univerge® sv8500 - Core Communications

univerge® sv8500 - Core Communications
Advanced Communications for
Enterprise-level Organisations
3 Introduction
4 NEC’s approach
5 UNIVERGE® SV8500 Hardware
6 Business continuity
7 Networking
8 Unified Management
9 UC for Business
10 Mobility
12 Handsets
14 Environmental
15 Overview
UNIVERGE® SV8500 Introduction
Why choose UNIVERGE® SV8500?
The dynamics of business today demands efficient,
seamless communications to enable rapid decision
making and customer responsiveness.
To succeed at this accelerated level, businesses must have the
right communication tools. NEC provides those businesses
with the communications and networking solutions that enable
them to succeed.
The UNIVERGE® SV8500 from NEC delivers the promise of
UNIVERGE®360 by putting your executives, knowledge
workers, contact centre agents, operators and both mobile
and remote workers at the centre of the technology.
UNIVERGE®360 offers a Unified Communication
model that identifies empowerment, efficiency and
cost reduction.
Unified Business (Empowerment)
This empowers them with effective communication externally
and internally, desktop-to-desktop, by phone, email, fax,
wireless, instant messaging or chat via your website.
NEC is uniquely positioned to help companies unify business
communications and create a competitive advantage. A key
component of this is Unified Communications.
Unified Communications (Efficiency)
Unified Infrastructure (Innovative Savings)
UNIVERGE® SV8500 NEC’s Approach
Why choose NEC?
• A leading global enterprise telephony
solution provider
• Empowering our customers through over
100 years of experience in IT and networking
• Spanning the full spectrum of ICT products
and solutions
• Investing over 2,7 billion Euro in research
and development every year
• The only global company in the world’s top 5
in both computers and communications
• A reliable, stable partner with the mission to
realise an information society, friendly to humans
and the earth
• Stimulates and adheres to open standards,
ensuring optimal flexibility
• An evolutionary approach towards new
technologies, protecting existing investments
to the maximum
• A user-centric approach, placing people at
the centre of communication
• Solutions that are environmentally friendly
and low in energy consumption
• A front runner in mobile technology and solutions
• Extensive experience and expertise in providing
UC solutions, including advanced Microsoft®
application integration
Unifying the enterprise,
empowered by UNIVERGE®360
The need to be more competitive and efficient is
driving organisations to change the way their people
communicate and collaborate.
Our goal is to connect employees with others and with the
information they need. This allows them to make faster,
better-informed decisions from anywhere, at any time.
UNIVERGE®360 is NEC’s approach of putting people at
the centre of communications. Based on role-enabled
communication, UNIVERGE®360 accelerates decision-making
and dramatically improves customer responsiveness. And, by
bringing together business data through a service-oriented
architecture, information is instantly accessed and transformed
into real knowledge, empowerment and competiveness.
“It’s not about wires and handsets – it’s all about
empowering people with applications that help
them do their jobs better”
UNIVERGE® SV8500 Hardware
Communication Server
UNIVERGE® SV8500 is a powerful Unified
Communications engine and a key component
of NEC’s UNIVERGE®360 architecture, supporting
the widest range of state-of-the-art applications
that enable you to implement your business strategies.
• Empower your employees to do more, faster, easier
• Enhances customer responsiveness
• Encourages teamwork
• Support your increasingly mobile workforce
At a glance
• Premier IP communications solution
• 19-inch stackable chassis architecture
The UNIVERGE® SV8500 is designed to easily and efficiently
scale to meet the needs of the largest enterprises. The reliable
and energy-efficient solution can support up to 192,000 ports
in a networked environment, providing voice, Unified
Communications and mobility solutions for potentially tens
of thousands of users.
The SV8500 is the premier IP communications server offering an
extensive IP feature set in a flexible, scalable, secure package.
The system facilitates NEC’s desktop productivity suites to
deliver Unified Communications, fixed mobile convergence and
advanced collaboration, exploiting rich presence, mobility,
instant messaging, operator console, click-to-call, unified
messaging and conferencing. Besides these applications
the system supports the full range of NEC endpoints.
• Supports up to 4,000 endpoints in a
single system
• Wired and wireless extensions
• Advanced UC solutions
• Delivering on NEC’s green initiative
• Safeguards customers’
UNIVERGE® SV8500 server
UNIVERGE® SV8500 Business Continuity
Ensuring business continuity
Highest reliability
Business process integration
The architecture of the SV8500 is ideal for mission-critical
situations and ensures highest availability and business
continuity. Besides its flash drive technology for system
reliability with a very high MTBF, it provides IP fail-over for
stations and trunking, clustered survivability, power failure
transfer and call routing for ‘self-healing’ networks.
Advanced fault diagnosis, error-correcting memory, and
component redundancy with hot standby all add to the high
availability and operational continuity provided.
UNIVERGE® SV8500 provides open interfaces for integration
with business applications providing significantly enhanced
communications efficiency in a software-based
SOA environment.
Secure communications
In addition to providing high availability, the SV8500 offers users
a highly secure system, with advanced end-to-end encryption
on voice and signalling streams as well as authentication and
authorisation. Physically separated interfaces for management
and signalling add to the security of the solution.
“It provides power failure
transfer and call routing for
‘self-healing’ networks”
In the Unified Communications environment,
bespoke applications can be developed with NEC’s
Application Programming Interfaces for SIP, real-time call
control, SOAP call control, SOAP information and TAPI.
Standards and devices supported include SIP-enabled devices,
LDAP-compliant databases, Java and XML, Managed data
network infrastructures and UC solutions such as UC for
Business and Microsoft® OCS.
Vertical business solutions
Nowhere is business process integration more visible than in
NEC’s dominance of particular vertical markets. In key vertical
accounts such as Healthcare, Government, Education,
Hospitality, Industry, Services and Retail, NEC offers a
dedicated team of experts to craft cost-effective solutions.
UNIVERGE® SV8500 Networking
Powerful networking and easy migration
At a glance
• Powerful networking for economy and efficiency
The SV8500 provides the most advanced IP
communications, including voice, data and multimedia,
over one network. Branches or remote locations can
be seamlessly linked to share resources and features
through peer-to-peer connectivity.
Multiple UNIVERGE® SV8500 servers can be networked to
provide voice, Unified Communications and mobility solutions
for tens of thousands of users. A geographically distributed
unified system with a single ‘image’ can be created by using
NEC’s UNIVERGE® MA4000 Management System to ensure
application integration, feature transparency and survivability
in the event of network failures.
Migration protects investments
The SV8500’s interoperability protects investment in earlier
NEC products. Using both FCCS (Fusion) and CCIS networking
for seamless integration, the SV8500 can be networked with
other NEC products, including the NEAX 2000, the SV7000
and the SV8300.
• Up to 192,000 ports in a single network
• Support for VoIP and traditional voice
• Simplified management and reduced
Total Cost of Ownership
• Interoperability protects investments
Thanks to the ability to accommodate for existing systems
such as SV7000 and/or NEAX 2400 systems, the UNIVERGE®
SV8500 provides existing customers with an excellent growth
path to full IP.
Existing customers with NEC’s legacy systems will also
experience minimal impact to the organisation when migrating
to the SV8500, thanks to the use of familiar features and
programming, avoiding the need for additional training.
Migrating to the SV8500 gives you access to expanded features
that help you become more agile, compete on a larger scale
and improve customer satisfaction.
UNIVERGE® SV8500 Unified Management
Keeping in control
• Centralised administration that integrates
• Powerful, intuitive tools for simplified
configuration and performance management
• Reliable fault management
• Advanced security through extensive controls
• Directory synchronisation
• Billing and accounting
• Cost savings
- Unified Management
The ability to centrally manage its communication system
is of strategic importance to any company, enabling an
organisation to keep a firm grip on communication costs,
reachability and the serviceability of its system.
Secure, easy-to-use and robust, our suite of management
solutions is designed to increase overall productivity. Integrating
with your current administration, IT-friendly user interfaces
take the mystery out of voice system configuration and
Expense control solutions enhance your organisation’s efficiency
and cost validation by providing the right tools to effectively
manage IT operations and services. Modular architecture lets
you expand system functionality, giving you the flexibility to meet
special project requirements and market trends.
Web-based management is provided by the UNIVERGE®
MA4000 Management System that enables users to access the
system remotely through a personalised portal. Additionally, the
MA4000 Expense Manager offers call accounting, asset and
mobile management, billing and invoice reconciliation.
System Management
UNIVERGE® SV8500 UC for Business
Presence and collaboration
With organisations becoming increasingly fragmented,
departments more flexible and employees more mobile,
collaboration is a means of enabling them to work
together, in real time, and interact efficiently and
effectively with each other, with clients and suppliers.
Presence is about being able to share one’s availability
status so everyone is aware of it and can act accordingly.
Our all-in-one Unified Communications suite helps unify an
entire organisation, enabling individuals, departments and
locations to work more efficiently by ensuring seamless internal
and external communications. Users can connect from
wherever they are via phones, PCs, mobile devices and
the web effortlessly.
Offering all the advanced communications functionality you
need, including call control and group information, voicemail,
directory services, operator and call routing. Simple and
cost-effective to deploy, three user modes – knowledge worker,
operator and contact centre agent – use the same server, a
single database and with a common user interface, and are
managed from a central point.
Good reasons for presence
and collaboration
• Unified Communications for an affordable price.
• Presence Reporting allows managers to monitor activity of
their team, helping to enhance employee performance.
• Simplified call handling - users manage all their
communications from their desktop.
• Easily customised for individual company requirements
• Treat the mobile and the desk phone as a single device,
using one number.
• Very easy to use and hardly requires any end-user training.
One intuitive user interface shows the relevant items on the
screen, depending on your role.
• Contact Centre’s can create a consistent customer
experience with a single point of contact for voice calls
and emails.
UNIVERGE® SV8500 Mobility
Mobile UC
NEC’s mobility application UCB Executive Mobile
provides you with advanced UC functionality on the
one communications device you always carry with you
- your mobile smart phone. It allows you to always be
in control of your communications, even when you’re
out of the office.
This includes access to your landline information via your smart
phone, so you can see at a glance who has called your desk
phone. It enables you to scroll through your messages listed by
name, select the ones you want to hear and listen to them at
the press of a button. It also provides you with access to the
Corporate Contact Directory to find any number you need,
whether it’s for a colleague or a customer.
Presence on the move
Presence functionality enables you to see whether your
colleagues are at their desk before you call them or when
they’re set to return. You request a “call me,” dial them,
or send an SMS. Additionally, you can remotely control
your own presence availability information.
Increased reachability
Whether you’re in or out of the office, NEC allows you to remain
contactable on one number, no matter the device you are using.
Callers will no longer need to leave messages for you, get
transferred to a colleague or call multiple numbers hoping to
catch you as you’re on the move.
“Enjoy high quality voice
communications and
directory access, as if
you were at the office”
UNIVERGE® SV8500 Mobility
True Business Mobility
Good reasons for Business Mobility
• Makes employees more reachable
Our Business Mobility portfolio offers a wide variety of
handsets to suit every requirement. They support the ever
growing demand for mobility, flexibility and efficiency,
and fulfil the needs of mobile users, ranging from basic
telephony up to feature-rich voice and messaging
facilities in an office environment.
The SV8500 also offers Voice over WLAN, with a dedicated
WLAN handset and Access Points to guarantee high quality
voice and integration. By adding Business Mobility WLAN,
employees enjoy wireless mobility and wireless data access
everywhere it is required.
• Increases customer service levels
• Drastically reduces mobile phone costs
• Fully integrated with SV8500 features
• Wide range of handsets for all user types
and environments
• Powerful text messaging and alarms
enable quicker responses
For potentially demanding environments such as industrial
areas, warehousing, retail and hospitals the robust I755
handset is available to fulfil the specific requirements in
these organisations, while our small M155 Messenger
is ideal for healthcare and hospitality and can be used to
send and receive alarms and messages as well as support
voice communications.
• Future-proof investment
• Unified Communications – shared corporate
directory access, plus excellent Presence feature
• Cost effective
entry-level DECT
• Ideal for the
demanding office
• Advanced voice
and messaging
• Ideal for industrial
or demanding
M155 Messenger
MH150 WiFi
• Wristwatch
design ideal for
healthcare &
• Seamless
wireless roaming
in multiplie
UNIVERGE® SV8500 Handsets
Full range of handsets
The UNIVERGE® DT700/ DT300
series, with their extensive feature
set, XML application support, and
revolutionary modular design.
NEC’s innovative desktop handset
design is intended to deliver maximum
deployment flexibility. Modularity allows for
multiple combinations to fit any business
niche or personalisation requirement.
Good reasons to choose
UNIVERGE® handsets
From the front desk, to the conference
room, to knowledge workers who
spend all day on the phone, to remote
workers and executives, NEC offers
options for all your business needs.
DT310 Digital / DT710 IP Handset
DT330 Digital / DT730 IP Handset
• Economical entry-level desk phone
• Versatile handset with XML Open
Interface capabilities*
Bluetooth Handset
• Optional handset for DT330
with class 1 Bluetooth and
50 metre range
DT750 IP Handset
• Advanced handset with 7.5” colour
touch screen LCD & XML Open
Interface capabilities
• Modular construction - the interchangeable
design provides easy and cost-effective
upgrades, helping to future-proof your investment
• Customisable design - choose from a range of
add-on line key modules, faceplates, LCDs,
keypads and even printable side panels
• Customisable function keys - can be adapted to
the exact individual requirements of a business
• User-friendly interface - little or no staff training
• Unique Bluetooth handset option – provides
wireless freedom from a desk, also links with
Bluetooth headsets and PDAs
DT330 Digital / DT730 LCD
IP Handset
• Versatile handset with LCD
function screen & XML Open
Interface capabilities*
*IP version only
UNIVERGE® SV8500 Handsets
Unique modularity
Our UNIVERGE® DT range of
terminals and handsets is like no
other. Their modular construction
means you can chop and change
the design for exact business
requirements. They can then be
upgraded at a later stage without
having to replace them – a great
investment protection.
• Bluetooth handset
option - up to 50
metres wireless range
• Add-on 8 line keys or
60 DSS key module ideal for receptions
and Call Centres
Feature-wise, time saving features such
as company directories, call history and
speed dial are instantly accessible.
Not only does this improve productivity,
it increases customer service levels
too. Top end features on the IP
phones include colour touch
screens and an ‘XML open
interface’ which provides integration
with Microsoft® Outlook databases
and more.
• Choice of function
keys - 12, 24 or
‘Desiless’ LCD
• Choice of
• Choice of side panel
colours with option of
logo printing
UNIVERGE® SV8500 Environmental
Green goes hand in hand with lower TCO
NEC has always been at the forefront when it comes to
technological innovations, many of which are related to
environmental protection.
Our commitment to innovation drives technology
developments and product portfolio improvements which,
in turn, contribute to a better environment.
The SV8500 is an ecologically sound, compact system
that uses 23% less power than previous generations of IP
communication servers. NEC provided special attention to its
environmental impact and delivered a RoHS compliant system
that includes:
• Reduced air conditioning requirements for the server
• Recyclable materials and components using environmentally
safe chemicals
• Elimination of lead and mercury in circuit boards
• User documentation provided in electronic format rather
than on paper
Besides leading in green initiatives the reduced power
consumption and environmentally-friendly components
also deliver lower total cost of ownership. Customers will
appreciate the organisational productivity gains the system
provides, delivering savings with facilities such as multi-user
voice conferencing and softphones, and comprehensive
ways to control operating expenses.
UNIVERGE® SV8500 Overview
UNIVERGE® SV8500 communications platform at a glance
Unified Communications
UC for Business
MA4000 - Systems and
Expense Management
Fixed Mobile Unified Communications
SP30 - softphone WLAN
Unified Messaging
DECT handsets
Digital and IP terminals
DT300/DT700 range
UNIVERGE® SV8500 server
For further information please contact your local NEC representative or:
NEC Infrontia,
Innovation House, Mere Way,
Ruddington Fields Business Park,
Ruddington, Nottingham NG11 6JS
Tel: 0115 969 5700
Email: [email protected]
This publication provides outline information only which (unless specifically agreed by NEC Infrontia in writing) may not be used,
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or services concerned. NEC Infrontia reserves the right to alter without notice the specification, design, price or conditions of
supply of any product or service. E&OE.
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