KDØCA INVERTED L ANTENNA My low band Inverted "L" wire (a

KDØCA INVERTED L ANTENNA My low band Inverted "L" wire (a
My low band Inverted "L" wire (a form of bent vertical) has about 12 radials buried under ground,
and they are NOT resonant quarter wave radials, but this antenna works very well on 160 through
30 meters. It will tune all bands 160 - 10 M, but my home brew vertical outperforms the Inverted
L on 20 - 10 m. The radials are each about 30 feet long each because it was simply "convenient"
for me to install short radials. Please note that buried or on-the-ground radials are DETUNED by
the proximity of the soil, and so it is NOT necessary for them to be exactly a quarter wave long!
The most important thing is that there be as many of them as is practical. By the way, the mast
supporting the vertical leg of this antenna is only 3 feet from the house, so the radials only cover
the 180 degrees of arc on the north half of the compass. There are no radials SE, S, or SW of
the antenna, yet it works like a champ gives me some "garden variety" DX to many parts of the
The vertical leg of my Inv L is mounted on a metal TV type mast plus some scrap aluminum to
make it 22.5 feet tall. The mast is secured with hose clamps to a steel fence post I drove into the
soil about 5 feet from the shack wall. The flat top section of the antenna is 42 feet long plus 16.5
feet at the far north end extends vertically downward for a grand total of 81 feet of wire. The flat
top ( which sags to about 20 feet above ground) extends Northward to a mast out in the yard
which is also mounted on a steel fence post.
The feed point is at the bottom of the vertical leg and the radials are all attached to a ground rod.
I also have the station ground wire attached to this same ground rod. This antenna is fed with 10
feet of RG-8X coax and I use a mobile type mirror mount attached to the copper tubing ground
rod. The fed end of the antenna wire is hose clamped to a 3/8 X 24 threaded bolt which is
screwed into the mobile mount. This is a very easy way to feed an end fed wire.
MY INVERTED L (Not To Scale)
(The Masts Are Not Shown)
← Flat Top = 42 Feet Long →
Last 16.5 Feet Hangs
Down Vertically Vertical Leg = 22.5 Ft Tall
NORTH Feed point
Ground Level Soil (Ground and Radials)
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