MM Weld-in Spring Adapter, 2-1/2” (MMCA-1)

MM Weld-in Spring Adapter, 2-1/2” (MMCA-1)
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MM Weld-in Spring Adapter, 2-1/2” (MMCA-1)
3. Block the front wheels and jack up the rear of the
car. Once raised, support the rear of the car with
jack stands under the subframes or torque
boxes. With the shocks just short of full extension, support the axle on jack stands.
4. Remove the rear wheels
5. Disconnect the rear sway bar from both control
6. Support the d-side rear lower control arm as
close to the rear axle as possible with a floor
jack. Lower the adjustable spring perch to its
lowest position using a 1/2” drive socket wrench.
Remove the rear control arm axle pivot bolt and
gradually relieve the spring tension by slowly
lowering the jack until the spring is completely
uncompressed and you can remove the spring
by hand.
Read all instructions before beginning work. Following
instructions in the proper sequence will ensure the best
and easiest installation.
The Maximum Motorsports Spring Adapter was
designed for using Hypercoil 2-1/2” springs with
MM’s Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms. This
allows you to take advantage of the quality Hypercoil
springs (which occur in 25 lb. rate increases) to
provide fine tuning of your Mustang. Running
Hypercoil springs in the rear is stiffer than the larger
H&R springs, and because they are linear, make
matching your spring rates to your front coil over
system easy.
1. Measure the ride height of the rear of the car. To
do this, measure from the floor to the top of the
wheel well opening. Record your reading.
7. With the spring removed, raise the control arm
back into place and reinstall the pivot bolt. Torque
to 90-100 lb-ft.
8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 on the p-side of the car.
9. Reinstall the rear swaybar onto the MM control
2. Loosen, but do not remove, the lug nuts of the
rear wheels.
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10. On both sides of the car, clean the dirt and paint
off of the stock upper spring perchs, using a wire
wheel or sand paper, to prepare for welding.
21. Check the ride hieght (step 1) and compare with
the readings taken from step 1.
22. If you want to change the height, raise or lower
the MM spring perch--clock wise for up and
counter clockwise for down.
11. On the d-side, place the Spring Adapter on top of
the stock upper spring perch. Weld it into place
using three one inch welds, placement shown
This kit includes:
2-1/2” Spring Perch Adapters
Urethane Isolaters
12. Repeat step 11 on the p-side of the car.
13. Clean, prime, and paint both spring adapters.
14. Place one urethane isolater over each spring
perch--flat side resting on the perch. Note: If the
urethane is hard to slip over the adapter, use a
flat head screw driver to strech it out and slide it
onto the perch.
15. Raise the MM Control Arm spring perchs up to
three quarters of their available adjustment.
16. Place your Hypercoil springs onto the control
17. Using a jack, slowly raise the axle. Make sure
both springs are centered around the spring
perch adapters as you raise.
18. Once the springs are fully seated, put the
wheels back on. Tighten down all lug nuts.
19. With the axle supported by the jack, remove the
rear jack stands. Lower the car to the ground.
20. Torque the lug nuts to manufacture’s specifications.
 Copyrighted 2002
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