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Impedance: 1 Meg
Sensitivity: 150MV to 6V
Power: 60W RMS @ 8 ohms (12” Celestion speaker)
Total Harmonic Distortion: .1%
Signal to Noise Ratio: 98db
Depth :
33 pounds
WARNING: When using electric products, basic cautions should always be followed, including the following:
1. Read all safety and operating instructions before using this product.
2. All safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference.
3. Obey all cautions in the operating instructions and on the back of the unit.
4. All operating instructions should be followed.
5. This product should not be used near water, i.e., a bathtub, sink, swimming pool, wet basement, etc.
6. This product should be located so that its position does not interfere with its proper ventilation. It should not be placed flat
against a wall or placed in a built-in enclosure that will impede the flow of cooling air.
7. This product should not be placed near a source of heat such as a stove, radiator, or another heat producing amplifier.
8. Connect only to a power supply of the type marked on the unit adjacent to the power supply cord.
9. Never break off the ground pin on the power supply cord.
10. Power supply cords should always be handled carefully. Never walk or place equipment on power supply cords.
Periodically check cords for cuts or signs of stress, especially at the plug and the point where the cord exits the unit.
11. The power supply cord should be unplugged when the unit is to be unused for long periods of time.
12. If this product is to be mounted in an equipment rack, rear support should be provided.
13 Metal parts can be cleaned with a damp rag. The vinyl covering used on some units can be cleaned with a damp rag or
ammonia based household cleaner if necessary. Disconnect unit from power supply before cleaning.
14. Care should be taken so that objects do not fall and liquids are not spilled into the unit through the ventilation holes or any
other openings.
15. This unit should be checked by a qualified service technician if:
a. The power supply cord or plug has been damaged.
b. Anything has fallen or been spilled into the unit.
c. The unit does not operate correctly.
d. The unit has been dropped or the enclosure damaged.
16. The user should not attempt to service this equipment. All service work should be done by a qualified service technician.
17. Exposure to extremely high noise levels may cause a permanent hearing loss. Individuals vary considerably in susceptibility
to noise induced hearing loss, but nearly everyone will lose some hearing if exposed to sufficiently intense noise for a sufficient
time. The U.S. Government’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has specified the following permissible
noise level exposures.
Duration Per Day In Hours
Sound Level dBA, Slow Response
I l/2
l/4 or less
According to OSHA, any exposure in excess of the above permissible limits could result in some hearing loss.
Earplugs or protectors in the ear canals or over the ears must be worn when operating this amplification system in order to
prevent a permanent hearing loss if exposure is in excess of the limits as set forth above. To ensure against potentially
dangerous exposure to high sound pressure levels, it is recommended that all persons exposed to equipment capable of
producing high sound pressure levels such as this amplification system be protected by hearing protectors while this unit is in
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FAX: 515-282-1680
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TOLL FREE 1-888-993-5091
DM60RC Front Panel
Important Safety Instructions
This symbol warns the user of dangerous voltage levels
localized within the enclosure.
INPUT: Instrument input. Plug your guitar in here.
SELECT: This pushbutton selects either the Clean or Drive Channel. The green LED
indicates the Clean Channel and the red LED indicates the Drive Channel.
CLEAN VOL: Adjusts the loudness of the Clean Channel
DRIVE GAIN: Adjusts the gain of the Drive Channel
DRIVE VOL: Adjusts the loudness of the Drive Channel
BASS: (Active) Adjusts the low frequency level. +/- 12db @ 100Hz
MIDDLE: (Active) Adjusts the mid frequency level. +/- 12db @ 160HZ – 4.5KHz
SWEEP: Adjusts the mid frequency “center point” from 160Hz – 4.5KHz
TREBLE: (Active) Adjusts the high frequency level. +/- 12db @ 3KHz
REVERB: Adjusts the reverb effect level for both channels.
MASTER: Adjusts overall loudness of the amplifier.
SEND/RETURN: EFX LOOP – Used for connecting effects or other
external sound equipment.
CHORUS DEPTH: Adjusts the level of the internal chorus effect.
CHORUS SPEED: Adjusts the speed of the internal chorus effect.
MP3 IN: (Stereo) Input Jack for use with an MP3 player, portable CD or Tape player, drum
machine, etc. This input jack is not affected by the amplifiers volume or tone controls.
Adjust the signal at the source.
HEADPHONES: This jack provides a stereo signal to drive headphones. The use of this
jack will disengage the amplifiers internal speaker. This jack can also be used as an
unbalanced line output by using either a stereo or mono ¼” phone plug connection.
FOOTSWITCH: (DRIVE) - Used for remote channel switching to select Clean or Drive
FOOTSWITCH: (CHORUS/REV) - Used for remote switching of on board Reverb and
Chorus effects.
POWER: This rocker switch turns the AC power ON and Off. When ON the unit is ready
for play.
AC INPUT: Connect the female end of the AC line cord here. Connect the male plug to a
suitable source of line voltage. Refer to the voltage information on the back of the amplifier
for its voltage and current requirements. This connector also acts as the main fuse holder
and includes a compartment for a spare fuse.
This symbol advises the user to read all accompanying literature
for safe operation of the unit.
•Read, retain, and follow all instructions. Heed all warnings.
•Only connect the power supply cord to an earth grounded AC receptacle
in accordance with the voltage and frequency ratings listed under
INPUTPOWER on the rear panel of this product.
•WARNING: To prevent damage, fire or shock hazard, do not expose this
unit to rain or moisture.
•Unplug the power supply cord before cleaning the unit exterior (use a
damp cloth only). Wait until the unit is completely dry before re-connecting
it to power.
•Maintain at least 6 inches (15.24 cm) of unobstructed air space behind the
unit to allow for proper ventilation and cooling of the unit.
•This product should be located away from heat sources such as radiators,
heat registers, or other products that produce heat.
•This product may be equipped with a polarized plug (one blade wider than
the other). This is a safety feature. If you are unable to insert the plug into
the outlet, contact an electrician to replace your obsolete outlet. Do not
defeat the safety purpose of this plug.
•Protect the power supply cord from being pinched or abraded.
•This product should only be used with a cart or stand that is
recommended by the manufacturer.
•The power supply cord of this product should be unplugged from the
outlet when left unused for a long period of time, or during electrical
•This product should be serviced by qualified service personnel when: the
power supply cord or the plug has been damaged; or objects have fallen,
or liquid has been spilled onto the product; or the product has been
exposed to rain; or the product does not appear to operate normally or
exhibits a marked change in performance; or the product has been
dropped, or the enclosure damaged.
•Do not drip nor splash liquids, nor place liquid filled containers on the
•CAUTION: No user serviceable parts inside, refer servicing to qualified
personnel only.
• Dean Markley amplifiers and loudspeaker systems are capable of
producing very high sound pressure levels which may cause temporary or
permanent hearing damage. Use care when setting and adjusting volume
levels during use.
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