The Pro-Vision newsletter Pro-Vision to offer Bosch P.A. range Did

The Pro-Vision newsletter Pro-Vision to offer Bosch P.A. range Did
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November 2016
This month…
The Pro-Vision newsletter
Pro-Vision to offer Bosch P.A. range
Bosch PA
Pro-Vision are pleased to announce that we are now authorised and approved
to provide and support the full spectrum of Bosch Public Address systems.
Did you know…
With over 60 years’ experience in the design and development of electroacoustic technology, Bosch is an established leader in the field. Their guiding
principle is to create products that are superior in terms of technology, design
and ease of use. From waveguide to array technology, 3-D simulation to
cutting edge design Bosch’s acoustical expertise is as extensive as it is
In addition to a comprehensive selection of microphones and loudspeakers
their three main PA equipment ranges are:- Paviro - public address and voice
evacuation systems with professional sound quality; Plena – a matrix digital
sound system with flexible, powerful control and Praesideo - digital public
address and emergency sound systems.
Why do we say that Bosch offer a
comprehensive range of P.A.
equipment? Because we think that 11
different microphones, 57 speaker
options and 12 horn style speakers is
pretty comprehensive!
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With more than 6,000 installed systems worldwide Bosch’s complete, fully
featured digital Praesideo system is the number one solution for demanding
public address and emergency sound applications. It’s the ideal choice for
public announcements, scheduled events, background music, voice evacuation
and other applications that require operational versatility, superb sound quality
and absolute clarity. It leads the market in reliability - especially in voice
evacuation - and has demonstrated years of high quality performance in a
wide range of applications worldwide.
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Panasonic go rugged!
Panasonic’s new rugged AeroPTZ (WV-SUD638) has Full HD resolution at 60fps
with a 30 times optical zoom lens. The camera also features hybrid image
stabilisation technology and gyro-sensors designed to minimise the impact of
external vibrations. According to Panasonic – ‘The AeroPTZ is the most
environmentally rugged camera on the market, capable of withstanding more
extreme conditions than ever before.’ It is supplied ready for any installation and
will reliably produce sharp, crisp images regardless of the weather.
The dome is equipped with a Hybrid image stabiliser function* that reduces
various vibrations to stream stable images even if the camera is installed in strong
winds and sited at a place with plenty of vibration.
*The Hybrid image stabiliser corrects slow and large vibration by the Pan and
Tilt motor and shorter cycle vibration by the electronic image stabiliser.
Data Sheet - PDF
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Full HD (1080p) 60 fps, x30 zoom lens
Built-in wiper and Auto defroster
Wind load durability 60m/s (operation) 80m/s (non-destructive)
Video SAS (Stability Augment System) for high-class image stabilization
“Sphere vision” provides 360° 3D viewing (Pan: 360° endless, tilt: 90° to -90°)
Temperature -50 ºC to +55 ºC (-58 °F to +131 °F)
IP67, IP66, IK10 certified
Anti-salt air corrosion protection - ideal for seaside applications
Videx enhances its digital door entry systems
Videx, the door entry experts, have enhanced their vandal-resistant door panel range
by including a new selection of proximity, finger print and coded access readers.
These enhancements mean door systems can include a sophisticated access control
solution which can be managed centrally by those responsible for building management
in residential areas, schools, hospitals, airports and commercial office blocks.
Users have a choice of access control technologies - whether that’s finger print access,
proximity access (both Mifare and EM technologies) or coded access. It also enables
integration with other access control doors which do not require intercom but need to
be managed as one with the intercom system. The readers provide their own unique
benefits to the door panel range. For example, there are proximity readers available
for Mifare and EM technology cards and fobs as well as a finger print reader and a
back lit coded access keypad. The proximity readers and finger print readers have a
tri-colour halo illumination to indicate a ready state (amber), access granted (green)
and access denied (red).
All readers have an industry standard Wiegand output so they can be connected to
the Videx Portal Plus access control system or any third party access control systems
supporting the Wiegand protocol This allows multiple readers to be controlled and
managed from a central location. The finger print reader can support up to 9,500
‘prints’ while the proximity readers and keypad can be used for up to 15,000 users.
Data Sheet - PDF
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Dallmeier offer new PTZ dome
Dallmeier’s DDF5400HD camera series has been designed specifically for
applications that require very high resolution images in real time. Supplied
with an integrated lens in a vandal-resistant dome housing the camera can
also be conventionally supplied with an external power supply unit or the
convenience of Power over Ethernet (PoE Class 0, IEEE 802.3af).
The high resolution sensor and sophisticated image processing enable realtime recordings with UHD resolution at a frame rate of up to 25/30 fps
(2160p/30) with excellent quality. So the camera is ideally suited for capturing
the finest details in real time.
Data Sheet - PDF
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The DDF5400HD, which is equipped with an ambient light sensor and a
removable IR cut filter, can automatically switch between day and night mode.
In addition, different day and night presets for the exposure settings can be
defined and adjusted. The camera also has a motor-driven megapixel
varifocal lens which is perfectly tuned to the image sensor and the adjustment
of zoom, focus and iris is easily made using a web browser. A manual lens
setting directly at the installation site of the camera is not required. Because
the new P-Iris control provides precise and automatic setting of the optimum
aperture the camera achieves a much better depth of field than conventional
DC auto iris lenses. It is equipped with a RAM memory which is used by the
EdgeStorage function for storing the video stream in case of a network failure.
When the network is restored the SmartBackfill function ensures a fast
transmission to the SMAVIA recording system. This stores the video stream
with high speed and then continues the recording of the live stream seamlessly.
Bosch MIC now available in starlight range
The MIC IP starlight 7000 HD camera has an advanced PTZ platform that was
designed using Bosch’s domain expertise in material engineering, mechanical
design, intelligent imaging and video streaming. The camera complies to some
of the toughest industry standards - such as IP68, NEMA 6P and IK10 for
extreme mechanical strength and durability. It has been designed using the
latest technology in intelligent imaging and video streaming. Thanks to the
intelligent encoding and Content-Based Imaging Technology (CBIT) the HD
module delivers high resolution video even under challenging light conditions
at very low bit rates.
As an accessory the MIC7000 illuminator consists of a dualpod housing
incorporating a combination of long-life Infrared (IR) and White light LEDs.
This illuminates the scene to allow viewing of objects even in total darkness
ensuring high quality images regardless of lighting conditions. MIC-7230
starlight models enable Detection of moving objects up to 300 m (984 ft) using
IR illumination.
The MIC7000 illuminator is easily installed in the field on a MIC7000 camera
that is mounted in an upright, inverted or canted orientation.
Data Sheet - PDF
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New Wisenet P series - 4K and unique
WiseStream compression
Hanwha Techwin have launched three new Samsung Wisenet P series 4K
cameras equipped with H.265 compression and WiseStream - a
complementary compression technology that dynamically controls
encoding, balancing quality and compression according to movement in
the image. As a result the bandwidth and storage requirements of the 12MP
resolution images captured by these Wisenet P cameras are significantly
reduced and are similar to that normally used by lower resolution Full HD
H.264 cameras.
According to Hanwha Techwin – ‘The sharpness and clarity of 4K cameras
need to be seen to be believed but they can come at a cost. Multi-pixel,
high definition images can quickly fill up the capacity of an NVR or server
when recorded at full frame rate and resolution. The good news is that
Hanwha Techwin design engineers have cleverly solved this problem by
developing our unique WiseStream technology.’
When WiseStream is combined with H.265 compression bandwidth
efficiency can be improved by up to 75% compared to current H.264
technology. This ensures that Hanwha Techwin Europe’s new Wisenet P 4K
ultra high definition cameras, along with the Wisenet Q 2MP and 4MP
cameras which were introduced earlier this year, are among the most
bandwidth friendly cameras available.
Digital Auto Tracking
Hanwha Techwin believes it has set the benchmark in performance and
value for 4K cameras. In addition to bandwidth and storage efficiency the
new Wisenet P cameras feature Digital Auto Tracking which during times
of low activity, such as night time, can be used to detect moving objects or
people. The cameras also share a long list of innovative features with
Wisenet Q 2MP and 4MP cameras - such as IR illumination as standard
and Defocus Detection which recognises when a camera is out of focus, as
well as True Wide Dynamic Range, Hallway View and Lens Distortion
Correction to deliver optimised images in every situation.
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Vanderbilt re-invents Eventys
1.3MP IR fixed lens
V/R network dome
1.3MP IR varifocal
V/R network dome
2MP IR fixed lens
network bullet
2MP varifocal
network bullet
2MP IR fixed lens
V/R network dome
Eventys is an integrated range of IP surveillance cameras
and NVRs from Vanderbilt that are designed to ensure that
first class surveillance needn’t be expensive or complex any
more. Simple to set up and operate Eventys means ‘plug &
protect’ functionality across a powerful, seamless, reliable
yet inexpensive range of cost-effective IP CCTV cameras
and dedicated NVRs.
Built-in PoE, automatic IP address allocation and device
detection make Eventys one of the simplest, most costeffective surveillance systems to set up and operate. And yet
it still has punch. H.264+ high compression and optimised
codec technology reduces storage consumption by up to a
third and makes image transmission and storage quicker
and easier too.
Importantly, Vanderbilt’s positioning and performance
standards - with the widest security portfolio of any
independent supplier in Europe - mean you’ll have all the
experience and support you’ll ever need as well as a ready
upgrade path as your requirements change.
Note - click on the image for the product data sheet
2MP IR varifocal
V/R network dome
2MP WDR IR fixed lens
V/R network dome
2MP WDR IR varifocal
V/R network dome
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Eventys EX4 / EX8
Network video recorder
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November 2016
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