East-Central Vermont Community Fiber-Optic Network

East-Central Vermont Community Fiber-Optic Network
East-Central Vermont
Community Fiber-Optic Network
Your ECFiber telephone service is an advanced Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) system
that, in addition to unlimited calls in the USA and Canada, provides a wide range of
standard and optional features. This guide gives the information to use the most common
of these services. If you need more information, you can call our office (802-763-2262) or
send an email to support@ecfiber.net.
Phone Portal
You can manage many of your voicemail and other phone options on the web, at
http://phone.ecfiber.net. You login with your ten digit phone number, and use your PIN as the
password. The default PIN is 0000. (Set up your voicemail first. Instructions are on page 5 of this
Caller ID
Call Waiting
Call Rejection – Anonymous (*80)
Call Forwarding (*72/*73)
Selective Call Forwarding
Three Way Calling
Speed Dialing
Last Call Return (*69)
Continuous Redial (*66/*86)
Phone Portal
Call Rejection - Selective
Voicemail (*99#)
-includes forwarding voicemail files to one or more email addresses!
NOTE: Any of the features below that start with an asterisk/star (*) can be completed by
using a # at the end of the sequence. The # sign functions as an ENTER button letting the
phone system know you are finished. If no # is used the system will wait for 4 seconds of
silence before completing the process.
CALLER ID - automatic
Caller ID allows the recipient of the call to identify the caller placing the call. The phone
number, date and time of the call will display on a device or telephone if it has Caller ID
capabilities. The name will display unless the number is private or unable to be identified,
in which case the display will say private or unavailable/out-of-area.
CALL WAITING - automatic
The Call Waiting feature allows you to talk to one party and receive another incoming call.
Pressing the flash button transfers to the incoming call and puts the original caller on hold;
pressing the flash button again will disconnect the caller. (If there is no flash button, then,
pressing the receiver button one time will connect to the incoming call and will put the
original caller on hold.) When Call Waiting notification is being received, Caller ID allows
you, while on a call, to receive information about a party calling in to the Call Waiting line.
The name and number of the caller displays on the Caller ID box so you can decide whether
to take the new call or not. This combines the benefits of both the Call Waiting and the
Caller ID services.
Cancel Call Waiting is activated by dialing *70 before placing a call. It can be activated
during a call by using flash to put the call on hold and then dialing *70 to cancel, and flash
to pick up the call again.
CALL REJECTION – Anonymous (*80)
A person with Caller ID can have calls blocked that are not identified. The call will be routed
to a message that enables them to identify themselves either by name or by unblocking
their telephone with a code. The telephone does not ring at the recipient’s number until
the caller identifies himself. This feature is accessed by dialing *80.
The Call Forwarding feature allows you to forward calls to another number so that an
important call is not missed. Call Forwarding is activated by dialing *72 before the number
to which you wish to receive calls. For example: *7218025551212# (where the number that
will receive calls is 1-802-555-1212 and # tells the system you are done). To de-activate, dial
*73 wait for confirmation tones and dial tone that indicates Call Forwarding was deactivated.
This feature allows you to forward calls from telephone numbers identified on your
Selective Call Forward list (up to 10 phone numbers) to another phone number. Only the
incoming calls on the list are forwarded to the remote location.
To activate Selective Call Forwarding: press *63 or *83 to turn on or off. The first time the
service is used, an announcement will ask for the phone number to forward the calls to,
followed by #. The subscriber can choose to press 3 to turn the service on or off. Press # to
add an entry or * to delete an entry. Press 1 to review the list of entries or 0 to hear the
announcement from the beginning.
This feature allows you to add a third party to the call without operator assistance. Three
Way calling can be used whether the first call was placed or received by you. To add a third
party to the call, press flash once to place the connected party on hold; the waiting line has
a dial tone and you dial the third party’s number. After the call is answered, you flash again
to establish the Three Way connection. Press the flash button once to disconnect the last
call or hang up to terminate the Three Way connection. Wait four seconds before making
another call.
Speed Dial allows you to call a pre-selected directory of phone numbers by dialing a one or
two digit code instead of the entire phone number. Speed Dial 8 refers to the single digit
codes (2 to 9) which can hold up to 8 phone numbers and Speed Dial 30 refers to the two
digit codes (20 to 49) that can hold up to 30 phone numbers. This allows you to have a
capacity of 38 speed dial numbers.
To assign or change the codes dial *74 for Speed Dial 8 or *75 for Speed Dial 30, then, dial
the code and the phone number assigned to that code. To use the Speed Dial feature, the
subscriber after hearing the dial tone, dials the speed dial code then #. To review the Speed
Dial list, dial *78 or *79 code. An announcement plays the speed dial list.
This feature allows you to place a call to the number of the last call that was received. To
access this service, dial *69 and the system dials the number of the last incoming call. If the
number called is busy, you will not hear a busy signal but are notified by a tone, after which
the system continues to dial for up to 30 minutes. When the phone number dialed rings
through, the system rings a distinctive ring to allow you to pick up the telephone.
To de-activate: dial *89.
Continuous Redial (or Call Back) allows you to automatically recall the last phone number
dialed by dialing an activation code *66 after hanging up with the call. When the call is
completed by the calling station, a distinctive ringing pattern alerts you to pick up the
phone at which time the call is automatically completed to the called number.
If the phone number is busy, you do not hear a busy signal, but are notified by a tone after
which automatic call back of the number continues for up to 30 minutes or until the call is
completed. Both you and the called party can make or receive calls during this time
without affecting the Call Back service.
To de-activate: Take the phone off-hook and dial *86, an announcement plays letting you
know that the service was de-activated.
INTERNET PHONE PORTAL – http://phone.ecfiber.net
You can manage many of your voicemail and other phone options on the web, at
http://phone.ecfiber.net. You login with your ten digit phone number, and use your voicemail
PIN as the password.
Other features accessible via the portal:
Messages and Calls
Call History
Speed Dial
Call Manager
Call Forwarding – immediate, busy/no answer, selective, follow me
Call Screening – selective rejection (below), anonymous rejection, priority call ringing
Change email address for forwarding voicemails, change # of seconds of ringing before
voicemail picks up, etc.
Selective Call Rejection
We recommend that our phone users who want to avoid “junk” phone calls go to
http://www.donotcall.gov and sign up there. The selective call rejection we offer allows you to
manually block only up to 10 numbers – whereas the government list will at least stop lawabiding companies from calling you.
To block individual numbers:
1. Log in to your online acct at http://phone.ecfiber.net with your phone number and
voice mail PIN
2. Go to ‘Add Services’ (top right)
3. Choose ‘Selective Rejection‘ and click the ‘Sign me up’ box (if you don't see it as an
option you may have signed up already) - ignore the warning - this is a free service
4. Go to Call Manager
5. Choose Screening
6. In 'Selective Rejection', click the box that says 'Reject calls if they are from selected
7. Click 'Edit List' in bottom left corner
8. Add your 10 digit numbers to block - click ‘Add New’ for each number, then ‘OK’ when
you are done
9. Click ‘Apply’ in bottom right
Setting Up Your Voice Mailbox
When you sign in for the first time, you must set up your mailbox. This can only be done from
your home phone. Follow the instructions below to complete the process.
When you dial *99# the Voice Mailbox instructions will talk you through the numbered steps
below (in order). Please read the following instructions before beginning so you are prepared.
You may even wish to write your personalized greeting down on a piece of paper so you are
ready for that step. Doing so can reduce re-recording your outgoing greeting.
First time sign-in requires three steps listed below.
To begin dial *99#. If requested, enter the default code of “0000” followed by the # sign.
1. Change your PIN (This is very important. Do not skip this step.)
 You will be prompted to enter a new PIN. Select one that is easy to remember.
 You will be asked to re-enter your new PIN to confirm (if you have lost your PIN, call
Customer Service to reset your PIN).
2. Record your name:
 You will be prompted to record your name and to press # when you are done.
 Your name will be played back to you.
 If you do not like the way you said or recorded your name, follow the voice
instructions to re-record.
 The voice instructions will also explain how to save your name recording by pressing
3. Record your greeting:
 You will be prompted with options for your outgoing greeting and you can select the
options by number. The options you are given are:
1. Record your own greeting. This is in your voice, and may be helpful for callers
to let them know they reached the correct number.
2. Use a system generated greeting which includes your own recording name.
This will use an automated voice greeting not your own voice, but will
include your spoken name from step 1 above.
3. Use a system generated greeting which includes your phone number. This
will use an automated voice greeting not your own voice, and will speak your
phone number.
4. No greeting.
After you have made your choice it will be played back to you.
Follow the voice instructions to either record (or choose) a new greeting.
Press # to finish recording, and press 1 save.
Once you have completed the steps above, you will be redirected to the Main Menu.
Accessing Your Mailbox
The notification that you have a voicemail message is a stutter tone before the dial tone and/or
a lamp on your phone may be lit if your phone has that option. To use and manage your
voicemail box:
1. From your home phone, dial *99# or your own number. Away from home, dial your ten
digit phone number and when your voicemail begins, press the * key to go to the
voicemail menu. If you wish to avoid ringing your handset at home, you may also dial
207-518-2990 and provide your telephone number when prompted.
2. Enter your PIN and then press #.
 To listen to your voice messages, press 1.
If you do not have any messages, you will not hear this prompt at the Main Menu.
 To create or forward a message, press 2
Only available between ECFiber Voicemail users
 To change your mailbox settings, press 4
 To manage deleted messages, press 6
Note that if you do not have any recently erased messages, you will not hear this
prompt on the Main Menu.
 To log in again as a different subscriber, press 7
 To listen to helpful hints, press 0
This is recommended for first time users.
 To end the call, hang up or press *
Voicemail to Email
The ECFiber phone service allows you to have voicemails you receive sent to one or more email
addresses. These are sent as a .wav file and you can listen to them anywhere in the world
where you have internet access.
To set up this service:
1. Log in to your online account at http://phone.ecfiber.net. You login with your ten digit
phone number, and use your voicemail PIN as the password.
2. Click Settings then Messages.
3. Click the box next to: Forward messages and faxes as emails.
4. Click add an email address, enter the email address and click Add.
5. Repeat step 4 to send the message to one or more additional email addresses
6. If you want your messages to remain in your Voicemail Mailbox as “new messages” the
click Leave original in inbox. If this box is unchecked, each message will be moved to
“saved messages.”
7. When you are done, Logout clicking the little gear box at the top right of your window.
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