E3 Series Control Panel
E3 Series®
Control Panel
Expandable Emergency
Evacuation System
The E3 Series® Expandable Emergency Evacuation System by Gamewell-FCI is in the forefront of the latest generation of fire alarm control panels. Employing the new highspeed Velociti® sensors, the E3 Series provides previously
unattainable polling speed and response together with the
flexibility demanded by today’s emergency evacuation systems. In addition to their high-speed polling rate, the Velociti Series of sensors feature bi-polar LEDs that flash green
for normal polling, and light red steadily to indicate an
The E3 Series is equipped with an 80-character LCD-E3
alphanumeric LCD display that allows 40 characters to be
user-defined for custom installations. Up to six keyboard
LCD displays may also be remotely located. In addition,
you can install five of the familiar LCD-7100/RAN-7100
remote displays. The displays show instant system status
information and can be connected in any desired area of
an installation.
A high-speed 32-bit processor easily tackles a wide array
of applications from small office buildings to multi-complex,
high-rise installations.
The 64 node networking is made possible by 625K baud/
ARCNET communications using twisted-pair copper cable,
fiber-optic cable, or a combination of both. In addition, the
Addressable Node Expander (ANX) board expands the
network to 122 nodes.
The basic E3 Series is equipped with an ILI-MB-E3/ILI95MB-E3 Intelligent Loop Interface-Main Board, ILI-S-E3/
ILI95-S-E3 Intelligent Loop Interface Expansion Board,
ANX, and ASM-16 Addressable Switch Module that features 16 software programmable switches, each accompanied by red, green and yellow LEDs that can be
programmed to indicate operation of the switches. Additional ASM-16 modules may be added to expand the operation to a plateau previously unimagined.
The Intelligent Loop Interface - Expansion Board (ILI-S-E3/
ILI95-S-E3 provides the E3 Series control panel with two
additional signaling line circuits. The layout is similar to the
ILI-MB-E3/ILI95-MB-E3 with the exception that a number
of components are omitted. It occupies one node on the
Broadband network.
E3 Series
• IBC Seismic Certified.
• Listed under UL® Standard 864, 9th Edition.
• UL Listed for smoke control (dedicated and non-dedicated) when properly configured.
• FM/UL Listed for Pre-action/Deluge use.
• Styles 4, 6, or 7* signaling line circuits.
• Two to 244 SLCs each supporting 159 sensors and
159 modules.
• 625K baud ARCNET communications using wire, fiber,
or mixed configurations for installation flexibility.
• High-speed 32 bit processor and 4100 event history log.
• Advanced Boolean logic-based programming such as
AND, OR, NOT, time delay and calendar functions
configurable via computer programming.
• Supports up to (16), ASM-16 addressable switch or
ANU-48 LED driver modules per ILI-MB-E3/ILI95-MB-E3.
• Two Class A, Style Z or Class B, Style Y, notification
appliance circuits rated at 2.0 amps. per circuit.
• Integral city connection.
• Flexible 115,200 baud high speed RS-232 interface.
• 40 character user-defined text per device.
• Supports up to five LCD-7100/RAN-7100 displays and
six LCD-E3 keyboard displays per ILI-MB-E3/ILI95-MBE3.
*Style 7 wiring requires the use of System Sensor M500X
Isolator Modules.
City of
City of
Reference Certificate
FDNY: 7165-1703:0125 Class2
of Compliance
High Rise
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Description (Continued)
Features (Continued)
Each ILI-MB-E3/ILI95-MB-E3 can support as many as sixteen ANU-48 LED Driver modules supporting hundreds of
LEDs on a 3rd party graphic annunciator for remote annunciation. The ANU-48 modules may be installed in any
Listed remote annunciator. It can be remotely located via
an RS-485 serial interface.
An array of cabinets allows for neat, compact, attractive
The E3 Series expandable emergency evacuation system
offers four cabinet size options. A typical cabinet includes a
backbox, an inner door, and an outer door. The E3 Series
cabinet assembly is a compact 19 3/8” (49 cm) wide wallmounted enclosure.
Cabinet A includes the following four options:
• Cabinet A1 inner door mounted to the backbox. The
backbox houses one NGA module.
• Cabinet A2 inner door mounted to the backbox. The
backbox houses one LCD-E3 module.
• Two or three-bay inner door mounted to the backbox.
The backbox typically houses one LCD-E3, or one
NGA, and one or two ASM-16 modules.
Cabinet B contains a space for the ILI-MB-E3/ILI95-MB-E3,
PM-9/PM-9G modules and batteries set inside the backbox. Additional module options mounted on the backbox
include the DACT-E3, and RPT-E3 or ILI-S-E3/ILI95-S-E3/
ANX. The 2-bay inner door houses one LCD-E3 module
and one ASM-16 module.
Both Cabinets C and D include the following:
• Pre-assembled outer door that gives visibility to the fire
fighter’s phone handset and a microphone voice
messaging system.
• Two inner door panel selections that may contain
optional modules to meet the facility operation
In the Cabinet B, C and D backboxes, the ANX appears in
the same place as the ILI-MB-E3/ILI95-MB-E3 and PM-9/
PM-9G. For information on the installation instructions for
any of the E3 Series cabinets, refer to the E3 Series®
Expandable Emergency Evacuation Installation/Operating
Manual Part Number: 9000-0574.
Operating Voltage:
24 VDC
Operating Temperature: Not to exceed the range of
32° to 120° F (0 to 49° C)
Relative Humidity:
Not to exceed 93% non-condensing at 90° F (32° C)
Velociti® Intelligent Sensor Features:
Poll 318 devices in less than two seconds.
Activate up to 159 outputs in less than five seconds.
LED’s blink associated device address during Walk Test.
Fully digital, hi-precision protocol.
Up to 9 levels of sensitivity adjustment.
Pre-Alarm adjustable between 15 levels for both Alert
and Action.
Day/night automatic sensing adjustment.
Sensitivity windows:
- Ion .05 to 2% obscuration.
- Photo 1 to 3% obscuration.
- Laser .02 to 2% obscuration.
- MCS Acclimate2F .5 to 4%, also self-adjustable
options 1 to 2%, 2 to 3%, and 3 to 4%.
- HARSH 1 to 3% obscuration.
Drift compensation.
Each Loop Card has its own integral processor
providing maximum survivability on loss of any other
component. SLC provides full response on loss of any
other system processor.
Optional programmable switches can be configured to
enable, disable or group any combination of output
Integrated point or Grouped Cross Zoning allows for
numerous devices installed at any location to cooperate
and determine alarm condition.
Automatic detector sensitivity testing.
DIRTY and VERY DIRTY detector maintenance alerts.
Ordering Information
Part Number
Intelligent Loop Interface-Main Board
Intelligent Loop Interface-Main Board
Intelligent Loop Interface-Expansion Board
Intelligent Loop Interface-Expansion Board
Addressable Node Expander-Single Ring
Addressable Node Expander-Multi-Ring
Fiber Optic
ANX-MR-UTP Addressable Node Expander-Multi-Ring
LCD-E3, LCD Keypad Display
RPT-E3-FO Network Repeater (fiber and twisted-pair)
RPT-E3-UTP Network Repeater (twisted-pair only)
Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter
ANU-48 LED Driver Module
Addressable Switch Module
LCD Network Graphic Annunciator
Power Supply Module
Power Supply Module
Remote LCD Display
Remote LCD Display
For additional information on the cabinets, refer to the E3
Series Cabinets data sheet (Part Number: 9020-0649).
Seismic Battery Bracket Kits
For information on the types of Seismic Battery Bracket Kits
that are available, the Seismic Battery Bracket Kit Part
Numbers and the installation instructions, refer to the
following documents:
• Seismic Battery Bracket Installation Guide, P/N: 53839
• E3 Series Cabinets Data Sheet, P/N: 9020-0649
12 Clintonville Road, Northford, CT 06472-1610 USA • Tel: (203) 484-7161 • Fax: (203) 484-7118
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