VX 320 brochure
VX Router Series
The worlds first fiber optic, non-blocking, 6.25 Gbps
Video and Peripheral Router!
Thinklogical’s exceptionally resiliant VX routers switch virtually any desktop device and range
in size from 40 x 40 up to 320 x 320. Providing mission critical depenability the VX Router series
provide unrivalled signal integrity, and being protocol agnostic you can route and switch DVI, SDI
HD-SDI, Dual-link DVI, Dual-link SDI, USB 1.1, USB 2.0, audio, the possiblites are endless.
Unlike traditional routing technology , the VX Router series are true non-blocking matrix switches
and leverage bi-directional signal capability. In addition, the massive bandwidth provides pristine
signal integrity, allowing for uncompressed video, with no frame dropping. Designed with our user’s
needs in mind the router offers a variety of interface options providing all the functions and features
essential in mission crital environments. Thinklogical’s advanced fiber optic technology has a proven
track record with hundreds of installations worldwide, making the VX Router the ideal choise for those
who need a scalable, flexible, and secure solution.
VX Router Series - VX 320
6.25 Gbps Router and Non-Blocking Matrix Switch
320 Duplex Fiber Ports In and Out for 320 x 320
Non-Blocking Matrix Switching
Bi-Directional Signal Capability
Each Video Connection Supports 6.25 Gbps
Protocol Agnostic Switching - Route a variety of
signals - DVI, Dual-Link DVI, SDI, HD-SDI,
Dual-Link HD, and all desktop peripherals
Single-Mode and Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Capability
Redundant, Hot-Swappable, and Current Sharing
Power Supplies Modules
Hot Swappable, 16 Ports Scalability for In and Out Cards
Hot Swappable SFP+ Optical Port Connections
The Logical Solution - Routing Video and Peripheral Signals
The VX 320 is a high performance modular router and non-blocking matrix
switch for complete, end-to-end routing of video and peripheral signals over
multi-mode or single-mode fiber optic cable. This highly reliable and resilient
router is expandable from 16 x 16 up to 320 x 320, which allows for flexible
deployment configurations. In addition, the 320 offers rich integration with
Thinklogical’s Velocity line of KVM and Video extenders. This high level of
integration streamlines resources enabling improved productivity and
ultimately lowers costs.
DVI EXTENSION - Velocity Series
VX Router Series - VX 320
The VX 320 is a 6.25 Gbps Router Designed for Mission Critical Applications
with the Ability to Route and Switch up to 320 x 320 Signals
Designed to improve operational efficiency and maximize resources, the VX 320 offers
unrivalled scalability, signal integrity, and control flexibility. The highly robust router
design supports advanced, real time applications in environments such as broadcast,
post-production, government, medical, military, and corporate. In addition, the
unmatched 6.25 Gbps signal capability supports SD-SDI, HD-SDI, SMPTE digital video
formats, as well as optical formats and other high data rate signals.
The System – Hot-Swappable and Redundant
The inspired modular approach of the VX 320 allows for all critical system components including power supplies,
cooling fans and pluggable optics (SFP+) to be hot-swappable, thus minimizing business impact in the unlikely
event a component should fail. The hot-swappable I/O boards also provide excellent in-service expansion
capabilities in convenient steps of 16, thus allowing the VX 320 to be reconfigured without interrupting signal
processing by powering down the router. In addition, the dual redundant power supplies ensure continuous,
uninterrupted power.
The VX 320 is controlled via a dedicated external Linux CPU (pc) module (which can be provided via Thinklogical
or the end-user). This allows for customization as well as ease of control and administration with access provided
via a network connection (browser), or a serial port for 3rd party controller integration (such as Crestron, AMX or
home-spun interfaces). Moreover, the VX 320 is equipped with industry-standard LC type fiber connectors and
offers unprecedented integration with Thinklogical’s Velocity Series of fiber optic KVM and video transmitters
and receivers.
External Control CPU
Control Network
Control Computer is supplied separately
from the VX 320 Router
CPU Requirements:
RedHat EL5.2 installed (or CentOS 5.2) (32-bit not 64-bit version)
1 Gig RAM
1 DVD drive
VGA and/or DVI video port
USB or PS2 Keyboard / Mouse
2 network ports (port 1 - system maint. port 2 - dedicated to VX 160 (s))
1 RS-232 serial port (Crestron serial access )
20 Gig (minimum) hard drive
Switch- -Velocity
VX 160 Series
Router and
VX Router Series - VX 320
True 320 x 320 Non-Blocking Fiber Matrix Architecture
The VX Router series provides users with non-blocking switching capability. The obvious advantage to this is greater
switching flexibility in one chassis, allowing for multiple input signals to be available at one output. In addition, this
configuration offers even greater flexibility than a standard non-blocking matrix switch, since the fiber optic links
support bi-directional capabilities, ultimately switching up to 640 signals. The VX 320 is also configurable with a mix of
multi-mode and single mode versions of I/O cards, which supports both short and long haul applications.
Comprehensive Control Features
The VX 320 is engineered with a range of innovative
Thinklogical control features designed to simplify
operation in mission critical visualization
environments. Key features include, advanced GUI
options which provide convenient user interface to
the router from remote locations.
The GUI allows for easy and intuitive setup and control
of the switching between source computer or video
entities and user display destinations such as
desktops, theaters, conference rooms, editing suites,
control consoles, video walls, biomedical imaging
arenas, satellite mapping, etc. In addition, single video
sources may be multi-cast (one to more than one) or
broadcast (one to all) to desired destinations.
Macro presets may be created for saving and recalling
commonly used input and output ties. A dedicated
preview output option provides a view of all available
input signals before switching to a live output. This
eliminates the possibility of these signals being
inadvertently routed to a live program during a
presentation and allows for program outputs to
remain available for signal distribution.
Studio GUI Option
Enhanced diagnostics and alarms
The VX 320 provides extensive real-time monitoring
and diagnostics of the internal product operating
temperature, power supply voltages, I/O fiber links,
fans, and other critical functions of the router. LED
indicators provide active and fault monitoring, while
the system alarms can be configured to trigger an
external control system, or generate snmp traps.
Standard GUI Option
Router andDVI
Switch - -VX
160 Series
VX Router Series - VX 320
VX 320 Router System Application Example - Routing peripherals and DVI video
Up to 320 Dual-Head Sources
Up to 320 Dual-Head Destinations
VX Router Series - VX 320
VX 320 Router System Application Example - Routing 3G SDI video
VX Router Series - VX 320
Key Features
320 Duplex Fiber Ports In and Out
for 320 x 320 Non-Blocking Matrix
Single Fan Tray with Enunciator Port (for alarms)
Hot Swappable
Bi-Directional Signal Capability
External Linux Control CPU Rack Computer,
1 or 2 RU
Single-mode and Multi-mode Capability
SNMP Control Protocol
Each Connection is 6.25 Gbps
Redundant, Current Sharing Power Supply Modules,
Hot Swappable
16 Ports Scalability for In and Out Cards,
Hot Swappable
Control/Administration GUI Included
Multicasting and Macros Supported
Compatible with Velocity KVM and Video
Extenders from Thinklogical
Redundant Controller Card (optional)
Technical Specifications
5-95% RH, non-condensing
Operating Temperature
0-50° C (32-122° F)
Physical Dimensions
Power Requirements
Rack Size: EIA 19” (48.26 cm)
Height: 42“ (24 RU)
Power Consumption
Width: 17.19” (43.7 cm)
Depth: 18.75 including fiber management trays
Shipping Weight: 160 lbs.
16 x 16 minimum configuration
– Up to 320 x 320
AC Input: 100-240VAC, 47-63 Hz
Universal AC Power Supply
Approximately 1700 Watts
Fully Loaded
Ordering Information - Part Number and Description
VXR-000320 Velocity Matrix Router 320 Chassis
VXM-D00016 Velocity Matrix Router 320 Data Input/Output Card, 16 Ports, SFP+,
VXM-D00S16 Velocity Matrix Router 320 Data Input/Output Card, 16 Ports, SFP+,
Single Mode
VXM-D0X016 Velocity Matrix Router 320 Data Input/Output Card for SDI Xtreme 3G, 16
Ports, SFP+, Multi-Mode
VXM-D0XS16 Velocity Matrix Router 320 Data Input/Output Card for SDI Xtreme 3G, 16
Ports, SFP+, Single Mode
100 Washington Street
Milford, CT 06460 USA
Contact a Thinklogical Sales Representative at
[email protected] or (203) 647-8700
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