Philips | 32-LCD WIDESCREEN FLAT TV PIXEL PLUS 32PF9966-37B | 32PF9996/37 Philips widescreen flat TV with Pixel Plus 2 and

Philips Matchline
widescreen flat TV with
Pixel Plus 2 and Ambilight
The ultimate viewing experience
in a sophisticated and daring design
The ultimate viewing experience of Ambilight and Pixel Plus 2 pushes Picture Quality to
new levels. The unprecedented viewing comfort of Ambilight, LCD technology and
invisible flat NXT speakers culminate in a daring and innovative design.
Be an eyewitness
• Pixel Plus 2 for better details, depth and clarity
• 3D combfilter separates colors for a razor-sharp image
• Active Control with Light Sensor optimizes picture quality
Add a new dimension to your viewing
• Full-color ambient lighting enhances the viewing experience
• Digital Natural Motion for smooth moving images
Advanced connection to your audio/video products
• HDMI input for full digital HD connection in one cable
Impressive sound
• Virtual Dolby Surround for a cinema-like audio experience
Real beauty lies in the detail(s)
• 2 integrated NXT Monolith speakers with amazing performance
Widescreen flat TV with Pixel Plus 2 and Ambilight
32" LCD
Product highlights
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Brightness: 450 cd/m²
Contrast ratio (typical): 800:1
Diagonal screen size: 32 inch / 80 cm
Display screen type: LCD WXGA Active Matrix
Picture enhancement: Pixel Plus 2, Digital Crystal
Clear, Progressive Scan, Active Control + Light
sensor, Digital Natural Motion, Jagged Line
Suppression, Movie Plus, Widescreen Plus, 3D
Screen enhancement: Anti-Reflection coated
Viewing angle (h / v): 170 / 170 degree
Panel resolution: 1366 x 768p
Response time (typical): 12 ms
• Ambilight Features: Auto adaptive to video
content, Full operation in stand-by
• Color Settings: Full Multi Color
• Dimming Function: Manual and via Light Sensor
• Preset modes: 2 Active Adaptive preset modes, 6
Preset modes and user preset
Supported Display Resolution
• Computer formats
Refresh rate
640 x 480
800 x 600
1024 x 768
1280 x 768
• Video Formats
Refresh rate
640 x 480i
640 x 480p
720 x 576i
720 x 576p
1280 x 720p
1920 x 1080i
• Built-in speakers: 5
• Ease of Installation: Automatic Tuning System
(ATS), PLL Digital Tuning, Plug & Play
• Ease of Use: 9-channel smart surf list, Backlighted
Top Controls, Channel list, Controls with
Proximity sensor, On Screen Display
• Remote control type: RC4307
• Teletext: Closed Captioning Full Text
• Picture in Picture: Full dual screen (2 tuners),
• Remote Control: Universal
• Screen Format Adjustments: 6 Widescreen
Modes, Auto Format, Subtitle and Heading Shift
• Clock: Smart Clock
• Child Protection: Child Lock+Parental Control
• TV system: NTSC
• Video Playback: NTSC
• Aerial Input: 75 ohm F-type
• Other connections: Analog audio Left/Right out,
Centre Speaker connection in, Monitor out,
CVBS, L/R (cinch), Subwoofer out
• AV 1: (1, 2, 3Fh autoranging), Audio L/R in,
Component Video in, Y/C, YPbPr
• AV 2: (1, 2, 3Fh autoranging), Audio L/R in,
Component Video in, CVBS, RGB+H/V, Y/C,
• AV 3: Audio L/R in, HDCP, HDMI (Digital Stream
Power consumption: 160 W
Standby power consumption: 1.3 W
Mains power: AC 110-120V (+/-10%)
Ambient temperature: +5 -/+ 40 C
• Sound Enhancement: Auto Volume Leveller,
Digital Signal Processing, Dynamic Bass
Enhancement, Graphic Equaliser, Smart Sound
• Sound System: Virtual Dolby Surround
• Output power (RMS): 3x15W
• Product weight: 20 kg
• Weight incl. Packaging: 32 kg
• Color cabinet: Pearl - White Silver (11092)
• Included Accessories: HDMI-DVI adapter cable,
Wall mounting bracket, Table top stand
Pixel Plus 2
Pixel Plus 2 is a digital picture processing technology that
improves the resolution of still and moving pictures. It
does more than adding pixels, it also makes the pixels
better, resulting incredible sharpness and picture depth
every time and from any source. And it does not just
improve the resolution either, because you also benefit
from improved color reproduction, resulting in the finest
color details and superior brilliance.
3D Combfilter
The 3D comb filter separates brightness and color signals
better in 3D domain to eliminate cross-color, crossluminance and dot-crawl distortion - all of which detract
from your viewing pleasure. The 3D digital comb filter
performs field-by-field comparisons of the television
image to accurately separate the color from the blackand-white information and remove both horizontally and
vertically hanging dots, as well as dot crawl. The result is
a razor sharp image.
Active Control + Light Sensor
Active Control is a unique and intelligent way of
optimizing picture quality by measuring and analyzing
the incoming signal to automatically adjust picture quality
settings. Active Control with Light Sensor uses a sensor to
adjust the picture brightness depending on the room light
The full-color ambient lights offers you relaxed viewing
and a unique ambiance via a soft light glow on the walls
surrounding the TV. Research has shown that watching
television with adapted ambient lighting promotes more
relaxed TV viewing. the Ambilight colors automatically
adapt to the images on the screen to add a new sensation
to the viewing experience. The light can also be switched
to fixed colors or various shades of white. In standby
mode, the lights can be operated to any color and create
a unique ambiance in the room.
Digital Natural Motion
Philips invented Digital Natural Motion to eliminate
juddering effects that are visible with moving picture
content. Digital Natural Motion estimates motion in the
picture and corrects juddering movements in both
broadcast and recorded movie material (such as DVD).
The resulting smooth motion reproduction and excellent
sharpness take the viewing experience to a higher level.
HDMI input
HDMI makes an uncompressed digital RGB connection
from the source to the screen. By eliminating conversion
to an analog signal, it delivers an unblemished image. The
non-degraded signal reduces flicker and leads to a clearer
picture. HDMI intelligently communicates the highest
output resolution with the source device. The HDMI input
is fully backward compatible with DVI sources but
includes digital audio. HDMI uses HDCP copy protection.
Virtual Dolby Surround
Virtual Dolby Surround is a processing technology for
enhancing surround sound effects. It will create the
sensation of Dolby Pro Logic without the necessity of
additional rear speakers. You become totally immersed in
your television experience.
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Flat NXT Monolith Speakers
The ground-breaking NXT surface sound principle has
been further developed into the monolith speaker
technology It actually uses the outer surface of the TV
cabinet as the speaker membrane. The speakers are now
virtually invisible, bringing a stunning design, and a pure
and direct sound radiation.
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