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Mellerware 22350A User's Manual
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Dear customer,
Many thanks for choosing to purchase a Mellerware brand product. Thanks to its technology, design
and operation and the fact that it exceeds the strictest quality standards, a fully satisfactory use and long
product life can be assured.
1. Handle
2. Lid
3. On/Off Switch
4. Base
5. Power Indicator Light
6. Body
7. Spout
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2013/04/22 03:33:25 PM
Attention: Please read these instructions carefully
before use in order to avoid damage due to incorrect
use. Please pay particular attention to the safety
guide. If you pass the device on to a third party, these
operating instructions must also be handed over.
•Incorrect operation and improper use can damage
the appliance and cause injury.
•The appliance must be used only for its intended
purpose. No responsibility can be taken for any
possible damage caused by incorrect use or
improper handling.
•Before plugging in the appliance, check that the
voltage supply in your home matches the rating
label on the appliance.
•Do not immerse the appliance or the plug in water
or any other liquid. This could cause a fatal electric
shock. If the appliance or plug should accidentally
become wet, unplug the appliance immediately and
have it checked by an electrician before using it
•Do not place any kind of object inside the kettle.
•Do not use the appliance with wet hands, on a damp
floor or when the appliance itself is wet.
•Do not touch the plug with wet or damp hands.
•Check the cable and the plug regularly for any
possible damage. If the supply cord is damaged,
it must be replaced by the an authorised service
centre to avoid injury.
•Do not use the appliance if it is dropped or otherwise
damaged or if the cable or plug are damaged.
If the appliance is damaged, take it to your near
authorised service centre.
•Never attempt to open the appliance or repair the
appliance yourself. This could cause an electric
•Do not allow the cable to hang over sharp edges
and keep it away from hot objects and naked
flames. Remove the plug from the wall socket by
grasping the plug. Make sure that the cable does not
hang so that it could inadvertently be pulled or cause
someone to trip.
•If an extension cord is used it must be suited to the
power consumption of the appliance, otherwise the
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extension cord or plug may overheat.
•Stand the appliance on a firm, level and heatproof
surface away from naked flames (e.g. gas oven) and
out of the reach of children.
•This appliance is not suitable for commercial or
outdoor use.
•Never leave the appliance unattended while it is in
•Children cannot recognise the dangers involved in
the incorrect use of electrical appliances. Therefore
never allow children to use household appliances
without supervision.
•Always remove the plug from the wall socket when
the appliance is not in use and each time before it
is cleaned.
•As long as the appliance is connected to the wall
socket, a small amount of current continues to flow
to the appliance even when it’s not in use.
•Never use the cable to carry the appliance.
Use the kettle only with the base supplied, and do not
use the base for any other purposes.
•Do not overfill the kettle by filling past the “MAX”
mark. If you do so, there is a danger that scalding
water could boil over.
•Take care to close the lid properly before switching
on, otherwise hot water may overflow.
•The kettle is for heating water only, and is not to be
used for any other liquid.
•CAUTION! Danger of burns! The kettle becomes
very hot during use. Hold it by the handle only.
•WARNING! Escaping steam! Do not remove the lid
while the water is boiling.
•Allow the water to cool down in a safe place out of
reach of children and disabled people.
•Remove all packaging materials.
•Then boil clean cold water three times. (See
•Use fresh water each time.
•Open the lid and fill the kettle with the required
amount of water. Please observe the water level
marks on the outside of the kettle. Do not fill below
2013/04/22 03:33:26 PM
the “MIN” mark and above“MAX” mark.
•Close the lid. Press the On/Off switch down so that
the indicator light illuminates. (If the indicator light is
on, that means the kettle is operating, don’t press
the switch again.)
•You can pour the water out without opening the lid.
*If you want to stop the water boiling or interrupt it
briefly, remove the kettle from the base.
•Note: This appliance comes with a safety device,
which automatically switches off the heating
element if the appliance is inadvertently switched on
with out water, or if it boils dry. If this happens let the
appliance cool down completely before filling with
water again.
•Always observe safety instructions for cleaning.
•Always remove the plug from the wall socket
before cleaning the base. Let the kettle cool down
•Dry the kettle before plugging into the wall socket.
Clean the outside of the kettle and the base with a
soft damp cloth, do not use scouring materials.
•Descale the appliance regularly. Use a proprietary
descaling agent, which can be obtained from
specialist shops, and follow the instructions given.
•To store the kettle; wind the cord in the cord
compartment on the underside of the base.
Product specifications:
Voltage: 220-240V
Wattage: 1850-2200W
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