Lumiscope 2216 User's Manual

Model 2216
Talking Digital
Ear Thermometer
Instruction Manual
Congratulations on purchasing the Lumiscope Model
2216 Talking Digital Ear Thermometer! Please be sure to
read this manual carefully before using this new state-ofthe-art device. Keep this manual handy for reference.
Parts Identification:
Take Reading
“Memo.” Button
“Talk” Button
About Taking Temperature From The Ear:
What is Ear Temperature?
Body temperature means interior or core
temperature, which is controlled by a lower thalamus
subordinate to a hypophysis. The eardrum and
lower thalamus have a common blood vessel.
Because of this shared vessel, ear temperature can
accurately tell fluctuation of body temperature.
How to Use The Ear Thermometer Properly:
For children younger than one year, gently pull the ear in an
inclined backward direction to straighten the auditory canal
before inserting the temperature probe for measurement.
What is a Normal Ear Temperature?
Users’ body temperatures vary by age, time, and ambient
temperature. Clinical studies have shown few exceptions to
the rule that the ear shows a higher temperature than the
armpit (axillary method). For accurate fever identification, it
is recommended to have an understanding, or baseline, of
patients’ temperatures in normal situations.
1. For the most accurate measurements, leave the
thermometer in the room in which it will be
used for 30 minutes prior to use, to acclimate
the thermometer to ambient temperature.
2. Always use a clean, new probe cover.
3. Only take readings from a clean ear.
4. Only take measurements during periods of rest. A recent
bath or exercise is likely to increase body temperature.
Taking Measurements:
1. Thoroughly clean ear, and apply a clean,
new probe cover to thermometer.
2. Insert the temperature probe along the ear canal as
deep as is comfortable into the ear, press the “ “ button
once to start the measurement and you will hear a
single beep. In about a second, the temperature reading
Figure 1
will be complete and you will hear a short melody. The
2216 will then speak the temperature reading aloud,
and display it on the large digital display. (Fig. 1)
Note: If using the 2216 for the first time, it is recommended that
3 consecutive measurements are taken from the same ear. The
maximum of the three readings will be recorded to memory as
the readings will not likely be exactly the same. This will help
you get a feeling of how to use the thermometer.
3. The reading will be stored into memory automatically.
If 30 sets of memory are stored already, the first
reading will be overwritten, as will each existing
memory with the new reading, as they are taken.
4. For the most accurate temperature readings,
wait 10 minutes between consecutive uses.
5. If a measurement falls within measuring range
(89.6°F ~ 109.3°F or 32.0°C ~ 42.9°C), the temperature
will be displayed. If a measurement is above
measuring range, “Hi” will be displayed. If below
measuring range, “Lo” will be displayed.
6. The measurement will be displayed for approximately
one minute, then the 2216 will return to clock mode.
7. The digital display will shut off automatically
three minutes after the last key press.
Switching Between °F and °C
To switch between measuring in °F and °C, insert an
unfolded paperclip or similar object in the button hole
labeled °C/°F on the back of the thermometer. (Fig. 2)
Memory Recall
Recorded readings may be scrolled through while
the thermometer is on. To scroll through readings,
press the “Memo.” button. If no reading is stored
in any of the 30 available memories, the display
will read “--”. To scroll through the readings rapidly,
press and hold “Memo”. If no button is pressed for
one minute, the 2216 will return to clock mode.
Clock Mode
1. The 2216 will enter clock mode when the thermometer
is on and no key is pressed for more than one minute.
2. The time will be displayed in Year, Month, Date, Day,
Hour and Minute, with a flashing “:” for seconds.
3. Press “Talk” to speak current time aloud.
4. Press and hold “Memo” for 2 seconds to enter
setup mode and change the Date and Time.
· Press “Talk” to switch between the hour,
minute, year, month and day settings
· Press “Memo” to advance numbers
· System will automatically resume clock mode
if no buttons are pressed for one minute.
Replacing The Battery
Tool needed: small screwdriver
Remove screw on underside of unit, and remove battery
cover. Insert two new ‘AAA’ batteries as shown in figure 2.
Replace battery cover, and reinstall screw.
Reset Button Hole
Figure 2
°C/°F Button Hole
No response
Is battery dead?
Is battery in place
Change battery.
Check orientation of
Battery symbol
on screen
Low battery
Change battery.
“Lo” on screen
(temperature is
below 89.6°F or
Has the thermometer been
correctly for a
Follow instruction
manual for correct
“Hi” on screen
(temperature is
above 109.3°F
or 42.9°C)
Is probe cover
Change probe cover.
“ErrE” on
Thermometer is
outside of operating temperature range.
Allow thermometer
to acclimate to room
Doesn’t measure
after pressing
measure button.
Follow instruction
manual for correct
operating procedure.
Errors detected
during selfcheck.
Contact Repair
Department at
Model Number
Power Supply
DC3V (‘AAA’ x 2)
Power Consumption
<0.05W for Talk Function
Temperature Sensor
IR Sensor
Measuring Range
89.6°F ~ 109.3°F (32.0°C ~ 42.9°C)
Measuring Accuracy
±0.4°F (±0.2°C) from
96.7°F to 102.2°F (36.0°C to 39.0°C)
±0.5°F (±0.3°C) from
89.6°F to 96.6°F (32.0°C to 35.9°C)
±0.5°F (±0.3°C) from
102.3°F to 109.3°F (39.1°C to 42.9°C)
3.5” x 2.5” x 2.25”
(90mm x 65mm x 55mm)
.18 lb (82g)
50.0°F ~ 104.0°F (10.0°C ~ 40.0°C),
30% - 80% RH
-4°F ~ 104.0°F (-20°C ~ 40°C)
30% - 80% RH
10 probe covers,
Instruction Manual
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material and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of
purchase, except as noted below:
This product warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or
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damage. All implied warranties, including, but not limited to those
implied warranties of fitness and merchantability, are limited to the
total duration of two years from the original date of purchase.
To obtain warranty service on your Lumiscope Model 2216 Talking
Digital Ear Thermometer, please contact the Lumiscope Repair
Department at 1-800-672-8293. There is a $15 fee for return shipping
and handling. Please make checks payable to GF Health Products,
Upon receipt, we will repair or replace, as appropriate, the Talking
Digital Ear Thermometer and return it to you. Warranty is solely
through the Lumiscope Repair Department. Service of this product
by anyone other than the Repair Department voids warranty.
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