the islander - Island Bohemian Bowls Club

the islander - Island Bohemian Bowls Club
Issue 5, 2014.
November, 2014
Newsletter of The I.B.C.
Firstly, apologies for the lack of Newsletters during the summer. It has been "one of those years". The
result is that most of the writings are a bit dated but they are here for the record.
The season ended on 22nd September and, since then, Avonmore have winterised the green, followed by
a further visit on 7th November. The large gazebo has also been winterised to avoid any mishaps in any
gales we might experience.
Our green was tested this September. The County carry out these checks on all greens every three years
and whereas our bowling surface was fine, one of the ditch measurements was slightly out and will
need sorting by the summer.
There were a couple of boat mishaps the more serious one involving the narrow boat belonging to Glen
which was moored near the point of the Island; that sank and lay submerged for several weeks before
arrangements could be made to lift it. In the lifting process, some of the campshedding was damaged
and is awaiting the necessary work to be carried out. The other incident involved our "work boat" which took on water and needed serious "bailing out". It now requires serious “first aid” to prevent an
Yes, there will be lots of jobs to be done over the winter so, if you are able to spare some time, make
sure Len knows that you can be contacted when work parties are arranged.
A plea - please keep me posted of happenings on the Island. At one time I was over nearly all day and
every day during the winter months so knew everything that went on. I can't do that now so any info
would really help so I can keep members aware of what goes on. Thank you.
29th Nov
Social Evening
7th Dec
Mens A.G.M.
24/27 April 2015
Social Evening - this will be the second Winter Social Evening. There have been ongoing discussions as
to whether a Friday evening would be more favourable than Saturday. October's Social was on a Friday
and went down very well - we shall see.
Men's A.G.M. - the paper work is out. Men this is your chance to have your say - and don't be
frightened to volunteer!!!!
TOUR 2015 - Seems a long way off but time has a habit of slipping by. Anyone who is going and has
not paid their deposit (£30 per person) should see David with their money a.s.a.p.
Ron Aston
Sadly, at the end of July, we heard the news of the passing of Ron Aston. Ron had been an Islander for
many years. Ron was a local builder and, thankfully for us, he put his skills and expertise to good use
on The Island; indeed he was our Estates Manager for many years. Ron could bowl too - representing
the Club in Leagues and Friendlies alike. He really loved his bowls.
Sadly over the last years Ron suffered a great deal with a leg ulcer which just would not heal. That,
along with breathing difficulties, meant many a visit to hospital.
Many Islanders attended his funeral on July 30th for a last farewell. Our sincere condolences to
Richard, Sharon and their families and to Jenni.
David Winchcombe
Several Islanders attended the funeral of David Winchcombe on the 29th October.
David was both a boating and bowling member of our Club, having a boat moored on The Island. As a
bowler he was competitive, playing in The Kennet League and LX teams. He was also a very social
member. Sadly, in the first case problems at home and then his own health problems kept him from
The Island for the last 3 or 4 years.
He also had had a great love of horses throughout his life and it was fitting that he made his final
journey in a horse drawn carriage.
Many thanks for all the good wishes, phone calls, visits and flowers I received during my unplanned
hospitalisation and subsequent recovery. So very much appreciated. Thank you, Cathie
LX "A"
Congratulations to the team on attaining 5th position in the league, thus ensuring we stay safely in
Division1 Central next season.
We had a good result against League leaders, Wokingham, winning 6 points to 4 and an even better win
against Suttons who finished 2nd in the League. We collected 8 points in that game, against very strong
Thanks to a couple of "B" team players who filled in when I was short, especially to Paul Goddard who
came in at very late notice on two occasions.
Well done. Thank you
Mike Prior ("A") Captain
TVLL Swans
Seems a long time ago now but, on 3rd July on a warm afternoon (with a nice breeze, just as well) we
met Reading at home. We had a very good result - Swans 53 shots and 8 Points, Reading 38 shots and
2 Points. Let's keep this up Swans!
The following week, another 8 Points and a very good shot difference (63-41) at home against Bracknell.
This game proved the importance of having a reserve as, for this game I did have to call in our reserve,
Pat. Had we not had a reserve we would have lost Points and shots.
On the 17th July we again took 8 Points, this time from Caversham, away with 49 shots for and 39
against. Well done Swans.
That result moved us up to second in the League Table
On a very hot 24th July we travelled to Burghfield's new club and green. Here we did not get a good
result. The green seemed heavy and looked longer than other greens but, no excuses. We lost by 21
shots and only managed 2 Points.
The following week we met top of the League, Wokingham on The Island - a real test of our metal.
Surprise, surprise, we got a good result - Swans 49 shots and 8 Points, Wokingham 42 shots and 2
Points. Very well done Swans
Our first game in August was at home against Gt Hollands. It proved to be a very tight game but, with 2
winning triples and a close eye on the scores, it ended up in a win for us by 8 Points to 2. The shots for
were 48 and against were 46 - just 2 shots difference.
The weather was the winner when we met Tilehurst away, rain stopped play after very few ends and the
game was quickly re-arranged for August 27th. The result, when we did play was a good one for Swans;
we lost on 1 rink, drew on another and had a very good win on the third rink which gave us 7 Points to
Tilehurst's 3. We also had a good shot difference 57 to 44.
Our last game was away at Reading and, what a way to end the season - a 10 Point win and a good shot
difference - Swans 72, Reading 34.
This means that we will finish second in the League but I will give a full report at the AGM.
TVLL Cygnets
Rosemary Russell
Congratulations to all Cygnets on having a good season. We did have some silly results but we did have
some good ones and we did improve on last year.
In all we played 12 games, winning 6 of them and losing 5 with 1 game being a draw.
We finished 4th in the League with 64 Points - we only managed 53 last season. League winners were
Reading University (81 Points) ahead of Wokingham Oakapples (69 Points). Tilehurst Gold were 3rd
with 65 Points - just 1 Point more than us. We will try to improve next year.
Many thanks to Don for doing the boat for us on all our home games.
It was nice to finish the season with lunch at The Griffin. Thank you all for supporting me and I hope
we can do the same again next season.
Good luck to Rosemary in her new club and thanks for all she has done over the years for our club.
Lottie Allen
Way back, on 19th July, The Island hosted the Ladies' County Finals - a big responsibility.
We did have Island interest in these finals - Barbara Smith in the Secretaries, Treasurers and Delegates
Singles and Morgan Merryweather in the Junior Singles Final. We also had both Anne Mace and Ann
Mitchell there as "Markers" for some of the Singles competitions.
Morgan played in the morning against the young lady who has beaten her each year in this final.
Morgan was determined to turn the tables - and she did. Well done Morgan. So Morgan is off to play in
the Nationals at Leamington yet again.
Barbara played in the afternoon. Barbara had had an easy run to reach the final but there she came up
against an equally experienced player from Hagbourne. Delighted to say that Barbara had the measure
of her and, yes, we have 2 County Champions. This competition does not follow through to Leamington.
Morgan and her partner also went on to Leamington in the Junior Pairs - by default. Their opponents
pulled out at the last minute leaving Morgan and partner as the only entrants.
As you can imagine the staging of these County Finals did not just happen and congratulations and
thanks must go to all those involved in the planning and organisation both before and then, on the day.
We were extremely lucky with the parking as we were able to use the parking facilities of what was the
Sony Ericson building. We have to thank everyone who was involved in arranging this and those who
made sure that it worked on the day. We also have to thank all the willing volunteers who served tea
and coffee all morning (from around 8am), sold lunch and raffle tickets, made the lunches, and made
and served the Finals Day meal: not to mention the continual clearing up and washing up. It was a
busy day and The Island really did come up trumps.
Merle Gibbs Mixed Fours
What a lovely day, even though there were only 16 competitors. On one rink Kevin O'Connor, Ross, Alan
and Barry played Peter Cowen, Jim S, Celia & Dave Parker. Peter's team managed to win by 6 shots. On
another rink Gordon, Fred, Carol Goddard and Anne Mace were playing Pat, Paul Goddard, Janette and
Trevor. Pat's team held their nerve and won by just 2 shots. The final, therefore was between Pat's team
and Peter's team. This was an even closer game - nip and tuck all the way through - so much so that
they had to play an extra end. Peter's team were holding 1 shot, Pat bowled her last bowl and drew the
shot back. Peter played his last bowl near to the jack making it a measure for shot. After a lot of
measuring & re-measuring, Peter's bowl was declared the closer. Well done to Peter, Jim Stansbury,
Celia and Dave Parker. We then all went into the Clubhouse and enjoyed a drink and an American
Once all the food was cleared away, Morgan and Kevin set the tables up for a game of Table Tennis.
What a great way to finish the day off.
Thanks to everyone who took part.
Val & Lottie
Ladies Captain v Vice Captain
A very good turnout for this "fun" day. If my memory serves me correctly we had 26 playing ladies but I
don't remember who won! We do have to thank Captain Pat and Vice Captain Carole for our lovely tea
which followed the game. We also have to thank the trifle makers for dessert. Thanks also to our
boatmen and all the men who arranged and laid tables and served and washed up. Many thanks.
Congratulations to Midge Auld who won The Captain's Spoon,
Maurice Alexander 2 Wood Triples
Four triples contested this competition which was held back on September 7th.
Jim Stansbury, Trevor Newbrooks & Peter Cowen played against Bob Powell, Alan Carey & Steve Wood
on one rink and Ross Courtnage, Ivan Mitchell & Fred Clanfield played against Paul Goddard, David
Parker & Guy Thorne on another.
The result of this round was a win for Peter Cowen's team on one rink and on the other - Fred
Clanfield's team.
This final round was won by Ross, Ivan and Fred - well done.
Finals weekend takes place on the second weekend in September which, this year fell near the middle of
the month on 13th and 14th. The weather was good which is great for players and spectators alike.
Several people made more than one final with Janette Devlin,
Dave Parker, Trevor Newbrooks & Kevin O'Connor each reaching three. Well done.
Saturday morning was "Pairs" morning - the Mens' the Ladies and the Mixed all being played off at the
same time. In the Ladies game, Val Methven and Ann Mitchell showed no mercy and enjoyed a
comfortable victory over Brenda Newbrooks and Sue Young. On another rink, Trevor Newbrooks fared
no better than Brenda when he and Kevin Merryweather lost to Ivan Mitchell and Kevin O'Connor. The
closest game of the morning was the Mixed Pairs which was a battle to the last between Janette Devlin
& Peter Cowen and Carole Waters & Paul Allcock with Peter and Janette just winning by 1 shot.
Both the Triples finals were played in the afternoon. The Mens' competition was won by Derek Parsons,
Trevor Newbrooks and Len Hillier who proved too strong on the day for David Bennett, Dave Parker and
Kevin O'Connor. Great to see two newer bowlers in there. In the Ladies final it was Pat Clanfield
(standing in for Mary Webb who was recovering from a knee op), Marion Indge and Barbara Smith who
had the better of Brenda Newbrooks, Janette Devlin and Lottie Allen.
Having played all the Pairs and Triples, it meant that both Sunday sessions were entirely Singles and
therefore, with the exception of the Two Wood Singles, there is no saying how long the games will last.
As it happened, the morning session was over quite early with no "marathon" games. Congratulations to
Steve Wood who beat Kevin O'Connor in the Two Wood; to Dave Parker on winning the Novice Singles
against Ivan Mitchell and to Marilyn Rumble on winning the Two Wood, beating Val Hillier. Janette
Devlin had her second win of the weekend when she beat Lottie Allen in the Unbadged and Peter
Wooldridge beat Angela Elliott to take the Centenary Cup.
Both the Championship games were played in the afternoon and strangely both ended up with the same
scores 21-18. They were both closely fought games with Steve Wood beating Trevor Newbrooks while
Sue Allum was the winner against Janette Devlin.
The Men's Handicap was a straight game to 21 with both finalists having the same handicap, Richard
Smith taking the title against Dave Parker. In the Ladies' Morgan Merryweather, having a County
Badge, had an automatic top handicap but never-the-less was able to beat Val Hillier who never really
seemed to get going.
In the Mixed Singles, Marilyn Rumble was unable to "pull it off "for the
Ladies when she lost out to Peter Cowen
Well done to all who reached the finals and indeed to all who took part.
Many thanks and well done to Geoff who puts together the program - no mean feat with several players
in more than one competition. Thanks to the umpires and to those who marked the singles
competitions - it all made for a smoothly run weekend.
Monday, 22nd September, the day the Dennyside Association came to play The Island and - what a day
it was. We arrived on the Island about 9:30 am.
Sue, Pat, Lottie & Celia started immediately to prepare the buffet for 12:30. Brandy and coffee was to be
served to all players on arrival. Bob Cox came at 11 am to direct our visitors into the car park. David
Parker started to bring the first visitors over just after 11. Fortunately the buffet was all but ready so
Celia, aided by Betty, was able to start selling the raffle tickets at £5 per strip. All the Island players had
brought raffle prizes and a grand total of £500.50 was raised for the Charity. Sue and Geoff supplied all
the food for the buffet, the brandy and the food for the game, which we were all very grateful for. Having
helped prepare the food for the buffet, Lottie moved in behind the bar to assist Richard Marnes for the
rest of the day.
After the buffet was finished we headed out to the green. The pre game "spider" raised a further £48.
There was a change of shift in the kitchen with Sue Young, Carole Waters, Marilyn and Cathie arriving
to prepare the evening meal.
The game itself started at 2pm. The weather was good and so were the Dennyside bowlers! The Island
lost by 92 shots - 124. When the game was over we went into the Clubhouse for a lovely dinner, sweet
followed by cheese and biscuits.
Then Lyn Taylor from Reading and District Hospital Charity and the Berkshire Cancer Centre made her
speech which was very well received by all. A collection tray was passed around three times and that
raised a staggering £745.
There followed an Auction for a giant Teddy Bear donated by Marion Indge and a large bottle of whisky
donated by Guy Thorne adding an incredible £225 to the total. A further £350 was donated by the
Dennyside Associates making a grand total of £1900. It was an astounded Lyn Taylor who received a
cheque for that amount from Dennyside President Lawrie Smethurst. She thanked everyone and stated
that the monies raised would be used specifically for Prostrate Cancer.
My sincere thanks go to Geoff and Sue for all their help in making this a really successful day. The
following day I took the collection bucket to Lyn at the hospital where she counted the contents - a
further £462.50 making the final sum raised through the season £2,362.50.
My thanks go to those who contributed throughout the season.
Gordon Crowdy
Following this, Lyn Taylor has been in touch with her PR Department and a date is to be arranged for
Sue, Geoff (because they helped so much with the organisation of the game), Celia and myself to go and
receive a large size copy of the cheque we were able to present to the Charity. A newspaper
photographer will be there to take a photo - this we felt may promote the Island greatly. Gordon
What a lovely evening it was: it always is and we "ladies who do teas" really do look forward to it. We
don't need the welcoming glass of sherry to put us in happy mode - but it is nice!
Our dinner was splendid and you would have been delighted to have had that menu - choice of starters,
and the soup was delicious; beef bourguignon, roast potatoes & fresh veg, a very nice dessert whose
name escapes me, cheese, biscuits, coffee; oh! did I forget to mention the wine? - served in a restaurant.
We do realise that it is hard work for the men involved but, be assured, we do appreciate it.
Our thanks go to Dave Parker, Don, Kevin Merryweather, Pete Allen, Steve Wood, Gordon, Geoff, Ted
Rumble, Kevin O'Connor and of course the head chef, Len. Thank you all.
To come:Ladies AGM
Social Evenings
Secretary's Cup (Indoors)
Club Dinner/Dance - all next time but, during the evening of the Club Dinner/Dance I was approached
by one of our newer bowlers who wanted to write something for the Newsletter. I had a really good
feeling when I read his words - here it is:I wish to express my sincere thanks to everyone at The Island Bohemian Bowls Club who, in little more
than six months, have made me feel so welcome and privileged to be a member.
Clearly there are many members who plan, organise and freely give so much to uphold the values and
traditions of the Club and, long may that continue. Thank you!!! James (Jim) Stansbury.
EBUA are running a Making Course on 24th January. The course is at Whiteknights and will run all day
starting at 9:30 am. The cost will be £5 and it is open to all club members. Should be very worthwhile.
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