Registering Your Computer - Ohio Dominican University

Registering Your Computer - Ohio Dominican University
Registering Your Computer
Ohio Dominican University offers internet capabilities for student and faculty personal computers. There
are several requirements for these computers:
1. Operating System: Windows 2000, XP or Vista. Macintosh (Any Version) or Linux
2. A working Network Card
3. An up to date Anti-Virus program
4. All Critical Updates for Windows
Plug the network cable (Cat5 – red in
the picture to the right) into the
network card on your computer. You
may have two similar looking ports, it
will go into the wider one.
Plug the other end of the network
cable into the network port in the
wall. This will be the same size/shape
as the one on your computer. Often
the port will be orange in color, but it
is always the same shape as the one
shown here.
Open up your internet browser (i.e.
Internet Explorer).
If your computer is not registered, and
your internet connection is working
properly, you will be redirected to the
registration page. If you are not
automatically directed to the
registration page, type a web address
into the browser’s address bar (i.e. This will direct
you to the registration page. From
here, you will enter your username
and password, and download the CSA
scanning file to your desktop.
1. You may get a “Page Not Found”
error when you first open up Internet
Ensure that your network cable is functional and
plugged completely into the proper ports.
Make sure your connection settings are correct. In
Internet Explorer, go to Tools and Internet Options.
Then, go to the Connections tab, and make sure it is set
to “Never dial a connection”. Then click on “LAN
Your settings here should be as follows:
Then hit OK, and then hit OK again. Close Internet
Explorer and then reopen it.
If you are still having problems
connecting, you may need to ensure
that your Network Card is enabled. To
do this, in Windows, click on Start
(Vista’s comparison is the Window’s
logo on the bottom left of the screen)
and the click on Run and type in:
Then hit enter.
This will bring up your Network
Connections window. Here, you need
to check and make sure that your
LAN Connection has not been
disabled. If it display Disabled, rightclick and hit Enable. It will appear
similar to the one shown at right,
depending on your Operating System.
Once you get to the registration page,
just log in with your normal User
Name and Password. Then click
Download. Save the file to your
After it is finished downloading, this
window will pop up and you will need
to hit Run.
While it is scanning your computer,
the progress bar will look like this,
and there will be a text box in the
bottom right-hand corner.
If your computer was successfully
registered, the success page will
appear. If your computer failed
registration, please follow the onscreen instructions and then run the
CSA file again.
Note: You may need to restart the
computer if your Windows or
Antivirus needed updates.
Your computer is now registered. You
may need to restart to take effect.
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