl, Louis, tailor. 6 Campbell st,
Bonner, Elizaboth, Day st, Lcdt.
Booth, Isaac, Castle st, Pinatui.
Bonner, Georgo, carpenter, Gnmbotta Booth, Isaac, 16 Yunuig nt
Bordwln. J., gasflttor, 31 Newman st,
terrace, Edwin st, Ash.
Booth. J., wheelwright, Hunter st,
Bounor, Georgo H., boiler-innkor,
Boroham, George, Caldor rd, Hfn.
4U Caroline st, Itfn.
Booth, J., Clapham rise, St. L., E.
Borgnis, Thomas, 17 Norman st
Bonner, Henry, wharfinger, 15 Mar- Booth. James, Old Prospect rd, Prspt. Borgogonl, James, Hnrgravc st, Pdtn.
garet In
nnd Slier.
Borig, Georue, stoncmuson, Burn's
Bonner, James, ironmouldor, Kent st, Booth, James, Prospect st, McDtn.
Bay rd, N. Why.
Booth, Jnmc*, Young st, Lcdt,
Borig, H. A., bootmakor, West it,
Bonuor, Hubert G., Early st, Praatta.
Booth, Jane, 35 Thomas st, Camp.
St. L.
Boinwr. William T., Thomas st, Mar,
Booth, John, livery stables keeper, 10 Borig, Henry, bootmaker, Burn's Bay
Bonnetts, II.. builder. Margaret at, Bal.
Bliirh st
rd, N. Why.
Boiniov and Hounding, auctioneers and Booth, John, timber merchant, Booth Borissow Bros, and Co. (represented
hotel brokers, 77 Market st
st, Bal.
by Dowhirst, W.), ( soft goods
Bonuey, A. E., auctioneer, 30 Welling- Booth, John, J.P.. timber merchant,
manufacturers, 1 Wyiiyard st
ton st, Ntwn.
Donnelly st, Bnl.
Bornian. Mrs., Georgo st, Pmatta.
Bonney, 0., Thonilcy, Ocean st, Whra. Booth, John, produce merchant, 463
Born, George, contractor, Wigram st
Bonney, E. A.., land surveyor, 12
Dowllng st
Weutworth court, Elizaboth st
Booth, John, sawyer. Flora st, McDtn. Bornstctlt, Peter, Church st, Pmntta,
Bonney, Ernest.surveyor, Woolwich rd, Booth, John, mayor Prspt. and Sher.
Bernstein, Louis, tailor, 01 Market st
H. Hill
municipality, Old Prospect rd,
Bornst'/in, Solomon, pawnbroker, 40
Bonnor. Charles, 00 Rosohlll st, Itfn.
Prspt. and Shor.
Erskluo st
Bonny. —, auctioneer, 12 Wilton st
Booth, John, produce agent, 03-71
Borstol, Honry, Harwood l«no
'Bonuymau, J., blacksmith, Kognrnh,
Sussex st
Bortchic, Mrs., Beaconsfield cottages,
Booth, John, 33 Grose st, Glebo
Beaconflclil estate, Alxa.
Bonnyuian. Sarah, 0 Short st
Booth, John, Longdown st, Ntwn.
B O R T H W I O K , A., oil and colour
Bonser, S„ baker, 4 Erskluevillo tor- Booth, Jos., grocer, Falser st. II. Hill
man and plate-glass importer, 281
nico. Erskinevillc rd, McDtn.
Booth, Joseph, grocer, 208 Sussex st
mid 809 Gcor/jo st; p.r., 76 Pitt Bt,
Bonser, Thos., baker, 76 Campbell st
Booth, Joseph, storekeeper, Botany
Itfn. (See advt. opposito alphaBonwick, J., plasterer, Burlington st
rd, Bcaconsflold estate, Alxa.
betical section).
Bonwlck, J., Weutworth Park terrace, Booth, Mrs., Cook's River rd, St. P.
Borthwiok, Alexander, lookinglassJ0I103 s t
Booth, Mrs., Falcon st, St. L.
makcr, 114 Abercromblo st
Booker, Ge rgo, 400 Kont st'
Booth, Mrs., Foy st, Bal.
David, engineer, Datchctt
Booker, H., painter, 125 Dovonshlro st Booth, Mrs., boardinghouso, 261
st, Bnl.
Booker, W., carpenter, Sloan st, Ntwn.
Crown st
Booler, Thomas, 26 Gl bo st, Glebe
Booth, Robert. Publlo school teacher, Borthwiok, James, farmor,Trlvott's rd,
Boolor, Thos. F.. 14 Dorwent s , Globo
Perry st, Lcdt.
Boom, Gcori/e, Gallnway st, Pmatta,
Booth, Robert, Albert st, Praatta.
Borton, John, ironmonger, Olaremont,
Boom, William, Crown st, H. Hill
Booth, Itobcrt, Mnrstfen st, Pmatta.
Point Piper rd, Whra.
Bosch, Barthel and Co. (G. Bosh,
Emil Barthol), importcrsof watchmakers' materials. 138 Pitt st
Bozcnberg, 0.. bootmaker, Llvcrpl. st
Bosfmnun, John, draper, 72 Australia
st, Ntwn.
Boshea, Elizabeth, 100 Geo. st, Wtloo.
Boshell, Geo., Star hotel, 385 Sussex st
Boshiir, Henry. 13 Buckingham st
Bosnian, Robert, tailor, 39 Pino st
Bosnian, Itobcrt, 81) Buckingham st
Boss, Joseph, baker. 11 Lt. Brisbane st
Bostley, J., tinsmith, 43 O'Conuell st,
Bostoch, G., 27 Harwood st
Bostook, William, Dimtroon St., Can.
Boston Board of Underwriters—Laldley.Win. and Co.,agcnts, Exchange
buildings, Pitt st
Boston, 13., watchmaker, 220 King st,
Boston, E , ilrapor, Allison st, Hwk.
Boston, Elg., drnper, Honour st, Whra
Boston, W. W., ilorlst, Stanraoro rd,
Bosswi'll, Thos. W., 61 Morehead st,
Bosward Bros. (W. T. and W. G. Bosward), builders, 184 Sussex st
Boswoll, Thomas, 2 I rehire st, Ntwn
Boswlek, John, 131 Uourke st
Botany Council chambers, Rooky
Point rd
Botany Mechanics' School of Arts,
Botany rd. Bot.
Botany Public school, Banks meadow,
Botany rd
Botany Public school—Whitehead,
John E., houdmastor, Botany rd
Botnny Public school—Benson, S. J.
master. La Porouso
Botany Public school—Horllhy, John,
headmaster, Hooky Polntrd, Bot.
Bothnm. James, carpenter, Chnndos
Bt, St. L.
Bottoniley, Henry, 8 Macquario st S.
Both wick, Alexander, smelting works,
B 'tany rd, Alxa.
Bott. Benjamin, blacksmith, 65 Mill
st. Pyrmout
Bott, Benjamin, Burlington st
Bott, Edwin, coachbulldcr, 63 Regent
Bt. Ntwn.
Botterull nnd Gilbert (E. n . T. Botteroll, H. H. Gilbert), 181 Liverpool st
Bottger. Conrad, tanner, Point Piper
rd, Pdtn.
Bottle, Mrs. H., midwlfo, Lucas rd,
Bottoniley, John and Co.,accountants,
06 Castlcrcagh st
Bottoniley, M., jun., and Co., woollen
tn innfacturers, Sydney nrcailo;
Bradford, Ledlngham T. J„ agent
Bottoniley. J., confectioner, 26 Royal
Bottoniley, Julius, confectioner, 42
George st W.
Bottoniley, M., Gladstono st, Lcdt.
Bottoniley, William, Uottomley's hotel,
60 Forbes st
Bottomloy, William, shipwright, Palmer st, Bal.
Bottomloy, William, 60 Dukost
Bottrell, William, medical practitioner,
Ollvcbnnk, Glonmoro rd, Pdtn.
Boucher, Mrs., Dick st, Bal.
Boiifflor Bros. (F. J. Bonfflor), colonial
wine depot., 97 Oxford Bt
Boufllcr, I'ranz. mazier, Pino villa,
Pnrramatta nl, Bur.
Boulileu, Mellaril, Hammersmith rd,
Botilt, Samuel, stonemason, 2 Windsor
terrace, Eniiiore rd, Ntwn.
Boulton, Uriah, 121 Palmer fit
Boulton, Charles, Glen Bt, St. L., E.
Boulton, E., jeweller, Edward st, Bal.
Boulton, G.. shipwright. Valley st, Bal.
Boulton, George, bollor-mnkor,
Llewellyn st, Bal.
Boulton, George, 20 Hcnson st, Ultimo
Boulton, John, 12 Princes st
Boulton. Richard, tailor, 57 Judge st.
Boulton, T., gardener, Bay rd, St. L.
Boulton, Thomas, dairyman, Concord
nl, Cond.
Boulton, Thomas, plumber, Llttlo
Comber st, IMtn.
Boulton, tt illiam, ooachpropriotor,
Henrietta st, Man.
Boulton. William, boiler-maker, Llttlo
Diirlliw st. Bal.
Boulton, Wm., fruiterer, 185 Oxford st
Boiiltmi, William, Park av, Ash.
Boulton. William, Woodlands, Point
Piper r I, Piltn.
Boulton, William II., baker, 31
Chelsea st, Hfn.
Boundy, Francis, shipwright, 114
Mitchell st, Giclio
Bourke st Gasworks—Doyle, H., man.
Bourdon, Henry, Windsor st, Pdtn.
Bourko st Public school—Nelligan,
P. J., headmaster
Bourke, Amies, dressmaker, 100
Eveleigh st, Hfn.
Bourke. C, baker, 32 Hay st
Hourkc, Dennis, printer, 13 Best st
Bourke, Edwnril, Hargmvo lane, Pdtn.
Bourke, Edward P., Henry st, Lcdt.
Bourke, F. J., 7 McEvoy st, E. Wtloo.
Bourko. Henry, hay nnd corn dealer,
76 Morohead st, Wtloo.
Bourke, J., Oeneral Washington hotel,
272 George st
Bourko, James, 186 Palmer st
Bourke, John, 18 Hunt st
Bourke, John, tailor, 80 Kippax st
Bourke, John, baker, 140 Oxford st
Bourke, J., coachbulldcr, 2 Thornloy's
cottages, Wallls st, Whrn.
Bourke, John, bootmaker, 21 Alfred
terrace, Wilson st. Hfn.
Bourke. John, 312 Bourke st
Bourke, John, stonemason, Red Lion
st, Bal.
Bourke, Joseph, wlno merchant, 11
Morehead st, Wtloo.
Bourke, Mrs. Kate, private boarding
establishment, 108 Phillip st
Bourke. Mary, 1 Grose st. Camp.
Bourke, Mathcw, 18 Hutchinson st
Bourke, Michael, 11 Albion place
Bourke, M., tanner, Excelsior st, Cond.
Bourke. M., carpenter, 6 Elizabeth st,
Bourko, M., bootmaker, 84 Harvey st
Bourko, Mrs., 199 Gloucester st
Bourke, Mrs., 4 Regent st, Ntwn.
Bourko. Patrick, greengrocer, 02 Kensington st
Bourke. Patrick, 20 Levy st
Bourke, P., St. Leonards st, N. Why.
Bourke, Richard, 17 Christie s', Glebo
Bourke, Richard, 11 Fourth st,Whra.
Bourko, Robert, watchmaker, 88
Castlcrcagh st
Bourse, Robert, 3 Sophia st
Bourko, Robert, bootmaker, 11 Vino
st, Hfn.
Bourko, Thomas, 132 Duke st
Bourke, Thomas, 8 Ultimo rd
Bourko, W., livery stables, Little
Bourko st
Bourke, William, dairyman, 29 Bollovuo st, Rfn.
Bourn, William, Albert st, Pmatta.
Bourno, Charles, upholsterer, Susannah st, Vic.
Bourno, Charles F., warehouseman,
Marion st, Lcdt.
Bourne, Edna, 09 Regent st
Bourne, Edward J., 40 Rose st
Bourne, F. W„ warehouseman, Buiwarn. North parado, H. Hill
Boumo, Frederick J., carpenter,
Rochford st, McDtn.
Bourno, Miss H., 329 Bourko at
Bourne. Henry, Blue's Point rd, Vie.
Bourne, John, 9 Edzbcrg terrace,
Pyrmont Bridgo rd
Bourne, Thos., builder, 037 Harris fit
Bourne, Hev. W. E., Botany st, Wnv,
Bourno, William, diver, Trouton st,
Boumos, Henry, engineer, 38 Watts st
Bourrigal, Peter, artist, 01 Old Parramattnrd, Glebo
Bouslleld. Mnthow, currier, 29 Chelsea
st, Rfn.
Bovcncy, Mrs., Evans st, Bnl.
Bovoy, William T., carpenter, 6 Hart
st, Rfn.
Bovis, Clins., bootmaker, 00 Market st
Bovis, Charles, bootmnkor, Abbotiford, Old South Head rd, Wlira,
Bovis, Charles, earpentor, 43 Sohlmol
st, Wtloo.
Bovis, Henry, 30 Goul •urn st
Bovis, Henry W., brickmnker, Lano
Cove rd, N. Why.
Bow, Alexander, 2 off 07 Fitzroy Bt
Bowd, Tristram, Thornley et, Lcdt
Bowd, W., butcher, Enmoro rd, Ntwn.
Bowden, —, 0 MoKoe st
Bowden, Charles, 19 Vine st, Rfn.
Bowden, Edward, Terrace rd, Mar.
Bowden, Frederick, solicitor, Thomas
st, Pmatta.
Bowden, George, Pnddington st,Pdtn.
Bowden, J. 0., Bowtlcn't Club hotel,
20-28 Castlcrcagh st
Bowden, J. E., solicitor, George st,
Bowden, James, Ada Bt, Bur.
Bowden, James l''„ 32 Argylo plaoo
Bowden, John, carpenter nud jolnor,
Llttlo Arthur st, St. L.
Bowden, John, solicitor, Endrim,
Sorrell st, Pmatta.
Bowden, John, 27 Little Glpps st
Bowden, John E., grocer, 94 Macquario st S.
Bowden, Miss, ladies school, Miller st,
Bowden, Miss, Kindergarten, 8 Trowyn
terrace, Miller Bt, St. L.
Bowden, Mrs., 38 Mount Vernon Bt,
Bowden, Mrs., Stewart st, Pdtn.
Bowden, Richard, bootmaker, 39 Harrington st
Bowden, Thomas, cabproprietor, 88
Elizabeth at, Kfn.
Bowden, William, printer, 31 Wilson st
Bowden, Wm., HO Campbell st, Ntwn.
Bowdor, Henry, 272 Victoria st
Bowdcr, J., engineer, 11 Bettington st
Bowdltch, J., plasterer, Fraser st, Mar.
Bowe, J„ .stonemason, Cicely st, Lcdt.
Bowe, William, uoatbulldcr, Datchott
st, Bal.
Bowed, S., wheelwright, 639 Kent st
Bowen and Co., American seed merchants, 305a Pitt st
Bowen, —, 11 Phillip st, Wtloo.
Bowen, A., painter, Campbell st, Bal.
Bowen, Charles, Kogarah, Dot.
Bowen, Charles, Weymouth cottage,
Lane Cove rd, N. Wby.
Bowen, D. J„ engineer, 83 Pyrinont
Bridge rd
Bowen, Q. M. C, Keston, Carabolla
Bt, St. L., E.
Bowen, Qeorgo, blacksmith, 109 Evelcigh st, Kfn.
Bowen. Gcorue, 38 Roschill st, Kfn.
B O W E N , J A M E S , chemist, Cook's
River rd, St. P.
Bowen, Jutucs 13., 143 Campbell st
Bowen, John. Bcaconsflcld terrace,
Bcaonnslicld estate, Alxn.
Bowen, Maurice B., Smith st, Ash.
Bowen, Wm., hairdresser, 251 Pitt st
Bowen, William, 388 Castlereagh st
Bowen. Win. H,, carpenter, Aird st,
Bower and Ilinee, butchers, 133
Crown st
Bowor, C . Edlnn, 10 Fourth st, Wlira.
Bower, Emma, dressmaker, Catherino
st, Lodt.
Bower, F., fnrnltnro warehouse, 330
Elizabeth st
Bower, F. J., Lane Cove rd, St. L.
Bower, W.. lmtohor, 41 Globo rd, Globo
Bowor, Walter, itoucmasou, 88
Young st, llfn.
Bowerman, Mrs. Elizabeth, Gallaway
st, Pmatta.
Bowcrmon, Richard It., Cardwell st,
Bowers, Hamlet, 28 Buckingham st
Bowers, James, builder, 360 lliley st,
and 3 Yurong st
Bowers, John, 34 Egan st, Ntwn.
Bowers, John, Puunnut et, Fmatta.
Bowers, William. 113 Crown st
Bowers, Henry, 70 Cleveland it
Bowers, Rev. J, (Wes.), ladles school,
Auburn, Mlddloton st, Mar.
Bowes, J. E., accountant, 92 Pitt st
Bowes, J. E., Redmyro rd, Bur.
Bowes, Patrick, grocer, Now South
Head rd, I'dtn.
Bowes, Thomas J., dairyman, Addison
rd, Mar.
Bowes, William, Commercial rd, Lcdt.
Bowes, Wm. G., painter, Goodlct st.
Bowie, D., carpenter, Park nv, Ash.
Bowie, George, Orpington st, Ash.
Bowie. John, 40 Broughton st, Globo
Bowie, John, 168 Wilson st, Ntwn.
Bowie. Mrs., 63 Forbes st, Ntwn.
Bowker, R. II., surgeon, Avocn, Thornton Bt, Wlira.
Bowker, J., tobacconist, 06 Boundary
st, Wtloo.
Bowker, J., carpenter, 127 Glouocsterst
Bowker, Mrs., 103 Cumberland st
Bowker, R. R. S„ surg., 17 Clarence st
Bowker, Thomas, 249 Liverpool st
Bowland, Joseph, Elswlck st, Lcdt.
Bowler, Mrs. F., Carlton crescent, Ash.
Bowles and Caldorwood, blacksmiths,
Newcombe st, Pdtn.
Bowles, S„ planmountcr, Point Piper
rd, Whra.
Bowmakcr, Matilda, boarding establishment, 96 Botany st
Bowmoker, W„ bootmaker, 372 Oxford
st, Pdtn.
Bowmaker, William, 74 Mary st •
Bowman, A., 81 Pyrmont Bridge rd,
Bowman, A., Eriicstvillo, Hargrove st,
Bowman, F., engineer, Wyndham st,
Bowman, Henry, Albert st, Wav.
Bowman, Henry, 9 Ferry rd, Globo
Bowman, John, 36 Gowrio st, Ntwn.
Bowman, John, Malcolm st, McDtn.
Bowman, J. F., turner, 27 Gibbons st,
Bowman, Mrs., Wcrunda, Young st,
Bowman, T„ bricklayer, 20 Barker's In
Bowman, W.. hatter, 425 Harris Bt
Bowman, John J., carpenter, Cook rd,
Bowman, Benjamin., market gardener
Spring st, Bot.
Bowman, John, market gardener, West
Botany st, Bot.
Bowman, Joseph. West Botany rd, Bot
CO., engineers and importers, 1011U7 Bathurst st. (See advt.)
Bown, Charles, Katoomba, Norwood
st, Petm.
Bownes, William H., compositor, Hill
st, Lcdt.
Bowra, Elizabeth, 40 Bay st, Glcho
Bowra, James, master-mariner, Littlo
Edward st
Bowrag, Edward G., 278 Sussex st
Bowrey, Thus., scalomakor, 13 Park st
Bowrcy, William B., Wilson St., Lcdt.
Bowron, William, 42 Derwcntst, Globo
Bowry, Mrs. Burwood rd. Bur.
Bowser, William, Eva st, Redm.
Bowtell, Chos.. carpenter, 9 Taylor st
Bowyer. Edward, Susan st, Lodt.
Bowyer, G., grocer, 408-410 Elizabeth
Bowyer, Samuel, carpenter, 20 Raglan
st, Wtloo.
Box, James, engineer, 2 Fcrndalo st,
Box, George, 24 Dale st
Box, Suml., carpenter, Didleyst, Ntwn.
Box, Theodore, baker, 68 Pitt st, Rfn.
Boxsell, Cliui. and Co., saddlers, 14
Hunter st
Boxsell, Chm., saddler, 180 MiBsendon
rd, Camp.
Boxshaw, James, bookkeeper, Alton
st, Whra.
Boxshaw, James, Murray st
Boxwell, W., Park rd, Prspt. and Slier.
Boyco, A. J. C 106 Co. .per st, Wtloo.
Boyce, Elizabeth, Wondu cottage, Boy
st, Whra.
Boyce, George, vanpreprietor, Georgo
st, Pmatta.
Boyce, James, carpenter, Enterprise
terrace, Henderson rd, Alxa.
Boyce, J., joiner, 60 Edward st, Rfn.
Boyce, J., joiner, CO Edward st, Rfn.
Boyce, John, bootmaker, ,'16 Kout st
Boyco, John. Mitchell st, N. Wby.
Boyce, Reginald, Euroka In, Vio.
Boyce.T. B., printer, 37 Georgo st, Rfn.,
and 360 Oxford st. Pdtn.
Boyco, Thomas W., 0 Bowman st
Boyce, William, vanpropriotor, Jeffroy
st, St. L., E.
Boyce, William,Car.>llnooottago,Grey
st, Wav.
Boyd Brothers, (James and John),
produce merchants, 361-363 Sussex st
B O Y D A N D K I N O (G. J. King,
and T. J . Boyd), property auctioneers, 90 P i t t st
Boyd, —, 20 Liverpool st
Boyd, Sergeant A„ Bradford st, Bal.
Boyd, Albert, Corlnna, New Wnverlcy
st, Wav.
Boyd, Charles, 03 Boundary st, Wtoo.
Boyd, D„ boiler-maker, Phcebo st, Bal.
Boyd, Mrs. Emma. 224 Howling Bt
Boyd, George, architect, 12 Wellington st, Ntwn.
Boyd, Henry, boxmaker, Faucett st,
Boyd, Hugh, Military rd, St. L.
Boyd, James, stonemason, Toogood st,
Boyd. James, 20 Centre St., Rfn.
Boyd. James, 479 Kent st.
Boyd, John, potter, Bluo Gum creek
rd, N. Wby.
Boyd, John, Caxlon hotel, 270 Palmer st
Boyd, Nathan, surgeon, Beresford
chambers, 62 Castlereagh st
Boyd, Samuel, blacksmitn, St. Andrews st, Bal.
Boyd, Thomas, Cook's River rd, St. P.
Boyd, Thomas J., Petcrsleigh, St. P.
Boyd, William, Benboyd rd, St. L.
Boyd, Wm. J. R., Glenmoro rd, Pdtn.
Boydcll.C. B., Aloe cottage, McLaren
st, St. L., E.
Boydell, Mrs., Alexander St., H. Hill
Boydcn, George, 78 Edward st
Boydon, Andrew. Mansfield at, Bal.
Boydon, U. G., housekeeper, Tattorsall's chambers, Hunter st
Boydon, James, Campbell st. Pdtn.
Boyd's photographic establishment—
Hcnd-rson, L. E,, manager, 354
George st
Boyer, John, Cliff House hotel, Bondl
rd, Wnv.
Boylan, Mrs. Mary J., private school,
238 Crown st
Boylan, Patrick, 63 Gipps st
Boylnn, Patrick. Pittwater rd, Man.
Boylan, William, llelleviie hold, 1-3
Bollovne st
Boyle and Rock (Thomas Boyle, 3. H.
Rock), butchers, 390 Kent st
Boyle, E., carpenter, Terry st, St. P.
Boyle, Hector, master-mariner, 14
Duncan st
Boyle, J., carpenter, London st, Ntwn.
Boyle, Jos., tanner. 19 Kensington st
Boyle, James, IS Mary st
Boyle, John, butcher, 398 Kent st
Boyle, Joseph, 64. Surry st
Boyle, Maria, 68 Kensington st
Boyle, IL, fuel merchant, Charles st,
Boyle, Robt., grocer, London st, Ntwn
Boyle T., butcher, 50 Erskino at
Boyle, William G., boardinghouse, 05
Bathurst st
Boylcs, James, off 69 Bullanamiug
st, Rfn.
Boylson, M. and Son, millers and grain
merchants ; mills, Sussex st
Boylson, Joseph, miller, Florenco villa,
Liverpool rd. Ash.
Boylson, M., miller, Victoria st, Ash.
Boylson. Mrs., Boylson's terrace, Ash.
Boyne, Frederick W„ surgeon, 61
Greek Bt, Globo.
Boys, Edward. 8 Vlue i t , Rfn.
Boys, William, farmer, Gipps st, Cond.
Boyson, H. W., City Ai-mt hotel, 136
Crown st
Boyto, Hiram, marblc-masou, 1 Wolsoley oottages, Catherine st, Lcdt.
Boy ton, Charles, clork, 4 Irlest
Bozen, Fred., Cintra, Ocean st., Whra.
Brabant, Mark, Underwood st, Pdtn.
Brabhnm, Henry, cabproprietor,
McLean st, Pdtn.
Brobston, M., Abcrcromble st, Rfn.
Brabstone, Daniel, cooper, 40 Mew st
Braccgirdle, Frederick, master-mariner, Nicholson it, Bal.
Bracogirdlc, John, vanpropriotor,
John st, Whra.
Broccy, H. E. S., Arocn st, Rwk.
Braccy, Horace E., Gurlston, Botany
st, Rwk.
Brncey, R„ cabproprietor, 29 Pearl st
Brachcr, Thomas, carpenter, 8 Morolirad st, Rfn.
Brach, Philip, 14 Cooper Bt, Wtloo.
Brack, Philip, 143 Woolloomooloo st
Bracken, Charles 1!., schoolmaster,
Arthur st, Pdtn.
Bracken, Dennis, 4 Clilsholm In
Bracken, Mrs. 189 Glebe rd, Globo
Braokenreg, George, Vicaery Bt, Wnv.
Bradburn. Francis, Rose cottage,
Wardoll rd.Mar.
Bradburn, W„ Margaret st, Petm.
Brodbury, Audrow, 30 Smith st
Bradbury, D., carpenter, Milson'sln
Bradbury, Harry A., 42 Jenkins st
Bradbury, Jamoj, master mariner,
Rosier st, Bal.
Bradbury, James, Jabcz Bt, Mar.
Bradbury, John, carpenter, John Bt,
Bradbury, Samncl, 80 Mary Ann st
Bradbury, W. C , buildor, 287 Crown
Bradd, Jane, Wyndham st,Alxa.
Braddlch, Edward, butcher, Church
st, Praatta.
Braddock, Charles. Fiytiec inn, Gladesville rd, II. Hill
Brnddock, James, carpenter, Wardcll
rd, Mar.
Braddon, Andrew, 3 H a r t st
Braddon, W. J., boiler-maker, 31 Belmore st
Br.uldon, William, builder, Leichnrdt
»t, Wav.
Brndc, William, accountant, Bulisaln
Bradford and Adamson (D. Bradford,
Thomas Adnmson), bulldors, 281
Elizabeth st
Bradford, D.and R„ ironfoundcrs,
Castlercagh ft
Bradford, Charles, 04 Womcrah av
Bradford, Charles B., Rushall cottago,
Annandale st. Whra.
Bradford, D., irunmouldcr, 342 lliley
Bradford, G. W., painter, 78 Raglan
st, Wtloo
Bradford, Henry, dealer, Marshall pi,
Marshall Bt
Bradford, John J., Ironmouldcr,
Windsor »t, Pdtn.
Bradford, Mrs. Luoy, draper, 140
William st
Bradlord, Miss, music-teacher, 10
Eliui pi, Newtown rd
Bradford, Mrs., 1 Flora tcrraco, Don
st, Ntwn.
Bradford, Mrs. M., Cameron st, Pdtn.
Bradford, Robert, Ironfounder, 247
Elizabeth st
Bradford, L'pton, ironmouldcr, Gipps
Bt, Pdtn.
Bradford, Walter, Morcton cottage,
Ocean et, Whra.
Bradford, William, 31 Solwyn Bt
Bradley, E. and M., milliners, 86
Oxford st
Bradley, Willoughby slid Co., electrical engineers, 05 Castlcrcagh st
Bradley, William and Son, solicitors,
58a Margaret st
Bradley and Son, (Thomas Bradley),
engineers and blacksmiths, 180188 Sussex st
L A M B , auctioneers and furniture warehousemen, 17 O'Connell
Bt, and 8 Spring st
Bradley, A., plumber, 7 Moon st, Rfn.
Bradley. Benjamin, Bay rd, F. Dk.
Bradley. Denj imin. 0 Morthnm terrace
Simmons it, Ntwn.
Bradley. Burton L., solicitor, Lyons
rd, F. Dk.
Bradley, Catherino, Golden Grovo
i erraco. Darlington rd, Dar.
Bradley, Daniel.
24 Swan st
Bradloy, I1'., salesman, 10 Jesmond st
Bradley, George, accountant, 120
Elizabeth st
Bradley, George P., Dculson st Wav.
Bradley, George S., painter, Carlisle st,
Bradluy, I laugh ton B., solicitor,
Grantham,Grantham st, St. L., E,
Bradley, Henry, 23 Burnett st, Rfn.
Bradley, Henry B., notary public,
68<i Margaret st
Bradloy, J. 'ootmaker, Milton st, Lcdt.
Bradley, .lames, clerk. 218 Hereford
Ht, G-lebo
Bradley, Jnincs, whitesmith, 38
Gottenunm st, Glebe
Bradley. Jnmc-<, 384 Castlereagh st
Bradley, James. Cowper st, St. P.
Bradley, James W., Maude cottage,
John *t, Mar.
Bradley. James, Lawson st, Wnv.
Bradley,. James, 100 Walker st, Rfn.
Bradley, Jns-ph, clerk, 416 Bourko st
Bradley. M.. builder, Abcrcrombio st,
Bradley, Mrs., Bloxsomo (or Rangor's)
rd, St. I,.
Bradlev, Mr*., HelenTllle, *7 St. John's
rd, Glebe
Bradley, Patrick, 60 Sehlmel st, Wtloo.
Bradley, Robert, draper, Hopewell Bt.
Bradley, Thomas, blacksmith, Cook
rd, Mar.
Brndley, W., plasterer, 67 Arthur st
Bradley, W. S., coachsmitb, 30 Islington st, Ntwn.
Brndley , Walter, Sunnyside, Allison
st, Rwk.
Br.idloy, William, engineer, 160 Redfciu st, llfn.
Bradley, William, Tramway it, Bot.
Bradley, William A,, coachbulldor,
Maedonald st, McDtn.
Bradloy, William G., commercial
traveller, 12 Forsyth 6t, Glebe
Bradley, Frederick, R., warehouseman,
Old South Head rd, Whra.
Bradley, John, 11 Edward st, Rfn.
Bradloy, Sarah. 2 Newtown rd
Brndney, William H., carpenter, 167
Walker st, Rfn.
Bradock, G., carpenter, Evans st, Bal.
Bradridgo, E„ sawyer, Bay st, Whra.
Brndridgo, Edward, South st, Whra.
Bradshaw, A., 655 Bourko Bt
Bradshaw, O. II., Ciptain Coot hotel,
1-3 Clyde st
Bradshaw, Charles, Campbell st, St. P.
Bradshaw, George, May st, St. P .
Bradshaw, J., Lord st, Ntwn.
Bradshaw, James, Lackey st, St. P .
Bradshaw, John, butcher, Cook's River
rd, St. P.
Bradshaw, John, draper, Cook's River
rd, St. P.
Bradshaw, P., butcher, Erskinevillo
rd, McDtn.
Bradsliaw, Richard, draper, 8 Bclgravo
terrace, Harris st
Bradshaw, Samuel, painter, 14 Fourth
st, Whra.
Bradshaw, Thomas, 13 Domain terrace
Bradstack, Henry, Globo cottage,
Bowden Bt, Wlira.
Brndwcll, J., scuior-segt. of police,
Garden st, Alxa.
Brady, Audrow J., surgeon, 191 Liverpool st
Brady, Anthony, farmer, Bay at, Wav.
B R A D Y , A R T H U R J . , solicitor,
87 Elizabeth st
Brapy, Arthur J., Paddlngtou st, Pdtn.
Brady, B., 118 St. John's rd, Glebe
Brady, Charles, bootmaker, 123 Abercromhie st, Itfn.
Brady. Charles, Olive st, Pdtn.
Brady, Elizabeth, 418 Pitt st
B R A D Y , J., liairdresrcr and tbbaoeoulst, 80 W illium st
Brady, James, coachbulldcr, 1 Ann st
Brady, James, 22 Cooper st
Brady, James B.. 60 Taylor st
Brady, James C„ hairdresser, 200
George t W.
Brady, J„ hairdresser. Mount s t . Vie.
Brady, John, While Hart hotel, .176
Clarence st
Brady, John, master-mariner, Darvall
st Bal.
Brady, John, 11 Little Bloomflcld st
Brndy, John, carpenter. 20 Little
Bloomflcld st
Brady, Joseph, Rose terrace, Dcwllng
Bt, Pdtn.
Brady, Joseph, shoemaker, 445 Eliz. st
Brady, Joseph, hairdresser, 27 Mkt, st
Brady, Jos-ph, hairdresser,49 Mount
Vernon st, Glebe
Brndy, J. V., hairdresser, fit Market st
Brady, Lawrcnco, 16 Cook st
Brady, Mary A., McDonald lane, Dar.
Brady, Mnthow D., 10 Queen at
Brady, Mrs., 68 Albion st
Brady, Mrs.,bnardinghouse, Astor
house, 31)1 Crown st
Brady, Mrs., Hopkins placo, Pdtn.
Brndv, I'., Elizabeth st, Bal.
Braiy, P., Short st, Bal.
Brady, P.J., oarponter, 305 Dowllng st
Brady, Patrick, 17 Albion st
Brady, Patrick, 70 Cumberland st
Brndy, Patrick, Elizabeth st, Bal.
Brady, Patrick, 53 Wexford st
Brady, Putrlck, Windsor st, Pdtn.
Brady, P., quarrymsn, Cameron st, Bal.
Brady, Philip, 30 Bsllovuo st
Brady, Samuel, wearer, Lamont st,
Brady, Mrs.,boardinghouso, 82 Hunter
Brady, Thomas, butohor, 30 Bronghton
st, Glebo
Brady, Thos., 02 Campbell st, Olebo
Brady, W. J. E., Underwood st, Pdtn.
Bragg, A., plumber, Wyndhim Rt,Alxn
Bragg, Alfr. d J., Windsor st, I'.ltn.
Bragg, D., 11 Btillanaming st, Hfdn.
Bragg, Henry, blacksmith, 30 Evolclgh
Bragg, Henry, printor, 33 Marian st,
Bragg, Jane, George st
Bragg, John, M0 Forbes st
Bragg, Philip, 3 Mary st, Wtloo.
Brnggs, James, butcher, 26 Harold st,
Braid. J. S., onglneer, Covo st, Bal.
Brailcy, J. S., tinsmith, 21 Mill st
Bralley, Thoma* P., Crown rd
Brain. Jos., Unwln's Bridge rd, St. P.
Braino, M., painter, 36 Gowrio st,
Brain wood, Frederick, 01 Gipps st
Brainwood, J. C, clerk, Blue's Point
Brainwood, John, clothlor, Blue's
Point rd, Vic.
Braithwaito, Wm., saddler, 18 Coopor
st, Wtloo.
Brakell, Airs. Elizabeth, greengrocer,
06 liourko st
Brakell, Rich rd T., bookbinder,
2 Clifton roicrvo, Crown st
Brnkcucll.Johii, 3 Cuthbert's cottage),
Unwin st
Brakkel, Gustavo Van, hairdresser,
3->3 George Ht
Brambley, William, engineer, Pleasant
st, McDtn.
Bramcly, Jnmcs, 77 Barcom st
lirnminey, P., coopor, Silver st, Mar.
Bramston, George A., Mercantile hotel,
036 George st
Bramston, James J., matter-mariner,
Little St. Bal.
Bramwcll nnd Co., customhouse
agents, Chango alley, 8 Pittst
Bramwcll. Arthur, marblo-mason,
17 Kogent st, Ntwn.
Bramwcll, Mrs., Sarah et. Ntwn.
Bran, George, butohor, 70 Wellington
st, Camp.
Bran, Henry, Campbell st, St. P.
Bran, Thomas, Campbell st, St. P.
Bran, William, blacksmith, Liverpool
Branhach, Aloys, Wharf rd, Bal.
Brand, George, 77 Wells st, Bin.
Bray, Henry, carpenter, Wyndham st,
Brand, John, 36 Bullannmiug st, Rfn.
Brand, John Obcron st, Rwk.
Bray, II., 47 Upper William st N.
Blunder, Andrew G., printer, Augustus Bray, Jas.. merchant, Chuter st, Vlo.
st, Ntwn.
Bray, James, 10 Rnsowarno torraeo,
Brainier. John, carpenter, 153 Ocorgo
Commodore st, Ntwn.
st, Rfn.
Bray, James S., 84 Forbes st
Brandon, Catherine,Woimrah avenuo Bray, James T., Observer latent, 00
Brandon, D, Paddlngton lane, Pdtn.
Georgo st
Brandon, H. W., draper, Church st, Bray, J., stonemason, Crescent st, Bal.
Bray, John, Bungay st, Lcdt.
Brandon, Henry, bank manager, 53 Bray, John, 18 Nelson st, Ntwn.
Pitt st, llfn.
Bray, John, Toosroodst, W. Bi\*
Brandon, James, 1 Bent st, Pdtn.
Bray, Joseph, Georgo st, McDtn.
Brandon, John, M8 Campbell st
Bray, Mrs., 20 Bedford st, Ntwn.
Brandon, Joseph, Phillip ft, Alex.
Bray, Mrs., Bent st. St. L.
Brandon, llichard, 71) Brisbane st
Bray, Mrs., Mclan st, Prspt. and Shor.
Brandon, Richard J , 2 Hagcrty's Bray, Itichard, Wolls st, Lcdt.
building'), Wnv.
Bray, 8., confectioner, 170 CumberBrandon, William, 1181 Crown st
land st
Brandt, John, George st. Can.
Bray, S., com. traveller, Toogood st,
Brandt, Itoso A., 10 Washington st
Brandt, Thomas, 71 Brisbane st
Bray, T„ Cambridge hotel, Old South
Bramlttmann, William, tailor. 20
llond rd, Whni.
Argylo st
Bray, Wm., off 170 Botany st, Wtloo.
Braiielly, James, 35 llcdfcru st, Rfn.
Bray, W, builder, Cavendish st, Pctm.
Brannilly, John, 8 Buckingham st
Bray, \V„ builder, Kooky Point rd, Bot.
Branscombe, George A., Purk nv/Asb. Bray, William, Waterloo st, Bal.
Bransby, O. S., Salisbury st, Wov.
Bray, W. U., carpenter. 71 Dotnny rd,
Branson. Prcdcrick, Fitzroy st, Mar.
Branson, Henry, confectioner, 182
Brayne, Charles, Iron st, Pmatta.
Cumberland st
Drayton,—. bootmaker, 0 Steam Mill st
Brauz, Lawrence, market gardener,
Brazier, Alfred. Miller st, St. L.
Bay st, Bot.
Brazier, J., tinsmith, Camden st, Ntwn.
B'raseh, Bonbon, 48 Botany st
Brazier, J., natumlist, 82 Windmill st
Brasoh, W., jeweller, 713 Georno st
Brazilian Vice-con-ul—Raymond, II.
Brasett, Percy, draper, Thomas st, Vic.
I'eel. 01 Pitt st
Brash, Thomas, 33 Adelaide st
Brnzill, P., carpontor, 68 Campbell st,
Brasher, G„ jeweller, 110 Fitzroy st
Brosuau, A., 128 Cooper st, Wtloo.
Broadley, J., enrpentor, Augustus st,
Brasn. tt, Waltor E„ draper nnd outNtwn.
litter. Walker Rt. St. I... E.
Brcakspcor, C, printer. 51 Cooiicr st
Brass, William, joiner, M0 Evelcigh
Brcakspcar, W. H., 15 Davey st
st, llfn.
Dreakwell, A., stcrootypor, 0 Bllgh st
Brut tan, Jnmcs, Mllhr st
Breakwell, Henry, Burns st, Petni.
Brauer and Alpers, cahiuot-makers,
Breakwell, II.. plumber, 2 Charlotto
Carlton uroscont, Morris Bt, Ash.
lane, and 142 Liverpool st
Brauer, Jacob, upholsterer, Skobcloff
Breakwell, Henry, plumber, Norton st,
terrace, Carlton crescent, Ash.
La It.
B R A U N , B E N J A M I N , O. I. O. Breakwell, John W., engineer, Elliott
jewellery depot and loan office,
st, B.l.
370 George st, and King st
Bear, Isaac, Hnlmdalc st, Mar.
Braun, Petor, Cheerful Home hotel, 123 Brear, William L., Carlton terrace,
George st, Wtloo.
Dalmaln rd, Lcdt.
Braunbcek, Peter, stnucmnsoii
Uroarloy, Joseph, engineer, Darglmn
Brannd, Frederick. 21 llolmoro st
st. Glebe
Brnusch, Franz B., engineer, Walter Bredahl, Androw, Botany rd, Bot.
Bt, Piltn.
Bre.len, O. W., 81 Pitt st, llfn.
Brnwnsdorf, Gotfrlod, carpenter, Cnr- Brcdero, Francis, 483 Crown st
shalton st. Ash.
Breedon, Thomas. 18 Wollesley terB R A Y B R O T H E R S , gloss and
race, Elizabeth st, Wtloo.
china warehouse, 402-404 George Brccden, C, gisfitter, 44 Elizabeth st,
st. and 1-1-10 Dixon st
Bray and Llohtner. importers of china Broen, —, 78 Gipps st
and glass, 28 Charlotto pi and 32 Breeu, Anthony, Liverpool rd, Ash.
O'Conncll st
Breen, Edward, Cowpor st, Wav.
Bray, A., Brayvillo. Concord rd, Cond. llrcen, James, 18 Taylor st
Bray, Arthur H., laud agent, Botany Breen, John, tinsmith, Alexander st,
rd, Bot.
Bray, Kllzuboth, boarding establish- Breeu, John, 216 Walker st, llfn.
ment, 210 Cnstlcrcaeh st
Breen, Michael, 47 Cbnmbers st
Bray, Frederick M., 03 Regent st
Breen, Thomas, 10 Elizabeth st, llfn.
Bray, Mrs. G., 53 Elizabeth st
Breen, Thomas, High st, Rdm.
Bray, George, painter, 481 Cleveland Breen, William, 'busproprletor. Crystal
st, Petm.
st, llfn.
Brece, E., tinsmith, Waverlcy st Rwk.
Bray, Harry L., vanproprletor, Addison Brecs, Harold, architect, 338 George st
rd, Mar.
Brees, John, blacksmith, 271 Sussex st
Brsoso, Honry, carpenter, 1 Douglas
st, Wtloo.
Brchomy, Michael, Elizabeth st, Pdtn.
Broheny, W., Sutherland St., Pdtn.
Breillat, Robert, bank manager,
Johnston st, Lo>t.
Brewer, J. do Couroy, Ivor, 23 Upper
William BtN.
Bremmor, Mrs., 115 Philip st
Bromner, Alexander, Unwin at. Pdtn.
Bromnor, Q., grocer. Ocean st, Whra,
Bromner, James, James st, Ntwn.
Brcmner, James, sub-inspector of
police, 12 Jcsmond st
Brcmner, John, 370 Victoria st
Bremner, Mrs., Boundary st, Prspt.
and Shor.
Brenohloy, Georgo, William st, Whra.
Brenoraan, P. P., surgeon, 2 Churoh st,
Bronen, W., blacksmith, Hunt st, Ash.
Brennen, William, farrior, Parromatta
Brenna, Thomas, Cattai villa, Cantorbury Old rd, Ash.
Brenuan, B., 4 MoEvoy st. Wtloo.
Brennan, Catherine, 20 Bathurst st
Breunan, Christopher, 70 Harbour st
Brennan, Daniel, 37 Ilcdforn st, Rfn.
Brennan, E., clork, La Pcrouse, Bot.
Bronnan, Mrs. E., New South Head
rd, Pdtn.
Brennan, E., Henderson rd, Alxa.
Brenuan, Eugene, 45 Clnrencolano
Bronnan, Frank, grocer, 110 Morobcad st, llfn.
Bronnan, Georgo, New South Head
rd, Pdtu.
Brennan, J., fruiterer, 103 Fitzroy st
Brounan, J., 11 Sniltbers st
Brennan, James, 101 Fig st
Brennau, James, 41 Fourth st, 'Whra.
Brennan, James, onglneer, Henderson
Bronnan, James, 1 Norton st
Brennan, John, Campbell st, Pdtn.
Bronnan, John, Church st, Pmatta.
Brenuan, John, Ewell st, Bal.
Brennan, John, Fanning st, St. P.
Brennan, John T„ dealer, 316 Pitt st
Brennan, Maria, 43 Liverpool st
Bronnan, Mary E., 61 Riley st
Bronnan, M., tobacconist, 14 Market st
Brennan, Miohnol, 18 Brisbane st
Bronnan, Michael, Canterbury rd, Mar.
Bronnan, Michael, 22 Carolino at, Rfn.
Brennan, Michael, Church st, Pmatta.
Brennnn, Michael, draypropriutor, 65
Edward st, Rfn.
Brennan, .Michael, grocer, 216-218
Walker st, llfn.
Bronnan, Michael, 62 Little Albion st
Brennan, Nicholas, tobacconist, 20
Brisbane st
Bronnan, Patrick, 10 Clarcnco hino
Bronnan, Patrick, Fitzroy st, Mar.
Bronnan Patrick, Gordon st, Bal.
Bronnan, Patk., 80, Raglan st, Wtloo.
Brennan, Patrick. 123ilcdfcrnst, Rfn.
Brennnn, Petor, Church st, St. P.
Brennan, Peter J., 114 Quarry st
Brennan, Thos.. dealer, 27 Queen st,
Brennan, Thomas, stonemason, 0
Hosking pi
Bronnan, Thos. J., Leinster st, Pdtn.
Bronnan, Timothy, 43 Pitt st, Wtloo.
Bronnan, W. F., solicitor, 4 Napper
terrace, Avoca st, Rwk.
Brennan, W. It., solicitor, 78 King st
Breunan, William, 32 Ann st
Bronnan, William, 08 Darlinghurst rd
Bronnan, William, shipwright, Dutchctt st, Bal.
Bronnan, W., 4 Day's ter., Sussex st
Brennon, J., South Head rd, W. Bay
Brenon, J., South Head rd. W. Bay
Branson, John, Spring st, Bur.
Brent, Robert, 35 Edward st, llfn.
Brentnall, Alfred, 16 Law st
Bronton, William, shipwright, 48
Hordorn st, Ntwn.
Breroton, John Lo Gay, surgeon,
Osg.ithorpo, Gladesvtllu rd, Rydo
Breroton, Win., saddler, 108 Oxford st
Bresman, Michael, tailor, 162 John st
Bressington, Ernest, 48 Taylor st
Brossington, Henry, carpontor, 6
Botanyview tor., Wilson st, Rfn.
Bressington, Mrs., Oxfordst, Pdtn.
Bressington, Percy, 60 Taylor st
Brest. Morris, Educational establishment, 126 Crown st
Brotnall Brothers, uccountauts, Tomplo court, King st
Brotnall and Poulton, builders, 37
Botany st, Watorloo
Brotnall, Frederick ](., accountant,
Victoria square, Ash.
BrotnalI,Georgc, bulldor, 40 Botany
st, llfn.
Bretuall, George, Smith st, Ash.
Bretnall, Mrs., boarding establishment, Junction rd, Ash.
Brett, Edward E„ laud agent,2
Staploton nv, St. L.
Brott, Edwin, carpentor, Windsor st,
Brett, Frank, greengrocer, 11 Banks 8t
Brett, Georgo, 27 Donham st
Brott, George, 114 Evelcigh st, Rfn.
Brott, Harriot, Bruou st, Bal.
Brott, Henry W., brickmaker, Hlghgato st, Rdm.
Brott, James. Boulevard (The), Rdm.
Brott, John. Glndesvillo rd, Rydo.
Brott, Joseph, 40 Banks st
Brett. Maigaret, grocer, 45 King st
N„ Ntwn
Brott, Thoma>, produco merchant,
Church st nnd Western rd; p.r.,
Alico cot.. Wigrom st, Pmatta.
Brott, W. J., Ivy st, Dar.
Brett, William, May Rt, Ntwn.
Brottell, Henry C , compositor, Davidson st, Bal,
Brevitt. —, Solwyn st, Pdtn.
Brow, James, ion Uuiou st
Brcn. Robert, 180 Piilmor st
Browor, Edward C , Grcganhurst,
Bondl rd, Wnv.
Brower, Fran. C, Leiohhardt st, Wnv.
Browor, Francis P., telegraph operator, 3 Belluvuo tcrrneo, Oatley
rd, Pdtn.
Brower, John, vanproprlotor, 103 Old
Parramatta rd, Gleho
Browor, Mrs., Saltee, Corcomroo torraoo. Surry st
Browor, Thomas, tobacconist, Victoria
rd, Mar.
Brower, W., fruiterer, 121 King st
Browor, Win., grocer, 1 Bennett st
Brower. William, Pearl st, Ntwn.
Brewcstor, Mrs., 110 Phillip st
Browestor, Potor SI., 16 Raglan st, Dar.
Browstor, Charles, Edge ware rd, Ntwn.
Browster, P. O., provision dealer, 05
Oxford st
Browstor, Waltor, engineer, Halstcad.
lodge, Ocean st, Whra.
Brewster, Win., printer, 1 Kidman's
Brlal, M., wlno stores, 150 Georgo st
Brlau Bros., brlok manufacturers,
Sydenham rd, Mar.
Brian, Daniel, Harrold st, Pmatta
Brian, E„ blacksmith, Cook's River rd,
St. P.
Brian. Henry, grooer, Addorborough,
10 Doni80ii st, Whra.
Brian, John, vanpropriotor, 10 Ellzaboth st, Camp.
Brian, John, carpenter, 16 Stephen st,
Brian, Mrs. W., son., Mnrriokvillo rd,
Briant, Richard, butcher, 00 Globe rd,
Briant, William, butcher, 74 Campbell
st, Gleho
Briant, William, brick manufacturer
Woo Hand st, Mar.
Briarloy, Pat., 42 Broughton st, Globe
Bricc, Frederick, Dovluo st, McDtn.
Brico, W. S., grooor, Cameron st. Pdtn.
Brick, Francis, Elswlok st. Lcdt.
Bricklayers' Society, Warwiok hall,
Station st. Ntwn.
Briokncli, A., stonemason, 21 Esther st
Briokwood Tin Mining Co., Limited—
Shonstono, W., sec, 350 George s t
Briokwond, John, Rush st, Whra.
Brlckwood, Richard P., Smith st, Ash.
Brlden, John, Septimus st, McDtn.
Bridge, Almar,Susannah st, Via
Bridge, Albert, Bannister st
Bridge, Benjamin, 14 Hugo st, Rfn.
Bridge. Georgo, Halstcad cottago,
Pllo st. Mar.
Bridge, Hannah, Marsdcn st, Pmatta.
Brldgo, John, wool broker, stock and
station agent and produce agent,
2-4 Albert st
Bridge. John, wool merchant, 223
Cleveland st, Rdfn.
Bridge, John, Harris rd, P. Dk.
Bridge, J., produce agent, 07 Sussoxst
Bridge, John. 102 Victoria st
Bridgo, Mrs. 13., Bannister st
Bridge, S imuel, mariner, 5 Columbia.
torraeo, Fitzroy st.St. L., E.Bridge, William, market gardener, .
Bourko rd, Alxa.
Brldgee, —, 21 Samuel st
Bridgeman, Mrs. Charlotte, 21 Owen s t
Bridgcmnn, Ellen, bootmaker, 23 Oxford st
Bridgcmnn, Mrs., 42 Huntst
Brldgman. W„ Military rd, St. L.
Brllgincnt, S., llricltjment't Palace
hotel, Dowllng st
Brldgcn. Richard, ouginoor, 306 Oastloroagh st
Bridgcr, James and S >n, butchers,
120 King st N., Ntwn.
Bridgcr, Herbert L., carpontor, Trafalgar st, Lcdt.
Bridgcr, Join), painter, 71 Campbell
Brldgor, William, Phillip st, Pmatta.
Bridges, F. T., 6 Bishopsgato st, Ntwn »
Bridges, Jackson, cabinot-maker, 163
Bright, F. II., gas engineer, 1 IIoUlou
Deulson st, Camp.
st, Rfn.
Bridges, J., dealer, »9 Georgo »t, Rfn. Bright, Matilda, CO Bowman st
Bridges, Jolui, restaur .nt,340 Pitt st Bright, P.. painter. Camden st, Ntwn,
Bridget, Mary, 86 Pyrinont Bridge rd, Bright. Wilihm, Mary st. Bur.
Brighten, O., carpenter, 22 Ilordorn st
Bridgewater, Talbot, surgeon, WnilNtw«.
wun, Marian st, Ntwn.
Brlghtfleld, Wm,, collector, 20 CastleBridgewater, W., 168 Cumberland st
rcagh st, Hfn,
Brldgman, W. L., chronometer and
Brlghtman, Walter, bricklayer, 03 Pitt
watch maker. 141-143 Pitt st
st, Wtloo. v ,
Bridle, Ellen, 112 Cooper st, Wtloo.
Brighton, Junes, 42 Bathurst st
Briears, Mrs., 6 Railway terrace No, 2, Brigncll, Charles, Wyndham st, Alxa.
Brlgnell, Charlotte, Wyndhamst, Alxa.
Brleloy —, Derbyshire rd, Lortt.
Brigncll, J., L cugrib, Deulson st, War.
Brion, Edward, Rtdruoml st, Lcdt.
Brignoll, Joseph, 73 Denison st, Whra.
Brion, MM., High ft, Rdm.
Brlckmore, William, White st, Lodt.
Briont, Lauchlan J„ 320 Victoria st
Brlnkworth, Josp., 202 Cumberland st
Brier, Joseph, grocer, 0 May terrace,
Briley, Jas., butcher, Hornsey st, Bal.
WVlls st, Ntwn.
Briloy, Lemuel, dealor, 110 Harbour st
Brierloy and Keestaan, butchers, 41
Briley. Richard, butcher, 17 Little
Mill st
Mount st
Brierloy, A, J., accountant, LeamingBrill, Honry, Frodorlck st, N. Why.
ton, New Cook's River rd, Petm.
Brimblo, Samuel, Wyndham st, Alxa.
Brierloy, Abraham, builder, 74 Giose
Brindlo, Jamos, Wecdon In, Pdtn
st, Camp.
Brindloy, Mrs. Clara. 018 Bourko st
Brierlcy, Abraham, builder, 74 Grose
Brindlcy, Ellen, St. Stephen's house,
st, Camp.
Bligh «t, Camp.
Brierlcy, Ittal, cabinet-makor, 314
Brindley, Henry, accountant Lincoln
Castlarcagh st
st. St. L„ E.
Brierloy, J. 0„ confectioner, 20 Oxford Brindley, John P.. Alfred «t, St. L., E.
Brindley, Robert C, High st, St. L.. K.
Brierlcy, Jos., Olytb.4. Lucas rd, Bur.
Bringhurst, William, Jarrett st, Lcdt.
Bricrley, Thomas, butcher, 224 Abat- llrinkman, August, 68 Crown rd
toirs rd
Brinkmann, Edward, Junior st, Lcdt.
Brigade oflicc, 17 O'Connell st
BriusmCHil and Co., pimoforto and
Brigdale, William, buildc, Irene,
organ warehouse, 202 George st,
Nelson st, Wbrn.
and 277 Clarence st
Brigden, John, moulder, Cove st, Bal. Brist. Morris, 180 Bourke st
Brigdcn, Richard, II., jun., iromrorkor, Brisbane, Charles, 10 Chippen st
12 Waterloo st
Brisbane, Charles, metal-planer, off
Brigden, S. J., engineer, 01 John st
62 George at, Rfn.
Brlgdon, Itlohard, "otany rd, Alxa.
Brisbane, John, blacksmith, 23 DarBrigdon, Richard H., 2 Ivy st, Rfn.
ling st,
Brigg, Henry A., coutraotor, 111 St. Brisbane, T„ 30 Wo'llngtonst, Wtloo.
John's r,l, Glebe
Brisbane, W, 11., commisdon au'ent
Briggs. —, boarding ostablislimcnt,
and steam-tug proprietor, Chaugo
128 Phillip st
alley, 4 Pitt st
Briggs, C. II., hairdresser, 48 Dowling B R I S C O E , D R Y S D A L E & 0 0 . ,
iron and machinery merchants
Briggs. C , painter, Raglan st, Alxa.
and general ironmongers, 307
Briggs, Douglass, 118 Cleveland st
George st, CO anil 116 York st, S3
Briggs. Frederick, draypropriotor, 48
Pitt st; stores, Underwood st
St. Mary st, Cnmp.
Briscoe, Alfred, Vino st, Dar.
Briggs, George, stonemason, 105 Bot- Briscoe, D., confectioner, 00 Oxford st
any rd, Wtloo.
Briscoe, K. J., 337 Bourke st
Briggs, Henry, 127 Church st, Camp.
Briscoe, Frederick J., Ian I agent, 04
Briggs, James, Enmore rd, Mar.
.Marlborough st
Briggs, Jsph, 5 Dentin's yd., Druitt st
Briscoe, Georuo, vanpropiietor, 40
Briggs, Mrs. M. A., fuel merchant, & c ,
Mooro's id
181-180 Harris «t
Brisooo, II., n'Wsagi'nt.O Cambridgo st
Brigirs, Robt., Lt. Underwood st, Pdtn. Briscoe, -lane, 6 Bowmnu st
Brigg, Samuel, engineer, Alex, st.Bal, Briscoe, Robert, 04 Marlborough st
Briggs, Thomas, plasterer, off 77 St.
Briso, G., stonemason. Ivanboc st, Mar.
John's id, Glcbo
Briston, F„ car|>cntcr, Klngsclenr rd,
Briggs, Thomas, plasterer, 22 WestAlxa.
morland st, Glcbo
Brlstow, Catherine, grocer, 18 Bot. st.
Briggs, William, Abattoirs rd
Briggs, Wm., fu-1 merchant, 6 BoylBrlstow, Udwd., engineer, 70 Darghan
st, Glebe
soli's terrace, Ash.
Briggs, William, fuel merchant. 10
Brlstow, Henry B„ moster-mariuer,
Druitt st
23 Bucknell st, Ntwn.
Briggs, Wm., boot salesman, Short st
Bristow, Mrs. L., 134 llaglan st, Wtloo.
Briggs, William F., draftsman, Elfrcd Brlstnwc, 12. II. C, accountant, Cairo's
clmiiU'Crs, Bond st
house,Glonniorc id. Pdtn.
Briggs, William F.. Dlok st, Bal.
Brisiowe, Edward n.,Eo-ro, Oxford st,
Bright, Chas., Nichol parade, Rdm.
British Medical Association, N.&W.
branch — Creed, J. M., surgeon,
secretary, 84 Hunter st
Britehcun, John, market gardoncr,
Veteran swamp, Bot.
Britnoll, Wm. T., Uolmdalo st, Mar.
Britt, Henry, printer, 80 Cooper st
Brittail, Henry, bootmaker, C4
Harris st
Britten, Henry B., Cationbury villas,
Charles st, Petm.
Britten, William, 17 New st
Britton, Frederick H„ butchor, Emma
terrace, Smith st. Mar.
Britton, Wm., shipwright, Short st,
Brlxy, William II., bricklayer, 37
Brown st, Camp.
Broad, A., squatter, Liverpool rd, Ash,
Broad, A., squatter, Falcon st, St. L.
Broad, Edward, J. U., O.E., Park
house, Enmorc rd, Mar.
Broad, Ernest, solicitor, Fitzevon
chambers. CO Castlercagh st;
p. r. Woodsidc, Nelson Bay
rd, Wav.
Broad. James, squattor, Vistarcalc,
Crescent st, Man.
Broad, Joseph F., Ea.deburst, Norwood
st, Petm.
Broad, Robert M., Chelsea, Point Piper
rd, Pdtn.
Broad, William G., Paddington st,
Broadbcnt, Edward, watobmakor,
Grosronor ore, Ash.
Broadbcnt, James. Redmond it, Lcdt,
Broadbent, Jane, Waterloo st
Broadbcnt, Mrs. M. A., dressmaker,
493 Harris st
Broadbrldgo, William, plasterer, Fulham st, Ntwn.
Brotdfoot, Mrs. Christiana, Panshurst
st, N. Why.
Broadfoot, William J„ atorckcepor,
Penshurst st, N. Wby.
Broadhead, William, Sir William Wallace hotel, Cameron st, Bal.
Broadhurst, Miss. 72 Macleay st
Broadhurst, William, Farraniatta rd,
Broadhurst, William H. ironmonger,
Alt st, Ash.
Broadhurst, William J„ Bland st, Ash.
Broadly, Joseph, blacksmith, 33 Hordcrn st, Ntwn.
Broarllor, lira., 34 Ilordorn st.Ntwn.
Broads, Edmund, McGarvIo st, Pdtn.
Brock, Gcor/c S., Brocklcigh, off Fitsroy st, Ntwn.
Brock Robert, Victoria lodge, Bligh
st, Nwtn.
Brock, Thomas, saddler, Sorrell st,
Brooklosor, Honry, grocer, 73 Pitt st
Brockruglut, June, 114 Kent st
Brockstaync, A., pearl dealor, 164 King
Brockstayne. George, pawnbroker,
164 King Bt
BrockWBy, George, carpenter, Denison
st, Whra.
Broderlck, 13., engineer, C.irdwell st,
Broderlck, James, 310 Sussex st.
Broderlck, Patrick, Aird st, Pu<atta.
Broderson, Charles H„ White st, Lcdt.
Broderson, Jacob, tinsmith, 0 Railway
torrace, Hay st
Brodie, Robert and Co,, produce merchants, Pyrinont Bridge rd.
Brodie, Alexander, photographer,
Sutherland st. Pdtn.
Brodie, C , Yulo st. Petm.
Brodio, Daniel. 17 Forsyth st, Glcbo
Brodie, David, builder & joiner, Albion
st, and Trafalgar st Lcdt.
Brodie, George, Hardy av, Ash.
Brodie, Hugh, Boanchamp st, Mar,
Brodio, James A., London tavern,
Darling st, Bal.
Brodio, John. It Now st
Brodio, Neil,tuaster-m iriiier.N'Icholsou
st, Bal.
Brodio, Robort, produce merohant,
Darling st. Globe
Brodie, Wm., confectioner, 2 Taylor st
B R O D I E , W I L L I A M A., auctioneer, George st, l'matta.
Brodribb, Hon. Wm. A., M.L.C., 133
Mncquarie st
Brodrick, Joseph, 0 Walker st, Rdfn.
Brodrigg, Wm., oft 107 Botany rd,
Brodzaik and Rodger, merchants,
Foy's chambers, Bond st
Brodzlak, A. II., merchant, Foy's
chambers, Bond st
Brodzlak, Adolphus, 119 Macleay st
Brodzlak, Myer, merchant, Foy's
chambers, Bond st
Broe, Henry, carpenter, 8 Phillip st,
Brofio, John, Lawson st, Bal.
Brogan, Francis, John st, Ash.
Brognn, Francis, 1 Victoria terrace,
Victoria st, Wav.
Brogan, Owen, farmer, 4 Pelican st
Brogan, Thomas, enrpeuter, 43 Clovoland st, Rfn.
Brogan, Thomas, 416 Harris st
Brogdcn, J. (manager for Starkoy and
Co.), 62 UiMtlcrcagh st, Rfu.
Brogdcn, John!'., lemonade manufacturer, 47 Burnett st, Hfn.
Brogden, Joseph, tobacconist, Church
st, Pmatta.
Brogden, .Mrs., Church st, Pmatta.
Brogden, Stephen, Guilford stationmaster, Railway rd, Pispt. & Sher,
Brogden, W. II., 01.J Castleraigu st
Broggis, Robort, 1 i;i Regent st, Rdfn.
Broinowski, G. J., urtlst, 114 Victoria
Broincll, Mrs,, private boarding establishment, 13 York st
Bromflcld, Samuel, ilalsaimcl, Cross
st, Whra.
Bromhoa 1, Josoph, baker, Gerrard st,
Bromley, Edward, Lord st, Vic
Bromley, Edward, 7 Norman st
Bromley, Thomas, OS Wells st. Rfn,
Bromley, William, dairyman, 220 Liverpool st
Bronger, James, Norton st. Rydo
Bronsden, E. A., Nowranie st, Ash.
B R O O K , JONAS, A N D B R O T H E R S , sewing cotton manufacturers, 80 Clarence st
Brook, H. W„ Oatley rd, Pdtn.
Brook, James, Trlckett st, Whra.
Brook, Josoph, cabiuot-niaker, Qucon
st, Ash.
Brook, Joseph, cabln«t-makcr, 29 Roso
st. Dar.
Brook, Thomas, Eton st, Camp.
Brooko, —, dentist, Cornubia, Stanmore rd, Potm.
Brooke, A. L., Elston. Angel rd, Bur.
Brooko, Mary A., 7 Ivy st, Dar,
Brookor, Aun, Botany rd. Alxa.
Brookor, David. IVarl st. Ntwn.
Urooker, Geo., 90 Botany st. Wtloo.
Brooker. T„ ssddlo <$: harness makor,
Lane Covo rd. St. L,
Brookes, Alfred, Grafton st. Whra.
Brookes, Henry C„ saddlers' Ironmonger, 1 Barrack s t ; p.r.
Walshalc, Ferdinand st. II. Hill
Brooks, .lames, shipwright, G8 Dowling
st, Hdfn.
Brookes, John, Isabel villa, Croydon
st, Petm.
Bro ikes, Mrs., storekeeper, Railway Bt,
Brookes. Walter, sldpwright, St.
Andrew st, Bal.
Brookes, William, Moncur st, Whra.
Brooking, Thomas, salesman, Rosser
st, Bal.
Brookinin, Mrs., boarding establishment, 111 Olarenco st
Brooks, Henry and Co., merchants—
Lauchlan M. II., maniger, 360
George st
Brooks, Alfred F., 2 Vict >ria terraco,
McKcnzio st. Way.
Brooks, A., clerk, Quail st, Rwk.
Brooks,- Charles, Burns Bay rd, N. Wby,
Brook. , Charles, tanner, llurbrr's ter.,
Chapel st, Mar.
Brooks, Charles, 31 Sheppard st
Brooks, Charles, 17 Stanley In
Brooks, Mrs. E., Boundary st, Pmtta.
Brooks, Edward, 1 Princess pi
Brooks, George T., Elizabeth house,
East Crescent, Vic.
Brooks, Henry, 10 Agar st
Brooks, Henry, 0 Chisholm In
Brooks, Honry, Glenmoro rd, Pdtn.
Brooks, J., brickmaker, Brixton
rd, Kkwd.
Brooks, James, Rosehill hotel, 91 Rosehill st, Rfu.
Brooks, James, chatrcancr, 3G0 Oxford
st, Pdtn.
Brooks, James, 00 Darling st, Glebe
Brooks, John, 08 Australia at, Ntwn.
Brooks, John, Merlin st, St. L.
Brooks, Jonathan, 2 Hart's buildings,
Gloucester st
Brooks, Joseph, surveyor, Hopcbauk,
Nelson st, Whra.
Brooks, Joseph. Rouss st, Lcdt.
Brooks, J O., 21 Coruwallis st, Rfn.
Brooks, Mrs. M. A., 31 Little Gipps st
Brooks, Mathew, brick manufacturer,
Edith st, Lcdt.
Brooks, Mrs., 30 Fovcaux st
Brooks, Mrs., 4 Hosking pi
Brooks. Oliver, Ashburu st, Man.
Brooks, ll„ Miller st
Brooks, Ralph, 62 Regent st, Ntwn.
Brooks, R. H., tailor, 80 George st W.
Brooks, Robert, sawyer, 400 Jones st
Brooks, Rudolph, 30 Fovcaux st
Brooks, T., builder, Victorin st, Petm.
Brooks, W. H., engineer, Little Arthur
st, St. L.. E.
Brooks, William, dealer, -123 Pitt st
Brooks, William, Alfred st, St. L., E.
Brooks, William, Mllson's In, St. L., E.
Broom, John, hairdresser, 11 Park st
Broom, Samuel, Church st, St. P.
Broom, William, bootmaker, Cooper st
and 3 Surry st, Wtloo.
Broom, Wm., hairdresser, 107 Riley st
Broome, Jns„ 2 Lawler's buildings,
Castlercagh st
Broome, John, 44 Campbell Bt, Glebe
Broom1), William, school-teacher, 10
Miles st
Broomliel I, Edward, sexton, Gipps st
Br.'omlield, John, mastor-mariner,
Darling st, Bal.
B R O O M P I E L D , JOHN, general
Importer and shipchandler, 152
Sussex st
Broomflold, William, shipchandler,
Wharf rd, Dal.
Broonihcad. John W., engineer, Elizabeth st, Hal.
Broomhend, Robert, stonemason, Manning st, Bal.
Broomham, Chnrles, High st, N. Why.
Brophy, Henry, bootmaker, Cameron
st, Pdtn.
Brophy, John, grocer, 10 Middle at
Brophy, Mrs. Mamaret, Union st, Vlo.
Bros, Arthur, Hillston. Nuw Canterbury rd. Potm.
Bros, John. Customhouse agent, Customhouse building*, Loftusst
Bross, Jogn, 7 Lower Fort st
Broster, James, Park avenue, Ash.
Brothers, Benjamin, 61 Westst
Brotherson, S imuel, Rose ter., Dowling
st, Pdtn.
Brothwood, II. S., chemist, Parramatta
rd, Lcdt.
Brough, A. Wntson, Mlddlcton,
Cavendish at. Petm.
Brough, James, 62 Iloschlll st, Rfn.
Broughton Bros. (12. O. V. Broughton,
C. L. Broughton), land brokers,
130 Pitt st
Broughton, —, 17 Little Riley st
Broughton, Alfred, wool merchant,
Mlddlcton. Middloton st, Mar.
Broughton. Charles, carpenter,
Commodore st, Ntwn.
Broughton. Charles. Dupplln, Now
Canterbury rd. Petm.
Broughton, Charles H., manager
E. S. and A. C. Bank, Qucon st,
Broughton, E.. 2 Malton era, Petm.
Broughton, Frank, 94 Victoria st
Broughton, Frederick A„ merchant,
Leicester hoaSH. Bolmore st, Bur.
Broughton, Honry T„ clerk, Glenmoro
rd, Pdtn.
Broughton, J., grocer, Darling st, Bal
Broughton, James C, Latnmormuir,
Glenmoro rd, Pdtn.
Broughton, Richard, stonemason,
Eureka st, V i c
Broughton, Richard, Euroka st, St, L
Broughton, R„ 11-16 Georgo st, Rfn.
Broughton, Thomas, Bradley hall,
Broughton st, Pdtn.
Brow, Samuel, 3 Vcsey st, Wtloo.
Browcawsa, Honry, McKce st
Browett, Edward, Lawson st, Wav.
Browmakor, Robert, compositor, Station st, Petm.
Brown, Adolph F. and Co., tobao"
aonists, 803 Georgo st
Brown and Berry, ironworkers, 61 Brown, Arthar, 20 Arthur st
Brown, Francis, Ponnnnt st, Pmaitn.
Goulburn st
Brown, Arthur, jun., Pyrmont st, Ash.
B R O W N B R O T H E R S & CO., Brown, C. A., printer, Boattio st, Bal. Brown, F., contractor, East st, Rkwd.
Brown, Frank, 291 Liverpool >t
auctioneers, stock mid station Brown, O. E., 104 Evelelgh st, Bfn.
Brown, Fred., enrpontor, 94 Angel st,
agents, 4 City chambers, 243a Brown, Caleb, 5 Dunn st, Glebo
Pitt st. (See ndvt.)
Brown, Mrs. Cathorine, drapor, 4 Brown, F., carpontor, 138 Campbell Bt
B R O W N A N D B R O W N , City
Argylo pi
Iron works. Abattoirs rd, nnd Brown, Mrs. Catherine, Bcocliwood, Brown, G. II., bootmaker, Railway st,
Johnston's bay, Pyrmont
Livingstone st, Mar.
Brown and Co., land agents, Exchange Brown, Charles, clerk, 100 Crown rd
Brown, Gcorgo, joiner, 48 Abercrombio
bniHInes. Pitt st
Brown, Charles, bootmaker, 312 Oxford
Brown, George, 28 Bay st, Globo
B R O W N A N D CO., wine nnd spirit
st, Tdtn.
George, 1 Omnibus torrnco,
merchants, 10 Spring st
Brown, Chas., carpenter, Gl Albion st
Bowden st, Whrn.
Brown nnd Cunningham, fuel mer- Brown, Charles, 17 Chambers st
Brown, Gcorgo, blacksmith, 320 Liverchants, Cross st, Whrn.
Brown, Charles, 7 Chapol In
pool st
Brown. E. and Sons, farriers, Phillip Brown, Charles, Cook st, Petm.
Brown, George, 41 Morehend st, Rfn.
st, Pmattn.
Brown, Charles, 71 Forbos st
George, Ontley rd, Pdtn.
Brown, J. I), nnd Co., prodnoo mer- Brown, Charles, 34 Kent st
Brown, Georgo, 23 Oxford st, Ntwn.
chants, Burwood rd, Bur.
Brown, Charles, Lord st, Ntwn,
Brown, George, 3 Rcgont st
Brown, Jos. and Alex., mcrchnnts nnd Brown, Charles, 1 Margaret in
Brown, George, carpenter, 139 Riley Bt
colliery proprietors, 22 Bridge st
Brown, Charles, Murdock st, Bal
Brown, George, Sydenham rd, Mar.
Brown and Keating, contractors, Un- Brown. Charles, 10 Terry st
Brown, Georgo, 20 Upton st
derwood st, Piltn.
Brown, Charles, 101 Union st
Brown, George, 9 Wcntworth lane
Brown. M. A. nnd Co,, hairdressers, Brown, Char es, 21 Womyss st
2G0 Gcorgo st
Brown Charles B., carpenter, Loscoo Brown, Goorgo E., solicitor, Montauban torrnco, Mount st, Vio.
Brown, Hisses. 431 Riley st
rd, Prspt. and Shcr.
Brown, R. nud J., plumbers, Mount st, Brown, Chas. H., jeweller, 403 Kent st Brown, Georuo II., plumber, 107 Bullttnaming st, Rfn,
Brown, Chnrlottc, Campbell's hotel, 241
Brown, Geo., fridterer, 67 Brisbnno st
Brown, —, CInyton st, Bal.
William st
Brown, —, shipwright, Darling Bt, Bal. Brown, Colin, builder, Wlgram st, Brown, George, onrponter, 36 Darghan
st, Glebo
Brown, —, 34 Denham st, Glebo
Brown, —,116 Fovenux st
Brown. Rev.Gcorgo,Wesleyan minister,
Brown, Colin, Womernh av
Brown, —, McKeo st
60 Dowling st, Pdtn.
Brown, Cuthbert, engineer, 30 JuncBrown, —,bikor, Park rd, Hk\vd.
Brown, Gcorgo, shipwright, 3 Ferry In
tion Bt, Glebo
Brown, —, liedmond st, Lcdt.
J Brown, D. A,, 72 Forbo.< st
Brown, George, Crown rd
Brown, —, Wortloy st, Bal.
I Brown, D. It., warehouseman, Croydon Brown, George, 221 Elizabeth st, Rfn.
Brown, —, Yule st, Petm.
Brown, George, 99 Fitzroy st
villa, Grosvenor st, Bur.
Brown, A., Church st, Pmnttn.
Brown, Gcorgo, 44 Hugo st, Rfn.
Brown, Dnniol, 22 Gloucester st
Brown, A,, Darling st, Bal
Brown, Dun.. 59 Wellington st, Wtloo. Brown, George, storekeeper, 0 Junction
Brown, A., shipwright, St. Andrew st, Brown, Dnvid, carpenter, 04 Dowling
st, Glebe
Brown, George, builder, 272 Kent st
st, Pdtn.
Brown, Aaron, market gnrdener, Can- Brown, David, commission agent, Dar- Brown, George, bootmaker. 39 King st
terbury rd, Cnn.
Brown, George H., bootmaker, 72 Pitt
ling st, Bal.
Brown, A., plumber, Lnwson st, Bal.
st, Rfn.
Brown, Dnv., 17 Kensington st, Wtloo.
Brown, Mrs. Agnes, Fern st. Hwk.
Brown, Gcorgo L. R., builder, Clinpol
Brown. Dnvid, blacksmith, 328
Brown, Albert, builder, Tarce, Norton
Bt, Mnr.
st, Ash.
Brown, Gcorgo W., bricklayer, 34
Brown, Dennis, contractor, Hargravo
Brown, Albert, 368 Sussex st
Lodge st, Glebo
st, Pdtn.
Brown, Albert. Victorin st, Pdtn.
Brown, E. M., tailor, 74 Wells st, Rfn. Brown, Georglna, 17 Wilton st
Brown, Alex., plumber, 104 Bourko st Brown, E. L., ironmonger, 40 Park st
Brown, Glover, solicitor, 210J King Bt
Brown, Aloxnnder, manager City iron Brown, E„ farrier, Alfred st, St. L., E.
N., Ntwn.
Brown, II. II., contractor, 24 Womyss
works, Brown st, Pdtn.
Brown, Edwnrd, accountant, 111
Brown, Alex., clerk, Darling st, Glebo
Derwcnt st, Globo
Brown, H. R., Curtis rd, Bal.
Brown, Alexander, grocer, 20 Darling- Brown, Edwnrd, mnrket gardener,
Ilannesley, 41 Burton st
ton rd, Dnr.
Glcnour st, din.
Brown, Harriet, Johnson st, N. Wby.
Brown, Alex., builder, Emily st, Mar.
Brown, Edwnrd, denier, 13 Littlo
Brown, Alexander, ironworker, 13 Old
Ileuss et, Glebo
Brisbnno Bt
Parrnniattn rd, Glebo
Brown, Helen, 102, Viotorla st •
Brown, Edward, Fitzroy st, St. L., E.
Brown, Alexander, Old Prospect rd,
Brown, H., bu/chcr, 18 Grose st, Camp.
Brown, Edward, Nortboote st, Can.
Prspt. nnd Shcr.
Brown, Honry, 2 Norton st. Lcdt.
Brown, Edwnrd, Woodloigh, Shell.
Brown, A„ Inicklnyer, ITigli st, Wnv.
Brown. Honry, cab proprietor, Bourko
Covo rd, St. L.
Brown. Alfred, Littlo Underwood st, Brown, Edwnrd, Sutherland st, Pdtn.
st, Wtloo.
Brown, Edwin, Glennmre rd, Pdtn,
Brown, Henry, carpenter, 69 Regent
Brown, Alfred Old South Hond rd, Brown, Edwin L., ironmonger,
st, Ntwn.
Johnston st, Lcdt.
Brown, II., engineer, Short st, Pmatta.
Brown, Alfred, J., 83 Brougham st, Brown, Elijah, blacksmith, Philip st,
Henry, 00 Denhnm st, Glebo
Brown, Henry, 20 Athlone pi
Brown, Alfred R. draftsman, Point i Brown, Elizabeth. 187 Castlercngb st
Brown, Henry, 45 Hugo st, Rfn.
Piper rd, Pdtn.
Brown, Henry D„ 33 Burton st
Brown, Mrs. Eliznbeth, Ncwington,
Brown, Alloc, Tliomns st, Vic.
Brown, Henry J., 1 Henry Bt
Wemyss st, Mnr.
Brown, Amelia, 412 Victoria st
Brown, Honry L.,surveyor, Grantbnm,
Brown, Ellen, 543 Crown st
Brown, Annie, boardinghouso. 23
Moonbic st, Ash.
Brown, Mrs. Ellen, 240 Riley st
Nithsdnlo st
Brown, Honry T., carpenter, 18 MoreBrown, Emllle, 143 Gcorgo st, Wtloo.
Brown, Annie, fruiterer, 12 Western Brown, Emma, 28 St. Mary st, Camp.
head st, Rfn.
avenue, Markets
Brown, F. C„ land nnd mining agent, Brown, Isaac, Brown st, Pdtn.
Brown, Archy, com. traveller. 17
Brown, Isabella, Norton st, Lcdt.
61 Sydney arcado
Junction ft, Glebo
Brown, F. W., accountant, 233 Goul- Brown, J., solicitor, Dock rd, Bal.
Brown, Arth., grocer, 200 Elizabeth st
Brown, J., Combridgo st, Bal.
Brown, J., 42 Forbes st
Brown, Rev. J„ Wnlkden, nilly st,
Brown. J. B., Carlisle, Norwood st,
Brown, J. C. R., assistant inspector of
tobacoo factories, 248 Riley at
Brown, J. Emauucl, basket-maker,
Gcorgo st, MoDtu.
Brown, J. H., carpenter, Chaplin st
Brown, J. II., carpenter, Darling st,
Brown, J. II., com. ngont, Market st
Brown, J. P., currier, Hur.
Brown, J. W., engraver nnd dlcslnkor,
106 Clarence st
Brown, Jnbez, 057 Bourko st
Brown, Jnmcs, joiner, 24 Aberorombio
st, Rfn.
Brown, James, master-mnrinor, Batty
st, Bal.
Brown, Jos., suppcrrooMis, 81 King Bt
Brown, James, 40 Ada st
Brown, James, Amy st, MoDtn.
Brown, Jnmcs, merchant, Aubin st,
St. L„ E.
Brown, Jnmcs, stonemason, 14 Grook
st, Glebo
Brown, James, 9 Bellevue st
Brown, James, Botany rd, Bot.
Brown, Jnmcs, Bncklnnd st
Brown, Jnmcs, 14 Church st
Brown, James, Orescent st, Bal.
Brown, J., plumber, Driver's rd, Bur.
Brown, J., farmer, Flagstaff rd, Rydo
Brown, Jnmcs, 27 Frnncis st, Glebo
Brown, James, engineer aud manufacturers' ngent, 317 Georgo st
Brown, Jnmcs, 05 Hunter st
Brown, James, 1110 Kent st
Brown, J„ blacksmith, 22 Lt. Riley Bt
Brown, Jnmcs, Murray st
Brown, Jos., ongineer, Palmer st, Bal.
Brown, Jnmcs, 112 Palmer st
Brown, James, picturofrnme-maker,
Parramatta rd, Lcdt.
Brown, James, 12 Rose st, Dnr.
Brown, J., engineer, Rydo rd, H. Hill
Brown, Jnmcs, Kingsborough cottage,
St. John's st, Petm.
Brown, James, Clarence and New England hotel, 154 Sussex st
Brown, James, William st, Pdtn.
Brown, Jnmcs R., Fuirview, Old South
Head rd, Whra.
Brown, James W., engraver, Darling
Bt, Bal.
Brown, James W., Blswiok st, Lodt.
Brown, Jane, Strnthmoro terrace, Darlington rd, Dnr.
Brown, Jnnet, 125 Bourko st
Brown, Jcr., fishmonger, 20 Bridge st
Brown, Jeremiah, 2 O'Connor st
Brown, John, Albert st, Pmatta.
Brown, John. Coach and Horses hotel,
Allison st, Rndwk.
Brown, John, Annandnlc st, Lcdt.
Brown, John, potter, Kolvlu cotttago,
Arthur st, Mnr.
Brown, John, carriage-maker, 42
Burnett st, Rfn.
Brown, John, baker, Darling st, Bal.
Brown, Joliu, fruiterer, 75 Forbes st
Brown, John, engineer, 70 Gipps st
Brown, John, insp. of works, Grey st,
Brown, John, 31 Harrington st
Brown, Jobu, boarding establishment,
53 Kent st
Brown, John, timber merchant, Lnno
Covo rd, St. L.
Brown, John, Leinster st, Pdtn.
Brown, John, master-mariner, 0 Lower
Fort st
Brown, John, Macdounld st, McDtn.
Brown, John, grocer, 21 .Marketst
Brown, John, mas tcr-marlner,Napolcon
st, Bnl.
Brown. John, oarthonwnro mart, Tarrnmatta rd, Lodt.
Brown, John, b*ker, Parramatta rd,
Brown, John, hootflnlshcr, 88 Pitt st,
Brown, John, bootmaker, 44 Scbcmll
st, Wtloo.
Brown, John, builder, Wostst, St. L.
Brown, John, gardener, South Bt, Pdtn.
Brown, John, master-mariner, 1 Bates
In, Sussex st
Brown, John, joweller, Trafalgar st,
Brown, John, Pyrmont Bridge rd
Brown, John, Clythn, Underwood st,
Brown, John, 6 Vino st, Rfn.
Brown, John A., snddlor, Addison rd,
Brown, John A., noldon st, Can.
Brown, John B., builder, 400 Bourko st
Brown, John B., 12 Steel st
Brown, John E., baker, Beattic st, Bal.
Brown, John T., 38 Bottington st
Brown, Joseph, 8 Omnibus tor.,
Bowden st, Whrn.
Brown, Joseph, 28 Burns st
Brown, Joseph. Foucart st, Bal.
Brown, J., storekeeper. Good st, Grnn.
Brown, Joseph, fcllmonger, 103 Gcorgo
st, Wtloo
Brown, Joseph, bollor-maker, Gcrrnrd
st, Alxa,
Brown, J., butcher, 01 Oxford st, Pdtn.
Brown, Joseph, carpenter, 18 Hordern
st, Ntwn.
Brown, J., englnecr.Glcnvicw st, Pdtn.
Brown, Joseph S., painter, Trafalgar
st, Lcdt.
Brown, Joseph S., 10 Womcrah av
Brown, Joseph \V., Prospect rd, Ash.
Brown, J., builder, Edward st, St, L.
Brown, L. A., 79 Victorin st
Brown, Lindsay, London st, Ntwn.
Brown, M, 208 Victoria st
Brown, Mrs. Mnrgnret, boardinghouso,
33 Bcttington st
Brown, Mnrgaret, 7 Groso st, Camp.
Brown, Mrs. Maria, Clayton st, Bal.
Brown, Marian, Eliznbeth st, Pmatta.
Brown, Mrs. Mnrthn, John st, Mnr.
Brown, M., dalryninn, Lackey st, St. P.
Brown, Mrs. Mary, 398 Bourke st
Brown, Mary, 6 Wemyss st
Brown, Miithew, bricklayer, 71 Church
st, Ntwn.
Brown, Mathow, buildor, 42 College st,
Brown, Michnel, Ross Bt, Pmatta.
Brown, Michael G.,&<u'feic/ioiW,Bondi
rd, Wav.
Brown, Miss, boardinghouso, 400 Elizabeth st
Brown, Miss, Oxford house Ada Bt,
Brown, Miss, 1 Cascade terraco, Gascade Et, Pdtn.
Brown, Miss, Macquaric st, Pmatta.
Brown, Mrs., dressmaker, Miller st,
St. L.
Brown, Mrs., grocer, Burton st,
St, L„ E.
Brown, Mrs., grocer, Sorrio st, Bal.
Brown, Mrs., 115 Aberorombio st, Rfn.
Brown, Mrs., Belmorc st. Rydo
Brown, Mrs., Iluka villa«, Campbell ft.
St. L., E.
Brown, Mrs., Canterbury rd, Cnn.
Brown, Mrs., Oodrlngtou st, Dar.
Brown, Mrs., Driver's rd, Bur.
Brown, Mrs., George st, Cnu.
Brown, Mrs., 239 Glebo rd, Glebo
Brown, Mrs., 1 Missandcn rd, Ntwn.
Brown, Mrs., 17 Myrtle st
Brown, Mrs., 02 Valentine In
Brown, Mrs., 62 Myrtle st
Brown, Mrs., 15 Francis st
Brown, Mrs., boarding establishment,
100 Elizabeth st
Brown Mrs., Burnsldo cottage,
Fothcrlnghnm st, Mnr.
Brown, Mrs., 1 Marian torrnce, Marian
st, Ntwn.
Brown, Mrs., MnlakofI tower, Iliawarra rd, Mar.
Brown, N. S., Roland villa, Croydon
st, Totm.
Brown, N. W., stock nnd Btation agent,
Bayswatcr, Livlngstono st, Mar.
Brown, P., picturcfrnmo-maker, 87
Mnrket st
Brown, Parry R., carpenter, 0 Evolcigh
st, Rfn.
Brown, Patrick, painter, Old South
Head rd, Whrn.
Brown, Patrick, Fanning st, St. P.
Brown, Peter, Jlrtllsh Shaman's hotel,
53 Argylo st
Brown, Peter D., surveyor, 107 Queen
st, Whrn.
Brown, R. S. F., Malson Suisse, Denison
rd, Potm.
Brown, R. V„ Northwood id, N. Wby.
Brown, Robert, market gardener,
Cabaretta Point rd, Coud.
Brown, Robert, painter, 35 Cooper st,
Brown, Robert, 70 Bowman st
Brown, Robert, 32 Egnn st, Ntwn.
Brown, Robert, Hopewell st, Pdtn.
Brown Robort, 1 Kclllck st, Wtloo,
Brown, Robert A., 10 St. Mary st,
Brown, Robert C, 79 Globo Bt, Globo
Brown, Robert H., boilor-mnker Maoqunrie terrace. Bal.
Brown, Robert n., ironmonger, 5
Bellevue torrnce, Oatlcy id, Pdtn.
Brown, Robert \V., plasterer, Sydney
st, N. Wby.
Brown, S. W., 20 Dorwent st, Glebo
Brown, Samuel, carpenter, 89 Caroline
st, Rdfn.
Brown, Samuel, chairmnkcr, 023 Gcorgo
Brown, Samuel, master-mariner, 17
Alma st
Brown, Samuel, miller, Birkenhead
rd, F. Dk.
Brown, Samuel, miller, Ellen st, Bal.
Brown, Samuel, Margaret st, Petm.
Brown, Samuel, Rainbow st, Rwk.
Brown, Samuel T„ 99 Barcom Bt.
Brown, Sarah, 123 Walker st, Rfn.
Brown, Simeon, builder, Deans st,
Bur. and Ireland st, Bur.
Brown, Solomon, 24 Bridge st
Brown, Stanley, muster mariner, Nnpoleon st, Bnl.
Brown. Stciiliun, 30 Vine st, Jlfu.
Brown, T. (.!., merchant, 44 St. John's
rd, niebo
Brown, T. F. D., mining expert, 24
Crown Bt
Brown, Thomas, bootmaker, IS Little
Brisbane st
Brown, Tbonms, blacksmith, Liverpool
rd. Rdm.
Brown, Thomas, sen., builder,
Pyrmont st, Ash.
Brown, T., 'builder, Croydon rd, Ash.
Brown, Thomas, conohbnilder,
Pnrrnmnttn rd. I'etm.
Brown, Thomas, engraver and printer,
84 Bnthurst st
Brown, Thoinns, engraver, 112
Dcrwontst, Globo
Brown, Thomas, greengrocer, 22
Denison st, Whra.
Brown, T., grocer, 32 Donhnni st, Globe
Brown, Thomas, ironworker, Ilcoley
st, Pdtn.
Blown, Thomas, plumber, 8 Albion pi
Brown, Thomas, produce merchant,
M2 Jiourkc st
Brown, Thomas, stonemason, Surry
tor., 130 Misscndcn rd, Cnmp.
Brown, T., truiiicr, Allison st, Hwk.
Brown, Tlioums, Denison st, Bnl.
Brown, Thomas, Edwnrd st, St. L.
Brown, Thomas, Solby house, Point
Piper rd, Whrn.
Brown, Thomas, 430 lllley st W.
Brown, Thomas, 6 Walton's In
Brown, Thomas, 70 Wells 6t, Hfn.
Brown, Thomas, Wyndham st, Alxa.
Brown, Thomas G., solicitor, 10G Eliif
nbotli st
Brown, Thomas II„ bricklayor, Robert
st. Ash.
Brown, Thos. II., carpenter, 40 Lansriowue st
Brown, Thomas J., printer, 48 Lonsdowue st
Brown, Thomas M., Edith st, Lodt.
Brown, Thomas N., frenchpolisher, 68
Glebe st, Glebe
Brown, V., 82 Liverpool st
Brown, W. C, Kcllot house, Upper
William st N.
Brown, Wallace, 142 Globo rd. Glebe
Brown, Walter, Govt, medical officer,
George st, Puiattn.
Brown. Walter, 29 Newman st, Ntwn.
Brown, Win., bnker, 20 Turner st, Ufn.
Brown, William, blacksmith, Church
st, Pmatla.
Brown, William, blacksmith, 60 Dorwent st, Globo
Brown, William, blacksmith, Old Canterbury rd, Pctm.
Brown, William, bootmaker, Camden
st, Ntwn.
Brown, William, builder, Wood villa,
Brunswick parade, Ash.
Brown, William, builder, East Crcsoent
st, Vic.
Brown, Wil'inni. carpenter, Old South
Head rd, Whra.
Brown, Win., fruiterer, 25 Gcorgo st
Brown, Win., mnitcr-mariner, 8 Prince
Victor terrace, Pyrmont Bridge rdBrown, Willlntn, painter, 47 Dlron it
Brown, Wm„ sawyor, 18 Alary st,Wtloo.
Brown, William,plumber, Swanson st,
Brown, William, Shamrock hotel, 130
Woolloomooloo st
Brown, Win., shipwright, 123 Palmor
Brown, Wllllnm, shipwright, 02 Windmill st
Brown, William, stevedore, Bettington
Brown, William, tailor, 82 Stnnley st
Brown, William, vanproprietor, Livingstone st, Mar.
Brown, W., woolpimsor, 312 Bourko st
Brown, William, 43 Barcom st
Brown, William, Brown st, Pdtn.
Brown, William, Chnpol st, Can.
Brown, William, 30 Chlsholm st
Brown. William, Cook's Jliverrd.St.P.
Brown, William, Croydon av, Ash.
Brown, William, 405 Dowlingst
Brown, William, E'lgownre rd, Ntwn.
Brown, William, Elizabeth st, Pdtn.
Brown, William, Fraicr st, Mnr.
Brown, William, Glenview, Glcnvicw
st, Pdtn.
Brown, Wlllam, 125 George st, Cnmp.
Brown, William, 8 MoKeo st
Brown, W. S., Lawson tor., MoKcnzlo
st, Wav.
Brown, William, 6 Mnrgcrct In
Brown, William, 129 Itnglan st, Wtloo.
Brown, William, 29 Hallway pi
Brown, William, lied Lion st, Bnl.
Brown, William, Itoso st, Ual.
Brown, William, 10 Steam Mill st
BroVn, William, 21 Wny's ter
Brown, William C , Parle's buildings,
40 Rose st, Camp.
Brown William E., 2 Islington st,
Brown, W. F., stonomnson, Mary st,
Brown, Win. G., 10 Cooper st, Wtloo.
Brown, W. H., Pnddington st, Pdtn.
Brown, W. It., draper, 403 Crown st
Brown, William T., builder, Bishop
st, liar.
Brown, William Y., grocer, Enmore
rd, Ntwn.
B R O W N E A N D CO., fuel merchants. Station st, Ntwn.
Browne, Hilton and Co., seedsmen, 331
Kingst, Ntwn.
Browne, Do (,'ourcy T. F„ mining expert, Bcresford chninbcrs,63 Castlercngh st
Browne, Guorgo, architect, 11 Mount
Vernon st, Glebe
Browne, ,1. D., produce merchant, Iceton st, Bur.
Browne, J. IS., architect and surveyor,
304 Park rd
Browno, James W., Altst, Ash.
Browno, Joseph, butcher, 47 Oxford st
Browno. Mary, 28 Palmer st
Browno, Miss, 110 Foveaux st
Browne, Mrs., ladies school, Elizabeth
st, Ash.
Browno, T. M., butcher, 164 Wllliom st
Browne, William E„ Edward st, Bal.
Brownctt, Saninel, 103 Duke st
Brownctt, W., carpenter, 53 Duko st
Browning, Henry, 80 Pitt st, Wtloo.
Browning, J. II., oil and colour man,
30 Pitt st
Browning, Hobert J., barrister,
100 Ellznboth st
Brownlen, Thomas, greengrocer, 473
Horrls st
Brownley, William, 6 Berwick In
Brownlow, John, Paddlngtoii st, Tdtn.
Brownlow, Mrs., Gowrle, Paul st, Wav,
Brownrigg, Crosby, 119 Dowllng st
Bruce Bros., bakers, 370 llourke st
B R U O E A N D J O H N S , 165 York
st, manufacturers' agents and
importers, sole wholesale n-'cnts
in the Austrnlasian colonies for
tho renowned "Frltznor" sewing
machines, with the new patent
pendulum treadles. Thcoheapost
and best in the world
Bruce, —, Bruce st, Bal.
Bruco, —, Wigram st, Pmatta.
Bruce, Alexander. Chief Insi>octor of
Stock, Station st, Ntwn.
Bruce, Alfred, 22 Edward st
Bruce, Clmrles, 208 Palmer st
Bruco, Charles, 307 Sussox st
Bruce, <}., engineer, Gerrard st, Alxa.
Bruco. Gcorgo, stonemason, Carlton st,
Bruco, Gcorgo, "2 John st
Bruce, J. P., 1 Lavinia cottages, Camden st, Ntwn.
Bruco, J., stationer, Clnra st, Ntwn.
Bruce, James, writing-master, 05
Cnstlereagh st
Bruce, John, dealer, 70 Campbell st,
Bruce, John, Whistler st, Man.
Bruce. M., watchmaker, 338 Goorgo st
Bruce, Blchard, Gerrard st, Alxa.
Bruce, Itobert, wheelwright, 08 Devonshirc st
Bruce. Robert, 3 Alfred st, St. L., E.
Bruce, Hobert, Mary st, Bal.
Bruce, Hobert, 45 West st
Bruce, Thomas, 0 Duncan st
Bruce, Thomas, High st, Bot.
Bruce, W., carpenter, Keith st, Hwk.
Bruco, William, Busby parade, Wav.
Bruce, W. G., carpenter, High st, Bot.
Bruce, W. L., baker and confectioner,
Crystal st, Petm.
Bruck, L., surgical instrument importer, 35 Cnstlereagh st
Brudell, Margaret, Marion st, Lcdt.
Bruginnnn. —, 8 Hoscbanl: st
Bruham, Frederick, vanproprlotor,
Trafalgar st, Lcdt.
Brukcrz, Josiah, jeweller, 178 Mncqnarle st S.
Brumflelil, James, waterman, Mort st,
Bnin, J., upholsterer, 03 King st N.,
Broiling, J., grocer, 2 Wood st, Glebo
and station agents, 31 Hunter Bt;
stores, 22 Young st
Brunker, Benjamin, Trlckctt st, Whra.
Brunnick, John, Trickett st, Whra.
Brnnsdeii, John, grocer, Edith st, Lodt.
Brunt, William, Wells st, Ntwn.
Brunton, H., 00 Castlcroanh st
Bruuton, H., coffeehouse, 220 Gcorgo st
Brush, J., Son and Co., saddlors, 403
Goorgo st
saddler*' ironmongers, 403 George
st, ami 02 York st
BruBh, John, saddler 306 Cleveland st,
Brush, John, jun., saddler, Homcbush
crescent, Hbsh.
Bruton, Mrs., Early st, Pmatta.
Bruton, Thomas, brlekmaker, Linda
cottage, Inkermann st, Pmatta,
Bruton, \V., 0 Wcntworth court, Elizabeth st
Brutt, Mrs. H., B. 4 Brumwick terrace,
Hock wall st
Bryan, Olios., butcher, Caldcr rd, Hfn.
Bryan, Edward, 0 Haglan st, Wtloo.
Bryan, James, builder, Devlno st,
Bryan, James, Irvine cottage, 89 William, Henry st
Bryan, Mrs., midwife, 14 Queen Bt
Bryan, Mrs., 100 Bourke st
Bryims, William, vanproprietor, 200
Cumberland st
Brynnt, Alexander, produce morchnnt,
Liverpool rd, Ash.
Bryant, Alf., clerk, 51 Botany st, Hfn.
Bryant, Alfred, 16 Denison st, Ntwn.
Bryant, Andrew, 88 Turner st, Hfn.
Bryant, A., plasterer, 16 Moad st, Wtloo.
Bryant, B., butcher, 01 Fltzroy st
Bryant, Charles, butolier, 60 Rose st,
Bryant, Chris., saddler, 18 George st W.
Bryant, E. J. C, 60 Queen st, Whra.
Bryant, Edwin, commission agent,
Etholstone, Rush st, Whra.
Bryant, F„ baker, 30 Burnett Bt, Rfn.
Bryant, G., butcher, 478 Bourko st
Bryant, G. 0., drnper, 03 Oxford st
Bryant, George, grocer, 32 Abcrcrombic st, Hfn.
Bryant, Gcorgo, Waterworks, Bot.
Bryant, John, draper, 30 Edward st,
Bryant, John, greengrocer, 100 Denison st, Camp.
Bryont.Joli u, pointer nnd pnperhanger,
340 King st S., Ntwn.
Bryant, John, London st, Ntwn,
Bryant, John, Shnw st, Mnr.
Brynnt, Miss, dressmaker, 78 Riley Bt
Bryant, Mrs., fnncy repository, Liverpool rd, Ash.
Bryant, 0., builder, Liverpool st, Pdtn.
Brynnt, R. II., grocer, 240 Harris st
Brynnt, Hcv.Sainuel (Cong.), Britannia
terrace, Point Piper rd, Whra.
Bryant, 8.. 01 Aruudal ter.. Glebe
Brynnt, Thomas A., Comber st, Pdtn.
Bryant, Thomas W„ wine merchant,
Milton villa, Silver st, Mar.
Bryant, W., accountant, John st, Whra.
Bryant, Wm, printer, Phillip st, Bal.
Brynnt, William, 133 Cooper st, Wtloo.
Brynnt, William, 40 Marian st, Rfn.
Brynnt, William, 305 Sussex st
Bryco Brothers and Co.. import nnd oxport merchants, 20 Pitt st
Bryco, A., stonemason, John Bt, Whra.
Bryco, Charles, Grafton st, Whra.
Bryco, Frederick, stonemason, Hargrnvo st, Pdtn.
Bryco, Jns., grocer, GO Abcroromblo Bt
Bryco, Mrs. J., Thrupp's rd, St. L., E.
Bryoo, W., engineer, Moncur st.Whrn.
Bryco, William, engineer. Rose
cottngo, Splcer st, Whra.
Bryco, William H., 10 Centre st, Rfn.
Bryden, W., boilcr-moker, 02 Bowman
Brydon, Isabella, 11 Gould st
Brydon, Robort, engineer, 168 Harris st
Brydon, Robert, engineer, 01 Pyrmont
Bridgo rd
Brydon, William J., stock broker,
3 Spring st
Brynos, Thomns.15 Swan st
Bryson, Archibald, 108 Arthur at
Bryson, Gregory, enrpeuter, High Bt,
N. Why.
Bryson, Joseph, currier, 153 Botnny st,
Bryson, Mrs. Mary A., Lane Cove rd,
N. Why.
Bubb, Alfred E., Ironfoundor, Tapton,
Cnrlton orosccnt. Ash.
Bubb, C., boiler-maker, 16 Exeter pi
Bubb, Charles T„ 84 Harbour st
Bubb, J., 1 Commodore st, N'twn.
Bubb, J. R„ Irnnfoiindcr, 675 George st
Bubb, J., ironfouudcr, Relby st, Ntwn.
Bubb, Mrs. Joshua, 37 Albion st
Bubb, H.,03 Arundel terrace. Glebo
Bubb, R. J., brassmoulder, 0 Solwyu st
Bubb Street hall, Bubb st, Bur.
Bucli, Mrs., fancy depot, 145 William
Bucham, - , Fletcher st. Mar.
Buchan, David W., 78 Stanley st
Buchan, Robert, 41 Hurt st
Buohanan, A., fortune of War hotel,
137 Gcorgo st
Buclinnnn, Charles, warehouseman,
Sutherland st, Pdtn.
Buohnnnn, C. H., 60 Hnglan st, Wtloo,
Buchanan, David, M.L.A., barrister, 81
Elizabeth st
Buclinnnn, David, Clnrelnnis, The
Boulevard, Rdm.
Buchanan, Edward II., architect,
Ballast Point rd, Bnl.
Buclinnnn, E. H., architect, 350
George st
Buchanan, Elizabeth, 125 Viotorla st
Buchaunn, F. C, 23 Alexander st
Buclinnnn, Henry, engineer, 148 Redfern st, Hfn.
Buchanan, II., turner, 3 Brumby st
Buchanan, J., woodturner, 440 Elizabeth st
Buchanan, James, engineer, 44 Edward
Bt, Hfn.
Buclinnnn, J., schoolmaster, Alfred
st, St. L.
Buchanan, James, Auburn
Buohnnnn, James. Mort st, Bal.
Buchanan, James, S. M., Trcvlyn,
Ocean st, Whra.
Buclinnnn, John, builder, New South
Head rd, Whra.
Buchanan. John, woodturner, Rcnwick
st, Lcdt.
Buchanan, Mrs., Hampton st,Bal.
Buclinnnn, Peter, John st, Mnr.
Buchanan, Robert, 83 Victoria st
Buchanan, W. P., 20 Upper Wllllnm
Buchanan, W., Underwood Ettate hotel,
Point Piper rd, Pdtn.
Buchanan, W., overseer Darlinghurst
gaol, Hargravo st, Pdtn.
Buchanan, William, Marlon st, Lcdt.
Buchanan, William, Lara, 0 Princes rd
iuchen, William, 20 Bourko st
iuck, George A., 27 Arundel ter., Glebo
Buck, Herbert,draper, Longuevillo rd,
N. Why.
Buck, Richnrd, Roddy st, Pdtn.
Buck, H., drnper, 301 King st,Ntwn.
Buckardt, William, 28 Duke st
Backhaul, A., warehouseman, Norton
st. Lcdt.
Backhaul, G,, Buckham'i Oriental hotel,
Pitt st
Bucknam, Georgo W., 307 Wattle at
Buckbam, James, 0 Chapel In
Buckhnm, J., vanproprietor, 141 King
st N., Ntwn.
Buckhnm, William, collegiate school,
Alexander orescent, Ash.
Buckingham nnd Sous, butchers, Burwood rd. Bur.
Buckingham, —, 104 Albion st
Buckingham, Charles, carpenter, 116
George st, Rfn.
Buckingham. G., mason, Mount st,
St. L., E.
Buckingham, Henry,shoemaker, Blue's
Point rd, Vic.
Buckingham, Henry, Glen st. St. L., E*
Buckingham, James C, 1 Athlonc pi
Buckingham, J. C, upholsterer, 00
Glebe rd, Glebo
Buckingham, Robcrt,Bute ter., Gowrio
st, Ntwn.
Buckingham, Samuel, master-mariner,
308 Crown st
Buckingham, Vincent, stonemason,
Little Fitzroy Bt, St. L„ E.
Buckland st Public school, Buckland
Buckland Brothers (T., A. J., and H.),
moulding works and wojdturners,
20 Erskine st
Buckland, —, Liverpool st, Pdtn.
Buckland —, 300 Palmer st
B U C K L A N D , O. J., stock and
station agent, Exchange buildings,
Pitt st
Buoklnnd, J. J., agent, 120 Pitt st
Buckland, J. J,, Balyang, Webb st,
Buckland, Thoma«, morchnnt, 71
Bclvolr Bt
Bucklnnd, Tlioums, woodturner, Grafton Bt, Whra.
Buckland, William, carpenter, 94 King
Bt N., Ntwn.
Buckle, Alexander, shipwright, 26
Wny's torrnco
Buckle, F., steamboat proprietor,
Erskine st
Buckle. F., lighterman, 38 Union st
Bucklo, George, 80 Louis st, Rfn.
Buckle, John, 0 Womyss st
Buckler, J„ painter, Allen st, Lcdt,
Buckler, John, painter, Rcuss st, Lcdt.
Bnckles, W illinin, Hoscby st, Lcdt.
Bucklcton, Gcorgo, printer, 176 William st
Buckley, Miss, and Murphy, Mrs.
school, Erskincvillc rd, McDtn.
Buckley, —, Buto ter., Gowrie st,
Buckley, Edward, Church st, Pmatta.
Buckley, Francis, 113 Hnrbour st
Buckley, Frank, fishmonger, 164 Woolloomooloo st
Buckley, Gcorgo, blncksmith, 72 Fortyth st. Globe
Buckley, George, shipwright, Little
Nicholson st, Bnl.
Buckley, James, Cambridge Bt, Bal.
Buckley, Jnmes, 1 Little John st
Buckley, Mrs. Jane, 31 Mill st
Buckley, John, carpenter, 64 Brougham
st, Glebe
Buckley, John, dealer, 10 Murray st,
Buoklcy, Joseph, baker, 14 Wellington
it, Wtloo.
Buckley, J oseph, 04 Lower Fort at
Buokloy, J. N., 15 Doiwent st, Glebo
Buckley, Mrs., Merton st, Bal.
Buoklcy, Patrick, fellmonger, 6
MoEroy st, Wtloo.
Buckley, Patrick, 7 Carlton 8t
Buckley, Patrick. 102 Devonshire st
Buckley, Robert, blncksmlth, Church
st, Bal.
Buckley, Simon, Cooper st
Buckley, Timothy, 20 Chambers st
Buckley, Thomas II„ boiler-maker,
123 Harbour st
Buckmau, Edward, Bourkc st, Wav.
Bnckman, Edwin, Blue's Point rd, Vic.
Buckmau, James, 62 Shcppard st
Bucknell, Mrs. C , son., 388 Harris st
Buoknell, Daniel, boilor-makor, 183
Church st, Camp.
Bucknell, Miss Sarnh, fancy goods
shop, Enmoro rd, Ntwn.
Buoknell, Small, school-teacher, 181
Church st, Camp.
Buoknell, W. W., Arncliffo st, Bot.
Buckrldgc, llowlandand Co.,
auctioneers. 288 Pitt st
Buokridgo, 11., Underwood st, Pdtn.
Bucksue, J., South Head rd, W. Bay
Bucktionty. William H., draper, Old
South Head rd.Whra.
Buokwell, Thomas, 6 Oatley In
Buokworth, Mrs. Mary, Alma cottage,
Alma lu, Mar.
Budd, A., builder, Westbourno st, Petm.
Build, Downes, 4 Penzauco terrace,
Begg st, Pdtn.
Budd, John, 6on., market gardener,
Great Northern rd, P. Dk.
Budd, W., contractor, Emily st, P. Dk.
Budd, William, market gardener, Great
Northern rd, P. Dk.
Budd, W., salesman, Elswick st, Lcdt.
Budd, Wm. U., greengrocer, 185 Cleveland st, llfn.
Buddie, William, shipwright, North
st, Bal.
Budileu, Mrs. J., 227 Glebo rd, Glebo
Buden, Clement, Factory st, Pmatta.
Budesso, L., flshmongor, 218 George st
Budge. Alexander, clerk of Executive
council, Parramatta park, Pmatta.
Budge, J., millwright, Roiby st, Ntwn.
Budge, Mrs., Bannister st
Budnick, J., tanner, High st, N. Wby.
Budrodheen, Sheik, condiment-maker,
72«Bourke st. llfn.
Buor, J. B. and Co., hotel brokers, 79
Castlereagh st
Buff, James, Brickfield st, Pmattn,
Buflley, Mrs.. Wcstst, St. L.
Bulller Bros, and Ansoul, wine growers
and merchants, 40 Hunter st
Bugky, J. R. H., 3 Edsborg terrace,
Pynnont Brldgo rd
Buglar, George, 1U7 Harris st
Bugle, Win. L., Endelion, Merchant
st, Petm.
Buhl, John F , hairdresser, 200 King
st, Ntwn.
Buhl, John F., signwrlter, 31 Union
st, Ntwn.
Bntar, J., coopor, Abattoirs rd, Bal.
Bulk, Henry, 27 Rose In
Bulldors' exchange,—Dyor, Enos, secretary, 200 Pitt st
Buist, A. and Co,, piano importers,
Enmnore rd, Ntwn.
Bulst, Mrs., Anna, Arthur villa, Livingstone st, Mar.
Bulst, George, pianoforte repairer, 80
Harrington st
Buist, ][., tobacconlst,~113 King st
Buist. Richard F„ piano-tuner, Ashly
villa, Bclmorost, Ntwn.
Buist, Robert, Campbell st, Pdtn.
Bulst, Wm., engineer, 42 Belmoro st
Bulst, William, ongiuecr, 8 Shepherd
st, Dur.
Bulst, Win. D„ planofortc-tuner,
Westbourno st, 1'tni.
Rulbcrt, Mrs., 108 Cumberland st
Bulburt, Phillip, tailor. 03 Engine st
Bullln, William, Bridge hotel, Lyons
rd, F. Dk.
Bulger, M., produce merohant, 38
Ersklno st
Bulger, M., 293 Kent st
Bulgin, John, blacksmith, John cottage, Donlson st, Whra.
ItiilL'ln, John, blacksmith, Spicer->st,
Bulgin, William, blacksmith, Splccr
st, Whra.
Bull and Bull, solicitors, Temple court,
Bull. H. T. and Co. fHonry Bull,
William Price, D. 1'. Savago, W.
Trotter), warehousemen, 102 and
101 Pitt st, and Hosking pi
Bui', A.T., bricklayer, 163 Bullannming
st, Rfn.
Bull, Charles, 11 Marian st, Rfn.
Bull, Edwin, 10 Brumby st
Bull, G. W., chemist, 46 Gottonliatn st,
Bull, James, Liverpool rd. Ash.
Bull, Joseph, Atholstnuo, Albert st,Bur.
Bull, Mrs., Richmond cottage, Norwood st, Petm.
Bull, Sydney J., Clifton houso, 17
Hereford st, Glebe
Bull, T.. Cnrdonscs, Church st, Ash.
Bull, William, engineer. Smith st, Bal.
Bull, W., wheelwriuht, Young st, Lcdt.
Bull, William, Brown st, St. P.
Bull, W, Hereford houso, Horoford s t ,
Bull, William J., Mnrian st, Pmatta,
Bulland, Jcrrat, 400 Riley st
Bullanl, Mrs., South portc, Cavendish
st, Petm.
Bullard, Samuel, Prospect st, Lcdt.
Dullard, T. S., auctioneer, 29 Arundel
terrace, Glebo
B U L - L A R D , W . , chart and book
seller and stationer, 342 George st
Bullard, Wm., bookseller, 33 Arundel
torinco Globe
Bullavant, Charles, Tayt st, Vie.
Bullen, Chris., Campbell st, St. P.
Bullon, James, cabproprictor, 140 Geo.
st, Wtloo.
Bullen, James, 12 Su*an st, Ntwn.
Bullen. James M., 67 Mt. Vernon st,
Bullen, John, Church st, St. P.
Bullen, William, civil engineer, Terminus st, Petm.
Bullcr, Hutchinson and Co.. manufacturing jowellers—Hardy, G. P.,
agent, 38-40 CaHtlcreagh st
BULbKTlN Newspaper Co., L i m i t e d Trail!, W. H., managing director
24 Pitt st
Bulloy, Harry, 11 Law st
Bulliin, George, Darling st, Bal,
Bull! Coal Co.—Hamilton, George,
manager, 117 Bridge st
Bullimnn, John, Addison rd, Mar.
Bulllphant, R., Lt. Ai thur st, St. L., E.
Bulllvaiit, —, 1U Kirk In
Bultlvant, Ernest, Prospect st, Pdtn.
Bulllvaiit, Morris, Wilson st, Rfn.
Bulllvaiit, Rebecca, Clamvilliam st,
N. Wby.
Bullivant, 8., bootmaker, 0 Edgoly st
Bulllvaiit, William, 123 Pitt st, Rfn.
Bullock, J , J., storekeeper, Miller st,
St. L.
Bullock, Joromiah, Bay st, Bot.
Bullock, Mrgt., 130 Regent st, Camp.
Bullock, Thomas, plumber, Gracu tcr.,
Lower Tuppor st, Mar.
Bullock, W„ Klngsclear rd, Alxa.
Bullock, W,, plumber, 263 Liverpool st
Bullock. William II., plumber, Brailsford houso, Stanmoro rd, Potm.
Bullough.G. A., photographer, Church
st, Wav.
Bulluss, J., engineer, 88 Marlborough st
Bully, Henry, 18 Bay st
Bulmuii, Daniel, warehouseman, Parramatta rd, Cond.
Bulmsn, James, off 170 Botany st,
Bulmer, Elizabeth, 208 Palmer st
Bulpln, James, 20 Cooperst, Wtloo.
Bultitudc, Robert, Leicester st, Pdtn.
Bunco, John, tanner, Driver's rd. Dur.
Buncombe ami Co., stationers and
printers, 17 Hunter st
Buncombe, Richard K., stationer,
47 Wilson st, Ntwn.
Bnndcy, Edward, bootmaker, 8 Albemarle st, Ntwn.
Bundy, George, 13 Union lano
Bundy, John, Clifton house, Sebastopol
st, Mar.
Bungatc, Henry, wheelwright, Founell
st, Pmatta.
Bungay, Newton, Aldorbury house,
Station st, Petm.
Bunker, B., 30 Lower Campbell st
Bunti, Mrs., Spring st, Bal.
Bunting, Caroline, 48 Wellington st
Bunting, George H„ butcher, 63
George st, Wtloo.
Bunting. 11., butober, Bourkord. Alxa.
Bunting, Robert, 47 Gcorgost, Wtloo.
Bunting, William, 20 Pine st
Buutou, Gcorgo, shipwright and
grocer, 107 Botany st, Wtloo.
Bunyan, Charles, monumental mason,
Church st, Rkwd.
Bunyan, Susan, 37 Regent st
Bunyan, William, blacksmith, Victoria
st, Bal.
Burcliam, C. sawsharpener, Mullens
st, Bal.
Burcliam, Christopher, Ironmonger,
Mullens st, Bal.
Burcliam, F„ 14 Littlo Mount st
Burcher, G. F . R., solicitor, 10-20
Wcntworth court, Elizabeth st
Burcher, Stephen, 2 Hereford st, Glebo
Burcher, S.T., 112 Denisou st, Camp.
Burchmoro, Thomas, bricklayer,
Kingsclcar rd, Alxa.
Burohmoro, William, draper, 21
Auckland st, Wtloo.
Burdekin, Ellen, 484 Custlcrcagh st
Burdekin, Mrs. M., 107 Macquariost
Burdekin, Sydney, M.L.A., 106
Macquarie si, uiid 24 Oxford st
Burden, A., stonemason, Rofo st, Lcdt.
Burden, John, II., Queen's pi
Burden, Mrs., box manufactury, 61
King st N., Ntwn.
Burnett, Rev. A., Hlghgato villa,
Point Piper rd, Pdtn.
Burdett, Daniel, grocer, Ivy st, Rfn.
Burdott, Dr., Morton cottago, Alton
st, Whra.
Burdott, Francis, drayproprictor, Ivy
st, Rfn.
Burdge, Alexander, 10 Washington st
Burdgo, Hcadloy, grocer, Coopor st,
Bureau Veritas an I American Shipmasters' Association—Eldrod, W.
H., agent, 68 Margaret stBurflold, Henry, salesman, Marion
st, Lcdt.
B U R F I T T , C H A R L E S T . , auctioneer, 369 and 418 Ocorgo s t ;
p. r., Allison rd, Rwk. (Sco advt.)
Burford, Catherine, boardinghousc, CO
Druitt at
Burford, Charles, Lion st, Ash.
Burford, Frederick, 10 Bathurst st
Burford, William D., 115 Bourkost
Bnrgo, Murk, bootmaker, 7 Miller's rd
Burge, Mrs., Woolwich rd, H. Hill
Burge, Samuel, 100 Stanley st
Bnrge, William, Woolwich rd, H. Hill
Burgen, J., 17 Bullanaming st, Rfn.
Burges, George, draper, Gardeners
rd, Bot.
Burgess, —, Devino st, McDtn.
Burgos, —, 12 Johnson lu
Burgess, Christian, 130 Gloucester st
Burges*, Mrs. E., 103 Stanley st
Burgess, E., linker, 03 Lennox st, Ntwn.
BurgeBS, Edward A., carpenter, Grnco
terraco, Lower Tupper st, Mar.
Burgess, Elizabeth, 103 Stanley st
Burgess, F,, watchmaker, Middlcinorc,
cottages, Camden st, Ntwn.
Burgess, George, accountant, 8 Bourko
Bt, Rfn.
Burgess, Harry, 51 Turner st,Rfn.
Burgess, Mrs. J. II., Corcomroo terrace,
Surry st
Burgess, J. R., Amy st, McDtn.
Burgess, J., plasterer, George st, Lcdt.
Burgess, Jane, dressmaker, 70 Wells
st, Rfn.
Burgess, Joshua H., blacksmith, 7
Elizabeth st, llfn.
Burgess, Mrs., dressmaker, 40 Regent
Burgess, Richard, 2 In Waterloo pi
Burgess, Robort W., sawyer, 00 Alma
Bt, bar.
Burgess, R., Sherley, Bond! rd, Wav.
Burgess, Sarah, laundress, Garden st,
Burgoss, S., private boarding establishment, 23 Jamison at
Burgess, Theodore, engineer, 0 Codriugton st, Dar.
Burgess, Wm., boiIcr-makor,Kent st
Burgess, W., joiner, 00 Angel st, Ntwn.
Burgess, William, printer, 471 Clovelaud at, Rfn.
Burgoss, William, S Littlo Qucon st
Burgoss, William H., carpenter, Rose
st, Dar.
Burgess, Wm. II., Deulson rd, Ptm.
Burgln, H. W., watouuiakor, Church
Bt, Pmatta.
Burgls, Charles, carpenter, Harris at,
Burgis, Russell, tailor, 170 Pitt Bt
Burgoyne, H., plasterer, 46 Thomas
at, Rfn.
Burgoyno, Mrs. Sarah, Tucker's terraco, Smith Bt, Mar.
Burke, John, Ellen st, Bal.
Burke, Richard, blacksmith, Church
st, Pmatta.
Burko, —, Thorne st, Pdtn.
Burke, Alloe. 35 Cecil pi
Burko, Mrs. Bridget, 78 Windmill st
Burke, David J., 37 Wilson st
Burke, Edmund I I , pduter, Gladstone st, Ntwn.
Burko, J., 2 Outrum st
Rurko, J. W., carpoiiter, Burlington
st, St. L.
Burke, J., bricklayer, Wortley st, Bal.
Burke, James, Crystal Bt, Petm.
Burko, James, 24 Levey st
Burke, James, 24 Raglan st, Dar.
Burke, John, Auburn
Burke, John, .Military rd, St. L.
Burke, John, 135 Mitchell st, Globo
Burke, John, William st, V i c
Burko, John, Wyndhain st, Alxa.
Burko, John M., 2 Charlton's bldgs.
Harrington st
Burko, Jo-eph, tent nnd tarpaulin
maker, 2 off 218 Castlercagh st
Burke, Joseph, Marsden st, Pmatta.
Burko, Joseph B., Church st, Pmatta.
Burko, Joseph F., Holborow st, Ash.
Burko, Mary A., 72 Aborcronible st
Burke, Mrs., Crystal st, Potm.
Burke, Mrs., 113 Gipps st
Burke, Mrs., Glenmore rd, Pdtn.
Burko, Mrs., 1 Madeira tor.. Holt st
Burko, Patrick, butober, 20 Aborcronible st, Rfn.
Burko, Patrick. 634 Kent st
Burke, Richard, blacksmith, Pennant
at, Pmatta.
Burke, Richard, engineer, 0 Bclgrave
torraco, Harris st
Burke, Richard, 11 Botany st, Rfn.
Burke, Richard, 24 Cowperet, Globe
Burke, Stephen, 18 Athlono pi
Burke, Stophou, 467 Crown st
Burko, Thomas, 78 Dowlingst
Burko, Thomas, 8 Woodburn at, Rfn.
Burke, William, 39 Collins st
Burkory, Patrick, 95 Quay st
Burkett, George, Derwent house,
Matilda st, Wav.
Burleigh, T., Aborcronible st, Rfn.
Hurley, .Mrs. Catherine, 20 Essex Bt
Hurley, Edward, Alfred Bt, Lcdt.
Burloy, William G., Thomo st, Pdtn.
Burling, Chnrles, grocer, May st, St. P.
Burling, 11., Ben., Idawarru rd, Mar.
Burling, H., jun., Sydenham rd, Mar.
Burling, John, brick manufacturer,
Brickfields, Alxa., and Maria st,
Burling, John, 210 Abattoirs rd
Burling, Mrs., Wigram st, Pmatta.
Burn, II., painter, 51 Hordern st,Ntwn.
Bum, J. H., stock and share broker,
3U9 George st
Bunic, Alfred, dentist, 23 Regent st
Burne, Edwin E., painter, Alt Bt, Ash.
Burne, James, 12 Cambridge st
Burne, William H., painter, 70 Pyrmout
Bridge rd, Camp.
Bnrnell, Mrs., Short st, Pmatta.
Jinnies, James, 17 Pine Bt
Burnes, John, 81 Finest
Burnes, Mrs,, 9 Hordern st, Ntwn.
Burness, W., carpenter, Brandling st,
Burnett, David, 413 Elizabeth st
Burnett, Samuel Y., stationer, 02 Qucon
st, Whra.
Burnett, Henry, Flood st, Lcdt.
Burnett, Hugh, Littlo Edward st, Bal.
Burnett, Isaac, Surrey lodge, Olenmoro
rd, Pdtn.
Burnett, John, Auckland st, Alxa.
Burnett, J., Boundary st, Prspt. & Slier.
Burnett, John, 11 Mary Ann st
Burnett, Richard, Fern st, Rwk.
Burnett, Robert, plumber, 83 Elizabeth Bt, Rfn.
Burnett, W.,Perardua, William st,Gran.
Burncy, Charles J., ironmonger, 160
Albion st
Burner, Charles J., ironmonger, 738
George st
Burncy, Daniel, fruiterer, Marlon
st, Lcdt.
Biiriihum, Anthony, Reihy st, Ntwn.
Burnhelm, Tlioiiin«, Norman st, Bal.
Burnier, T., Gillard's nv, Lcdt.
Buriiiliam, Robert, Middle Harbour
rd, Man.
P H I L P AND 00.,
Limited, agents and merchants,
Queensland S. S. Co.; ofllces, 10
Mncquario st, Sussox st and 10
Lnftus st
Burns, W. and Co., timber nierchuuts,
Druitt st
B U R N S , A., wiiolesalo and retail
timber merchant, 22 Erskliie st;
yard, Drnitt st, and Watervlew
steam sawmillB, Bal.
Burns, Alexander, timber merchant,
22 Ersklno st
Burns, Alexander, 10 Sir John
Young's crescent
Burns, Catherine, 38 Lower Campbell st
Burns, Charles, warehouseman, Hopewell st, Pdtn.
Burns, Charles, 3 Jenkins st
Burns, Charles J., Osborne rd, Man.
Burns, Edward, architect, Moucur
st, Whra.
Bums, Edward, William st, St. L,
Burns, Elishn, 121 Quay st
Burns, Mrs. Frances, 00 Princes st
Burns, Francis, 27 Ultimo rd
Burns, G., plasterer, Hancock st, Bal.
Burns, George, 186 Cumberland st
Burns, Captain U., 2 Upper Fort st
Burns, Henry, cubpropiietor, 48 Vino
st, lifn.
Burns, Hon. James, Government
valuator, Macqunriost, Pmatta.
Burns, J., Upper Bankstown, Rkwd.
Bums, J., merchant, 125 Macquarlo at
Burns, Janus, Hargravo st, Pdtn.
Burns, James, 12 Pearl st
Burns, James II., 161 Forbes st
Burns, John, carpenter, Alexander st,
Burns, J., draper, Marsden at, Pmatta.
Burns, John, grocer, 100 Morohead st,
Burns, John, market gardener, Harris
rd, F. Dk.
Burns, J., plastorer, 42 Nithsdale st
Bums, J,, printer, UnnsHcld st, Bal.
Burns, Jolin, timber merchant, Simmons st, Bal.
Burns, John. 17 Little Gloucester st
Burns, John, Prospect rd, Ash.
Burns, John, Windsor st, 1'dtn.
Burns, John F., M.L.A., Braesidc,
Regent st, Pdtn.
Burns, Catherine, 111 Cooper st
Burns, Mrs. M., Union st, Pdtn.
Burns, Miss Mary, 06 I'linccs st
Burns, Mrs, Mary, Fothoringham st,
Burns, Mrs. Mary, 166 Gloucester st
Burns, Mathew, 31 l'yrmont Bridge rd
Burns, Michael, 34 Little Essex st
Burns, Michael, 8 Wood st, Glebo
Burns, Miss, confectioner, 152 Oxford
st, l'dtn.
Burns, M. L., 171 Elizabeth st, Itfn.
Burns, Mrs., Ferdinand st, But.
Burns, MrB., Glpps st, l'dtn.
Burns, Mrs., II Howard st
Burns, Mrs., Paddlngton st, Pdtn,
Burns, Mrs., Brown's pi, Pitt st
Burns, Mrs., Short st, Bal.
Burns, Patrick, 1 Campbell pi
Burns, Patrick, 22 Carltou st
Burns, Patrick, Mount st
Burns, Patriok, 67 Prince* st
Burns, Richard, stonemason, 21 Hutchinson st
Bums, Richard J., 263 Palmer st
Burns, R., fitter, 112 Eveleigh st, Rfn.
Burnt, Robert, 14 South st
Burns, Samuel, 110 Aithur st
Burns, Thomas, 47 Crown st, Glebe
Bums, Thomas, 4 Cuthbert's cottages,
Unwin st
Burns, William, clerk, 26 Miles st
Burns, W., grocer, Church st, Pmatta.
Burns, W., tanucr, Kingsclear rd Alxa.
Burns, \V\, timber merchant, 6 Bunn
Burns, William, Henderson rd, Alxa.
Burns, William M., city weighbridge,
234 Sussex st
Burns, William N., commission agent,
f mith st, Bal.
Burnsldo, Walter, lronraoulder, Gordon st, Bal.
Burr, Edward, butcher, 69 Cooper st
Burr, Mrs., boarding estab. 4-6 Charlotte pi
Burrell, Arthur, bricklayer, 168 Botany st, Wtloo.
Burrell, Henry C, 174 Forbes st
Burrell, John C, chemist, 110 George
Burrell, Mis. M. A., draper, Cook's
River rd, St. P.
Burrell. Mrs., Parramatta rd, Cond.
Burrell, R. G., fruiterer, 62 Hunter st
Burrell, Robt., jnn., Ravensmcre,
Norwood st, Pctm.
Burrey, Charles, Market st, N. Wby.
Burrows and Glecson (H. Burrows,
H. C. Gleeson), wine and spirit
merchants. 77 Costlercagh st, and
Adelaide brewery, Edgecliffo rd,
Burrows, J. T. and Co., plumbers, 130
George st W.
Burrows, Alfred G., 176 Goulburn st
Burrows, Arthur, confectioner, 147
Kingst, Ntwn.
Burrows, Arthur, Park rd. St. P.
Burrows, Edward, Watson's terrace,
Charles st, Ntwn.
Burrows, Edward, 0 Edward st
Burrows, Geo., Xeit Wharf hotrl, 117
Sussex st
Burrows, George, painter, Reuny st,
Burrows, George, 62 Forbes st
Burrows, G., Hargrave In, Pdtn.
Burrows, Henry, Alton st, Whra.
Burrows, II., Ben Eden, Paul st, Wav.
Burrows, Henry, brewer and wine and
spirit merchant, EdgccliQe rd,
Burrows, J., Datchett Bt, Bal.
Burrows, J., Tilba st, Rwk.
Burrows, J. A., Frazcr rd. Fetm.
Burrows, J., carpenter, 23 Harbour st
Burrows, James, Groso st, Pmatta.
Burrows, John, Junior st, Lcdt.
Burrows, Joseph, Somerset house,
Lelchhariltst, Glebe
Burrows, Joseph, 28 Mary st, Wtloo.'
Burrows, Mrs., Aspen villa, Frazer rd,
Burrows, Robert W., Harris st
Burrows. T. E„ Frazer rd, Petm.
Burrows, Thomns, butcher, 26 Owon st
Burrows, T„ 12 Campbell st, Camp.
Burrows, Thomas G., 6 Bunn st
Burrows, Thomas .1., Park rd, St. P.
Burrows, Ursula, 46 KIppax st
Burrldge, Benjamin, 21 Little Glpps st
Bcirridgo, Jo.n.Hcosthorpe cottage,
Cnok rd, Mar.
Burrldge, S. W., Livltiettono st, Mar,
Bursch, Louis, tailor, 177 Crown st
Burtell, Timothy, butcher, 162 Queen
st, Whra.
Burscy, William, 237 Palmor st
Burslll.Miss Sarah, 34 Riley st
Burslll, Thomas, Leichhardt st, Wav.
Burt, Albert, I sen., Balmain rd, Lcdt.
Burt, Alfred, Louisvillo, 166 WIIBOU
st, Ntwn.
Bnrt.E., draper, 84 Wells st, Rfn.
Burt, E. E., Indian condiment importer, 67« Pitt st
Burt, Ellen 1!., Esplanade, Man.
Burt, Henry M., tinsmith, 14 Dowllng
st, Pdtn.
Burt, James, baker, 100 Crown st
Burt, J amos, builder, Auburn
Burt, J. J., pawnbroker, 76 GeorgostW.
Burt, J.J., pawnbroker, 166 George stW.
Burt, Robert L., station manager, 67
Wells st, Rfn.
Burt, Robert, 1 Mead st, Wtloo.
Burt, Thomas W., 25 Cumberland st
Burt, William, builder, Jane st, Bal.
Burt, W., saddler, 260 Sussex st
Burt, W. H„ shipwright, Mort st, Bal.
Burtenshaw, Williim H., 263 Kent st
Burton and Co., watchmakers and
jewellers, Bathurst st
Burton and Dowle, inquiry agents,
126 Pitt Bt
Burton,—, Mncdonaldst, McDtn.
Burton, Alfred, coachsmith, 96 .Rogent st, Camp.
Burton, Charles, 24 Duke st
Burton, Chart' B, Rose cottage, Liverpool rd, Hbsh."
Burton, Charles A., builder, 19 Lennox st, Ntwn.
flurton, Edward, 205 Bourko st
Burton, Edmund, The Bungalow,
Nicholson st, Bur.
Burton, Emanuel, cariwnter, 79 Edward st. Rfn.
Burton. Emanuel, carpenter, Margaret st, Ash.
Burton, Frederick, jeweller, 222 Elizabeth st
Burton. Frederick, printer, 82 Cowper st
Burton, Frederick II., carpenter, Livingstone st, Mar.
Burton, George, compositor, Hampton house, Robert st, Petm.
Burton, George, Cowjior st, Wav.
Burton, George H„ gasflttor, 3 Victoria terrace. George Bt, HcDtll.
Burton Henry, Ada st, Pmatta.
Burton, J., plasterer, Argylo Bt,
Burton, J. W„ commercial travoller,
147 Harris st
Burton, Jos., ranger, Necropolis (The),
Burton, James II., printer, James st,
Burton, J., farmer, Illawarra rd, Can.
Burton, John, ll'/iy iW hold, Mansfield st, Bui.
Burton, John, CowpcrBt, S .P.
Burton, John T., phi'uber, Truro
terraco, Wentworth st, Pdtn.
Burton, Mrs. Maria, Shepherd st,
Burton, Mark, Adclaido st, Bur.
Burton, Mrs., 21 .Mlssciidcn rd, Ntwn.
Burton, Mr"., 11 Mt. Vernon at, Glebe
Burton, It., 10 Huntorst
Burton, Richil., Berlin wool depot, 41
Hunter st
Burton, Richard, fancy depot, 106
William st
Burton, Richard, Wharf rd, Cond.
Burton, Rlchd., Yarranabee rd, Whra.
Burton, Robert, C, 40 Myrtle st
Burton, R. G., 41 CornwalHs st, Rfn.
Burton, W„ Spring st, F. Uk.
Burton, W. H, Boulevard (The), Petm.
Burton, W. J„ stonemason, 3 Avon st,
Burtt, Alfred P., mining engineer,
Auglesea st, Wav.
Burtt, William, jeweller, 341 George st
Burwood Tin Miuinx Co.—Weston, W.
J., agent, 5 Spring st
Burwogd club, Belmoie st, Bur.
Burwood Public school, Condor st
Burwood Public park, Riverviow st
Burwood School of Arts and Council
chambers, Condor st
Burwood postofllcc—Matthews, H.,
Burwood rd
Burwood, Alfred, Undorwood st, Pdtn.
Bury, Ellzo, Marsdcn house, Norton
st, Lcdt.
Bury, Thomas, butcher, Evans st, Bal.
Bury, Thomas, Bourkctowu, F. Dk.
Bush, B., stonemason, River st, Cau.
Bush, E. A., clerk, La Perouso, Bot.
Bush, Eugene D., galvanized Ironworker, 10 George Bt W., and
Union st
Bush, F, stonemason, Park rd, Can.
Bush, George, William Bt, Lcdt.
Bush, Herbert A., Newland st, Wav.
Bush, J. n W., land agent, John Bt,
Bush, Leonard, Toothill Bt, Petm.
Bush, Leonard B., chemist, 407 Elizabeth Bt
Bush, Mrs., Burton st, St. L., E.
Bush, Mrs., Holborow st, Ash.
Bush, Mrs., Robert st, St. P.
Bush, W.. painter, Military rd, St. L.
Busby, D. J., Dovlne st, McDtn.
Busby, Ephraim, greengrocer, 84 Vino
st, Rfn.
Bushhy, James, builder, Gleu st, Mar.
Bushby, Miss ll„ 111) Phillip st
Bushby, William G., plasterer, Bay rd,
St. L
Bushcll, C. and Co., Bignwritors, 110
Elizabeth st
Bushcll, Alfred, Renny st, Pdtn.
Bushel], F. E., jun., signpninter, Elizabeth st
Bushello, F. E., slgnwriter, Morloy pi,
Old South Head rd, Whra..
Bushello, J. B., Glcmlarra, Paildlugtou
st, Pdtn.
Busher, John, St. Andrew st, Bal.
Bushley, John, Phillip st, Bal.
Bushman. F„ butcher, 7 Kidman's ter.
Buslue, Mrs. S. A„ 31 Francis st
Businc, V., bootmaker, 29 Francis st
Buskel, J. G., Lane Cove rd, N. Wby.
Buss, Mrs. U„ 469 Crown st
Buss. George T„ coachpalnter, 139 Buihumming st, Rfn.
Buss, Henry, cigar-maker, 10 Gioso Bt,
Buss, James, grocer, 545 Harris st
Busse, Curl, carpenter. Abigail st, Ash.
Bussell, Frank, Grandvlew, Cowper st,
Bussey, John T., bootmaker, Raglan
st, Alxa.
•Bntchart, L\, 34 Campbell st, Camp.
Butchart, J. H„ 285 Glebe rd, Glebe
Butcher, Robert and Co., wine
merchants, 634 George st
B U T C H E R , T. W. A N D CO.,
manufacturers, wholesale jewellers and importers, 10 York st
Butcher, A., Luxvllle. Cecil st, Ash.
Butcher, Edward, wood engraver,
1 Wentworth court, Elizabeth s t ;
p. r., Ardenlau house, Watt st,
H. Hill
Butcher, E. R., 22 Newtown rd, Dar.
Butcher, Elijah, wheelwright, Phillip
st, Pmatta,
Butcher, Frederick, wholesale grocer,
289 Clarence st
Butcher, Frederick, EMcvllle, 118
Glebo rd. Glebe
Butcher, James W., carpenter and
furniture dealer, 30 Cumpbell st
Butcher, John, carpenter, 5 Croker's
terrace, Union st, McDtn.
Butoher, John W., builder, 6 St. John
st, Ntwn.
Butcher, Joseph, mariner, 6 Temora
terrace, l'yrmont Bridge rd
Butcher. Patrick, 16 Stephen st
Butcher, Robert, M.L.A., Mylora,
New Waverley Bt, Wav.
Butcher, Snmuel, 4 Frnncls st
Butcher, Thomas W.. Alton st, Whra.
Bcitchor, William, 38 Thomson st
Butel, Felix. 3U Palmer st
Butcment, Thomas, architect, 139 Pitt
st; p. r., Birchgrovc rd, Bal.
Butler Brothers, cabinet-makers, 24
Wexford st.
Butler Bros. (William Butler), furniture warehousemen, 740 George st
Butler Bros., wholesale saddlors and
saddlers' ironmongers, 67 York st.
(Seo advt. opposite "Ssddlcra")
Butler, —, 6 Aloa terrueo, Camden Bt,
Butler, —, Euroka In, Vic.
Butler, —, Bute tor., Gowrio st, Ntwn.
Butler, Aaron, carpenter, Murray st
Butler, Agnes, fruiterer, 162 Llvorpool
Butler, Alfred, 72 Regent st, Ntwn.
Butler, Arthur O., Begg st, Pdtn.
Butler, Bcnj., Etonemasou, 48 Brown
st, Camp.
Butler, C., engineer, Darling st, Bal.
Butler, Charles, 11 Chambers st
Butler, Charles, Muriel cottage, Harrington st, Mar.
Butler, Eilmond, dairyman, 11 Queen
st, Glebe
Butler, Edward, Ironmonger, 17 Queen
st, Glebo
Butler, Edward, 33 Washington Bt
Butler, E., Bcachmerc, Edrop st, Bur.
Butler, Frank, James st, St. L.
Butler, G., whipmakcr, Botany rd, Bot.
Butler, Geo., Lt. Arthur st, St. L., E.
Butler, Mrs. Grace, 173 Bourse Bt
Butler, Harriet, greengrocer, Bluo's
Point rd, Vic.
Butler.'llenry, earthenware dealer, 634
George st
Butler, II., furniture dealer, 37 Park st
Butler, Henry, wheelwright, 20 Denison Bt, Ntwn.
Butler, Henry, 21 Darliuulmrst rd
Butler, II. S., sbirtmakcr. 60 Park st
Butler, Hugh, 6 Alexander st
Butler, Mrs. J,, Nannaville, Prospect
Bt, Wav.
Butler, James, cordial manufacturer,
Newtown rd, Dar.
Butler, James, 14 Frauklyn pi, Glebe
Butler, James, Rancllfle In, Whra.
Butler, John, Arthur st, St. L., E.
Butler, John, Athlone st
Butler, John, 96 Fltzroy st
Buller, John, New st, St. L., E.
Butler, John, 38 Nlthsdule st
Butler, John C, Arthur st, St. L.
Butler, J OS' ph, Park avenue, Ash.
Butler, Mrs. Kate, 86 Bourko st
Butler, Leonard, New st, St. L., E.
Butler, Leonard, Vincent In, Bal.
Butler, Louisa, 62 l'yrmont Bridge
rd, Camp.
Butler, Martin, 40 Nicholson st
Butler, Mary, tailoress, 6 Swan st
Butler, Michael, Hampton st, Bal.
Butler, Mrs., Alfred st, St. L., E.
Butler, Mrs., 106 Campbell st
Butler, Mrs., Chaplin st
Butler, Mrs., 28 Susan st, Ntwn.
Butler, Patriok, 17 Little Bclmoro st
Butler, Richard, 35 Louis st, Itfn.
Butler, Mrs. G., butcher, Parramatta
rd, F. Dk.
Butler, Stephen, butcher, Gladesvillo
rd, Rydo
Butler, Thomas, journalist, Kyalla,
Darling Point rd, Whra.
Butlor, T., saddler, Botany rd, Bot.
Butler, T., Boro, Croydon Bt,;Petm.
Butler, Thomas, Gladstone, Railway
st, Petm.
Butler, Walter T., 368 Itlley st
Butler, William, carpeuter, 26 Newman st, Ntwn.
Butler, William, carpenter, Selwyn
st. Pdtn.
Butler, William, palmer, 63 Grose st,
Butler, Wm„ painter, Merton Bt, Bal.
Butler, William, truokmaker, 39
Wells Bt, Rfn.
Butler, W.. Ada cottage, Bruce st, Ash.
Butler, William, 476 Bourko Bt
Butler, William, Railway st, Rdm.
Butler, William, 11 Ultimo st
Butler, William J'.., stonemason, 78
Crown et
Butler, William J., butcher, Botany
rd, Bot.
Butler, -William N., carpenter, 458
Bourke st
Butler, Wilson, 17 Elgcr st, Glebo
Butler, Walter, blacksmith, 46 Queen
Bt, Glebe
Butlin, George, butcher, 181 Kent st
Butlln, Mary, grocer, 16 Redfern st,
Butlln, Thomas J,, stonemason, Belmore rd, Rwk.
Birtlow, James, 13 Queen st, Olcbe
Butsom, William A., 202 Riley st
Butson, William H., fruiterer, 239
Crown st
Butt, George, Villa st, Bot.
Butt, George E., Butt st
Butt, Henry A., bricklayer, Phillip st,
Butt, James, 4 Albert tor., Campbell
st, St. L., E.
Butt, Philip, 130 Oxford st, Pdtn.
Buttel, A., butcher, Darling st, Bal.
Buttcl, William, butcher, Catherine
st, Lcdt.
Buttel, William, butcher, 164 Pitt st
Butteuihaw, William, Alexandra rd
Buttertleld, Burnet, carpenter, 7 Elizabeth st, Camp.
Butterlleld.G., surveyor, 22 Bridge s t ;
p. r., Amati, Wemyss st, Mar. (See
Buttertleld, Joseph, chomlst, 141
Elizabeth st, Rfn.
Buttertleld, Thomas, Remuera, Burwood heights, Bur.
Buttertleld, Thomas A., Linton house,
Wallace st, Bur.
Butterley, Catherine, fruiterer, 603
Cleveland st, Rfn.
ButterB, Duncan, carpenter, Drummoync st, H. Hill
Butters, Duucan, Austen st, II. Hill
Butters, D., 118 Mucquurle st S.
Butters, Fergus. 217 Riley st W.
ButterB, II. J., 101 Mitchell st, Glebo
Butters, Richard, 19 Woods In
Butters, W., engineer, Pashley Bt, rial.
Buttcrshlll, E., gardener, 14 Phelps st
Butterworth, A. It., barrister, Dcnman
chambers, Phillip st
Butterworth, C.,199 Elizabeth st, Rfn.
Butterworth, John, builder, Carlisle
st, Lcdt.
Butterworth, J. H. Crescent (The) Ash.
Butterworth, Joseph H., Dunlop Bt,
Butterworth, Josp., Frederick st,£t-P.
Butterwortli, Mrs., Underwood st,
Battonvortli, It., 114 Buckingham st
Buttorwortli, Samuel, stonemason, 5
Ardwick tor., Simmons st, Ntwn.
Butterflclil, John, -1 Rnndio st
Buttimer, Itobert, Mill st, Pyrmont
Buttle, H„ butcher, Abattoirs rd, Bal.
Buttle, John, carpenter, Macquario
terrace, Hal,
Bottle, T., butcher, Darling at, Bal.
Buttle, T., turner, Lawson st, Bal.
Buttman, Jabez, .118 Victoria st
Button, F., produce agent. 133 Sussex
Button, Frederick, Woodland st, Mar.
Button, nezekiah, prodiico agent,
Flora st, McDtn.
Button, Horace, Whistler st, Man.
Button, Mrs., boarding establishment,
7 Clarence st
Buttonslmw, Qeorgo, painter, Garden
st, Alxn.
Bnttrcy, Edward, private boarding establishment, CO Elizabeth st
Buttrey, Ktlin. G., ma«tcr-mariner, 11
Queen st, Wlirn.
Buxton, Mrs. G., 100 Crown rd
Buxton, Robert, 14 Beaufort st
Buyers, James, Ridge st, St. L.
Buyuon, Francis, &» Chowno st
Buzacot, Sydney, Lindlsfcrn.Oheltonham rd, Bur.
Buzacott, Walter, Lynton, Strathfiold
av, ltdm.
Buzacott, Walter S., shipchandlor, 2325 Wharf st
Byarkmiui, Able A., cabinet-maker,
Goodhopo st, Pdtn.
Byatt, John, carpenter, 68 Buckland
st, Wtloo.
Byatt, W. T., painter, 86 Union Bt,
Byers, George, 44 Donham st, Glcbo
Bycrs, Thomas, Edmund st, War.
Bygatc, W„ storekeeper, 108 Quarry st
Bygravo, W„ builder, Milton cottage,
Milton st. Ash.
Byno, Mis., 28 Crown In
By rant, W., butcher, Cathorino st, Lcdt.
Byres, Mrs., Hornscy st, Bal.
Byrn, G. A.,Calder rd, Rfn.
Byrne, Albert, Osborn rd, Man.
Byrne, Andrew, saddler, 78 Harbour st
Byrne, Bridget, 27 Clarence In
Byrne, Edward, Prospect rd, Ash.
Byrne, Edward, 02 Stanley st
Byrne, Edward M.. 201 Bonrko st
Byrne, Edwin. 26 Pitt st, Rfn.
Byrne, Elizabeth, Byrne's bush, Bay
It, Bot.
Byrne, George, bootmaker, 00 Duko st
Byrne, James,blacksmith, Channel st,
Byrno, James, builder, 37 Buckland st,
Byrne, J., farrier, Pai ramattn rd,|Potm.
Byrno, James, teacher, O'Coimoll st,
Byrne, James, Phillip st, Pmatta.
Byrne, Japes, Wilson st, Bin.
Byrne, Janien W., A'uHre Hose hotel,
Parraniatta nl, Lcdt.
Byrno, John, boiler-maker, 55 Wells
st, Itfn.
Byrno, J., currier, Camden st, Ntwn.
Byrne, J., fruiterer, Alfred st, St L.,E.
Byrno, John, 110 Botany st, Wtloo.
Byrno, John C , Spring st, St. L .
Cabol, William, 30 Biiun st
Byrne, Joseph 0„ 31 Hordern st, Ntwn. Cable, G., stonemason, Albion st, Wav.
Byrne, Lawrence, clerk, 20 Belmoro Bt Cable, James, sen., Albion st, Wav.
Byrno, Michael, 33 Goold st
Cablo, James, jun., plasterer, Albion
Byrne, Mlchaol, 02 Kent st
st, Wav.
Byrne, Mrs., 18 Best st
Cable, Robort, 21 Forsyth st, Glcbo
Byrno, Mrs., Bray st, St. L., E.
Cable, W., Jleit hotel, Alfred st, St. L., E.
Byrnc,Mrs.,Carlton cot.,Carlton it, Wav Cablo, William, 30 Middle st
Byrno; Patrlok, Rcuss st, Lcdt.
Cabloy, Charles, Brook st, Rwk.
Byrne, Patrick, IS Wilton st
Cabley, Mrs., fruiterer, Belmoro rd,
Byrne, Philip, George st, Pmatti.
Byrno, Hichard, tinsmith, 10 Handle st Cadbury Bros., Richard and Gcorgo
Byrne, B., butcher, 26 ltcgont st, Ilfn.
(represented by William Cooper),
Byrno, S. A., decorator, 386 Klleyst W.
cocoa and chocolate manufacByrno, Sophia, 13 Baptist st, Ilfn.
turers, 425 Kent st
Byrno, Timothy, 34 Clevoland st, Dar. Cadd, William, Clifton st, St. L.
Byrno, Thomas, 7 Foffl st, Globo
Caddon, Mrs. M., Argylo st, Pmatta.
Byrno, Thomas, William st, Whra.
Caddow, Miss, 0 East st
Byrno, W., compositor. Young st, Rfn, Caddy, Charles, journalist, Llttlo
Byrno, William, 37 Prince st
Brighton st, Petm.
Byrnes, Charles J. nnrl Co. (C. J. and Caddy, James, draper, Old South Head
H. Byrnes), woollen manufacturd, Wav.
rers, Clydo siding, Gran.
Caddy, J „ draper, Church st, Pmatta,
Byrnes, B., coal yard, Lackey st
Caddy, Samuel, carpouter, 4 Walker
Byrnes, Bernard, fuel morohaut, Arst, Bin.
bitration st, 28 Argylo pi, and Caddy, Samuel, 621 Riley st
Cowpor wharf
Caddy, Thomas, draper, 10 Wilton st
Byrnes, Charles J., tweed nianufao- Cadell, Thomas, Wotonja, Campbell
turer, Goorge st, Pmatta.
st, St. L„ E.
Byrnes, Edward, Ulawarra rd. Mar.
Cadell, Hon. T., M.L.O., 40 Hunter st
Byrnes, Henry, woollen manufacturer, Cadet corps, See NAVAL AND M I L I Hossell st, Pmatta.
Byrnes, J., compositor, High st, Wav. Cadman, John, Cook's River rd, St. P.
Byrnes, J., bootshop, Church st, Pmatta Cadman, Martin L., Waterloo rd, St. P .
Byrnes, John, 02 Cumberland st
Cadman, Thomas, 31 Borwlck In
Byrnes, John, Toogoodst, McDtn.
Oadoimn, Joseph, news agent, Darling
Byrnes, M„ clicker, 4 Sterling st,01obo
st, Bal.
Byrnes, Michael, market gardener, C A D O G A N , W I L L I A M H . , aucWardell rd, Mar.
tioneer, Liverpool rd, Ash.
Byrnes, Mrs., 4 Bland st
Caelll, Domcnico, colonial wine shop,
Byrnes, Mrs., Church st, Pmatta.
128 Liverpoolst
Byrnes, P., Ilroadsido st, Bal.
Caffney, James, Rountreo st, Bnl.
Byrnes, Patrick, 10 Kendall st
Cnggall, John, carpenter, 220 Crown st
Byrnes, Patrick, 6i Taylor st
Cahalan, J., cabproprietor, Princes rd
Byrnes, 11., blacksmith, Hardy av, Ash. Cahil, M., blacksmith, 44 Wilson st,
Byrnes, Thomas, baker, 24 Junction
st, Glebo
Cahil, Miss, 31 Nlthsdalo st
Byrnes, Thomas, Leichhardt st, Wav.
Cablll Bros., caterers and confectionByrnes, Timothy, Clayton st, Bal.
ers, 712 George st
Byrnes, W., clerk to prlvato seorctary, Cahill, John and Co., Australian soap
Government honso, Macquario st
works, Pyrmont Bridgo rd, and
Byrnes, W., farrier, Church st, Pmatta.
George st, Camp.
Byrnes, Hon. W , George St., Pmatta.
Cahill and Kirchnur ( J . T. Cahill,
Byron, —, cabinet-maker, Wenslcy
A. G. Kirchnor), surveyors and
villa, Alieo st, Ntwn.
draftsmen, 112 Pitt st
Byron, Daniel, Horticultural lintel, Cahill, Fred. J „ Alfred st, St. L., E.
Point Piper rd, Pdtn.
Cahill, Henry, plasterer, 10 Pawley st
Byron, John, joiner, 24 Bolvoir st
Cahill, James, compositor, 233 Walker
Byron, John, Ncwatcad, 104 Dorwent
st, Itfn.
st, Glcbo
Cahill, John, 150 Gcorgo st, Camp.
Byron, John, Parramatta rd, Rkwd.
Cahill, John A. B., solicitor, Tcmplo
Byron, Miss, dressmaker, Now South
court, King St.; p.r., 70 DarlingHead rd, l'dtn.
hurst rd
Byron, Miss, dressmaker, William st E Cahill, Lawronco, grocer, Hargr.ivo
Byron, Mrs., William st E.
at, Pdtn.
Byron, T., cabinet-maker, 418 Jones st Cahill, Martin, Aloxandor st, Pdtn.
Byron, Willlnm. cabproprietor, 38 Cahill, Mary A., 10 Bolvoir st
Thomas st, Itfn.
Cahill, Mary A., Cleveland hotel,
Byrt. John, 4 Crown In
50 Buckingham st
By wong club—Patterson, P., secretary, Cahill, Michael, Commercial hotel, 205
Botany rd, Bot.
George st
Cahill, Michael, 67 Ann st
Cahill, Mrs., Gipps Bt, Pdtn.
OABAN, W I L L I A M O. F., Watford cot.i Cahill, Mrs. S Erskinovillo house,
Erskinovillord, McDtn,
Forest st, Glebe
Cubban, William, poulterer, 40 Darling- Cahill, Mrs., bootmaker. 203 Gcorgo
hurst rd
Cahill, Patrick, ironmonger, Mouour
st, Whra.
Cahill, William, clerk, Upward tortaoo, Balmain rd, Lcdt.
Cahlan, Miohaol, 7 Roslyn st
ColUian, F. O., professor of music,
Point Pipor rd, Pdtn.
Cain, Bridget. 77 Goodlct st
Cain, Charles, 38 Woodbiirn st, Rfn.
Cain, C , stonomoson, High st, Bal.
Cain, John, 02 Cowpor st, Glebo
Coin, Joseph, 144 Cumberland Bt
Cain, Patrick, cabproprietor, 0 East
st, Rfn.
Cain, Robort, produce merchant, 00
Botany rd, Wtloo.
Cain, Robert 152 Morchead st, Rfn.
Cain, Thomas, tinsmith, 21 Rose In
Caincs, Charles, Park av. Ash.
Caincs, George, brickmaker, 51 Morehead st, Rfn.
Caincs, J. T., clerk, Hargravc st, Pdtn.
Caines, Suiuucl A., dinlngrooms, 83
George st
Cains, Charles, 48 Pitt st, Wtloo.
Cains, James, Albion hotel, Gcorgo st,
Cains, James, Frederick st, St. P.
Cains, Jane, Nanscnwnie, Ocean st,
Cains, Samuel, 85 Gonlbum st
Cains, William C, builder, Old South
Head rd, Whra.
Caird, Patcrson anil Co. (Geo. Caird,
A. II. K. Maxwell), general
merchants, II Wynynrd squaro,
and 68n Margaret st
Caird, George S., merchant, Llllingstone Ocean st, Whra.
Caird, Robert, postmaster, Lower
Bankstowu, Rkwd.
Caird, Matilda, dressmaker, 88 Oxford
st, Pdtn.
Caircy, Mrs. E., milliner and dressmaker, 71 Murket st
Calmcross, David, Cook's River rd,
St. P.
Calrncss, A., bootmaker, 00 Dowling
st, Pdtn.
Cairns, A., hardwaro store, 420 Harris st
Cairns, John, 74 Evclcigh st, Rfu.
Cairns, John, 63 Louis st, Rfu,
Cairns, Robert, 5 Bettington st
Caites, Henry, bootmaker, 03 Walker
st, Rfn
Calbreath, George, baker, 1 Knox st
Oalcraft, William, 70 Edward st
Calder, Hruco, 77 College st, Camp.
Calder, Daniel, niostcr-niurlner, Myra,
John st, Bur.
Calder, Elizabeth, 70 Aborcromblo s t
Calder, J., 2 Matilda terrace, Oatley st
Calder, W., stonemason, Byrnes at, Bal.
Calder, W., stonemason, Clyde st, Can.
Caldorwood, John, 308 Sussex st
Calderwood, William, blacksmith,
Little Underwood st, Pdtn.
Caldlcott, JL, Llewellyn st, Bal.
Caldicott, William H., ironmonger,
Nicholson st, Bal.
Caldron, Joseph, 111 Gloucester st
Caldwell and Co., wiuo merchants, 308
Gcorgo st
Caldwoll and Howo (Wm. Caldwell,
Joseph Howe), produco dealers,
243 Sussex st
Caldwell, O. W., clerk, Holdcn at, Ash.
IN FORCE, ASSURING £21,000,000.
Caldwoll, James, stoncmnsou, 3 Littlo
Goodlct st
Caldwell, James, 30 Mary st
Caldwell, John, bootmaker, 317 Castlercagh Bt
Caldwell, Mr*., Phiilip st, Pmatta.
Caldwoll, Rev. R. (Wes.), Boulevard
(The), Petm.
Caldwell, Samuel, commission agent,
10 Junction st, Glebe
Caldwell, William, Carshalton st, Ash.
Calc, Joseph, 40 Alma st
Cale, Thomas, 1 Wharfdale, New Canterbury rd, Petm.
Cale, Thomas, tinplato-worker, 100
Liverpool st
Caledonia Silver Mining Co.—Halo,
T. H., manager, 42 Syduoy arcado
Caledonian wharf—Ritchie, John, lessee, 2 King st
Cales, Robort, .Booth st, Bal.
Call, Thos., off 107 Botany id, Wtloo.
Callaby, William, 12 Creek st, Glebo
Callachor, Rev. Bernard, B.A., Woolloy st, Glebe
Callachor, James, 14 Yiwong st
Callachor, Philip, commission agent,
21 Littlo West st
Callachor, Thomas, May cottago, 50
Mt. Vernon st, Glebo
Callaglmn, W. A. Cooke), boot importers, 305 George st
Callagban, —, Darling st, Bnl.
Callaghan, Andrew, grocer, James st
Callaghan, Daniel, stonemason, 210
Walker st, Rfn.
Callaglmn, Hugh, bootscller, 200
George st, and Glebo
Callaglmn, J . and R., importers boots
and shoes, Market s t
Callagban, Jnnics, 6 French st
Callaghan, James, Norwich st, Bur.
Callaghan, Jeremiah, confectioner, 054
Gcorgo Bt
Callagban, John, 162 Botany st
Callagban, John, cabproprietor, 00
Cumberland st
Callaghan, J., 1 Clarendon st, Wtloo.
Cullaghan, John, Park st, Bur.
Callaghan, John, 5 Stanley 6t, Rfn.
Callaghan, Joseph, cabproprietor, 10
Burnett st, Rfn.
Callasthan, .Mrs., Judge, Mllford st,
Callaghan, M. J., storekeeper, Mort
st, Bal.
Callaglmn, Michael, 10 Frost terraco,
Pyrmont Bridge rd
Callaghan, Mrs., 370 Crown at
Callaglmn, Mrs., Glcnmore rd, Pdtn.
Callaghan, Mrs,, 33 Harrington st
Callaglmn, Mr.-. West Bt, St. L.
Ca'IlHghan, Patrick, 14 Cecil pi
Callaghan, Patrick, 10 Rosost
Callaglmn, R., Victoria st, Bal.
Callaghan, Thomas, gunsmith, Brodio
st, Pdtn.
Callaghan, Thomas, Pitt row, Prspt.
and Slier.
Callaghan, Timothy, 60 Kensington st
Callaghan, Tonatis,65 Greek st, Globo
Callaghan, W. M., bootmaker, 120
William st
Callaghan, William, grocor, 67 Gipps st
Callaghan, Bernard, Bcattic st, Bal.
Calla^her, Hugh, painter, 3 Hunt st
Callnghcr, IL, A>«( hotel, 416 Pitt at
Callahan, John, 110 Evelelgh st, Rfn.
SON, carvers and gilders, 318
Georgo s t ; p.r., lion Covo rd, Bal.
(Sec advt.)
Callan, Michael, 172 Princes s t
Callanan, John, 67 Clarenco st
Callander, A., 4 Marian st
Callar.W., farmer, Gladesvillo rd, Rydo
Callaway, Alfred, plumber, Roso terraco, Dowling st, Pdtn.
Callaway, Mrs., storekeeper, Church st,
Callaway, 11., saddler, Stuart st, Pdtn.
Callaway, It., jun., 2 Bint st, Pdtn.
Callaway, William, coachbuilder, 21
Morchead at, Rfn.
Callcott, Miss M. A., Ferndale, New
South Head rd, Pdtn.
Cnllen Park asylum—Blaxland, Dr. II.,
superintendent, Balmain rd, Lcdt.
Callen. Edward W., professor of music,
228 Crown st
Callen, J., baker, Berry st, St. L.
Callen, Lawrence, coauhpaintcr, 131
Deulson st, Camp.
Callcndar, Thomas, stonecutter, 80
Engan st, Ntwn.
Callengor, William J „ 11 Wells st, Rfn.
Calligan, John, Rlilge In, St. L.
Calliman, Joseph, 0:i Forbes st
Calllnor, W , 3 King st N., Ntwn.
Calloohor, Mrs., Union st, Pdtn.
Callow, Iran, ironmonger, William st,
Callow, John, accountant, 27 Munui
st, Ntwn.
Callow, Poter, miller, 16 Edward In
Calnan, George, 12 Chapel In
Calnan, W., news agent, 483 Harris st
Calron, J. E., draper, 50 Louis st, Rfu.
Calver, W , 70 Bullanamlng st, Rfn.
Calvert, H., Long st, Rdm.
Calvert, Joseph, Victoria st, Pdtn.
Calvert, W , Cook's River rd, St. P .
Calvort, W. C , 7 Dann st, Glebo
Calvert, J. J., clork of parliaments,
Marrlckvilla rd, Mar.
Oamb, L. W., chemist and druggist,
144 Oxford st
Cnmbago, Richard II., surveyor, 12
Dcnham st, Globo
Cambourn, Robert, greengrocer, 616
Harris st
Cambourne, Wm., storekeeper, Maogrcgor st, Bur.
Ralnford, James H., proprietor,
Oxford st
Cambridge, E., grocer, Darling Bt, Bal.
Cambridge, James, 113 Bowman at
Cambridge, Mnuricia, 254 Liverpool st
Camden College olllce, 11-12 Went.
worth court, Elizabeth st
Camden Ladies college — Hllllard,
Mrs-W. E , and Deacon, Miss, 413
Kingst, Ntwn.
Catudcnvillo Publlo school—O'Reilly,
P., headmaster, Laura st, Ntwn.
Cameron, A. and L., dressmakers,
Darlington nl, Dar.
CO. (William, Alexander, and
Gcorgo Cameron, N. J . Young),
tobacco manufacturers, 352 Pittet
Cameron, R. W. and Co., New York
Pioneer lino of ships— Towns, IL
and Co., agents, 32 Jamison 8t
Cameron, A., plasterer, 7 Bartlott's
buildings, Oxford st
Cameron, Angus. M.L.A., -10 Castlerough st, anil 18 Crown st
Cameron, C, Cieil Servfce Club hotel,
44 Young st
Cameron, Charles G., Ewington at, Bal.
Cameron, D., 1 off 218 Castlcreutrh st
Cameron, E., 10 Wolllngton st, Wtloo.
Cameron, George, lroninoulder, 31
George st, Ilfn.
Camoron, George, 8 Shaftesbury
gardens, Glebe
Cameron, Hugh, IS Little Gloucester st
Cameron, Isaac, builder, Phillip at,
Cameron, James, accountant, Ablngton house, Albert st, Mar.
Cameron, J., grocer, 418 Clovoland st
Camci on, James, tweed operative,
Civil st, Pmattn.
Cameron, J., bootmaker, 70 Burton st
Cameron, John, mayor of Bnlmain,
Shannon grove, Ewington st, Bal.
Cameron, John, engineer, 36 Albemarlo
st, Ntwn.
Cameron. John, produce dealer, 04
Sussex st
Cameron, John It., currier, 67 Kelllck
st, Wtloo.
Cameron, John W., Liverpool rd, Ash.
Cameron, Mrs., Booth st, Bal.
Cameron, Mrs., Collins st, Bal.
Cameron, Mrs., 38 Foveaux st
Cameron, Mrs., Lion st, Ash.
Cameron, Miss, ladies school, Beaconsfield terrace, Walker st, St. L.
Cam. ron, Noll, 14 Francis st, Glebe
Cameron, Robert, stonemason, Denlson
st, Bal.
Cameron, Tuos., carpenter, 8 Uther st
Cameron, W. G., drnpor, 82 King st
Conn ron, W. G., 200 Victoria s t
Cameron, W. It., Walter st, Pdtn.
Cameron, William, leather-dresser, 63}
Hodfern st, Itfn.
Cameron, William H., 6 Wonicrah av
Cumille, H., hairdresser, 2 Wexford st
Camm, Rev. A. B„ The Hermitage,
Merchant st, Petm.
Camolet, M. G., carpenter, 121 Crown
Camomile, T., basket-maker, Murray st
Camp, AV., bird dealer, 18 Eastern av,
Camp, William, 140 Crown 6t
Camp, William, engineer, Simmons st,
Campany, George, Dogtrnp rd, Gran.
Campboll street Fire station, No. 6,
Siifl Campbell st
C A M P B E L L B R O T H E R S (Alfred Branch, Ohas. J., William W.,
nnd Henry), furniture and carpet
warehousemen, 420-428 George st
and Cowper wharf. (See advt.)
Campbell and Co., wine and spirit,
stores ; offices, 100 P i t t st, and
Circular quay
Campbell, H. and Son, blacksmiths,
Church st, Pnmtta.
Campbell and MacDonald, brokers,
financial and general agents, 3
Spring st
Campbell, H. and Co. (R. Campbell),
grocers, 181 George st W.
Campbell, —, 18 Woods lane
Campbell, A., 13 Ridge st
Campbell, Alexander, 21 Myrtle st
Campbell, Alex., bruBhmakcr, Palmer
st, Bal.
Campbell, Hon. Alexander, M.L.O.,
llosomont, Ocean st, Whra.
Campbell, Alfred B., Smirnoff, The
Grove, Queen st, Whra.
Campboll, Alfred C, bookseller, Alfred
st, St. L., E.
Campbell, Amelia, boarding establishment. I l l Geori'o st, Itfn.
Campbell, A., grocor, 303 Harris st
Campbell, Androir, 117 Barcom st
Campbell, Captain Angus, 66 Lower
Fort st, and Underwood st, Pdtn.
Campbell, Archibald, Cook st, Potm.
Campbell, Archibald, Rose st, Dar.
Campbell, Arthur, survoyor, 135
Bourko st
Campbell, Catherine, 22 Rnmlle st
Campbell. Charles, cauproprietor, 0
Gonlburn st
Campbell, Charles, carpenter, 117
Gonlburn st
Campbell, Charles, plasterer, 41 Alderson st, Rfn.
Campbell, Charles, Hopewell, Hopcwoll st, Pdtn.
Campbell, C , 70 Hosehlll st, Rfn.
Campbell, O, 34 Ross st, Globo
Campboll, C. J., IJandsworth house,
Ross st, Forost L., Glebe
Campbell, Colin, niaster-uinriuor, Bradford st, Bal.
Campbell, David, 31 Westmorland st,
Campbell, Donald, importer, Young
st, Lcdt.
Campboll, Dugald, plasterer, 61 Louis
st, Ilfn.
Campbell, Elisha, grocer, Parramatta
rd, Lcdt.
Campbell, P., Wellington st, Wav.
Campbell, G. R., Denman chambers,
Phillip st
Campbell, George, 36 Belmorest
Campbell, George,61 Darling st, Globe
Campbell, Rov. G. (Coug.), 3 Pitt st,
Campbell, II. C , draftsman, Grove st,
Campbell, H., grocer, 400 Bourko st
.Campbell, Henry, 160 Bourko st
Campboll, H., Hutchinson st, St. P.
Campbell, Henry, 4 St. Kilda In
Campbell, Henry,Smirnoff, The Grove,
Queen st, Whra.
Campbell, II., boilor-mnker, Harris st
Campbell, Hugh, squatter, Chaddesdeii,
278 Oxford st, Pdtu.
Campbell, J., plasterer, 42 Burlington
Campbell, J., produco agent, 30 Sussex
Campbell, J . R„ accountant, Formosa,
Fltzroy st,Bur.
Campbell, J., storekeeper, 220 Abattoirs rd
Campbell, James, bootmaker, Botany
rd, Alxa.
Campbell, James, Brown st, St. P.
Campbell, Jnmcs, Edward s t , Ash.
Campbell, James, Elswlck st, Lcdt.
Campbell, James, Ferdinand st, Bal.
Campbell, James, tinsmith, George
st, McDtu.
Campbell, James, tflover st, Lcdt.
Campbell, J., stonemason, Mooro st,
Campboll, J., builder, 11 Norton st
Campboll, James, Perry st, Lcdt.
Campbell, J., tinsmith, Shepherd st,
Campboll, J., stonemason, Hodge's
cottages, 367 Sussex st
Campbell, James P., 113 Stanley st
Campbell, James It., tobacconist, 06
William st E.
Campboll, J . T., 134 Walker st, Rfn.
Campbell, J . W., Id Bedford st, Ntwn.
Campbell, John, commission agent,
Benboyd rd, St. L., E.
C A M P B E L L , J O H N , contractor
and plasterer, Bligb st, Ntwn.
Campbell, John, Clipper's Arms hotel,
243 Bourko st
Campboll, John, Cluues, Cambridge
Bt, Petm.
Campbell, J., merchant, 468 George st
Campbell, Farvlow, Hannah st, Bur.
Campbell, John, 26 Kensington st
Campbell, J.. Little Arthur st, St. L., E.
Campbell, J., stouemaion, 161 Mitchell it, Globo
Campbell, Johu, Phillip st, Alxa.
Campbell, John, snllmaker, 63 Wells
st, Rfn.
Campboll, John, Crescent villa,
Wavorloy crescent, Wav.
Campbell, John, Euroka In, St. L.
Campbell, John, St. John st, Bal.
Campboll, John. 10 Little Upton st
Campbell, J., tailor, 112 Quarry st
Campbell, Juliet, 432 Cleveland st
Campbell, M., Wellington st, Wav.
Campbell, Mrs., Abcrcrombio st, Rfn.
Campbell, Mrs., Church st, H. Hill
Campbell, Mrs., 160 Crown rd
Campbell, Mrs., 102 Gipps st
Campbell, Mrs., Vlckcry st, Wav.
Campbell, Mrs., Weodon In, Pdtn.
Campbell, Miss, artist, Fltzevan
chambers, 60 Castloreagh st
Campbell, Miss, 00 Maoleay st
Campbell, Nell, Inspector of Telegraph
Linos, Phillip st, Pnmtta,
Campbell, Norman, 10U Cloveland st
Campbell, Percy, architect, 70 Sydney
Campbell, R. J., surveyor, 183 Devonshire Bt
Campbell, Hobort, blacksmith, 70
Bullanamlng Bt, Rfn.
Campbell, Robert, 20 Berwick In
Campbell, Robert, Gcorgo st
Campbell, Robt., Pcnshurst Bt, N.Wby.
Campbell, Robert, Victoria rd, Mar.
Campbell, Thomas A., boot manufacturer, GO Abcrcrombio st
Campbell, Thomas, stonemason, 21
Lyndhurst st, Glebe
Campboll, Thomns, 28 Riley pi
Campbell, Thomas, 21 Terminus st
Campboll, Thomas, 117 Union s t
Campbell, W., Kogarah, Bot.
Campbell, Walter, Gladesvillo Wharf
rd, Rydo
Campbell, Wm., 100 Botany rd, Wtloo.
Campboll, William, Buck/and st, Alxa.
Campbell, William, Church st, Pdtn.
Campbell, William, Clyde st, Gran.
Campbell, William, Roso terrace,
Dowllng st, Pdtn.
Campbell, William, plasterer, 23 Rodfern st, Rfn.
Campboll, William, drayproprlctor,
103 Dorwontst, Glebe
Campboll, W. H„ 33 Mnnnl st, Ntwn.
Campbell, William H.. 117 Maclcay st
Campbell, William W., Handsworth
house, Ross st, Forest Lodge
Camper, Henry T., builder, Church st,
Camper, J . W., agent, 128 Elizabeth st
Camper, John W.. auctioneer, 00
Raglan st, Wtloo.
Camperdown cemetery—Atkins, Robt.,
secretary, 109 Phillip st
Camperdown Postolllce—Burgess, F.,
George st, Camp.
Campordown Public school—Boston,
Edward, teacher, Gcorgo st, Cam]).
Campflcld, Julius IT., off 101 Duko st
Camptleld, Michael, boarding establishment, 4U5 Pitt st
Camphln, William, 104 Liverpool st
Campion, E., compositor, CO Brisbane
Campion, Lieut. H. W., ;K.N, Liverpool nl, Hdii).
Campion, John, 50 Foveuux st
Campion, N. W., bootmaker, 69
Fovenux st
Campion, Thomas, 69 Fovcaux st
Campion, W. IS,, Albert st, McPtn.
Campling, G., engineer, Rochford st,
Campling, Mrs., Eastbourno, Driver's
rd, Bur.
Campton, Thomas, tinsmith, Brown
st, H. Hill
Camroux, Frederick, euginoer, Ferry
st, II. Hill
Camwell, George, Trafalgar st, Lcdt.
Canavan, .1.1\, Paddiiigton In, Pdtn.
Canavan, R., 4U0 l'yrmoiit Bridge rd
Canavan, T., Hallway ter., Bur.
Canderton, G., Paddiiigton st, Pdtn.
Camllsh, F., builder, 307 Harris st
Candlish, John, clerk, Broughtou st,
Candy, It., 21 Howard st
Candy, Roger, .May st
Cane, Alfred M., 110 Victoria st
Cane, Christopher, Smith st, St. P.
Cane, Edward, frenchpollshcr, St.
John's nl, Globo
Cane, Joseph, 111 Glebe st, Glebe
Cane, Michael, Cook's River rd, St. P.
Cane, Robert, quarry-owner, 7 Upper
rd, Glebe
Cane, Thomas, 14 Kettle st, Rfn.
Cane, Thomas, 0 Little Essex st
Cann, George, li Esther st
Cann, John, butcher, 90 Albion st
Cann, Samuel, Duke of Manchester
hotel, 70 William st
Canmin, Samuel, Campbell st, St. P.
Canuiug, James, dairyman, Forry st,
H. Hill
Canning, Junius, wood nnd coal
merchant, Norton st, Lcdt.
Canning, John, stonemason, Littlo
Arthur st, St. L., E.
Caunis, George, salliuakcr, Falconer st,
St. L„ E.
Cannon, F. W., carpenter, Pennant st,
Cannon, Henry, Victoria st, St. P.
Cannon, I., son., Phillip st, Pinatta.
Cannon, J., grocer, Viekery st, Wav.
Cannon, John, 78 Greek st, Glcbo
Cannon, Johu, 4 Harrington st
Cannon, .Tohn,i53 Riley st
Cannon, John G., clerk, 00 Elizabeth st
Cannon, Miss Annie, draper, Burwood
rd, Bur.
Cannon, Manns, Loichhardt st, Wav.
Cannon, Martin, builder, 47 Foveaux st
Cannon, Mary, 30 O'Connor st
Cannon, Michael, plasterer, Grafton
st, Whra.
Cannon, Michael, 18 Mcrriman st
Cannon, Mrs., Arlington hotel, Parramattn rd, F. Dk.
Cannon, Mrs., 21 Wellington st
Cannon, Patrick, 0 Little Riley st
Cannon, T., cabproprietor, Deano st,
Cannon, William, engineer, 71 Campbell st, Glebe
Cannon, William, 10 Cambridge st
Cannons, W., Orchard rd, N. Wby.
Cannott, M., bootmaker, 12 Little
Bourko st
Canozzi, John, Fire /{otitis hotel, 210
William st
Cansdell Bros., drapers, Parramatta rd,
Cansdell, Charles S„ barrister, 103
Elizabeth s t ; p.r., Wullangra,
Ocean st, Whra.
Cansdell, Edward, Molrose, Norwood
st, Petm.
Cansdell, Gordon, Roso cottage, Burwood st, Bur.
Cansdell, Robert, tobacconist, Old
South Head rd, Whra.
Candsell, T. E., Kent house, Rowland
st, Wav.
Cansdell, W., clork, John st, Bur.
Cant, D. M., clog importer, 10-14
Shelley st
Canter, Richard, 170 Forbes st
Canterbury Council chambers—limes,
H. M„ O. clerk, Minter st
Canterbury post office—Slocombo, J.,
George st, Can,
Canterbury Public school—Lewis, D.
T., teaehor, Chapel st
Canterbury Public Bcliool—Booth, W.,
Canterbury rd
Canterbury sohool (C.E.), George st,
Canterbury Public school—Parry, R.
B„ teacher, Sugarhouso rd
O A N T E R I L L , J O H N A N D CO.,
book and picture importers, 109
Oxford st
Cantlo, Charles, 23 Chapman st
Cantlo, Chas., 412 l'yrmoiit Bridge rd
Cantle, John, drnftsnian,211> Crown rd
Cantler, Oris., 05 Wellington st, Ntwn.
Canton Insurance office, Lmtd.—King,
George & Co.. agents, 2 lirldgo st
Cantor, C, 80 Upper William st N.
Cantor, E., men's mercer, 117 King st
Cantor, Emanuel, 4 Lower Fort st
Cautor, Hymn, outfitter, 400 George st
Cantor, Jacob, dealer, 37 Ultimo rd
Cantwell, S., Shorwood rd, Prspt. and
Canty, Conioli"S, Sutton st, Lcdt.
Canty, J., juu., furnituro dealer, 136
Regent st
Canty, S., master-mariner, 07 Pyrmont
Bridge rd
Canvin, Fredorick, 09 Stanley st
Canvin, Mrs., Brocklcy, Cavendish st,
Caparoui, Mrs., 12 Upton st
Capo and Kent, solicitors, 09« Pitt st
Capo, A. J., notary public, 99a Pitt st
Capo, A. J., solicitor and notary publio,
32 Hunter st
Cape. A. J., solicitor, Karoola, EJgeclift'e rd, Whra.
Cape, Anne, draper, 128 Queen st.Wbra.
Capo, E. M., Mcrvuo, 90 Elzbtb. Bay rd
Capo, H. A., stock and share broker,
283 George st
C A P E , R O L L O A., accountnntand
average adjuster. Cape's chambers,
Bond s t ; ]). r., Shaw st, Mar.
Capol, Peter, builder, 10 Franklyn pi,
Capell, Francis, 53 Crown st
Capes, William, Alexander st, Alxa.
Caplc, Charles, carpenter, Withycombo
st, Bal.
Capon, Charles, 100 Botany st
Capon, Charles, blacksmith, 69 Oxford
st, Pdtn.
Capper, .Mrs, Vilctte. Fltzroy st, Bur.
Cupron, Mrs., 102 Hunter st
Caraher, Mrs. C , 50 Darllnghtirst rd
Camber, John E., Collaroy cottage,
54 Dorwent st, G lobe
Carbery, Annie, 62 Barcom st
Carnndotta Pastoral Co.. Limited—
Royle's chambers. Bond st
Carberry, Thomas, baker, Parramatta
rd. Cond.
Card, Johu, Sherwood rd, Prspt. and
Card, John G„ 66 Duke st
Garden, 1)., carpenter, Market st,
N. Wby.
Carden, K„ sen., Chandos st, N. Wby.
Cardcn, Edward, carpenter, Chandos
st, St. L.
Garden, Herbert, carpenter, Market s t ,
N. Wby.
Cardew, John II., surveyor, Pondivo
villa, Grove st, Whrn.
Cardinal, George, Phillip st, Pmatta.
Cardiff, John, plasterer, Isabella st,
Cardiff, John J., Macuiiley st, Lodt.
Cardiff, Peter, 106 Glebe rd, Glebe
Cardiff, Mrs. R., Phillip st, Pmatta.
Cardiff, Thomas, shipwright, 06 Glcbo
st, Glebe
Cardoso, M.. provision shop, George st
Oardry, llicbaul, 142 Evelelgh st, Ilfn.
Cardwoll, Elizabeth, 15 Dowling st,
Cardwoll, Jane, 140Georgo st, Cnmp.
Caldwell, Johu, contractor, Albion st,
Carcw, M., grocor, Short st, Bal.
Carow, Thomas, Jurrett st, Lcdt.
Carey, H. W. and Co.. tea brokers nnd
com. agents, 20 Sydney arcade
Carey, Bridget, 62 St. John's rd, Glebe
Carey, E., tailor, Church st, Pmatta.
Carry, F. P., 32 Adelaide st
Carey, Gabiiel, bootmaker, Grose st,
Carey, George, American hotel, 20-31,
Ultimo st
Carey, Georgo, Printers' arms, 406
Liverpool st
Carey, —, ltcnwickst, Lcdt.
Carey, Henry, Bruce st, Bal.
Corcv, J. R., contractor, Sunnyside,
Coral.olla st, St L., E.
Carey, James, Government rd, N. Wby.
Carey, Jeremith, 132 Regent st, Rfn
Carey, John, Vlckery st, Wav.
Oaroy, Michael, Ironmonger, Ross st,
Carey, Mrs., 10 Domain terrnco
Carey, Mrs., Falcon st. St. L,
Carey, Patrick, 9 Louis st, Rfn.
Carey, Stephen, 07 Dowling st
Carey, William, Importer of building
materials, 820 Gcorgo st
Cargo, Allnn, 230 Park rd
Cargo, Allen, Carlton st, Rwk.
Cargili, Captain, Lomlohin, Hallway
st, Rcdm.
Cargili, Jno., cabproprlotor, 47 Ilolt st
Cargili, Win., photographic material
iniportor, 28 Market st
Carkeek, John B., Moore Park hotel,
480 Bourko st
Carkery, J,, brassmoulilcr, 10 Mary st,
Carkill, John, Burrcii st, McDtn.
Carl, Arthur, 1 Little Mnol" ay st
Carlan, V., plumber, 60 John st, Wtloo.
! Carlaml, Mary, Alpha terrace, Hush st,
Carlaw, J., timber merchant, 8 Ferry
rd, Gleho
Carle. Harry, Bronto ril, Wnv.
Carleton, Joseph, Bcaconsflelil cottages,
Beaconsflcld estate, Alxa.
Carleton, Robert, 29 Egau st, Ntwu.
Carley, Mrs., 38 Albion st
Carlin, Fred., 71 Elizabeth st, Wtloo.
Carlington, S., plastoror, Regent Bt,
Carlinski, Victor, Ward st, St. L.
Carlisle Alexander, photographer, 102
Bathurst st
Carlisle, John, Arthur st, Ash.
Carlisle, Louisa, 21 Smith st, Wtloo.
Carlisle, Maria, 168 Campbell st
Carlisle, William H. T., 72 Dowling st
Carlo), James, hairdresser, 8 Markctst
Carloson, J. D., painter, Calderrd, Hfii.
Carlow, James, bootmaker, 34 Little
Norton st
Carlow, William, ironmouldor, 38
Cornwallls st, Rfn.
Carlson, Charles, stevedore, 7 Agar st
Carlson, Bridget, storekeeper, Rountrco st, Bal.
Carlsson, Frank, master-mariner, 2
Robertson st
Carlsson, F., Paton's buildings, Kent st
Carlton. M. J. A., Lavonder st, Vic.
Carlton, William, -1 Stephen st
Carmel, —. Devon terrace, Union st,
Carmen, James, corkcuttor Wharf
rd, Bal.
Carmen, William, watchmaker, 201
Devonshire ft
Carmont, David, Stratheamo villa,
Whaling rd. St. L..' E.
Carmiolmel, David, blacksmith, Harris
st, N. Wby.
Carmichael, Edwin, road contractor, 7
Chester terrace. Chester In, Camp.
Carmiohael, H., 11 Purkis st, Camp.
Cormiclmel, J., baker, Eliza St. Whra.
Carmiohael, John, stonemason, 108
Brotighnm st, Globo
Carmichael, John, 10 Hunt st
Carmiohael, Thomas, tobacco-maker,
30 Goulburn st
Carmiohael, W. H., fruiterer, Ocean st,
Carmody, Daniel, Sutherland st, St. P.
Carmody, J., bootmaker, 2 Schimel st,
Carmody, John, Botany rd, Bot
Carmody, John, 23 Wilton In
Oarmodv, Roger, 00 Stanley st
Came, B., builder, 127 Walker st, Rfn.
Caruo, Ohas., builder, Herbert terraco,
Henderson rd, Alxa.
Came, Mary, 4 Cooper st, Rfn.
Carnegie, James, butcher, Alfred st,
St. L., E.
Carnegie, James, north Shore Club
hotel, Alfred st, St. L., E.
Carnoll, Robert, Colloge st, Ntwn.
Carney. Christiana, 89 Mitchell st,
Carney, Henry, Uivcr st. Can.
Carney, J. T., blacksmith, 1 Grafton
st, Whra.
Carney, J. W., silversmith, 31 Lonnox
st, Ntwn.
Carney, Mrs., Crescent st, Bal.
Carney, Owen, storekeeper, Windsor
st, Pdtn.
Carney, Rose, 00 Cooper st
Carney, Susannah, 9 Little Qncou st
Carney, William, 03 Kent st
Carnwell, H.,carponter, Silver st, Mar.
Carolan, John J.. Arthur st, Ash.
Carolnn, Robert F., solicitor, 99 and 101
Elizabeth st
Carolan, Robert F., Adaro lodge, 204
Hereford st, Glebo
Carpenter, Alfred S., plasterer, 91
Phelps st
Carpenter, Mrs. C, 43 Franois st
Carpenter, George, plumber, Marian
st, Ntwn.
Carpenter, George, stonemason,
Gladcsvillc rd, Rydc
Carpenter, James, plumber, 26 Lower
Campbell st
Carpenter, James, Prospect Bt, McDtn.
Carpenter, John, bootmaker, Little
Goodlet st
Carpenter, Lyndon B., Falser st, H. Hill
Carpenter, It, 180 Botany st, Wtloo.
Carpenter, R., 31 Darlington rd, Dar.
Carpenter, Thomas, carpenter, 130
George st, Wtloo.
Carpenter, Thomas, compositor, 02
Raglan st, Wtloo.
Carpenter, U. W„ plasterer, 63 West st
Carpenter, U. W., 04 West st
Carpenter, William II., accountaut,
116 Mitchell st, Glebo
Carpenter, W.'T., saddlor and harnessmaker, Church st and Marsdcn
st, Pmatta.
Carple, S„ 12 Little Mount st
Carr, Alfred, bootmaker, Fothorlngham st, Mar.
Carr, Andrew, Carlow st, St. L.
Carr, Charles, Kent cottage, 21 Mount
Vernon st. Globe
Carr, Henry, carpenter, Bank st, St. L.
Carr, H., boatbuildcr, Euroka In, Vio.
Carr, Henry, vanproprietor, Vino
cottage, John st, Whra.
Carr, Henry, painter, 200 Liverpool st
Carr, James, stonemason, Pennant st,
Carr, James, Western rd, Pmatta.
Carr, John Auburn
Carr, John, 269 Harris st
Carr, John, Pcdham st, Whra.
Carr, John G., salesman, 01 Judgo st
Carr, L. O., Unwiirs-Bridgo rd, Mar.
Carr, Miss, Woniora, Bot.
Carr, Mrs., 106 Duko st
Carr, Mrs., 27 Hunt st
Carr, Mrs., I l l King st N., Ntwn.
Carr, Mrs., 4 Little Mount st
Carr, Mrs., fruitgrower, William st, N,
Carr, Reginald, printer, 2 Pelican st
Carr, Robert, fencer, Mnrlborough rd,
N. Wby.
Carr, Thomas J., Point Piper rd, Whra.
Carr, Vance, Brighton pi, Boundary
st, Pmatta.
Carr, V., 71 Wells st, Rfn,
Carr, William, 2 Caldcr rd, Dar,
Cnrr, W., stonemason, 1 Edward In
Carr, William, Princes st, Bal.
Carr, William, Victoria st. Bal.
Carr, William II., 4 Kiddor terraco,
George st, McDtn.
Carrad, Win. J., bookbinder. 73 Botnny
rd, Wtloo.
Carragnn, Thomas, 18 Burton In
Carran, K. It., Forbes tor., Forbes st,
Carratt, R., tailor, Wharf rd, Cond.
Carratt, W., furmer, Wharf rd, Cond.
Carrestiuo, Angelo, hnirdrcsscr and
tobacconist, 00 Oxford st
Carroll, Samuel L., builder, 68 Lyndhurst st, Glebo
Carrett, William, jun., builder, Brixton
villa, Fairfowlst, Mar.
Carrick, Bridget, 74 Buckingham st
Carriok, John, com. traveller, John st,
Carrick, Mrs., 313 Cleveland st, Rfn.
Carrick, Patrick, plasterer. 9 Broker's
terrace, Union st, McDtn.
Carrick, Robort, Stanmorc rd, Mar.
Carriok, T., Denison st, Bal.
Carrick, Thomas, customs landing
waiter, Darvall st, Bal.
Carriok, Thomas, 22 Little GIpps st
Carrick, W. II., painter, 334 Crown st
Carrie, G., fruiterer. Cook's River rd,
St. P.
Carrie, J., 4 Albion tor.,Bcggst, Pdtn.
Carrington, A., 84 Mill st, Pyrmont
Carriuan, Joseph, Underwood st, Pdtn.
Carroll Bros. (John, William, and
Mat. Carroll), cablnct-innkcrs and
fronohpollshcrs, 333 Castiercagh st
Carroll, A., Collins st, Bal.
Carroll, Andrew, 5 Littlo Surrey st
Carroll, Ann, grocer, 19 Burton st
Carroll, Augustine, 99 Glebo st, Glebo
Carroll, Bernard, grocer, 23 Alfred
terrace, Wilson st, Rfn.
Carroll, Bridiot, 02 Washington st
Carroll, C , grocer, Church st, Pmatta.
Carroll, C, tobacconist, 77 Oxford st
Carroll, E., 1 Bosna terrace, Donison st,
Carroll, Elzbh., 6 Aberorombio st, Rfn,
Carroll, Felix, 49-61 Harris st
Carroll, J., harness-maker, 228 Sussex
Carroll, J., blacksmith, Weutworth
In, Sorrell st, Pmatta.
Carroll, Rev. J. J., St. Augustine
ohuroh (R.C.), Jane st, Bal.
Carroll, J. S., Houghton, Hooper st,
Carroll, J., bootmaker, Jamcsst, Ntwn.
Carroll, J., market gardener, Botany
rd, Wtloo.
Carruthers, Rev. J. E., Wcsloyan
Carroll, J., house, stock and station
minister, Walker st, St. L., E.
agent, 13} Church hill
Carroll, James, Parramatta rd, Potm. Carruthers, J. H., solicitor, 130 Pitt st;
p. r., Kogarah, Bot.
Carroll, James, 210 Harris st
Carruthors, James, bookmaker, Roto
Carroll, James, Solwyn st, Pdtn.
st, Lcdt.
Carroll, J., Farleigh, Viokory st, Wav.
Carroll, J., boiler-maker. Curtis rd, Bal. Carruthers, John, 229 Costlorcagh st
Carruthors, John, 23 Marian Bt, Rfn.
Carroll, J., upholsterer, Bank st, Vio.
Carruthors, T., bootmaker, 07 Botany
Carroll, John, 113 Glebo st, Globo
Carroll, John, 7 Langdown st, Ntwn.
st, Rfn.
Carroll, John, bootinake., 170 Oxford
Carruthors, Wm., Murray st, Wtloo.
Carso, James H., artist, 7 Brldgo st
st, Pdtn.
Carslako, Philip, Elgor st, Glebo
Carroll, John, buildor, Point Plpor
Carsol, Mrs., 41) Upper William st S.
rd, Whra.
Carroll, John, grocer, Solwyn st, Pdtn. Carson, Charles, 11 Princess pi
Carson, Fred., railway contractor, 2
Carroll, J., vanproprlotor, 77 Riley st
Ynrrawa terrace, Hill st, Ntwn.
Carroll, Joseph, builder, 133 Denison
Carson, J., engineer, Chapman st,Ash.
st, Camp,
Carson, J., farmer, Loscoe rd, Prspt.
Carroll, Joseph, city auditor, 029
and Slier.
Bourko st
Carson, J., jun., fencer, Loscoe rd,
Carroll, Joseph, Carlisle st, Lcdt.
Prspt. and Shdr.
Carroll, Julio, dressmaker, Wells st,
Carson, Mrs., Feuncll st, Pmatta.
Carson, Mrs., 280 Victoria st
Cnrroll, Mary, 38 Kensington st
Carroll, Matliow. 3 Symon's buildings, Carson, Thomas, Jamison st, Gran.
Carson, W., wool merchant, Botany st,
3 Campbell st
Cnrroll, M., tailor, 206 Goulburn st
Carson, W., wool broker and stock and
Carroll, Michaol, 31 Engine st
station agent, 20 Pitt st
Carroll. Miss E., boardiughonsc, 307
Carson, W., 19 Mount Vernon Bt, Globo
Crown st
Carroll, Mrs., grocer, Enmoro rd, Ntwu. Carson, William, sen., Redmyro rd.Bur.
Cartaar, Alfred, clerk, 1.58 Dowling at
Carroll, Mrs., 9 Carlton st
Carter, —, Catlierino st, Lcdt.
Carroll, Mrs., 120 Dowling st, Pdtn.
Carter, —, 01 Harrington st
Carroll, Mrs., Bay st, Wav.
Carter, Alfred, plcturcframe-makcr,
Carroll, Mrs., Crescent st, Bal.
Carroll, Owen, accountant, Honson st,
201 Pitt st
Cartor, A., chemist, 80 Queen st, Whra.
Carter, Annio, 21 Middle st
Carroll, Owen, Elstorberg, Botany st,
Carter, Captain, Victoria terraco
Spring st, Wav.
Carroll, Patrick, Dunganon Castle hotel,
Cartor, C. H., Stamnoro rd, Mar.
200 Crown street
Carter, Daniel, bootmaker, 27 Gcorgo
Carroll, Patrick, harness-maker, 68
st, Wtloo.
Liverpool st
Carter, Edward, Alma st, Vic.
Cnrroll, Philip, George st, Can.
Carroll, Richard, 6 Symon's buildings, Cortar, E. W., Wongo, Stamnoro rd,
Campbell st
I Carter, Emily, 174 Mncquarle st S.
Carroll, lliolmrd, 31 Louis st, Rfn.
Carter, F., draper, 18 Littlo Bourko st
Carroll, S., bricklayor, 148 Crown rd
' Carter, G. L., tailor and men's moroor,
Carroll, Simon, GIpps st, Pdtn.
401 George Bt
Carroll, T., fruiterer, 30 Western
Cartor, G. L., 2 Belvolr st
avenue, Markets
Cnrroll, Thomas, Underwood st, Pdtn. Carter, George, 7 Bayvlcw cottages,
King st N., Ntwn.
Carroll, W., 90 Bullauamlng st, Rfn.
Carter, George, Lelnster Bt, Pdtn.
Carroll, William, oabluct-inakcr,
Cartor, G. E.. dentist, 32 Collogo st
Euroka In, Vic.
Carroll, William, contractor, Catherine Carter, George II., 63 Wattle st
Carter, H., carpenter, Ada st, Pmatta,
st, Lcdt.
Carroll, William, butcher, 11 Market st Carter, Henry B., tanner, Sherwood rd,
Prspt. and Slier.
Carroll, William, butcher, 137 WilliamCarter, Isabella, Henderson rd, Alxa.
Henry st
J., stonemason, Perrltt st, Bal.
Carroll, William, 23 Charlotte In
Carter, J. G , sallmaker, 7 Shelley st
Carroll, William, Victoria st, Pdtn.
Carter, Rev. James, LL.D. (O.E.),
Carroll, William, IS Wood's In
Carrugatti, J., butcher, 202 William st
Prospeot rd, Ash.
Carruthers, Alfred G., painter, Hoso
Carter, James, bookbinder, 22 Bishopgate st, Camp.
. cottage, Boundary st, Bur.
Carter, James, Bannister st
Carruthers, Charles U., surgeon,
Carter, James, carpenter, Hargrove
Montague st, Bnl.
st, Pdtn.
Carruthers, Christy, shipwright,
Carter, James, 296 Bourko st
McDonald st, Bal.
Cartor, Jamos, 648 Crown st
Carruthers, Franois, bootftnishcr, 91
Carlcr, James. Fitzroy st, Mar.
Botany Bt, Wtloo.
Carter, J., 69 Parramatta rd, Glebo
Carruthers, George, builder, Victoria
Carter, James, coachbuildcr, 1 Little
st, Pctm.
Upton st
Carruthors, G., fitter, 311 niley st W.
Carter, J. E., 41 Buckingham st
Carruthers, nenry, Government storeCarter, John, Bailniakcr, 193 Harris st
keeper, 103 St. John's rd, Globo
Carter, John, Buena vista, Glonmore
rd, Pdtn.
Carter, John, 3 Bayviow cots,, King st
N., Ntwn.
Carter, John, 20 Louis st, Rfn.
Carter, John, Blair Athol, Stamnoro
rd, Mnr.
Cartor, John, Whistler st, Man.
Carter, John Q., accountant, Albert
parade, Ash.
Carter, Joseph, Old Commodore hotel,
Blue's Point rd, Vic.
Carter, J., 103 Bullauiiming st, Rfn.
Carter, Joseph, Trongate st, Gran.
Carter, Miss, 651 Bourko st
Carter, Mrs., draper, 391 Crown st
Carter, Mrs., 21 Littlo Albion st
Cartor, Mrs., 107 Goulburn st
Cartor, Mrs., Mnnstleld st, Bal.
Carter, Mrs., 40 Watkin st, Ntwn.
Cartor, N. Thomas, 40 Johu st, Wtloo.
Carter, Obadlah, stationer, 28 Raglan
st, Wtloo.
Carter, P., contractor, 10 Terry st
Cartor, It. C , cabinet-maker, 26 Jnmison st
Carter, R.T., furniture warehouseman,
379 George st
Carter, R. T., 70 William st
Carter, II., 25 Arundel terrnco, Glebo
Carter, Robert, fruitgrower, Western
rd, Prspt. and Slier.
Carter, Robert, Fcnnell st, Pmatta.
Carter, Robort, 292 Upper Dowling st,
Carter, Sarah, 40 Denliam st, Globo
Cartor, Sydney, Florenceville, Marian
st, Ntwn.
Carter, T„ fruiterer, Main avenue,
Carter, Thomas, refrcshmcutrooms,
410 Gcorgost
Carter, T„ fruiterer, 20 P i t t st, Rfu.
Carter, Thomas, 83 Quarry st
Carter, W. H. Darling st, Bnl.
Carter, Walter, Carshalton st, Ash.
Carter, Walter, carpenter, Grafton st,
Carter, William, 241 Church st,Cnmp.
Cartor, Wm., George hotel, 102 Elizabeth st, Wtloo.
Carter, William, Evans st, Bal.
Carter, W„ Wcstwood, Glcnmoro rd,
Carter, W., tailor, 170 Macquario st S.
Carter, W„ carpenter, Millhillrd, Way.
Cartor, William, 123 Phillip st
Cartor, William, Surry terrnco, 132
Mlssendcn rd, Camp.
Carter, William II., warehouseman,
Smith st, Ash.
Carter, William J , 194 Denison st,
Camp., and nt Lcdt.
Carter, William J., engineer, Phillip
st, Alxa.
Carter, Woodvillen., Moncurst, Whra.
Cartlidgc, A. J., draper, Cary st. Mar.
Carton, Mnrgaret, storekeeper, Fountain st, Man.
Carton, Muss, Catholic homo and icglstryomce, 195 William st
Cartwright, Frank, 0 Hose st
Cartwrlght, George, carpenter, Sorroll
st, Pmatta.
Cartwrlght, Henry G., cabproprlotor,
18 Waterloo st
Cartwright, J., fruiterer, Darling ft,
Cnrtwrlght, Jnmes, Wnrdoll rd, Mnr.
Cnrtwrlght, John, brick maker, Auburn
Cnrtwrlght, John, ExcolBlor 8t, Lcdt.
Cnrtwrlght, Mnrgnrct, Wnttle st
Cartwright, Miss, dressmaker, 140
Victoria ft
Cnrtwrlght, Mrs., Campbell at, Wnv.
Cnrty, Elizabeth, 160 Cnstlcreagh Bt
Onrugatl, William. 33 Cook 8t
Cnrugntti, C, butcher, 181 Oxford Bt
Cnrven, Edward, -12 Ultimo st
Carvcth, John, Camphcll 6t, Bal.
Carvoth, Hubert. 12 .lohn st, Glebo
Cnrwcll, —, Ureininn st, Lcdt.
Carwoll, Edwin, Iron Covo creek rd,
P. Dk.
Cary, Sydnoy, merchant, Marthoii, 137
Queen st. Whrn.
Cary, W.,Glenwood, Hereford st, Glebo
Case and Mnyne, veterinary surgeons,
102 Cnstlcreagh st
Case, Richard, Nelson's Day rd, Wav.
Casey, —, 04 O'Connor st
Casey, Benjamin, sawmill proprietor,
77 FoTcnnx st
Cnsey, Bernard, II Universityst, Camp.
Casey, J., woodenrvor, 00 Brougham
st, Glebe
Casey, J., turner, 40 Honson st.UItmo.
Casey, James, butcher, 1'arramattn rd,
Casey, John, Botany rd. Alxa.
Cnsey, John, Cameron st. I'dtn.
Casey, John, 7S Queen st, Whra.
Cnsoy, Joseph, Joseph st, Ash.
Casey, Maurice, 27 Athlono pi
Cnsoy, M., cnr])entcr, 7 Creek st, Glebe
C:^ey, Michael, tllenmore hold. Glenmore rd, Pdtn.
Cnsoy, Jllclmel, Wharf rd, Cond.
Cnsoy, Moriarty, Fitzroy tor., Fitzroy st
Casey, Mrs., private hoarding cstab.,
Arnott house, 50 Margaret st
Casey, P. J., saddler, 301 King at,
Cnsey, Thomas, 5 Boiirke st
Casey, Thomas, 62 Bowman st
Casey, Thomns P., Lyons rd, P. Dk.
Cnsey, William, 310 Kentst
Cash, F„ butcher, Hunter st, Pmnttn.
Cnsb. Frederick. Old Prospect rd,
Prspt. and Slier.
Cnsb, James, Thomas st. Bal.
Cash, Mrs., Park avenue, Ash.
Cnsbel, William. South st, Pdtn.
Cnshin, It., bootmaker, 0J Cooper st,
Cnsliln, H., grocer, 87 Morchend st, Rfn.
Cailinmi], Jeremiah, Grovo st, Lcdt.
Cashmau, Mary, Ann st. Bal.
Cashmnn, M., bailiff, llnrgravost.Pdtn.
Caslimau, Mlohncl, Norton st, Itydo
Cashman, Mrs., Isabel cottage, Liberty
Bt, Petm.
Oashmore, D., steam guago-makor, 670
Bourke st
Cnshmore. D., pawnbroker, Gcorgo »t,
Casbmore. J., engineer, 253GoulbumBt
Cashnioro, S. F., merchant, 10 Westmorland st, Glebe
Caslako, Philip, butcher, 11 Chrintio
at, Glebe
CaBpor, P. and Co., oyster saloon, 70
Oxford st
Caspersonn, C. H., Wnnoaring, 8 Craigend st
Cass, C. S., wine and spirit morchnnt,
364 George st
Cass, Frederick, 31 St. Mary st, Camp.
Cass, G., wine and spirit morohant, 2
Kooinbanah tor., Liberty st, Ntwn.
Cass, John, bootmnkcr, Oak terrace, 01
Thomns st, Camp.
Cass, Theodore, Darling st, Bal.
Cass, William, 0 Margaret st
Cassell, James, dealer, 386 Crown st
Cassell, Mrs., 227 Goulburn st
Casscrly, John, 0 Barcom st
Cnssldy. • Edward, R.C., clerk, Marlborough st, Hugh, 8 O'Counell st, Ntwn.
Cassidy, James, 188 Bourko st
Cnssldy, John, blacksmith, 46 Campbell st
Cassidy, John, cabproprictor, John st,
Cassidy, J., harness-maker, 12 Turner st, llfn.
Cassidy, P. J., storekeeper, 85 Walker
st, llfn.
Cassidy, il., engineer, Foucart st, Bal.
Cassidy, Thomns, stonemason, Ashburn pi, Ilydo
Cassidy, Thomas, Djimpton st^ Can.
Cassidy, Thomas, shipwright, Palmer st, Hal.
Cnssldy, Wllllnm, 00 Phelps st
Cassidy, W. G., steward In chargo of
L.A.nndL.C. chbers. Macquarlost
Casson, Albert, 11 Botany st
Casson, Albert A., 371 Bourke st
Casson, Alfred J., 100 Liverjiool st
Casson, D., dairyman, West st, St. L.
Casson, Joseph, carpenter, 18 Islington st, Ntwn.
Casson, Mrs. M., 108 Dowling at
Casson, Mrs., 13 Albemarle st Ntwn.
Cassue, F„ 14 Bates In, Sussex st
Cassul, W.. bootmaker, 13 Swan st
Casswell, W. G., Moucur st, Whra.
Castell, G. (1., chemist, Now South
Head rd, Pdtn.
Castigan, Thomas, Alma In, Dar.
Castle, Woods and Co.—Pyrmontcar
building works, Murray st
Cnstle, —, Stephen st. Bal.
Castle, Albert M„ solicitor, 10 Park st
Castle, P., farmer, Lane Cove rd, Ilydo
Castle, George, bricklayor, Wigram at,
Castle, G„ shipwright, College st, Bal.
Casllc, H. P., cum. broker, 8 Bond st
Castle, J. D., Old South Head rd, Wav.
Castle, John D,, G8 Eugiuo st
Castle, Captain L..T., Bon Accord
villa, Old South Head rd, Wav.
Castle, Miss, 223 Bourku st
Castle, Mrs., 22 Little Mount st
Castle, Mrs., 201 Womorah avenue
Castle, Thomas, carpenter, Auburn
Castle, William, tallow-chandler,
Napoleon at, Bal.
Castlcdlne, Mia., Ida st, Ash.
Castlcmninc Brewing, Malting and
Wine nuil Spirit Co., Limited—
Prendergast, Ilobcrt manngor;
Magnoy, Thomas, secretary, Hay
st, and 371 Pitt st
Castles, George, 0 Christie st, Glebo
Castles, Henry, 14 Queen's pi
Cnstlcs, II. P., broker, Oxford 6t, Pdtn.
Castlcy, Ellas, 60 Hugo st, Rfn.
Castley, John, bootmaker, Church st,
Pmatta. ..
Castley, Mrs,, Church st. Pmntta.
O A S T N E R , J O H N L., contractor,
28 O'Counell st
Castnor, John L., Stoyno rd, Man.
Cater, II., Lnloa villa, Alioo st, Ntwn.
Cator, Richard, Good st, Gran.
Cator, W., Mclutii st, Prspt. and Sher.
Cater, W. W„ draper, 103 & 105 Pitt st
Cates, Henry, bootmaker, Ballwny st,
Catford, Eliza, 17 Waterloo pi
Cathcart, Augustus, homeopathlst,
10 Oxford st, Ntwn.
Cathols, J., cimiucer, Murray st
Cathor, Ilobert and Co., plumbers, 344
Bourko st
Cather, Alexander, High st, N. Why.
Cathcr. Hubert, Point Piper rd, Pdtn.
Cathori o Auriferous Pyrites and Gold
Mining Co., Limited—Mackenzie,
II. J., manager, 12 Bridge at
Cathliss, Jane, Little Edward st
Catholic Apostolic church — Miller,
Hev. W., minister, Brougham st
Catholic Bible hall-Kelly, llov. W.,
S.J., 121 William st
Catholic orphanage, Pmntta.
Catnolio cemetery — lloheu, Dennis,
caretaker, Church st, Pmatta.
Catlctt, Arthur, 260 Womerah nvcnuo
Catlett, Arthur E., clerk, McDonald at,
Catlett, W. H., Grantham cottage,
Burwood st. Bur.
Catley, —, butcher, 03 Georgo st,
Catley, A.,butchcr,13 Clevolandat.Bfu.
Catley, C inrlcs, Arden st, llwk,
Catley, P. T., bntohor, 17 and 25 Pitt
st, Wtloo.. and lledfern st, llfn.
Catlcy.GeorgoH., Lota bouso.Brigliton
st, Petm.
Catloy, John G., coal merchant,
Brougham st
Cato, II. C, fruiterer, 17 George st W.
Caton, Henry, Union st, St. P.
Cator, William, Duntoeher, Glcnmoro
rd, Pdtn.
Catt, S., blacksmith, 8 Short st, Globe
Cattanach, John II., baker, Church at,
Cnttell, J. 11. nnd Co. (George T. Summerville, John C. Cnttell, Fredcrick A. Broughton), merchnuts,
322 Georgo st
Cnttell, E., saddler, Church st, H. Hill
Cattoll, J. C, mcrehnut, Lavendor at,
Cattorall, Frank, IB Dowling st, Pdtn.
Cnttlln, Edward, 60 George st, llfn.
Catto, W., carpenter, Darling st, Bal.
Catts, Henry, carpenter, Coila, Emily
Bt, Mar.
Catts, James, son., builder,Harrington
st, Mar.
Catts, James, builder, Hobart, pmily
st, Mnr.
Caublcn, Morris S., 12 Charlotto In
Caudle, Benjamin, storekeeper, Lackey
st, Ash.
Caughau, John, Lackoy st, St. P.
Cauk, Samuel, stonemason, Crown rd
Oaulcott, Henry, 1 Wemyss st
Caulflold, P., draper, Alfred, St. L., E.
Cauntor, Mrs. Alice, grocer, Phillip st,
Oauston, H. W. L., news agent, 111
Clarcnco st
Cavanagh, F., 381 Cleveland at, Rfn.
Cavanagh, J., Banks meadow, Botany
rd, Bot.
Cavanagh, James, 13 Botanyviow terrace, Wilson st, Rfn.
Cavanagh, John, 112 Regent st, Rfn.
Cavanagh, John, 19 Brisbane st
Cavanagh, Margaret, Marsdou at,
Cavanagh, Patrick, 24 Chelsea st, Rfn.
Cavanagh, Theodore, 19 Kippax st
Cavanough, Misses, dressmakers,
Jamison st, Gran.
Cavanough, James G., Garden st, Alxa.
Cavanough, John, 670 Crown st
Cavo, G., carpenter, Adelaido st, Bur.
Cave, Tlios., off 170 Botany st, Wtloo.
Cavell, Arthur, Caledonia s*, Pdtn.
Oavoll, J., baker, Underwood st, Pdtn.
Caverlcy, Arthur, Crown st, St. P.
Cavors, Walter, Georgo st, McDtn.
Caves, T., painter, 62 Queen st, Whra.
Cnvey, E„ brickniakcr, Wnrdell rd, Mar.
Cavcy, James, Addison rd, Mar.
Cavoy, John, grocer, Illawarra rd, Mnr,
Cavoy, Mrs. Klzth., Illawarra rd, Mar.
Cavoy, Thomas, Crlnan st, Can.
Cavoy, Thomas, Duntroou Bt, Can.
Cavill, Francis, draper, 507 Bourko s t
Cavill, Francis,Brown st, Pdtn.
Cavill, Frederick, swimming baths,
Lavender bay, St. L., E,
Oavill, John, builder, Evans st, Bal.
Cavill, John G., 60 Georgo st, Wtloo.
Cavill, Thomas, tailor, Rylaton terrace,
115 Church st, Camp,
Cavill, W. II., grocer, Darling st, Bal.
Cavlllon, Joseph, 371 Denison st.Ntwn
Cawloy, John, farrier, 163 Mitchell st,
Cawley, John J., 3 Chisholm at
Cawloy, William, blacksmith, 05 Globe
Bt, Glebe
Cawto, Frederick, Smith st, Ash.
Cawto, James, 40 Ultimo st
Cawto, T., drawing-master, Bcnboyd
rd, St. L.
Cawthorne, J., farmer, Paul st, Rydo
Cawthorne, William, butcher, Hyde rd,
H. Hill
Cawthray (William E., Walter W.),
butchers, MO Woolloomooloo st
Cawwood, Charles, George Bt, Pmattn.
Cawwood, Charles, Phillip st, Pmatta.
Cawwood, Samuel, carpenter, Sorroll
Bt, Pmatta.
Cawood, Thomas, stonemason, Spicor
st, Whra.
Cny, —, Kogarah, Bot.
Cay, Shotto, 11 Herbert's terrace, Boyco
st, Glebo
Ciiyzer, E., gunsmith, Laura st, Ntwn.
Cayzor, Win., plasterer, 06 Marshall st
Cazeuavc, Joseph, baker and grocer, CO
Yurong st
Cazenave, Mrs., 89 Victoria st
Cazneau, WaiTen H., 0 Carollnost, Rfn.
Ccosor, Herbort, 7 Cook at
Cecil, Louise P. G„ Wcsthall, 126
Queen st, Whra.
Ceizer, Augustus, dealer, 53 Aldcrson
st, Rfn.
Cclcntini, Alfred, 4 Chapman st
Celtic elub-Walslie, John W., manager,
36 Elizabeth st
Cemeteries office, 100 Phillip st
Contcnnial Prospecting nnd Bnnl Gammon Amalgamated G. M. Co.—
Deakins, H. M., legal manager,
130 Pitt st
Central Police court and oOlcc, Gcorgo
Central Pollco station, York st
Central Railway office—Connollan, M.,
officer in charge, 304 Georgo st
Cerntl, Carlo, stonemason, Mark st,
II. Hill
Chadd, Thomas, cabpropriotor, 102
Woolloomooloo st
Chaddertim, Harry A., plumber, Ebley
st, Wav.
Chadley. Samuel, Dulwich st, Petm.
Cliadwick, —, 180 Mlssciiden rd, Camp.
Chadwlck, Benjamin, accountant,
Nelson st, Whra.
Chadwlck. II. J., photographer, 700
George st
Chadwlck, Henry, 17 Buckingham st
Chad wick, Mrs. J., 103 Walker st, Rfu.
Chadwlck, John, Canterbury rd, Can.
Cliadwick, Robert, timber merchant,
39-41 Llvorpool st
Chadwlck, Rgbcrt, wharfinger, Liverpool st
Chndwiok, Robert, merchant, Edgecliffo bouse, Ooonn st, Whra.
Chadwlck, T., farmer, Terry's rd, Ilydo
Chadwlck, Thomas, Twin id, Ilydo
Cuadwlck.iW., blacksmith, Gladcsvillo
rd, llvde
Chafl'o, Elizabeth, 37 Carolino st, Rfn.
Chaffer, Edwin, builder, Smith st, Ash.
Chaffer, P., carpenter, 9 Norton st
bluffer, F. J., printer, Douglas st, llfn.
Chaffer,George T.,carpenter, Flood st,
Chaffer, Walter, .photographer, Cary
fit, Lcdt.
Chaffer, W., currier, Westst, St. L.
Chaffer, William, builder, Wodouga,
Marian st, Ntwn.
Chaffey, Ilobert, 274 Kent st
Challier, Louise, French laundress, 75
Riley st
Chalm, Samuel, dentist, Enmore rd,
Chaldolll, Louis, plasterer nnd figuremoulder, St. George's pi, Castlercagh st
Chnldor, T., Cook's Rivor rd, St. P.
Chalk, Madam, 21 Pltzroy st
Chalk, Thomas, 10 Stenm Mill st
Chalk, James, 82 Young st, Rfn.
Challenger, Charles, vnnproprletor,
Erskincvillc rd, McDtn.
Challenger, Sarah A., fruiterer, Raglan
st, Alxa.
Challoucr, E. M., engineer, Melrose,
Yule st. Petm.
Challoner, W. H., chemist, Crystal st,
Challioner,T.,bootmaker, 21 Campbell
st, Glebo
Challinor, James, Dudley st, Rwk.
Challinor, John, 345 Bourke Bt
Challinor, P. nnd C , boot shop, 29
Glebo rd, Glebe
Chalmers Presbyterian church, Castlcrcagh st
Chalmers, Mrs., Richmond villa, Sarah
st, Bur.
Chalmers, Alexander W., carpenter, 40
Wilson Bt, Ntwn.
Chalmers, Andrew, clerk, 0 Uridgc
terrace, Frederick st, Ash.
Chalmers, D., engineer. Glassop st, Bal.
Chalmers, Georgo, Cairnforth, Railway
st, Petm.
Chalmers, James, Duxberry's hotel, 30
Sussex st
Chalmers, Mrs., Richmond villa, Sarah
st, Bur.
Chalmers, Thomas, 05 Waterloo st
Chalmers, William, harness-maker,
Liverpool rd, Ash.
Chalmcr, Millan, Walter st, Pdtn.
Challis, George, carpenter, Sydney st,
N. Why.
Challis, James, Mullens st, Bal.
Chaloncr, G., 5 Broughton st, Globe
Chamber of Commerce, Exchange.
Bridgo st
Chamberlain, Ann, Bcaconsfleld cottage", Alxa.
Chamberlain, C , William st, Whra.
Chamberlain, Edward, saddle nnd
harness maker, 07 Regent st, llfn.
Chamberlain, P., painter, 26 George st,
Chamberlain, F., John st.llkwd.
Chnmbcrlalu, Henry, blacksmith, 24
Ada st
Chamberlain, James, engineer, 00
Darghau st, Globe
Chamberlain, James, John st, McDtn.
Chamberlain, John, bricklayer, Francis
Bt, Lcdt.
Chamberlain, Walter, stoncmnson,
Park st, Rkwd.
Chamberlain, W. A., lteiby st, Ntwn.
Chamberlain, W.. William st, Whra.
Chambers nnd Green, imjiorters. 131
Pitt st
Chambers nnd Grocock, nsphnltors,
Palmer st
Chambers, —, 25 Clare terrace, Ruse st
Chambers, Catherine, grocer, 32 Cleveland st
Chambers, O., Little Arthur st, St.L.,E.
Chambers, C, architect, Union 6t, Yic,
Chambers, E., waterman, 100 Crown r l
Chambers. Frederick, 3 Wellosley terrace, Elizabeth st, Wtloo.
Chambers, Frederick, Ucaconsllcld .
estate, Victoria st, Alxa.
Chambers, George, Tramway st, Bot.
Chambers, H., solicitor, Point st, Pyrmont
Chambers, Hugh, builder, Unwin's
Bridgo rd, St. P.
Chambcre, Hugh J., solicitor, 09-100
Elizabeth st
Chambors, I., engineer, Kellettst. Bot.
Chambers, James, Elizabeth st, Pdtn.
Chambers, J. D., 12 Sohimol st, Wtloo.
Chambers, John E., Cameron st, Pdtn.
Chambers, Mrs., Gordon st, Bal.
Chambers, Mrs., Indies school, Union
Bt, Vic
Chambers, Mrs., 0 Botany st, Rfn.
Chambers, Mrs., 73 Harvey st
Chambers, Mrs, Emily st, Mar.
Chambers, Mrs., confectioner, 220
Castlcreagh st
Chambers, Robert B., contractor, Darling st, Bal.
Chambors, T., surgeon, 195 Liverpool st
Chnmbcrs, Thomas, Sycamore hotel,
Botany rd, Alxa.
Chambers, W. E., woodongravor, 02
Pitt 8t
Chambers, W. jr., frultoror, 16 Erskino st
Chambers, William, boordlnghouso,
M.rsden st, Pmattn.
Chambers, W., draper, 1-3 Louis st,
Chambers, W., fcllmongor, 350 Botany
r.1, Wtloo.
Chnui iora, William, weaver, D'Aroy
st, Pmatta.
Chambers, William, 5 Ivanhoo terrace, Albion st, Wav.
Chambers, William, 1 Burton In
Chambors, William, 20 Cork st
Chamler, Anthony F., surveyor, Victoria st, Ash.
Champion, A. A., grocor, Church st,
Ohampiou, Charles, Georgo st, MoDtu.
Champion, Eliza, 4 Kippax st
Champion, G., bootmaker, Sydney rd,
I'rspt. and Shor.
Champion, Jniuos, blaoksmlth, Holmdale st, Mar.
Champion, James, wheelwright, 18
East st
Champion, John, Fitzroy st, Mar.
Champion, Mrs., Pearl st, Ntwn.
Champion, Wm., saddler, O'Couuoll st
Chancellor, S., Westdcan, Womyss st,
Chandler, A., Wnmblnua, Burlington
rd, Hbsh.
Cliandler, Charles, Coopor lodgo, South
Head rd, W. Bay
Chandler, C, painter, Watson st, Pdtn.
Cnauillor, Oliarlei, Yulo st, I'otm.
Chandler, Harry, 31 Huut st
Chandler, Hny., plasterer, 11 Louis st,
Chandler, James, blacksmith, 20 Ellm
place, Newtown rd
Chandler, Jus., plumber, 32 Marian st,
Cliandler, John, -1 Waterloo pi
Chandler, Mrs., 14 Glebe rd, Globo
Chandler, Mrs., private boarding establishment. 30 Wynyard square
Chandler, P. F., tobacconist, 101 Kent
Chandler, Reuben, Glonviow st, Pdtn.
Chandler, Robert, 01 Cooper st, Wtloo.
Chandler, Robert, Elswlok st, Potm.
Chandler, Thomas, 152 Philip st
Chandler, Wm., printer, 130 Brougham
st, Globe
Chandler, Wm., Boundary st, Prspt.
and Slier.
Chandler, William, 202 Clovoland st
Cliandler, William A., 37 Boundary st,
Clmnclor, J., carpenter, 12 Bollevuo st
Chauey, J., plasterer, 0 Brougliton st,
Chaney, Joseph, plasterer, 147 Mitchell
st, Glebe
Chanlor, Benjamin, 5 Alfred torraco,
Wilson st, Rfu.
Chaunilor, William, vanpropriotor, 47
Pitt Bt, Wtloo.
Channon, James, merohant, Brougliton
st, Cond.
Channon, Junius, snilmakor, 10 Douglas st, Wtloo.
; Channon, James, baking-powder manI
ufaoturer, Penklvil st, Wav.
Chant, Grace, 16 Charles st
Chant, John E., 0 Bourke st
Chant, Joseph, fruiterer, 85 Forbes st
Chant, Hlcli., greengrocer, 40 Charles st
Cbanticr, Mrs., Linthorpo st, Ntwn.
Chantrill.W., acoountaut, Point Piper
rd, Whra.
Chautrlll, Wm. H., sawyer, 230 Palmer
Ohapo, Mrs., Postolllco, Queen's pi,
Chapel, James, 39 Hcnson st, Ultimo
Chaperon, Francis, sugar-re liner, Windsor st, Pdtn.
Chaperon, Mrs., Regent st, Pdtn.
Chaplin, Alex, and Co., maohinory
manufacturers, 1C Doml st
Chaplin, Charles, Botany rd, Wtloo.
Chaplin, Ernest, engineer, WoolwioU
rd, If. Hill
Chaplin, Richard, master-mariner, 140
Harris st
Chaplciw, David, Rickoty st, Bot.
Chapman Brothers, wholesale and
family grocers, 100 William st.
(Seo advt.)
Chapmnii and Bunn, fancy repository,
Lackey st, Ash.
C H A P M A N , E D W A R D & CO.,
merchants, undcrwi iters, and
wool brokers, agents for Merchants' Marino Insurance Co.,
Nocherlaiids-Itidia Iusuranco Co.,
London mid Provincial Insurance
Co., Craven and Dunnill's prize
modal tiles, &c, National Marino
Association of London, and Rolianco Marine Insurance Co., Bond
st. (Seo advt.)
Chapman and Co.(RIohard Manning),
boilcrmakcrs and engineers, Pacific
foundry, Druitt st
Chapman and Lamb (B. H. Chapman,
O. F. Lamb), cstato agents, 331
Georgo st
Chapman and Smith, auctioneers,
houso and cstato agents, 468
Georgo st
Chapman, Thos. and Sons, sawmakcrs,
282 Sussex st
Chapman,—, ironmonger, Parramatta
rd, Cond.
Chapman, —, 117 Mitoholl st, Globo
Chapman, —, 6 Hngcrty's buildings,
Chapman, —, 17 Womyss st
Chapman, A. W„ 3G2 Bourke st
Chapman, Abraham, 27 Phelps st
Chapman, Albert, accountant, 310
Cleveland st, Rfu.
Chapman, Benjamin II., houso agent,
Ormond st, Ash.
Chnpman, 0., 3 Burton In
Chapman, Charles, Mlddletou st, Mar.
Chapman, Daniel, sawmaker, Sydney
rd, Prspt. and Shor.
Chapman, E. M., bootmaker, 101
Georgo st W.
Chapman, Edgar, Clayton st, Bal.
Chapman, Edward, accountant, 6
Catherine st, Glebe
Chapman, Edward, Auburn
Chapman, E.,Gladesvillcrd, Rydo
Chapman, Edward C, bookbinder, 14
Baltio st, Ntwn.
Chapman, E. C , 103 Cleveland st, Rfn.
Chapman, Fanny, grocer, Bridgo house,
Pyrmont Bridgo rd, Glebe
Chapman, Frederick, sailnukor, Foucart st, Bal.
Chapman, Frederick, 40 Pitt st, Rfu.
Chapman, G. O. J., S00 Victoria st
Chapmau, Georgo, dealer, 103 Cumber-
Chapman, Thomas G., master-mariner,
Bowman's tor., Old South Head rd,
Chapman, T., Penshurst st, N. Wby.
Chapman, W. H„ electrical engineer,
MoDongall st, St. L., E.
Chapman, Wm„ builder, 4 Thomson st
Chapman, Win., fruiterer, Dowling st
Chapman, William, general dealer, 33
George st W.
Chapman, Win., printer, Hunter st,
Chapman, Wm., stonemason, Ross st,
Chapman, Wm., timber merchant, 406
Riley st W.
Chapman, William, 13 Clnronco In
Chapman, Wm., 55 Forbes st, Ntwn.
Chapman, Win., Iloldsworth tor., Pdtn.
Chapman, William G., audit, Trafalgar st, Lc It.
Chapman, William H., grocer, Iliawarra rd, Mar.
Ohappol, II. nnd Co., sowing machino
warehouse, 710 George st
Ohappol, Chns., Campbell st, St. P.
Chappol, H.,son., Hutchinson st, St. P.
Ohappol, H., jun, Hutchinson st, St. P.
Ohappolow, Doyluh. boiling down
establishment Ariicliffc st, Bot.
Ohappolow, Ellen, Wells st, Lcdt.
Chappolow, Richard, Mary st, St. P.
Ohappolow, William, Hur.
O H A B D , W . H . AND CO., wool
brokers, oft 24 Pitt st, and 5 Macquarlo pi
Chard,—,142 Dcnison Rt, Cnm.
Chard, John, 1 Baltio st, Ntwn.
Chard, John, Chapel st, Can.
Chard, Thomas, sen., mnrkct gardener,
Chapel st, Can.
Chard, Thomas, jtin., market gardener,
Chapel st, Can.
Chard, W. II.. Elsinorc, Macleay st
Chard. W., builder, 11 Newtown rd,
Olarot, Frederick F„ 7 Ross st, Glebo
Charity Organisation Society—Sydney,
J., secretary, 63 Klizaheth st
Charles, Mrs., 27 Ann st
Charles, James, 105 Crown rd
Charles, Joseph, 08 Anpel st, Ntwn.
Charles, Robert E., Corcomroo terraco,
Surry st
Charles, Sum., master-mariner, 6 Lanc a s t e r villas, Ocean st, Whra.
Charleston, Chos., Crescent <The), Ash.
Oharlosworth, Charles, 3 Victoria terrace, McKenzle st, Wav.
Charlcsworth, Fred, painter, Wolwyu
cottages, Station st, Petm.
Charlcsworth, Frederick J., painter nnd
paporhanger, 29 Bedford st, Ntwn.
Ohnrleswortb, James, Now South Hend
rd, Pdtn.
Oharlesworth, Jane, Day ft, Lcdt.
Ohnrleswortb, John, painter, Grafton
st, Whra.
Charlisli, Elijah, sen., fruitgrower,
Burn's Buy rd, N. Wby.
Chnrllsh, Elijah, jun., fruitgrower,
Burn's Bay rd, N. Wby.
Chnrlson, Jeremiah, 72 Crown st
Charlton, Edward, Church st, St. P.
Charlton, G., 155 Mitchell st, Globo
Charlton, Mrs. H., OB Derwent st, Globo
Charlton, Mr. J., 139 Phillip st
Charlton, James, 10 Derwent st, Glebe
Charlton, James, 72 West st
Charlton, John, BurQtt st, Lcdt,
Charlton, .Mathcw, 100 Sussex st
Charlton, Robert, Prospect rd.Ash.
Charlton, Robert, 48 Wattlo st
Charlton, T., 3 Dean's cottaces, Kirk In
Charlton, Thomas A., conveyancer, 21
Cleveland st, Rfn.
Charlton, William, engineer. Donning
st, Mar.
Charlwooil, Arthur, 10 Wellington st
Chnrlwood, II., painter, 4 Short st, Rfn.
Charlwood, Lydin, boarding estab., 25
Bullanaming st, Rfn.
Charlwood, S., tinsmith, 21 Georgo
st, Rfn.
Charman, C, bricklayer, 37 Bucknell
st, Ntwn.
Charman, Henry, builder, Henderson
rd, Alxa.
Charman, Mrs., Henderson rd, Alxa.
Charnloy, Mrs., 1 Albion Bt
Charters Towers Consols Gold Mining
Co., Sacks, I.. P., manager, 83 Pittst
Charters, M., 2 University st, Camp.
Charters, N., carpenter, 67 Cowper st,
Charters, P., draper, Regent st, Pdtn.
Charters, Peter, Sutherland st, Pdtn.
Chase, —, carpenter, Fairfowl st, Mar.
Chase. H, bricklayer. James st, Lcdt.
Chnsliug, Joshua, 2 Dcnison st, Ntwn.
Chatnegunr. Madame, dressmaker, loo
st. l'dtn.
Chate, Henry, tailor, 41 Bourko st
Chato, Mrs., 143 Duke st
Chater and Barlow (Thomas Dixon
Chatcr, John B. Barlow), architects, 00-101 Elizabeth st
Chater. G. W. II., commission agont,
348 Georgo st
Chater, Mrs. Ann, College st, Bal.
Chater, T. Dixon, architect, 207
Mncqunrio st S.
Ohatorton, E., Liverpool rd, Ilbsh.
Chatfleld, Charles, superlntendeut
Sailor's hnme, Circular quay
Chatfleld, Charles, Eylsford terrace,
Walker st, St. L.
Chatfleld, Mrs. Eleanor, private hoarding establishment, 7 Bligh st
Chntflold, Samuel, surveyor, Bcnshim,
178 Queen st, Whra.
Chntflold, S. P., 64 Womernh avenue
Chatfleld, Capt. Wm. (V. M.), Darlinghurst gnol, Smith Bt, Pmatta.
Chatwin, Herbert, coachbulldor,
EPiott st, Bal.
Chatwin, Herbert, Norton st, Lodt.
Chatwin, Samuel, engineer, 27
Boundary st, Wtloo.
Chauncey, Anna, Old South Head rd,
Chaunoy, Chas. S., Military rd, St. L.
Channcy, H. S., licensed surveyor, 191
Pitt «t
Chaunoy, Hugh R., draftsman, Graoo
terrace, Lower Tupper st, Mar.
Chauvel, Mrs., Roslyn hall, 2 Darlinghurst rd
Oheadlc, F. W., grocor, Soptimus Bt,
Chcadle, John, 13 Dalo st
Chcal, T., builder, Benboyd rd, St. L.
Cheatle, O. W., pointer, Chnrles st, Mar.
Chcokloy, W., carpenter, Rlvcrviow st,
Choo Faw, 04 Harrington st
lllllll st
Chapman, George, engineer, 12 Littlo
Cleveland st, Rfn.
Chapman, Georgo, 52 Vino st, Rfn.
Chapman, G„ 172 Woolloomooloo st
Chapman, George 11., bollcr-makcr.
Bay st, Bal.
Chapman, Hy. W., joiner, 11 Buoklaud
st, Wtloo.
Chapman, Hy. \V„ foreman tailor,
13 Junction st, Globo
Chapman, Henry, Forest houso, 08
Pyrmont Bridge rd, Glebo
Chapman, Henry, joiner, 2 Thomson st
Chapman, H., grocor, 100 William st
Chapman, J., fruiterer, 03 William st
Chapman, J., painter, 42 Rapor st,
Chapmau, J,, Jones s t
Chapman, Jacob, Church st, Pmattn.
Chapman, J„ currier, Albion st, Lcdt.
Chapman, James,. bootmaker, 332
Sussex st
Chapman, Jamca, shipwright, Euroka
In, Vic.
Chapman, J., painter, Green's rd, Pdtn.
Chapman, J., sen., Uuroka In, VIo.
Chapmau, James, 18 South st
Chapman, James, Bank st, VIo.
Chapman, James, Brood st, Mar.
Chapman, James, 1 Weymouth torraco,
Albert st, MoDtu.
Chapman, John, cooper, G Argylo st
Chapman, John, contractor, Glonviow
st, Pdtn.
Chapman, J., Emma tor.. Smith st.Mar.
Chapman, John, Thomas st, Vic.
Chapman, John, 10 William st, Rfn.
Chapman, Jonas, bootmaker, Crorawoll st, Ash.
Chapman, Lawrence L., grocor, 69
Botany rd, Wtloo.
Cbapmnu, Mlchaol, M.L.A., Cloyno
loditc, Hereford st, Glebo
Chapman, Michael, proprietor of
Waterloo chambers, 458 Georgo st
Chapman, Mrs., Burnley, Cavendish st,
Chapman, Mrs., 18 Littlo Riley st
Chapman, Mrs., Eulebury, Parucll Bt,
Chapman, Mrs., dressmaker, Church st,
Chapman, Mrs,, Martin's In, Mar.
Chnpman, Mrs,, fruiterer, 170 Gcorgost
Chapman, Nicholas, 117 Dukost
Chapman, Riclmrd, 70 Newtown rd
Chapmau, It., joiner, Henderson rd,
Chapman, S., bookbinder, Gipps st,
Chapman, S., oyster saloon, 47 Regent
st, Rfn.
Chapman, T., plasterer, Fairfowl st,
Chapman, Thomas J., oil and colour
warehouse, In off 484 Georgo st
Chapman, Thomas, 8 Howard st
Chapman, Thomas, 24 Nicholson st
Chce Iloon, cabinet-maker, 1 and 8
Globo st
Checney, Georgo, drapor, 131 and 133
Oxford st
Choenoy. Irvine, 213 Riley st W.
Cheer, W., bricklayer, Emma st, I.cdt.
Cheers, Mrs. J., prlvato boarding establishment, 3 Richmond ter., Domain
Chccsoborouih, Mrs.. 4 Womerah av
Cheese, R., butcher, Botany rd, Bot.
Chccsoman. Catherine, dressmaker, 52
Campbell st, Ntwn.
Chccseman, Henry, butcher, 8 Temora
terrace, Pyrmont Bridgo rd
Chccsoman, W.. 102 Pyrmont Bridie rd
Chccseman, William, Edith st. St. P.
Chccsoman, Arthur, 00 Kippax st
Cheoth'iin. A., builder, Geo. st, MoDtn.
Chcotliam. Charles, Liverpool st
Cheetliniii,Cbarlosri.,cutler, George st,
Choetham, Georgo, poultry farm,
Goode's nl. Hot.
Chectlmm S., Commercial rd. Lcdt.
Chcgwidden, U.,474 Uonrko st
Chelsea, John, tailor, Terry st, Bal.
Chen Atenk, market gardener, MoCIollnnd st, N. Wby.
Chone Teak.Chineso merchant, Alfred
st. St. L., E.
Choncn, Irvine, Alico st, Ntwn.
Chenero, John, hairdresser, John st,
Cherry, Thomas, Fitzroy tor., Fltzroy st
Cherry, George, woivcr, Allen's cottages, Andreas st, Petm.
Cherry, .lames, bootmaker, Windsorst,
Cherry, John, Fltzroy st, St. L„ E.
Cherry, M., storekeeper. Claro st, Bal.
Cherry, P., Vincent In, Bal.
Cherry, William, Columbia torraco,
Fitzroy st, St. L., E.
Cheshire, William, 0 Swan st
Chessell.Toni, painter, 6 Charlotto terrace, Central rd, Ash.
Chessman, Georgo, V i c t o i i a s t , Beaconsfleld estate, Alxa.
Chester, Ann, grocor, 111) Morchead st
Chester club, 122 King Bt
Chester, Mrs., 10 Kent st
Chester, Thonia<,8lovcdore,4Prinocsst
Chester, William, ladles school, Went*
worth st, Pmatta.
Chester, W., West Crescent st, Vio.
Chesterman, Alfred, surveyor, Marrlokville rd, Mar.
Cbcswick, —, sallmaker, Weston st
Ohetwynd, Edward G., Kingilon hotel,
20 Regent st, Ntwn.
Ohevall, William, Chaplin Bt
Chevoll, Mrs., 100 Australia st, Ntwn.
Ohovell, W. J., 102 Donison st, Ntwn.
Chovlll, Thomas, bricklayor, 126 Dcnison st, Camp.
Chibberton, Henry, Taton's buildings
Kent Bt
Chick, Charles, 5 Ivy st, Rfn.
Chicken, William, 32 Bay st
timber merchants, Gainsboro
steam sawmills (near Iron Covo
bridgo), nnd at Blrchgrovc rd, BaL
Chidgoy, Charles, boatbulldor, Bcattio
Bt, Bal.
Chidgoy, George, carpenter, Bcattlo
st, Bnl.
Chidgoy, Jfrs., Campbell st, Sal.
Chidgoy, Osborne, Evans st, Bal.
Chidgoy, Jolin, carpenter, Selwyn st,
Gliidgoy, AV. T., builder, Selwyn st,
Chief Inspector of Stook, 174-170
Phillip st
Chignnll, Eliza, 10 Unwin st
Chipnall, John, 4 East st, Itfn.
Chlgncll, Jaincs, 13 Dsy st
Cblgnell, Jlre., Alfrod st, St L., E.
Ohllcott, Henry F., nccountant, Qrovo
st, Bnl,
Child, G., enrpenter, John st, Rkwd.
Child, II., plasterer Union st, McDtn.
Child, John, bootflnishcr, Sorato tor.,
Gnrner's av, Mar.
Child, Mrs. if., midwife, Union st,
Child, Samuel, gioccr, 01 GIpps st
Child, Sydney A., 80 Darling st, Glolio
Cbilil, Thomns, bookbinder, 3 Baltic
st, Ntwn.
Child, Thomas, cabinet-maker, 04
Darling st, Glebo
Child, T„ engineer, Bradford st, Bal.
Child, Thomns, plasterer, 71 Gowrlo
st, Ntwn.
Children, Hospital for Slok—Holden,
Miss 1\, superintendent, Glebo rd
Cbildcrs, John, bootmaker, Botany
Child*!, Henry aud Co., builders, Evans
st, Bnl.
Child*, Alfred, builder. Wellington
cottage, Liverpool rd, Ash.
Child,;; Clinrles, 0 Ci rnwallis st, Rfn.
Ohilds, Chillies, 3 Dnlo st
Ohilds, G., carpenter, off 412 Pitt st
Chllds, G. W., 70 Bullanaming st, Itfn.
Ohilds, J., enrpenter, 402 Elizabeth st
Ghilils, Robert, 14 Athlono pi
Childs, Thomas, 32 Gloucester st
Obi Lee, saloon-kee))or, 172 Georgo st
Chilian Consul—Gray, Alexander, 88
Margaret st
Chillns, Andrew, 16 Bnrkcr's In
Ohillcott, Mrs. Ellen, ladies school,
Kwington st, Bal.
Ohilliugwortli, J., 164 Macquarlo st S.
Chilton, John, Pearl st, Ntwn.
Chilton, W, sawyer, 10 Dixon Bt
Ohllvers, Geo., 252 Hereford st, Glebo
Chin, Benjamin. Cary st, Lcdt.
Chinmncn's gardens, Brown st, Pdtn.
Chinamen's gnrdons, Glonmore rd,
Ohiun, Japan anil Eastern Ports Lino
of Steamers. 01 Pitt st
China Steam Navigation Co.—
Loriuier, Home and Co., agents, 34
O'Connell st. and Bcttington st
CHINA TRADERS' INSURA N C E CO., L I M I T E D llussell, II. E., TattersaU's chnmbers. Hunter st. (See advt.)
Obing Won, market gardener, James
st, Bot.
Chinnor, H., carpenter, 20 Chclsoa st,
• Rfn.
Cbipmnn, Holmes, 00 Maclcay st
Ohlpman, Holmes S., manufacturers'
agent, 64 Margaret st
Chippendale Publlo school—Allen, J.,
headmaster, Regent st
Chippendale Temperance hall, Abercrombio st
Chipperfleld, W., boot shop, Liverpool
rd, Ash.
Chisholm, A., bricklayer, 76 Goodlotst
Cbisholm, Arthur, Budleigh, Peel st,
St. L., E.
Chisholm, David H., Singlohurst, 7
Arundel terrneo, G loho
Chisholm, E., merchant, Union st, Tic.
Chisholm, E., surgeon, Abergoldlo, Old
Canterbury rd, Potm.
Chisholm, Henry, Chapel st, Mar.
Chisholm, James, 4 Agnr st
Cbisholm, J., bootmaker, Pennant st,
Chisholm, S., Winthorp, Nelson st,
Chisholm, W., commercial brokor, 06
Pitt st
Chlsholmc, John, 2 Lewington terrace, Xewst, St. L., E.
Chislett, Georgo E., bootmaker, 353
Kingst, Ntwn.
Chismall, Edward, ironmoulder, May
st, Ntwn.
Ohiswick, David, 21 Queen st
Ohlttem, Miss, drcssmnker, Ennmoro
rd, Ntwn.
Chlttcnd, Wim, 7 Cooper st, Wtloo.
Chivors, Alfred, draper, 294 King st,
Chivors, Charles, Palaco st, Potm.
Chlzlett, Mrs. L., tenchcr of musio,
Milton st. Ash.
Chont, James, Maria st, Ntwn.
Ohong, E., furniture dealer, Regent
st, Rfn.
Chorlcy, Wm„ tailor, llnllwny »t, Rdm.
Chounding, John J., monsgor Munly
Bench steamer's whnrf, Circular
Quay; p. r., 12 Arcylo pi
Chovillc, Samuel, 32 Denham st
Chowder Bay stoma yacht and tug
oillco—Thompson, David, proprietor, Arbitration st
Chowne.Mary, 130 I'yrmont Bdgo. rd,
Chowne, Mrs., Datchett st, Bal.
Ohowno, Mrs.. Smith st, Bal.
Chowne. William E., contractor, Trafalgar st, Lcdt.
Chrcstenson, H., 40 Day st
Chriohton, William, wheelwright, 60
Lower Campbell st
Christ, Honry, Petersham rd, Mar.
Christ church (O.E.)—Gnrnsoy, Rev.
Chas. P., incumbent, Georgo st
Christ Churc'i (O.E.) — Lumsdaine,
Rev. W., minister, Gladesvillo rd,
Christ Church—Johnstone, Rev. J. W.,
M.A., Sloan st, Ntwn.
Christ Church school (C.E.)—Union
st, Vic.
Clirist Church (C.E.)—Yarnold, Rev.
A„ Incumbent, Walker st, Vic.
Christ Church school (C.E.)—Shallon,
J. B., headmaster, 467 Pitt St.
Ohristcnscn, Frederick, fishmonger, 161
George st
Christcnscn, H., engineer, 13 Steammill st
Ohristcnscn, Martin, Harris st, Pmatta.
Chrlstcnsen, Nicholas, Paul st, Bal.
Ghrlstcson, Peter, engineer, 202
Elizabeth st
Chris toy, J., builder, 64 Mnrlboroughst
Christford, Samuol, West st, St. L,
Christian chapel—Strange, John,
evangelist, Elizabeth st
Christian meetinghouse—188 King at
N., Ntwn.
Christian, Emma, 07 Point st. Pyrmont
Christian, Henry, 11 Derwent st, Globo
Christian, Hugo, Alfred st, St. L., E.
Christian, L., grocer, 21 Waterloo pi
Christian, Robert, Renwlck st, Lcdt.
Christian, Thomns, 17 Queen st
Christian, William, William st, Via
Christiansen, 0., master-mariner,
Church st, Bal.
Christiansen, Frank, Llnsley st, Rydo
Christie nnd Mclllrec, surveyors,
167 Phillip st
Christie, Alexander, 5 Cross st
Christie, Charles, Alexandra st, H. Hill
Christie, Charles, hairdrosscr, 241
Oxford st
Christie, Charles, surveyor, Point Piper
rd, Whra.
Ohudleigh, Edward, Foy st, Bal.
Ohudleigh, Edward, Terrace rd, Mar.
Chudloigh, II., master-inarluor, Mill
st, Pyrmont
Chudloigh, John, Dalhouslo st, Ash.
Chudloigh, J. H., plasterer, Middlo st,
Chugg, Goorgc, furniture doaler, 10
Lambert st, Camp.
Church and School Lauds offlco, Department of Publlo Instruotlon,
Young st
Church, Charles, Church st, Pmatta.
Church, Honry, 2 Cooper st, Wtloo.
Churoh, Harry, Underwood st, Pdtn.
Church, James, Redmond st, Lcdt.
Church, J., bootmaker, Junction rd,
Church, John, 35 Groso st, Globo
Church, —, confectioner, 131 Botany
rd, Wtloo.
Church, W., Ellcrslio, 100 Glebo rd,
Church, W. T., Claremont, 20 Horcford
st, Glebe
Churoh of England book nnd tract dopot, Lusby, J., manager, 172 Pittst
grocer, B71 Georgo st
Christie, Edward, wheelwright, 17
Greek st, Glebe
Christie, Henry, 48 Dny st
Christie, Jacob, baker, Chuter st, Vlo.
Christie, John, hairdresser, 87 Glebo
rd, Glebo
Christie, John, vanproprietor, Wolsoy
st, Rwk.
Christie, J. S„ Halloween, Nowland st,
Christie, Mrs., Covo st, Bal.
Christie, Mrs., Erskineville rd, McDtn.
Christie, Mrs., dressmaker, Georgo st,
Christie, Robert, Sherwood rd, Prspt.
and Slier.
Christie, Sarah, 410 Castlereagh st
Christie, T., plumber, Clayton st, Bal.
Christie, W., stationer, 170 William st
Christie, Lieutenant Col. W. B. B.
(Brigndo Major), Dencllio, Pnrramntta park, Pmat'a.
Christie, William II., surveyor, 53
Ferry rd, G lebo
Chrlstison, Henry, onglncor, 60 Elizabeth st, Wtloo.
Chrlstison, Robert, 505 Elizabeth st
Christiniinn, II. B., Ebley st, Wnv.
Christmas, John, stonemason, Bishop
st, Mar.
Christmas. J, draper, Eraser st, Mar.
Christmas, John F., grocer, Pnrramntta rd, Lcdt.
Christmas, Robert, 1 Palmyra terrace,
Bourko st, Wav.
Christofani and Ghiloni's waxworks,
602 George st
102 Cnstlorcagh st, and 50 Ruo do
Bondy, Paris
Christon, if., 68 George st, Rfn.
Christopherson, C, 28c Gloucester st
Ohrlstophersou, C, gardener, Good st,
Prept. and Slier.
Christoseu, Christian, Botany rd, Alxa.
Christy, —, Cook st, Bal.
Christy, —, butcher, 402 J01103 st
Christy, Edward, "3 Denlson st, Ntwn.
Christy, W., mgincer, 43 St. Mary st,
Obritcher, A., Pennant st, Pinottn.
Ohudleigh, O. H., plasterer, Middlo st,
City hall—Barker, A , lessee, 183
Castlereagh st
C I T Y ICE C O . - 3 Wynyard s t ;
works, Dibhs' wharf. (Seo advt.)
C I T Y OF L O N D O N F I R E I N S U R A N O E O O .-Rnymond,
Herbert, agent, Exchange buildings, Pitt st
CITY MUTUAL FIRE INSURA N C E CO.—Kerr, Robert, manager, 468 Georgo st
P., managing director, 40 Castlereagh st
City Night refuge and Soup kitohen—
Guy, Robert, J.P., see., 351 Kont st
City refroshmentrooms, Nicholson,
Donald, 77 Market st
Ico Co., Limited—Montefoiro, H.
B„ secretary, 05 Pitt st
City of Sydnoy Improvement Board—
Rooko, F. 0., sec, 35 Castlereagh st
City Tailoring Co.—Bell, D. C, manager, 151n William st
SOCIETY—Williams, W. S., seo.,
OllUltCU OK ENtlbAND ilKCOKD lleWS184 Pittst. (Sooadvt.)
pajier olllce—Littlc,.Arthur R., 172
A T I V E SOCIETY, L I M I Church anil Sohool Lands office—
TED—James, S., manager, 184
Brownrigg, C. B., olllcor in charge,
Pitt st
127 Miiciiuarlo st
Henry II., draper, 024 Georgo
Church Society's house, 171 Phillip st
Churchill, —, Bailey st, Ntwn.
st, and 400 Cleveland st
Ohuroliill, Benjamin, 28 Ilurriihporo st Clack, James, Ho Drop inn, Sussex st
Churchill, 11. E., dealer, 625 Harris st
Clackon, Mathow, Bourko at, Rfn.
Churchill, James, butcher, 118 Queen Clafton, —, Markot st, N. Why.
Clagct, George, Albort st, MoDtn.
st, Whra.
Olaguo, Mrs. M. E., fancy goods depot,
Churchill, John, 08 Buckingham st
201 George st
CO., pepper and Bpieo manufac- Clair, —, Homobush st, Ilbsh.
turers, 147 York st. (See advt. fac- Clair, Alfred, 82 Bishopsgato st, Camp.
Clamp, J., hairdresser, 781 Georgo st
ing front cover)
Churohwooil, Charles, plasterer, Union Clampctt, J., plumber, 39 Goulburn st
Clnmpott, James, plumber, 24-20
st, MoDtn.
Oxford st, Pdtn.
Churchwood, Charles, Norwood, 20
Clampett, James, plumber, Selwyn st,
Union st, Ntwn.
Chute, Henry, surveyor, Iona, Ocean st,
Clancy, T. G., Fredcriok st, St. P.
Ann, Allen st, Lcdt.
Chuter, Mrs., laundress, Susannah st,
Clancy, Dennis, grocer, Walker st, Rfn.
Chy Wong Brothors, storekeepers, 63 Clancy, Dennis, 440 Wattlo st
Clanoy, Hugh, Hargravo In, Pdtn.
Campbell st
Clancy, John, draper, 104 Princes st
Clllighan, James, Beuboyd rd, St. L.
Clnoia, Peter, plasterer, Blella cottago, Clanoy, John, 20 Myrtlo st
Clnncy, Maurice, 12 Hart's buildings,
High st, Rdm.
Gloucester at
Circular Quay ofllce,No. 4 Jetty—Jnokson, Captain John, manager, Cir- Clancy, Miss, greengrocer, 71 Dowllng
cular quay
CITY B A N K - N c i l l , W., manager, Clnncy, Mrs., 81 Elizabeth st
100 1'ittst i Eastern branch 117 Ox- Clancy, Patrick, 74 Bourko st
ford s t ; Western branch, 138 Sus- Clnncy, Rev. F., 436 Bourko st
Clank, Cnrleton and Elliott, coachsex st. (See ndvt.)
City Boot Co.—Shirlow, W., proprietor,
bulldors, 81 Botany st, Rfn.
Clank, T., draper, 51 George st, Rfn.
622 George st
Clanscy, Mrs. E., Cook's River rd, St. P.
City Bowling club, College st
City Carrying Co., Limited—Wood, H. Clapham, Albort, 22 Hunt st
R., secretary ; Woods, John, mana- Claplmm, Henry, bricklayer, North
ging director, 253 George st, and
st, Lcdt.
Mary Ann st
Clapham, John, Victoria nv, N. Why.
City Coroner's office—Shiell, H., J.P., Chphnui, Miss, teacher of pianoforte
coroner, Macquarle st
Llchflold, Holt st, Petm.
City cooprrage—Small, T., George st W Clapham, Mrs., Lichfield, Holt st,
City Fire Brigado station, Druitt st
City Freehold Investment and Banking Co.—Gorman, H., manager,
Clapin, Alfred P., Mcck's rd, Mnr.
131 Pitt st
Clapp, Robert, Toogood st, MoDtn.
Clapp, Zophaniah, 3 Labby terrace,
Toogood st, McDtn.
Clapworthy, George, grocer, 53 Abororombie st, Rfn.
Clare, Alfred, draper, 30 Lyndhurst
st, Glebo
Clare, Mrs., 13 East st
Clare, Richard, oopporsmith, 85
Brougham st, Glebe
Clare, W., bootmaker, Mort st, Bal.
Clare, W., drapor, Arden st, Rwk.
Olaro, W„ outfitter, 014 Georgo st
Clare, William, Davidson st, Bal.
RIVER STEAM NAVIGATION CO., wharf and offices—
White, John, secretary, Sussex Bt
Claronco River and North Coast
Fnrraors' Co-operativo Association,
Limited—MacFarlane, John,
manager, 35 Sussex st
Clarence, Robert, 313 Riley st
Olarey, John, 60 Wattle st
Clnrldgo, Edward, Garden st, Alxn.
Clark, Adam and Co., outfitters, 126
Georgo st
Clark Bros. (John J., Georgo C),
architects and C.E.'s, 283 Georgo Bt
Clark Brothers (Arthur, Bon., Walter,
jun.), grocers, Holborow st, Asb.
Clark, Latimer, Muirhciid nnd Co.,
telegraph engineers, 00 Pitt st
Clark, —, compositor, . I nrwood st
Clark, —, grocer, Weston st, Bal.
Clark, Agues, Linton, Clapham riso,
St. L., E.
Clark, Alxc., painter, Palmor st, Bal.
Clark, Androw, 22 Arthur st
Clark, Augustus, South Head rd,
W. Bay.
Clarke, Benjamin, Vinost, Ash.
Clarke, C, dealer, 124 Liverpool st
Clark, C, grocer,|133 Woolloomooloo st
Clark, Charles E., 00 Young st, Rfn.
Clark, Charles S., Ulmistone l'urk
hotel, Burlltt Bt, Lcdt.
Clark, Diuiiol, Joseph st, Rkwd.
Clark E., pattern-maker, Bruce st, Bnl
Clark, E„ sawyer.Point Plpor rd, Whra.
Clark, Edward, 147 Goulburn st
Clark, E., Upper Bankstown, Rkwd.
Clark, Edwin, shipwright, Birobgrovo
rd, Bal.
Clark, Elizabeth, Monour st, Whra.
Clark, E., engineer, Batty st, Bal.
Clnrk, E. M., auctioneer, Moorelands,
High st, St. L., E.
Clark, Francis, 144 Evelclgh st, Rfn.
Clark, Frank, 41 Hauovcr st, Wtloo.
Clark,1 P., plumber, Ocean st, Whra.
Clark, F..tobacconlst, Elswlok st, Lcdt,
Clark, Georgo, 7 Taylor st
Clark, Goorgc, 70 William st
Clark, George K., laud and estato agent
78 Pitt st J p. r., Moroila, Croydon
nv, Ash.
Clark, George W., undertaker, Botany
rd, Alxn.
Clark, H., butcher, 00-08 Walker st, Rfn
Clark, Henry, jeweller, Old South
Head rd, Whra.
Clark Henry, 0 Ivanhoc terrace, ^Albion st, Wnv.
Clark, Hny., M.L.A., Avoca st, Rwk.
Clark, Heury, 4-8 Dale Bt
Clark, J., 17 Charles st, Glebo'
Clark, J. \V., commercial traveller,; 40
Wattle st
Clark. James, boilor-makor, 122
Bronghnm st, Globe
Clark, J., grocer, Frodcrlok st, St. P.
Clark, Jnmes, draper, 208-270Gcorgo st
Clnrk, J., enrponter, Lord st, Vic.
Clnrk, James, storekeeper, Marrlokvlllo
rd, Mar.
Clnrk, Jnmcs, Auburn
Clnrk, James, 80 Botany st, Wtloo.
Clnrk, Jnmcs, Surry torrnuc, 134 MisBcnden rd, Cnmp.
Clnrk, James, 58 Rosohlll st, Rfn.
Clnrk, Jnmcs, dyor, 43 Smith st
Clnrk, Jnmcs, sawyor, Stewart st, Bnl.
Clnrk, Jmucs, Whistler st, Man.
Clnrk, Jnmes II., Maennley st, Lcdt.
Clnrk, Jnne, RngJnn st, Dnr.
Clnrk, J., enrponter, 53 Arthur st
Clnrk, J., butaher, 48 Brougham st,
Clnrk, J., butcher, 00 Glebe st, Globo
Clnrk, John, woodonrvor, 347 Pitt st
Clnrk, John, stoncm ison, Point Piper
rd, Pdtn.
Clnrk, John, Albert st.Mar.
Clnrk, John, Rothsny, Alt st, Ash.
Clnrk, John, 2 Reservoir In
Clnrk, John, millwright, Itoohford st,
Clnrk, John G., jowollcr, 80 Elizabeth
st, Wtloo.
Clnrk, J. W., com. trnvellor, Illnwarrn
rd, Mar.
Clnrk, John S., storekeeper, Prospect
Bt, Pdtn.
Clnrk, J., enrponter, John st, Whrn.
Clnrk, Joseph, snwyer, Old South Head
rd, Whrn.
Clnrk, Leonard, 18 Brumby st
Clnrk, M., coachproprlctor, Brougham
Clnrk, M., draper, 237 King Bt, Ntwn.
Clark, Mnrgnrot, 1 Frnnols st
Clnrk, Mnrgnrot, off 14 Wellington Bt,
Clnrk, M„ grocer, 152 Willinm st
Clnrk, Ifiss, artist, 18 Wynynrd squnro
Clnrk, Miss, 6 Church st, Ntwn.
Clnrk, Mrs., 121 Dowling st
Clnrk, Mrs., grocer, Foy st, Bnl.
Oln'k, Mrs., Great North rd, H. Hill
Clnrk, Atrs., 122 Princes st
Clnrk, Mrs., 3 Short st
Clark, Montague J„ produco dealer,
Pnrrnmattn rd, Lcdt.
Clnrk, 0„ vnnproprlotor, 220 Crown st
Clnrk, Patrick J„ Kingst, Ash.
Clnrk, Paul, 80 Wellington st, Wtloo.
Clark, Peter, H.M.O., La Perousc, Bot.
Clark, It. M., customhouse agent,
Jnmcs st, Lcdt.
Clnrk, Reuben 13., Ohnrlotto st, Ash.
Clnrk, R. accountant, 304 Riley st
Clnrk, Robert, While Hart hotel, 130
George st
Clnrk, R., shipwright, 108" Princes st
Clnrk, Robert, 23 Wnshtngtou Bt
Clnrk, S.C., Rote, Thistle and Sliamrock
hotel, Evans st, Bnl.
Clnrk. Thoinns, commission agent,
Aborcrombio st. Rfn.
Clnrk, Thomus, builder, 65 Arthur st
Clnrk, T., Ercongrocor, 33 Carlton Bt
Clark, Thomas, bootmaker, Cook's
River rd, St. P.
Clnrk, Thomas, Lord Nelson hotel,
Evans st, Bnl.
Olnrk, T., grocer, Garner's ay, Mar.
Clnrk, T., fruiterer, 05 Geo. st, Camp.
Clark, Thomns, butoher, 00 Glpps st
Clark, Thomns, Cnmpboll st, St. P.
Clark, Thomas, Phillip st, Pmatta,
Clark, William, Ada Bt, Bur.
Clnrk, William, Chlltorn rd, N. Wby.
Clark,'Willinm, jeweller, Hillview,
Edgocllffo rd, Whrn.
Clark, William, 140 Evololgh st, Rfn.
Clark, W.. Edlnn, Herbert st, Mnr.
Clark, Willinm, engineer, 120 John Bt
Clnrk, Willinm, jeweller, 04 King Bt
Clark, William, 6 Bnyvlcw cottages,
King st N., Ntwn.
Clnrk, Willinm A., Sans soucl, 08
Derwent st, Glolra
Clark, Willinm II., 16C Dourko st
Clnrk, Willinm J., enrponter, 108
Bromdiam st
Clark, William J., butoher, 00 Morohend st, Hfn.
Clnrk, W. S., customhouse agent,
Jnmos st, Lcdt.
Clark, W. W. B„ bootflnlshcr, Gorrard
Bt, Alxn.
C L A R K E A N D OO. (A.E. Clarko,
R. E. Wnllen, C. W. Long), stoclt
and share brokers, 77 Pitt st
Clnrke, E. nnd Co., grocers, 1113 Oxford
Clnrke, W. S. nnd Son, oustomhouso
agents, 7 Loftus st
Clnrke, —, May st
Clnrke, Abraham, 18 Marlon Bt
Clnrke, Alfred il„ 14 Chnlderst, Ntwn.
Clarke, Alfred, baker, Pnlsor st, nnd
Woolwich rd, H. Hill
Clarke, Alfred, printer, 42 Womyss st
Clarko, Andrew, 02 Devonshire st
Clarke, Auuio, draper, 00 Queen Bt,
Clarke, A., carpenter, 43 Llttlo Cleveland st, Rfn.
Clarke, Bernard, Duke st
Clarke. C. 1'., booksoller, McLaron st,
St. L.
Clarko, C.coopor, Walker st, St. L.,E.
Clarko, Charles, Loftus cottngo, Loftus st, Ash.
Clnrke, Chnrlcs, surgeon, Montaubnn
torrace, Mount st, Vic.
Clarke, Charles W., Shlpicrlghtt' Arms
hotel, 100 George st
Cinrko, Dnnlel, storekeeper, 3 Lowington torroco, Now st, St. L. E.
Clnrke, E. L., dairyman, Murrivorio
rd, Wnv.
Clarko, E., carpenter, 21 Lodgo st,
Olarkc, E., grocer, Oberon st, Rwk.
Cinrko, Edward, 23 Brown st, Cnmp.
Clarko, E. L. stationer, 240 Crown st
Clarke, Emma R., 78 Newtown rd
Clarko, Ernest A., painter, 8 Hunt st
Clnrke, G. 81 Princes Bt
Clarko, G. £., fancy store, Darling
st, Bal,
Clarke, George, frcnchpollsher, 52
Bathurst st
Clarke, G., butcher, 41 Chambers st
Clarko, George, carpenter, Fnddington In, Pdtn.
Clarko, G., fishmonger, 378 Pitt st
Olarkc, George, 84 Australia st
Clark, George, 7 Blair athol, Littlo
Brighton st, Potm,
Clarke, Georgo, 3 'Foster st
Olarkc, Georgo C, civil engineer,
Glonmoro rd, Pdtn.
Clarko, G. II., 205 Cumberland Bt
Clarko, George O'M., S.M., Sherborne,
Nelson st, Whrn.
Clarke, H., grocer aud draper, Stanmore rd, l'ctm.
Clarko, Harold, High st, St. L. E.
Clarke, Hnrry, 77 Cecil pi
Clnrk, Hnrry, Queen st, F. Dk.
Clarke, II. A., Bedford houso, Underwood st, Pdtn.
Clarke, II., butcher, 300 Harris st
Clarke, Henry, greengrocer, 110 Regent st, Rfn.
Clarke, Henry, saddler, 74 Lower
Campbell st
Clarko, Henry,produco merchant, Viotorin wharf, Shelley st
Clnrke, Henry, storekeeper, Stnnmoro
rd, Potm.
Clarke, J. J., Alfred st, St. L„ E.
Cinrko. J. K., squnttor, Bcnlah, Campboll st, St. L., E.
O L A R K E , J. "W. R., bookseller
and stationer, 5 and 0 Market
buildings, Georgo st. (See advt.)
Clarke, Jacob It., stationer, 124 Dowling st, and 73 Pitt st
Clarko, Jnmcs, hairdresser, 20 Brougham st, Glebe
Clnrke, James, blnoksmith, 81 Cowpor
st, Globo
Clarko, James, stonemason, Fnlooncr
In, St. L , E.
Clarke, Jas., 2 Botany st, Wtloo.
Clarko, Jnmes, Brushgrovo, Stnnmoro
rd, Potm,
ClnrKo, James, 155 Gloucester st
Cinrko, Jas., painter, Hurwood In
Clnrke, James, hairdresser, 70 King st
Clnrke, Jumes, Ironmonger, Parrnmatn rd, Potm.
Clnrke, J., stonemason, 003 Bourke st
Clnrke, Jnmes, 5 Woods In
Clnrke, John, market gardener, Great
Northern rd, F. Dk.
Clarke, John, carver, 107 Cleveland
st, Rfn.
Clarke, John, Lnvender st, Vio.
Clnrke, John, Ernus st, Bal,
Clarko, John, 8 Chapol In
Clnrke, John G., jeweller, 35
Eliznbeth st, Wtloo.
Clarke, J., tanner, 8 Chelsea st, Rfn.
Cinrko. Josoph, carpenter, 8 King's In
Clnrke, Jos., Ediclar, Station st, Petm.
Clarko, Joseph J., stonemason, Paddington st, l'.itn.
Clnrke, M. W. S., resident secrotary
nnd actuary, Lond. nnd Liv. Ins.
Co., Brnnthwaitc, Bny rd, St. L.
Clarke, Mathow, Sarah st, Pdtn.
Clarke, Miss, Indies school, Normanhurst, Blnnd st, Ash.
Clnrke, Miss, teacher of music, 21 Old
Parrnmattnrd, Glcbo
Clarko, Miss, draper, 70 St. John's rd
Clarko, Mrs., Rosedale, Boulevard
(The), Petm.
Clarke, Mrs., music-tenohor, 410
Bourke st
Clnrke, Mrs., 140 Cnmpbcll st
Clnrke, Mrs., bonrdlnghousc, Fitzroy
st, St. L„ E.
Cinrko, Sirs., Anconn, Thomns st, Mnr.
Clnrke, Mrs., Woolwich rd, H. Hill
Clnrke, Mrs., Vickery st, Wnv.
Clarke, P., market gardonor, Grent
Northern rd, F. Dk.
Clnrke, R., enrpeutor, 10 Angel st,
Cinrko, Robort, 267 Bourko st
Clarko, R., Reualto, Cambridgo Bt,
Clarko, R., carpenter, Terry st, St. P.
Clarke, Rlohnrd, 66 Kent st
Clarke, Sarah, 3 Short st
Cinrko, S., ironmonger, Stnnmoro rd,
Cinrko, T., bnildor, Arthurst, St. L., E.
Clnrke, Thomns, 11 Little Gloucester st
Clnrke, Thomns, 31 Windmill st
Clnrke, Thomas, 13 Almn st, Dnr.
Cinrko, T. L., Wortloy, 22 Toxteth rd,
Clarke, Willinm, 08 Athlono pi
Cinrko, Willinm, 86 Botany rd, Wtloo.
Cinrko, Willinm, Clnra st, Ntwn.
Cinrko, W,, Mlzpnh, Ohnrles st, Petm.
Cinrko, W., accountant, Croydon rd,
Clarko, Willinm, 34 Dale st
Clnrke, Win., wntchmnkor, Dnrllng st,
Clnrke, Rev. William. Emily st, Mnr.
Cinrko, Willinm, 4 Oceanvlew tor.,
Leichhardt st, Wav.
Cinrko, W„ Middle Harbour rd, Man,
Cinrko, W„ enrponter, 28 Nowtown rd
Cinrko, Willinm, 03 Regent st
Clarke, Willinm, groengroccr, Old
South Hend rd, Whra.
Clnrke, Willinm, furniture doaler,
Toogood st, McDtn.
Clarko, William, Como, 10 Wyldo at
Olarkc, Wm. II., Burlington Bt, St. L.
Clarke, William J„ bnnkor, Nelson at,
Clnrke, Willinm S„ houso and land
agent, Pnrrnmnttn rd, Lodt.
Clnrke, W, W„ grocer, Mullons st,
Clnrksome,—, 3 Viola cots., Broughton
Bt, St. L., E.
Clarkson, David \V„ 203 Bourko st
Olarkson, D. W„ tailor, 07 Mnrket st
Olarkson, George, engine-driver, 8
Ross st, Cnmp.
Clnrkson, Henry, 42 Denlson st, Ntwn.
Clnrkson, J. J., 24 Mncqunrlo st S.
Clnrkson, Joseph, blacksmith, Glonmoro rd, Pdtn.
Clnrkson, Joseph, brlcklnyer, Mnrket
Bt, N. Wby.
Clnrkson, Mnry, Jnmos st
Clnrkson, W„ 0 Austrnlin st, Ntwn.
Olarkson, William, Lord st, Ntwn.
Olarsou, John, 40 Thomas st, Rfn.
Olarson, Mrs., 32 Dnrlinghurst st
Clascn, Annie, 72 Palmer st
Clatworthy, John, builder nnd contractor, Arthur st, St. L., E.
Clatworthy, John, 44 O'Connor st
Clatworthy, Mrs., Robert st, Cnn.
Claughessy, \V„ 37 Sohimcl st, Wtloo.
Clnughton, M., plasterer, Cooper st,
Clnussen, 1L, 37 Aborcrombio st, Rfn.
Clny, Arthur W„ upholsterer, Hargrove In, Pdtn.
Clay, Henry, 70 Gipps st
Clay, H„ stonomnson, Raglan st, Alxa.
Clay, Mrs., Mnry, confectioner, 428
Harris at
Clay, W., onginecr, St. Andrew at, Bal. Cloary, William, President Lincoln
hotel, 06 Forbes st
Olaybrough, John, engineer, 14 StirCIcnry, Willinm, 170 Regent st, Rfn.
ling at, Rfn.
Oloydon, Thomas, butcher, 06 Georgo Clenvolnud, George W., stonemason,
Caldor rd, Rfu.
st, and 1 Princes at
Cleaver, William. 30 Georgo st, Rfn.
Clayliold, II, Brickfield st, Pmatta.
Louis, 110 Kent st
Clnyton and Couscns, artists, 133 King
Cloeve, Edmund, 102 John at
Clecvo, Mrs. T. K., 219 Glebe rd,Glebe
Clnyton, —, 10 Clovelnnd st
Clnyton, Anthony, Eoolosnll cottngo, Clegg, A., 1 Cribb In, Gloucester st
Clegg, Emma, 02 Campbell st, Glcbo
Croydon rd, Ash.
Clnyton, A., enrpentor. 0 Olivo st,Pdtn. Clegg, Henry, 64 Wexford st
Clegg, Hugh, 140 Cleveland st
Clnyton, George, 007 Bourko st
Clnyton, Honry, engineer, West Cres- Clegg, J. G., estate ngsut, 01 King st
N., Ntwn.
cent at, Vio,
Clegg, Mnthow, Cnscado at, Pdtn,
Clayton, J., Clnra st, Ntwn.
Clnyton. .7. E„ briokninkcr, 41 Union Clegg, Mrs., fancy repository, Charlotte
st, Ash.
at, Ntwn.
Clayton, J. R., ticket-writer, 13 Mary Clegg, Win., engineer, Grosvenor et,
Ann st
Clnyton, Jnmcs, greengrocer, Eton st, Clolnud, Edwnrd, 79 Kent st
Clolnnd, J. M., 130 Uenlsou st, Cntup.
Clayton, Jnmos, blacksmith, Wntor- Clclnnd, Mnrgarci, 00 Bowman st
Clelnnd, Willinm, Erno<t at, St. L,
vlcw st, Bnl.
Clnyton, John, onginecr, Bluo's Point Clemens, P., stonomnson, 6 Bent st,
rd, Vic.
Clement nnd Boyle (Jnmos Clement,
Clnyton, J., solicitor, 470 Clovoland st
John Boyle), 110 Oxford st, Pdtn.
Clnyton, John, solicitor, 130 Pitt st
Clnyton, John, Iroinnoulder, 383 Pyr- Cloinent, H., Truro tcrrnco, Weutwortu •
at, Pdtn.
mont Bridge rd
Clcmont, J., pointer, Livingstone st,
Clayton, John, Lord st, Ntwn.
Clayton, John, 13 Mary Ann st
Clement, John, 152 John at
Clayton, Joseph, 10 Bourko st, Rfn.
Clement, Wm., painter, Redmond st,
Clayton, Joseph It., 80 Harris st
Clnyton, Mrs., Birkenhcnd rd, F. Dk.
Clnyton, Peter, bookkeeper, 1 Tivoli Clement, Wm., printer, 100 Walker st,
tcrrnco, Point Piper rd, Pdtn.
Clement, Willinm, Frnser st, Mnr.
Clnyton, Rlohnrd, Ronny st, Pdtn.
Clayton, Thomns, mnstcr-marinor, Clemcnton, William, 8 Middle H
Clements, Clement 0., fuel mcrohnnt,
Blue's Point rd, Vio.
03 St. John's rd, Glebe
Clayton T., H.M. customs, 33 Mow at
Clnyworth, Chas., surgeon, Old South Clements, D., tobacconist, Pnrramntta
rd, Potm.
Head rd. Whra.
Clear, Chns., engineer, 487 Eliznbeth st Clements,!., surveyor, Albert Bt, Bur.
Clear, Eltnund, Eugowrn, Do Milhau Clements, John, printer, 0 Agues
rd, II. Hill
terrace, Dnviesat
Clements, J., Klngsclonr rd, Alxn.
Clear, Mrs., 376 Riley st W.
Clear. Thoinns, llalftcay House hotel, Clements, Mrs., 44 Palmer st
Clements, Nathan, Ouhrny Castle hotel,
301 Botany rd, Wtloo.
Aborcrombio st, Rfn.
Cleary, T., 1 Rowena pi, Broughton Bt
Cleary, Andrew, Clarendon hotel, 02 Clements, Sarah, 21 Albion st, Pdtn.
Clements. William, bootmaker, RailGeorgo st, Camp.
way rt, Prspt. nnd Shcr.
Cleary, Cornelius, cnbproprietor, 7
Clcmesun, 11., enrpentor, Lucy st, Ash.
Fourth st, Whra.
Cleary, E., bootmaker, 60 Georgo Bt W. Clemings,—.31 Wilton st
Cleary, Edward, draper, 1 May cot- Clcmow, Robort, enrpenter, Upper
Tupperst, Mnr.
tages, Palace st, Petm.
CIcnry, Jnmes, Vfctorln st, Bcacona- Clcmow, Robert, plnsteror, 80 Rosehill st, Rfn.
flcld estate, Alxn.
Clcncc, L., enrponter, Chnpinnn st
Cleary, Jnincs, 10 Fovcaux st
Clenry, John, bootmaker, 20 Market st Clensy, D., grocer, 20 Cooper st, Rfn.
Cleary, J., Vktoiia hotel, CO Marshall st Clenson, P., 44 Elizabeth Bt, Wtloo.
Clenson, J., carpenter, 140J Georgo
Clenry, Mnrtiu, 6 Cleveland st, Rfn.
at, Wtloo.
CIcnry, Mnry, bootmaker, 1 Mnrket
Clergy Daughter's school, St. Catherbuildings. Georgo st
ine's, Wnv.
Cleary, Michael, Viotorin st, BeaconsClerk of the Penoo office, 230 Mncfield cstntc, Alxn.
quario st
Clenry, If., chemist, 03 George Bt W.
CIcnry, Mrs., laundress, Bluo's Point Clerk, Frodcrlok, compositor, Behnoro
rd, Vio.
Bt, Ntwn.
Cleary, Patrick, 40 Brougham st
Clergy, Miss Mary, 151 Oastlorea^h st
Cleary, Patrick, Railway st, Rkwd.
Clove, F., Littlo Walker st, St. 1.., E.
Cleary, T., bootmaker, 117 William Bt Clovelaud st Publlo eohool,—Roonoy,
Cleary, Thomas, carpenter, 42 Brown
J. P., headmaster, Castlcre.igh st
at, Cnmp.
Cleveland, Henry, 3 Flora terrace,
Cleary, Thomas, 43 Edward st, Rfn.
Don st, Ntwn.
Cleary, Timothy, Fleet st, Pmatta.
Clovoland, William, Villa st, Bot.
LAST QUINQUENNIUM, £Q 16s. pep oent.,
Clowes, John, brickmnkor, Gladstone. Clinton, William, carrier, 8 nill st
Cluno, Mrs., 01 Ahercromblo st, Bfn.
st, Piutittn.
Cllpshau, Itov. Paul, 29 Surry st
Cluno, Peter, market gardenor, Botany
Clowes, William, Hallway st, Prspt. Clissold, Charles, 23 Wellington st
rd, Wtloo.
and Slier.
Clissold, Fred., J.P., Farleigh, Queen
Cluno, S. A„ Wnt Botany hotel, Rocky
Clowott, Miss E., draper, 407 Harris st
st, Ash.
Point rd, Bot.
Clews, William, bookmaker, Glebo st, Clissold, G., bootmaker, 4 Carolino st, Cluue, T. B., physician and surgeon,
18 College st
Clibborn, T. S., Holmcsby, Elizabeth Clissold, O., bootmaker, 35 Schimcl st, Cluno, Thomas, Hibernian hotel, Glebo
Bay rd
st, Glebo
Cliff,—.Kogarali, Bot.
Clissold, Georgo, Fletcher st, Mar.
Oluny, John, cabproprlctor, Enmoro
Cliff, Arthur, coopor, Roso terrace, Clissold, Henry, Sydenham rd, Mar.
rd, Mar.
Dowling st, Pdtn.
Clissold. J„ grocer, Stnnmoro rd, Mar. Clutton, James, bricklayer, 104
Cliff, John W., merchant, Ncopsond,
Clitheroe, Emma, dressmaker, 31 BrisGeorgo st, Bfn.
Lnvondcr st, Vie.
' bano st
Clyde, Charles, fruitgrower, Church
Cliff, William, Homit st
Olive, Jntnos n., 2 Leader's In
st, Pmatta.
Clifford,Lore ami Co., tea nndEastcrn Cloakc, II. G., fruiterer, Staumoro rd,
Clyde, Harry, Macqunrio st S.
merchants, 79 York st
Clyde, Isaac, Clyde cottage, MarriokClifford, Ann, 31 Darlington rd, Dar.
Clokc, A., fruiterer, Church st, Pmattn.
ville rd, Mar.
Clifford, C, painter, Cnry st, Lodt.
Cloke, II., fruiterer, 213 King st, Ntwn. Clydo, Mary E., Montnubon terrace,
Clifford, Georgo, Sherwood rd, Prspt. Clonnau, Patrick, Littlo Norton st
Mount st, Vic.
and Slier.
Gloonan, Patriok, 63 Littlo Norton st
Clymer, C, carponter, Valley st, Bal.
Clifford, J. Vf.,/folHi't hotel, College st, Clortnn, T„ bandmaster, Charles st,
Clymo, Sybclln, (18 Bay st, Glebo
Clyno, H. 0., leather and grindery
Clifford, J. W.. 30 Sir John Young's
Close, C, Wolsey st, llwk.
merchnnt, 49 York st
Close, C, barrister, 81 Elizabeth st
Coad, William, Early st, Pmatta., John, Botany rd, Bot.
Close, G., Eulourie, Holilcti Bt, Ash.
Coady, J., cabproprlctor, 93 Palmer st
Clifford, Mrs., Maidstone cottage,
Close, Honry, woolsorter, Bot. rd, Bot. Coady, John, 104 Dukost
Arthur st, St. L.. E.
Close, J., printers' engineer, 220 Castle- Coady, Mrs., 184 Duke st
Clifford, Mrs., 43 Foster st
rcagh st
Coaloliff Coal Co.,—Black, Alox. B.,
Clifford, Mrs., 7 Margaret In
Close. John, Commodore st, Ntwn.
contractor, 247 Georgo st
Clifford, II., 138 Cleveland st
Close, John, 675 Crown st
CoalclllI Coal Co.—Towns, R. and Co.,
Clifford, Richard, 47 Wells st, Rfu.
Close, J., woolsorter, 27 Marlborough st
agents, 257 Georgo st
Clifford, Robert, carpoutor, 7 Littlo
Close, It. C. Streynobnm, Cambridgo
Coar, Jeremiah, Deptford cottage, 03
llelmore st
st, Petm.
Mt Vernon st, Glohe.
Clifford, Thomas, 174 Duko st
Close, It. C, Cambridgo st, Ntwn.
Coast hospital mid Sanatorium, Littlo
Clifford, William T., cabpropriotor, 13 Closo, 11. C, 109 Pitt st
Bay, Bot.
Fourth st, Whra.
Close, T., tailor, 41) Clarence st
Coatcs and Harper (G. Coates, jun.,
Clift, Elijah, bootuppcr-makcr, 1
Cloud, A., litter, 31 Botany st, Rfn.
It. W.Harper), timber merchants,
Burton st
Cloudy, Jacob, Underwood st, Pdtn.
George and Smith sts, Pmatta.,
Clifton, Edward, 26 Chapman st
Clough, Chos., printer, Booth st, Bal.
and Sydnoy id, Prspt. and Slier.
Clifton, James, butcher, 83 George st, Clough, J., bootmaker, 433 Harris st
Coatcs, Albert J. builder, Taylor's In,
(Jam p.
Clougli, J., Mnllarkey's estate, Victoria
Clifton, John, 20 Fovoaux st
uv, N. Why.
Coatcs, Alexander, Whistler st, Man.
Clifton, Hov. J., Macquario st, Pmatta. Clough, Miss, Grey st, Wav.
Coatcs, C, bricklayer, 1 Brougham st,
Clifton, John G,, 6 Charlotte In
Clougli, H., Flat ltock rd, N. Why.
Clifton, Stephen, sen., William st, Ash. Cloughossy, D., dairyman, Mitchell rd, Coatcs, C. J., 10 Morehcad st, Wtloo.
Clifton, Stephen, jun., quarry-master,
Coates, Georgo, timber merchant,
William st, Ash.
Clouston, T., shipwright, llountrco st,
George's ter., Phillip st, Pmatta.
Clifton, Walter, contractor, Cameron
Coates, George, sen., Thornbury villa,
st, Pdtn.
Clouting, J. I t , school-teacher, 143
William st, Gran.
Cllmpson, Frederick, boiling down esPitt st, llfn.
Contos, Hambleton, Albion Bt, Lcdt.
tablishment, Kogarali, Bot.
Clnbb, Geo., builder, Darling st, Bal.
COATES, H E R B E R T , builder
Cllmpson, Georgo, William st, Whra.
Clubb, John, accountant, Ewcllst.Bnl.
and contractor, George Bt, Pmatta.
Cllmpson, Joseph, bootmaker, 12
Clubb, W., contractor, Llewllyn st, Bal. Coates, J. Alexander at, Rwk.
McEvoy st, Wtloo.
Clubbe, C. P., surgeon, Burleo, 3 NapCoatcs, James, Fcrndalc, Camden Bt,
Climpton, Samuol, Junior st, Lcdt.
por terrace, Avoca st, Itwk.
Clinch, A., clerk, Zanobi, Palaco st,
Clues, George, warehouseman, 2
Coatcs, J., painter, Middlcton at, Mar.
Lyndhurst st, Globe
Coatcs, John, 287 Liverpool Bt
Clinch, J., bootmaker, Phillip at, Alxa. duff, Johnson, Windsor av, Can.
Coates, John, Carisbrookc, Charles st,
Clinch, John, High st, Pdtn.
Cluloc, Mrs., Trouton st, Bal.
Clinch, Peter, 110 Young Bt, Rfu.
Clulow, John, master-mariuor, Old
Coatcs, John, off 18 Crown In
Clinch, n„ Keith cottage, Macgrogor
South Head rd
Coatos, Joseph, Grassmere, Stanmore
st, Bur.
Clum, Julius, 322 Upper Brougham st
rd, Petm.
Cllngan, W., stonemason, 25 Queen st, Clime, John, Lady of the Lake hotel,
Coates, Miss, Campbell st, Wav.
Bay st, Glebo
Coutes, Robert, dealer, 111) Botany rd,
Cllngan, Win.. 123 Botany st, Wtloo.
Cluno, John, saddler, 19 Gottcnham
Cli'jgan, II., bootmaker, Wyudham st,
st, Glebe
Coates, William, Mertonville hotel,
Clime, John, grocer, 521 Harris Bt
Beattlc st, Bal.
Clinen, Margaret, 418 Liverpool st
Cluue, John, uraypropriotor, 23 HegCoatcs, Win. T., butcher, Day st, Lcdt.
Clitics, G., bootmukcr. 34 Vino st, Rfn.
atty st, Globe
Coats, J. and P., sewing cotton-makers,
Clnt, Alfred, artist, Wortley st, Bal.
Chine, John, produco merchant, 230
60 Clarcnco st
Clinton, Henry, 09 Church st, Ntwn.
Sussex st
Coats, Mrs., Wyndham st, Alxn.
Clinton, J., furniture dealer, 62 AbcrChine, John, Kogarali, Bot.
Conts, Robt, grocer, Botany rd, Alxa.
crombic st
Cluno, John, 21 Wyndham st, Alxn.
Clinton, J. M., warehouseman, Junior Cluno, Michael J., physician and surCoatsworth, Harry, Shirley cottage,
st, Lcdt.
Nicholson st, Bur.
geon, 18 College st
Clinton, Mnurico, 122 Bay st
Cluno, Michael, tanner, 42 Carolino
Cobb nnd Co., Orient brewery, Bourko
Clinton, Patrick, Tliomley st, Lcdt.
Bt, llfn.
st, Wtloo.
Cobb and Co.'s Coaoli office—Hall, W.
R , managing director j 200 Pitt
st, and 876 Georgo st
Cobb, John, McArthur st
Cobb, Mary, 23 Frederick st
Cobb, Mrs., 9 Raper st, Ntwn.
Gobblu, George, Dcviuo st, MoDtn.
Cobby, Jnno, 04 Bourko st, llfn.
Cobby, John, stovcQttor, 14 Littlo
Arthur st
Cobcroft, E., forest-ranger, Wonona,
Wellington st, Whra.
Coboroft, R., 52 Westmorland st, Glebe
Cobdou, J., stonemason, John st, Lcdt.
Cobham, John B., Alfred st, St. L.
Cobham, 11., Little Napier Bt, Pdtn.
Cobley, E., dealer, 130 Botany st, Wtloo.
Coohot, Mrs., Governesses homo, 250
Victoria st
Cochran and Cutler, tailors and outlitters, 3 Hunter st
Cochran, Bonj., 298 Oxford st, Pdtn.
Cochran, Francis, greengrocer, 14
Botany st, Wtloo.
Cochrnn, J., 7 Merriman at
Cochran, J., compositor, 104 Crown rd
Cochran, John, cabinet-maker, 0 Wilson st, Rfu.
Cochran, J., 119 Abercromhlo st, Rfu.
Coohran, Joseph, 18 Heuson st, Ultimo
Coohran, Martin. Lelnster st, Pdtn.
Cochrau, Mrs., Hilly Bt, Bur.
Coohran, W., hat manufacturer, 08
Market st
Cochran, Win., 39 Upper William Bt S.
Cochrane, A„ London anil Dublin hotel,
G63 George st
Cochrane, Alexander, 9 Littlo Glpps st
Cochrane, A., C'ochrane't Family hotel,
402 Sussex Bt
Cochrauo, D., engineer, "2 Broughton
st, Glebe
Cochrane, Dennis, Littlo Stephen st,
Cochrane, G., brickmakor,CliIltornrd,
N. Wby.
Cochrane, George F., 313 Sussox st
Cochrane, Henry, Thomas st, Ash.
Cochrane, J., watchmaker and jowoller,
3 Bridge st
Cochrauo, John, Bonboyd rd, St. L., E.
Cochrano, John A., Lackey st, St. P.
Cochrane, Mlolmol, 2.10 Hnrrls at
Cochrane, Robort, Uland st, Ash.
Cochrane, William, baker, 85 Crown st
Coclirane, Win., stonemason, Bay st,
Cock, Edwin, 74 Botany st
Cockbalno, \V„ Beacon cottage,
Boulevard (The), Petm.
Cockburn, Elzbh., 17 John at, Wtloo.
Cockburn, J., plumber, 85 Botany st,
Cockburn, Mrs., 3 Watkin at, Ntwn.
Cocker, A., plasterer, Wortley cottage,
Driver's rd, Bur.
Cockerton. G. A., 29 Watkin Bt, Ntwn.
Cocking, H., carpenter, 76 Goorgo at,
Cocking, Thos., Mowbray rd, N. Wby.
Cookrof t, J. J., builder, Audloy st, Mar.
Cockroft, Joseph, Frascr st, Mar.
Cockroft, Robert, draper and milliner,
Parramatta rd, Petm.
Cockroft, William, bricklayer, Audloy
st, Mar.
Cocks, Benjamin, storekeeper, Wlnohmoro, Shaw st, Mar.
Cooks, J., Qulsiaana, High st, St. L., E.
Cooks, M. E. C, confectioner, Rcdforn
st, Rfn.
Cooks, Richard, oft 184 Goorgo st, Rfn.
Cocks, W., tailor, Church st, Pmatta.
Cocks, W. J., commission agent,
Chango alloy, 8 Pitt st
Cooks, W., contmotor, Maria st, Ntwn.
Cocks. Willlnm, accountant, 47 Mt.
Vernon st, Glebo
Cocks, William, E., butcher, Norfolk
st, Ntwn.
Cocksedge. Charles, 20 Railway pi
Cockscdgo, James, farmer, Gladeavlllo
rd, Rydo
Cocksedge, Thomas, bootmaker, 102
Campbell st, Ntwn,
Cockscdgo, Thomas H„ bandmaster,
John st, Ash.
Cockshead, Mrs. M., 79 John st
Codd, T„ grocer, 190 Georgo Bt
Codd, Thomas, Llghthouso st. Vlo.
Code, W. J., plasteror, 507 Riley at W.
Coilie, Christopher, 17 Lr. Campbell st
Codlln, J., blacksmith, Foucart st, Bal.
Cornier, Frodorlok.dniyproprietor, 18
Donvcnt st, Glebo
Codrington, J., 31-33 Upper Willinm
Cody, Dennis, upholsterer, 29 Torry st
Cody, Edward, Maria at, Ntwn.
Cody, Michael. 114 Duko st
Cody, P., bootmaker, 22 Lr. Campboll
Coe, John, clerk, 88 Cuwper st, Glebo
Cob, Robert D., grocer, Fleet st, Ash.
Coed, Frank, 104 George st, Rfn.
Coffe. Mrs. I''rauces, laundress, 30 Harrington st
Coffee Palace No. 1 -Ban Miguel, A. and
Co., proprietors, 391-393 George st
Coffee, Frank, importer, Mowbray rd,
N. Wby.
Coffeo, Joretnluh, 19 Littlo Glpps st
Coffee, Jeremiah, 0 Samuel st
Coffeo, Michael, Chaplin st
Coffee, Mrs., 30 Littlo Essex st
Coffey, —, Victoria climbrs, Phillip st
Coffoy, Daniel, 87 Riley st
Coffey, Ellen, Graco cottage, Triokott
st, Whra.
Coffey, Geo., book importer, 88 Elizabeth st
Coffey, Joinos, 28 Dixon st
Coffey, James 3 Littlo Norton st
Coffey, James, Paddiugton st, Pdtn.
Coffey, Mrs. M., grocer, 46 Glpps st
Coffey, Peter, /Iriitol hotel, 89 York st
Coffey, Thomas, 17 Kensington at
Cofllll, J., livery stables, Thomas st
Cofflll, Joseph, 97 Engine Bt
Coffin, Philip L., vnupioprlctor, 42
Botany at, Wtloo.
Cofts, G., brickmnkor, 271 Liverpool st
Cogau, John, clerk, Albion st
Cognti, J., Jlrltbane inn, 452 Kent st
Cogglns, Richard, Enmshaw rd, II. Hill
Coggins, Thomas, Whittington
cottage, Old South Head rd, Wav.
Coggins, William, 19 Hill st
Cog-hill, C, contractor, 107 Barcom st
Coghill, Donald M, It, William st, Vlo.
Coghlnn, C, barrister, 42 Pitt st, Rfu.
Coghluti, Charles A., barrister, Alice
Bt, Ntwn.
Coghlau, E. A., barrister, 14 Wontworth court, Elizabeth st
Coghlnn, John, Shubrn hall, Elizabeth
st, Bur.
Coghlau, John, Diamond Drill Co.,
309 Georgo st
Coghlau, John, 1 CampbcUvllle
terrace, Nelson st, Whra,
Coghlau, Mrs., Ersklncvllle rd, Ntwn.
Coghlnn, Patrick J., Hosyln villa, 2
Mount Vornon st, Glebe
Coghlau, T., plastorer. 16 Klppax st
Coghlau, Thomas, 9 Berwick In
Coghlau, Thomas, 432 ililey st
Coghlan, V„ olerk, Leicester st, Pdtn,
Coghlau, William, plasterer, 28 Grose
Bt, Glebo
Cogln, Edward, Cicoly st, Lodt.
Coglan, Mrs., 50 Bowninn st
Coglnn, Mrs,, 23 Burlington st
Coglin. Joseph, 87 Cumborland st
Cocn, Michael, 102 Mnry st
Cohen Brothers und Co., tailors, 384
Georgo st
Cohen, D. nnd Co., general merchant*
and Importers, 10 Spring st
Cohen and Fish (S. Cohen, A. L. Fish),
pawnbrokers, 133 Castlcrcagh st
Cohen, J. W. and Co., Importers, 279
Pitt st
Cohen, —, 449 Crown st
Cohen, —.dealer, 228 Liverpool st
Cohen, Albert B , baker, Lennox st
Cohen, B., jcwellor, 190 George st
Cohen, Benjamin, Addlsconibe, 270
Oxford st, Pdtn.
Cohen, Elizabeth, Mullens st, Bal.
Cohen, Enoch, pawnbroker, 73 Georgo
Cohen, F. S., 207J Victoria st
Cohen, Frederick, tobnocouist, Francis
st, Ntwn.
Cohen, F., tobacconist, 205 Pitt Bt
Cohen, G. J., Onslow nv, Elizabeth
Bay rd
Cohen, Goorgo, tailor, 24 King st
Cohen, U. B., Nicholson st, Bal.
Cohen, H. M., 569 Bourko Bt
Cohen, Henry, pawnbroker, 201 King
Bt N., Ntwn.
Cohen, Henry, 115 Maclcny st
Cohen, Henry E., barrister, 89 Elizabeth st
Cohen, Henry F., Bowdcn st, Whra.
Cohen, 11 jtuan, 22 Foster st
Cohen, Isaao, cigar manufacturer, 100
Douisou st, Camp.
Cohen, Isaac, 80 Regent st, Ntwn.
Cohoii, J., tailor, 92 Campbell Bt
Cohen, James, 22 Chelsea st, Rfn.
Cohen, Jool J., Jiurdekin hotel, 137
William st
Cohen, John G., Alexander st, Bal.
Cohen, Joseph, broker, 7 Campboll
terrace. Nelson st, Whra.
Cohen, Lewis, 10 Darllnghurst rd
Cohen, Louis, nuotioucer, 18-22 Barrack st
Cohen, Louis, 7 O'Counell st, Ntwn.
Cohen, Louis, auctioneer, Eavella
Queen st, Whra.
Cohen, M, tailor, 30A Union Bt
Cohen, Margaret, 7 Upton st
Cohen,;M., fruitorcr, Darling st, Bal.
Cohon, M.iH., '.Kent' hotel, IPalmer st,
Cohen, Mlss,|141 Dowling »t
Cohon, Mrs., 143 Dowhuglst
OR £1 15s. per cent, per annum ON SUM ASSURED.
Cohen, Mosoly, J.P., Mossworth,
Cole, John, Falcon st, St. L.
Colomi.n, Thos. W., 42 Louis st, Rfn.
Cooper st, Bur.
Cole, John, 40 Ultimo st
Colemau, W„ Kogarah, Bot.
Cohon, Nathan, oil and colour ware- Cole, J. T., Mascotte, Esplanade, Man. Coleman,
W. C„ salesman, 40 Wellinghouse, 220 Oxford st
Cole, Miss Catborino, governess,
ton st, Wtloo.
Cohch, Norman, Ithaca, 2 Ithaca rd
Wardell rd, Mar.
E,, carponter, 12 Phillip
Cohen, Philip, Hebrew teacher, 67 Colo, Mrs., Collego st, Bol.
st, Globo
Albion st
Cole, Mrs., 02 Wolllngton St. Ntwn.
"WILLIAM, builder
Cohen. Philip, denier, 200 Elizabeth st Cole, S., ironmonger, 160 William st
and contractor, 50 Sydney arcade,
Cohen, Philip, Point Piper rd, Pdtn.
Colo, Stanley, 76 Fig st
Collins nnd Norton
Cohen, Snmuol, bootmaker, 88 Day st
Colo Stanley, 5 Outrum st
sts, S. Hills
Cohen. Samuel, watchmaker, 240 .Colo, T., bootmaker, 22 llaglan st, Dan Colcmnu,
Wra, plasterer, Hercules st,
Elizabeth st
Colo, W., blacksmith, Aird st, Pmatta.
Cohen, Saml., 45 Uppor William st S.
Cole, William, plumber, Old South
Coleman, W., bootmaker, 00 Queen fit,
Cohon, Syd., ironmonger and cricketn o d rd, Whra.
ing dopot, 375 Qcorgo s t ; p . r., Cole, William, tailor, 81 Elizabeth
Coloman, W., builder, 243 Riley st W.
Ilemuera, Potts point
st, Wtloo.
Coloman, William, Chapo! st, Can,
Cohen, Solomon, pawnbroker, 04 Pyr- Colo, William B., builder, 23 Hanover Coleman, W., builder and contractor,
mnnt Bridge rd
st, Wtloo.
60 Sydney arcade
Cohon, S., tobacconist, 202 Goorgo st
Cole, W. H., Hoslyn villa, Frazer rd,
Coleman, William, Sharp st, Can.
Cohen, S. J., Customhouse* agent,
E N S A , W I L L I A M F . , bakor,
Customhouse buildings, Loftus st Colo, William H., 17 Hutohlnson st
Birkenhead rd, F. Dk.
Cohen, Thomas, 302 Kent st
Colo, William H., teacher, 114 Botany
Colcralno, Thomas, 00 Fitzroy st
Cohon, Viotor, St. Clair, 08 Elizabeth ,
st, Wtloo.
Coles, —, Parramotta rd, Cond.
Bny rd
Colcbrook, Alfred, carpcuter, RedColes, Charles E„ builder, Randlo tor.,
Cohn, lsadoro, teacher of music, John
mond st, Lcdt.
Enmorc rd, Ntwn.
st. Camp.
Colcbrook, Thomas, carpenter, Evans Coles, Geo., bricklayer, 50 Donison Bt,
Coll, Thomas, shipbuilder, Hur.
st, Bal.
O O K E R , A R T H U R , hosier and Colobrook, Thomas E., printer, RedColes, J., chalrmakcr, 30 Comwallls
Bhirtinaker, 47 Pmatta. rd, Glebo
inouil st, Lcdt.
st, Rfn.
Cokor, William, John st, Wnv.
Coloman and Son (Albert M., Walslng- Coles, John, baker, 110 MoArthttr st
Coker, William, Viola, Old Canterbury
ham B.), blacksmiths and wheelColes, Mrs., 100 Harris st
rd, Petm,
wrights, 202 Sussex st
Coles, Mrs., 80 Surry st
Colbert, John, grocer, 03 Crown st
Coleman, —, carpenter, 20 Norton st
Coles, Mrs., 2 Victoria tor., Victoria
Colborn, John, 00 Upper William Bt S. Coloman, —, Norton st, Lcdt.
st, Wav.
Colbnin, S., Wonlora, Bot.
Coleman, A., Wellington Bt, Ntwn.
Coles, Sarah, 45 Cornwallls st, Rfn,
Colbran, 8., bootmnker, 143 Princess st Coleman, A. M., Braost, Wav.
Charles, 201 Dowllng st
Colbron, Miss A., prirato boarding es- Coleman, Albert, blacksmith, 22 Hugo Coletto,
Colcy, —. Liverpool st, Pdtn.
tablishment, 141 Phillip st
st, Rfn.
Smith st, Mar.
Colburn, Saml., sawyer, 65 Foveanx st Coleman, A., plasterer, George st, Can, Colkot, C, bootmnker,
Condor st, Bur.
Colby, Charlos, Artlett st, Pdtn.
Coleman, Charles, bootmaker, Garden Coll, Joseph, frenuhpolisbor, 2 AborColdbrook, George, plasterer, Darling
st, Alxa.
ciomblo st
st, Bui.
Coloman. Charlos, brloklaycr, Goorgo Collard aud Co., commission agents,
Coldwuter, Mrs., dressmaker, 38 Belst, Can.
100 Elizabeth st
Icvuo st
Coleman, Charles, carpenter, Swanson Collard,
Benjamin, 32 Yurong st
Colo and Gibbons, general carriers, 18
st, McDtu.
Collego of the Society of Jcsua (St.
Arbitration st
Coleman, Charles, umbrella-maker, 23
Colo, —, 177 Campbell st
Glenmoro rd, Pdtn, and Sydney Collon, Mrs., Glenviow st, Pdtn.
Cole, —, pointer, Collcgovlow terrace,
Loftus st, Lcdt.
Harrington st, Mar.
Coleman, E.„ carpenter, High st, Bot.
Colless, Henry, 123 Barcom st
Cole, Alexander, herbalist, 401 Pitt st Colomau, Isaac, Kroomblt st, Petm.
Colo, Alfred, Hudson's cottages, Gran. Coloman, J., fuel merchant, Kogarah, Colleton, John, Adelaide st, Bur.
Collott, Chas., bootmaker, 173 Wolkor
Cole, Charles, Mercantile Marine hotel,
Bot. •
st, Rfn.
22 Margaret st
Coleman, J., butcher, Moonblo st, Ash. Collett, Eliza, 33 Wellington at
Cole, Charles, 15 Charlotte In
Coleman, John, upholsterer, 12 Der- Collctt, Frank, Botany rd, Alxa.
Colo, David, 10 Stephen st, Camp.
went st, Globe
Collont, Georgo E., postmastor, Chapel
Cole, Dr., specialist, Simmons st, Bal.
Coleman, John, Fern villa, Liberty st,
st, Mar,
Cole, Edmund, Albert st, McDtn.
Henry, accountant, Elsicvillc,
Colo, Edward It., bookseller nnd sta- Coloman, John, Terry st, St. P.
Windsor rd, Petm.
tioner, 27 Clarence st, nnd 304
Coloman, Joseph, builder, 22 Ryder st
Collett, John, Underwood st, Pdtn.
George st
Coleman, J. B„ Mackenzie st, Lcdt.
Collott, Ruth, Inkcrmaun st, Pmatta.
Cole, George, bootmaker, 12 Foster st Coloman, Mary, 43 Crown st
Cole, G., ranger, Cross Roads estato, Coleman, Emily, draper, George st, Collett, Win., butoher, South st, Gran.
Collott, Win. F., Mllo vllln, Trafalgar
Loscoe rd, Prspt. and Slier.
terrace, Petm.
Colo, G., Clavering house, Thompson Coleman, Mrs., midwife 622 Bonrko st
Alfred, veterinary surgeon,
Bt, Mar.
Coleman, Mrs., 0 Forstcr tcr., Burton
Liverpool rd, Ash.
Colo, Henry, roller-maker, 23 Mead
st, St. L., 13.
Bntterfleld, lithographer,
st, Wtloo.
Coleman, It., dairyman, 73 High
Wharf rd, Hal.
Cole, nenry, engineer, 64 Palmor st
Holbom st
Blair Cowrie, 4 WestCole, H„ Oak tor., Thomas st, Camp.
Coloman, R., engineer, 0 Barker st
morland st, Glebe
Cole, Henry, Alma st, Pdtn.
Coleman, I I , grocer. High Holborn st
Colloy, G., grocer, Rountrco st, Bal.
Colo, H. J., blacksmith, 3 McEvoy st, Coloman, Robert, New Bt, Pmatta.
James, grocer, 0 Prinoo of
Coloman, S., bootmaker, Wyndham st, Colley,
Wales terrace, off Murray st
Colo, J. T., locksmith, 10 Bond st
Simmons st, Ntwn.
O O L E , J A B E Z , tea dealer, grocer Coloman, Sydney, photographer, 130
Colley, Mrs., Bailey st, Ntwn.
and provision dealer, Eumoro rd,
Young st, Rfn.
Collie, Andrew, ropemaker, 45 AlderNtwn.
Coloman, Thos., builder, 431 Bourkc st
son st, Rfn.
Cole, James, 40 Stephen st, Camp;
Coleman, Thomas, 30 Mount st
George, 37 Chambers st
Colo, James, Victoria rd, Mar.
Coleman, T. E., off 33 Bot. rd, Wtloo.
Collie, Mrs., Alfred st, St. L., E.
Colllo, Rev. Robert, 17 Wellington st,
Collier, T. and Sons, (E. A. Lldbtiry),
importers of soft goods, 354 Georgo
st, and 00 Pitt st
Collier, — York st, Bal.
Collier, Alfred, 0 Greon's In, off Llttlo
Edward st
Collier, Edward R., saddler, Now South
Head rd, Pdtn.
Collier, Emily, 20 O'Connor st
Collier, George, 31 Lower Campbell st
Collier, George, 18 Wolllngton st
Collier, Joseph, stonemason, Anncslcy
st, Lcdt.
Collier, Mrs., 60 King st N., Ntwn.
Collier, .Mrs., 10 Pitt st, Rfn.
Collier,Mrs.,Annccottago, Wentworth
st, Pmatta.
Collier, Mrs., 52 Wexford st
Collier, Robert. 170 Bourkc st
Collier, Robert, 17 Cook st
Collier, Samuel, II Marshall st
Collier, Thomas, carpenter, 7 Wellesley
terrace, Elizabeth st, Wtloo,
Collier, Thomas, 42 Edward st
Collior, Thos.. 41 Mt. Vcrnou st,Glebo
Collier, W. F., h irness-makcr, 178
Georgo st W.
Collier, William, bootmaker, Nicholsou st, Bal.
Collier, Wm. F„ grocer, 203 Crown rd
Collin Brothers (Albert, Edward),
timber merchants, Sloauc st, Ash.
Collin, Alfred, timber merchant, Cora
Linn, Fairmount st, Petm,
Colling, Thomas, yatipropriotor, 46
Wolllngton st, Ntwn.
Collingridge, —, Church st, H. m i l
Collingridgo, Arthur, draftsman, Parramatta rd, Rydo
Collingridge, Rev. P. F., R. C. Presbytery, Vauolusc rd, W. Bay
Colllngs, A. II., butoher, 130 Harris st
Colllugs, Thomas, Qcorgo st, McDtn.
Callings, W. G. Unsworth lodge, London st, Ntwn.
Colllngwood Wool Scouring Co.'s olllco
--Samuel, E. and L., proprietors;
Whitfield, P. B., manager, 3 Spring
Colllngwood,—, surgcon.Smith st, Ash.
Collins Brothers aud Co. (Cunninghamo, W. L. representative),
manufacturing stationers and
publishers, 81 York st
Collins, —, 35 Ann st
Collins, —, 120 Crown st
Collins, Alfred, carpenter, 3 Edward In
Collins, Alexander, pockctbook raauttfactnror, Derbyshire rd, Lcdt.
Collins, Alexander, pocketbook-maker,
Old Canterbury rd, Petm.
Collins, Arthur, Manchester st, Petm.
Collins, C, Mnvari, Angel rd, Bur.
'Collins, Catherine, 17 Henry st
Collins, Charles, saddler, 40 Albion st
Collins, Charles, photographer, 374
Goorgo st
Collins, C„ tailor, 3 Lodge st, Glebo
Collins, Charles, 40 Marshall st
Collins, Charles, 40 Myrtle st
Collins, C. H., Murrivorie rd, Wav.
Collins, Clement,235 William st
Collins, Dun., tailor, 138 Devonshire st
Collins, D., dairyman, Alma st, Pdtn,
Collins, Dr., consulting rooms,
Lclchhardt st, Wav.
Collins, Petor, Queen st, Beaoonsflold
Collins, D., pawnbroker, 06 Oxford st
estate, Alxa.
Collins, Edward, Ann st, Bal.
Petor, South Head rd, W. Bay
Collins, Elizabeth, 1 Brumby st
Collins, Philip, 0 San.I well st
Collins, Elizabeth, 12 Wilson st, Rfn.
Collins, Samuol, hattor, 370 Pitt st
Collins, F. N., 808 Bourka st
Collins, Sarah, gardener, Kent
Collins, George, tinsmith, 05 Botany
rd, Bot.
st, Wtloo,
Collins, Seth, stonemason, 320 Riley Bt
Collins, Georgo, 54 Young st
C O L L I N S , G E O R G E T., importer Collins, Solomon, D.iv st, Lcdt,
Collins, T., 11 Duncan st
of hardware, p duts, oils and
Collins, T. B. N„glngoiboer manucolours, 07d Goorgo st W.
facturer, Booth Ft, Lcdt.
Collins, Hannah, Buckland st, Alxa.
Collins, Hugh, grocer, 25 Vine st, Rfn. Collins, T., saddler, Croydon rd, Ash.
Thomas, Binning st, McDtn,
Collins, J. It., hatter and men's
Collins, Thomas, Fairfowl st, Mar.
mercor, 710J George st
Collins, J. J,, 100 Brougham st, Glebo Collins, Thomas, Frederick st, St, P,
Collins, Thomas, cooper, 120 George
Collins, J. T., Ilenson st, Prspt. and
st Wtloo.
Collins, James, laundry, Alma st, Dar. Collins, Thomas, Gordon st, Pdtn.
Thomis, Ilannam st, Bot,
Collins, James, bootmaker, 83 Edward
Colllus, Thomas, gr >cer, 284 Kout st
st, Rfn.
6 KM man's terrace
Collins, James, shipwright, 2 OottonCollins, Thomas, Lackey st, St. P.
hain st, Glebo
Collins, Thos., 34 ,\lt Vernon st, Globo
Collins, James, 71 Cecil pi
Collins, Thomas, 6 Wilton pi
Collins, James, 007 Harris st
Collins, William, boiler-maker, 100,
Collins, James, 2 Kippax st
Bowman st
Collins, Jane, 140 Crown st
Collins, W., bootmaker, 05 Hrlsbano st
Collins, J., 112 Brougham st, Glebe
Collins, William, Clifford st, Pmatta.
Collins, John, carpenter, 17 Aldorson
Colllus, W., engineer, Edward st, Bal.
st, Rfn.
Collins, Win., carpenter, 12 Ferry rd,
Collins, John, compositor, 8 Llttlo
Buckingham st
Collins, William, 32 George st, Rfn.
Collins, John, 1 Bourko In, Bourkc st
Collins, W., brick manufacturer,Grove
Collins, John, 03 Botany st
st, St. P.
Collins, John, 0 George st, Rfn.
Collins, W.. grocer, 385-1187 Harris Bt
Collins, John, Henderson rd, Alxa.
Collins, W., market gardener, Kent
Colllus, John, Holdsworth ter., Pdtn.
rd, Bot.
Coltins, John, coachbulldcr, 00 Holt st
Collins, William, 130 Kent st
Collins, John, farmer, Paul st, Ryde
Collins, John, Kelso tor., Trlckett st, Collins, W., blacksmith, 56 Valentino In
Collls, Alfred, Gipps st, Cond.
Collls, E., blacksmith, Parramatta
Collins, John, 30 Walker st, Rfn.
rd, Bur.
Collins, John R., vauproprietor, 08
Collls, Edwin J., carpenter, McKcnzie
Darghanst, Globe
st, Wav.
Collins, Itev. J., Kolllck st, Wtloo.
Collls. II,, draftsman and engraver, 138
Collins, Joseph, 188 Albion st
Pitt st
Collins, Joseph, 28 Harold st, Ntwn.
Collis, Mrs., J., 30 Den ham st, Glebe
Collins, Joseph, Marsdcn st, Pmatta.
Collls, William, 04 Foster st
Collins, J. H., hatter, 74 Kippax st
Collins, Margaret, greengrocer, 41 Oollishaw, .Mary, Garden st, Alxa.
Collison, Edward, mastcr-maiiucr, 24
Marshall st
Derwcnt st, Glebe
Collins, Margaret. 33 Marshall st
Collins, M., pawnbroker, 08 Oxford st Collison, Thomas, carpenter, Phillip
st, Pmattn.
Collins, M., plasterer, 102 Crown r J
Collison, Thomas, l'alsor st, H. Hill
Collins, M., draper, Ward st, St. L.
Colllss, Arthur, accountant, Mcriton
Collins, Mary, 003 Bourko st
st, Rydo
Collins, Michael, bootmaker, Darling
Collis, Henry, bootmaker, Parramattft
st, Bal.
rd, Rydo
Collins, Miohaol, draper, 47 Harris st
Colliss, Richard, Botany rd, Bot.
Collins, M., coachbulldcr, 41 Holt st
T. B., tanner, CowpiT st, Mar.
Collins, M., bootmaker, Mullens st,
Colllver, Peter, 00 Macipiario st S.
Bal. •
Colliver, W„ grocer, 453 Elizabeth st
Collins, Michael, Barclay st, Wav.
Collopy, James, Little Surrey st
Collins, Miss, ladles school, Mcuut
Collopv, Stephen, 15 Barcom st
Pleasant, Milson's m, St. L., E.
Colls, Alfred, Catherine st, Lcdt.
Collins, Miss, Underwood st, Pdtn.
Colls, William II., warehouseman,
Collins, Mis., Arnoliffo st, Bot.
Collslea, Wavcrloy crescent, Wav.
Collins, Mrs., Lord st, Ntwn.
Collycr, —, bootmakor, 53 Lausdowuo
Collins, Mrs., Bungalow, Pmattn. rd,
Collyer, Goorgo, saddler, 47 Campbell
Collins, Mrs., 107 Regent st, Rfn.
st, Camp.
Collin3, Mrs., Vincent st, Bal.
Collyer, J. M. C, Eastwcll, Old South
Collins, Noah, William st, Pdtn.
Head rd, Whra.
Collins, P. J., surgeon, Shlrwcll, 111
Collyer, Mathew, bootmaker, 12 High
Queen st, Whra.
Holborn st
Collins, Patrick, Lucas rd, Bur.
Collins, Patrick, 32 Regent st, Ntwn. Collyer, William, 208 Riley st
George, Stownrt st, Pdtn.
Collins, Peter, 52 St. Mary st, Camp.
Coloninl Architect's ofllco—Barnet Comlns, T., Cumberland arm3,R2Qlpps
Jamos, Colonial Architect, Maostreet
quario st
Comley, William, Arthur st, St. L., E.
Colonial Commercial
ngcucy—0. C O M M E R C I A L B A N K I N G CO.
Willis, 110 Clarenco at
O P S Y D N E Y - D i b b s , T. A„
Colonial Distilleries nml Sugar Rcgenoral manager, 349 and 744
llneries olllce, 72 Brlilgo at
Georgo s t ; 177 Oxford s t ; George
Coloninl Fire nnd Mnrlno Insurnnco
st, P m t t a . ; Kingst, Ntwn.; GranCo., N.Z.—Jfontelloro, Joseph
villo parade, Gran. ("See advt.)
anil Co., agents, 4 O'Connell st
Coloninl Government stores, Clrculnr
Ogilvy, Jas. L., manager, 171 Pitt
Coloninl Mutual Fire Insurnnco Co.
st. (Seoadvt.)
—Bell, T. 1!., sec, 141 Pitt st
Commercial Building ami Investment
Coloninl Mutual Life Assurance Soe.
Co.—.Mason, J. Stuart, manager,
Limited.—Chandler, Alfred, secWaltham buildings, Bond st
retary, 141 1'itt st
Commercial Travellers' Assoolation of
Coloninl l'late Class Insurnnco Co.—
N.S.W.—Rosenthal!, E. G., lion,
Nelld J. C , chief ngent, 20
sec, 5 City chambers, 243a Pitt st
Bridge st
Coloninl Secretary's department, MacA N O E CO., O F L O N D O N ,
qunrlc st
F I R E A N D MARINE--Welch,
Colonial Store department, Elizabeth
J. St. Vincent, secretary, 30 Hunst N.
ter st. i See ad vts. opposite "Street
COLONIAL S U G A R R E F I N I n d e x " and upon edges of the
I N G CO.—Knox, Edward W.,
general manager, 5 O'Connell st, Commissioners of Customs—Burton,
and 7 Bent s t ; works, Chowno st.
W. H., secretary, 97 Pitt st
(See advt.)
Commons, J . T., bricklayer, 80 MarlColquhon, John, blacksmith, 31)9
borough st
Sussex st
Compagnlc des Mosangerl6J Marl times,
Colquhoon John, 42 Wnttlo st
Mncquarlo pi
Colqnhorn, David, 54 Barcom ct
Colquhoun, G., 72 Dnrllnghurst rd
Limited, pastrycooks nnd caterers,
Colquhoun, Hobert, engineer, Brad102 and 104 Pitt st
ford st, Bnl.
Campngnoni, T„ Livingstone st, Mar,
Colquohune, A., 34 Botany st, Wtloo. Comprint, Fernando, Ferry st, H. Hill
Colson, J., greengrocer, Sllrer st, St. P. O O M P T O I R d ' E S C O M P T E D E
Colt, J., cngineor, 1U9 MoArthur st
P A R I S (French bank)—Shnrd,
Colthorpo, Mnry A. L., 62 Francis st,
C, manager, 87 Pitt st. (Seo advt.)
Comptou, A. J., bootmaker, 109 Itcgcut
Coltninu and Gregory, painters, Charst, Hfn.
lotto st, Ash.
Compton, Bridget, Chnpol flt, Lcdt.
Colton, H., contractor, Botany rd, Comptou, Edward J., stonemason, 05
Gibbons st, Itfn.
Colton, Walter, carpenter, 43 Corni- Com|iton, Francis carpenter, ISO Queen
wallls st, Hfn.
st, Whra.
Colvin, G., plcturcfiumo-makcr, 393 | Compton, Frederick, reporter, Upward
Pitt st
terrace, Buhnnln rd, Lcdt.
Colvin, Mrs., Bridgo st, H. Hill
Compton, Frcdorick.commlsslon ngent,
Colvlu, Thomas, Ross st, Pmatta.
27 Dowling st, Camp.
Colwnll, William, 11 Judgo st
Compton, Jos., stoncmnson, off 13
Colyor, H. Cox, solicitor, 128 Elizabeth
Botany rd, Wtloo.
Compton, James T., Old South n e a d
Colyer, H., Unwin's Bridge rd, St. P .
rd, Whra.
Colyer, Henry C , solicitor, 355 Liver- Compton, S. A., Railway rd, St. P .
pool st
Compton, Thomns, carpontor, 31 Alfred
Colyer, James, Fltzroy st, Mar.
terrace, Wilson st, Hfn.
Colyer, Thomas, 38 Banks st
Comptroller General's olllce, 106
Combcllnck, Thomas, Harbor's terrace,
Phillip st
Chapel st, Mnr.
Conacher, J., 25 Wellington st, Wtloo.
Combcn, Bnrtlett, Military rd, St. L.
Connthy. Patrick, 180 Victoria st
Comber, Thomas, Eblcy st, Wav.
Comity, Patrick, 1 Kendall et
Combes, James M., M.L.A., C.M.G., Conborough, James, 42 Adn st
Knlnura, Addison rd, Man.
Concaiinou, James, Kognrah, Bot.
Combes, Wm., nccountnnt, Hargravo Concnunon, —, printer, Burton st,
st, Piltn.
St. L., E.
Comer, J., grocer, Weston st, Bal.
Concord Gasworks, Mortlnkc st, Cond.
Comcrford, Dennis G., boot importer, Concord Public school (temporary
107 Gcorgo st W.
building, Wharf rd
Comcrford, Mrs., grocer, Aborcrombio Conder, Win., surveyor, Elliott st, Bnl,
st, Rfn.
Condie, Samuel, engineer, 28 Cowpor
Comfort, John, Atblonc st
st, Glebe
Cominos, A., oyster beds proprietor, Condlo, Jacob, 100 Harris st
Mount Norrls st, H. Hill
Condon, —, 08 Barcom st
Cominos, A., fishmonger, 30 Oxford st Condon, D„ bootflnlshcr, 16 Botany
Coinlns, Thomas, Cumberland arms,
st, Wtloo.
32 Mary st
Condon, Ellon, 4 Dowling st, Camp.
Condon, Honry, machinist, 165 Abercrombio st, Rfn.
Condon, John, Woolley st, Glebo
Condon, M., blacksmith, Dcnison st,
Condon, Maurice, commercial traveller, Mansfield st, Bal.
Condon, Maurice, 13 Dowling st, Pdtn.
Condron, Mary, 335 Cleveland st. Hfn.
Condon, Patrick, Foucart st, Bal.
Condon, William, Raglan st, Alxn.
Condran, Thomas st, 3 Egan st, Ntwn.
Condy, F., provision dealer, 145
Oxford st
Conelly, John, grocer, 3 Temora
terrace, Pyrmout Bridgo rd
Conercy, Mrs., Stephen st, Rwk.
Conoy, James, Bourko st, Wav.
Coney, Mrs., 70 Campbell st, Ntwn.
Confidence Gold Mining Co.—Ebblcwhite, W. E., mnnnger, 331 Geo. st
Congdou, Abel, nccountant, 22 Lyudhurst st, Glebo
Cougdon, John, Paddington st, Pdtn.
Cougdon, S„ com. agent, Forbes st
Congregational cemetery, Devonshire
Congregational chapel, Allen st, Lcdt.
Congregational church—Rayner, Rev.
—, Albert st, Hbsh.
Congregational church—Fairey, Rev.
G. B., Alexandra st, H. Hill
Congregational ohureh, Alfred st,
St. L.
Congregational church—Adams, Rev.
E., 109 Botany st, Wtloo.
Congregational church—Hill, Rev,
James, Bourke st
Congregational churoh—Howdcn, •
Rev. T. G., Burwood rd, Bur.
CongrcgntionnI church—Campbell,
Hev. Geo., 315 Cleveland st, Hfn.
Congregational church—Uickard,
Hev. J., Church st, Cninp.
Congregational church—Williams,
Hev., Morgan Church st, Pmatta.
Congregational church—Fry, Rev.
A. 3., Darling st. Bal.
CongrcgntionnI church nnd school—
Preston, Rev. Goo.. Devonshire st
Congregational church—Mnthieson,
Rev. W., Edwin st, Ash.
CongrcgntionnI church—Olley, Rev.
C. J., Fountain st, Man.
CongrcgntionnI church—Dny, Rev.
Robert, Illawarra rd, Mar.
Congrcgatlonol ohureh—Donning,
Rev. J., John st, Rkwd.
Congregational church—Davios, Rev.
Warlow, King st, Ntwn.
Oongregatlonnl church—Donning, J.,
Liverpool rd, Hbsh.
Congregational church—Lewis, Rev.
George, 05 Liverpool st
Congregational ohureh—Moncur st,
Congregational church—Ashor, Hev.
Samuel Nicholl'sBay rd, N. Why.
Congregational church—Ocean st,
Congregational church—Penshurst
st, N.Wby.
Congregational church—Brynnt, Rev.
Snmuol, Point Piper rd, Whra.
Congregational church—Jeffries, Rov.
J. 204 Pitt st
Congregational church and s c h o o l Queen st, Whra.
Congregational church—St. John's
rd, Glebo
Congregational church— Wontworth
, lauo
Congregational hall nnd sohoolroom2 George st, Rfn.
Oongregntlonnl Mission church—
Emily st, Mar.
CongrcgntionnI office — Cullen, J .
F„ secrotnry, 1 Wcntworth court,
Elizabeth st
Congregational school, 204 P i t st
Congregational Sunday school—Penburst st, N. Why.
Congregational School hall—Hallway
st, Petm.
Conin, P., grocer, 310 Liverpool st
Conlan, M. J., master-marinor, 202
Bourke st
Conlan, W., butcher, 39-11 Banks st
Conloy, Alfred, 40 Pino Bt
Conloy, Miss E., 29 Australia st, Ntwn.
Conloy, James, nccountant, Stntion st,
Conloy, John, carpenter, 21 Murray st,
Conloy, Thomas, 29 St Mnry st, Camp.
Colin, —, Ferdinand st, Bal.
Conlon nnd Rledy, grocers, 99 Cleveland st, Rfn.
Conlon, G. H., coachsmitli, 218 Riley
Conlon, J., dairyman, 15 Francis st
C O N L O N , J O H N , baker and oonfoctioner, 82 Harris st, and 9
Foster st
Conlon, John, baker, 82 Harris st
Conlon, Marthn, 12 Elizabeth st,
Conlon, Mary, grocer, 389 Cleveland
st, Rfn.
C O N L O N , M I C H A E L J . , potter
and drain pipe-maker, 10 Broughton st, Glebo. (Seo advt.)
Conlon, Thomas J., vanproprictor, 98
Glebo st, Glebe
Conlon, Patrick, plasterer, 9 Little
Oxford st
Conlon, P., Newtown rd, Dar,
Conn, Alfred, hootmnker, Sorroll st,
Conn, G., butcher, 89 Dowling st
Connah, F.. Onk lodge, Esplanade. Man.
Connah. W., 4 Brawn's pi; off 170
Sussex st
Connair, John, Croydon rd, Ash.
Counarton, Mnrtln, baker, 30 Honson
st, Ultimo
Connnugbton, Pntrick, 114 St. John's
rd, Glebe
Connoff, Mrs. J„ greengrocer, 1 Steam
Mill st
Conneffrey, Miss Rose, John st, II. Hill
Conncghcu, Miss Bridget, Prospect it,
Connell, Ann, Upward st, Lcdt.
Council, Dennis, Young In, Rfn.
Connell, E„ plasterer, Denhnm st, Can.
Connell, Edward, plasterer, Toogood
st, MoDtn.
Connoll, Edward, 8 Chapman st
Connell, J., 39 Denhnm st, Glebo
Connell, J . F., master-mariner, 205
Walker st, Rfn.
Connell, James G., eablnct-makor, 14
Glebo st, Glebo
Connell, John, 8 Chandler's cottages,
Newtown rd
Connell, John, Rcnwlck st, Lcdt.
Connell, Michael, Agar st
Connell, Mrs., Spring st, Wav.
Connoll, Patrick, 10 Corben st
Connell, W., printer, Hanover st, Bal.
Connellan, M J., Prospect st, pdtn.
Connelly, Bridget, storekeeper, 64
Sophia st
Connelly, E., engineer, 45 Fovenux st
Connelly, J., slater, 00 Glebe st, Glebo
Connelly, John, Alfred st, St. P .
Connelly, John, Botany rd, Wtloo.
Connelly, John, 10 Irving st
Connolly, J. .blacksmith, Lucas rd, Bur.
Connelly, John, joiner, 30 Murray st,
Connelly, John, Beehive hotel, 108 RagInn st, Wtloo.
Connelly, Michael, ifonntvleie hotel,
377 Riley st W.
Connelly, Pntrick, sawyer, 394 Kcntst
Connolly, Peter, Foucnrt st, Bal.
Connolly, T., gurdeucr, Alexandra st,
H. Hill
Connelly, T., tailor, 113 Campboll st
Conner, Mrs., Berry's rd, St. L .
Conner,Thomas, 171 Botany rd, Wtloo.
Connors, John, 95 Cumberland st
Connors. John, 55 Kcllick st, Wtloo.
Connerton, M., baker, 41 Burlington st
Conuery, J., butcher, 120 Misscndcn rd,
Conner)', John, 90 Stnnlcy Bt
Conncry, MIchnel, draper, 40-48 Oxford st
Connlngton, William, Little Dowling
st, Pdtn.
Conuol, Hugh, ironmouldcr.Edgecllffc
rd, Whrn.
Connolley, Michael, 7 North st
Connolley, Patrick, Victoria rd, Mar.
Connolly, Edward, More st, Bal.
Connolly, G., Bront st, Bal.
Connolly, G., bootmaker, 142 Kent st
Connolly John, bootmaker, 19 Frnnklyn pi, Globe
Connolly. Mary, Union inn, LanoCove
rd, St, L.
Connolly, MIchnel, North st
Connolly William, fnncy goods shop,
273 King st, Ntwn.
Connon, Mrs. Little Stephen st, Bnl.
Conuon, Thomas, shipwright, Dawall
st, Bal.
Connor, B., grocer, 13 HosehlU st, Hfn.
Connor, Dennis, 25 Dick st
Connor, James, bootmaker, 104 Bullanaming st, Rfn.
Connor, Jnmes, bootmaker, 32 Gcorgo
st, Wtloo.
Connor, Jos., bricklayer, 0 McEvoy st
E., Wtloo.
Connor, James, 4 Bettlngton st
Connor, James, 292 Oxford st, Pdtn,
Connor. James, Sherwood rd, Prspt,
and Slier.
Connor, John, bricklayer, Greenwich
rd, N. Why.
Connor, John, 75 Brougham st, Globe
Connor, John, Comber st, Pdtn.
Connor, Michael, boot and shoo maker,
12 McEUiono pi
Connor, M., cnbpmpriotor, Wilton lu
Connor, Michael, 11 Samuel st
Connor, Miss M. A., Smith st, Pmatta.
Connor, Miss, Indies school, 311 Upper
Dowling st, Darllnghurst
Connor, Mrs., 253 Forbes st
Connor, Mrs., dressmaker, Begg st,
Connor, Richard, bootmaker, 151
Bnllnnaming st, Rfn.
Connor, Richard, 035 Bourko st
Connor, William, bontbullder, Mitchell st, Vie.
Connor, William, Enmoro rd, Ntwn.
Connors, James, master-mariner, 72
Cumberland st
Connors, James, butcher, Western rd,
Prspt. and Slier.
Connors, James, Churoh st, Pmatta.
Connors, James, 3 Dagniar terrace,
Victoria st, McDtn.
Connors, M., bootmaker, Union st, Vic.
Connors, Michael, 2 Hlnndst
Connors, Mrs., Spring st, Pdtn.
Connors, P., 31 Cowpcr st, Glebe
Connors, John, bnker, 29 East st
Connulty, Joseph P., coachpaintor,
01 Union st. Ntwn.
Conolly, John, Botany rd, Alxn.
Oonolly, Daniel, Brodie st, Pdtn.
Conolly, Dominlck, cabpropiletor, 05
Francis st, Glebe
Conolly, Hugh, grocer, Glenmoro rd,
Conolly, Mrs., Mary st, Pdtn.
Conolly, Thomas, Albert st, Petm.
Conolly, T., Little Dowling st, Pdtn.
Conolly, Thomns, I) Sandwell st
Conoroy, James, shipwright, Montague st, Bal.
Conrad, Daniel. 11 Albert st, Wtloo.
Conran, Patrick. Adolphus st, Bal.
Conray, J., J-outh Head rd, \V, Bay
Conrcady, C , 25 Wattlo st
Conroy, D., tobacconist, 133 Bourke st
Conroy, Denis, 52 Cleveland st, Dnr.
Conroy, I., Cuttle Clare hotel,HI Gcorgo
st W.
Conroy, James, Lion st, Ash.
Conroy, MIchnel, Splcer *t, Whra.
Conroy, Michael, 35 Taylor st
Conroy, Mrs., Chnpliu st
Conroy, Mrs., 417 Sussex st
Conroy, Nicholas, 2 Gordon st
Conroy, Simon, Little Comber st, Fdtn.
Conroy, Thomas, 49 Edward st, Rfn.
Conroy, Thomas, 71 Holt st
Conroy, Wm., bootmaker, 30Franklyn
pi, Glebo
Const, Alexander, 77 Sussex st
Constable, H., Jones st
Constable, J., stonemason, 28 Darling
st, Glebe
Constable, Mrs. if., Adolphus st, Bal.
Constance, Chnrles, 33 Berwick In
Constantino, Alexander, II Hart st
Constantino, William, 311 ITnrt st
Consulnto of Denmark—Tango, A.,
consul ; Remington, R.T., actingconsul, 58 Pitt st
Convent of the Sacred Hcnrt-Febrome,
Very Rev. M., superioress, Claromout, Vauoluse rd, W. Bay
Convent of the Sisters of Mercy—
Stanislaus, Sis. Mary, superioress,
121 Harrington st
Convent of the Immaculate Conception, Jnuo st, Bal.
Convent, Sisters of the Good Samaritan, F. Dk.
Convcut of the Sisters of Charity—
McGuigan, Mary F., superioress,
Victoria st
Conway, —, Darling st, Bal.
Conway, A. and Son, jewellers, 382
Cook, E. W., jun., baker, Old South
Qcortro Bt
Head rd, Wav.
Couway, Alexander, 160 Botany st
Cook, E., carpenter, Smith st, Mar.
Conway, A., carpenter, 245 Kent st
Cook, Edward, fencer, Nicholl's Buy
Conway, Cornelius, Tramway st,-Bot.
rd, N. Wby.
Conway, Edward, stonemason, Llttlo Cook, Edward J., -160 Bourko st
Edward st. Bal.
Cook, Edward W., baker, 382 Oxford
Conway, J., blaeksmitli, Darling st,
st, Pdtn.
Cook, Eliza, 160 Bullanamlug st, Rfn.
Conway, Jacob, 300 Victoria st
Cook, F. \Y„ rond contractor nnd stono
Couway, James, schoolteacher, Vicmcrohant, 3 Bridge st
toria st, Ash.
Cook, Prank, 35 George st
Conway. J., shipwright, Ann st, Bal.
Cook, Frederick, nlastcror, ErskinoConway, James, Crown at, St. P .
villerd, MoDtn.
Conway, Janus, Prospectst, Pdtn.
Cook, P., Brooklyn, Boyco st, Glebe
Conway, James P., butcher, Darling Cook, G., builder, Grafton st, Whra.
st, Bal.
Cook, George, cabinet-maker, 16
Conway, John, blacksmith, Llttlo
Bullnnaming st, Hfn,
Darling st. Bal.
Cook, George, engineer. 28 Mill st,
Conway, J., bootmaker, 270 Sussex st
Conway, John, journalist, 1 Norman Cook, George, Enmoro rd, Ntwn.
terrace, Gordon st, Pdtn.
Cook, George, John Rt, Whra.
Conway, John. Cook's River rd, St. P, Cook, George, 50 Talfourd st. Glebe
Conway, Michael, Fitzroy st, liar.
Cook, G. B,, grocer, 66 Glebe st, Glebe
Conway, Mrs., 87 Cooper st, Wtloo,
Cook, G. E., hairdresser, 710 Gcorgo st
Conway, Mis., Duke st, Bill.
Cook, George ST., Illawnrra terrace,
Conway, Owen. So Gljips st
Garden st, Mnr.
Couway, R. W., Stoke, Now Cook's Cook, H., jun., market gardener, West
Elver rd, Petm.
Botany st, Dot.
Oonwell, Richard \V., 100 Mitchell st, Cook, Henry, bootmaker, 17 Oxford
Bt, Ntwn.
Conyard, Henry, Crinanst, Can.
Cook, Hny.. enrpentor, Edith st, Lcdt.
Conyglinmc, Eliza, 1 Lower Campbell Cook, Henry, market gardener, Rocky
Point rd, Bot.
Conymgham, Hamburg, tobacco manu- Cook, Henry, market gardener, Spring
facturer, '1 East st
st, Bot.
Coooy Suing, 20S George st
Cook, Hny., painter, 20 Hanover st,
Coogan, Dennis, 140 Palmer st
Coogan, F., Wcntnorth st, Pmattn.
Cook, Henry, plastoror, 1 Australia Bt,
Coobin, —, Mtihuh Franpiiae, 354
Gcorgo st
Cook, Henry, plnsterer, Eliza st, Ntwn.
Cook Park bowling green, College st
Cook, Henry, tanner, GIJIJIS st, Cond.
OOOK, W . A N D H., timber mer- Cook, Henry, Golden Grove terrace,
chants, box and packing caso
Darlington rd, Dnr.
makers, patentees of Paragon flro Cook, Hugh 0., stonemason, Isabella
kindlcrs, 225 Elizabeth st, Ultimo
st, Wnv.
rd anil Matthew st
Cook, Isaac, builder, Grafton st, Whra.
Cook, —, l.ookc st, Bid.
Cook, Isaao, Birrell st, Wav.
Cook, —, 74 O'Connor st
Cook, James, tnllor, George st, MoDtn.
Cook, —, 25 Wilton st
Cook, Jnmes, Botany rd, Bot.
Cook, A., plasterer, 15 Itedfcrn st, Rfn. Cook, James, 94 Forbes st
Cook, Alexander, 297 Crown rd
Cook, James, 83 Gcorgo st, Rfn.
Cook A„ grocer. Morrell st, Whra.
Cook, Jnmes, NicholPsBay rd, N. Wby.
Cook, Alexander, 432 Jones st
Cook, J. J., Dobroyde, Morris Bt, Ash,
Cook, A., accountant, Park nv. Ash.
Cook, Juno, Marlborough st, Lcdt,
Cook, A„ urchitect, Byron st, llwk.
Cook, Jane E., 198 Crown st
Cook, Alfred, Botany rd, Alxa.
Cook, J., Enstvale, Wardcll rd, Mar.
Cook. A., Avcloy, F&frfowl st, Mnr.
Cook, John, 110 Bay at
Cook, A„ artist, Liverpool rd, Hbsh.
Cook, J., fitter, Toogood st, MoDtn.
Cook, Arthur, 13 Thomns st, Kfn.
Cook, John, 02 Bucklnnd st, Wtloo.
Cook, Azarias, Mm Lion hotel, 208 Cook, John, Crown st, St. P.
Elizabeth st
Cook, John, Foucart st, Bal,
Cook, O., WenUtorlh /'art hotel, 461 Cook, John, Littlo Gipps at, Pdtn.
Harris st
Cook, John, Robey st. Bot.
Cook, Charles, sen.. Alrd st. Pmattn.
Cook, John II., 15 Judge st
Cook, Charles, jun., brlokmoker, Aird Cook, J. L., cnudlc-mukcr, Queen st,
st. Pniatta.
Cook, C, builder, Thornlcy st, Lcdt.
Cook, John T., Stownrt st, Pdtn.
Cook, Charles, 'busproprietor, WentCook, Joseph and Co., printers and
•worth st. St. P.
publishers, IxDKI'HNUKNT ofllco,
Cook, Charlotte, 410 Harris st
354 Gcorgo st
Conk, D„ carpenter, 67 Walker st, Rfn. Cook, Josyph, printer, Maidstono,
Cook, E., Continental hotel, 238 Claronco
Canterbury rd, Mnr.
Cook, J., viinpropriotor, Emanuel cot.,
Cook, E., scale and weighing machine
Ulnwarra rd, Jlnr,
maker, 72 Druitt st
Cook, M., Botany rd, Alxa.
Cook, E. n „ 1 Agnes terraco, Ebloy
Cook, Miss, Latham cottage, Burwood
st, Wav.
rd, Bur.
Cook, Miss, private school, Tho hnll,
70 Stanley st
Cook, Miss, Wrentmoro college, Cambridge st, Petm.
Cook, Mrs., Pnlleney hotel, Cook's
River rd, St. P.
Cook, Mrs, 62 Broughton st, Glebe
Cook, Mrs., Lome cottage, Charles
st, Mar.
Cook, Mrs., Lnwson st, Bal,
Cook, Mrs., Middle st, Mar.
Cook, Mrs., Cumberland terrace, Smith
st, Mnr.
Cook, Mrs., St. Petors st, St. P.
Cook, Philip R„ Norton st, Lcdt.
Cook, R., grocor, Ahcreromblo st, Rfn.
Cook, Hiclid., qunrrymnn, 281 Kent s t
Cook, Richard, Truro cottage, Cowpcr
st, Wav.
Cook, Robert, mnslcian, 18 Upton st
Cook, Robert. Windsor st, Pdtn.
Cook, Rupert, brick manufacturer,
Denby st, Mar.
Cook, Samuel, gatekeeper, Pnrrnmattn
park, Pmattn.
Cook, Samuel, journalist, Frankfort
villa, Victoria rd. Mar.
Cook, Silas, painter, 7 Albert st, Ntwn.
Cook, Sydney, ironmonger, Little Edward st
Cook, T. J , butcher, Lano Covo rd
St. L.
Cook, Thomas, baskot-makor, Hastings
rd, Bot
Cook, Thomas, drayproprictor, 209
Crown rd
Cook, T., painter, Caledonia rd, Pdtn.
Cook, Thomas, saddler, 12 Campbell st
Cook, Thrones, saddler, 251 Pnlmer s t
Cook. Thomas, Albion st. Lcdt.
Cook, Thomns, 3 Cross st
Cook, Thomas, McGarvio st, Pdtn.
Cook, Thomas, Moncur st, Whra.
Cook, Thomas, Pashlcy st, Bal.
Cook, Thomas J., butcher, Bluo's
Point rd, Vio.
Cook, W., Herbert st
Cook, W. J., 010 Hnrris st
Cook, Wm., plasterer, 101 Regent st,
Cook, Wm., printer, 10 Frederick st,
Cook, William, 10 Brodlo st. Camp.
Cook, William, George st, McDtn.
Cook, William, 7 Littlo Buckingham s t
Cook, William, Mary st, Pdtn.
Cook, William, 0 Rlloy st
Cook, William, Short st, Bal.
Cook, William, 40 Surry st
Cook, William, 04 Susan st, Camp.
Cook, William, Swanson st. McDtn.
Cook, William, 12 Thomas st, Camp.
Cook, William, Union st, Pdtn.
Cook, William, 60 Yurong st
Cook, William H., 298 Cleveland Bt
Cook. Wm. J., builder, 37 Forbes st,
Cook, William J., builder, Harris st
Cook, W. I., Nloholl's Bay rd, N. Wby.
Cooko, M. and Son, bootmnkors, 248
Gcorgo st
Cooko, D., 01 Evelclgh st, Rfn.
Cooke, G.. boarding establishment, 30
Cumberland st
Cooko, J . T., boiling down establishment—Adams, J,, manager, Pnlmor
st, St. L.
Cooke, James, 10 Wells st, Rfn.
Cooking classroom, Royal arcade
Cooko, Miss, a r t academy, Blrloy st,
Cooko, Mrs., Fairviow, No. 2, 8 Westmorland st, Gleba
Cooke, Mrs., Fernuiirat, Middle Harbour rd, St. L.
Cooko, Samuel, Glcnomcrn villa, 2
Short st, Glcbo
Cooko, W. A., boot and shoo maker,
174 Albion st
Cooko, Walter, boot merchant, Queen
st, Ntwn.
Cooksley, John, blacksmith, Bcattio st,
Coolan, Martin, 210 Dowllng st
Coomb, Thomas, miller, Sencombo,
Wolsoley st, F. Dfc.
Coombo, Catherine, off 60 Regent st,
Coobo, Geo., grocor nnd draper, 60
A' orcromble st
Coombo, Mrs., Cliff house, Alfred st,
St. L. E.
Coomber, Charles, 0 Ross st, Camp.
Coomber, J., bulkier. Botany rd, Bot.
Coomber. James, plasterer, 27 Raglan
st, Wtloo.
Coombor, nenry, plumber, Liverpool
rd, Ash.
Coomber, John T., 384 Joins st
Ooombcs Bros., grocers, 63 Gcorgo Bt,
Coombos, C. W., 222 Macqunrio st S.
Ooombcs, David C , Bruce st, Ash.
Coombes, Richard, grocer, 11 Stirling
st, Rfn.
Coombos, William, John st, McDtn.
Coombs, J., wood yard, 22 Engluo st
Coonan, Jnmes, Little Stewart st, Pdtn.
Coonan, John, Wnlkor st, Vic.
Coonan, Thomas, cnbproprictor, 208
Dowllng st
Coonan, Thomas, cnbproprictor, 42
Surry st
Coonau,T.,Montroso, Stewart st, Pdtn.
Coonan, W. T„ solicitor, 153 Phillip st
Coonan.W.,Montrose, Stewart st, Pdtn.
Coonoy, Charles, 192 Campbell st
Coonoy, Chas., 200 Palmer st
Coency, Charles, 95 Riley st
Coonoy, Michael, oabproprletor, 38
Evclolgli st, Rfn.
Coonoy, Micha-1, 30 Littlo Gipps st
Cooney, Mrs., general Btore, Alfred st,
St. L., E.
Coonoy, Patrick, 18 Chajiol In
Coonoy, Patrick. 19 Little Brisbane st
Coopo, Josoph, bhvksmith, 17 Mill st
Cooper and Co., wino nnd spirit merchants, 49 .Market st
Cooper, Nathan and Co,, wino and
spirit merchants, 435-37 Sussox st
Co-operative Co., Wnllsond—Lnldloy,
William, proprietor, Exchange
buildings, Pitt st
Cooper, —, Holden st, Ash.
Coopor, —, 117 Queen st, Whra.
Cooper. —, Rocky Point rd, Bot.
Coopor, A. G., Margaret st, Petm.
Coopcr,|A., auctioneer, 120 Elizabeth st
Cooper, A., plasterer, Fred st, Potm
Coopor, Alex., 49 King st N., Ntwn.
Coopor, Alfred, dairyman, Botany rd,
Cooper, Alfred, journalist I Crown st
Cooper, Alfred, 54 Wells st, Rfn.
Cooper, Arthur, Victoria square, Ash.
Cooper, Basil, Lighthouse st, Vic.
Coopor, Basil, York st, Bal.
Cooper, Charles, carpenter, Church st,
Cooper, Charles, coachbulldor, Prospect rd, Ash.
Coopor, Charles, vanpropriotor, Jarrot st, Lcdt.
Cooper, a , Dilbhur, Oatloy »t, Whra.
Coopor, Charles L., 00 Mary st
Cooper, David J„ Avcnal, Leichhardt
st, Wav.
Cooper, Edward, 1 Morehcad st, Rfn.
Coojier, E., Ramsgate, Central rd, Ash,
Cooper, Emily, ClilVord house, Old
South Head rd, Whra.
Coopor, F. C, Ancona cottago, Grosvenor st, Bur,
Cooper, Francis, plumber, 2 Grotb's
buildings, Miller's ril
Cooper, V., dyer, 250 Castlereagh st
Coopor, P., The cottage, Bay st, Whra.
Coojier, Francis, 82 College st, Cnmp.
Coojior, Frederick, vanpropriotor, 69
Deiiison st, Ntwn.
Cooper, G. F., 290 Kent st
Cooper, George, builder, 6 Bishopsgato
st, Ntwn.
Cooper, U., houso and laud agent, 4
Albert st, Ntwn.
Cooper, Gcorgo, Insuranco agent, G
North tor., Campbell st, St. L., E.
Coopor,G., plasterer, Thomas st, Ash.
Cooper, George, plumber, Renwiok st,
Cooper. George, Fred st
Cooper, Georgo, William st, Pdtn.
Cooper, G. H„ house and land agent,
01 Sydney arcade;
Cooper, II.. Charles st, Pmntta.
C O O P E R , H. W . , medicated vnpour baths, 340 Crown st
Coopor, H. R., grocer, 109 Georgo st
Cooper, H„ grocer, Botany rd, Bot.
Coopor, Henry, Botany rd, Bot.
Cooper, II., 20 Gowrio st, Ntwn.
Cooper, H., Haladah, Liverpool rd,
Cooper, Henry, 200 Liverpool st
Cooper, Henry S., Spring st, Wav.
Coojier, Henry W., Edwnrd st, Ash.
Coojier, H„ carpenter, Cowper st, Mar.
Cooper, J. G., Upper Bnnkstowu,
Cooper, J. W., 1 Audlom tor., Rose st
Coopor, James, carpenter, Prospect
st, McDtn.
Cooper, James, mnrblo mason, 1 Wolsoly cottago, Catherine st, Lcdt.
Cooper, James, provision dcalor, 00
Oxford st
Cooper, Jnmes, Commodore st, Ntwn.
Coopor, Jnmes, Oecnn st, Wnv.
Coojier, James R., galvanized ironworker, Albion st, Lcdt.
Cooper, Jane, 10 Little Brisbano st
Cooper, J,, butcher, 153 Goulburn st
Cooper, John, cabinet-maker, Johnson st, Lcdt.
Coopor, John, dairyman, Macdonald
Bt, McDtn.
Cooper, John, draper, Eden st, McDtn;
Coopor, John, engineer, Glasoow cottago. Uun 6t, Pmntta.
Cooper, John, plasterer, Fred st, Potm.
Coo]ier, J., saddler, 23 Turner st, Ilfn.
Cooper, John, 44 Brisbano st
Cooper, John, 1 Langlcy's In
Cooper, John, 211 Mncnunrie st
Cooper, John, Westleigh, Shell Covo
rd, St. L.
Coopor, Jonathan, storekeeper, 40
Austrnlin st, Ntwn.
Cooiier, Joseph, joiner, 38 Chambers st
Coojier, Joseph J., news agent, 857
Georgo st, and 39 Globe rd, Glcbo
Cooper, Leonard, Elthnm, Underwood
st, Pdtn.
Coojier, Mary, Claro cottage, Balmnin
rd, Lcdt.
Cooper,Mathow, wheelwright, Carlton
terrace, Balmnin rd, Lcdt.
Coojier, Michael, 22 Myrtle st
Coojier, Miss, 335 Bourko st
Cooper, Mrs., Ebley st. Wav.
Coojier, Mrs., 39 Egan st, Ntwn.
Coojier, Mrs., Trongato st. Gran.
Coojier, Mrs., privato boarding establishment, ii3 Elizabeth st
Coojier, Philip, 20 Junction st, Globe
Cooper, R., Pollsters' IMnat hotel, 104
Dowling st
Coojier, It. II., plasterer, Simmons st,
Coojier, R, J., 91 Buckingham st
Coojier,!!., carpenter, Macdonald st,
Coojier, It., vinegar and cordial manufacturer, 00 Marlborough st
Cooper, II., wntohmaker, 27 Hunterst
Coojier, Robert, Creek Rt, Hbsh.
Cooper, T., Ashford cottage, Rlvervlow
st, Bur.
Coojier, T., shoemaker, 6 Yarnlla st,
Coojier, T., 22 Broughton st, Oldie
Coojier, Thomas, Cameron st, Pdtn.
Cooiier, Thomas, 282 Chinch st.Camp.
Coojier, Thomas, Croydon rd, Ash.
Coo|ier, Thomas, Stanley st, Bur.
Coojier, T. J. W., upholsterer, Pmntta.
rd, Lcdt.
Cooper, Walter, butcher, 31 Princes st
Coojier, Walter, 15 Hutchinson st
Coojier, William, cnrjiontor, Little
Walker st, St. L.,E.
Coojier, William, plumber and gasfitter, 640J George s t ; p.r., 11
Wilson st, Ntwn.
Cooper, W., shipwright, Ellen ft, Bal.
Cooiier, Willinm, Woollnbrn honso,
Beach st, Whra.
Coojier, William. 35 Burlington st
Coojier, AVillinm, Cnlder rd, Rfn.
Coojier, Willinm, 1 Goold 8t
Coojier, Willinm, 4 Kettle Bt, Rfn.
Cooper, William, Little's In, Bal.
Cooper, William, Woidlnhra house,
South Head rd, W. Bay
Co-ojierativo Colliery Co.—Gosling,
J. It., secretary, Exchange, Pitt st
Coojics, Walter, Mitchell st.Vic.
Coops, William T., grocer, 61£ Botany
st, Wtloo.
Cootc, Albert, Albert st, McDtn.
Cooto, Alfred. Park rd
Cootc, Ann, 04J Fitzroy st
Cootc, Charles, brickmnkcr, Brixton
rd, Rkwd.
Coote. D., clerk, 27 Denison st, Whra.
Cooto, Gcorgo W., 210 Liverpool st
Cootc. Joscjih, oyster merchant, 70
Princes st
Coote, Thomns, 115 Queen st, Whra.
Coote, Willinm, carpenter, 7 Omnibus
terrace, Bowden st, Whra.
Cootes, John, 16 Union st
Copo and King (William Copo, F. H.
King), solicitor*, 138 Pitt at
Cope, Charles, Ernng, Oxford Bt, Pdtn.
Cope, G., builder, Sutherland Bt, Fdtn.
Copo, Ilenry, 30 Harold st, Ntwn.
Copo. Hugh, Courthouse hotel, 120-124
Georgo st, Rfn.
Copo, J . W., dcnlcr, 7 Regent st. Bfn.
Copo, J . W., bricklayer, Tnlo st, Mar.
Cope, W., lirlcklHyor, 0G Vine st, Rfn.
Cope, Willinm, 107 Elizabeth at
Copolnnd, II., butcher, Evans st, Bal.
Copelnnd, Rev. J., editor of PRESBYTERIAN", 101 King st
Copcinau, Georgo and Son, ohiraneystt-eops, 308 Pitt st
Copemnn, Arthur, chimneysweep,
Ocean st, Wlirn.
Copemnn, John, cooper, Notterscnn
villa, Den Eden st, Wnv.
Copemnn, r., chimneysweep, 268 Victoria st
Copes, Thos., cnbpropriotor, Cameron
st, Pdtn.
Copes, Thomas J.. High st, Pdtn.
Copcstnkc, Thomas, boiler-makor,
Bolmorc st, Bnl.
Copi). Ernest, plumber, 9 Best st
Copp, John, 343 Bourkc st
Copp, Willtoin,cnrnonter, 30 Westmorland st, Glcbo
Copper, M., 170 Georgo st, Wtloo.
Coppock, Elizabctli, 6 Pawley st
Corben and Co., jeweller, 321 Oxford
st, Pdtn.
Corben, Andrew, builder, Seaviow
vllln. Francis st, War.
Corben, John, 308 Riley st
Corben, Moses, stouemnson, 64 Rose
st, Dnr.
Corb»n, Robert, plasterer, 28 Redfern
st, Rfn.
Corben, Walter, jeweller, 30 Redfern
st, Rfn.
Corbett, A., Woniora, Birrell st, Wav.
Corbett, Mrs. B., 210 Cumberland at
Corbett, Henry, Norton st, Ash.
Corbett, James, plumber, 232 Cnstlercagh st
Corbett, James, plumber, Orpington
st, Ash.
Corbett, John, Lclchliardt st, Wav.
Corbctt, Jonathan, 26 Bennett st
Corbctt, Joseph, Whito st, Lcdt.
Corbctt, Michael, 8 Bay st
Corbett, Michael, 116 Crown st
Corbctt, Mrs., Orpington st, Ash.
Corbett, Mrs. n., 8 Darling st
Corbett, Thomas, bookbinder, 232
Castlorengh st
Corbctt, Thomas, Brixton rd, Rkwd.
Corbctt, T., Mnmlonald st, MoDtn.
Corbett, William, greengrocer, 27
Lyudhurst st, Glebe
Corbett, Win., Oldham cot, Denison
rd, Pctm.
Corbey, Jnmes, Wharf rd, Cond.
Corbiu nud Nicolle, carpenters, off 70
Castloreagh st
Corbin, Jnmes II., Alresford, 278 Glcbo
rd, Glebe
Corbitt. Mrs., Cambridge pi, Alfred st,
St. L., E.
Corcoran, Frank C . Park rd, Mar.
Corcoran, J., Joubert st, H. Hill.
Corcoran, James, 3 Yarrawn terrace.
Hill st, Ntwn.
Corcoran, John, Alexandria hotel, Raglan st, Alxa.
Corcoran, John, Parkviow terrace,
88 Collouo st, Camp.
Corcoran, John, 1 off Hutchinson st
Corcoran, Mary, 4 Riloy st
Corcoran, Michael, Junior st, Lcdt.
Corcoran, Mrs., draper, Mort st, Bal.
Corcoran, P., Utile House under the
Hill hotel. 100 Duke st
Corcoran, P. J., 31 Elizabeth st, Camp.
Corcoran, Peter, Gerrnrd st, Alxa.
Cordon, Mrs., Henry st, Ash.
Cordcr, Frederick G., stonemason, Cowper st, Qlobo
Cordcroy, Aaron, 32 Forbes st
Cordoroy, William F., Fntrviow, Anthony st, Ash.
Cordoroy, Thomas, painter, 4 Victoria
terrace, Georgo st. MoDtn.
Cordcs, Christian, 40 Wexford st
Cordlnglcy, John, Woollalira hotel, 35
Queen st, Whrn.
Cordncr, William, commission ngont,
101 Union st, Ntwn.
Cordncr, W. .T„ Wellington st, Bal.
Cordwoll, William, butcher, West,
Crescent st, Vic.
Cordy, John, plumber.Torquay, Allen's
nv, Mar.
Core, Archlbnld, tnllor, Alva cottayo,
Thomas st, Mar.
Corfleld, Mat., off Mitchell rd, Alxa.
Corfleld, William, bootmaker, 43 Queen
st, Whrn.
Coridan, Philip, carrlor, 27 Evcleigh
st, Rfn.
Cork, R., pilot, Mnrlne parade, W. Bay.
Cork, Sydney, bootmaker, 2-4 Smith st
Cork, Svd., 1 Dick's pi, olt 248 Pitt st
Cork, W. C. bootmaker, 320 Palmer st
Cork, Willinm, stationer, 140 Glebo rd,
Corke, Henry, Underwood at, Pdtn.
Corkery, Daniel, engineer, 33 Turner
st, Rfn.
Corkhlll, Arthur, stonemason, Rofo st,
Corkhlll, Richard B., Oakley house,
Little's In, Bal.
Corkhlll, S., Mario cot., Albert st, Bur.
Corklsh, Albert, tailor, 197 Oxford st
Corkran, R., cabpropiictor, 21 Davy st
Corl, T., engineer, Short st, Bal.
Corless, John, 182 Sussex s t
Corletto, Rev. J . C , D.D. (C.E.), St.
John's, Alt st, Ash.
Corletto, Thomas, plasterer, Petersham
rd, Mar.
Corletto, W. C , Lucas rd, Bur.
Corley, John, builder, Rydo rd, H. Hill
Corliss, J. M., produce merchant, 100
Sussex st
Cormack. Arthur nnd Wm., builders,
28 Thomson st
Cormack, A., blacksmith, Clay at, Bal.
Cormack, A., blacksmith, 0 Market st
Cormack, Alexander W., cooper, Wharf
rd, Bnl.; p. r., Underwood st
Cormack, Donald, mercantile agent,
Foy's chambers, Bond s t ; p. r.,
Bnrkly cottage, Charlotte st, Ash.
Cormack, J., cooper, Rouutrcc at, Bal.
Cormack, William, 110 Campbell st
Cormack, W., Fnddlngton Bt, Pdtn.
Cormody, Chnrlcs, 3 Bolln pi, off 283
Elizabeth st
Cormell, Bridget, 8 Stream In
Cormick, James, Prospect rd, Ash.
Corne, Mrs. L., Littlobourue, Wright
st, Bur.
Corncllon, Edward, linguist, Wonana,
81 Queen st, Whra.
Cornelius. Frank It., Mount Norris st,
H. Hill
Cornoliuscu, H., baker, 42 Judge st
Cornell, Frederick S., carpenter, 9J
Hordorn st, Ntwn.
Cornelia, John, 62 Cowperst, Glebe
Corner, Edward, schoolmaster, 3 Longdown st, Ntwn.
Corner, Henry, 101 George at, Wtloo.
Corner, John, 08 Judgo st
Corner, John, Nelson st, Bal.
Corner, Rev. Klrton A., Paddlngton
st, Pdtn.
Comer, William, Bracslde, Darling
Point rd, Whra.
Cornoy, Patrick, 6 Phillip st, Globe
Coruford.Honry, blacksmith,^ Marian
st, Rfn.
Cornford, Spcnccr,97 Barcom st
Cornish, John, nccountant, Blair
Gowrio, Mnrrickvlll'! rd, Mar.
Corniok, W., taxidermist, Mansfield Bt,
Cornillon, E., wine and spirit merchant, Royle's chambers. Bond st
Cornish, —, frenohpolithcr, 48 Mow st
Corniili, J . C , tobacconist, 163 George
st W.
Cornish, J. U., builder, Wlsbeaoh st,
Cornish, Marion, 20 Palmer st
Cornish, Thos., 17 Morehend at, Wtloo.
Cornish, W., frcnchpolfslicr. 35 Mowst
Cornish, William. 10 Union st
Corns, Mary R., 87 Kippax st
Cornwall Fire and Marine Insurance
Co.—Llovd, G. A. and Co., agents,
318 Georgo st
Cornwall, G„ butcher, Mark st, Rkwd.
Cornwall, John, 17 Regent st
Cornwall, William, engineer, 1 Butt st
Cornwall, Wm., engineer, Chapman
st, Ash.
Comwell, George, Denison rd, Petm,
Cornwcll, Isaac, 87 Abercrombio st
Cornwell, J., butcher, 17 Wattlo st
Comwell, R., bricklayer, 38 Morehend
st, Rfn.
Coroner's office—Shlcll, II, J. P.,
coroner, Macquarie st
Corporation market, Ilourko st
Corporation saloyards, Wharf In,
Sussex st
Corporation stores, 11-10 nnd 13-19
Western av, Markets
Corporation wharf, Kent stand Wharf
Corporation works, Bourko st
Correspondence branch, Macqunrio
st N.
Corroy, —, tea gardens, Cabarctto.
Point rd, Cond.
Corroy, Eleanor, grocer and draper,
229 Devonshire st
Corrick, John, bricklayer, 36 Aldorson
st, Rfn.
Corrlo, Charles, King st, Bot.
Corrigal, Samuel, plasterer, Liverpool
rd, Ash.
Corrigan and Ricdy, shipahnndlcrs,
110-112 Sussex st
Corrigan, B. M., shlpchandlor, Viekery
st, Wav.
Corrigan, K , coppersmith, 32 Littlo
Essex s t
Corrigan, John. 6 Paternoster row
Corrigan, Patrick, 19 Samuel at
Corrigan, T., grocer, 3 Marshall st
Corric, William, Glcnmoro rd, Pdtn.
Corrlcss, Patrick, 2 Margaret In
Corry, John, 22 Wattle st
Corry, Richard, 02 Druitt s t
Corl. Robert, St. George's torraco,
Phillip st, Pmatta.
Cortes, Mary, 13 Christie st, Glebo
Cortoiu. Frank, fruiterer, 170 Princost
Cortl, J., plcturcframe-maker, 111 Pitt
Cory,!'., carpenter, 00 Angel st, Ntwn.
Cosgrovc, Dennis, 34 Corben Bt
Coegrore, Mrs. E.. 2 Victoria terrace,
Miller st, St. L.
Cosg ove, Mrs. Eliza, 1 Hnrbour st
Cosgrovn, Mrs. J., 33 Collins st
Costrrove, J., Paddlngton at, Pdtn.
Cosgioro, John, Boundary st, Wtloo.
Cosgnvu, John, Edgcwnrc r.i, Ntwn.
Cosgrovc, John, John st, Wav.
Cosgiovo, Mrs. Mary, Darling it, Bal.
Cosjrovc, Mrs., baker. Miller st, St. L.
Cosgrovc, Patrick, Athlone st
Cosgrovc, T„ horse bazaar and auctioneer, 182 Castlcrcagh st, and 103-6
Klzabeth at
Cosgrovc, Thomas, cabproprictor, 44
Elizabeth st, Camp.
Cosg. ove, W. .1., stook nnd station
luent, 103 Elizabeth st
Cosgrovc, William, Norton st, Lcdt.
Cosh, Itcv.J. (Pres.), Campbell st,B&l.
Cosier, Henry B., King rd, F. Dk.
Coskery, Samuel, 179 Cleveland st, Rfn.
Cosk HI, Chnrlcs, 1 North st
Coss, John, painter, Ford st, Dal,
Cos.', William, blacksmith, 9 Henry st
Coss. William, Little Napier st, Pdtn.
Cossick, Roderick, 323 Crown st
Costello, —, 3 Rowena pi, Brougham st
Costello, Mrs. Ann, grocer, 11 and 13
Argyle st
Costello, Ellon, frultorcr, 19-21 Erskint
Costello, Francis. Foucart st, Bal.
Costello, Frederick, 97 Abercrombio st
Costello, James, cabproprictor, 10
Lodge st, Globe
Costello, John, i.ulolicr, 224 Riley st
Costello, John, carpenter, Ross st,
Costello, John. James at, Ash.
Costello, M., 6 Rowena pi, Brougham st
Costello, Patrick, Glenmore rd. Pdtn.
Costellow, Thos., 31 Talfonrd st, Globe
Costclow, E., 304 Bourke st
Costcn, Charles, North s t
Coster, Henry, Darling st, Bal.
Coster, Mrs., 2 Gloucester Bt
Costlan, Henry, Sutherland st, Pdtn,
Costlgan, Michael, Glpps st, Pdtn.
Costlgan, Mrs., Elliott st, Hal.
Costlgan, Itoscaiiua, Junius st
Costlgan, Wm., Paddlngton st, Pdtn.
Coatlni, Anotry, 95 Crown st
Cotfor, C . brickraakcr. Herbert st,
N. Why.
Cottara, John, 121 Raglan st, Wtloo.
Cottam, Seth, printer, 8 Cross st, Camp.
Cottam, Soth P., Cithorinc st, Lcdt.
Cottara, T., painter, 89 Bourke st, Rfn.
Cottec, W. A., Horksley, Nicholson at,
Cotter, E., potter, 139 Devonshire st
Cotter, James, 12 Darlington rd, Dar.
Cotter, John, butcher, 132 Phillip st
Cotter, John, 4 Goodie:, st
Cotter, John, Holdsworth tcr„ Pdtn.
Cotter, John G„ potter, Hill st, Lcdt.
Cotter, J., butcher, Paddlngton st,
Cotter, Mrs., Pashley Bt, Bal.
Cotter, Nelson, Botany rd, Alxn.
Cotter, Philip, 4 Little Goodlet st
Cotter, Richard, 73 Walker st, Rfn,
Cotter, S. J., sub-inspeolor of police,
Edward st, St. L.
Cotter, Thomas, Pashlsy st, Bal.
Cotter, William. Botnny rd, Alxa.
Cottrcll, Benj., Burlington st, St. L.
Cottcrell, G., marble-mason, 407
Riley st W.
Cottcrill, John J..coachbuildor, 64
Evcleigh »t, Rfn.
Cottcrill, Thomas, Toogood st, MoDtn.
Cotthnin, Thomas G., Moore's In, Bal.
Cottier, Robert, 100 Dowllag st
Oottiugbam, Miss, 4 Beaconsflcld
torraco, Walker st, St. L.
Cottls, Catherine, Rofe st, Lcdt.
Cottle, Elijah, Hamilton st, Can.
Cottle, George, wheelwright, 18
Shaftesbury gardona, Glebo
Cottle, Georgo, Hamilton st, Can.
Cottle, Israel, Hampton st, Can.
Cottle, J „ plumber, Toogood st,
Cottle, Misses, 153n William at
Cotton, Charlotte, Maokcnzie Bt, Lcdt.
Cotton, David, diver, 102 John st
Cotton, D.. Charlton's hotel, Wharf i t
Cotton, John, 93 Denhou st, Ntwn.
Cotton, Joseph, bootmaker, Erskiucvlllo rd, MoDtn.
Cottrnll, Richard, 0 Charlton's buildings, Harrington st
Cottrcll, Benjamin, general smith,
Myrtle st, St. L.
Cottrcll. Francis J., plumber, Thornlclgh st, Mar.
Cottrcll, W., grnincr, Nelson st, Lcdt.
Cottrell, William. Broughton st, Can.
Coturier, Francis, 42 Francis st
Couch, —, farmer, Parramatta rd,
Couch, John, saddler, 8 Botanyview
terrace, Union st, Ntwn.
Coucher, Mrs., nurse, 111 Harris st
Couohman, Oe rge, Central rd. Ash.
Coughlan. D., bnokmukor, 110 Crown
Coughlan, Mrs., Angclo st, Bur.
Oouldery and llarwood. glnss-Btnincre,
023 George st
Couldery, Uhns., frultcror, Botany rd,
Couldroy, Thos., contractor, Aubyu,
Trafalgar terrace, Petm.
Couldwell. George, Walter st, Pdtn.
Coulviiiff, Joseph, Pitt st, Rfn.
Conll. .lames A.. »nbniarinc-diver, 22
Redfern st. Rfn.
Coulon, Joseph, shipwright, Thomas
st, Bal.
Coulson liros., ironfonndry, Broughton st. Glebe
Coulson, Henry, engineer, 60 St. John's
rd, Globe
Conlson, John T., 16 Bathurst st
Coulson, Mrs., Macquarie house, 39
Upper William st N.
Coulson, Thomas W., ironfounder, 04
Queen at, Glebe
Coulson, Walter, watchmaker, Pelham st, Whra.
Coulson, W., 2 Victoria terrace, Wnv.
Coulston. James, engineer, 29 Glebo
st, Glebo
Coulston, Robert, 6 List In
Coulter, —, 4 Campbell st, Ntwn.
Coulter, Alexander, 0 Roxburgh pi
Coulter. David, plumber, 12 Napier
st, Pdtn.
Coulter, David, plumber, 32 Oxford st
Coulter, Edward, produce merchant,
195 Georgo st W.
Coulter, Henry, 114 Bay st
Coulter, Isabella, 71 Campbell st
Coulter, James, 0 Edsberg terrace, Fyrinont Bridge rd
Coulter. Joseph, secretary, Rand wick
asylum, Allison Bt, Rwk.
Coulter, Margaret, milliner nnd dressmaker. Mount st, Vic.
Coulter, Mrs. Mary, 6.1 Lodge st,
Coulter, Mrs., Victoria st, Pdtn.
Coulter, Robert, 63 Euglnc st
Coultor, Mrs. S., Herbert st, Pdtn.
Coulter, Thomas, 2 Dcarln's yard,
Druitt st
Coultlmrd, —, 321 Bowling st
Coulton, J., joiner. Nowr.uiic st. Ash.
Coulton, John, carpenter, 70 Hugo
st, Rfn.
Counccll, Charles, 24 Charles In
Country Milk Co.—Harvey F., manager, 1.17-139 Palmer st
Couper, William 11., plumber, George
st, Pmattn.
Coumane, James, Factory Bt, Pmatta.
Cournnnc, J., Sutherland st, Pdtn.
Courthouse.—Pope, George, C. P . S.,
Church Bt. Hyde
Court Royal Oak, A O.O.F., No 2222,
207-209 Castlereagh st
Court, Charles, Moonblc st, Ash.
Court, Harry, 32 Dale st
Court, II., blacksmith, 119 Goulburu st
Court, H., barber, 359 Oxford st, IMtn.
Court, Jns„ engineer, Botany rd, Bot.
Court, William, Botany rd, Alxa.
Court, Wm. A., painter, 108 Devonshire st
Courtonay, W., dealer, 81 Foveaux st
Courtcuay, John, Lnwson st, Bal.
Courtice, Jane, fcather-drcsser, 4
Broughnni st, Glebe
Courtman, George, Margaret st, P c t m .
Courtney, Dennis, Lil tie Edward s t
Courtney, Elizabeth, 94 Barcom s t
Courtney, J., commission agent, Phillip
st, Ntwn.
Courtney, L. L., 6 Hcuson st, Ultimo
Courtney, Mary, grocer, 15 Darlington
rd, Dar.
Courtney, R. J., carpenter, Paddinuton
st, Pdtn.
Courtney, Sarah, 33 Brougham st,
Courtney, Win., auctioneer, Denison
rd, Petm.
Courtney, William, 104 Liverpool st
Couscus, Mrs. Ann J., Marriekville rd,
Cousens, Harriet, ladies school, Richmond terrace, St. L„ E.
Cousins, C, bootmaker, 3 Lav in la
cottages, Camden st, Ntwn.
Cousins, G., carpenter, Homcbush W. Cowell, J. J?. S., general ngont, 00
Cousins, J., shipwright, Derbyshire rd,
Pitt st
Cowell, J., carpenter, Rydo rd, H. Hill
Cousins, J., 17 Bloomfleld st
Cowell, Mrs., prlvato boarding estabCousins, John G., Steyne hotel, Corao,
lishment, 223 Mnequaric st
Cowell, Mrs., (S3 Albion st
Cousins, Mrs., Corso, Man.
Cowell, Mrs., Gladosvillo Wharf rd,
Cousins, K., stonemason, O'Conncll st,
Cowell, Wm. H., plasterer, 104 Botany
Cousins, T„ carponter, Carlton cottage,
st, Wtloo.
' Carlton crescent, Ash.
Cowon, Mrs. P., 2 Codrlngton st, Dar.
Cousins, Thos., carjrenter, Rciby at, Cowcn, James, printer, 71 Bourke st
Cowen, John, 153 Campbell st
ConsinB, \V., plumber, 31 Little Riley Cowen. Robert, carpenter, 18 Rnpor st,
Cousins, W., 0 Mcohnnio st, Ntwn.
Cow Flat Copper Mining Co.—-Weston,
Cousloy, J., Lcvenahulmo, Norton »t,
W. J., manager. 5 Spring st
Cowio, Alexander 11., contractor, 90
Cousscn, J., mostcr-marlncr, 30 Nnplor
Pyruiont Bridge rd, Glebe
et, Pdtn.
Cowie, David, 112 Buckingham st
Coutts, Alex., pilot, 'South Head rd, Cowio, William, shipwright, Gipps
W. Bay
st, Bal.
Coutts, Mary, S3 Konslngton st
Cowing, John, 22 Forsyth st, Globe.
Covell, Stephen, Clifton st, Bal.
Cowing, William H., William st, Ash.
Covenoy, Charles, wool brokor, Athcl- Cowlaml, Charles, builder, 103 Morestono, Ocean 8t, Whra.
head st, 1 If II.
Corcnoy, Mrs., dressmaker, 07 Welling- Cowlnnd, Thomas, Sew York hold, 50
ton st, Ntwn.
Union st
Covcny, Henrietta, 06 West st
Cowlea, Charles, uunsmlth, 407 Goorgo
Coveny, T. J., 310 Liverpool st
s t ; p.r. Myahgah, Mossmau's bay,
Covor, Albert W , butcher, 070-272
St. L.
Crown st
Cowley, I. J., 03 Morehoad st, Wtloo.
Cover. Clms. P., brickinakor, Hill st, Cowley, Jesse, council clerk, Bedford
st, Ntwn.
Cover, S., butoher, 17 Kiug st N., Cowloy, Josephine, 62 Hanover st,
Ojver, W„ butcher, 210 Oxford st
CoitJIng, George, carriago-llttcr, MalCoverdale, John, 21 Druitt st
colm st, McDtn.
Covissey. Mrs.. Lambert st, McDtn.
Cowling, James E., Albion hotel. 60
COWAN A N D CO., paper-makers,
Buckingham st
wholesale stationers,and printers' Cowlishaw Brothers (T. and M. C ) ,
brokers, 40 York st
merchants, 32 Pitt st
Cowan and Langley (Jas. Cowan, Win. Cowlishaw, M.CUnlngra, 0 Wyldo st
Lungley), moulding and joinery Cowlishaw, Thomas, cablnot-makor,
work*, 37 Pruittst
Fennel! st, Pmatta.
Cowan, —, Young st, Lcdt.
Cowlishaw. Thomas, merchant, AlCowan, Henry, Weedon In, Pdtn.
thorne, Edgccliffe rd, Whra.
Cowan, James, Water st, St. L., E.
Cowne, W.. storekeeper. Smith st, Bal.
Cowan, Robert, carpenter, Littlo
Cowpcr, Charles, shipping agent,
Arthur st, Bal.
Uhatsburg, Margaret st, lldni.
Cowan, Robert, 113 narris st
Cowper, J., bulliler, 17 Georgo st, Rfn.
Cowan, Thomas, warehouseman, Ren- Cowper, William It., Roslyn cottage,
wick st, Lcdt,
Cheltenham rd, Bur.
Cowan, Wnlter, 0 Little John st
Cowperthwalto, Fred, dealer. 87
Cowan, William, Pnrk st, Hkwd.
Botany rd. Wtloo.
Coward, W. if. and Co.. general mer- Cowsill, —, 114 Campboll st
chants, 32 Clarence st
Cox and Bullock, drapers, Botany rd,
Cownrd, W. G., architect, 00 Pitt st
Cowbum. Martin, brewer, 70 Mary st
Cox, James and Co., shipowners, 6
Coucher, William, 200 Abattoirs rd
Sbcllet at
Cowd, Thomas, 3 MoKco st
Cox, Alfrod, clyor, 865 George st, 60
Cmvdcrry, Georgo, bootflnlshcr, KingsHunter st, nnd 01 William st.
clear rd, Alxa.
(See advt.)
Cowdory, George, C.K.,Llanfair, Albert Cox, Alfred, Georgo st, McDtn.
at. Bur.
Cox, A. H., engineer, Norton st, Lcdt.
fowdroy. Thomas, Sy(hiey st, McDtn.
Cox, Mrs. Annie, 122 Riley st
Cwdrill, William, sewing machinist, Cox, Arthur, Milson's In, St. L.
Cox, C , 62 Liverpool st
Nelson st, Lcdt.
Cowell Brothers (William, Alfred and Cox, Charles E„ 03 Cowpcr st, Glcbo
Jas.) confeotioners, 442 Georgo st Cox, Edward, Newtown rd, Dar.
Cox, Edwin, Windsor st, Pdtn.
Cowell, Albert, E., 01 Philpi st
Cowell, Alfred, confectioner, 73 Der- Cox, F., Greta, Gooinera crs., Whra.
Frederick C, mayor, Pmatta.
went st. Glcbo
Cowell, A. J., 32 Gotteuham st, Globe Cox, Henry, carpenter, 3 Norton st
Cowell, Ann, boarding establishment, Cox, Henry, joiner, St. John at, Pctm.
Cox, Henry, carpenter, Wisbcaoh st,
110 Albion st
Cowell, Charles, Parramntta rd, Bur.
Cowell, G„ Farmer, Buffalo rd, Rydo
Cox, Honry, M John at, Camp.
Cox, Honry, 64 Lower Campbell st
Cox, Henry F., 17 Surry st
Cox, Hugh, 607 Dowllng st
Cox, J., 2 Clement tcrraco, Stanmoro
rd, Petin.
Cox, James, roaster-mariner, Georgo
st, McDtn.
Cox, James, 20 College st. Cam]).
Cox, James, 180 Phillip st
Cox, J. C, surgeon, 75 Hunter st
Cox, J. D.. accountant, Brixton cot.,
20 Erskinovlllord. Ntwn.
Cox, Jas. T., tinsmith, 3 Kensington
st, Wtloo.
Cox, Mrs. J., boarding establishment,
67 Elizabeth st
Cox, John, farmer, Concord rd, Cond.
Cox, J., stevedore, 53 Cumberland si
Cox, John, Botany rd, Alxa.
Cox, J., farmer, Cox's rd, Ryile
Cox, K., Eregolia, Quccu st, Bur.
Cox, Maria. 50 Elizabeth st, Cam]).
Cox, Miss, 3 Daphne ter., Craigend st
Cox, .Mrs., 210 Bourko st
Cox, Mrs., 7 Littlo Macquorio st
Cox, Mrs., Spring st, Bur.
Cox, Nadir, 42 William st. Rfn.
Cox, Richard, Flora st. McDtn.
Cox, Riohnrd, Vaughan st, Hkwd.
Cox, Robert, merchant, f,6 Pyrmont
Briilgo rd
Cox.S., vanpropriotor, Allen st, Lcdt.
Cox, S. Herbert, 1 Victoria terrace,
Miller st, St. L.
Cox, Thomas, carpenter, 94 Mitchell
st. Glcbo
Cox, W„ dairyman, Baattle st, Bal.
Cox, William, market gardener,
Cabarctta Point rd, Cond.
Cox, William, stonemason, 4 Junction
at. Camp.
Cox, Wm., 6 Haitlngi terraco, Nixon at
Cox, William, Median st, Gran.
Coxall, G. A.. Littlo Gipps at, Pdtn.
Coxhcad, Elijah, monumental mason,
60-52, Cleveland st
Coxhead, Joseph, bootmaker, 122
Botany st, Wtloo.
Coy, Chnrlle, Cross st, Whra.
Coy, George, King st, Bal.
Coy, Thomas, printer, Murray st
Coylo, D., tobacconist, 42 Campbell st
Coyle, Edward, 03 Campboll st
Coylo, —, shoeing forgo, Miller st,
St. L.
Coylo, H., blacksmith, Miller «t, St. L.
Coyle, John, bricklayer, 1 Labby
torraco, Toogood at, McDtn.
Coyle, John, Snudringham hotel, 365
King st, Ntwn.
Coyle, Margaret, 11 Dale i t
Coylo, Miss, drapor, Loichhardt st,
Coyle, Mrs., laundress, 04 Georgo st,
Coyle, Patrick, carrier, 78 Pitt st, Rfn.
Coyle, Poter J., plasterer. 27 Gipps st
Coyles, Alex., plasterer, 68 Judgost
Coyne, Arthur, 83 Cecil pi
Cozens, Mrs. Annie, George st, McDtn.
Cozens, R., warehouseman, Sloan at,
Cozens, R„ son., Eugenie cottage,
Cavendish st, Ntwn.
Coalor, Mrs. E. E., Palmer st, Pmatta.
Crnbh, H., tinsmith, 80 Queen at, Whra.
Crabb, Mary, 178 Elizabeth st
Crabbo, John W. and Sous, tinsmiths,
10 Kingst
Crabbt, Uhas. C, bootmaker, Bclmoro
st, Ual.
Orabbo, G. B., Roiuitree st, Bal.
Crabbo, John W., tinsmith, 443 Oxford
st, Pdtn.
Crabtree, James. 77 Caroline st, Rfn.
Craotncll, E., superintendent of telegraphs, Edgoclilto rd, Whra.
Cracknell, Frederick, 230 Bourko st
Cracknell, Mary A., 139 Crown st
Cracknell, William J., ivory-turner, 80
Palmer st
Cracknell, William T., caretaker, 247
George «t
Oraddlek, William IL, fruiterer, 23
Market st
Crad look, Georgv, Amy st, McDtn.
Cradilock, John, John st, Whra.
Craddock, Mary. 0 Pelican st
Craddocic, Miss, Dulwlch st, Pctm.
Craddock, Mrs., Windsor st, Pdtn.
Crail lock, Samuel, contractor, 177
Riley st W.
OraddocK, Stephen, carpentor, 23
McKlhone pi
Craddock, W. H. It., tobaeoonist, Old
South Head rd, W»v.
Craddock, William, 210 Uoulburn st
Crao, William, .I.P., Marellnn, Cavendish st, Pctm.
Craft. Bernard, 0 Campbell pi
Crnggie, John, 73 Riley st
Craggs, Richard J„ gaslltter, 1) Wellington st. Wtloo.
Craig, Alex., painter, 41 Church st
Craig, David. 43 Church st
Craig, Henry, accountant. Old South
Huocl r.l, Whra.
Craig. Mary A., Mill st, Pyrmont
Cragan, Mrs., 14 Woods In
Orugo, W. H., physician nud surgeon,
82 William st
Craig nnd Aitkcn (It. J. Craig. Wm.
AiUcn), hiirdrossers, 080 G«o. st
Craig, —, 130 Phillip st
Craig. Andrew, Terry st, Bal.
Craig, Ann, confectioner, Church st,
Craig, Archibald, 17 Terry st
Cruig, Georgo, sallniaker, 77 Kent st
Craig, Geo., shipwright, 47 Edwnrd st
Craig, J. B., Railway st, Pctm.
Cruig, Jabez, blacksmith, Cooper st,
Craig, James, plumber, Cove st, Bal.
Craig, James, woodturner, Bungay
st, Lcdt.
Craig, John, sailmakcr, 70 Kent i t
Craig, John, Hopewell st, Pdtn.
Cral«, Jo«eph, Greenwich rd, N. Why.
Craig, Margaret VllHcrs at, Pmatta.
Craig, Mrs., boardinghouso, Curtis
rd, Bal.
Craig, Mrs., 34 Washington st
Craig, N., Miller st
Craig, Robert, 134 Harris st
Craig, Robert, 37 Washington st
Craig, Samuel. 19 Bring st
Craig, Thomas. Little George st
Crulg, W„ 100 Fig st,
Crnlg, William, fclluioiigcr, Botany
rd, Alxa.
Craig, William, ironmoul Icr, Seattle
at, Bal.
Cralgh, Charles, Harris st, Pmatta.
Craiglo, Charles, baker, 13 Ann st
Cralglo, W., painter, 20 Athlono pi
Cralk, J., baker, 134 Georgo st, Wtloo.
Cramer, E., piano-tuner, 2 Prince
Victor tor., Pyrmont Bridgo rd
Cramer, W., tobacconist, Clay at, Bal.
Cramer, T., ongineer, Seattle st, Bal.
Cramp, Albert W., grocer, Addison
rd, Mar.
Cramp, II. J., carpenter, Addison rd,
Cramp, J. A. grocer, Nelson st, Lcdt.
Cram]), J., cabproprictor, Vernon cot.
Addison rd, Mar.
Cramp, liiohard, Chester st, Mar.
pianoforte and musical instrument importers, 197 Pittst
Crampton. A., accountant, Townley
cottage, Parramntta rd, Bur.
Cramsic, Bowdcn and Arthur, gonoral
importers ami merchant!, 10
O'Conncll st
Cran, James, commercial travdlor,
365 Rllcy st W.
Crandou, Henry, dealer. 789 Harris st
building material merchants, 10-31
Pitt st. (See advt.)
Crane, —, 105 Church st. Cam]).
Crane, —. bootmaker, Darling st, Bal.
Crane, A If red. merchant, Alt »t, Ash.
Crano, Agnes, Wyndham ft, Alxo.
Crane, C, clerk, La Peronso, Bot.
Crone, C, 19 Georgo st, Wtloo.
Crnne, Fred., merchant, Ash.
Urane.G.,ironmonger, Union st, Pdtn.
Crano, Georgo E., Orpington st, Ash.
Crano, Harriet, tl p u t st, Itfn.
Crano, Henry, 32 Shopherd st, Dar.
Crane, Henry, Maze st, Dar.
Crane, H, E..tinderby, Alice st, Ntwn
Crane, J,„ broommakcr, 85 Elizabeth
st, Rfn,
Crane, James, 10 Regent st, Ntwn.
Crano, John, Morriton at Rydo
Crane, J. E., 04 St. John's rd, Glcbo
Crane, Joseph 11., journalist, 20 Mt.
Vornon st, Glcbo
Crane, Mrs., Earnshaw st, II. Hill
Crane, Mrs., 22 Brisbane st
Crano, Richard J., 2 Nortliam terrace,
Simmons st, Ntwn.
Crane, Thomas, contractor, 70 Wellington at, Wtloo.
Crane, Thomas, Corpach cottage,
Falconer st, St. L., E.
Crane, W., jun., auctioneer, 142 King
at; ]). r. Castle hill, Ada st. Bur.
Crane, Walter G., merchant, Hilston,
Robinson st, Bur.
Craiiun, James, 105 Victoria st
Cranncry, Thomas, carpentor, Isabella
st, Pmatta.
Cranney, James, carpenter, Sorrell st,
Crannoy, John, Georgo at, Pmatta
Cranney, L. G., 5 Old Parramntta rd.
Cranney, Martin, 103 Bowman st
Cranshnw, Thomas, stonemason, Carr
st, St. L.
Cranston, Edmund, hricklayor, 11
Brou.'hton et, Glebe
Cranston, Mrs., John st, McDtu.
Cranston, J. D., 78 Collego at, Camp.
Cranswlok, Rev. E. G., Gratz, Craig
end st
Cranwell, Frederick, Beaconslield cottagrs, Benconslield estate, Alxa.
Crattich. Thomas, 78 Mill st, Pynnont
Crauso. Henry A., /lankhotel, 224 King
at N.. Ntwn.
Craven, Benjamin, bricklayer, 7
Gowrio st, Ntwn.
Cravon, B., 363 Upper Brougham st
Craven, Mr*. Olive, 113 Albion st
Craven, T. W., produco merchant, 104
Sussex at; p. r., Ballast Point rd,
Craven, W., tiilor, 7 Bloomfleld at
Cravens, Charles, Liverpool rd. Ash.
Craw, It. B., asphaltcr, Hercules st,
Craw, Robert, contractor, fl College st,
Crawford and Chaldcrs (G. Crawf jrd,
T. Chaldors), Vulcan foundry,
Druitt st
Crawford and Son (W. and W., jun.),
Ironmongers, 072 George st
Crawford, —, Northwood r J, N. Why.
Crawfom, —, Auburn
Crawford, A„ 43 Coo|)er at. Wtloo.
Crawford, Alex, Ironfounder, Harris
Crawford, B., 23 Krsklne st
Crawford, Catherine, grocer, 30 l'ranKU st, Glebe
Crawford, (!., 100 Kveloigh st, Rfn.
Crawford, Edward, Albert st, Mar.
Crawford, Francis, 30 Goodlct st
Crawford, George,engineer, 21 Bourko
st, urn.
Crawford, Georgo, Addison rd, Mnr.
Crawford, George, 27 Druitt st
Crawford. George, Woodland ft, Mar.
Crawford, George C, squatter, Ivanhoo
house, Chapel st, Mar.
Crawford. Hogarth, Thomas st, Vio.
Crawford, H., baker, 230 Ularoncj st
Crawford, James, grocer, Windsor rd,
Crawford, James, 07 Lansdowno-ft.
Crawford, James, 65 WellB st, Rfn.
Crawford, James, Sandrlnghnm, Hot.
Crawford, J., boardinghouso, Alfred
at, St. L., E.
Crawford, John, Uico'sior st, Lcdt.
Crawford, John, 29 Littlo Albion st
Crawford, John A„ 12 Cleveland 1)1
Crawford, J. T., grocer, 21 Rodfern st,
Crawford, Leslie, Grornlillls at, Ash.
Crawford, Mra. M.. 27 Francis Bt
Crawford, Margaret, fruiterer, 72
Yurong st
Crawford, Mary A., 5 Bellevuo st
Crawford, Mrs., 3 Little Oxford st
Crawford, Robert, cabproprletor, 183
Walk, r st. Rfn.
Crawford, S„ general commission
agent, 130 Pittst
Crawford, S., 27 Franklyn pi, Glebe
Crawford, S., 20 Wellington st, Ntwn.
Crawford, Thomas, 1 Uther st
Crawford, William, 100 Albion st
Crawford, William, 405 Crown st
Crawford, William, 311 Wattle st
Crawley nnd Thomas (David Crawley,
Thomas Thomas), plumbers, Norton st, A<h.
Crawley, D. W., toymaker, 118 Morehead Ft, Rfn.
Crawley, D., butcher, Mansfield st, Bal.
Crawley, D., plu'iibor, Regent st, Ash.
•Crawley, Fred., 116 Raglan Ft, Wtloo. Croighton, W m , bootmaker, VIckcry
•Crawley, Geo., Wentworth l'nrk tcr.,
st, Wav.
Junes Bt
Crellen, Benjamin, carpenter, 109 Bot•Crawley, James, Gordon 8t, Bnl.
any st, Wtloo.
•Crawley, Mrs. Margaret, accoucheuse, Crolly, James, 19 Wentworth la
Crclly, James, Garner's avenue, Mar.
72 R!l«y st
•Crawley, ilichnel, 156 Allen Bt
Crcuian, Timothy J., 309 Riley st W.
•Crawley, Thomas, furrier, 16 Hunter 6t Creinon, Mrs. Mary, 100 Kent st
• Crawley, Thomas, 100 Victoria at
Cremen, Patrick J., rawyer, Llttlo
•Crawley, William J., 81 Riley Bt
Edward st
ICrawshaw mid Co. (George Crawshaw, Creailn. David L., stonemason, MansI
John Varley), warehousemen,
field st. Dal.
Mooro st
Crcn, Ambrose, restaurant, 206 Castle• Crnwslinw, Charles, 30 Hunt Bt
rough st
I Crawshaw, Charles, Cary st, Lcdt.
Crennan, Amelia, 7 Morehcad st, Rfn.
• Crawshaw, Gt-orgo, Hawthorne, Har- Crenny, J., 114 Goorge st, Wtloo.
row rd, Pctm.
Grosser. M M . , dressmaker, 198 CUve• Crcagh nod Williams (Prosper Orleans
land st
Williams), solicitors, 17 Bridge Bt Crcssoy, Gcorgo, plasterer, Mncualsy
I Crcagh. Andraw. Sorroll st, Fmattn.
st, Lcdt
I Crcagh, Eliza, 142 Forbes 2t
Crcsswoll, Alfred J., silversmith, UnI Crengli. J., J.P., Paddington Bt, Pdtn.
derwood st. Pdtn.
iCrcau'li, i. W., Avondalo, Brown st, Crcsswcll, T. E., solicitor, 1 Tronarlet
terraco, Fitzroy st, St. L., E.
I Crcagh, Patrick W., notary nubile, Crcsswcll, Mrs. A., 422 Crown st
17 Bridgo st
Cressy, Willlam,stononmson,Broughton
I Crcazh, Rev. S. IT., Staverton, Rcdst. Can.
myi c rd, Rilni.
Creswcll, Cliarlos P., sccdsmBn, 474
I Creagh, William, draper. Canterbury
Gcorgo s t ; p. r.,Tiokworth, CroyI
rd, Mar.
don r d , A s h .
I Creak, Cccilhi, 100 Mncqiinric st S.
Creswcll, Josinh I!., Darling st, Bal.
Crc:ik, John B. L., murblc-masou, 16 Crcswick,—, 41 University st, Camp.
Avon st. Glebe
Creswlok. Chnrloj II., Pembrokt Cattle
Crealy, William, 87 Dixon st
hotel, 40-48 Arthur st
I Crcan, Dinah, its B ircom st
Crcswick. W., draper, Selwyn st,Pdtn.
I Crcary, Alex. It., Park nvenne, Ash.
Crew, Alfred, Grovo st Pmatta.
Crease, Clmrlcs, Itclby st, Ntwn.
Crow, Clntrlo.*, The crescent, Ash.
Creaso, Martha, 3;f Thomas st, Camp.
Crew. J., stonomnson, Elizabeth st, Bal.
Creasy, Isaac, Abattoirs Glebe
Crew, John, road contractor, Church
island, Iial.
st. Pmatta.
Creasy, I., butcher, Abattoirs rd, Bal. Crew, Joseph. Hnrgravost, Pdtn.
Crelier. W., buildor, 10 P i t t s t , Rfn.
Crew, William J., Taylor Bt, Pmatta.
Cree, Edward C, fancy depot, 640
Crcwdon, J., plumber. Elisabeth terGeorge st
raco, Phillip st, Alxa.
Cree i, Charlos II., elerk, 79 Dorwint Crowe, II.. physician, 112 Pliillip Bt
et, Glebe
Crowes, Ricbnrd, engineer, 116 EveCreed, J. II., surgeon, Wallia st.Whra.
lclgh st. IUn.
Cro d, Mary, 10 Collins st
Crews, 8., Btonemason, Chuter st, Vlo.
Cree I, Mary, Factory st, Pmatta.
Cribb, Charlos, llortt and Jockey hotel,
Creek, John, Silver s*, St. P.
Parramatta rd, libsh.
Creek, William, Adolnide st, Bur.
Cribb, Mrs. S., Hobort Bt, Pdtn.
Creek, William, jiin,, saddler, Pi.rrn- Cribblns, —, schoolteacher. Darling
mattn rd. Bur.
st, Bal.
O R E E L M A N A N D CO., photogra- Crlbbs, Mlchnel, 23 Union In
phers, 8 Sydney nivado, cor. King Cribland, C , grocer, Darling st, Bal.
and George »ts
Criohton, David. Chalford terrace,
Creer, Edward, Ellerslie tcr., Ballast
Old South Head rd, Whro.
Point rd, Bal.
Criohton, George, 39 Castlerengli st
Creer, dipt. Hnry. Johnston st, Lcdt. Criohton, J., clerk, Moucurst, Whra.
Creer, J o s , pilot. Gladstone st,W. Bay .Crlchton, J „ plumber. Nelson st, Bal.
Creer, Vlzoney, Wntorviow st, Bal.
Crichton, J o h n , Spring st, Bal.
Creer, William, ironniouldcr, 60 Wells Crick, Charles, fuel merchant, Viotorla
st, Rfn.
av, N. Wby.
Orccsc, Charles and Co., produce mer- Crick, Joseph, contractor, Victoria
chants, Parramatta rd, Lcdt
av. N. Wby.
Creese, Alfred, 03 Forbes st, Ntwn.
Crick, Josopli, Renny st, Pdtn.
Cregan, John, 3 Schimcl st, Wtloo.
Crick, Mrs. Mary A., Union st, McD n.
Crego, J. B., 4 Alpha tcr., Parkham it Crick, Thns., poultry farmer, Mitchell
Cregn, William, draper, Cyfartha,
st, N. Wby.
Old South Head rd, Wav.
Crick, Thomas, upholsterer, Queen's
Creip, Alexander, builder, 10 Shepparade, Viotorla av, N. AVby.
herd st, Dar.
Crlghton, Charles, coachbuildor, 10
Dcnhnm st
Crclg. John, brassmouldcr, 9 Hart st,
Crlghton, George. HarrlB st, N. Wby.
Crlghton, Mary, George st, Pmatta.
Crdg, W„ joiner, off 16 P i t t st, Wtloo. Crlmmiiis. Jeremiah, 3 Kirk In
Creighton, Edwin, painter, 3 Globe st, CrimmiiiB, John, 60 Bay st, Glebe
Crimmius, John, 153 Crown rd
Crimp, Jarvis L., Royal Standard hotel,
377-379 Cleveland st, Rfn.
Crimson, John, carpenter, 77 Elizaboth
st. Rfn.
Crimston, William, 90 Bourko Bt
Crines, Charl'S. vnnproprlotor, Sutherland st, Pdtn.
Crinks. Daniel H., 53 Smith st
Crins, Charles, 364 Kent st
Crinson, John, 3 Lawsou tor., Blrrell
st, Wav.
Cripps, Fred., 1 McEvoy st, Wtloo.
Cripps, H., grocer, Pt. Piper rd, Pdtn.
Cripps, John F., confectioner, 207 Pitt
s t ; Palace h-ttt. 13 Pitt st nnd 154
Gcorgo st; and Park Gate hotel,
Georire st, Pmatta.
O B . I P P S , T H O M A S A N D CO.,
pastry cooks, confectioner* and
caterers, 178 Pitt st, 141 and 288
George st, 32 and 09 arcade. (Sco advt.)
Crisford, Rev. E. (C.E ). 148 Forbes st
Crisford, J., builder, Elswick st, Lcdt.
Crisford,Thonas, draper,Botany rd,
Crisford, T„ 00 Dcrwcnt st, Glebe.
Crisp, E., Little Underwood st, Pdtn.
Crisp, George, Military rd, St. L.
Crisp, George, Windsor st, Pdtn.
Crisp, Henry, ticket-writer, 114J Bathurst st
Crisp, Henry, weaver, Young st, Prspt.
and Slier.
Crisp, Henry J., Watson st, Pdtn.
Crisp, J., coaoh-palnter, Church st,
Crisp, James, Caledonia st, Pdtn.
Crisp, Mary A., 44 Dcnlson st, Whrn.
Crispe, E. A., dealer, 180 Crown st
Crispin, It., cugineer, 94 George st.
Crispin, W., engineer. 00 Harbour st
Crispin, Wm., millwright, 116 Glenc
rd, Glebe
Crispo, G., builder, 29 Bourko st, llfn.
Crispo, George, 39 Littlo Cleveland st,
Criss, J„ printer, Jones st, Ash.
Critten, Mrs., Canterbury rd, Can.
Crittendale, Wm., grocer, Ross st,
Crittcndell, Win., 3 Vlnegrovo, off
Shepherd's In, Dar.
Crittenden, James, 43 Heurietta st
Crittenden, James, Pnrsons st, Bal.
Crittenden, J., brlckniaker, Sorrell »t,
Crittenden, S., 67 Botany st, Wtloo.
Croal, Alex., blacksmith, Pearl st.
Croal, Arthur, woodcarver, Elswick
st. Lcdt.
Cronl, D., joiner, 105 Morohoad st, Rfn.
Croau, Miss, 80 Mary st
Crocker and Lovctt (Normnn J.
Crocker, George II. Lovitt), land
and estate agents, 244 Pitt s t
Crocker, George, carpenter, 3 Eden
cottages, Station st, Pctm.
Crocker. Henry J.. 3 Reattle In
Crocker, Captain H., 67 Lower Fort st
Crocker, Miss L., Finchley, Hill st,
Crocker, Mrs. M., 38 Upp r Fort st
Crocker, N. J., tnllor. Wntt at, H.
Crocker, S., 77 St. John's rd, Glebe.
Crocker, Walter, Stewart st, Pdtn.
Crockett, —, 8 Queen st
Crockett, Mrs. Jane, 01 Taylor st
Crockett, John, carpenter, 19 Dale Bt
Crockett, Robert, 12 Cleveland st
Crockford, Charles, hutoher,78 Campbell st
Crockford, C, butcher, 128 Devonshire st
Crockford, Charlotte, 124 Campbell s t
Croft, A., grocer, Norton st, Lcdt.
Croft, Albion, Carllslo st, Lcdt.
Croft, Alfred, bootmaker, Redmond
st, Lcdt.
Croft, Ann, 33 Gcorgo st, Rfn.
Croft, Charles, ironmonger, Windsor
st, Pdtn.
Croft, Edward, Bay st, Dot.
Crort, F, plasterer, 12 Alma st, Dar.
Croft, Frederick, professor ot music,
10 Burton st, Camp.
O R O F T , F R E D E R I C K , professor
of music, piano, violin and tinginir, Mcndclsshon house, Marian
st, Ntwn.
Croft, George, fruiteror, 171 Regent
st, Rfti.
Croft,Geo., plasterer, 14 Alma st, Dar,
Croft, Herbert, 9 Grantham st
Croft, James, Elswlok st, Lcdt.
Croft. Mrs. M., 100 Surry st
Croft, M. T., fruiteror, 118 Phillip st
Croi't, Mathew, Norfolk st, Ntwn.
Croft, Mrs., boiirdlnghousc, Church st,
Croft, S., bricklayer, Day st, Lcdt.
Croft, .S., carpenter, Day st, Lcdt.
Croft, T. .1., plasterer, 191 Harris st
Croft, William. 189 Crown st
Croft, William, Gcorgo st, McDtn.
Crofts, John, stationer and news
auent, 96 William st
Crofts, Joseph, bootmaker, William
st, MoDtu.
Croisi, James, Short st, Bal.
Croke, Daniel, storekeeper, Underwood st. Pdtn.
Crokcr, Edward. 97 William-Henry st
Croker, Francis J., builder, Ersklncvillc rd.MoDtn.
Croker, James, 308 Crown st
Croker, Roht. A., grocer, 492 Harris st
Crokor, Thomas, 82 Botany st, Wtloo.
Croker, Thomas, 40 Chambers st
Croker, William, Queen st, F. Dk.
Crollick, John, 137 Liverpool st
Cromaok and Co., iron works, Bnyview
Cromack, Alfred, Early st. Gran.
Cromnck, G., engineer, Mill st,
Cromnck, G„ engineer, Senriew bouse,
Poiut st, Pyrmont
CroniHck, T„ engineer, 16 Way's ter.
Croinbic, A.. Balaclava cottage, Holdsworth st. Wav.
Crome, Joseph, butcher, 97-99 Pyrmont
Bridge rd
Cromer, William, 9 Botanyview terrace, Wilson ft, Rfn.
Cromle, Elizaboth, dressmaker, Clayton
st, Bal.
Cromle, John, 9 College st, Camp.
Crompton, Arthur A , 8 Jndgo st
Crompton, liny., 30 Dowllng st, Camp.
Crompton, James, 249 Goulburn st
Crompton, Mrs., Hopewell In, Pdtn.
Crompton, Robert, 6 Exoter pi
Crompton, W. H., plasterer, Windsor
st, Pdtn.
Cronber.', Neil, bootmakor, 25 Kent st
Crone, Mary, 13 Railway pi
Crouin, J., stonemason, Alexandra st,
II. Hill
Cronln, J., saddler. 47 Gottcnham st,
Cronin, Jnracs, 39 Glpps st
Crouin, J. D., merohaut, Ewington at,
Cronln, Thomas, 143 Victoria st
Cronln, T„ greengrocer, 83 Glpps st
Crouton, Mrs. Brldirot, 537 Harris st
Cronk, John, marble innson, Pnrramattn rd, Ash.
Cronk. John, Bailey st, Ntwn.
Cronnf, David, drayproprietor, Ivy st,
Cronshaw, Alfred, Euroka st, Vlo.
(Took, C, builder, 1 Churob st, Ntwn.
Crook, Fred., 78 Mlssendcn rd, Cnmp.
Crook, n., shoemaker, 3 French st
Crook, J.T„draftsman, 155 Brougham
Crook. John, bootflnlshcr, 04 Bullanamlng st, Rfn.
Cro.ik, R. W., musical Instrument
warehouso, 04 Oxford st
Crook, R., coaohbuildcr, 353 Bourko Bt
Crook, T. W., 19 Eveleighst, Rfn.
Croo'<, William, bootmaker, 167
George st, Rfn.
Crook, W., conohbuilder, 44 Bclmoro
Crookos, James. 81 Forbes st
Crooks.Mnry, 13 Bates In, Sussox st
Crooks, Robert, 115 Quay st
Cropley, John and Son, bootscllers,
800 Gcorgo st
Cropley. Robert, B. and Co., undertakers, Harris st, Bullanaming st,
Rfn., and 284 Oxford Bt, Pdtn.
Cropley, John, BOH., boot manufacturer,
Alexander crescent, Ash.
Cropley, Sidney, bookseller, 729 Gcorgo
st; p. r„ Worslcy, Aloxnndor
crescent, Ash.
Croploy, William, 390 Castloreagh st
Cropper, A., 63 Regent st
Crosbie, II., painter, 43 Young st, Rfn.
Crosblo, Wm., 38 Yurong s t
Crosby, G., 107 Union st, Ntwn.
Crosby, Henry, builder, 92 Mitchell
st, Glebe.
Crosby, James D., schoolmaster, 218
Goulburn st
Crosby, J., fottlor, William st, Rwk.
Crosby, Richard, 2 Burton In
Crosby, Robert S., draper, Renwlck st,
Crosby, Alfred, 0 Law st
Crosby nnd Co., sewing maohlno
depot, Bcattle st, Bnl.
Crosby, J., 3 Adelaide pi
Cross and Co., scalcmnkers, 95
Cross, T. and Co., grooors, Parramatta
rd, Pctm.
Cross, —, 20 Bonnottst
Cros9, A., draper, Carsbnlton st, Ash.
Crosi, Alfred, warehouseman, 70 Wellington st, Wtloo.
Cross. Calob, 80 Wells st, Rfn.
Cross, Miss E., 20 Riley st
Cross. Mrs. E. L. A., post and telegraph
office, Short st, Lcdt.
Cross, E., plumber, Woston st, Bal.
Cross, E. W., surveyor, Evelyn st,
Cross, Edward W., Thonio st. Pdtn,
Cross, Mrs. Ellen, dairy-keeper, 14
Windmill st
Cross, George T., modeller, 11 Olive st,
Cross, J., bricklayer, Thorno st, Pdtn.
Cross, Jamos, 20 Alma st, Dar.
Cross, John, scalomnker, 69 Brougham
st, Gtobo
Crosj, John, Mossond cottage, Prosper
st, Bal.
Cross, John, 123 Mitchell Bt Glebe
Cross, Josopli, Kembla, Station st, Bur.
Cross, Mrs., dairy-woman, Kent st
Cross, H„ butcher, Georgo st, N. Wby.
Cross, Rcboccn, 401 Pitt Kt
Cross, R., painter, Slndo st, N. Wby.
Cross, Stephen, carpontor, 5 Judge st
Cross, Stephen, 430 Bourko st
Cross, T., carpenter 64 Vino Bt, Rfn.
Cross, Thomas, 49 Lnns lownc st
Cross, Thomas V., Railway rd, St. P.
Cross, W., butcher, Belmoro st, Bnl.
Cross, William, houso and land agent,
Smith st, Bnl.
Cross, William, Bay st, Bot.
Cross, William, Canterbury rd, Mar.
Cross, William F., Catherlno Bt, Lodt.
Crossett, Jamos, Albort st, McDtn.
Crossing, Mrs., Victoria st, Ash.
Crosslund, G. A., clerk, 430 Bourko st
Grassland, Mrs. J., St. Peters st, St. P.
Crossland, John, greengrocer, 223
Clarence at
Crossland, Samuel, Bnlmnln rd, Lcdt.
Crosslev, Jnmcs, greengrocer, Weston
st, Bal.
Crosloy, John II., stonemason, Park
st, Bal.
Crosley's quarry, John st
Crossman, Samuel, whipmnkcr, Botany
rd, Bot.
Crothers, C,builder.Toothillst, Pctm.
Crothers, Jnnies. 105 Barcom st
Crotty, John, saddler, 43 Hordern st,
Crotty, Thomas, Collins st, Bal.
Crotty. Timothy, Burton st, Camp.
Crouch, C, painter, nuntorst,Pmntta.
Crouch, IJilmund, 5 Forbes st
Crouoh, Henry, brickinnkor, Lennox
st, Pmatta.
Crouch, Henry, storekeeper, Aird st,
Crouch, Henry, Boundnry st, Prspt.
and Slier.
Crouch, Hy., Wentworth st, Pmatta,
Crooch, Mrs., 09 KIppax st
Crouch, Rosannah, 12 Langloy's In
Crouch, S., paper-hanger, Church st,
Crouch, William, Bay st, Bot.
Crouch, William, Clarence cottage,
Edgecliffo rd, Whra.
Crouch, William, 4 Langloy's In
Crouch, Willinm, Loftus st, Lcdt.
Croucher, Marian, 168 Liverpool st
Croudaoc, Wm., 07 Aldcrsonst, Rfn.
Croughan, Mary, 192 Albion st
Crouthcrs, Georgo, fitter, 2 Ada terrace, Rush st, Whra.
Crow, John, bootmaker, Albort houso
Ivy st, I)ur,
Crow, John, bootmaker, 30 Glcbost,
Crow, John, grocer, 00 Cumberland st
Crum, Mrs. Agnes, 64 Millst, Pyrmont Cullen, John, Underwood st, Pdtn.
Crow, Johu.88 Fitzroy Bt
Crummer, H., 47 Upper William Bt S. Cullen, J. brickmakor.WellB st, Ntwn.
Crow, P., painter, Elizabeth st, Pdtn.
Cullen. ltev. J. F„ Alfred st, St. L, E.
Crump, E., brassfoundcr, 372 Pitt »t
Crow, 11.. pointer, Trickett st, Whra.
Cullen, M., barrister, Victoria chamCrump, John, 70 Cleveland it
Crow, Wm, bootmaker, 34 Hnnorcr
bers. Phillip st
Crump, William, fronchpollsher, 220
st, Wtloo.
Cullen, Mary, 2 George st, Camp.
Cuitlorcagh st
Crowe, Arthur, Martin st, Pdtn.
Cullen. M„ publisher Government
Crump, William C. 8 Norman st
Crowe, Jamas, 70 Durirhan st, Glebo
Printing ofllcc. McDonald st.Pdtn.
Crumpton, Alfred, stonemason, 12
Crowe. James, llo«s st, Pmatta.
VincifroTe. off Shepherd's In, Dar. Cullen, Mrs.. Little Darling st, Bal.
Crowe, John, grocer, 165 llodfcrn
Cullen, Mrs, 200 Victoria st
Cruse, Catherine, 100 Foveaux st
st, Hfn.
Cullen, Patrick, wholesnlo fruiterer,
Crowe, John, greengrocer, 10S Rogent Cruse, William, boiler-maker, 123
4 George st, Camp.
Point st, Pyrmont
st, Itfn.
Cullen, Simon, Mullens st, Bal.
Crowe John, 43 Abercromble st, Hfn. Cmthers, Georxc, Itnglan st, Alxa.
Stephen, 4 Littlo Bloomfleldst
Crnthy, T. C, Jones st
Crowe. \V. A., 114 Woolloomooloo it
Cullen, Thomas, stonemason, Cicoly
Crutteuden ami Co., produce
Crowoll, Patrick, 10 Carlton st
st, Lcdt.
merchants, 284 Sussex st
Crowhurst, Tlionms, machinist, 109
Cullen, Thomas, Truro terrace, WentCruwys, Ssrnh, Evans st, Bal.
Uullunainlng st, Hfn.
worth st, Pdtn.
Cruwys, W„ Erskincvlllo rd, McDtn.
Crowley, —, Moray cottage, Arthur
Cullen Thomas, Ogllvlc pi, Bur.
Cruwys, Walter, Ellen st, Bal.
st, Mar.
Cullen, William, fruiterer, 33 Regent
Crowley, Edwnrd, engineer, 68 Holt st Crycn, G., plasterer, 123 Bvulcigh st,
st. Rfn.
Crowley. Edward, iroudrestcr, Day
Cullcns, Henry, Canterbury rd, Can.
Cryer, W., compositor, Day st, Lcdt.
st, Lodt.
Crystal Fountain Co.'s aerated water Cutlcy, Henry, 1 Alfred terrace, EdCrowley, Elizabeth, 120 Palmor st
ward st, St. L.
manufactory—Stewart and Co.,
Crowley, Jeremiah, public schoolmasCulley, Thomas. 18 Elgor st, Glebo
proprietors, 107 Palmer st
ter, William st. Vic.
Culliimu, Cornelius. 212 lliley st
Cubes, Gabriel, 22 Terminus st
Crowley, John, Alma In, Mar.
Culliiian, Michael, bootmaker, 08
Cubis, —, Channel >t, Petm.
Crowley, John. 138 Kent st
Botany st, Hfn.
Cubis, Samuel, Sugarhouso rd, Can.
Crowley, Susan, 34 Waterloo st
Cnbitt, Arthur, houso and laud agent, Cullinare, Mrs. E, 36 Niobolson st
Crowley, William C, Smith st, Ash.
Cullinare, Martin, 8 Woolloomooloo In
Crown Meat Preserving Co.—Frazcr,
62 Sydney arcade
Cullinbaro, Uldobo, dealer, 4 North st
Cubitt, Arthur, Crownthorpo,
John and Co., agents, York st
Cnllingford, Mark, Fotheringhnm cot.,
Trafalgar tcrroco, Petm.
Crown Street Public school—Bank, E.,
Cubitt, Froderlok, 110 Pyrmont
Fothoringlmm st, Mar.
Culliver, Thomas, Hargravc st, Pdtn.
Bridge rd, Glebo
Crown Solicitor Miniitcr of Justice's
Onbltt, George, shipwright. 23 Olydost Culluin, William H.,87 Victoria st
Office, Phillip st
Cully, B., bookmaker, 10 Newtown rd
Crown Prosecutors (Department of Cubitt, Thomas, Alfred st, St. L., E.
Cubitt, W., accountant, He gent it, Culpltt, Win., draper, Hosedalc st,
Justice), See " Miscellaneous"
Culver, E., manufacturing wholesale
Cuddy, John, Mnry st
Crowncn, John, Raglan st, Alxa.
jeweller. 02 Pitt st
Crowshaw, Edward,Frederickst.St. P. Cuddy, M., McLaughlan's In, Pdtn.
Cumberland Building Co., LimitedCuddy. T., dealer, 22 Athlono pi
Crowther, —, 61 Wexford st
Miller, J., manager, George st,
Cue. William, 30 Hallway pi
Crowthcr, Enos, Alfred st, St. L., E.
Cuff, .7.1'., 40 Donham st
Crowther, J. T., carpenter, Macauloy
Cumberland Coal and Iron Mining Co..
Cuff, James, 41 Hilcy st
• t, Lcdt.
Cuff, Thomas, Hoss st, Pmatta.
Limited—Nutter, E., secrete ry, 40
Crowther, Thomas, Tayt Bt, Vic.
Cuff, W. H., Langley, Old South Head,
Castlcrcagh st
Crowther, William, Ebley st, Wav.
CbMntillbAKD INDKI'KN'DEKT Olllcc—
Croydon Publlo school—Bonynge.T,
Fitzpatrick, Michael G. J.,eilitor ;
Cuirlizn, Jacob, 20 Hart st
headmaster. Young st, Bur.
Donohue, Francis J., propri.tor,
Gulsh, Wm.. 7 Hart's buildings, GlouCmydou, Mrs. Eliza, 16 Belmoro st
st, Pmatta.
cester st
Crozler, V... painter, Stanmore rd, Mar.
CUMUKHliAXU TIMKS office—FerguCuke, G. W„ 40 Crown rd
Crazier, Ellen, 31 Greek »t, Globe
son, John, pro]irietor, Church st,
Culbert, J., 10 Littlo Campbell st
Crozler, 11., cahproprletor, 122 Globe
Culbcrt. James, 10 Dick st
at, Glebo
Cumberland Woollen mills—Houston
Crozler, Wm., baker and confectioner, Culbert, Jolin, grocer, 00 Gcorgo st
Brothers, proprietors, Smith st,
41 Crown it
Culbert, Nicholas, 7 Henrietta st
Crozler, William, 312 lliley st
Culbert, Robert, nurseryman, Flora- Cumming, Alexander, hairdresser, 8
Cruckihank, Mri., private boarding
Agnes terrace, Murray st
dale, Liverpool rd, Ash.
establishment, 187 Uncquario st
Culbert,T, brower, 7 Stephen st, Camp. Cumming, D , baker. 221 Clarence st
Crundcn, Wm., telegraph inspector,
Culbert, William, plumber, 0 Chester Cumming. F., lanil and estate agent,
136 George st, Wtloo.
terraco, Chester in, Camp.
206 George st
Cruden, Wm, 0 Victoria ter., Gcorgo
Culhane, Daniel, VicltHa <nn, HI
Cumming, Fred., surgoon, Obsorvatory
Bt, McDtn.
villa, Point Piper rd, Pdtn.
Oxford st
Crudcnce, W., plumber, Botany rd,
Cull. G., 2 Oatcrham terrace, Nixon st Cumming, J., carpenter, 17 Kvclcigh
st. Pdtn.
Cullan, Michael, 2 McKec st
Crulekshank, A., blacksndth, Gcorgo
st, Cauip., and 4 Chester terrace, Oullcn Bullon Limo Co.—Carlyle, G. R., Cumming, Peter, stouomason, 200
Palmor st
manager, 340 Sussex Bt
Chester In, Cninp.
Cruiokslmnk, Georglna, 00 Victoria st Cullen, Charlos O, draper, 6 Napier st, Cumming, William, harncsB-maker,
Point st, Pyrmont
Crulekshank, Uenry. 10 Jcsmond st
Cummings and Co, watchmakers, 02
Cullen, F., Madelino st. H. Hill
Cruickshank, B.. compositor, BridgoCullen, F.. printer, 107 Fitzroy st
vrater it, Bal.
Bathurst at
Cruiokslmnk, Mrs., 32 Wyuyard squaro Cullen, James, Kilkervan, Belmoro Cummings, Andrew, builder, Clare
Crulekshank, Zophiello, 128 Palmer st
rd, nwk.
villa, 60 Denison st, Whra.
Cruickshanks W, engineer*' surveyor, Cullen, John, carpenter, Edward st,
Golden grove, Rfn.
Wallace st, Bal.
Cummings, Arthur, bootmaker. 3
Cullen, John, Day's terrace, Sussex st
Cruise, C. Fothoringhnm st, Mar.
Botuuyvlcw ter, Wilson st, Rfn.
Cruise, Philip, Purves cottages, off St. Cullen, John, 4 Symon's buildings,
Cummings, F , land agent, Darling st,
Camnbcll Bt
John's rd, Glebe
Ouminings, Francis, builder, Trouton
st, Bal.
Cummings, G. W, crooer, 20 King st
Cummings, Mrs. Isabella, 8 Forsyth
•t, Glebo
Cummings, J , slater, 12 Young et, llfn.
Cuminlugs, J., engineer. Bay Bt, Bal.
Cummings, James, cubproprietor, 0
Forest st, Glebo
Cummings, J , slater, 419 Bourke st
Cummings, James, Golden Grove, Durlinuton rd, Dar.
Cummings, John, bootmaker, 20
Louis st, Hfn.
Cummings, John, 165 George st, Rfn.
Cummings, John, 10 Nixon Bt
Cumming* John II., bootmaker, 31
Thomas st, Camp.
Cummings, M, Elsuick st, Lcdt.
Cummings, Mary, CO Cooper st, Wtloo.
Cummings, Michael, stonemason, 23
Denison st, Whra.
Cummings, Mr-*, Gipps st.Fdtn.
Cumuilngs, Thomas, Seacombe, Gordon st, Pdtn.
Cumming*, Thomas A , 0 Terminus st
Cummings, W.. «5 Mucquarie st S.
Cummins, A., May »t, St. P.
Cummins, E , furrier, 0 Kcnslngtou st
Cummins, George. Morrell st, Whra.
Cummins, J. 11, Brooklyn, Hilly st,
Cummins, J , stonemason, Herbert
In, Pdtn.
Cuunniin, J. H., broker, 308 George st
Cummins, John, builder, Swanson st,
Cummins, J , cabinet-maker 7« Pitt it
Cummins, J , contractor, 201 Elizabeth
st, Rfn.
Cummins, Johui W.. poultry farmer,
Hancho cot, Murrivcrie rd, Wav.
Cummins, M, Horning Star hotel, 135
Gipps Bt
Cummins, P , stonemason, 4 Mead st,
Cummins, P, draper, 303 Elizabeth st
Cummins, Thomas, Stewart st, Pdtn.
Cummins, T.J., Walterst, Pdtn.
Cummins, William, carrier, Niblett's
terrace, Gran.
Cummini, W., oil 74 George st, llfn.
Cuminon, Joseph, plumber, MoEvoy
st E , Wtloo.
Cummons, Thomas, boarding establishment, 00-02, Elizabeth st
Cum Toot;, Dick, marketg urdener,
Bourke rd, Alxa.
Cunceu, Thomas, 147 Devonshire et
Cuneo. T , butcher, Alexandra st, H.
Onnu Quy, market gardener, Botany
rd, Alxa.
Cuullffe, John R , men's mercer, 20
Regent «t, Rfn.
Cunliffc, Wm, 202 Cleveland st
Cunn, Francis, 25 Regent st
Cunneen, James, Glenmore rd, Pdtn.
Cunningham, Robert and Son, bootmakers, 113 George st W.
Cunningham, Andrew, New South
H-nd rd, Pdtn.
Cunningham, Archer, compositor, 30
Jauics Bt, Rfn.
Cunningham, D , tailor, 116 Goulburn
Cunningham, David, Croydon avenue,
Cunningham, E , 310 Upper Brougham
Cunningham, Edwin W, tailor, 40
Newman St. Ntwn.
Cunningham, F , fuel merchant,
Adolphus st, Bal.
Cunningham, Francis, The Poplars,
Kennedy st, Glebe.
Cunningham, George, 31 Athlono pi
Cunningham, H, St. Ullders, Trafalgar terrace. Petm.
Cunuinghnm, Hugh, dairyman, Crystal
st, Ba:.
Cunningham, I. E, stenographer, 130
Elizabeth st
Cunningham, J, G, 4 Kellett it
Cunningham, James, fuel merchant,
Hountrce st, Hal.
C U N N I N G H A M , J A M E S , monumental, marble and stone works,
28 Margaret st, Wynyard square;
p. r. Margaret and Clarenco sts.
(SCM advt.)
Cunningham, James, monumental
mason, 20 Clarence st
Cunningham, James, woodenrver. 308
Pitt st
Cunningham, James, woodcarvcr,
Milton villa, Ciomwell st, Ash.
Cunuingham. James, 2 Shaftesbury
gardens, Glebe
Cunningham, John, bootmaker, 20
Chapman st
Cunningham, John, greengrocer, 00
Raglan Bt, Wtloo.
Cunningham, John, shipwright, Hountreo st, Bal,
Cunningham, John, 60 Albion st
Cunningham, John, 451 lliley it W.
Cuuuinghom, J , Wyndham st, Alxa.
Cunningham, Lawrence, 3 Foveaux st
Cunningham, M, fruiterer, 105 Abcrer<imbic st
Cunningham, M, Geo, carpenter. 54
lUgent st, Hfn.
Cunningham. M., Artlott st, Pdtn.
Cunningham, M, Cameron st, Pdtn.
Cunningham, Mrs, 10 Enmoro rd,
Cunningham, Mrs, 70 Judge st
Cunningham, Mrs., Glcnooe, Torringtou rd, lldm.
Cunuingham, R, fuel merchant, 108
Crown rd
Cunningham, Hobt. L , com. traveller,
146, Pyrmont Bridge rd, Globe
Cunningham, S, plumber, 0 Park at
Cunningham. Samuel, tailor, 10 Bond
st; p.r. Bent st, St. L.
Cunningham, Mrs. Sophia, Roscbank
house, llosebank 6t, Glebo
Cunningham, Susm, off 1 Short Bt,
Cunningham, Sydney, ironmonger, 40
Adelaide st
Cunningham. William L , Alexandra
st, H. II111
Cunninghamc and Co. (Ellen CunningtiHtnc, Rudolph T. Mellin), steam
machine printers, ruachino rulers,
and account book manufacturers,
140 Pitt st
Cunninghamc, —, Walter it, Lcdt.
Cunninghams, Charlos, G Ferry In.
Cunninghamc, H„ Gale st, n . Hill
Cunniugton, Red Lion st, Bal.
Cunnlngton, John, 72 Young st, Rfn.
Cunniugton, Sarah J , 4 Unlvorslty st,
Cupit, A., draper, Hannah st, Bur.
Cupitt, .Mils Matilda. 50 Kentst
Cnrby, Francis J , 3 Darling it, Glel e
Carder and Adct, merchants, and
importers, 13 Mucquarie pi.
Curcll, George, Stewart st, Pdtn.
Curgenvcn, Albert, plasterer, Maria
st, Mar.
Curie, Philip II, Lackey st, St. P.
Curlewis, Edgar, contractor, Palta,
Shepherd st, Mar.
Curlewis, Frederick C, brick manufacturer, Chapel st, Mar.
Curley, J , 1 Hayes' buildings oil, 107
Ciistlerengh ft
Curley, Kate, Beattlo st, Bal.
Curley, Lawrence, Styles Bt, Lcdt.
Curley, Patrick, Catherine st, Lcdt
Curley, Timothy, 424 Elizabeth st
Curling, Miss, lady doctor, George st,
Cumow, F , Kcmbhi. Hush st, Whra.
Curnow, Martha, Cnry st, Lcdt.
Curnow, Rev. William, Clifton house,
Cambridge st, Nwtn.
Curotta, Jacob, 30 Wexford st
Curphoy, William II, master-mariner,
101 Dcrwent it
Curr, John, Parranmtta rd, Bur.
Curr, Thomas, Parramattn rd, Bur.
Curran, Arthur, boiler-maker, 8 Richmond st
Curran, Charles, 180 Goulburn st
Curran, E. A , butcher, Crescent Bt, Bui.
Curran, E , Unwln's Bridge rd, Mar.
Curran, James, Crjwn st, St. P.
Curran, James, 22 Pulmcr st
Curran, John, butcher, 133 Duke it
Curran, J. J , grocur, 692«, George st
Curran, John J , Adelia villa, Crystal
st, Petm.
Curran, Maims. 9 Littlo Gloucester st
Curran, Mary, 181 Liverpool st
Currau, Michael J , Wcstbourno it,
Currau, Miss, 21 Cbnrlcs st
Curran, Patrick, Sutherland st, Pdtn.
Curran. Peter, 227 Elizabeth st, Rfn.
Curran, Robert, 400 Bourke st
Curran, Sarah, 4 Railway pi
Curran, Thus, telegraph repairor, 21
Caroline st, Rfn.
Curran, T , I'/uhlerl'a hotel, Wynyard
Currcr, Robert, enrpentor, Georgo Bt,
Currey. Henry, Albert av, N. Why.
Curroy, Thomas, Regent l'ark hotel, 141
Regent st
Currlc, Ann, 11 Botany st. Wtloo.
Currio, George, Wyndham st, Alxa,
Curric, James, 14 Chambers st
Currle, James B , Quetnilttnd hotel, 110
George «t
Currlc, John, 112 Bowman st
Currie, Mrs, 251 Bourke st
Currlc, R„ tailor, 4 Aloa ter, Camden
Bt, Ntwn.
Currle, W., draftsman, 1 Cressy terrace,
Station st. Petm.
Currill, George, 15 Globe, st, Globe
Curry, Henry, 20 R.ndle st
Curry, James, Pyrmont Bridgo rd
Curry, John, 19 and 87 Quny st
Curry, J. T., draper, Bogg st, Pdtn.
Curry, Mils, 19G Vlotoria st
Curry, Mrs., Commodoro Bt, Ntwn.
Curry, P., IlraidiroodAofW.Sl Fovcaux
Curry, Thomas, carponter, 10 Clevolnuil st. Bar.
Curry, W., bricklayer, Lion at, Ash.
Curry, William, 33 Kensington st
Curtnni, William, 129 Duko st
Curtayne, H. Maxwell, surgeon, Jamloson st, (Iran.
Curtln, Andrew, tailor, 0 Albert st
Curtln, Dnnlcl, 130 Devonshire st
Curtln, David, draper, 041 Bourko st
Curtln. Mrs., bonrdinghousc, 102
Liverpool st
Curtis, A. L., Allowrio, Lugar st, Wav
Curtis, Albert, Camdenvtlle hotel, 403
King st, Ntwn.
Curtis, Alfred, 47 Botany st
Curtis, A. J„ carnontcr, 412 Cleveland
Curtis, C, bootmaker, 18 Samuel sb
Curtis, Charles, Wanlell rd. Mar.
Curtis. Mrs. E. IT., Stanley cottage,
Mfteqnarlo st, Pmatta.
Curtis, Ed niiind, stonemason, Camoron
st. Pdin.
Curtis, Frank, miller, 2 Marshall st
and 18 Norton st
Curtis, Fred, solicitor, Thnmes st, Bal.
Curtis, Gcorgo, cabproprietor, 0 Albert
st, llfn.
Curtis, George, Evora, Cralgend st
Curtis, Isoac, 42 Wellington st, Wtloo.
Curtis, .1. A., Zara, Cinlgcnd st
Curtis, .1. M., solicitor, 132 Elizabeth
st anil 1711 Macquario st
Curtis, .lames A., timber merchant,
Customhouse buildings. Loftus st
Curtis, John, market gardener, Wolli
an i Hnnnam sts. Hot.
Curtis. Joseph, storekeeper. Western
nl, I'rapt. and Slier.
Cnrtl , L. A., surveyor, 30 Sydnoy nrendn
Curtis, Mary, dressmnkor, 10 Crown In
Curtis. .Mrs.. 278 Victoria st
Curtis. Peter, Toongabbie, 08 Pyrmont
Mi idgc rd, Glebe
Curtis, Richard F., butcher, Fnrrnmntta rd, Lodt.
Curtis, Uobert, honicopnthlst, 4 Lancaster villa", Ocean st, Wlira.
Curtis, Mrs. Hose, 30 Durlinghurst rd
Curtis, llev. T. J.. 200 Cleveland st
Curtis. Thomas F„ designer, Bine's
Point rd. Vic.
Curtis, Mrs. V. M„Sobraon college for
young ladles, lio.'g st, Pdtn.
Curtis, William, Lackey st, St. P.
Curtlss and Barry (Fred Curllss,
Gerald J. Barry), solicitors, 107
Cuitiss, J „ carpenter, Phillip st, Alxn.
Curtlss, Uobert, Waterworks, Bot.
Curwcii. Harrison, Cameron st, Pdtn.
Curwiii, Ch u-lcs, 38 Talfoiml st, Qlebo
Curwood. MM., Bluxlaud rd, ltyde
Curzon, H., tallorcss, Gorrard st, Alxn.
Ciinum. it., Donnelly rd, N. Wby.
Cumck, George, hatter, 649-040 George
s t ; o. r.. Point Plpor rd, Whrn.
Cusack. M, A., commercial travellor,
' 6.1 Sophia st
Cusack, Thomas, 14 Darllnghurst st
Cua.wtk, Vhotn •", Windsor st, Pdtn.
Cushion, Charles, storokei-per,
llalmoral avenue. Can.
CuBlck, John, 81 Donliam st, Glebo
Cuslck, T., Victoria av, N. Wby.
Cussan, Edward, 29 Irving st
Cusscllc, John, Campbell st. Bal.
Cussln, James, bootmuker, 04 Bowling
st, llfn.
Customs department, Customhouse,
Circular quay
Customhouse, Alfred st
Customhouse boat shed. Circular quay
Customs Department of Audit—branch
oilier, Fitzevou chambers, 60
Castlercagh st
Cutbush, C , Tunbridgo, Ada st, Bur.
Cuthbort, Honry, Cover st, Bal.
Cuthbcrt, Thomas. 30 Mcrrlman st
Cuthhirtson, Jas„ Burren st, McDtn.
O U T H B E R T S O N , R., monumon.
tal and marblo mason, Blane at,
Nnwcast'o. (See advt.)
Cutholl, —, master-niarincr, Stinton
st, Man.
Cutler, Mrs. E., 20 Donliam st, Glebe
Cutler, U., cutter, 1 The Avenue. Potiu.
Cutler, Hannah, 20 Walker st, llfn.
Cutlor, Mary E„ draper, 213 Oxford st
Cutter, James, hnlrdrcsscr, 0 Regent
st, llfn.
Cutter, John, tailor, 311 Pitt it
Cutter, liohort, accountant, 2 Lennox
st, Ntwn.
Cutter, H. P., 21 Wellington st, Ntwn.
Cutter, Win.. 312 Palmer st
Czcnlawski. T. 11., market gardener,
Old Wollongongrd, Bot.
Czerwonka, Henry, civil onglneor, 1
Tlvoli terrace, Oxfonl st, Pdtn.
DAliKM.K, GKOIKIK, law stationer,
100 Elizabeth st
Dacey and Co.. blacksmiths, Botany
Backer, Cornelius, Unwin's Bridgo
rd, St.*F.
Badd, Jani'S, raouldor, 00 llosohlll
st, llfn.
Badil, Thomas, blacksmith, 7 Bowling
st, P. I tn.
Dadlcy, Frederick, Phillip st, Bal.
Dudley, Geo. 11., accountant, 33 Cornwall is st. llfn.
Bailloy, Geo. It., 13 Mend st, Wtloo.
Badswell, C. F., boot and shoo Importer, 334 Kent s t ; p.r. lleiby st,
Dall'cy, M.. plasterer, Eden st, McDtn.
Bager, ltobort, bootmaker, 72 Cowper
st, Glebo
Bagg, Ellzalwth, draypioprietor, 20
Stephen st, Camp.
Bagg, Thomas, Emily terrace, 23
Stephen st, Camp.
Dnggnr, Mrs., dre-smukcr, 8 Meehnnlo
st, Ntwn.
Dagnull, Mrs. B., Millhlll rd, Wav.
Bahl, Win., bricklayer, Church st, Bal.
Daliins, II.. wa'chmaker, 106
Oxford st
Dahms, John, Strwart St. Pdtn.
Dnhquist, A., tailor. 112 Elizalioth st
Dalloy, John, 18 Campbell st. Ntwn
offlee, 139-141 Kingst
Dallies, Fred., painter, T.vmerston Bt,
St. P.
Dnintroy, and Jones (E. DaIntroy,|L. C.
II. Jonos), solicitors, 33 Castlercagh st
Dalntrey, Edwin, solicitor, jEollo,
Bolmore rd, Ilwk.
Dalsley. Uobert, Hordcrn parade, Ash.
Dakln, Daniel, painter, Paul st, Bal.
Bakln, James, 378 Pyrmont st
Dakln, Joap., builder, Linslcy st, B,ydo
Dakln, M., linker, 20 Kensington st
Dalby, G., jnpnnncr, Camdon st,
Dalby, H„ bootmaker, Brouto st, Wav.
Dalby, Mrs., lleiby st, Ntwn.
Dale, Misses A. nnd P., milliners, 020
George st
Dale, —, Botany rd, Alxa,
Dalo, Alfred, Conlson Bt, McDtn.
Dnlo, (J. II., Hampton cottage, Ewington st, DaJ.
Dale, Daniel, Botany rd, Alxa.
Bale, David, Willoughby, Stnumoro
rd, Pctm.
Dnle, Edward, Pyrmont st
Dalo, E., plasterer. Hercules st, Ash.
Dale, 15., tanner, High st, N. Wby.
Dalo, George, carpenter, 6 Sturt's terrace, Buiib st, Bur.
Dale, Henry, tanner, MoClclland st,
N. Why.
Dale, Henry J., plumber, Campboll
st, Pdtn.
Dale, II. J., clicker, Moncurst, Whrn.
Dale, Hugh, joiner, Clydo st, Con.
Dale, J. L , 101 Foveaux st
Dale. John, contractor, 409 Cleveland rt, Hfn.
Dule, J „ rilnlngrooms, 007 George st
Dale, John F., 42 LunsdowiiB st
Dale. Samuel, cabproprietor, 5 Avon
st, Glebe
Dalo, W. J., farmer, Stanley st, Cond.
Dale, William, 87 Campbell st, Glebo
Daley, Barth, 164 Walker st, llfn.
Daley, O, bootmaker, 21 Longley's In,
Daley. Charles, commercial travellor,
Wright at, Bur.
Daley, Chas., stonemason, 18 Hnnover
st, Wtloo.
Daley, J., 4 Hnndwickview torrace,
Iredalc st, Ntwn.
Daley, J., grocer, 30Carollnest, Hfn.
Daley, James, stonemason, Hnrgrnvo
In, Pdtn.
Daley, Junius, 16 Wentworth In
Daley, J „ ] lnsteror. 68 Wells st, llfn.
Daley, John, 466 Kent st
Daley, John, ltiohard st, Ntwn.
Daley, Mr*. 11. J., grocor, 37 Harrlngtou st
Daley, Michael, stonemason, 10 Hanover st, Wtloo.
Daley, Mra.,0 Domain terrace
Diley, Nicholas, 11 Ilailwaj pi
Daley, Patrick,stonemason, Wyndhani
st, Alxa.
Daley, Peter, coachbuilder, 13 Hngo
st, llfn.
Daley, Thomas, stonemason, Hnrgrave
In, Pdtn.
Daley, William. 16 Botanyviow tcr.,
Wilson st, llfn.
Daley. William. 11) Itcgent st, Ntwn.
Daley, Winifred, Cary st, Lcdt.
Dalgaruo, James, 9* Victoria st
Dnlgnrno, Louisa, 217 Forbes st
L I M I T E D , merchants & agents
—Mooro, F. II., and Knox, T. F.,
mnnaging directors, 3 and 6 Bent
s t ; Pnrbnry's wharf, Bond stores,
Lower Fort st; ami Summcrhell's
wharf nnd Town's wharf, Bond
anil Free store, Kent st
Dalglcish, Uobert, onglneor, Campbell
st, Bal.
Ball, A. W., B.A., 108 Itcdfern Bt, Hfn.
Dull, William, 90 Wells st, llfn.
Dalloy and Scott (Andrew Dnlley, John
Scott), blacksmiths, 31 Oxford Bt
Dalloy, A., general smith, 107 Campbell st
Dalloy, C, Ironmonger, Bayvlllo 6t,
Dalliy. Mary, Milton house, Pyrmont
Bridge rd, Camp.
Dalley, Hon. W. B„ Q.C., AttorneyGeneral, Crescent ot, Mnn.
Dallison, Edward, Green st, Wtloo.
Ballmnn, Mrs. Mary, 16 Liverpool st
Bally, J., brlcklayor, 32 Chelsea st, llfn.
Bally, Tlios., stonemason, 12 Turrey st
Dalmer and Oortul, mineral water
manufacturers, 405 Pitt st
Dalmer. John, 123 Union Bt
Dalquist, Mrs., High st, N. Wby.
Dalrymple, lt.,dinmnnd-drlll inspector,
34 Forsyth st, Glebo
Dalrymple, W. II., produce merchant,
78 Sussex st
Dalrymple, W. H., commission agent,
Ossory, Canterbury rd, Mar.
Dalton Bros., merchants. 115 Pitt st
Dalton and Co., wholesalo grocers, 288
Sussex st
Dalton, E., produce merchant, 444
Harris st
Dalton, E., 2 Symon's buildings, Campbell st
Balton, G. \V., Parrnmatta id, Hbsh.
Dalton, John, Elizabeth st, Ash.
Balton, Margaret, 37 Belmoro st
Balton, M., greengrocer, Woolloomooloo In
Balton, M., 120 Pitt st, llfn.
Dalton. P., BOH., Church at, Pmatta.
Dalton, Hosa, 10 Little Clevolaud st,
Dalton, Iloaa, 180« William st
Balton, Thomas. M.L.A., merchant,
Whcatlelgh, Flat Itock rd, N.Wby.
Balton, William, brick manufacturer,
Biickflchls, Alxa., and ltochford st
Dalton, W., grocer, Denisou st, Wav.
Dalton, William, Gardeners In, Bot.
Dnlveen, T. M.. broker, 313 Georgust
Dalwood, Christopher, iVartcick Cttstle
hnl'l, Darling st. Bal.
D A L Y B R O T H E R S , importers
and wine and spirit merchants,
204 Clarence st
Daly, .Michael and Co., drajicrs, 590
George st
Daly. —, Hose cottage, Mossmnu's
Bay, St. L.
Daly, —, 243 Palmer st
Daly, Andrew, 10 Dinucamp In
Daly, Arthur, Artlett st, Pdtn.
Daly, Bridget, 29 Kensington st
Daly, Daniel, 82 George st, Camp.
Duly, D.uid, Thomas st
Daly, Donnis, .16 Lower Fort st
Daly, Dennis, 7 Brown st, Camp,
Daly, X., grocer, 243 Devonshire st
Daly, Ellen, 2 Kelly In
Daly. Henry, wine and spirit merchant, Victoria tcrraco, 140 Hereford st, Glebo
Daly, James, wine and spirit merchant, 63 Old Parramattu re I,
Daly, James, 42 Islington Bt, Ntwn.
Daly, J nmos, 2U8 Liverpool st
Daly, James T„ greengrocer, 398 Castlereagh st
Daly, John, draper, 081 Dowling st
Daly, John, engineer, Pashley st, Bal.
Daly, John, produco merchant, Toogood st, .McDtn.
Baly, John, vanproprietor, 30 Greek
st, Glebo
Baly, John, Isabella »t, Wav.
Baly, John, 120 llissenden nl, Camp.
Daly, Joseph, 76 Allen st
Daly, Miss Mary, school, 2 Engine st
Daly, Mrs. Mary, 102 Darlinghurst rd
Daly, Mrs, Mary A., 414 Jones st
Duly, Michael, 11 Chelsea st, Hfn.
Daly. Miss, West st, St. L.
Daly, Mrs., Gallaway st, Pmatta.
Daly, Mrs., 172 Phillip st
Daly, Patrick, 135J lliley st
Baly, Peter, 7 Little Devonshire st
Daly, Peter, Martin st, Pdtn.
Daly, llobt., 9 Cnterham tcr., Nixon st
Daly, Terence, 630 Crown st
Daly. T., pawnbroker, Queen's pi, Bal.
Daly, Timothy, 38 Womorah av
Daly, William, Glenniore rd, Pdtn.
Daly, William, Nelson st, Bal.
Dalyell, Mrs. J., Whltehorso st, Ntwn.
Dalzell. James, druyproprletor, 20
Francis st. Glebo
Dalzell, John, 80 Botany st, Hfn.
Dalziel, Mnry, 83 Forbes st
Dulyicll, P., 2 Blshopgatc st, Camp.
Dalzill, Lawrence, stonemason, llosscr
st, Bal.
Damsoil, Mrs., Joseph st, Itkwd.
Dan, George, Elizibethat, N.Wby.
Dumber, David, engineer, 18 Chaldcr
st, Ntwn.
Dannhor, William, 69 Glebe st, Glebe
Danahoy, Cornelius, onglneor, Wardoll
nl, Mar.
Danny, A., brnsslitter, West st, Pdtn.
Danby, James F., 92 Duko st
Dance, W. E„ baker, Darling st, Bal.
Daudo, Jabez, 2 St. Kilda In.
Dane, John. 13 Corfu st
Daniels, Dennis, carpenter, Bruco st,
Daniels, Ellen, 183 Elizabeth st, llfn.
Daniels, Francis, printer, 0 Brumby st
Duulels, J., carpenter, Smith st, Bal.
Daniels, Mrs., 310 lliley st
Daniels, S„ butcher, Botany rd, Bot.
Daniels, S., carponter, Hartley st, Bal.
Daniels, T., butcher, 37-39 Francis st
DanicU, Thos., 130 Mitchell st.Gloho
Daniels. Thos. L, 391 Sussex st
Daniels, W., carpenter, Moodio st, Bal.
Daniels, William. Garden st, Alxa.
Daniel.on, C. W., bootmaker, 91
Sussex st
Dunks, Benjamin, Central rd, Ash,
Dauks, Frederick, builder, 2 Alexandra terrace, Flora st, McDtn.
D A N K S , J O H N , ironmonger ana
importer of plumbers'and engineers' brasswuro, 303 Pitt st
D.inks, Thomas, 38 Sarah Ann st
Dunn, G., builder, 15 Uann st, Glebe
Bann, .1., engineer, 39 Cornwnllls st,
Daiiiic. John T., 227 Liverpool st
Dunne, Miss M., private school, 697
Han Is st
Danuett. George. 13 Harrington pi
Dansoy, George F., Corporation Hoalth
ollicer. 329 Cleveland st. llfn.
Diuitlzie, II., U2J Stanley st
Danvers, D. II., Undine, Chnrlotto at,
Dauel, Jacob, gardenor, Good st, Slier.
D'Apice, Charles, prof.ssor of music,
Druiinuoyne st, H. Hill
Darbon, E., upholsterer, 315 Pitt st
D A R B Y , G E O R G E , baker and
confectioner, Corso, Man.
Darby. J., carpenter, Emily st, Mnr
Daibyshlrc, Mrs. Ellen, Parkview
cottage, Bcllevuo st, Pmatta.
Dareey, M„ Maximus terrace, 45
Glebe nl, Glebe
Darcus, W. M., lluymmiel hotel, 10
Campbell st
D'Arcy, Charles and Co., wluo and
spirit merchants, 474i Gcorgo st
Onroy, James, 10 Little Palmer st
Darcy, John, Lavender st, Vic.
Darcy, Mary A., 43 Wexford st
Darcy, Michael, llolnidalo st, Mar,
Darcy, Mrs.. 37 Wattle st
D'Arcy, Mary, confectioner, 289 Pitt st
D'Arcy. Morgan, 61 Albion st
Darcy, W„ bootmaker, 07 Hunter at
D'Ardier, 11. C„ Uunyah, Bayvlcw
terrace, Hyde
Dare, Hum y. Hour niorchant, 28 Pitt Bt
Daro, Henry, Lugorbme, Nelson's buy
id, Wav.
Dare, Wm, paintor, 50 Young st, llfn.
Bargau. John, fu> 1 merchant, llaglan
st, Man.
Dargan, M. S., Post and Telegraph
olllce. Ocean st, Whra.
Dargau, Patrick, fuel merchant, llaglan st, Man.
Daryin's Ileof Gold Mining Co. -Deakin,
Henry M., legal minager 130
Pitt st
Dargus Hcef G. M. Co.—Deaklu, H. M.,
legal manager. 130 Pitt st
Dargiu. Sydney, solicitor. Phillip st,
and Alfred st, St. L„ E.
Dargiu, S., solicltcr, Fulham Bt, Ntwn.
merchants, 11 Macquario pi, and
40 Pitt st
Daugar,Charles II.,M.L.A.,Grnnthani
castle, 11 Wyldest
Hangar, Thomas, Marmlou house,
Cecil pi.
Dangatc. Mrs., grocer, Uydord, H. Hill
Daniel, Edward H., grocer, 101 Qucon
st, Wlira.
Daniel, James, 87 llareom st
Daniel, Jniin W., Foster at, Lcdt.
Daniel, Mary A., 451 Bourko st
Daniel, William, Edward st, Ash. :
Daniel, W.J., 48 Hanover st, Wtloo.
Daniel, Donald, M., accountant. Glebo
st, Pdtn.
Daniels, —, 2 Brumby st
Daniels, —, cabproprietor, 181 Victoria
Dargiu, T., 10 Henson it, Ultimo
Daigon, Mrs., 84 Upper William at N.
Dargue, Josc|)li, 627 Riley 8t
Dark, George 11., 4 Nelson at, Ntwn.
Dark, Join, 0 Kllm pi, Newtown nl
Dark, Thos., Cioirn hut, 6e0 Crown st
Darke, Frederick, catpenter, l'ennnnt
st, Pmatta.
Darko, Henry, iminter. 32 Myrtle at
Durko, Captuin J. W. 11., Levcn liouae,
Palace at, Petni.
Darke, Mrs., boarding eatalilialuneut,
8 Clivo terrace. Bhcppard ft
Darke. William, bootmaker, II List In
Darke. W., moulder, 44 Wells Bt, Rfn.
Darkhaiu, Uhurles, carpenter, Ilornscv
st, Hal.
Darluy, Cecil W., civil engineer,
Mount st, Tie.
Darley, Hon. F. M„ M.L.C., barrister,
Q.C.. 0-10 Weiitworth court, Elizabetli Bt; ]). r., Albert st, Wlira.
Darley, William F., Ivy liouso, Marian
at, Ntwn,
Darling, Alex., 204 Cumberland st
Darling, George, carpenter, Lewisham
st, l'etm.
Darling, Henry, mastor-niariner,
Evans st, Dal.
Darling, James, commission agent,
Smith st, Hal.
Darllnghurst gaol, Darllnghurst rd
Dariingliurst ball girls school, i urlinghurst rd
Darlln.'ton, J., 1 off: 312 Sussex 8t
Darlow, Fred., Windsor avenue, Can,
Darnell, Alfred, master-mariner, 52
Union st
Durncs, Richard, bricklayer, 1 George
at, Wtloo.
Darritgh. Mrs., Pennant it, Pmatta.
Darroll, W., Weston at. 13al.
Darren, Mrs. Murgt., 40 Burlington st
D'Arrictta, Walter, printer. 427 Liverpool s t ; p. r.,Canterhnry rd, Can.
Darringion, John, 108 Princes st
Dart, Edward J., enrpentor, Alexander
st, Alxn.
Dart. Elizabeth, tinsmith, Botany rd,
Dart, Iaabello, 10 John st, Wtloo.
Durtncll. J., bootmaker, 40 lluckland
st, Wt'oo.
Dartuell, T., bootmaker, 30 Center st,
Darton, Fred., builder, 23 Hordern st,
Ntwn.. and Medina ter., Morris st,
Darton, Lewis, liray st, St. L., E.
Darton, Mrs., Albert hotel, Mount st,
.St. L.
Darvell, Mrs., Parrainatta rd, Uydo
Darwin, James, 75 Pyrmont st
Dash anil Wilson, brussfoundcis, 14-15
Newtown rd, Dar.
Dash, William L.. 4 Myrtle st
Dashford. C, woodturner, 8 Derwent
st, Glebo
Daston, G. W., iilumbcr, Lewisham st,
Dasto», W„ dealer, 23 Charles at
Datightry, S.,stonemason, 27Campbell
st. Glebe
Dauncey, ,T„ carpenter, 44 Surry st
Dauncy, Mrs. Mary, 50 Ultimo rd
Daunt. E. Russell, insurance agent,
Denconsflolil, Fniruiount st, Pctm.
Daunt, E. 11., traveller, Short Bt, Bal.
Davidson,!'., sallmaker,Darlingst,Bal.
Davenport and Sons (Joseph, sen.,
James, jun,), tuuuers and boot Davidson, Thomas, 7 Gloucester st
manufacturers, 5 Barrack at, and Davidson. Mrs. W., Thames st, Dal.
Davidson, Wm., carpenter, College st,
Victoria rd. Mar.
Davenpoit, Miles ami Co. (James F.
Davcnjwrt, John H. Miles), accoun- Davidson, Wm., organ-builder, William at E., St. L.
tants, Mooro st
Davenport, J., painter, Laura st, Ntwn. Davidson, Win., plasterer, Wynilham
st, Alxn.
DaveniMirt, J. T., accountant, Bclmora
Davidion, Wm., shipwright, Edward
rd, Hwk.
St. Bal.
Davcnjiort, J., boot manufacturer,
Davidson, Wm., Huff st, Wav.
Viotoiiard, Mur.
Davidson, Wm. O., 110 Pyrmont
Davenport, J., Arooa villa. Bondl rd,
Bridge rd. Glebe
Davie, J„ Dysart cottage, Spring st,
Davenport, Mrs., South at
Dawuport, Thoa. G., stationer, Ardcu
Davie, William, 20 Cooper «t, Rfn.
tt, Hwk.
Duvernn, P., bootmaker, 47 Wexford Davies and Co., drapers, 430 George st
Davles, William and Co., merchants,
210 Pitt st
lUvoy, Alexander C, bootmaker,
Davles, —, tailor, 300 George st
George st,Can.
Davles, A., builder, West st, Pctm.
Davey, Catherine H., 33 Denlmm at
Daviss, A., Forbes tor, Forbes st, Dar.
Dave), Elizabeth, 53 Yurong sc
Davles, Mrs. Ann. 5 Stream In
Davey, Fred., Drlver'a rd, llur.
Davey, Harry, plumber, 12 Ferndale Davles, Arthur, Victoria st, I'dtn,
Davles, C, St. Pauls st, ltwk.
st, Ntwn.
Davev, John J., architect and surveyor, Davles, C. S., draper, 78 Bay st
Davles, 1)., painter, 218 Mucqunrlo
177 P i t t s t
Davey, Mrs. J., Underwood st, Pdtn.
Davey, John J., surveyor and architect, Davits, 1). II., hawker, Anncslcy st,
East Crescent it, Vic.
Davey, Mrs., Taylor st, Pmntta.
Davles, David, coachbullder, 70 Pitt
Davey, Octavius 11., Margaret st, Ash.
st. Rfu.
Davuy, Peter, grocer, Cross at
Davies, David, Brighton st, Pctm.
Davie*. David, warehouseman, 161
Davey, Robert, Gipps it, Pdtn.
Evelcigh st, Kfn.
Davey, Stephen, 22 W'ouiornh avenue
Davles, David, United State* hotel, 258
Davey, W., 10 Orwell st
Sussex st
Davey, Wm. E., Campbell st, St. P.
Davies, David, Gordon st, Pdtn.
David, Richard. Mansfield st, Bal.
Davidson and Co., furniture ware- Davles. D. II., 23 Upper William i t S.
Davies, E. C , mining broker, 287
house, 81 Oxford st
Georgo s t ; p.r. 211 Glebo rd,
Davld.on, —, 67 Howard st
Davidson, Short st, Bal.
Davles, E. J., Cooperative Parcel
Davidson, A., 7 Law at
Delivery Co., lift Pitt st
Davidson, A., butcher, 35 Albert st,
Davies, Ebenczer, High at, Hal.
Davies, E. carpenter. Jarrctt st, Lc It.
Davidaon, A., plasterer, 7 Wilton pi
Davidson, Alexander, 61 Hugo st, Rfu. Davles, E., saddler, Marion st, Lcdt.
Davidson, Andrew, vnghuer, George Davies, Edward. Windsor st, Pdtu.
Davies, E. T., carpenter, Wells at, Lcdt.
st, Pmatta.
Davles Edwin, fnncy emporium, I'arDavidson, Andrew D., 3 Gordon st
ramatta rd, Lcdt.
Davidson, Christiana, Aird st, Pmatta.
Davies, EMza, Marion st Lcdt.
Davidson, D., 50 Campbell <t, Nwtu.
Elliaser 133, Elizabeth st
Davidson, Francis 11., 25 Surry at
Davidson, (', 89 Wells st, Rfn. Davies, Frederick, cabinet-maker, 28
Talfourd st, Glebe
Davidson, George, stonemason, GoodDavles. Frederick, 05 Forbosst
hope st, Pdtn.
Davies, Fred..Northwood rd,N. Wby.
Davidaon, George. 2 Campbell pi
Davidson, G., 28 Mt. Vernon st, Glebo Davies, George, Hondi rd, Wav.
Davies, Oeorvv, 2 Sterling st, Glebe
Davidsoi, Isaac, 441 Dourkost
Davies, George F., Trumvaa hotel, 230
Davidson, James, Huff st, Wuv.
Oxford st, Pdtn.
Davidson, James, 137 Quarry st
Davidson, John, carpenter, 27 Kon- Davies, Hanbury, barrister, Glcuview
st, Pdtu.
slngton st
Davidson, J., wesver, Trott st, Pmtta. Davios, Henry, 4U2 Castlercairh st
Davies, liny., 17 Cornwallis st, Rdfn.
Davidson, John, 43 Alma st
Davles, II. S., 54 Deniion it, Whra.
Davidson, John, 7 Chapman st
Davies, Herbert, Marlborough st, Lcdt.
Davidson, Joseph, 19 Surry st
Davidson. Dr. L. G„ • urgron, 64 New- Davies, I., pawnbroker, 113 Llverp'lst
Davies, J. II., monumental mason,
town rd
Church st, Rkwd. J: 743 George st
Davidson, Mark, Spring st, Bur.
Davies, James, 107 Botany st, Wtloo.
Davidson, Mrs., 44 Francis i t
Davies, Jaiuos R. (0. E.), Sunbridge,
Davidson, N., painter, 101 Palmer st
172 Queen st, Whra.
Davidson, R., plasterer. Nelson st, Bal.
Davidson, Robert, FatonV buildings, Dnvies, John, draper, East Crescent
st. Vic.
Knit st
Davidson, Robert, 1 Trewyn terrace, Davies, J., painter, Albert grove, Ash.
Davies, John, tailor, 00 Erskine st
Miller st, St. L.
58,000 POLICIES IN FORCE, ASSURING £21,000,000.
Davies John, typefounder, 20 Marian
st, Rfn.
Davres, John, Church st, Pmatta,
Davi's, John, Walker st, Pdtn.
Davies, John II., butcher, 40 George
at, Rfn.
Davies, Joseph, grocer, 21 St. John's
rd, Glebe
Davies, Joseph, Anglcsesst, Wav.
Davles, Joseph, Sutherland ft Pdtn.
Davies, Joshua L., builder, Trafalgar
st, Ntwn.
Davies. Lewis, 350 I'astlcreagh st
Davles, M., llnn.-works, Wurdell st,
D.ivius, Margaret, greengrocer, 105
Elizabeth st, Kfn.
Davies, M. A., 140 Georgo st. Wtloo.
Davles. Mrs., fruiterer, Boadl rd,
Davies, Mrs., 12 Buckingham at
Davles, Mrs., Little Napier at. Pdtn.
Davies, Mrs., music-teacher, 2 Cleveland st
Davles. Philip, Hartley villa, 170
Glebe rd, Glebo
Davles, Richard C . tobacconist, 33
Parrumatta rd, Glebo
Davles, Sami el, 1 Cornwallls at, Rfn.
Davles, S., builder, Tliornley at. Lcdt.
Davius, T., warehouseman, Glonvicw
st, Pdtu.
Davies. Thomas E., Fern st, Hwk.
Davies, Thomas L., tea merchant,
Norton st, Ledt. K
Davies, W. T., clicker, 30 Darghan st,
Davies, Rev. Warlow, M.A., 322 King
st, Ntwn.
Davies, W., bricklayer, Bungay Bt,
Davles, W., carpenter, Glebe st, Pdtn.
Davies, Wm., jeweller, 12 Bond i t ;
p. r.. 88 Campbell st.Glebe
Davi's, W., suti.HUT,Raglan st, Alin.
Davies, W., stonemason, 204 Church
at, Camp.
Davles, William, Glcnmore rd, P d t n .
Davius, \V., Paddlngton st, Pdtn.
Davles, William, 7 Railway pi
Davis, William J., painter, 40 Glebe
st, Glebe
Davis, William T., 14 Ultimo st
Davis, Wyndlmm, jun., postal inspecttor, Melrose terrace, Old South
Head rd, Whra.
Davis, Michael, 14 Botanyview terrace, Wilson st, Rfn.
Davis. Brothers, butchers, 277 King
• t, Ntwn.
Davis, Jewell and Co., general importers, 71-73 Clarence st
Davi* and McCuaig (G. Vin Davis,
John McCualgj, manufacturers'
iments, 110 P i t t s t
Davis and Stephen (Charles Davis,
Einest F. Stephen), solicitors, 80
Pitt st.
Davis, W. II. and Co., bedstead manufacturers— Grimbley, Frnnk,
agent, 09 York st
Davis, —, Catherine st, Lcdt.
Davis, —, Victoria st, Petm.
Davis, A. A., butcher, New Canterbury
rd, Petm.
Davis. Rev. A. B , 121 Mncleoy Bt
Davis, A. J., lessee toll bar, Botany
rd, Wtloo.
Davis, Abraham, bottle merchant, Ivy
st, Rfn.
Davis, Alexander, painter, Vincent
In, Hal.
Davis, Alfred, Brook lodge, Dunison
rd, Petm.
Davis, Amelia. 4 Phelps st
Davis, Arthur, Marian st, Ntwu.
Davis, Arthur F„ engineer, 208 Castlereagh st
Davis, A. P., carpenter, Terry st, Bal.
Davis, A., dentist, 33 Royal arcade
Davis, Austin, butcher, 233 ICinif
st, Ntwn.
Davis. 11. L.. Stewart st, Pdtn.
Davis, Benjamin, bottle dealer, 20-22
Dick st
DnviB, Benjamin, pawnbroker, 4-0
Botany st
Davis, Caroline, boarding establishmem, Henderson rd, Alxa.
Davis, Charles, shipwright, 12'J Cumberland st
Davis, C, solicitor, Concord rd, Coml.
Davis, Charles, Regent st, Pdtn.
Davis, Charles S., ironworker, Arthur
st, Mar.
Davis, Coleman, watchmaker and
jeweller, 688 Georgo st
Davis, a , pawnbroker, 83 William st
Davis, D. E., merchant, 322 George st
Davis, Daniel. 0 Nithsdnlc st
Davis, I.I., builder, 102 George st, Rfn.
Davis, Davi I, grocer, 200 Crown st
Davis. David, news agent, 64 Kent st
Davis, David, Greet, Arthur st, Hwk.
Davis, David, Rofe st, Lcdt.
Davis, IC. f-ii-y depot, 02 King st
Davis. E,, Waterworks, Hot.
Davis. E. J., engineer, 30 Watkin Bt,
Davis, Edward, blacksmith, 30 Holt st
Davis, Edward, Cornttulk inn, Church
st, Pivatta.
Davis, Edward, draftsman, 4 Phillip
st. Ntwn.
Davis. Edward W., painter, Darlington
rd, Dar.
Davis, Edwin, 43 Botany st
Davis. Edwin II., blacksmith, Arthur
st, Mar.
Davis, E., pawnbroker, 056J Georgo st
Davis, Ephraim, plasterer, 15Tcrreyst
Davis, Evan, 50 Princes Bt
Davis, Evan, 70 Stanley st
Davis Francis, bricklayer, 20 Ferndale
st, Nwtn.
Davis. Frederick, Paddlngton st, Pdtn.
Davis, O., 25 Mill it, Pyrmont
Davis, G. A., plumber, 201-203 Goulhurn Bt
Davis, G,, carpenter, Queen St. F. Dk.
Davis, George, outfitter, 1 Pitt st
Davis, George, railway contractor, 314
Crown st
Davis, Geo., 3 Hart's uldngs., Gloucester st
Davis. George, Jtmos st, Ntwn.
Davis, G., New Cook's River rd, Pctm.
Davis, O. W., 2 Marshall pi, Marshall st
Davis, 1L, barrister, 128 Elizabeth st
Daria, Harry, Brightside, Eltham Bt,
Davis, II., draftsman, Darling st, Bal.
Davis, II., draper, 380 King st, Ntwn.
Davis, Henry, drayproprictor, 08 Greek
st, Glebe
D a v ~v
Davis, Henry, Mercantile lioiciny Club
hotel, 1 Gloucester st
Davis, Henry, Dixon st, Pmatta.
Davis, Henry, 6 Pine st
Davis, Henry, 00 Wellington Bt
Davis, Henry, 7 Woolloomooloo In
Davis, Henry A., 60 Harris st
Davis. Henry F., Caledonian hotel, 86
Point Bt, Pyrmont
Davis, Henry M., confectioner, 6 Northiim terrace, Simmons st, Ntwn.
Davis, Herbert. 22 Darllnghurst rd
Davis. J „ 33 Burlington st
Davis, J. F., timber merchant, 1 Victoria terrace, McKcnzto st, Wav.
Davis, J. M., 31 Stanley st
Davis, J. R., (13 Rosehi'll st, Rfn.
Davis, Jus., bootmaker, 128 John st
Davis, J., master-mariner, Middlo st,
Davis, J., sllpiwr-makcr, Raglan st,
Davis, James, College Bt. Bal.
Davis, James, 35 Wilson st, Ntwu
Davis, James A., Wyndlmm st, Alxn.
Davis, J !',., Madeline at, If. Hill
DavlB, J. T., coal merchant, 27 Wharf
Davis, J., mattress-maker, 78 Campbell
Davis, John, clerk, Spring st, Wav.
Davis, J., engraver, 20 Chaldcrst,
Davis. John, (la ribald i hotel, Ferry st,
11. Hill
Davis, John, 30 Alderson st. Rfn,
Davis, John, 427 Bourko st
Davis John, 00 Crown st
Davis, John, Elswick st, Petm.
Davis, John, Harbour st
Davis, John, M unlock st, Bal.
Davis, John, II Wentworth st
Davis, J. A., carpenter, 1 Foveaux st
Davis, J., boiling down establishment,
Illawarra at, Hot.
Davis, J., bookseller, 700 George st
Davis, J., brick, manufacturer, Culvert
st, Mar.
Davis, J., butcher, 365 Oxford st, Pdtn
Davis, J., jeweller, Botany rd, Alxa.
Davis, Joseph, pawnbroker, 20 Park st
Davis, Joseph, 13 Charles st
Davis, Joseph, Hordern st, Ntwn.
Davis, Joseph, Victoria house, 32 Toxtctb rd, Glebo
Davis, J., Double Day hotel, Ocean st
Davis, Mark, Ross Bt, Pmatta.
Davis, Mary A., 05 Klppax st
Davis, Miss, girls school, 68 Voting at
Davis, Miss, milliner, Old South Head
rd, Wav.
Davis, Mrs., 6 Chapman i t
Davis, Mrs,, 08 Cumberland st
Davis, Mrs., 401 Dowling st
Davis, Mrs., Daisy cott.igc, Edrop st,
Davis, Mrs., Evelyn st, Pmatta,
Davis, Mrs., 121 Gloucester st
Davis, Mrs., High st, Bal.
Davis, Mrs., 4 Howard st
Davis, Mrs., 7 Judge st
Davis, Mrs., 241 Macquariost S.
Davis, Mrs., 401J P i t t s t
Davis, Mrs., 237, Victoria st
Davis, Mrs., Weston st, Pctm.
Davis, Mrs., dressmaker, Comber st
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