Telemetry Terminal for Remote Monitoring and Control
Key Benefits
Water protected and robust
housing (glass fibre reinforced)
Toll free phone call function
Easy configuration via SMS and
Telemetry Terminal for Remote Monitoring and
Control Applications
The STD32 is a telemetry device designed for alarming applications
via SMS or E-mail and to switch up to two output relays via tollfree
calls or SMS.
Key Features
It offers 2 digital inputs to monitor the status of any connected
appliances or machinery. In case of an alarm, the STD32 will
automatically send an SMS or E-mail to up to 5 recipients.
The Telemetry terminal can be configured by a variety of means,
including the serial interface or by sending a defined set of SMS
Quadband GSM/GPRS telemetry
2x Digital Inputs
2x 5A Relays
USB-B internal interface for
Sample Applications
Remote control and monitoring
of heating and sprinkling systems
Generate alarms (SMS, E-Mail)
based on input states
Remote control of pumps, gates
and entry areas
Wireless Features
 GSM/GPRS Frequency Bands: GSM / GPRS Quad
 GPRS Class: Class 10
 USB 2.0: 1x (USB-B connector; internal, for
 Digital Inputs: 2x (galvanically isolated; common
external ground)
 Switching Capacity (Relays): 2x (5A/250V AC, 5A/30V
DC, resistive load)
Hardware Features
 Robust and water protected, glass fibre
reinforced housing (min. GF30)
 SIM Card Holder: 1x (1,8/3 Volt)
 SIM Chip Option
 LEDs: 4x (Power / GSM / 2x Status)
 Type Approvals: CE
Power Management
 Voltage Range: 7 - 32V DC
 Power Consumption (Typical): ~14 mA
Hardware Characteristics
Firmware Update: DOTA / USB
Device Configuration: SMS / Config Tool
Status / Event Reporting: SMS / SMTP E-Mail
SMTP E-Mail: Transmission of Event Data
Secure E-Mail (SSL)
Operating Temperature: -30°C to +75°C
Dimensions: 150x65x45 mm
Weight: 230 g
Terminal is shipped by default with a rectangular
Telic certified Accessories.
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