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Morphy Richards Pod vacuum cleaner User's Manual
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Pod vacuum cleaner
Please read and keep these instructions
getting the best from
your new cleaner...
If your cleaner isn’t picking up as well as
it should, please check
• Dust filter
It is important to clean it everytime you empty the pod,
otherwise the performance of the cleaner will be impaired.
See page 5 - Cleaning the dust filter. A spare dust filter is
• Blockages
Check the nozzle, tube and hose for blockages.
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Page 2
Important safety
The use of any electrical appliance requires
the following of common sense safety rules.
Primarily there is danger of personal injury
and secondly danger of damage to the
appliance and property. These are indicated in
the text by the following two conventions:
WARNING: Danger of personal injury
IMPORTANT: Damage to the appliance
In addition we offer the following essential
safety advice.
Do not use or keep this product outside
when it is raining.
Do not store the appliance near hot ovens
or heating appliances.
Check that the voltage on the rating plate
of your appliance corresponds with your
house electricity supply which must be A.C.
(Alternating Current).
If the socket outlets in your home are not
suitable for the plug supplied with this
appliance, the plug should be removed and
the appropriate one fitted.
WARNING: The plug removed from the
mains lead, if severed, must be
destroyed as a plug with bared flexible
cord is hazardous if engaged into a live
socket outlet.
Should the fuse in the 13 amp plug require
replacement, a BS1362 13 amp fuse must be
Mains lead
Do not allow the mains lead to become
strained or run this appliance over it.
If the electrical cable becomes damaged
the complete cable assembly must be
replaced. Do not attempt this task yourself,
contact Morphy Richards using the
helpline number.
Always disconnect the appliance from the
mains supply after use or prior to cleaning
or emptying.
The appliance should never be left running
Never modify the cleaner in any way.
Repairs to electrical appliances are only to
be undertaken by trained personnel.
Unprofessional repairs can be dangerous
for users.
Use only genuine Morphy Richards spare
parts and accessories
Children do not understand the dangers
associated with operating electrical
appliances. Never allow children to use this
Other safety considerations
Your Pod vacuum cleaner is a versatile
machine that can be used as an upright
cleaner or as a handheld.
Never use the appliance without the filters
Never use the appliance to vacuum hot
ashes, broken glass, sharp objects or
Never use in the presence of explosive
liquids or vapours.
Never pick up inflammable or poisonous
liquids such as petrol, copier toner, or
other volatile substances. Never pick up
acids, asbestos or asbestos dust.
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Page 3
Telescopic handle release button
On/off switch
Telescopic tube extension button
Telescopic handle
Handle locking release pin (not shown)
Carrying handle
Pod release button
Dust collection pod
Mesh filter (inside)
Dust filter (inside)
Brush storage location
Flexible hose
Hose end location
Hose end
Exhaust filter cover
Cable storage hanger
Cable storage quick release lever
Floor nozzle release button
Accessories you should have:
Ó Telescopic handle tube
Ô Floor nozzle
 Plastic extension tube
Ò Crevice tool (stored inside )
Ú Brush attachment
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Page 4
4 Fit the extension tube  to the hose end
To use as an upright
5 Fit the crevice tool Ò to the extension tube.
6 If required fit the brush Ú to the end of the
crevice tool.
1 Fit the floor nozzle by pressing in the locking
pin and insert the nozzle into the hole at the
base of the body D. Push down fully.
2 Locate the telescopic handle into the body
by pushing in the locking pin and lowering
the handle in until the locking pin locates in
the locking hole E. To remove, press in the
release button ⁄ and lift the handle out.
3 Adjust the telescopic handle by sliding the
button ‹ down and pulling out or pushing
in the lower half F.
To use as a handheld
Uses for the brush attachment include
stairs, upholstery, mattresses, curtains and hard
surfaces like door mouldings and skirting
boards. The crevice tool is particularly useful for
cobwebs and in narrow gaps in the car around
the handbrake and seat.
1 Remove the telescopic handle.
2 Remove the floor nozzle by pressing in the
release button Ï and pulling the floor
nozzle away from the body G.
3 Slide the hose end Ë from the hose end
location Á. H
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Page 5
6 Replace the mesh filter into the pod.
7 Insert the dust filter, rear section first into the
pod (ensuring it lies level with
the pod). M
Unwind the cable or turn the quick release
lever Î and plug into a mains socket.
Switch on. I
Dust disposal
Ensure the Pod is switched off and
disconnected from the mains supply.
1 Slide the pod release button up and pull the
dust pod away from the cleaner. J
Note: When the floor nozzle is fitted the
cleaner must be tilted slightly backwards to
remove the dust pod.
2 Lift out the dust filter. K
3 Pull out the mesh filter. L
4 Empty the dust into a bin.
5 Clean the filters as described in next
Cleaning the mesh
and dust filters
Exhaust filter
After approximately 5 emptyings of the dust
container the exhaust filter should be cleaned.
1 Unclip the exhaust filter cover È by lifting
the bottom tab. O
2 Remove foam filter.
3 Shake the filter vigorously to remove any
build up of dust.
4 Refit exhaust filter cover by inserting top two
pegs then clip in the bottom tab.
Depending on usage, the exhaust filter
should be replaced approximately every 6
IMPORTANT: Every time the pod is emptied,
clean the filters by shaking rigorously, or by
using the brush attachment.
To maintain high suction, the dust filter ‰
should also be washed regularly in warm water,
but do not use detergent.
Allow the filter to dry naturally and ensure it
is totally dry before installing it back into the
A spare dust filter is provided to allow you to
continue using your vacuum whilst the original
filter is washed and dried.
replacement filters
Replacing dust
The lifetime of the dust filter is dependant
largely upon usage of the cleaner. Should the
dust filter become damaged or if there is a
noticeable drop in performance even after
washing, it should be changed immediately. Use
only Morphy Richards replacement filters which
can be purchased from specialist retailers or by
calling the number on the front page of this
1 Insert the hook at the bottom rear of the
dust pod into the tray on the body. N.
2 Push the dust pod towards the cleaner body
until it clicks into place.
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Page 7
Cleaning the
If you have any difficulty with your
appliance, do not hesitate to call us. We’re
more likely able to help than the store from
where you bought it.
Please have the following information ready
to enable our staff to deal with your query
• Name of the product;
• Model number as shown on the underside
of the appliance;
• Serial number.
Use the brush attachment on the hose and
use the Pod to vacuum itself. To keep the
underside of the cleaning head clean, vacuum it
at regular intervals using the crevice tool.
Or, disconnect the Pod from the mains
supply and remove dust by using a soft damp
cloth and wipe dry. Do not use scourers or
abrasive cleaners.
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Page 8
Your two-year
It is important to retain the retailers
receipt as proof of purchase. Staple your
receipt to this back cover for future
Please quote the following information if the
product develops a fault. These numbers can
be found on the base of the product.
Model no.
Serial no.
All Morphy Richards products are
individually tested before leaving the factory. In
the unlikely event of any appliance proving to
be faulty within 28 days of purchase it should
be returned to the place of purchase for it to be
If the fault develops after 28 days and within
24 months of original purchase, you should take
the appliance to your nearest service agent. A
list containing details of your nearest service
agent is included with your appliance but
please contact the helpline quoting model
number and serial number should you require
further assistance. Repair or replacement of the
product is subject to the exclusions set out
below (1-6).
If you suspect a fault, follow the simple
checks detailed below before returning the
appliance or calling the helpline.
• Check the filters for blockages.
• Check the hose and tubes for blockages.
• Check the plug is firmly in the socket and
the supply is switched on.
• Make sure the socket is working by trying
another appliance.
If for any reason this item is replaced during
the two-year guarantee period, the guarantee
on the new item will be calculated from original
purchase date. Therefore it is vital to retain your
original receipt or invoice to indicate the date of
initial purchase.
To qualify for the two-year guarantee the
appliance must have been used according to
the manufacturers instructions.
Morphy Richards shall not be liable to replace
or repair the goods under the terms of the
Guarantee where:
1 The fault has been caused or is attributable to
accidental use, mis-use, negligent use or used
contrary to the manufacturers
recommendations or where the fault has been
caused by power surges or damage caused in
2 The appliance has been used on a voltage
supply other than that stamped on the
3 Repairs have been attempted by persons other
than our service staff (or authorised dealer).
4 Where the appliance has been used for hire
purposes or non-domestic use.
5 The guarantee excludes consumables such as
the filters.
6 Morphy Richards are not liable to carry out any
type of servicing work, under the guarantee.
This guarantee does not confer any rights
other than those expressly set out above and
does not cover any claims for consequential
loss or damage. This guarantee is offered as an
additional benefit and does not affect your
statutory rights as a consumer.
• This guarantee is valid in the UK and Ireland
For additional information on Morphy Richards products
Morphy Richards products are intended
for household use only
Morphy Richards has a policy of
continuous improvement in product
quality and design. The Company,
therefore, reserves the right to change
the specification of its models at any
The After Sales Division,
Registered address,
Morphy Richards Ltd, Mexborough,
South Yorkshire, England, S64 8AJ
Helpline (office hours)
UK 0870 060 2604
Republic of Ireland 1800 409119
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