Edimax | Print Server | How to change the IP address of the PS-1206 series

How to change the IP address of
the Edimax print server
This FAQ applies to the following models:
* PS-1206U
* PS-1206P
This installation guide is intended to walk you through changing the IP
address of the Edimax print server using the standard network browser
(Windows IE, firefox etc). Please set up your PC as shown in the figure-1.
Step by Step:
Step 1 : Hardware installation
(1.1) Connect the Print server to your PC (PC-A in the Figure-1)
directly using a nwteork cable.
(1.2) Configure the IP address of your PC-A in the same IP range of
the print server (by default, the IP address of the print server is set , fro example, to your PC-A.
Step 2 : Log on to the print server’s management web page at, and enter the user name, password.
By default, the user name is “ admin “ ; while password is
” 1234 “. If the password was changed, and forgetten, please
reset the print server for recovering the password.
Step 2 : Click “Setup Wizard” and “TCP/IP”. The sebsequent page
will allow you to change the IP address the is proper to fit into
your networking requirement. Click “Next” after the new IP
address is entered.
Step 2 : Click “Save Setting”.
All configurations are finished. Now please use the new IP address for
managing the print server.
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