Power Up Your Classroom Guide2

Power Up Your Classroom Guide2
Want Different Results? Be Different.
In the words of Albert Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results.” Your mission today, should you decide to accept it, is
to Embrace Change! Schools and Districts everywhere are rapidly awakening to the
concept of Education in the 21st Century! Today’s students are digital natives, born
into a media-saturated world, while immersed in a wide range of technologies from
cell phones, to PDA’s, to hand-held gaming devices to laptops, smart TV’s and more!
Schools, Administrators, Educators and Students are all adapting to this technology
revolution and looking to redefine their roles. Schools are no longer “buildings”, but
are being transformed into technologically advanced environments with WIFI,
interactive technology, audio and video enhancements and 3D printers. Teachers are
adapting their role as a dispenser of information to an orchestrator of learning,
helping students to transform that learning into real-world applications. For today’s
students, we must maintain their interest, instill curiosity, demonstrate flexibility and
create excitement! We must help learners be resourceful so they will continue to
learn outside the formal school day!
PowerUpEDU helps today’s schools establish and maintain these goals! We believe
that empowering teachers and students dramatically improves student
performance, while at the same time reduces the teachers’ cognitive overload and
stress and increases our opportunities for Student Achievement.
PowerUpEDU provides the resources, solutions, professional development and
services along with ongoing support to accomplish all this and more. Our expertise
and unique approach can empower learners and educators to deliver an
integrated, inspired and engaged classroom that improves student performance.
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Nationwide 888. 517.3824
Whole Group Instruction
Interactive Panels
Interactive Whiteboards
Classroom Sound & Video
Small Group & Collaborative Instruction
Interactive Tables
Professional Development
Personalized & One to One Instruction
Tablet Devices
Tablet Accessories
Google ChromeBooks
Professional Development
Mobile Learning Lab
EDU Talks
Curriculum Listing
STEAM Learning & Curriculum
3D Printing
Handheld Data Collection
Early Childhood Learning
Early Childhood Learning System
Letters Alive
Interactive Tables
Teacher Coaching & Observation Flipped Classroom
Assessment & Curriculum
Letters Alive
STEAMtrax (3D Printer Curriculum)
Classroom Peripherals & Accessories
ActivBoard Promethean & Parts
Other Periphals
Document Camera
Double Robotics
Video Robot
Networking Infrastructure
Digital Signage for Schools
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Panels: The New
Standard in
Whole Group
& Front of the
Optimized for Collaborative Learning
PowerUpEDU’s Interactive Touch Panels transform the traditional “front-of-the-classroom” interactive display into a
collaborative learning center where multiple students can simultaneously share ideas, practice team-based
problem solving, manipulate images and edit digital content. ActivPanel Touch promotes active participation in
whole-class or small-group lessons by providing vivid interactivity and engaging learning experiences. Choose
Panels with Promethean’s award-winning ActivInspire Professional Edition software and access to Promethean
Planet’s 90,000+ free teaching resources and online professional development provide educators with tools and
support for active and inspired learning.
Why Touch Panels? Excellent visibility, sound in any room, no projectors, low maintenance with a life of 50,000
Keeping all learners engaged is the hallmark of Touch Panels. Crystal-clear visibility in virtually any lighting
conditions and a wide viewing angle make every seat in the house a great one. Powerful, high-quality built-in
stereo speakers ensure every student can focus on the lesson being delivered.
Precise interaction for any task Exceptionally smooth and responsive interactivity is the norm whether you are
writing, pinching, zooming or swiping the edge of the Touch screen. Using a magnetic stylus or finger, Touch
Panels offer a natural, precise handwriting experience.
Reduce the technology learning curve Our Panels multi-touch functionality is simple and intuitive for both
learners and teachers. Using technology to accomplish your long list of learning objectives has never been easier.
Enjoy a long life of worry-free use Interactive Touch Panels are designed to meet the unique needs and demands
of any classroom. Its long-lasting LED interactive touch screen, durable construction and comprehensive
warranties ensure a long life of reliable service.
Wide range of options Available in 55", 65", 70" and 84" displays in a fixed wall mount, height adjustable, tilt and
mobile stand ensure the right fit for your classroom. Make the most of your existing technology tools. Touch
Panels work seamlessly with your existing technologies; they are also flexible and prepared to complement most
current and emerging educational technologies.
Contact us today to help determine the best solution for your classroom.
Touch Panels at a glance:
Supports a full range of learning settings, including whole-class, individual,
duo, small-team and multi-team.
Magnetic stylus or touch interaction creates exceptionally smooth,
responsive and precise interactivity whether writing or using multi-touch
Sleek design, superior image quality and durable construction ensure
years of captivating learning experiences.
Available in 55”, 65”, 70”, 75 inch high-definition and 84” ultra-highIncrease collaboration and
foster student engagement with
our suite of interactive flatpanel displays optimized for
the classroom. With crystalclear visibility, exceptionally
smooth, responsive touch
interactivity and a durable
design, our interactive touch
panels will be at the center of
simple, natural, engaging
learning experiences for years
to come.
Pricing for Promethean Interactive Panels
Screen Size
55” ActivPanel
$ 3289
EDU Price
$ 2299
55” PowerPanel
65” ActivPanel
65” PowerPanel
70” ActivPanel
70” PowerPanel
84” ActivPanel
84” PowerPanel
Mobile Stand
Mobile Stand (Height Adjustable)
$ 4395
$ 5499
$ 6595
$ 7070
$ 8195
$ 1149
$ 2499
$ 3295
$ 3849
$ 4895
$ 4949
$ 5995
$ 9999
$ 799
$ 2299
Ask about NEW Mobile & Tilt Stand Options
Contact us for Current Pricing and
Installation and shipping costs
ActivPanel Touch’s suite of large, vibrant, high-definition displays supports multi-
touch interaction where up to ten students can collaborate and learn together & Includes ActivInspire Professional, $599 Value.
Exclusive to PowerUpEDU our PowerPanel includes all capabilities of the ActivPanel Touch but is a fully functional
integrated Windows 8 Touch Screen Computer within the Panel. This PowerUpEDU solution allows the PowerPanel to
operate as a stand- alone system without the requirement of connecting a computer. This solution eliminates cables,
dramatically lowering the cost of support & maintenance while improving ease of use in the Classroom.
Empowering Group Learning Experiences
Infinitely adaptable, the
DeskBoard offers the
ultimate group learning
experience. With the
push of a button, the surface can be tilted to create a flat work surface
for small group learning
or an interactive
whiteboard for whole
group, teacher-led
Why didn’t anyone think of this before? The DeskBoard is a height and tilt adjustable
desk surface made interactive via the attached Boxlight P10 or P8 ultra short throw
projector. It’s also highly mobile, so every DeskBoard goes a long ways, from class to
class, and in stretching your budget.
The ultimate in flexibility, mobility, and lesson collaboration. Whatever the situation,
whatever the lesson, DeskBoard is always in the right position. Tilted vertically, or
horizontally, it’s the perfect interactive, group, work surface. Either way, it’s all about
engagement and collaboration, at a higher level. Brilliant.
The attached P10, or P8, ultra short throw interactive projector creates an
exceptionally effective interactive learning experience. With real-time annotation,
even over live video. Plus, amazingly sharp and bright images at distances as short as
17”—and exceptionally fast “touch” response times. Included Oktopus collaborative
education software that enhances the interactive experience.
P10 DeskBoard adds 10-point finger touch and multi-touch performance. A special
included module allows multiple users to annotate lessons, and manipulate objects
and functions. “Touch” mode produces enhanced Windows 8/10 functionality, and
will emulate a touch screen at the projected image. Impressive, engaging, and
typically Brilliant.
DeskBoard Complete System from PowerUpEDU $5799
Tilts to any angle
Height Adjustable
Whiteboard for
whole group
• Ideal for Small
Collaborative Teams
• Adaptable
• Multiple Uses
BoxLight Interactive Flat Panels
Communicate, engage, and interact with BOXLIGHT
interactive flat panels and touch screens that engage the
classroom with stunning images and visibility from
different sized LED hi definition interactive (touch) flat
Interactive touch screens are the centerpiece of the
brilliant classrooms. Accommodate the future of
technology in learning, communication, engagement,
and interaction.
Pricing for BoxLight Interactive Panels
Screen Size
65” ProColor Panel
65” ProColor OPS-Panel
70” ProColor Panel
70” ProColor OPS-Panel
75” ProColor Panel
75” ProColor OPS-Panel
84” ProColor Panel
84” ProColor OPS-Panel
Mobile Stand
Mobile Stand (Height Adjustable)
$ 3,999
$ 5,298
$ 4,999
$ 6,298
$ 6,999
$ 8,298
$ 8,999
$ 1,149
$ 2499
EDU Price
$ 3,899
$ 5,099
$ 4,699
$ 5,998
$ 6,599
$ 7,799
$ 8,399
$ 9,599
$ 799
$ 2299
Contact us for Current Pricing
Mounting Options
Wall Mount
Mobile Tilt
BoxLight’s suite of large, vibrant, high-definition displays supports multi-touch interaction where up to ten students can
collaborate and learn together & includes Oktopus Professional a $399 Value.
The ProColor OSP-Panel includes all capabilities of the ProColor Panel but is a fully functional integrated Windows 8
Touch Screen Computer within the Panel. This PowerUpEDU solution allows the PowerPanel to operate as a stand-alone
system without the requirement of a connecting computer. This solution eliminates all cables, dramatically lowering the
cost of support & maintenance while improving ease of use in the classroom.
PowerUpEDU interactive flat panels and touch screens create a
collaborative and engaging environment for your classroom.
Interactive Whiteboard Systems
Enliven teaching and learning with our range of interactive whiteboard systems. Designed to focus attention and
provide a platform to boost the interactivity of your lessons, ActivBoard interactive whiteboards and Promethean's
teaching software provide the essential building blocks for any digitally connected classroom. Because each
classroom is unique, Promethean ActivBoard Systems are available in a wide variety of configurations, enabling
you to tailor the right solution to accommodate your needs.
With PowerUpEDU’s Interactive Whiteboard Systems:
• Create an engaging and interactive learning experience with the ability to focus attention and keep curious
minds interested in your lesson content.
• Choose from ActivPen, intuitive touch, or a combination of both types
of interactivity for the best of both worlds.
• Create dynamic lessons with award-winning ActivInspire or Oktopus
software, inject interactivity into Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations
or use any program that runs on your PC or Mac on the ActivBoard for a
rich and varied learning experience.
• Foster collaboration with up to six students or more simultaneously on a
joint task.
Contact us today to help determine the best solution for your classroom.
Good Short Throw Projection
ActivBoard 178
ActivBoard 378
ActivBoard 578
Touch 78’
Short Throw, approximately 36-40 inches from surface providing a Good user experience
when compared to traditional projection systems, with image “shadowing” during use.
Better Ultra Short Throw Projection
Ultra Short Throw, approximately 24 inches from surface providing a very good user experience
when compared to traditional projection systems, reducing“shadowing” during use.
Extreme Short Throw, the shortest distance from the surface providing almost no shadows
Best Extreme Short Throw Projection
and the Best User Experience
Certified installation & shipping available
For Most Classrooms we recommend the ActivBoard Touch.
The ActivBoard Touch brings together intuitive touch interactivity and
Optional Sound Bar for any System - Promethean’s award-winning software to facilitate engaging, effective learning
Recommended for ActivBoard 100
experiences in a modern cost effective solution.
and ActivBoard Touch Price $ 149
ActivBoard Touch Systems at a glance:
• Fast, precise touch interactivity unleashes the touch and manipulation
capabilities of Mac, Linux, and Windows 7 and Windows 8.
• ActivInspire Professional Edition software and access to Promethean Planet's wealth of teaching resources
open up a new world for those who prefer touch interactivity.
• Six-touch surface to support interactivity and collaboration.
• Dry-erase surface offers maximum flexibility for the classroom.
Why ActivBoard 500 Pro? Make the most of today's technology . . . and tomorrow’s Taking advantage of both
pen and multi-touch capabilities by assigning different roles to each. Touch is used for navigating, manipulating
objects and pan/zoom activities, while pen/stylus is used for precision, annotating and hover capabilities.
ActivBoard 500 Pro's combination of touch and true mouse/pen technology ensures an unmatched user
Legacy Systems:
Why ActivBoard 300 Pro? Dual-user functionality, two ActivPens can be used simultaneously during lessons,
promoting collaboration and student engagement. These legacy systems are now being replaced by many
systems due to more elegant and cost effective solutions.
Why ActivBoard 100? Designed to withstand the toughest of classroom environments, the ActivBoard 100
provides the most basic single pen functionality. Most environments are now beginning to replace these legacy
PowerUpEDU has the Projectors you need for
your classroom. New installations or
replacements for your in place Interactive
Standard Throw Projectors & Economy Projector
Replacements — These projectors are ideal for non
interactive applications or where low cost takes
precedence over performance. Standard Throw
projectors produce extreme shadowing, and are
not the best solution for interactive screens such as
SmartBoards, Promethean ActivBoards or other
interactive applications. These typically require 10
feet or more to project an image on a screen.
Interactive WhiteBoard
Interactive Projectors
Interactive, Premium,
Extreme Short Throw
Budget Projectors
Interactive Projectors provide interactivity on virtually
any surface. PowerUpEDU’s interactive projectors can
support both wired and wireless needs. Both are packed
with an exclusive suite of class-leading interactive
teaching tools. Available in standard throw, and short
throw configurations. XGA and WXGA.
Our Short Throw Projectors deliver the image sharpness
and brightness you expect, and can be mounted as close
as 17 inches to the screen. These Short Throw projectors
essentially eliminate glare and shadowing issues, along
with simplifying installation in many situations.
All of our interactive projectors are fully compatible with
your Windows7 and MAC OS 10 programs.
Your Source for All Your Classroom Technology Needs
Standard and Economy Projectors, Ideal for Interactive Whiteboard Projector Replacements
High Quality Budget
Projectors and
Boston ShortThrow $611 - $799
Interactive WhiteBoard
Eco Short Throw $399- $678
PowerUpEDU provides
Add High Quality Sound to Any
classroom - Reduce Teacher
Lamps for Life
Fatigue, Improve Student
Performance - $399
Interactive Projectors
P10 Projector
P7 Projector
P8 Projector
P6 Projector
Extreme/Ultra Short Throw Projectors provide for dramatically
improved experiences for interactive environments. For interactive
applications the closer a projector can be placed to the surface the
better the performance and experience for learners & educators.
BrightLink 575Wi Price $1990
BrightLink Pro 1430Wi Price
Interactive Projectors.
BOXLIGHT's P6 Series interactive
projectors are wireless. P5 Series
projectors are for wired installations. Both are
packed with an exclusive BOXLIGHT suite of
class-leading interactive teaching tools.
Available in standard throw, and short throw
configurations. XGA and WXGA.
The new P10 and P8 ultra short throw
projectors deliver all the image sharpness
and brightness you expect from a BOXLIGHT,
and can be mounted as close as 17 inches to
the screen. Both essentially eliminate glare
and shadowing issues, along with simplifying
installation in many situations.
All of our Interactive projectors—P5, P6, P8
and P10—are fully compatible with your
Windows7 and MAC OS 10 programs.
Exclusive real-time, on-the-fly annotation.
When inspiration hits, annotate with some of
the fastest reacting pens in the business.
Retrieve a full suite of resources: images,
pictures, on-line feeds, full motion video,
preloaded shapes - even previously saved
lessons. Powerful. Spontaneous. And, just
plain fascinating. P10 ultra short throw adds
10-point finger touch and multi-touch
PowerUpEDU can help determine the best solution for your classroom and
budget. Give us a call! 888.517.3824
Interactive Table
The Promethean ActivTable is a multi-user interactive table designed to promote student collaboration,
engagement and student-led learning. The intuitive touch interface allows up to six users at once to access a
wealth of ready-to-use educational activities, tools and resources. Small groups can work together to
accomplish a single activity or work independently to contribute toward the completion of a group project.
Unlike most multi-touch technology tools, Promethean’s ActivTable has been designed specifically to help
teachers quickly, easily and effectively foster collaborative classroom learning.
Why ActivTable?
Learning to collaborate. Collaboration skills are increasingly recognized as critical for success in later study,
adult life and in work. The multi-user architecture of the ActivTable offers teachers and students new types of
collaboration not possible elsewhere. Learners can not only work collaboratively on a single activity, such as
sorting shapes or building sentences, but can also engage in project-based learning tasks wherein each
student accesses interactive tools to accomplish an individual task in order to ultimately achieve a common
group objective.
Collaborating to learn. Effective collaboration technology brings the skills of participants together to solve any
given problem, regardless of where they are on their learning journey. Each student brings to the table unique
strengths, knowledge and perspective. This collaborative environment facilitates the cooperation and sharing
of knowledge that lead the group to a deeper and broader understanding than they might attain on their own.
Differentiated instruction. Divide the classroom into smaller learning groups based on level of comprehension
and learning styles. The intuitive and easy-to-use ActivTable Activity Builder interface, a free web-based
application, enables the creation of tailor-made activities for different teaching approaches.
Supports core curriculum. Meet learning objectives with multi-touch and multi-user applications mapped to the
curriculum. Many activities can be customized by teachers to ideally suit their students' goals and needs.
The ActivTable empowers students to lead their own
learning, driving engagement, participation and creativity
in the classroom.
ActivTable at a glance:
• Multi-user collaborative tool facilitates group work,
problem-solving activities and consensus decision
Easy-to-use, intuitive tools, activities and software drive
learner engagement.
Create tailor-made interactive activities or access 100+
ready-made activities.
Only ActivTable Includes
over 200 Collaborative
Learning Activities
ActivTable--long legs (33 Inches) $9,999
ActivTable- short legs (24 inches) $9,999
ActivTable Professional Development
ActivTable Foundation Training
ActivTable Intermediate Training
ProColor Touch Table 470 Boxlight’s interactive
touch table is an exciting tool for students to
use together to learn and develop teamwork
skills while having fun!
• Up to 12 touch points to support multi-user
• Includes Windows 8 Operating System
• Spill resistant
• No Bezels or edges for a complete smooth
• Built to accommodate multiple chairs and wheelchairs. ADA compliance.
• Height adjustable
• Unhindered interaction (cups and elbows won’t interfere)
• Limited embedded software for your solutions to be easily added
EDU Price
Schedule Your ActivTable
Training when you order and get
a Free Gift or $100 Savings $1,250
Contact us for current pricing
and special offers
The ProColor Touch Table is ideal for
adding your own table software for
collaborative learning.
3D Printing
Seeing isn’t just believing; seeing is learning. We think classrooms and labs should be places of practical
application and hands-on discovery, and we’re not alone. Schools, colleges and educational and governmental
institutes of all levels and disciplines are increasingly introducing their students to 3D Systems’ leading 3D
printing technologies, providing students with real world applications in math, science, 3D technology, and
design software today will help prepare them to critically think and solve the challenges of the future.
KITS. Create a 3D STEAM Lab
instantly! Bring 3D printing to
your school, classroom, afterschool program, museum or
library. Our money saving
“EDU Lab Packs” include 3D
printers, 3D scanners,
extended warranties, and
curriculum. Pick the Pack that
is right for you or customize
your own!
PowerUpEDU with 3D Systems is committed to
promoting and advancing STEAM literacy across
K-12 Schools by offering the first complete 3D Lab
Printing solution
Digital Literacy includes the ability to think, create and
communicate using digital design tools like 3D software,
3D scanning and 3D printing. It’s the foundation for 21stcentury careers from engineering, to fashion to medicine.
Our education platform involves more than just putting a
printer in a classroom. It’s about building an entire
ecosystem of 3D
printers, scanners,
partners and
3D Printing Curriculum
Preparing K-8 Students for the Challenges of the Future
3D printing is ideal for hands-on exploration, and it provides experiential and project-based learning
opportunities in STEAM subjects.
STEAMtrax is 3D Systems' new innovative supplemental curriculum, currently available for K-8, that integrates
engineering and 3D printing technology with core academic knowledge in science, math language arts,
social studies, and art. In the true spirit of the Framework for 21st Century learning skills, students are
engaged in relevant learning scenarios that encourage the essential skills of problem solving, collaboration,
communication, clear and critical thinking as well as developing core academic knowledge. 3D design and
printing are built into each module using the Cube 3 and CubePro 3D printers from 3D Systems.
STEAMtrax Curriculum Modules
• Problem-based, thematic storylines make
learning relevant and fun
• Hands-on, constructivist learning stations to
clarify science concepts
• Integration of 3D design, printing and
scanning built into each module
• Engineering Project Design Process
encourages critical thinking
• Variety of formative and summative assessments, including rubrics
• Flexible modules easily align to NGSS or state standards
PS 1
LS 1
*Making a Mining Magnet
*Building Beaver Dam Models *Erecting Earthquake Resistant Homes
*Making Morse Code
*Connecting an Irrigation
*Welding Wind Resistant Roofs
*Building a Better Rubber
Band Racer
*Creating Crab Coverings
*Tinkering with Turbines
MS-1 (6th)
Creating a Construction
*Designing an Efficient
Compost Bin
Producing Plate Tectonic Models
MS-1 (6th)
Creating a Construction
*Designing an Efficient
Compost Bin
Producing Plate Tectonic Models
MS-2 (7th)
Building an Organ Transport
*Synthesize a Solar Leaf
*Creating Coastal Barriers
MS-2 (7th)
Building an Organ Transport
*Designing an Efficient
Compost Bin
Producing Plate Tectonic Models
MS-3 (8th)
*Fabricating Football
Helmets (Newton's 3rd law)
*Construct a Survival Heat
Making a 3D Topographic landform
PS=Physical Science, LS=Life Science, ESS=Earth Science Systems
* NGSS Integrated Engineering in Performance Expectations
"Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand"
3D printing. Real. Easy. Print and love what you make with the
Cube, a 3D printer designed beautifully for your classroom,
simple to use, powerful and fast and kid-safe for everyone to
The 3rd generation Cube offers dual color and dual material
high-resolution 3D printing that’s affordable and easy. With the
new non-clog technology and moisture-lock cartridges, instant
material loading is now easier than changing an ink cartridge.
Preloaded filament jets and an auto-leveling print pad produce
beautiful 70 micron high-resolution prints effortlessly, every
The Cube
EDU Price
Cube EDU Pack $2193
3D printing. Real. Pro. Work smart, play hard and print productively with the CubePro,
powerfully designed to take your 3D printing professional. Go pro with CubePro. The CubePro is designed to
produce professional quality parts with ease. Print large, accurate
3D creations with the best professional 3D printer on the market.
With prints two-and-a-half times bigger than any other desktop
or hobbyist printer, the CubePro offers exceptional multi-color
printing, numerous high-performing features and impressive
connectivity. With super high-resolution at 70-micron layers or
300-microns for high-speed drafting. Its controlled-climate
chamber and largest-inclass build volume and
Cube PRO
bring your students’ prints
EDU Price
to new heights….literally.
Cube PRO EDU Pack $5770
3D Scanner
EDU Price
3D Scanner - Capture your world in 3D and
discover the power of physical photography with the
Sense 3D scanner. Savor every dimension of the
items students want to modify or re-create. All with
your Sense, all in 3D
iPad Scanner $499
EDU Price
Choose one of our Money saving Turnkey “3D Lab Packs” Bring 3D Design and Printing to your classroom, school, after-school program, museum or library. Each kit is
customized by need, age and skill. Each money saving “pack” includes a full 3D ecosystem of 3D Printers + 3D Scanner + Design Software. Classroom Starter Pack Ideal for a single classroom or getting started at your school
Cube® 3D Printer - Grey
Sense™ 3D Scanner
10 Cartridges
Cube® 2 Year Extended Warranty
Curriculum – Annual License for 25 Seat
3DS Engineering Kits E – pick
any 3
3DS Toolbox
Classroom Main Pack ideal for equipping your STEAM Labs and
EDU Pricing
classrooms - 1 large and 1 small 3D Printer
Cube® 3D Printer - Grey
CubePro® Duo 3D Printer
Sense™ 3D Scanner
10 Cube® Cartridges
10 CubePro® Cartridges
Cube® 2 Year Extended Warranty
CubePro® 2 Year Extended Warranty
Curriculum – Annual License for 25 Seat
3DS Engineering Kits E – pick any 3
EDU Pricing
Tech Pack A money saving package ideal for a large lab, libraries or large school labs
5 Cube® 3D Printers - Grey
3 CubePro® Duo 3D Printers
3 Sense™ 3D Scanners
1 iSense™ 3D Scanner
10 Cube® Cartridges
10 CubePro® Cartridges
Cube® 2 Year Extended Warranty
8 - 3D Printers
CubePro® 2 Year Extended Warranty
4 - 3D Scanners Software for 25
Classroom Advanced Pack - An ideal package for a Classroom or Lab
Pricing ?$15,995
Cube® 3D Printer - Grey
3 CubePro® Duo 3D Printers
Sense™ 3D Scanner
10 Cube® Cartridges
10 CubePro® Cartridges
Cube® 2 Year Extended Warranty
CubePro® 2 Year Extended Warranty
Curriculum – Annual License for 25 Seat
3DS Engineering Kits E – pick any 3
3DS Toolbox
Package includes:
4 -3D Printers
1 - 3D Scanners Software for 25
The importance of hand-held learning
Data loggers make scientific experiments simple and in real-time. Together, analysis software, data loggers and
sensors provide multimedia project-based learning for 21st century K-12 science. Computer-based laboratories
(CBL) allow students and teachers to experience real science in key fields including Biology, Chemistry, Physics
and Environmental Science.
Developing a 21st century skill-set
• Observe real-life science and view results in easy-to-understand displays
• Participate and stay on-task with collaborative and project-based learning
• Prepare for an increasingly technology-dependent future
Parallel real scientific processes
Just like real scientists – activate the process of hypothesis, data measurement and collection, followed by data
analysis and reporting. Automating repetitive manual data collection increases the rate of experiment success
and allows students to focus on the pedagogically valuable elements of the process: Data analysis, result
prediction and scientifically evaluated conclusions.
Making science relevant
Students most effectively acquire and retain information when it reflects the reality they experience outside the
classroom, allowing them to make cognitive connections that last. When science experiments are performed as a
means to solve every day challenges then students can grasp the importance of the discipline as a whole.
Labdisc Enviro
Take a multidisciplinary approach to engage with
your environment
Labdisc Gensci
Parallel real scientific processes and connect real
world core science concepts
Labdisc BioChem
Explore chemical reactions, biochemical phenomena
and the intricacies of biological diversity
Labdisc Physio
Discover the forces of our universe and the building
blocks of matter
Starting science and math early
Young children build on mental structures, creating new concepts based on what they have already learned.
Hypothesizing and analyzing with early math and science builds a key foundation for logical and reasoning skills.
Research shows pre-schoolers who experience hands-on science continue to perform higher than the national
Mobilizing a secured 21st century science lab to students.
Making messy, costly science labs with heavy equipment a thing of the past.
Globisens Mobile Science Cart
This unique storage environment contains everything needed
for STEM-based hands-on science activities, all in a single,
clean and organized science station on wheels.
The Labdisc wireless science lab has made teaching more
convenient, organized and accessible than ever before! Now
Globisens has expanded this concept, introducing the Mobile
Science Cart.
Storing and charging up to 16 Labdisc units
Storing and charging up
to 16 tablet computers
Carts supporting iPads
or Intel Android tablets
Special storage
compartments for
electrodes and various accessories
Rugged steel
Central charging unit
Charging Cart with 16 Labdisc Devices
Charging Cart with 8 Labdisc Devices
Labdisc Enviro:
Labdisc Gensci:
Labdisc BioChem:
Labdisc Physio:
$699 $599
Professional Development for LabDisc: $1250 & $2250 call us for
more info on money saving bundles and offers.
Labdisc Enviro:Engaging student scientists with
the world around them, the Labdisc Enviro
field experimentation with a
150 hour battery-life, 128ksample memory and large
graphical LCD and
keypad. The 12-bit
multidisciplinary system
offers a truly flexible and
Pricing $599
compact tool for students to
explore their environment’s
Built-in sensors include:Ambient Temperature,
Barometer, Colorimeter, Dissolved Oxygen,
External Temperature, GPS, IR Temperature, pH,
Relative Humidity, Sound Level, Turbidity, UV.
Typical activities include:Temp/light over 24
hours, acid rain, turbidity, water quality,
temperature/RH in urban areas using GPS,
altitude and air pressure, heat absorption and
global warming.
Labdisc BioChem: A wireless
data logger with a charge life of
150 hours, the BioChem
combines two great scientific
disciplines, catering to a
multitude of experiments in the
field, while the 128k-sample
memory and 12-bit resolution also
Pricing $699
enable students to explore fast or
long acting chemical, biochemical
and biological phenomena in a clean and hazardous
free science lab environment.
Built-in sensors include: Air Pressure, Ambient
Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Colorimeter,
Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, External
Temperature, GPS, Heart Rate, Light, pH, Relative
Humidity, Thermocouple, Turbidity and Universal
Typical activities include:Skin temperature, pulse rates
before and after activity, sweat production and
photosynthesis, solid, liquid and gas phase changes
and pH titration.
Labdisc Gensci:Despite a full-feature set and built-in
sensors for all the major sciences, the wireless Labdisc
Gensci is surprisingly light and compact. A 128k sample
memory and 24k/sec sampling rate,plus 12-bit resolution,
150 hour charge-life and large graphical LCD allow
students to parallel real scientific processes and connect
core concepts with the real world.
Built-in sensors include:Air
Pressure, Ambient Temperature,
Current, Distance (Motion),
External Temperature, GPS,
Light, Microphone, pH,
Relative Humidity, Sound,
Universal Input, Voltage.
Typical activities include:
Pricing $599
Typical activities include:Traveling
speed with GPS, Newton’s Laws, sound
waves, electrical currents, pH titration,
endothermic and exothermic reactions,
Boyle’s Law, specific heat and microclimate. Pressure,
Ambient Temperature, Current, Distance (Motion), External
Temperature, GPS, Light, Microphone, pH, Relative
Humidity, Sound, Universal Input, Voltage.
Labdisc Physio:The Labdisc Physio can be applied in a
wide range of physics activities requiring wireless data
logging with 12-bit resolution, large
128k samples memory and high
sampling rate of 24k/sec. Turning
complex and abstract physics
concepts into easy-to-perform
experiments,the Labdisc Physio is a
sophisticated tool for discovering the
forces of our universe and the building
Pricing $599
blocks of matter. The Labdisc Physio
comes with a wireless add-on, the small
and lightweight force/acceleration sensor, easily attaching
to portable Lab trolleys.
Built-in sensors include:Accelerometer, Air Pressure,
Ambient Temperature, Current, Distance (Motion), External
Temperature, Light, Microphone, Universal Input, Voltage
Typical activities include: Lenz and Boyle’s Laws, resistor
networks, light source efficiency, light vs. distance, sound
beat and wave superposition, Newton’s Second Law and
free fall acceleration.
Fred Hoyle: “Space isn’t remote at
all. It’s only an hour’s drive away if
your car could go straight
Photo of the San Francisco Bay Area from space taken at 80,000 feet
The NASA-funded after school NOVAS program allowed NOVAS teens and students to recently launch a
high altitude weather balloon to the edge of space. This project engages some of the most marginalized
and disadvantaged students in the US, motivating them to do science and even consider science as a valid
path for their future. They were really excited, knowing they would make valuable scientific discoveries and
perform an experiment none of their teachers had ever even carried out before.
Labdisc in Near Space - The Labdisc breaks new scientific ground. The
initial launch objective was to capture images of Earth but using the
Labdisc in the second launch created a unique opportunity to collect
some real scientific data from near space. The Labdisc’s built-in
sensors recorded a rich variety of in-flight data, including the upper
atmosphere and enriching the students’ understanding of massive
data changes in a short time-frame.
What was inside the helium balloon spacecraft? The Labdisc which
measured ambient temperature from inside the capsule; a Styrofoam
cooler with an external sensor protruding through the foam. In
addition, the Labdisc was configured to measure air pressure, humidity, GPS – latitude and longitude, and
air pressure computed to altitude. What the students could deduce from raw data over time provided new
insights about the flight, such as how the balloon suddenly moved at 100 km an hour due to gusts of wind
or the exact location when the balloon burst.
PowerUpEDU Mobile Learning Lab
Outfitted with the latest in Educational Technologies integrated into a mobile classroom, Evie or
EV(Educational Vehicle) is a Mobile Learning Lab, including Front of the Classroom/Whole Group Learning,
Small Group Learning and One to One Products & Solutions including:
Interactive Panels and traditional Interactive
Tablets including iPad, Android,
Chromebook, & Windows 10/8.1 integrated
and working wirelessly with IWB’s
High performance networking and WiFi
allowing all students online access
Robotic products enabling distance learning
and high quality audio/video recording for
effective lesson capture and distribution.
Sound for more effective whole group verbal
Video Recording for Flipped Classrooms,
Teacher Evaluation and Classroom Security
• Connections to Cloud-based solutions
enabling low impact, low cost/Free
implementation along with ease-of-use for
teachers and students.
• Tablet add-ons including document cameras,
stands, cases and other peripherals enabling
more effective tablet use in the classroom
while driving low cost and ease of use and
• Dozens of educational software solutions
including both high performance Free
classroom apps as well as sophisticated
enterprise class products for district-wide
Contact us to schedule a Mobile Learning Lab EV visit
EduTalks High energy sessions focused on inspiring leaders to take action to develop new and innovative
approaches for engaging students and driving student achievement.
Technology Awareness for Educators & School Leaders for improving Student
Achievement: This high impact session provides use cases of various Classroom
Technologies and providing access to free web content, apps and tools which
provide teachers use in their classroom immediately using their in place Classroom
technologies. This session provides Administrators with a model of what good looks
like and a model for effectively evaluating classroom technology use.
Using Technology with for improving STEM Achievement
PowerUp(STEM(with(Technology:"This 60 minute high impact session takes your
existing or future technology and puts the T in your STEM class! Existing
STEM content is used to demonstrate how technology can be used to teach
STEM effectively in the classroom and beyond.
Flipped Classrooms for that improves Student Achievement
What is a flipped classroom? What does it look like? PowerUpEDU will demonstrate
including refreshments
for all attendees, all day
event with the Mobile
Learning Lab EV
including refreshments
for all attendees, all day
event with the Mobile
Learning Lab EV
including refreshments
how easy it is to flip the classroom and suggest resourceful ways of utilizing this
concept in this 45 min session.
for all attendees, all day
event with the Mobile
Liberating your Lesson Content to engage Students & Improve Student Achievement
60 minute session to implement effectively existing or future tablet technology. We will
demonstrate how students can use 21st century skills to interact and collaborate with
the teacher’s lesson using their devices, whether it be iPad, Windows 8 or Android. It’s
all about the learning experience.
Microsoft in the Classroom MiC:
This session explores the new Microsoft technologies and learning techniques to
enhance student education and develop the skills they need for tomorrow using
Microsoft cloud technologies. Find out how to get free tools that spark imagination and
Learning Lab EV
including refreshments
for all attendees, all day
event with the Mobile
Learning Lab EV
potentially funded by
Microsoft - Contact us
Some EDUTalks can be partially funded by our sponsors
Contact us to see if your district qualifies
Other EDU Talks Available:
Pre-School & Early Childhood Education
Special Needs Education Using Technology
ESOL Education Using Technology
Middle School Education Using Technology
High School Education Using Technology
Microsoft in the Classroom
Google Classroom
Managing Devices and Managed Services
Networking and Wireless Networking for
Plug n Play - Augmented Reality
Early Childhood
Learning Systems
Pre-School (3-5 years old)
Letters (sight recognition)
Letters (sound recognition)
Basic Colors
Kindergarten (5-6 years old)
Phonemic Awareness
Phonic Skills
Letter Identification
Word/Image Association
Word Order and Sentence
Punctuation Skills
Reading Intervention
Phonemic Awareness
Phonic Skills
Letter Identification
Letter Printing
Reading and Comprehension
Punctuation Skills
PowerUpEDU can help you get the early childhood learning solutions uniquely
designed for Early Childhood Teaching and Learning. Whether your
requirements are for interactive table with Pre-bundled Early Childhood
learning activities, bundled vertical surfaces with integrated computing and
software providing augmented reality, software & content only to add to what
you already have or a interactive table optimized to add your own software or
content; PowerUpEDU can help you get what you need quickly and a the best
overall value.
PowerUpEDU’s unique Early Childhood Learning System is a complete all-inone solution optimized for early childhood learning. This System, only available
from PowerUpEDU is a pre-bundled deliverable that optimizes time and money!
This solution provides immediate "out-of-the-box" gratification providing
everything you need for the classroom. Hassle-free teaching and learning - isn't
that the solution you were looking for? Ideal for schools with limited technical
staffs, such as Pre-Schools and schools without dedicated IT personnel.
Call one of our EDU consultants we will help you determine the best solution
for your unique needs.
Complete Systems with Touch Screen,
Software, Integrated computer, all-in-one
simple to use, cost effective system
ProColor Touch Table 470
touch table is an exciting tool
for students to use together
to learn and develop
teamwork skills while having fun!
• Up to 12 touch points to
• Completely at screen
• Windows 8 Operating
• Built to accommodate
support multiple users
Wall Mounted
Mobile Systems
Mobile & Height/Tilt Adjustable
• Spill resistant
multiple chairs and
• Height adjustable
Combine Professional Development with your Panel, IWB, Projector,
orTable purchase and save even more. ActivInspire / ClassFlow /
ActivTable, Savings of $200-500 or more available with combined
purchases. See page 29 for course descriptions.
Improve Student achievement by 35.7%
Letters alive Kit
Math alive Kit
Learning alive Suite
(Letters alive and Math Alive Combo $295
Letters alive Tracking Mat
Letters alive Alphabet Posters
Letters alive Pre-K Sight Card Deck
Letters alive Kindergarten Sight Card Deck $35
Letters alive Alphabet Card Deck
Math alive Card Deck
Teachers Cart with Audio
Pre-School (3-5 years old)
Letters (sight recognition)
Letters (sound recognition)
Basic Colors’
Kindergarten (5-6 years old)
Phonemic Awareness Phonic
Letter Identification
Word/Image Association
Word Order and Sentence
Punctuation Skills
Reading Intervention
Phonemic Awareness
Phonic Skills
Letter Identification
Letter Printing
Reading and
Comprehension Punctuation
Special Needs
Flip Your Classroom
Like Having A Co-teacher in your Class as Good as You and having 48 hours in Your Day
Video is just as important to the game of football as the pigskins they play with. In preparation for a coming
game, teams painstakingly review a high-definition recording of their last: analyzing ball delivery, protection,
and play calling. With a fresh perspective, players adjust their performance in the next game for better results.
In a similar fashion, video and the recording of lessons can provide teachers the tools to do the same for every
class period. The flipped classroom is a digital learning platform designed to help teachers evaluate
performance, engagement and content.
Teachers record, store and share lessons to make lesson delivery more effective, discussions more
collaborative and student interaction more engaging. The result? Student and teacher success.
Transforming education today requires that students and teachers are fully engaged in what’s next. And,
what’s next is a digital learning platform that helps teachers innovate. Transforming instruction to be more
collaborative and effective. Modernizing the approach to utilize every tool available. We’ve utilized technology
to reach students. Now, we’re relying on technology to help teachers be the best they can be in every way.
Why Flipped Classrooms
• Maximizes instructional time by recording teaching sessions and offering lessons in a variety of formats for
students to leverage during the school day, after school, in school or away: anywhere, anytime.
• Maximizes integration and budgets with one integrated solution offering classroom audio, school safety and
instructional tools for flipped and blended learning environments.
• Maximizes time and budgets with digital tools for instructional reflection and mentoring. Saves time with
recorded teacher observations with no out-of-class time or awkward & disruptive in-person observation
$577 Value , Includes
SWIVL Base,Case, 2 markers
Professional Development for Flipped Classrooms Schedule with your Swivl Order & Save!
Stand V2E
$616 Value incldues
SWIVL Base, Marker,
How Can You Use Swivl & ViewPath in Your School or Classroom?
Flipped Classroom
Lower the barriers to trying out this
innovative new teaching technique. You
can simply deliver lessons the way you
always have on whiteboards and slides
and turn them into sharable,
measurable learning content.
Professional Development
Improve the effectiveness of
Student Projects
There is no better way to learn skills
professional development by increasing
the regularity of review and feedback
than to see and hear yourself. Provide
students with a low-anxiety path to start
by mentors and administrators. Teacher
directed, regular video of the class
turns PD into a collaboration.
using video to capture presentations,
collaboration, and skills for learning
new things.
VIEWpath (Video Interactive Education Window) is a digital learning platform
placed permanently in the classroom designed to help teachers evaluate
performance, engagement and content. Teachers record, store and share lessons
to make lesson delivery more effective, discussions more collaborative and
student interaction more engaging.
VIEWpath is a digital learning and instructional system offering classroom audio, video and lesson capture tools to
amplify interactions and enhance teacher effectiveness. Just as coaches or athletes record, view and replay
interactions with players, teachers can now apply the same methodology in the classroom. It’s rethinking
instruction-as-usual approach and relearning how to deliver lessons that engage, enliven and enlist students in
their learning. With VIEWpath, record instruction and teachable moments in the classroom and play them back at
your convenience. Then, start the learning process. Rethink lesson delivery to be more effective, discussions to be
more collaborative and student interaction to be more engaging.
Personalized instruction allows teachers to customize and present lessons to meet individualized student needs.
Personalized learning is intended to facilitate the academic success of each student by first determining the learning
needs, interests, and aspirations of individual students, and then providing learning experiences that are customized
to a greater or lesser extent—for each student. Schools, teachers, guidance counselors, and other educational
specialists may employ a wide variety of educational methods to accomplish this goal. Methods varying from
intentionally cultivating strong and trusting student-adult relationships to modifying assignments and instructional
strategies in the classroom to entirely redesigning the ways in which students are grouped and taught in a school.
What is needed is an all-in-one service that enables tablets to be deployed and operational quickly, also allowing
teachers to add content and curriculum at a moment's notice, without adversely affecting the daily duties of IT Staff.
PowerUpEDU provides this service. Call to find out how PowerUpEDU can make Personalized instruction work for
your school.
Want to put tablets in the hands of your students?
We make it easy.
30 & 10 Student Complete Classroom Kits - PowerUpEDU Classroom kits include everything you need for a complete
one to one classroom implementation in a money saving kit. Kits include devices for each student, lockable Charging
cart, protective cases all delivered in a money saving classroom kit. Options: Green Glove Services includes set up for all devices, configured to your network & specifications. All devices
are ready to use, simply turn on and get to teaching.
30 Student Kits
10 Student Kits
Chromebook Flip with
Windows 8/10
Windows 8/10 Flip
Green Glove Service
Green Glove service includes services providing ready to use classroom devices.
Saves dozens of hours of teacher and IT staff time. We know how devices should
work in the classroom, let us help.
Our Transformer laptops features
brushed aluminum cover that adds
a premium glow With
a 10” detachable
tablet, the ultimate
2-in-1 portable notebook. With up to 11 hours
battery life, the latest Windows operating
system and 1 year Office 365 Personal
subscription included, that’s a full day of classwork with a
recharge. From $299
screen for a laptop or tablet
•Windows 10 Auto-locking Keyboard & Touchpad
•Flip-lock auto locks the keyboard and touchpad
when screen is flipped into tablet,
display, or tent mode
•Auto disable the keyboard &
touch pad in tablet, tent and display
• Microsoft Office pre-loaded Pricing $379
ASUS Chromebook – Sleek yet sophisticated
The new line-up of sleek, sophisticated and ultra-portable laptops,
ASUS Chromebooks are perfect for everyday ease-of-use. Traditional
laptop designs with multi-touch gesture inputs as well as touchscreen Flippable models.
With up to 11 hours of battery life – use your PowerUPEDU Chromebook all day.
From $169
NEW Flippable TouchScreen $289
Call for latest Pricing - Best Value - Always
HoverCam - 8MP, 30 fps, USB 3.0, Solo 8 is possibly the best
document camera ever built. It is the world’s first
SuperSpeed USB 3.0 document camera delivering 8MegaPixel resolution at 30 frames-per-second. With Solo 8,
the finest of details come to life and its HD video image is
captivating and lag-free.
Less than
half the
price of
Splash top Classroom and the HoverCam Solo 8 are perfect for teachers and
instructors who want to engage and interact with every student in the entire
room, wirelessly!– Splashtop Classroom Bundle allows teachers to view and
control their desktop, applications and the live HoverCam image on their
tablet from anywhere in the classroom. Teachers can share their desktop
screen and HoverCam image with three 3 devices or up to 40 student devices
- including Chromebooks and iPads – allowing them to view and control the
lesson content directly from their desk with either package. Share with 3 Devices
Share with 40 Devices
Teach from all corners of the Classroom:
• Untethering yourself from the front of the class by
wirelessly connecting your tablet to your computer to
view and control anything as if you were right in front
of your computer.
• Accessing the HoverCam image and your existing
applications directly from your tablet – no need to
relearn or ‘buy an app for that’. Use what you already
know and have paid for – even your Smart Notebook
lessons and tools!
Turn your tablet into an IWB by:
• Drawing over any content – including live
video and the HoverCam image.
• Taking snapshots of the screen, then save
and share them with students.
• Drawing over blank, ruled or graph
backgrounds – or include your favorite
• Using the spotlight and screen shade tools
to keep students focused.
Quite possibly the most useful and versatile iPad® stand ever made! The Justand
transforms your iPad® into a scanner, a document camera, a video camera holder,
a video conference center, a music stand, an iPad® podium and much more! The
Justand was designed to fit instantly with just about any iPad® case without
removing the case. It works great with the iPad®, iPad® Mini and Android® Tablets.
$139 With Electronics Package
HoverCam Ultra 8 you can use without a
computer. Ultra 8 is the world's first document
camera with HDMI, VGA and SuperSpeed USB
3.0 video outputs with 8.0 MegaPixel resolution
and 60 frames/sec speed. Connect it directly to
a monitor or projector without a computer using
an HDMI or VGA cable, or, use it with a
computer with the USB cable to display live HD
video for instruction.
Student Response Systems
Student response system that enable students to contribute to classroom
discussion with tablets, laptops or mobile handheld devices.
Provides teachers with immediate feedback to teachers.
ActivExpression student response system offers teachers real-time insight into
comprehension and learning progression as students work at their own pace or as a class.
Set of 32
PowerUpEDU Price $1600
Set of 24
PowerUpEDU Price $1290
Networking & WIFI
Aerohive Networks Access Point P121 is a cost-effective, enterprise-grade MIMO
solution, ideal for education, and/ or a distributed enterprise environment.
Call for Your Schools Design & Pricing Typical budgetary pricing, approximately: $450 per classroom
Teachers and students can share any content from their devices to the
computer + projector or interactive whiteboard right from their seats.
Teach from Anywhere
• Turn tablets into Whiteboards
• Mirror Teacher and Student Devices
Splashtop Classroom and Mirroring360 enable teachers to remotely control the
lesson from anywhere in the classroom, share lesson content and annotate over
them, and mirror iPads and Chromebooks to and from all student devices.
Mirroring 360
Splashtop Classroom $99
Share to:
3 Devices
40 Devices
Accessories for ActivBoard and Promethean
Transform any object or document into an interactive teaching tool with ActiView visual
presenter. ActiView puts the whole world on display.
ActiView at a glance:
• Zoom in on the smallest of details with the entire classroom.
Build an image library of everyday objects and extraordinary finds for use in your lessons.
Record video and audio with just one click to capture your favorite
Wireless USB Hub for ActivSlate 50, 60, Expressions. ActiVotes
ActivPens 3 Grey with Orange Band
(for older ActivBoards with Dark Grey Borders)
10 Packs Grey with Orange Band
ActivPen 50 (Newer ActivBoards 100,300, 500)
2 Pack Student Pens (white Pens)
2 Pack Teacher Pens (dark Pens)
• Allow wireless Control of the ActivBoard
• Use with ActivInspire $
ActivWand 50 - Cordless battery-free
extended reach pen - For
use with 100, 300,
300 Pro and 500 Pro
ActivBoards $79
Projector Replacements
• Brighter Images
Bulbs of all types- We
can place a bulb in
5 Year Warranties
Extend Life of your virtually any projector just contact us, usually
Interactive White Board
From $299
$99 or less
PowerPanel Pack Upgrade Kit - Upgrade your ActivPanel or other Classroom interactive screen to a PowerPanel.
The PowerPanel Pack Upgrade dramatically improves the performance of your in-place Interactive Panels, eliminating computers & wiring, networking connections making
systems simple to operate with on-board Windows 8 Professional computing power
dramatically improving the teaching experience to improve Student Achievement.
HD / 1080P Displays
UHD / 4K Displays
Contact us and we can help determine if your your classroom can benefit from a PowerPanel.
Always the Best Value - Call for Current Pricing & Specials
Promethean Board Electronics
Cables & Parts for Promethean and all Classroom
Displays and Audio Systems:
ActivBoard Touch
Cable for ActivBoard Touch 16 FT
500 Series
Main Pen Electronics for 595 /587 /578
USB Cables for ActivBoard 100,300, 500 Series
USB Cable 5FT/10FT/16FT
$15 /18 / 21
Video Cables
VGA Cables
10 FT
25 FT
HDMI Cables
3 FT
6.5 FT
12 FT
25 FT
50 FT
100 FT
Don't see your system or parts? Have other needs? We can help.
We carry cables and parts for keeping your ActivBoards up and
running for optimal Classroom performance.
Our technicians have installed, repaired & worked in 10Ks of
thousands classrooms and can get your system operating at
optimal performance for improving Student Achievement in your
Classroom, School or District.
On-site Visit (including 1 hour on-site repairs)
Technician Block Time:
10 Hours
50 Hours
100 Hours
Main Touch Electronics for 595/587/578
USB Electronics
4 Port USB Electronics replacement
Main Power Supply
100/300 Series Boards
Electronics for 387
Electronics for 100, 378
EST-P1 Lamp
PRM 20/PRM 10
PRM 30
PRM 32/35
$ 295
$ 150
PowerUpEDU PMI Annual Service - minimize down time and maximize system performance
Annual Service on Promethean systems including: cleaning, system alignment, tuning, cable checks &
adjustments to optimal system performance, & summary of system status 3X onsite plus one hour of repair
services as required for any onsite system. Delivery or latest software for installation on your PCs/MACs
ensuring your systems have the latest & up to date software.
First 5 Systems (minimum) 3x Visits performing PMI on each system & 5 hours Tech services
Each Additional system 3X Annual Visit performing PMI and 1 additional hour of Tech Services
Technician Block Time for PMI customers 10 hour PowerUp Tech Time (33% Discount)
“If we teach today’s students as we taught
yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.”
John Dewey
$ 289
$ 995
Bring Classroom Devices to Life
Enable the flow of dynamic, interactive content across multiple devices create a
Create student groups within classflow based on your teaching needs.
Send different content to different groups or individuals. Administer selfpaced assessments with questions of different levels of difficulty
ClassFlowConnect is a
comprehensive instructional
delivery system that increases the
depth of student and teacher
engagement providing interactive
and collaborative use of classroom devices, digital
curriculum and assessments for learning.
EDU Pricing
Share content from existing lessons or create new lessons.
Use shared lessons and content from a private or public
NO Wires. NO Software. NO Hassle. PowerUpEDU can show you how
Just Stand is an iPad® stand for your desk, a Document Camera, a tripod, a video
station and much more. Explore the possibilities using apps available on your iPad®.
Think creatively! The iPad® opens up many more opportunities than your
old document camera has to offer.
The Justand will instantly adjust from an iPad® mini on its side all the
way out to a full size iPad® in landscape mode even with a large
protective case such as an OtterBox. Our design is fast, flexible, and
will adjust to any iPad® in just about any iPad® case. Charge your
tablet with electronics Option
$99 / with electronics $139
Standing 48" high the Justand Tall is a floor stand for your iPad® designed to be a
podium, a document camera stand, and can be configured to serve various needs. The
all-aluminum base is strong, yet relatively light, so that it can easily be moved around the
room. $179
Tablet & laptop charging carts.. Keep your devices safe, secure, charged
and ready to use with PowerUpEDU storage & charging carts. We
provide the highest quality carts that will last for years at the best
possible values all made to meet the rigorous requirements of the
classroom environment. From $399
Tablet Protective cases. Keep your devices safe and
reduce damage. We have cases for virtually any type
of device From $39
• Home Bound Students
• Off-Site Specialty Teachers
• Remote Professional
Volume cases custom
designed, made and
delivered to your school Prices vary, Contact us directly
to help custom design a
tablet cover solution for your
School at the best price/value.
Classroom Audio
The custom-engineered SoloSolution, a lightweight portable multimedia sound
system provides high-quality and evenly distributed sound throughout the room
and employs interference-free infrared technology.
EDU Price $795
The Audio Enhancement Achiever Classroom System has the power of
Panasonic audio technology, to bring value and high performance to
the enhanced classroom.Two simultaneous infrared microphones keep
instructors’ voices continuously at optimal levels, while the
revolutionary new patented remote control feature allows the teacher
to control the volume of the student microphone and his or her own
EDU Price
Classroom Security
The SAFE System is an alert notification system designed to work
with Audio Enhancement’s classroom systems. Using the built-in
alert button on the transmitter, a teacher wearing the pendant
microphone can discreetly send a signal for help. An entire
network is alerted to respond promptly and appropriately to the
situation. The SAFE System consists of a receiver/amplifier unit,
teardrop microphone, Monitoring Station, and either a Network
Adapter or a security camera. It can be customized to process
alert notifications according to each specific school district policy.
Pricing; please call for system design, custom configuration &
Increase collaboration and foster student engagement with our suite
of Promethean as well as other interactive flat-panel displays that are
optimized for the classroom. With crystal-clear visibility, exceptionally
smooth, responsive touch interactivity and a durable design, our
interactive touch panels will be at the center of simple, natural,
engaging learning experiences for years to come.
Pricing: Screen Size
$ 3289
$ 5499
EDU Price
$ 7070
Just a few of the Schools, Districts,
Colleges & Universities that are
now Powered Up!
Bridging The Gap
Technology and Classroom Instruction.
Equip Educators to manage the classrooms in this digital era, by empowering them with
Professional Development tailored to 21st century classroom tools and skills.
PowerUpEDU provides cost-effective, high quality customized training, leveraging best
practice techniques that impact today’s digital native learners.
Professional Development
and Coaching
Whole Group Instruction
Small Group Instruction
Personalized Instruction
STEAM Instruction
Classroom Video
PowerUpEDU programs help your school realize the true potential of your technology
investment. PowerUpEDU customizes our approach & delivery to meet your teachers
where they are and the level of classroom technology they currently have, while
positioning educators to build and grow on their own.
Focusing exclusively on the education/classroom PowerUpEDU delivers Classroom
Solutions, Training and Coaching that reduce the teacher’s cognitive overload,
thereby giving them more time to focus on the student.
Like you we are passionate about impacting students and improving Student
Achievement. Studies prove that making the learning environment fun through the
use of interactive technology, more effectively engage students. While we may never
see the end results of what our efforts accomplish for a teacher or student, we
believe by helping teachers motivate and engage their students through the effective
use of technology and pedagogical approach, we can make learning engaging, more
fun, creating life-long learners
Professional Development - Partial listing of offerings
ClassFlow Overview: [Half Day -$1250 | Max 20 persons]
In this ClassFlow session attendees will be provided with an understanding of the basic tools and capabilities of
ClassFlow, including lesson creation, delivery and assessment. Participants will be able to build their knowledge of
the software and its application in the classroom.
ClassFlow workshop: [Full Day -$1950 | Max 20 persons]
In this ClassFlow workshop, teachers will create classes, build interactive lessons
and assessments in a web browser, share lessons with other peers. Participants
will learn how to move content to student devices and allow students to
collaborate using the latest mobile and student response technology. We will
demonstrate how ClassFlow helps teachers save time at the planning and setup stages of lesson development, and
how it can also facilitate a more connected classroom. Teachers will have the opportunity to create their own lessons
and to modify existing lessons in the ClassFlow community.
Promethean ActivInspire – ClassFlow Connect: [Full or Half Day-$1950/$1250 | Max 20 persons]
ActivInspire 2.3 provides the integration of the basic tools and capabilities of ActivInspire and ClassFlow. The
relationship between the two programs will be explained and tips and tricks provided for both. Participants in this
course will receive step-by-step, hands-on instruction with integrated curriculum examples.
Beginner: Introduction to ActivInspire: [Full or Half Day-$1950/$1250 | Max 20 persons]
An understanding of the basic tools and capabilities of ActivInspire software, providing them
with the knowledge and skills necessary to use ActivInspire’s basic tools and the Shared
Resource Library to construct interactive lessons.
Intermediate: Core Essentials: [Full Day -$1950 | Max 20 persons]
This course extends the knowledge of the basic tools to discover additional features and techniques to enhance
flipchart lessons and their interactivity. Participants will create, modify and enhance flipcharts to incorporate
interactivity into their lessons.
Advanced: Beyond the Essentials: [Full-$1950 | Max 20 persons]
This course provides an understanding of the more advanced features and capabilities of ActivInspire software. Upon
completion participants will be able to incorporate a higher level of interactivity into their flipcharts by using
containers and restrictors, as well as embedding multimedia.
Lesson Development Workshop [Full or Half Day-$1950/$1250 | Max 20 persons]
This course is designed for participants with a good working knowledge of Promethean ActivInspire or ClassFlow.
Participants will collaborate with colleagues to create content and grade level specific lessons. An educational
technology specialist will facilitate the transformation to digital resources with building techniques and best practice
Instructional Coach: [Full-$1950 | Max 20 persons]
This course is designed for coaching and modeling for redelivery of ActivInspire Beginner, Intermediate and
Advanced Courses.
Promethean ActivInspire: Train the Trainer [6 hours | 3 day or 4 day | max 10 persons]
This course is designed to prepare participants to deliver training for their interactive classrooms within their own
school district. The course includes discussions of Best Practices of Professional Development and working with adult
learners. Day 4 includes a LRS component.
Customized for anyone with the intention of training or coaching within the school or district who has an excellent
knowledge of ActivInspire.
The purpose of this course is to:
• Provide Interactive hands-on practice and interaction in redelivery methods
• Discussion of Best Practices for implementation of interactive whiteboards
• Provide hints for teaching ActivInspire effectively
• Provide troubleshooting tips and tricks
• Discussion of Best Practices of Professional Development
• Plan and implement a Professional Development plan
Endorsed by Microsoft in Education, our certified MIE
trainers deliver workshops on the following specific
Microsoft products, incorporating the newest updated
content and introduce participants to the international
community of educators – the Microsoft Educator Network.
MIE Teacher Academies: [Full or Half Day-$1950/$1250 | Max 20 persons] Office 365 and OneDrive:
Productivity tools for all; leadership, teacher, student, parent. Store and share everything in
OneDrive: be creative with Office 2013; create lessons using the Common Core plugin;
collaborate with Office 365 online to create worksheets and presentations. Communicate
and schedule meetings with the calendar. Learn how they all work together.
New Office Mix and Sway: Office Mix brings PowerPoint to life and allows users to have an interactive and
engaging experience, by adding assessments, videos and web apps to your existing PowerPoints. Let’s
get you started with Sway, a new quick and easy program to present content in a contemporary style, ideal
for student projects, newsletters.
OneNote and OneDrive:
OneNote is the ultimate digital notebook. This workshop will show how to create notebooks and use them
as portfolios, as curriculum organizers, organizing content and embedding any digital content or media.
With the OneNote Class or Staff Notebook creator, discover how easy it is to share and collaborate with
peers, colleagues, students, anyone.
EduTalk: MiC (Microsoft in the Classroom)
Microsoft in the Classroom is a 2 hours session typically funded by Microsoft. This 2 hour EduTalk, guided
by a qualified PowerUpEDU education Professional Development instructor, that explores the new
Microsoft technologies and learning techniques to enhance student
education and develop the skills they need for tomorrow. Find out how
to get free tools that spark imagination and much more.
Integration of Windows Tablets into the Classroom: Windows(8(or(10:([Full or Half
Day-$1950/$1250 | Max 20 persons]((Win 8 or 10 Basics: This session explores the
“nuts and bolts” of Win 8 or 10 devices. Attendees will learn about classroom
management practices with Win 8 or 10 devices, how to customize the start menu,
how to find, install and close apps, how to display a Windows 8 or 10 via a projector,
other basic skills necessary to manage and optimize the use of Windows 8 or 10 within a classroom.
Office plugins and Apps for Personalized Student Learning: This session explores free office plugins for
teacher and student that enhance for education the Office 365 suite of programs. In addition participants
will discover apps that encourage student-centered learning with a focus on student creation, including
apps for picture collage creation, for illustration, for brainstorming and many more.
Moving content in Windows 8.1 and Formative Assessment - This session explores the power of
formative assessment and how Windows 8.1 can be used to receive feedback from students, using cloudbased platforms or web-based software. With these platforms educators will discover how to move
content around the classroom to student devices.
Leadership: Creating a Successful Promethean Implementation Designed for district and building-level staff responsible for teacher evaluation. Participants of this course will
become familiar with ActivInspire software and tools and be able to create simple flipcharts. In addition, participants
will be able to identify criteria for teacher evaluation. Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to
create a simple flipchart and identify indicators for teacher evaluation.
Effective Use of Student Response Systems (LRS) [Full or Half Day-$2250/1950 - $1250 | Max 20
persons]Construct ActivInspire flipcharts incorporating the use of ActiVote / ActivExpression LRS
devices or ActivEngage in this face-to-face workshop. This workshop delivers an understanding of
ActiVote/ActivExpression/ActivEngage software and questioning pedagogy and suggests strategies
for using LRS to enhance student engagement. Step-by-step, hands-on instruction is provided on
Learner Response Systems to create and integrate examples in the curriculum.
Promethean ActivTable Foundation: [Half Day -$1250 | Max 8 per table]
This workshop incorporates the basic functionality of the Activtable and how to customize the ActivTable to the
students’ requirements. Teachers will work with the ActivTable software and the desktop
functionality, learning how to manage, create and differentiate learning in a collaborative
group environment with the ActivTable.
Promethean ActivTable Intermediate: [Half Day -$1250 | Max 8 per table]
This course explores how to integrate the ActivTable with your pre-existing classroom
technology. It also includes instruction on the Activity Builder where activities can be
created and exemplar activities can be modified. Teachers will have the opportunity to
create and modify activities to suit their requirements that will align with their current curriculum.
Combine the two days for a full day of ActivTable training [Full Day -$1950 | Max 8 per table]
Integration of Tablets into the Classroom: $2350/1950 iPad, Android, Hourly Modules include tablet basics, productivity apps,
content specific apps, student assessment, classroom management,
multimedia, promoting student collaboration.
Module 1 - Tablet Basics This session explores the “nuts and bolts” of tablets. Attendees will learn about classroom
management practices with tablets, how to access apps, how to display tablets via a projector, and other basic skills
necessary to manage and optimize the use of tablets within a classroom.
Module 2 - Apps for Student-Centred Learning This session explores a handful of free and easy-to-use apps that
encourage student-centred learning. These apps include picture collage creation, illustration, brainstorming, and
more. This session also examines ways to access and save student work for assessment and/or digital portfolios.
Module 3 - More Apps for Student-Centred Learning This session is a continuation of session #2 and explores some
additional apps that encourage student-centered learning with a focus on student creation. These apps include
digital book creation, screen casting, and more.
Module 4 - Connecting Student Devices to Lessons This session explores how to connect student devices to lessons
in real-time. This “connection” includes the sharing of instructional resources such as PDFs, videos, etc. and a polling
feature for immediate student feedback.
Module 5 - Tablets and Formative Assessment This session explores the power of formative assessment and how
tablets can be used to receive feedback from students.
Chromebook in the Classroom [Full or Half Day-$1950/$1250 | Max 20 persons]
Designed to engage and prepare participants for teaching in the Google environment. This
course will take participants on a tour of the Google Family of offerings.
Google Apps for Education [Full or Half Day-$1950/$1250| Max 20 persons]
This course is designed to provide participants an enhanced examination into the Google Apps
for Education environment. Participants will learn how to navigate and utilize these resources as
part of their curriculum.
Curriculum: Transforming Digital Content [Full or Half Day-$1950/$1250 | Max 20 persons]
This course is designed to support the transformation of curriculum materials to digital content. Participants will
learn ways to present practical strategies, guidelines and resources to increase the impact of digital content in the
everyday classroom. Strategies and presentation offerings will include multi platforms (ClassFlow, Tablets,
Windows 8 and Google)
Splashtop workshop - [Half Day-$1950/$1250 |- In this workshop attendees will be provided with an
understanding of the basic tools and capabilities of Splashtop, including wireless connecting the iPad/
Tablet of PC to the whole group instruction display (projector, IWB or display ), using the tablet as a
Interactive WhiteBoard, displaying Students screens on the whole group instruction
display and how to use tablet devices for delivery and assessment using Splashtop.
Participants will be able to build their knowledge of the software and its application in
the classroom.
PowerUp EDU is excited to now offer
Continuing Education credits in
respect to our professional
development and training programs! In an effort to offer teachers and
administrators the highest level of
professional development and fulfill
Continuing Education requirements,
PowerUp EDU has partnered with
Edevate. This collaborative effort
enables PowerUp EDU to leverage the
Edevate learning platform and
offer one credit hour for each hour of
Digital EDUSignage from
• School Communications
• Fundraising
• School Event Revenues
• Safety Alerts
• School Modernization
Digital signage is an elegant technology that offers a highly effective method to improve School communications for Students
Faculty, Parents and the entire School Community. PowerUpEDU implements cost effective customized EDUSignage system that
fits any school environment.
Your front office personnel will love the ease of
getting the message out, while your IT staff will
welcome the minimal impact on IT systems by
using in place displays, wiring, & networking
providing an easy and low cost implementation.
Administration will love the cost savings &
improved communications EDUSignage system
delivers. PowerUpEDU has created the
Use what you already have - Your schools inplace Digital displays, IWBs, projectors, TVs,
Smart Boards and ActivBoards can provide a
cost-effective solution for disseminating
information raising awareness for school
events, fundraisers, & announcements. Rich
media delivered on a digital medium grabs
attention like no static print banner or a
blackboard can. Enhance how your Students
and Staff experience important School
Messages, & Information.
The EDUSignage system becomes an
effective communications tool for your
Contact PowerUpEDU to help.
Uses & Implementations for deploying a digital signage network at a K -12
institution. Displays can be located anywhere on campus, they serve a
multitude of purposes at a very low cost. Depending on the displays’
location, every message can target a specific audience at a specific time for
a specific purpose. For example:
• Library: promotion of authors, new releases, classic literature; display
map of library to aid students’ search; display library rules &
• Faculty lounge: informative announcements; deadline reminders;
scheduling changes.
• Hallways: daily announcements; countdown to next class session;
emergency broadcasting; fundraiser reminders; notice of upcoming
deadlines; campus map to help new students or first-time visitors;
communication channel for student body; promotions of upcoming
field trips.
• Gymnasium: promotion of upcoming sporting events and theater
productions; anti-smoking & anti-drug endorsements; appropriate
themes for holiday seasons & prom.
• Cafeteria: menu board & lunchtime specials; nutritional information;
promotion of healthy eating habits.
• Auditorium: information to reinforce and accompany assemblies;
informative announcements for parents; announcements for upcoming
guest speakers; promotion of local cultural and educational events;
playback of previously recorded events.
• In-class: morning announcements; top student recognition; college
application deadlines; test scores; informational boards during PTA
meetings; classroom assignments.
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