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POS-100A / POA-100B
Quick Installation Guide
Package Content
PoE Splitter x 1, DC jack cable x 1,
Quick Installation Guide
PoE Injector x 1
4 DC jack cable connector
Ethernet cable x 1
Power Cord x 1
Installation Steps
Connect AC Power cord to PoE injector, and “Power” LED will be lit.
Connect Data/IN port of Injector to LAN switch via Ethernet cable, and set the correct voltage (5V or
9V or 12V) (default 5V) via voltage selector on the side of PoE splitter.
Connect to “Power+Data” port of splitter and “P+D/Out” port of Injector with Ethernet cable, making
sure “Power” LED of splitter is lit.
Select the proper DC jack size for the cable, then connect power jack of the powered device to
“Power OUT” port of splitter.
Check whether the powered device is on. If not, please make sure that power of Injector and Splitter
is on, and all cables are well connected.
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