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Using EPSON ColorLife Photo Paper
EPSON’s exciting new ColorLife™ Photo Paper* delivers colorful, fade-resistant
photos with a smooth satin finish. The results are brilliant, professional images that
look and feel like traditional photographs.
Order these part numbers: S041500 for 20, letter-size sheets
S041561 for 20, 13 × 19-inch sheets
When you’re ready to use the paper with your printer, carefully follow the steps on this
* Available July 2001
Also follow the important handling, storage, and display instructions in
the paper package.
Loading ColorLife Photo Paper
Load one sheet of paper at a time, with the glossy side face up in the sheet feeder. Handle the paper only by the
edges; don’t touch the glossy surface. Follow the basic paper loading steps in your printer documentation.
When you’ve finished printing on a sheet, remove it from the output tray and dry the printout as described in
the instructions in the paper package. Don’t print on another sheet with a printout still in the output tray.
Printing Without a Computer on the EPSON Stylus Photo 785EPX
When you’re printing without a computer using the EPSON Stylus® Photo 785EPX, select these control
panel settings to print on EPSON® ColorLife Photo Paper:
Color photos: Select Glossy as the Paper Type.
Black and white photos: Select SF (SuperFine) as the Paper Type and High as the Quality setting.
Follow the steps in your printer documentation to select these settings. To print using your printer driver,
follow the instructions on the rest of this sheet.
Printing on ColorLife Photo Paper
Follow these steps to select your printer settings and print on EPSON ColorLife Photo Paper:
Open the File menu and select Print. In Windows, click the
Properties button, then click the Main tab, if necessary.
Select one of the following as the Media Type setting:
If your printer driver lists a ColorLife Photo Paper Media
Type setting, select it. Then click OK or Print to print your
photo. See your printer manual for details on other settings.
If your printer driver doesn’t include a ColorLife Photo Paper
Media Type setting, select Photo Quality Glossy Film and
continue with step 3.
Check EPSON’s support web site for a possible update to your printer driver with the new Media
Type setting. Visit
Click the Custom button, then click the
Advanced button. You see the Advanced
Select the following settings to print a
color photo:
Select Photo - 1440dpi or Photo 2880dpi as the Print Quality setting.
Select Photo-realistic as the color Mode
Move the color sliders to these settings:
Cyan and Yellow = –7
Magenta = –12
To print a black and white photo, select these
Select Black as the Ink setting. (Don’t
print black and white photos using color
ink, unless you’ve selected ColorLife
Photo Paper as the Media Type setting.)
Select Photo - 1440dpi as the Print
Quality setting.
Now click the Save Settings button to save
these settings. Name them so you can easily
identify them later, such as ColorLife-color
or ColorLife-black.
Click OK to close the Advanced window.
Click OK or Print to print your photo.
Color photo settings
If you need to reduce the red tones in
your color printout, repeat these
printing steps, but adjust the Magenta
slider to the left, to a setting between
–13 and –17.
Black and white photo settings
The next time you print on ColorLife Photo Paper, you can easily select the
settings you saved. Open the File menu and click Print. (In Windows, click
Properties, then click the Main tab.) Click Custom, then click the arrow next
to the Custom Settings list. Select your ColorLife settings in the list and print.
EPSON and EPSON Stylus are registered trademarks of SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION.
ColorLife is a trademark of Epson America, Inc. 7/01 Copyright © 2001 by Epson America, Inc.
Printed in USA
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