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The Toss •n• Play™ Alphabet Bean
Bag Set helps children learn
letters and colors through active
play. For added learning value,
this set has been designed so that
the vowels can be easily recognized
by their bright, yellow color. The
game and activities included will
also enhance motor skills, handeye coordination, and will instill
children with a love for active,
physical play.
•26 Alphabet bean bags in
assorted colors
Alphabet Scramble
Place all the bean bags in a pile
with the letter sides down. Each
player chooses six bean bags,
including one or two yellow,
vowel bean bags. Players try to
make words with their bean bags.
The player that makes the longest
word wins!
Hop Along Faster!
Line up the bean bags
alphabetically on the floor. Leave
about 1 foot between each bean
bag. Encourage children to hop
over each bean bag while calling
out the letter. Make it a race!
Children will call out letters faster
and faster as they hop along the line.
I Spy ...
Place all of the bean bags into a
box or a bag. Draw one bean bag
from the box and ask children to
find something that starts with
that letter. The first player to find
an object that begins with the
letter keeps the bean bag. The
player with the most bean bags is
the winner.
Hop 'n' Spell
Lay out all the bean bags face up
on the floor. Call out a word with
three to five letters in it and ask
children to take turns spelling out
the word by hopping from bean
bag to bean bag.
A Is For Apple!
Spread out all the bean bags on
the floor, letter side down.
Players take turns turning over a
bean bag and saying a word that
begins with the letter. make up
themes for each round; animals,
foods, first names, etc. If a player
correctly names a word, they
keep the bean bag. When all of
the bean bags have been
collected, the player with the
LER 0540
most bean bags wins. Encourage
older children to spell out their
Spelling Bean
place all the bean bags face up on
the floor. Call out a word for
children to spell. Choose words
that do not have duplicate letters.
Children can pick up the letters
they need and arrange them in
teams with a list of spelling
words! The team that gets the
most words right, wins!
Alphabet Pile-Up
Children can take turns piling
up the bean bags in alphabetical
order. Ask children to call out
the letters as they place them on
the pile. Try to pile bean bags
as high as possible.
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